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Ralf Heider
A straight-up classic HR/HM band from Lippstadt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, whose demo has been described as a typically German Accept-Scorpions-AC/DC concoction. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Raise Your Hands To Rock" Demo 1988

T and A
Andreas Schwach (guitar, vocals)
Tino Mothes (drums, bass, vocals)

A Grind/Noisecore band, which was formed still during ex-GDR times in late 1988/early 1989 in Schneeberg/Saxony by Tino Mothes and Andreas Schwach, but soon changed name still in 1989 to Bloodbrain. According to their own statement the name "T and A" stands for "Terror and Agnostic", though accidentally both their names started with "T" and "A" as well...

T Dice Band
Achim Möser (guitar)
Donald Weimer (vocals, guitar)
Martin Keks-Weber (bass)
Jochen Hirschberg (drums)
Wiesbaden based Hard Rockers, who started with a selfproduced single in 1981, before Pascal Gürtner (drums) and Cliff Wagner (bass) replaced Joachim Hirschberg and Martin Keks-Weber two years later, when they recorded their debut album for their own label Dice Records. The 10 tracks are well produced but lack a bit in originality. Stylistically they are still too much rooted in the Boogie Hard Rock style, but a few AC/DC hints are shown as well. Due to the good mix the songs do not sound that antiquated, although their music truly was at that time.
"A friend/Remember my love" 7" EP 1981 (selfreleased)
"Not good - but loud" LP 1983 (selfreleased)

A Speed Metal band from Mayen that was active in the late 80's playing live gigs around '89/90 in the area. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Gunter Groen (guitar)
Thomas Marter (drums)
A Thrash band from Aurich in the upper north of Germany (Ostfriesland) featuring the later Assorted Heap members Gunter Groen and Thomas Marter, that was active during the mid 80's and was disbanded during summer 1987. If you got more info, please contact us.

T.N.T. (Fulda)
Martin Busch (vocals)
Dieter Schön (bass)
Jürgen Fechter (drums)
Jörg Hargesheimer (guitar)
Diethelm Baumann (guitar)
While Jürgen Fechtner already was the drummer for the Scorpions in the early 70's for a short period, he met Dieter Schön in the band Spot and founded T.N.T. in May '83 in Fulda, with the much younger musicians Martin Busch (vocals), Jörg Hargesheimer (guitar) and Diethelm Baumann (guitar). They immediately scored a record deal with SL Records and recorded "Deflorator" in 1984 with support by ex- Accept axeman Hermann Frank. The album didn't sound much up to date, alot 70's influenced, with hints of AC/DC and Accept and quite viscous. If you remember that Tyrant released "Mean machine" in the same year, I could imagine they didn't receive too much attention. For heavy Hard Rock fans nevertheless a solid affair and the one or another pure Heavy Metal number was featured too. They troop split up already the next year and Fechtner joined Viva in the late 80's.

Tabula Rasa
A local Hard Rock band from southern Germany that was featured with the german sung track "Zuviel gesoffen" on the obscure sampler "Talent Show '83. Their style was sort of proggy Hard Rock with driving beat and kinda Rainbow-ish touch carried by nice organs.
"Zuviel gesoffen" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Talent Show '83)

Talkin' Turkey
A powerful sounding Hard Rock band from West Berlin, that actively was playing live in their area around 1985/86. If you have more info please get in touch

Uwe Hoffmann (vocals, guitar)
Ole Hempelmann (bass)
Ernst Frattermann (drums)
Henrik Wolter (guitar)
Talon from Bayreuth was active as Charges before they changed name to Talon in 1982 with founding members being Uwe Hoffmann (vocals, guitar), Ole Hempelmann (bass), Ernst Frattermann (drums) and Henrik Wolter (guitar, later in Sweethard, Viva and Thunderhead), but already the next year the line up completely change with new members Andy Hammon (bass), Hubert Wattenbach (drums) and Steve Hohenberger (guitar), only Hoffmann remained. But these guys recorded the 2 albums "Neutralized" and "Never look back" (with later Sinner drummer Tommy Resch), that stylistically are both close, featuring a heavy rocking, slightly commercially touched, fresh sounding Heavy Metal with a few Scorpions inspired tunes but also heavier sounds. Then Robby Böbel replaced Steve Hohenberger on guitar and their last album "Vicious game" became their masterpiece, featuring once again a rough edged melodic Heavy Metal band with US influences on a high level, a quite underrated german album. But in the total their "Vicious game" was over. The guys split up in 1988 and Hoffmann was later found in the Thrash band Headhunter together with Schmier of Destruction. Steamhammer re-released both "Never look back" and "Vicious game" on a CD in 1988.
"Tantalized" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Rock & Pop aus Oberfranken)
"Neutralized" LP 1984 (Bacillus)
"Hatred grows slowly" 7"/12" EP 1984 (Bacillus)
"Never look back" LP 1985 (Steamhammer)
"Vicious game" LP 1986 (Steamhammer)

Knut (vocals)
Frank (guitar)
Götz (drums)

A melodic Hard Rock band from Hamburg, whose roots are originating back to 1980, when Knut and Frank met drummer Götz (ex-Brainstorm) and decided to found the band Namenlos, that during the following years played several venues in the Hamburg area, till in 1986 the now to a five pieve grown band changed name to Tangua. 1988 they recorded their first Demo tape, featuring the four songs "Year after year", "Seconds in a mirror", "Thunder and lightning" and "The fall of the wall", that all reflect a very complex mix of Heavy Rock with proggy structures and driven by catchy synthesizer sounds. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Tangua" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

A melodic Heavy Metal band from Wuppertal, active during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Geremia (vocals)
Andreas Bulgaropoulos (guitar)
Oliver Werner (drums)
Frank Thorwarth (bass)
Axel Katzmann (guitar)
Tankard originally formed as Vortex 1982 in Frankfurt/Main with founding members being Andreas Geremia (bass), Oliver Werner (drums), Frank Thorwarth (vocals), Axel Katzmann (guitar) and Bernhard Rapprich (guitar) but soon changed name to Avenger just to switch to Tankard a while later. Geremia and Thorwarth changed positions and Andreas Bulgaropoulos replaced Rapprich. And this was the birth of the classic Tankard line up and all of the important albums got recorded with. After 2 more or less average sounding Demos they got signed by Noise International and started a career that would made them one of Germany's biggest Thrash acts. The Corroseum honestly doesn't expect that we still need to introduce this band to anyone of the readers at all. For further info please check out the Tankard Homepage
"Heavy Metal vanguard" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Alcoholic Metal" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Zombie attack" LP 1986 (Noise)
"Chemical invasion" LP 1987 (Noise)
"The morning after" LP/CD 1988 (Noise)
"Alien" MLP/MCD 1989 (Noise)
"The meaning of life" LP/CD 1990 (Noise)
"Fat, ugly & live" LP/CD 1991 (Noise)
"Stone cold sober" LP/CD 1992 (Noise)
"Two-faced" LP/CD 1993 (Noise)

Jörg Franke
A shortlived band from West Berlin, founded in 1980, that featured the later Calderone bassist Jörg Franke. Franke 1982 left Tantalos to join the NWOBHM influenced Skylla and would found Ballantinez in 1983. One year later he created the band Black Burn and got a bit famous with the Speed Metal band Calderone, who emerged from the project band Crypt. There are no official recordings known to exist at all. If you got more info, please contact us.

Gerald Maak (vocals)
Marco Ritter (guitar)
Martin Köhr (guitar)
Matthias Wiewiorra (bass)
Jörg Aschenbach (drums)
This band from Suhl (ex-GDR) was originally founded in 1984 as JFM as a shortlived schoolboy Rock band, but first during around 1986/87 Marco Ritter (guitar) and Matthias Wiewiorra (bass) formed Schreckschuss to play a much more Heavy Metal inspired sound. The guys first found Jörg Wackes as vocalist, but it took the guys till April '88 to eventually pass the grading of a basic level amateur band. Afterwards Gerald Maak (vocals), Martin Köhr (guitar) and Jörg Aschenbach (drums) joined and the band was renamed to Tantrum. Tantrum's sound was clearly Speed/Thrash inspired, while during 1988 still Motörhead, Metallica or Anthrax played a big musical role, the band during the times of the political change turned into a rude Thrash act, similar to Kreator, while the remaining live recordings of the band indeed would have had justified a Demo recording, which never happened at all. Jörg Aschenbach still had to leave for army duties during 1989 and Matthias Wiewiorra after the change quit also. Bot got replaced but after a few more gigs in late 1990 the band was history as well. If you got more info, please in touch.

Detlev Wolff (vocals, guitar)
Eckhart Scholz (guitar)
Stefan Vermahren (bass)
Andreas Richter (drums)
Target started in Hamburg back in 1986, but had to change name to Alley Cat in 1988 coz of the belgian band. Prior to the name change in 1987 the guys already recorded their debut Demo "Long legs high heels", that one year later was re-released under the Alley Cat monicker once again, while the track "Gonna break your heart" was either used for the national newcomer vinyl sampler "Break Out". Target/Alley Cat's style was US american Glam Metal influenced, but on a quite high entertaining level. If before or after the name change we yet can't say, but during 1988 Frode Garshol (ex-Lightning) replaced Stefan Vermahren on bass. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Long legs high heels" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Andy Lubbert (vocals)
Ralf Dworschak (bass)
Kai Schneider (guitars)
Andreas Müller (drums)
Michael Krauss (guitars)
Tarkus from Pirmasens existed since the early mid 80's and released several less spread Demos when they still was playing melodic Hard Rock. The "Rock 4 U" tape from '88 contains a cool Metal rocker plus a ballad ("Give me the strenght") and already heralded the future direction that the band did choose with the in 1989 released "Metal hunter" tape. Straight forward archetypical german Power/Speed in the vein of Noisehunter and Helloween will melt your ears, still melodic though, but with power production. On "Breakaway" they even managed to add an epic part, that even Manowar could become jealous of.
That tape was their last one though, Michael Kraus joined progressive Metallers Rough Velvet in 1992.
"Rock 4 U" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
”Metal hunter” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Harry Amthor (vocals)
Marc Papanastasiou (guitar)
Nils Brandt (guitar)
Nicole Pade (bass)
Martin Breitenbach (drums)

Marc Papanastasiou of Calderone used to play with Tarot from West Berlin that exists since 1988, but their style had nothing much in common with Calderone's thrashy Speed Metal. Harry Amthor (Energy/Forced Entry) came from Bonn's Roxx and was previously singing for Shining. One of the founding members Nicole Pade got replaced in 1990 by Martin Böttcher who was playing bass on their only Demo that features progressive Power Metal with a few speed elements that one would compare the band to Noisehunter and such. The midpaced main material shows tendencies towards Nytemare, while basically the band tends to celebrate a very playful style with in places some above average guitar work, that I truly feel reminded of Pharao ("Tarot"), a band that later some Tarot members would team up with under the monicker of Resistence in 1992. There is also a Compilation with other unreleased Tarot recordings available, released in 2017 with the title "Tarot beyond".
"Demo '90" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Tatty Raid
Ralf Teichmann (vocals)
Marie-Louise (bass)
Terry Art (guitar)
Brad Blackwell (guitar)
Andy (drums)
A kingdom for Ingo Nowotny's system of picking out bands from the huge german underground scene of the 80's. At least Tatty Raid's style was bearable compared to other suckers that the guy helped to vinyl glory. But if a R'n'R and old AC/DC inspired antiquated Hard Rock album would sell like crazy I dare to doubt here. Some of the guitar solos are quite cool nevertheless.

”Rock 'n Roll soul” LP 1989 (Metal Enterprises)

Tausend Augen
Mause (vocals)
Jens Neumann (guitar)
Pieper (bass)
Tino (drums)
Tausend Augen from Stadecken-Elsheim teamed up with german Thrashcore act Pestilence in 1988 and was featured on a Split LP that was published on Your Choice Records, the label of Tobby of the band Pestilence. Tausend Augen's style wasn't too far away from Pestilence's, though the Punk influence in their material weighted heavier. But nevertheless these guys also delivered a raw fast DYS style german sung Thrash/Punk and Hardcore, that a few openminded Thrash fans for sure might enjoy.

"Wenn die Vögel..." Split LP 1988 (with Pestilence, Your Choice Records)

Michael Bormann (vocals, keyboard)
Robert Mourek (bass)
Jörg Seyfarth (drums)
Peter Hanke (guitars)
Dirk Bormann (guitars)
Melodic Heavy Metal band with potential from Duisburg, standing for the new direction of german Heavy Metal far away from the early raw clumsy stile to more well thought songs and great vocals in the heavier Bonfire vein. TAX (als known as T.A.X.) was founded by the 2 brothers Michael and Dirk Bormann in 1986 after they quit their previous band High Voltage. After releasing the prety good “On the run” LP on BWS Records in 1988 TAX recorded one more 7 song Demo during early 1989 and later added 2 new members - Michael Müller and Axel Kruse (ex-Mad Max) - in 1990 combined with a name change to Jaded Heart. Further info is welcome.
”On the run” LP 1988 (BWS)

A local Heavy Metal band from Remscheid, that was active during 1989/90. Further info is needed.

Klaus Thiel (vocals, guitar)
Paul Psilias (guitar)
Volker Pechtold (bass)
Mike Lichtenberg (drums)
The band Teaser from Bochum formed in 1978, but changed name to Bullet around 1980. With their heavily AC/DC influenced Hard Rock/Metal combination they hadn't much trouble to score a record deal and got signed by the Polydor. Their debut "Execution" was released 1981 under the monicker of Bullet already, but introduced a few successful years for the young band.

Thorsten Dierks (vocals)
Stefan Dierks (bass)
Matthias Weißbrod (guitar)
Ingolf Otte (drums)
Tempest from Schweimke in northern Germany was playing since 1983, but their first release was a 12" EP entitled "The end of a dream" recorded in July '87, that featured an interesting kind of Power Metal. The D&S label put the track "Control the world" on their German Metal Fighters 2 compilation and in 1990 with new members Sebastian Jacobi (guitar), Andreas Thiemann (guitar) and Sven Kling (drums) the "Untamed" Demo plus 2 more tracks for D&S' "The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" sampler got recorded. Compared to "The end of a dream" 12", Tempest's sound got slightly softer, leaving Power Metal fields and slowed down the speed, to return to their Heavy Metal roots, that in places must be called almost doomy, especially on the "The voice inside" tape from 1992. Their first album simply "Heavy Metal" entitled was available in 1996.
"The end of a dream" 12" EP 1987 (Pro Sound)
"Control the world" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (German Metal Fighters No. II)
"Untamed" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" Comp.-LP Tracks 1990 (D&S)
"Heavy christmas" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"The voice inside" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

A Heavy Rock band from Mayence, that was active during 1986/87. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Terror Kingdom

A Thrash Metal band from the Mayence area, that was musically influenced by Slayer and Nasty Savage und active during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Most probably band from the wider Leipzig area of the ex-GDR, that was seen playing live together with several Thrash bands in early 1990, so we assume Testate being Thrashers as well. Further info is needed.

Jens Frank (guitar)
Frank Rittel (bass)
Olly Kliem (drums)
A shortlived Heavy Metal band from Düsseldorf, that Frank Rittel (ex-Beast/Snakebite/Warlock/U.D.O.) formed during early 1988 with ex-Stormwind drummer Olly Kliem and the ex-Darxon guitarist Jens Frank, after he just left U.D.O. There is a possibility that this troop was pre-Energy, as both Rittel and Kliem later during 1988 recorded a Demo with Energy. If you got more info, please get in touch.

The Ides Of March
Astrid (vocals)
Markus (bass)

A female fronted classic Heavy Metal band from Mayence, that was active during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Theresa Lynn
Andreas Martin (bass, vocals)
Tobias Raser (vocals, guitars, piano)
Ansgar Arbeiter (drums)
A Thrash Metal/Hardcore unit from Syke, south of Bremen.The band was shortlived, started around late 1986/87, released 2 Demos between 1987 and '88 and then split up already, while the guys started projects outside the Metal business. The second Demo "The crucible" had album lenght with it's 43 min. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Worldwide decay" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"The crucible" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Markus Bonn (vocals)
Andy Goff (bass)
Dieter Kemmerling (guitar)
Horst Fischer (bass)
Peter Simons (drums)
A Metal band from Bergheim/Oberhausen, that was active since perhaps late 1986 and recorded 2 Demo tapes between late 1987 and late summer/autumn '88. The band must be counted to the classic Heavy Metal section though, no matter if they rate themselves rather a "Hard'n'Heavy band". If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Demo 1" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"We break the church out there" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Think of Misery
Arno (vocals)
Heiko Rabenstein (bass)
Micha (drums)
Frank Schröder (guitar)
Thrashers from Frankfurt/Main active since 1987, that seems to have been often in company of Tankard and A.O.K. The guys thankfully got picked up after their 88er Demo "Poverty is..." by the infamous Metal Enterprises label and could produce their only album "Poverty is no discrace", which belongs to the better german Thrash LP's for sure. Think of Misery's style was quite close to California Thrashers Necrophagia (the Wild Rags guys), maybe not offering the same hyperspeed Thrash but basically soundwise it's really the best comparison. The album is a real surprise and that especially Ingo Nowotny was responsible for this great discovery!
"Poverty is..." Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Poverty is no disgrace" LP 1989 (Metal Enterprises)
"Denier of life" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Thrash Attack
Thomas Hollmann (guitar, vocals)
Frank Hannak (guitar)
Mario Wagner (bass)
Rene Jauernik (drums)
Thrash Attack was founded during late 1987 in Hettstedt (ex-GDR) by a bunch of teenagers, who mainly covered songs of Tankard, Sodom, Slayer, Kreator and Metallica. Drummer Rene Jauernik joined the guys a while later during 1988, when their former drummer had quit. They either composed 3 own titles, but the crowd was more eager to listen to cover versions back in the day, so they didn't work out those songs further. Thomas Hollmann escaped from the GDR via Hungary during late 1989 so the guys continued with another vocalist till summer 1990, when Thrash Attack eventually disbanded. Jauernik and Hannak formed the Thrash band Influence afterwards late 1991.

Thrashing and Insane
A Thrash Band from southern Germany around 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wolfgang Schorer (vocals)
Alex Grohmann (guitar)
Ali Schmäh (bass)
Gert Volland (drums)
The Stuttgart Thunder was founded in 1981 and played since the early days in the same formation. All of the guys played in different bands before like Alex Grohmann being a member of Zeltinger Band. 1984 they recorded 2 trax for the "M.I.R. Stuttgart - Heavy Metal Sampler" Split LP together with other german bands Divine Victim, Overkill, Vengeance and Beast of Prey, that both are also known from their selftitled album that was released in early 1985. A 2 song Demo recorded during 1985 exists as well. Thunder's sound combined classic Hard Rock and Metal with even some sole R'n'R tunes, that sometimes a bit of Saint's Anger is shining through, but all in all their album was a solid thing, quite typical German Metal of that time with even some NWOBHM influences. The band split up still in 1985 but Wolfgang Schorer was found in Megasauf a few years later.
"M.I.R. Stuttgart - Heavy Metal Sampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Elite Special)
"Demo '85" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"All I want" LP 1985

A Metal band from most probably the Frankfurt/Offenbach area, which was actively playing live gigs during 1989. If you got further info, please get in touch.

An obscure Heavy Metal band that most probably was not connected with the Siegen outfit of the same name. There is just a 6 track Demo known with handwritten booklet, wether it's official or not isn't confirmed yet. Songtitles are amoung others, "Night chaser", "Ancient eyes" or "Legion". Further info is needed nevertheless.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for the suggestion)
"Thunderbolt" Demo 8? (selfreleased)

Karl Heinz Zastrow (vocals)
Rüdiger Wolf (bass)
Uwe Okunick (drums)
Michael Wölke (guitar)
Martin Reinke (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from Dortmund that was active since 1982. They only recorded album in April '84 for the Boom label, that features just average Metal with some Rock'n'Roll and huge Hard Rock edge. Some of their influences are clearly from the late 70's, but a few parts remind me of a more metallic sounding AC/DC. The repertoire contains faster material as well, but the main focus was the pounding rocking Hard Rock stuff with "Whiskey voice".
”Fighting for survival” LP 1984 (Boom)

Ted Bullet (vocals, guitar)
Henny Wolter (guitar)
Ole Hempelmann (bass)
Alex Scotti (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal act from Hannover founded by the native US american Ted Bullet back in 1988 and featuring both ex-Talon's Henny Wolter and Ole Hempelmann, plus Sargant Fury drummer Alex Scotti. The band lasted till 1995 and released 4 albums, that more or less contained the same original Hard Rock driven powerful Heavy Metal style with strong R'n'R edge. There are also several singles available, that we don't think of that's neccessary to list them all here. Thunderhead's sound wasn't everyone's cup of tea. In 1995 they released another album ("Were you told the truth about hell?") before they disbanded, to re-unite shortly again in 1999.
"Behind the eight-ball" LP/CD 1989 (Intercord)
"Take it to the highway" Split 7" EP Track 1989 (Heavy Xmas)
"Busted at the border" LP/CD 1990 (Music For Nations)
"Crime pays" LP/CD 1991 (Music For Nations)
"Killing with style" LP/CD 1993 (GUN, BMG)

Kai Schmitz (vocals)
Barry Murray (bass)
Nigel Glockler (drums)
Simon Sobkowiak (guitar)
Matthias Raue (keyboard)
Dunno how Ingo Nowotny got Nigel Glockner (ex-Saxon) to participate in this project, but for sure alot of cash was in the game. Thunderstorm indirectly was one of Metal Enterprises "casted" bands, featuring Simon Sobkowiak (ex-Expect No Mercy, Simon, Kalashnikov, Breakpoint, Mallet) and Matthias Rauhe (ex-Breakpoint, ex-Godzilla), known from other Metal Enterprises fake bands. All songs was written by the two native US Americans Barry Murray (who lived in Gedern, between Frankfurt and Fulda, at that time) and Russ Burnsworth and the single musicians just played their parts inside the studio, but in different sessions. Originally a demo tape was sent out to Metal mags first during dummer '89, while later Nowotny made an LP of the same recording. For that fact, "S.N.A.F.U." features some in places quite excellent sounding melodic Heavy Metal with good vocal parts and Simon Sobkowiak doing a pretty great job on the guitar. Unfortunately not every casted ME boygroup sounded like Thunderstorm. Interestingly the Demo of the in 1989 yet anonymous Thunderstorm got much better reviews with highest ratings like the vinyl version with the ME tag later. So much for independent reviews...
"Systems normally all fucked up" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”S.N.A.F.U.” LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises)

Norbert Howahl (vocals)
Albert Klein (keyboard)
Phil Tesch (drums
Rolf Tanzius (guitar)
Lemmi Leimbach (bass)
A melodic Hard Rock band from Cologne active since 1983 till at least 1991. Flying Skull's Rudi Becker joined the band around 1989, whose last known line up in 1991 featured Rolf Tanzius (guitar), Rudi Becker (guitar), F. Schwillus (bass) and P. Schommers (drums, ex-Heartware). If you got more info, please get in touch.

Patrick Eichenberger (guitar)
Phillipp Eichenberger (keyboard)
Andreas Tereh (bass)
Martin Tereh (drums)
Though the only Thyron LP was released on the swiss label Dream Records, the band must be a german one as far as I'm concearned. All vocals was done by Claudio Schilirio, as the band didn't have a vocalist at that time. "Thunder & lightning" features a handful of quite good Melodic Metal songs, that due to the keyboards in places got a slightly commercial touch. But basically the band was acting slightly heavier, but in the vein of other german (they might be bavarian) acts like Firefox, Lifeline, Vera Cruz or Aidean.

”Thunder & lightning” LP 1990 (Dream)

Tiger Beat
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Seelscheid that released a Demo tape in early 1985. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Tight Action
Rainer Durano (vocals)
Dieter Aulehla (bass)
Joe Duarte (guitar)
These HM youngsters from the town of Kriftel, west of Hamburg came together in November 1982 and only lasted until the fall of 1983, when the original drummer and guitarist (identities unknown) left the band. In December 1983 they were reborn as OVERDOSE with Frank "Zumbi" Zumbroich on drums and Mike "Joesie" Jost on guitar. No official recordings are known, but the "Tight Action" monicker got recycled as the title of Overdose's debut MLP in 1985. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Ulli Holzberger (guitar)
Rene Thomsen (drums)
Hannover based Hard Rockers that was featured on the local compilation Hannover Szene '84 with the AC/DC inspired rocker "She's like a runaway". But their song was something similar to what AC/DC would do in the later mid 80's so probably they inspired AD/DC? The refrain of the track sounds pretty cool. During the recording session in April '84 they got help by Roger Girschmann (bass) and Duke Hunter (vox) as this band was just a duo at that time.
"She's like a runaway" Comp.-LP Track 1994 (Hannover Szene '84)

Tilt (Koblenz)
Dieter Wittbecker (vocals, guitar)
Mitch Miguel von Schmidt (bass)
Christoph Maurer (drums)
Helmut Fischer (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from Koblenz that was active in the late 80's playing live gigs. Dieter Wittbecker later joined melodic Thrashers Pyracanda. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Tindale Creek
Obi (voice)
Ralf Fleischmann (bass)
A.R. (guitar)
Christoph Bossack (drums)
Hard Rockers from Reutlingen, who recorded an EP for the indie label Autark Music Productions. All of the 4 tracks featured are somewhere in the middle of pounding Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, sometimes heavier, sometimes just Hard Rock but basically pretty well done stuff and in places picking up influences of the US Glam Metal genre. The EP tracks "Searchin'" and "With ev'ry beat of your heart" was also used for the band's appearance on the underground CD sampler "Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" from 1989. At this point that band had added a keyboarder (Matthias) and the drum position was covered by Halles. Seems like Tindale Creek disappeared around 1990.

"Crash into the scene!" 12" EP 1987 (Autark)
"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)

Tishvaisings, The
Thomas Meitsch (vocals)
Jörg Adler (guitar)
Rajko Gohlke (bass)
Ingo Gutmann (drums)
The Tishvaisings was a band from Leipzig (ex-GDR), founded by Thomas Meitsch (vocals), Jörg Adler (guitar), Rajko Gohlke (bass) and Ingo Gutmann (drums), who started in 1988 playing rather punky stuff on their first Demo "Fast food" from 1989. In 1990 Dirk Feckenstedt replaced Ingo Gutmann and Jörg Adler handled the vocals besides guitar, which also meant that their name slightly changed to The Art of the Legendary Tishvaisings and even their sound turned into thrashy Crossover from that point. A 7" EP "Trief" was recorded in September '90 and 1MF Records gave the band a chance. Seems the experience worked so far as the Tishvaisings was allowed to record their only album "Catharsis" in 1991 on 1MF Records as well, with Jörg Adler (guitar, vocals), Dirk Feckenstedt (drums) and Rajko Gohlke on bass. The sound once again turned more into technically developed almost proggy but raw Thrash, with a few Anthrax influences, still offering some Crossover parts as well. Though the album sold well for an indie release, the band was disbanded to form Think About Mutation in 1992.

”Fast food” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Hundred bottles huntly" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Trief..." 7" EP 1990 (1MF)
"Catharsis" LP/CD 1991 (1MF)

Titan (Denkendorf)
Mattl Götz (guitar)
Erich Schlotterbeck (vocals)
Michael Dräger (bass)
Rüdi Fleck (guitar)
Charly Burzler (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Denkendorf (Stuttgart area) that was often playing with Tyran Pace and also published a 6 track Demo in 1985. The band was founded in spring '84. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Titan (GDR
Matthias Eschrich (guitar)
Rico Kaps (bass)
Kai-Uwe Schneider (drums, vocals)
The band Titan was officially founded early 1983 in Pirna (ex-GDR), but originally Matthias Eschrich and Kai-Uwe Schneider are playing together since 1981 till someday Rico Kaps was nominated to play the bass. 1983 they baptized their band "Titan" and played their first gig. Since they couldn't find a second guitarist at all, but Silvio Zornsch was eager to play drums, Schneider switched over to guitar and thaught Zornsch the drum business instead., till Silvio Zornsch right when he went 18, decided to leave the GDR and it took till mid '84, when Dirk Dawid wanted to join on the drum position. The line up Matthias Eschrich (guitar), Kai-Uwe Schneider (guitar, vocals), Rico Kaps (bass) and Dirk Dawid (drums) would remain the classic Titan formation till the band's decline in 1989. In autumn '84 the guys recorded their first Demo, that still featured a rather AC/DC/Judas Priest/Maiden (un)inspired Hard Rock/Metal sound with NWOBHM influences though, but the skills of the guys yet haven't been that developed to justify bigger duties. Already with the second Demo, recorded during 1987, which wasn't sold, but only given away to friends and used for promotional purposes, the Titans presented a completely mature sound, while the band stylistically adopted an at that time classic melodic Power/Speed Metal of Helloween/Iron Maiden and sounded close to bands like the excellent Merlin or Metall from Berlin. During later '87 Dirk Dawid had to officially pause for a few months after having trouble with the cops, so Thomas Lorenz replaced him till Dawid had returned again, while Lorenz went to join Doctor Rock afterwards. During the following year Titan's sound got a bit thrashier, influenced by mainly Slayer the guys first recorded an instrumental Demo during early '89 and later started recording their 3rd Demo tape with the title "Crusaders of death", which fell into a time of total chaos inside the GDR and wasn't finished at all. After the band got harassed by the police and Stasi officials, which resulted in cancelled gigs etc., Kai-Uwe Schneider during mid '89 legally left the GDR and in late summer also Kaps and Eschrich secretly escaped. The Demo recording of "Crusaders of death", finally released on the CD "Metal fever" in 2007 (German Democratic Recordings), contains vocals though, but those are just improvisational, without lyrics even being finished. When Schneider and Eschrich met again in Pirna during 1994, they decided to form the band Saxorior and since that day are active under that new monicker.

"Demo Nr. 1" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Demo Nr. 2" 1987 (selfreleased)

"Instrumental Demo" Demo 1989
"Crusaders of death" Demo 1989

Peter Linden (bass)
Gerd Oeser (drums)
Chris Mittler (vocals)
Harry Küpper (guitar)
Hans Böckelmann (guitar)
A Hard Rock band from Andernach that was just short lived. Gerd Oeser joined Bad Bone and Hans Böckelmann Rusty Nail in 1983. Harry Küpper in 1982 left to play with Winterkrieg. A part of their show was that Chris Mittler was carried in a casket on stage to the sound of "Hells bells". If you got more info, please get in touch.

TNT (Siegen)
Eberhard Weyel (vocals, guitar)
Bertram Kölsch (guitar, vocals)
Jochen Krämer (bass)
Volker Borchert (drums)
TNT from Siegen was the pre-Breaker band, starting back in 1983 and would later evolve to Accu§er. Dunno when they changed name to Breaker, but probably after the other TNT released their "Deflorator" LP 1984. A 2 track Demo from 1984 is known, containing "H.M. noise" and "Rock you tonight", that both are almost similar sounding to the Fulda T.N.T. which makes the whole Kuddelmuddel even worse. A few hints of Accept are audible as well, but well, Weyel's vocals just make the difference. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)

Klaus Luley (vocals, guitar)
Lothar Krell (keyboard)
Robert Musenbichler (guitar)
Ken Taylor (bass)
Fritz Matzka (drums)
Tokyo was founded in Frankfurt/Main in 1979 by Ken Taylor (ex-Supermax) and austrian musicians Fritz Matzka and Robert Musenbichler. Lothar Krell (ex-Supermax) and Klaus Luley (ex-Schloss) later joined them to complete the classic line up and they got signed by Telefunken and the selftitled debut was available 1981. After their second album "Fasten seat belts" Lothar Krell left and got replaced by Volker Barber and album # 3 "San" was recorded in 1983. Fritz Matzka as well as Klaus Luley quit in 1983 to follow own musical plans and the latter formed Craaft. Tokyo's last effort "The Westworld encounter" was released in 1985 and the band was shrunk to a trio with only Holker Schmidt (=Tiger B. Smith - guitar, vocals), Volker Barber (keyboards) and Ken Taylor (bass) left, who quit Tokyo already in 1984. Robert Musenbichler and Lothar Krell formed Jojo. Tokyo's sound was quite enjoyable Hard Rock/AOR of international standard with even a few hits, basically in the vein of bands such as Survivor, Journey and partly even Van Halen. There are also several singles available that we do not list here, though a "Best of"-type CD called "Back To The Fire" from 1995 is featured in the Corroseum's regular reviews section.

"Tokyo" LP 1981 (Telefunken)
"Fasten seat belts" LP 1981 (Ariola)
"San" LP 1983 (RCA Victor)
"The Westworld encounter" LP 1985 (Metronome)

Tokyo Rose
Alex Saraya (vocals)
Thomas Zimmer (guitar)
Stephan Lindner (guitar)
Mark Botzen (bass)
Mike Jobst (drums)
Tokyo Rose was a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Munich, that recorded a 5 song tape from December '90 to March '91, featuring Rotten Rose's Chris Lausmann, who was adding some keyboard parts. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"First rose" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Oliver Winkler (vocals)
Matthias Steuert (guitar)
Carsten Panse (guitar)
Horst Welle (bass)
Matthias Ambs (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Freiburg that was founded 1991 with still Arne Schmidtbauer (guitar), Michael Latka (vocals) and Rüdiger Weiß (keyboard) being members of the group, but previously was known as Bad Mad Tomcat during the late 80's. The band produced an independent 12" with the title "Heroes" in 1990, that featured archetypical late 80's Heavy Rock with influences of the Scorpions and other such bands, playing the easy going mainstream melodic Hard Rock. 1991 they shortened the name to just Tomcat and recorded 1993 one more private MCD entitled "Balance Due...", featuring the new members Carsten Panse (guitar) and Oliver Winkler (vocals), who replaced Arne Schmidtbauer, Michael Latka and Rüdiger Weiß. The band most probably split up during the mid 90's.

"Balance Due..." MCD 1993 (selfreleased)

Top Of The Heat
A Hard Rock band from Uslar, north of Kassel, that played at the "Uslarer Hard Rock Special" festival during early 1990. Further info is needed.

Peter Bekusch (vocals)
Joachim Roehrich
Chris E. Will (drums)

A semiprofessional melodic Hard Rock/Metal band of the late 80's, that was originating from Bremen and featured the former Invader shouter Peter Bekusch. During 1988 the band spread the message that recordings for their debut LP was almost finished, but started searching for a new drummer in November that year as well, since the former one Chris Will wanted to focus only on his studies, so Ingo Göbbert took his part. The album was finally finished during spring 1989, while Topaz tried to find a label to release the LP, but did not succeed at all, though a tape with 5 advance tracks could be ordered from the band at that time. Topaz's style was influenced by bands such as Dokken, Queensryche and Bonfire. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Carsten Schulz (vocals)
Thorsten Reissdorf (bass)
Nicole Danneberg (drums)
Andreas Reissdorf (guitar)
Dirk Ostrich (guitar)
The Death Metallers Torchure from Uelzen started back in 1985 when the band was founded by Thorsten Reissdorf (bass), Nicole Danneberg (drums), Andreas Reissdorf (guitar), Dirk Ostrich (guitar). The tested several vocalists till Carsten Schulz got the job in 1986. But originally Torchure didn't play Death Metal right from the start. There are several rehearsal recordings circulating in the tape trader scene from 1986 and later where the lads still tried to play a way more Thrash Metal rooted style just like on the first Demo "Signs of premonition" as well. Most of the musicians playing on "Signs of premonition" was exchanged in 1988. Stefan Pickbrenner (drums), Martin Matzak (vocals) and Tomas Hatt (guitar) joined instead and the style changed towards Death/Thrash, with certain influences of Invocator or Death (the band). After the "Hellraiser" and "Traces" Demos the band got signed by 1MF Recordz to record the "Beyond the veil" album in January '92. Their aggressive style wasn't the worst at all, though mixing rude thrashing parts with gloomy Death Metal wasn't easy to retrace. Unfortunately during the bands most successful moment ever both the Reissdorf brothers got killed in a car accident. Matzack and Pickbrenner decided to keep the band going and recorded "The essence" with a handful of new members such as Dr. Fressenius (bass), Mario Staller (guitar), Malte Staller (guitar), Patrick Felsner (keyboard). Naturally after changing half the team a stylistical change couldn't be prevented at all. The band fully had discarded the Thrash influences on "The essence" and sounded like common grinding Death Metal bands in the vein of Morta Skuld. 1MF still released a CD compilation featuring besides old Torchure material, several trax of Sacrosanct, Slack Suckers, Dancin' Dead, Panacea and Haggard.
"Signs of premonition" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Hellraiser" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Traces" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Beyond the veil" LP/CD 1992 (1MF)
"In his grip" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (From Heaven to Hell)
"The essence" CD 1993 (1MF)
"This stuff's 2 loud 4 U" Split CD 1993 (1MF)

Jörn Rüter (bass, vocals)
Hardy Völksen (guitar)
Marcel Zürcher (drums)
Torment is a legendary Thrash band from Hamburg (though they called themselves a Hardcore band) whose roots go back till 1984 when Jörn Rüter (ex-Shellshock), Hardy Völksen (ex-Shellshock) and Marcel Zürcher (ex-Mayhem) founded a new band. The line up changed several times till the first lifesign, a Rehearsal Demo from 1986 was recorded. With new members Carsten Overbeck (guitar) and Thorsten Jungmann on drums, the first selfproduced vinyl release was the "Bestial sex" 7" (in white vinyl) where the guys had a sound similar to early Kreator. After another 7" entitled "Das Neue" from 1989 (clear vinyl), they could finally record their debut album "Experience a new dimension of fear" in 1991 (glow in the dark vinyl), with members being Jörn Rüter, Carsten Overbeck and Rudi Olshausen. There was alot guys coming and going again, but only Rüter and Overbeck was building the stable spine of Torment. The album features extremely rude Death/Thrash in the "Pleasure to kill" or Assorted Heap vein, but the album got hardly ignored and nowadays must be called slightly a bit underrated when it comes to german Thrash. After another selfproduced and limited 7" ("Sie kam zu mir am Morgen", 500 copies in clear vinyl) Rüter produced a Split CD on his Remedy Records label with other Hamburg Thrashers Desert Storm and Minotaur in 1993 and afterwards they guys recorded 3 more albums plus an EP. At least "Bestial sex" and the "Experience..." album belong to any well sorted Thrash collection.
"Rehearsal Nov. 2, 86" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Live 11/86" Live Tape 1986 (selfreleased)
"Total Massacre Vol. 1" Comp.-MC Tracks 1986 (Death Metal Production)
"Bestial sex" 7" EP 1987 (selfreleased)
"Sperm over Germany" Live Tape 1988 (selfreleased)
"Das Neue" 7" EP 1989 (Remedy)
"Experience a new dimension of fear..." LP/CD 1991 (Steamhammer)
"Sie kam zu mir am Morgen" 7" EP 1992 (selfreleased)
"Torment/Desert Storm/Minotaur" Split CD 1993 (Remedy)

Tormentor (Essen)
Paul Terozza (vocals)
Roberto Fioretti (bass)
Miland Petrozza (guitar)
Jürgen Reil (drums)
Tormentor form Essen was the pre-Kreator band that existed from 1982 to 1984 when they changed name to Kreator. The band was called in the beginning for a short period Metal Militia and later Tyrant before they finally picked up Tormentor as the final name. Besides the later Kreator makers Roberto Fioretti, Miland Petrozza and Jürgen Reil there was also a certain Paul Terozza doing vocals in 1982. As Tormentor they released 2 Demos ("Blitzkrieg" & "End of the world") containing impetuous Speed Metal in the vein of early Slayer and Korzus, while the latter of both granted them a deal with Noise Records who recognized the potential that did hide in these 3 teenagers. The rest is history...
"Blitzkrieg" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"End of the world" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)

Tormentor (Plauen)
Oschmann (bass)
Jan Schönweiß (drums)
Holger (guitar)
Ron (vocals)
Death/Thrashers from Plauen formed in 1989 still in the ex-GDR. They played a straight forward rude Thrash that often reminds of early Kreator. For the second Demo "Divide et Impera" they added a second guitarist (Harry) but changed name afterwards to Dynamic Front.
"Death by Konsumbrot" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Impetus to suicide" Comp.-MC Track 1991 (Thrashing East Attack Vol. II)
"Divide et Impera" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

A local Hessen Thrash Metal band that was most probably originating from the wider Frankfurt/Darmstadt area and active during the late 80's. The guys recorded at least one Demo during 1989/90. Further info is needed.

A band from Mönchengladbach, not to be confused with the other Torrent, that has been active during the mid 80's in the same region of Northrhine-Westphalia, but different city of Dortmund. These lads was active during 1989 and according to their own words, performed very raw Heavy Metal. Further info is required.

Dirk Mlynarek (vocals)
Oliver Bongartz (guitar)
Hartmut Kaukel (guitar)
Christian Hellwig (drums)

A Metal band from Dortmund, that was formed early 1984 by the two guitarists Oliver Bongartz and Hartmut Kaukel as Sexton. Dirk Mlynarek soon became their vocalist and 2 months later Christian Hellwig joined on drums. The lads didn't hesitate too long and recorded a first Demo with 8 songs in November 1984, influenced by the rather speedy side of Metal. After getting picked up by a management company they recorded another 6 track Demo in April 1985 that they released under their new name Torrent. Bass parts got shared by Oliver Bongartz, Christian Hellwig and Hartmut Kaukel on the Demo. The band labelled their style themselves "from Black Metal to Speed Metal". Unfortunately the lads wasn't much satisfied with the vocals, so Dirk Mlynarek (vocals) had to leave the band and Oliver Bongartz took his part as well. Klaus Pachura was hired as bassist after the Demo, someone you might know from his later appearance in Dortmund Thrashers Despair. The new line up end of May '85 looked like Oliver Bongartz (guitar, vocals), Hartmut Kaukel (guitar), Klaus Pachura (bass) and Christian Hellwig (drums). But afterwards the traces get lost, Pachura co-founded Despair with other Dortmund musicians in 1987.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for suggestion and info)
"Torrent" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Torture Slave
Micha Wolke (vocals)
Michael Dobertin (bass)
Martin (drums)
Andreas (guitar)
Oliver (guitar)
A classic Heavy Metal band from West Berlin that released a number of Demos in a short time without success. Micha Wolke went to join Splinter and got replaced by Eberhard Günther who after Torture Slave disbanded replaced Wolke in Splinter too. Nevertheless, despiste the raw Demo production Torture Slave in places remind me kinda of Courage or Gravestone's "Creating a monster". They more or less played the same melodic style but still powerful as fuck. That's probably why Karthago Records re-released the band's demos in 2015 as a "Metal fairytale".
"Demo 1985" (selfreleased)
"Demo 1985 - 2" (selfreleased)
"Demo 1986" (selfreleased)
"Demo 1986 - 2." (selfreleased)

Toss 'N' Turn
Jaqueline Cipriano (vocals)
Martin Riedel (guitar)
Thomas Geiger (bass)
H.D. Weber (keyboard)
Michael Sadler (keyboard)
Bodo Schopf (drums)

A female fronted Heavy Rock band from Stuttgart, that started at around 1988/89 and performed a keyboard driven US american Hard Rock style in the vein of bands like Joal or Laos. The band participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival in autumn 1989 and there should most probably a Demo exist from that year too. Their debut album "Freestyle" was released 1994 on Long Island Records and though the artwork looks utterly modern, Toss 'N' Turn delivered just archetypical late 80's commercial Hard Rock there. For fans of the genre, quite recommended. Thomas Geiger also appeared on Matt Sinner's solo album. Further info is welcome.

Total Mosh Project
Lupo (vocals)
Boike Rehbein (guitar)
Bernd Armbruster (bass)
Patrick Patchura (drums)

The Total Mosh Project from Freiburg on the swiss border, was formed by the ex-members of Sons Of Satan Boike Rehbein (Speedrage) and Peter Eistermeister (ex-Harlot Whore), plus Lupo (ex-Living Now) and Patrick Patchura (Coroners Inquest) during 1987, while Eistermeier got soon replaced by Rehbein's Speedrage buddy Bernd Armbruster (bass). TMP survived a bit longer than Rehbein's former bands and delivered several Demos throughout the late 80's that all featured a very rough sort of early Grindcore with certain Thrash influences. In a way the band was kinda "innovative" with what they did and need to be mentioned together with Blood or Deathcore in one breath for being pioneers of german Grind. On their privately produced CD "Vegetable's life" recorded in March '91, their sound though had moved more towards the classic Hardcore/Grind in the early Napalm Death vein, but still a few Thrash parts are included as well. On the 2019 released LP "Parasites" on Rest In Punk Records, you can find the "Vegetable's life" album plus 2 of their Demos. Please note, the "Speed tech on its way!" Demo also seems to exist with a different cover and Demo title "Mantrap!".
”Uuaaarrgh!” Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Speed tech on its way!" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Greed & lust" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Vegetable's life" MCD 1991 (selfreleased)

Touchin´ Tough
Rainer Hölzl (vocals)
Christian Schwarzbach (guitar)
Gerald Schmid (bass)
Peter von Mende (drums)

A Blues inspired Hard Rock band from Augsburg, that was founded by ex-members of Avalanche (Gerald Schmid, Rainer Hölzl) and Peter von Mende (ex-Black Knights). Their guitarist came from the Funk Rock band Colourspring. Despite of previously playing in Heavy Metal bands, the sound of the fourpiece was rather influenced by band like Led Zeppelin, Blackfoot and Kingdom Come. Further info is welcome.

Werner Dannemann (guitar, vocals)
Wolfgang Kallert (bass)
Peter Garattoni (drums)
Tox was a Hard Rock/Metal band founded in summer '84 by Werner Dannemann (ex-Eulenspygel session guitarist, ex-Roger Chapman) and Peter Garattoni (ex-Eulenspygel, Midnight Darkness, Veto and owner of Gama Records) with Wolfgang Kallert completing the trio on bass. Tox recorded two albums that aren't much of interest as they've both been sounding already "outdated" when they got published. On "Prince of darkness" there was at least hints of Heavy Metal audible, though the main sound was quite 70's inspired Hard Rock with even R'n'R and Boogie crap. But on "Tox" from 1986 the duo (only Garattoni and Dannemann left) tried to mix their untalented Hard Rock with rather commercial parts and failed so badly, that this effort was even worse sounding than the average debut.
"Prince of darkness" LP 1985 (Camel)
"Tox" LP 1986 (SL)

Toxic Shock
Uwe Dießenbacher (vocals)
Klaus Kreissig (drums)
Manuel Kreissig (guitar)
Geoff Atwater (bass)
Tim Atwater (guitar)
Toxic Shock was originally founded back in 1985 by Klaus and Manuel Kreissig as Mayhem. They even recorded the "Thrash 'til death" Demo in 1986 with Uwe Dießenbacher (vocals), Geoff Atwater (bass) and Tim Atwater on guitar before they changed name to Toxic Shock in 1986. Another tape ("A state of madness") followed in 1988, when they got picked up by Metal Blast to record the debut album "Change from reality" in May '88. Imo that record is a pretty underrated piece of german underground Thrash, probably it doesn't sound much like the well known german Thrash acts. Toxic Shock's style was way more US american sounding, especially Syranax' "Battallion of death" Demo must be mentioned as comparison. Geoff and Tim Atwater left in 1989 and for a short while Andreas Mailänder joined on bass but the second album "Welcome home ... near dark" was record as trio with just both Kreissig brothers and Dießenbacher remaining, and offered almost the same US style Thrash like on the debut but with slightly more melodic parts. Dießenbacher switched to bass guitar afterward and Kai Weber became new vocalist in 1990 instead and with this new line up they recorded their last album "Between good and evil" for Massacre Records in 1992, that entered Death/Thrash territory much in the vein of old R.A.V.A.G.E.(pre-Atheist).
"A state of madness" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Change from reality" LP 1988 (Metal Blast)
"Welcome home … near dark" LP/CD 1990 (Nuclear Blast)
"Between good and evil" CD 1992 (Massacre Records)

Toxin (Kassel)
Andreas Wendel (bass, vocals)
Michael Kramer (drums)
Frank Ungewickel (guitar, vocals)
These Toxin Thrashers hailing from Kassel
These Toxin Thrashers hailing from Kassel shouldn't be confused with the Heavy Rockers from Stuttgart. The band was founded by Andreas Wendel, Michael Kramer and Frank Ungewickel back in 1986 and Jendrick Pieck joined on second guitar in 1988 after the original trio previously recorded both Demos "Intoxicated" and Progress and decay" in 1988 as well. As a 4 piece they recorded the "Aphorisms" MLP in 1989 that featured US american influenced Thrash strongly reminding stylistically of Vio-lence and similar bands. When Pieck left in 1989 already Stefan Kaufmann replaced him and 1991 the "Misantrophy" fullenght album was available, this time delivering more common style melodic Thrash in the middle league. The lads kept on jamming and even released a few more Demos plus an EP but eventually quit in 2002. Atm Toxin got reactivated and the guys keep on playing live gigs.
"Intoxicated" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Progress and decay" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Aphorisms" MLP 1989 (Black Fantasy)
"Misantrophy" LP/CD 1991 (Black Fantasy)

Toxin (Stuttgart)
Hartmut Rhinow
Frank Bittermann
Cliff Riff
Holly Drambar (drums)
A local band from the Stuttgart area I think, that was active since 1986 and released the "The biker" 7" in 1986 as well. The guys was playing common Hard Rock in the vein of Kiss on the title track of their 7" "Burning", that should be from the later 80's, and the B-side "Dirty dolls" offering slightly heavier stuff. After 2 singles female vocalist Ellen Ritz joined the band, who changed name to Wild Excess during 1989. Seems like at a later point they withdraw that decision coz the third and last single "Can't find me on the radio" from 1991 was released again under their original name Toxin. The musicians on that one being Matz Ulmer (keyboard), Uwe Fechle (bass), Stefan Schmidt (guitar), Armin Mücke (guitar) and band leader Holly Drambar (drums). But in contrary to their "Burning" single, the "Can't find me on the radio" material was way more poppy, though still Hard Rock/AOR but using annoying keyboards that made them sounding like a band for the charts. The first single is the harder to find item.
"The biker" 7" EP 1986 (Alibi)
"Burning" 7" EP 198x (Roxon)
"Can't find me on the radio" 7"EP 1991 (Phono Tape)

Jack Denniels
AC/DC-flavoured Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band from Heidelberg, active around 1983-86 with Demos available. If you have more info please get in touch.

Trace was a promising Hard Rock band from Kempten, playing their melodic songs in the good bavarian tradition like Lifeline, Burning Heat or Firefox. Away from the cheesy ballad "He don't cry" that I don't wanna use as sound example here, the title track of the single spreads a good vibe like Europe in their famous days, though the keyboard plays a big role in Trace's sound. On the advance tape that was sent to magazines, "He don't cry" was featured too plus "Take another dream", that's more in the "Beat of your heart" vein.

Trace Faire
Matthias Ubert (guitar)
Martin Wiesenbauer (drums)

An Augsburg based progressive Power Metal band, that was active during the late 80's and early 90's. Trace Faire recorded the Demo "Only 4 mom ants" during 1990, but run into personnel trouble already in early 1991. Matthias Ubert also played in Veto. Further info is needed.
"Only 4 mom ants" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Tracy Mun Roe
Tracey Mun Roe (guitar, vocals)

Not really a band, more like a solo project of female vocalist Tracey Mun Roe from West Berlin, who tried to join a band during 1990 and recorded a 2 song Promo tape early that year for that purpose. The lady was not just vocalist, but also composed her songs herself and played the guitar. About her musical influences she didn't made big fuzz at all - KISS. Further info is welcome.

Rena Teubner (vocals)
Eckhardt Lukarsch (bass)
Kai Röttger (drums)
Ace Hilgenberg (guitar)
Mik Wiemers (guitar)
A female fronted early Metal act from Kassel with still a little Hard Rock edge, but good driving beat. As far as it's known, the "Demon's gate" single was their only effort, but for that early time surely a ray of hope. The title track soundwise in places shows lightly similarities to US rockers Demon Flight, but the epic "Magic touch" is the real gem on this vinyl. The female vocals belong to the better executed of the female fronted german bands. Bass player Ecki Lukarsch some years later would produce Reaper's "Fairies return" recordings.

Lothar Antoni (vocals, guitar)
Hans-Peter Jantzer (bass)
Markus Berger (guitar)
Stefan Gerdon (drums)
Trance's origins already go back to the year 1974 when Lothar Antoni (vocals, guitar), Hans-Peter Jantzer (bass), Markus Berger (guitar), Stefan Gerdon (drums) found together in Edenkoben and started jamming before they established the band Age in 1978. So these guys must be counted to the earliest german Hard Rock/Heavy Metal pioneers beside the Scorpions, Mass and Accept for sure. The name change to Trance happened sometime in 1979. For a short while Michael Kessler handled rhythm guitar till 1981 and the same year Jürgen Baum replaced Stefan Gerdon on drums (who left to play with Pegasus), as well as Thomas Klein came for Jantzer. The guys recorded their first vinyl, the nowadays very seldom "A hard way to go" 7" in 1981 and signed a contract with the Rockport label, that would support the band through the whole 80's. "Break out" (1982), "Power infusion" (1983) and "Victory" (1985) was thrown on the market, but while the first two albums became early german Metal classics that could establish a kinda concurrent status to the spearheads Accept and Scorpions, who both was more developing the metallic Hard Rock thing, the "Victory" LP failed to do the next step into heavier territory that bands like Running Wild or Helloween discovered during the mid 80's. Trance kept on playing the early 80's stuff that to the time of "Victory"s release was kinda outdated already. Nevertheless, the song material contained melodic Heavy Metal with own identity and especially "Break out" and "Power infusion" delivering a lethal dose of power that Accept f.e. was missing at the same time on their albums. Unfortunately Trance stepped back on "Victory" and focussed on Accept-ish sounds. After changing the management, they got in legal trouble with the old one and despite they recorded new material in Dieter Dierks studios during 1988, they could not use it for another Trance album, so they changed name to Trancemission during 1989-90 and released the "Back in trance" album under a different name, with a new much more up to date style powerful yet again melodic Heavy Metal, a step that had to happen already years before. But the times had changed and they failed once again to score a major deal. In the end the shortly revived Mausoleum Records label tried again to invade the market and signed Trance for the "Rockers" album, but though the guys did what they could do best and delivered once again similar "Back in trance" material", the album though remained almost unheard. The "Boulevard of broken dreams" CD from 1993 heralded the future direction of the band, modern softer Hard Rock. 2 more albums followed in 1994 ("Shock Power") and 1996 ("Die hard) before Trance eventually split up in 1998. The guys reunited in 2011 though...
"A hard way to go" 7" EP 1981 (Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik)
"Break out" LP 1982 (Rockport)
"Heavy Metal queen" Pic 12" EP 1983 (Rockport)
"Power infusion" LP 1983 (Rockport)
"Victory" LP 1985 (Rockport)
"Rockers" LP/CD 1991 (Mausoleum)
"When a man loves a woman" 7"/12"/Maxi CD EP 1991 (Mausoleum)
"Boulevard of broken dreams" CD 1993 (World of Trance Music)
"Close to you" CD Single 1993 (World of Trance Music)

Lothar Antoni (guitar, vocals)
Markus Berger (guitar)
Thomas Klein (bass)
Jürgen Baum (drums)
After having legal issues with their old management, the Heavy Rockers Trance from Edenkoben decided to release their 1988 recorded 4th album "Back in trance" under a different name, so that's why it was released as Trancemission. The album featured a new, way more modern sound compared to the previous "Victory" album and contains melodic and partly quite heavy rocking Metal with slightly similarities to heavier Scorpions and sometimes Lothar Antoni's voice was reminding a bit of Blackie Lawless either. Right after the album was published Trancemission change name back to Trance in 1990.

"Back in trance" LP/CD 1989 (Rockport)

Trans Am
Klaus Opree (vocals)
Thomas Schumann (guitar)
Ronny von Assel (guitar)
Michael Schell (drums)
Ingo Kraus (bass)
A Hard Rock band from our ex-capital Bonn that was founded by ex-Stainless Klaus Opree, Ronny von Assel and both ex-Throne members Thomas Schumann and Michael Schell in May '85. Already one year later the guys released their first vinyl privately on their manager Bernd Gelhausen's (ex-Cutty Sark manager) label Bernie Productions. Originally planned as just a Demo tape, but the lads was that satisfied with the recordings that they was risking the hard way to press vinyls of it. The 12" sold that well in their area that the guys got offered contracts by EMI and Ariola for a fullenght, but due to the conditions they refused these and released all of their future albums on their own label to keep the control without being financially addicted to any label bosses. On the "Fasten seatbelts" album Chris Hoppe had replaced Ingo Kraus on bass guitar and Mike Viebahn on the "Give a little" 12" '89 was handling the second guitar instead of Ronny von Assel, while the same is still audible on "Fasten seatbelts". Their farewell album was the "Unlimited" live LP from 1990. Musically right from the start Trans Am, although personally being influenced by mainly 70's Hard Rock bands, stepless developed their own powerful Hard Rock and Heavy Metal style to a maximum, that was quite a refreshing moment for a more or less private local band, because the guys was playing on a pretty high professional level. It's definitely not a mistake to check out their vinyls, starting with the superb "We want Rock'n'Roll.
"We want Rock'n'Roll" 12" EP 1986 (Bernie Productions)
"Born to boogie" LP/CD 1987 (Bernie Productions)
"24 of June/Born to boogie" 7" EP 1987 (Bernie Productions)
"Fasten seatbelts" LP/CD 1989 (Bernie Productions)
"Give a little" 12" EP 1989 (Bernie Productions)
"Unlimited" LP/CD 1990 (Bernie Productions)

Michael Dees (vocals)
Adam (guitar)
Chris Kuhnke (guitar)
Holger Zimmermann (bass)
Markus Pfetscher (drums)
A Prog Metal band from Würzburg, that causes a bit of confusion, coz it seems there was another Prog band using the name Transcendene from Bavaria as well, though more active in the Kolbermoor/Rosenheim area, who released 2 CD's during the mid 90's and 2000. What we have confirmed is that these lads here are definitely hailing from Würzburg, what a Demo review of their debut "A different method" from 1990 proves. Transcendence formed during 1989/90 and though being a young band at that time, received quite positive feedback for their first Demo, getting compared with Sieges Even/Fates Warning, due to the changing swinging amoung acoustic parts and straighter Power Metal tunes with skillful twin leads in typical US Metal manner. Holger Zimmermann left after the first Demo and "Disguising the truth" was recorded as a fourpiece in 1991, while for Demo # 3 "Inside the psycho reign" (1993), the line up changed completely. Markus Pfetscher and Chris Kuhnke hired Matches Knein (bass), ex-Justice Matthias Kirchgessner on second guitar and new vocalist Stefan Schweste. After that tape the story abruptly ends, while any other Transscendence (from Kolbermoor) released the CD "Eternal cycle" in 1996. Wether these 2 are the same band or not is hard to say, as none of the "Eternal cycle" involved members are known yet to be part of (Würzburg) Transcendence former line up's. If you know more in this cold case, please get in touch.

"A different method" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Disguising the truth" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Inside the psycho reign" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"A matter of conscience" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Peace-Eater Vol. III)

Tammo Holzhausen (vocals)
Frank Becker (bass)
Marc Laukel (drums)
Christoph Kirschstein (guitar)
Matthias Koch-Schirrmeister (guitar)
Wolfgang Cloos (keyboard)
Transitional was just a short phase of the Marburg based Power/Speed Metal band Lewd Preacher. Previously active as Nucleus since 1985, they changed name in 1987 to Transitional and right in the same year to Lewd Preacher. For further info check out the Lewd Preacher entry.

Andreas Schnell
Stefan Winkler
A Hard Rock band from Stuttgart that could contribute the 2 german sung trax "Ich will leben" and "Eifersucht" for the local Split LP "Stuttgart Rock Sampler" with other bands being Overkill, Roxanne, Snowgoose and Bel Air. "Ich will leben" has got a slightly NWOBHM touch but the better of the two songs is "Eifersucht", that despite the early NWOBHM hints remind me of a good Kiss song in a way.
"Stuttgart Rock Sampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1983 (Elite Special)

Dieter Müller (drums)
Jens Frank (guitar)
Markus Butz (vocals)
Margot Bäring (bass)
Thomas Sprung (guitar, keyboard)
Trashed was originally founded in October '84 as Allied Forces by Dieter Müller (drums), Jens Frank (guitar) and Markus Butz (vocals) who wanted to play Hard Rock inspired by their idols Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. After a longer search they found Margot Bäring (bass) and Thomas Sprung (guitar, keyboard) to complete the final line up. They played several live shows and in 1988 or 1989 Mark Butz joined Flennes/Flanez. Some of the Trashed guys are still active nowadays as Antunacum-Rock. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Storry (guitars)
Ellinger (vocals, guitar)
Ralf Simon (bass)
"Bambam" Ertl (drums)
A Crossover/Thrash band from Ingolstadt active since 1990 who only released one Demo im 1993. Ralf Simon of Vectom used to play bass in this band but he got replaced in 1993 by Seppl who's doing the bass lines on the Demo.
"Trashure island" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

A progressive Kraut Rock band from Bremerhaven with Hard Rock influences that was featurred on both Rock Cyclus compilations. Especially the 9 min track "Reflections" is showing some interesting approaches of combining the epic proggy Kraut Rock with heavy guitars.
"Inconsistency" Comp.-LP Track 1980 (Rock Cyclus)
"Reflections" Comp.-LP Track 1981 (Rock Cyclus II)

Tres Hombres
Bernd Krebel (bass, vocals)
Hawa Götte (drums)
Gregor Götte (guitar)
A Hard Rock band from Königswinter/Bonn that was active in the mid 80's playing live shows with a program between Van Halen and ZZ Top. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local band from the Munich area, that was actively playing live around 1990. Further info is welcome.

It's not confirmed if Triad is indeed the follow up band of the troop Sinister who recorded a 3 song Demo back in 1985 already, but 3 of the musicians of this in June '88 founded band from Bremen, was previously playing in a band called Sinister. Triad in spring 1989 worked on material for a future Demo tape. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Trick Or Treat
Manni (vocals)
Wolfi (guitar)
Armin (guitar)
Andy (bass)
Veit (drums)
A Glam Metal band from Munich that could contribute the 2 live trax "Dirty boys" and "S.O.S." for the Feierwerk Split LP "Hard 'n Heavy Live im Feierwerk" with Mortality, Hot Stuff and Shotgun M.G. Trick Or Treat's sound was equal to certain US Glam acts of the mid 80's or german bands such as Bonfire or Vamp. A very solid presentation nevertheless.

Thorsten Henning (vocals)
Jürgen Schmidt (guitar)
Hubert Ranft (bass)
Fränki Matthes (drums)
A Hard Rock band from East Berlin (ex-GDR), that was active during the early and mid 80's. Their original bassist Hubert Ranft joined Babylon in early 1985 and Christian Merz joined instead. The guys could even produce 2 songs for the national broadcast service, but I'm not sure if they indeed got airplay. Triolog's sound was influenced by Ozzy, Van Halen, ZZ Top and Saxon. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Boardcast Recordings:
"Wilde Wochen lang" (1986)
"Die Puppenspielerin" (1986)

Marita Gloger (vocals)
Klaus Bolz (guitar)
Bernd Hotau (guitar)
Matthias Gassmann (bass)
Claudius Hempelmann (drums)
A female fronted powerful Hard Rock band from Hannover with some quite enterning songs that's not copying the Scorpions, but rather using some twin leads and offer certain NWOBHM hints. The single features 3 tracks that are rooted somewhere between powerful Hard Rock and even early Metal tunes ("Down to underground"). Just like the Fame single a real little jewel and comes with gatefold sleeve.
"Trivales" 7" EP 1981 (Thorofon Discus)

Roland Preusker (bass)
Roland Beck (drums)
A shortlived Heavy Metal band from the Offenbach/Frankfurt (Main) area, that was formed around late 1984 or early 1985 by ex-Damien members plus Roland Preusker and Roland Beck, who both started the band Monroe in 1985, after most of the other guys did run away. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Michael Keuter (vocals)
A local Hamburg Heavy Metal band of the late 80's, that was founded around 1987/88 and changed name to Sterling during early 1989, featuring the ex-Powerfool/Sunburst/Yetih vocalist Michael Keuter, musically inspired by classic stuff ala Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken and Rainbow. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Turbo Red
Sig Weber (vocals)
Pete Rupprecht (vocals)
Pete Mayhew (guitar)
Andy Hoyler (drums)
Jochen Rassow (bass)
Oliver Gabay (keyboard)
A talented female fronted AOR/Hard Rock band from southern Germany (probably from Rosenheim area) that could sound probably a bit heavier if the keyboards wouldn't dominate their songs in such a penetrating way. The opener "Hold on" has hit character seriously. All of the trax featured on the album are well arranged, with the material easily holding international standards. For fans of Europe, Firehouse, early Bon Jovi, Vera Cruz etc. truly a tasty matter.
”Turbo Red” LP/CD 1991 (Momo)

Hans Walter Germroth (vocals)
Gerold Hirschler (guitar)
Ralf Dietz (guitar)
Wolfgang Schnebl (bass)
Fred Hoffmann (drums)
If Tush from Worms indeed was founded already in 1982 as Metal Archives says, then it took almost an eternity till they recorded their first demo "Heavy Rock" in 1988. But the term Heavy Rock honestly leads you into a completely wrong direction as the 4 tracks on the tape are pretty much powerful and impulsive Heavy Metal much alike Running Wild in their best days with vocals in the vein of Dark Avenger. On the Demo there is still Wolgang Schnebl doing the bass parts while on their only album "Waiting for the storm" he got replaced by Andreas Eichelberger. The material indeed continued where they stopped with the Demo, though there are 4 long years difference between both recordings. But looks like time stood still for Tush and they still played their Metal mean (whenalso now slightly more melodic) in these late hard times. Both releases are highly recommended!
”Heavy Rock” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Waiting for the storm" CD 1992 (Mausoleum)

Guido Kieseler (vocals)
Ingo Hanke (bass)
Freddy Hardow (guitar)
Ritchy Metze (drums)
A Solingen based Heavy Metal act founded in 1987 that started right with a self financed 7" in 1990, featuring two traditional midpaced US style Metal rockers with a slightly glammy edge and Guido Kieseler's voice probably not being everyone's cup of tea. Joachim Hopf had replaced the former bass player Ingo Hanke and the band's style on the 7" differs alot from the previous traditional Heavy Metal they used to play in the very beginning. It took several years before they presented another self financed release, a simply "First" entitled MCD, that just alike the previous 7" was following the glammy US style Metal. They afterwards recorded 2 more albums in the late 90's of the same kind, "Tales of a haunted book" and "Requiem for ecstasy", and split up around 2000. Here you can watch Tusk's first live gig from February '88.
”Don’t know nothing” 7”EP 1990 (selfreleased)
"First" MCD 1993 (selfreleased)

Tusk (Bad Kreuznach)
Peter Kerth (guitar)
Michael Dietrich (guitar)
Aloys Jung (keyboards)
Christopher Black (vocals)
David Weeks (drums)
A promising Hard Rock outfit from Bad Kreuznach, that was active during the early/mid 80's and featured a tune on a local amateur-Rock compilation, bearing similarities to old Scorpions and UFO. If you have more info, please get in touch.
"Blind eyes" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Kreuznacher Rockszene '84)

Konny Künkel (vocals, guitar)
Heinz Hess (guitar)
Reiner Hofmann (keyboard)
Stefan Schütrumpf (bass)
Thomas Berberich (drums)
A Prog/AOR/Classic Rock band from Frankfurt/Main acting somewhere in the early Survivor/Asia vein on their album recorded in January '84. The keyboard dominated songs are not that uninteresting, featuring some good raw guitars with many twin leads and especially vocalwise the band isn't sounding too much german at all. Especially friends of the proggy NWOBHM might probably check them out.
”All alone” LP 1984 (Silent Sun)

Volker Krawczak (bass)
A Heavy Metal band from the Ruhrgebiet area (Wattenscheid/Essen/Bochum), that was active since at least 1987, founded by ex-Steeler Volker Krawczak. The band recorded a Demo tape in December '88, that featured 3 melodic Heavyrockers. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Twilight (NRW)
Sven Kracht (bass, vocals)
Torsten Pörtner (guitar)
Sven Göttlicher (drums)
A Heavy Metal trio hailing from North Rhine Westphalia, which was previously active as Crying Thunder since 1988 and changed name to Twilight in 1989. 1996 the band split up without any releases but got reformed during 2011. Surprsingly the lads never recorded anything else than a Demo entitled "Bloodpath" in 2013. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Twilight (Stuttgart)
Achim Köhler
A mid-80's melodic HM band from Stuttgart, formed by sound engineer/producer- and Indiscreet Audio Studio-owner-to-be Achim Köhler. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Twilight Zone
Markus Hofreiter (vocals)
Ralf Sendzik (guitar, bass)
Stefan (guitar)
Jörg Kowalczyk (drums)

Twilight Zone originally formed in Düsseldorf as "Die Dunkelmänner" back in October 1984 with Ralf "Möhre" Sendzik (guitars, bass) and Markus "Higgy" Hofreiter (vocals, drums) building the core of the band, that previously was rooted in the Hardcore/Punk scene. A schoolfriend was "singing" in the beginning, but left the following year. The duo either, now called Guardians, recorded a Demo, before they decided to change name to Twilight Zone and started searching for additional members. During October 1988 Jörg Kowalczyk (drums), whose former band just dissolved, joined the guys, and last Stefan during September '89 on guitar. As a fourpiece they recorded the first Twilight Zone Demo "To new horizons" right the following year and claimed the term "melodic Speedmetalmoshovercore" for themselves, which should not leave any questions unanswered. The guys performed a mainly Speed/Thrash Metal influenced Crossover type and added melodic vocals, while technically the hyperfast guitar riffs ended in welldone breaks and hymnic refrains. After the Demo, Silvio joined the band as temporary bassplayer, but in the end stayed a bit longer than originally planned, to record their second tape "There's no peace" in 1991. Frank Nellen (ex-Assassin) afterwards replaced Kowalczyk on the drums and Jens came for guitarist Stefan 1992, but the new line up didn't record any further material anymore and most probably split up shortly later.
"To new horizons..." Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"There's no peace" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Klaus (guitar, vocals)
Uli (keyboard)
Frank Sondermann (bass)
Willi (drums)
Twixt was a commercial Hard Rock/Metal band from Attendorn, featuring ex-Black Fate bass player Frank Sondermann, that was founded around 1986/87. The rest of the guys was previously active as Fulcrum. Guitarist Klaus was playing with Firestone and Rosalie, and drummer Willi with Dr. Shorties, Q-Tips and Braincrash. The guys recorded a Demo around 1988/89 and two of the songs ("Never cry" and "Lonely rider") was featured on a compilation CD 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)

Two Into One
Maybe not that outstanding than Rank, Rich & Famous, a group that was featured on the same compilation like Two Into One, but they also tried their AOR with a (good) female vocalist. Not a bad song at all, but they could not top the Rank, Rich & Famous number at all, though it's really listenable Melodic Rock. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”It's easy” Comp. LP Track 1991 (Mayence Rock '91)

TX Barryt
Frank Zimmermann (vocals)
Mickie Muck (guitar)
Rolf Fleischer (bass)
Frank Matthes (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from West Berlin, that was founded in 1989 by Micky Muck. Rolf Fleischer and Frank Matthes later got replaced by Arny Arndt (bass) and Tom Petersen (drums), before the guys recorded their debut CD "X's" as a trio during 1991. The album features quite cool, typically 80's style heavy US Metal influenced material, that makes it hard to draw a line where the german part starts and US one ends. While the band was preparing their second album during 1994, TX Barryt already broke up. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"X's" CD 1991 (selfreleased)

Tyger Bay
A local band from the Dortmund/Essen area, that was actively playing live around 1990. Further info is welcome.

Stefan Werner (vocals)
Damir Saholovic (guitar)
Holger Karen (guitar)
Dirk Blumhoff (bass)
Sven Neumann (keyboard)
Gilbert Stefan (drums)
A Heavy Metal band originating from Duisburg, that was active since 1984 and reached the peak of their musical career during 1989. Typhoon's sound was commercially influenced Melodic Metal and the guys was known for their tight stage acting and the above average vocals of Stefan Werner. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A blackened Heavy Metal band from the Bergisch Gladbach area who was preparing a Demo tape in late 1986/early 87. If you have more info please get in touch.

Tyran' Pace
Ralf Scheepers (vocals)
Andy Ahues (bass)
Oliver Kaufmann (guitar)
Michael Young (guitar)
Frank Mittelbach (guitar)
Edgar Patrik (drums)
A Stuttgart based Metal band that got some attention in the mid 80's and being Ralf Scheepers (Gamma Ray) first band in 1983. This collecting pond of ex-Sinner musicians immediately got a record deal offered by Gama/Scratch and quickly released the debut "Eye to eye" in 1984 with a sound that, not only because of Scheepers voice, was sounding similar to Judas Priest but didn't really had to offer any highlights at all. But Noise signed the band and "Long live Metal" was recorded with Calo Rapallo replacing ex-Sinner Frank Mittelbach and Michael Young on guitars in 1985. Tyran' Pace's Judas Priest worshipping sound hadn't changed much, they just added more power. But one disappointed mind that couldn't understand that Judas Priest went the commercial road in the mid 80's could wish that Priest would have delivered something like "Long live Metal" instead of "Turbo". However, their last album "Watching you" featured Davor Sertic for Rapallo and founding drummer Edgar Patrik (ex-Sinner) got replaced by Andreas Fallscheer, also revealed a slightly stylistical change in the band's sound. They probably heard Priest's "Turbo" I can only speculate, as they indeed restricted speed and went more commercial and well, the song "Hands in the air" speaks for itself. They've been Priest copycats. 1986 the band called it quits with members joining other bands, and Davor Sertic founding the shortlived Chrystine. The Gama label, after Tyran' Pace got signed by Noise, used the current popularity of the band to put some trax on diverse Split albums and Ralf Scheepers 4 years after the end would join Kai Hansen's baby Gamma Ray.
"Eye to eye" LP 1984 (Scratch)
"1. Rock-Fabrik Festival '84" Split LP 1984 (Gama)
"Long live Metal" LP 1985 (Noise)
"Heavy Metal Live in Germany Vol. I" Split LP 1985 (Scratch)
"Watching you" LP 1986 (Noise)

Andy Atkins (vocals)

Early 80's Heavy Rockers from West Berlin, featuring some of the later members of the band Chaser, incl. Andy Atkins. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Carl Tomaschko (guitar)
Ralf Hollmer (guitar)
André Papack (bass)
Micky Budde (drums)
The origin of Tyrant goes back till early 1981 in Ulm, when the band started as Killer still with Ralf Hollmer (later in Vampyr) on guitar. Vocalist Kerrmit joined in 1982 and the band changed name to Tyrant in late '82. Instead of a Demo they recorded the raw sounding "I wanna make love" 7", with the title track still being a typically mellow boogie influenced track but "Look out" on the B-side already gave a preview of what that band will be able to deliver once. Another early track ("Insecure") got featured on a local sampler and after Holger Thiele in 1983 replaced Hollmer on guitar they got signed by Camel Records and their debut became one of the most important german Heavy Metal albums ever recorded, offering exactly what the youth was longing for back in the day, power and speed. Also Kerrmit's vocals has been so close sounding to Rolf Kasparek's, that even musically back in the day Running Wild and Tyrant could be seen equally. "Mean machine" became a top seller and the band was quickly sent back to a studio again to record "Fight for your life", that basically when they kept the speed high, could convince as well, still keeping on their speedy Power Metal, known from "Mean machine". Holger Thiele left Tyrant afterwards and Carl Tomaschko was responsible for all guitar parts now. "Running hot", recorded in late '86, was going a bit back to the early Tyrant roots again, having bad ass power bangers like "Breakout" or "Taste of paradise" featured that could well been "Mean machine" numbers as well. But then in 1987 half of the musicians got replaced. With Phil Zanella another guitarist got recruited plus Chris Peterson (bass) and Dieter Behle (ex-Gravestone) on drums. "Ruling the world" their last studio album once again sounded very convincing with Kerrmit's voice being closer to Rolf Kasparek than ever. Tyrant had consequently developed their Power Metal with each album, being one of the german top Metal bands in the 80's. In this strong phase of the band the mastermind Carl Tomaschko left in 1988, as well as Zanella and Behle. Kerrmit started a last try to keep the band alive with ex-Vampyr guitarist Lubosch Sterzik, Marc Oppold (drums) and Tom Kees (guitar) but just made it another year before the band finally disbanded 1989 with a Live CD being released posthumously. Marc Oppold played drums on the 91'er "Stuck in time" album of the Thrashers Death in Action.
"I wanna make love" 7" EP 1982 (selfreleased)
"Insecure" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rocksampler von der Lahn)
"Mean machine" LP 1984 (Camel)
"Fight for your life" LP 1985 (Scratch)
"Running hot" LP 1986 (Scratch)
"Free for all" Com.-LP Track 1986 (Force of the blade)
"The Best of German Heavy Metal" Split LP 1987 (High Light)
"Rock your bottom" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Just'in Power)
"Ruling the world" LP 1988 (Scratch)
"Live and crazy" CD 1990 (Musicolor)

Harald Ernst Vogt (vocals)
Christian Baier (guitar)
Thomas Dietweger (guitar)
Thomas Wohlhaupter (bass)
Markus Hobmeier (drums)
Tyrax was the support act of Ritchie Newton (or Harald Ernst Vogt, as the guy was originally called), the last singer of the Heavy Metal band Mass shortly before they disbanded in 1987. Newton either was vocalist of the Regensburg based Hard Rock/Metal act Monsters, whom he recorded some songs with in 1988 that remained unreleased. The first 7" of the Hard Rock act Ritchie V., as the band was called, was released in January '86 in a limited edition of 1000 copies with gatefold cover. Both of the songs featured quite well done melodic Hard Rock (B-side's a dreamy ballad), and especially the title track kinda reminds me of Van Halen, due to the keyboard parts. On the cover there's an "and Tyrax" featured, that's why we list this entry separately. On Ritchie V.'s second 7" "Saxanna" from 1992 there was still Christian Baier and Thomas Wohlhaupter of Tyrax left, but the "and Tyrax" wasn't mentioned anymore.
"Pleasure of live" 7" EP 1986 (selfreleased)

T. Sotty (vocals)
Dr. Axinger (bass)
Stopsl-Hearts Injure (drums)
Half An Hour (guitar)
B.P. Moore (keyboard)
Tyrus was an obscure Heavy Metal band from Bavaria (probably Straubing area) consisting of 5 teenagers that surprised alot with their only 7" released in 1988. The title track's offering speedy powerful Metal that's just seeping out the German Metal thru and thru. "My love is true" the B-side, is a softer tune, still good Metal, but way more melodic sounding with galopping beat. All in all for a teenager band a solid piece of vinyl, worth to watch out for.

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