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Roy Last (guitar, vocals)
Gerry Rigg (bass)
Steven Dearman (keyboard)
Max Münch (drums)
Roy Last was the nephew of the famous german Big Band leader James Last. He was born in New York City but his german parents moved back to Germany in early years, so he grew up in Hamburg where he started playing in his first band Amazing Grace in the mid 70's till he formed the Roy Last Group at around 1978. The first single "Born to be wild" still featured with "Land of ladies" a mellow Kraut Rocker, but the Steppenwolf cover version might be one of the best that was ever done, and that song must have been covered quite one million times if not even two. On "Rocks" the sails was already set into Hard Rock direction, though just like on the 7" a bit earlier, the 70's Kraut Rock was playing a big role either. In 1983 he published the "Let's go rock" 12", featuring the 12 min lasting "Rainchild" instrumental from the debut album in a more dynamic version with vocals and also the "Goodtimes ahead" LP, that's fully worshipping the Hard Rock with early Metal hints. After those releases it got silent around the band. Roy Last returned in the mid 80's when he was member of Dirty Money, an melodic AOR/Hard Rock from Hamburg formed by John Boutkam (aka John Ridge, ex-Picture), who tried without success to find a label for their selfrecorded album (around 1985/86). In the late 80's Roy Last released a more up to date last album "Comin and a'goin'" (as L.A.S.T.) in a quite experienced guitar driven Hard Rock/Metal style with melodic background, that also features a song that was originally composed and performed by Dirty Money - "Ice in the sun". After the album he helped Jutta Weinhold with the "The 4th quest for fantasy" album in 1992 of her Velvet Viper band and made it sounding again like in old Zed Yago times. Roy Last died in 2004 completely unexpectedly at age of only 47 years.

"Comin and a'going" LP/CD 1989 (Jax Pax)

L.O.N.E. W.O.L.F.
Jupp Adenacker (bass, vocals)
Ralf Tzschoppe (guitar)
Chris Mittler (keyboard)
Siggi Cera (drums)
A Heavy Metal band, active since 1982, that recorded a Demo tape in early 1985 featuring Dio influenced melodic Metal. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Cord Hanken (guitar)
Dirk Tenfelde (bass)
Frank Hartmann (drums)
Originally formed as a trio called Heretic back in 1986 and after a first Demo recorded in the same year, Frank Hartmann and Cord Hanken (we are not sure if Dirk Tenfelde was in the band right from the start) 1987 added the second guitarist Norbert Drees and vocalist Frank Kretzschmer, changed name to Lacerate and recorded one more Demo with the title "Solved by corruption", that gained them alot of attention and either was second ranked at a local Metal radio show by reader's votes. Lacerate played an intelligent Speed/Thrash Metal often reminding of Metallica during the late 80's. With new vocalist Michael Schmertmann 1993 the "Invincible endless sea" Demo was recorded, featuring the 2 studio trax "Hawks" and the title track, that both was also featured on the local underground compilation "Teenspirit from outer space", plus 2 additional live trax. Even on these songs from 1993, a slightly Metallica background was noticeable, while Lacerate stylistically had moved towards a more progressive Power/Thrash sound. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Solved by corruption" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Invincible endless sea" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Teenspirit from outer space" Comp.-CD Tracks 1993 (Rubbish Recordings)

Lady Luck
A local band that was seen on stage, performing live at the "1. Herbstrock 1989"Festival in Senden (Ulm area). If you got further info, please get in touch.

Lady Rose
A melodic Heavy Rock band from southern Germany, that participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival 1989. Further info is welcome.

Lake Placid
Detlef Gödicke (guitar, vocals)
Ingo Hünken (bass)
Michael Grolle (keyboard)
Udo Schloen (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Osterholz-Scharmbeck that was founded in 1978 and sadly only recorded one album in 1980 at the Lamplight studio in Hamburg, which was either published on the studio's own label. So more or less it's the same case like for the Unit Art releases and there for sure won't be so many copies being pressed back in the day. Unfortunately in case of Lake Placid it's rather tragic, because "Rock is alive" belongs to the standard repertoire of any well sorted Hard Rock collection (not just german specialized ones). This foursome in an impressive way merged the late 70's Prog Rock with the heaviness of early 80's Hard Rock and either on "Resignation" delivered some pre-Heavy Metal tunes like the blessed Loose Connection or Lucifer. The asskicker of the album without any doubt is the epic Hard Rock ballad "Dreams", a song that will haunt you for days. No need to talk any further here, it's one of the most essential early german Hard Rock albums.

Michael Enders
A band from Singen that appeared on a local Sampler playing a kinda proggy Kraut/Hard Rock style with some epic parts featured on both of the tracks. "Dream and reality" starts as a dreamy ballad and turns into a quite metallic rocking number later. "Lonely island" is the name of the other song, stylistically more rooted in the aforementioned Kraut/Hard Rock. This band seems interesting...

A Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band that was seen playing live together with Energy in the Aachen area during 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Gerald Wagner (vocals)
Thomas Jachmann (guitar)
Helmut Scherzer (guitar)
Detta Weiss (bass)
Herbert Gensch (drums)
Lanadrid was a Hard Rock/Metal act from West Berlin, that was active since 1987, founded by Detta Weiss and Thomas Jachmann. Helmut Scherzer, Herbert Gensch and ex-Sheer Greed vocalist Gerald Wagner completed the band. The guys made just one MLP in 1989, that contains a quite unconventional sort of Heavy Rock with influences from early Mötley Crüe and either Led Zeppelin on the opener "Wanna be your drug". The whole song material was rather middle league stuff but well, those who liked "Too fast for love" might risk an ear or two. You shouldn't be surprised about Lanadrid's style, as it's exactly what the guys wanted to create, a mix of the 80's Sleaze/Glam Metal stuff with 70's Hard Rock. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Sister alley" MLP 1989 (Noise)

Albert Jochum (vocals)
Bernd Ferone (guitar)
Volker Herschbach (keyboard)
Frank Rummler (bass)
Joachim Hammerschmidt (drums)
A Hard'n'Heavy Rock band from Neunkirchen that got their 5 min of fame when they could open for Queen at their Germany tour in 1984. Lancelot recorded their debut single "Little Jane" already in 1979 and another one ("Stop man") in 1982 that features a song which also appeared on their '83er debut album "But I just can't stay behind" on WPL Records. After the album the band got picked up by the Ariola label, who produced 2 more EP's before Lancelot split up in probably 1984/85. The LP features quite listenable melodic Heavy Rock, that just missed to adopt a real Heavy Metal sound. But basically the lads knew how to handle their instruments and tried to compose catchy material. On the "Far away" and "Blinded" EP's Lancelot unfortunately dived too much into the Melodic Rock/AOR seas and therefore it's fully ok to only own the "But I just can't stay behind" LP, coz it contains the band's heaviest songs. Some of the guys returned with Juicy Lucy on their selftitled album from 1995.
"Little Jane" 7" EP 1979 (M Music)
"Musik Szene Saar II" Comp.-LP Tracks 1981 (Bellaphon)
"Stop man" ‎7" EP 1982 (Leico)
"But I just can't stay behind" LP 1983 (WPL)
"But I just can't stay behind" 7" EP 1983 (WPL)
"Far away" 7" EP 1984 (Ariola)
"Blinded" 7"/12" EP 1984 (Ariola)

Lanz Bulldog
Sebastian Baur (guitar, vocals)
Bernd Kühnert (guitar)
Olaf Käppel (bass)
Josch Ochmann (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from East Berlin (ex-GDR) that was founded early 1990 by the ex-MCB/Monokel/Keks guitarist Sebastian Baur with additional members being Bernd Kühnert (ex-Monokel) and both ex-Rapunzel Josch Oschmann as well as Olaf Käppel. The band could produce 3 trax for the national broadast service and that are pretty much the only remaining relics of them. In the fall of 1991 female vocalist Ina Morgenweck (ex-Charlie) joined the band and the name got changed to Ina Morgan & The Lazy Bones in the mid 90's. But around 1995 the band split up already. Sebastian Baur from that time on fully focussed on his main band Knorkator. Lanz Bulldog's sound was heavily R'n'R influenced Heavy Metal with melodic solos, that more than once reminded of the early MCB from the mid 80's.

Broadcast Recordings:
"Rock 'n' Roll Mafia" (1990)
"So nicht" (1990)
"Scheiße am Fuß" (1990)

Tilo Winter (vocals)
Ralf Kern (keyboard)
Eric Kern (guitar)
Rainer Kern (guitar)
Chris Hohn (bass)
Bollo Reinhard (drums)
The family business Lanzer from Wörth am Main started as Dirt Road, who's first musical steps originate from 1979 already, before they changed name to Lanzer in 1985. There should be a privately pressed 7" entitled "Changes" available, but I've seriously never come across a copy yet. The band signed a record contract with the young indie label Perfect Beat and started recording their debut "Use it or loose it" at the D&S studio in 1987, where they already recorded the two commercial Heavy Rockers "Rock to the shock" and "Take your love" for D&S' in-house "Break Out" sampler. Funnily the name on the album sleeve got completely misspelled and the band was introduced as Lancer. "Use it or loose it" was published in different vinyl colors, in blue, splatter and either red if I'm not mistaken. Lanzer performed a very unspectacular Melodic Metal with heavy Hard Rock edge, that was more or less rooted in the commercial corner and the lads didn't either hide that undertaking. But nevertheless, a solid mean could be confirmed for sure. The connected "Ocean of tears" 12" even included with "Never forever" a non album track. 1992 with new members Matthias Böhm (bass) and female vocalist Janie Dixon, as well as the male singer Chris Bay, a MCD was released that featured live trax of the band. The band either started focussing on cover versions to somehow survive the 90's. "Under a different sun" from 1995 would remain the band's last album for a longer period, till 2003 the "Rock Circus" Live CD and in 2011 the compilation "Black crusader" was published on the RE Musik label, that featured songs of different period's of Lanzer's legislating.

"Changes" 7" EP 1985 (selfreleased)
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No 5" Comp.-LP Tracks 1987 (D&S)
"Use it or loose it" LP 1987 (Perfect Beat)
"Ocean of tears" 12" EP 1987 (Perfect Beat)
"Lanzer" MCD 1992 (Metra)

Gudrun Laos (vocals)
Thomas Robben (bass)
Wolfgang Schindler (keyboard)
Ralf Hansmeyer (guitar)
Frank Fricke (guitar)
Jörg Michael (drums)
A short lived Hard Rock band featuring female singer Gudrun Laos (ex-She) and other prominent musicians like Frank Fricke (ex-Living Death) and Jörg Michael (ex-Avenger, ex-Rage, ex-Mekong Delta and and and...). Also Ralf Hansmeyer previously released an album with Xxaron.They made just one album "We want it" and then disbanded due to band internal trouble. Gudrun Laos' vocals had been quite aggressive and her voice was perfectly made for the Hard Rock/Metal business. The songs of the album all was much influenced by the US american Poser/Glam stuff like Whitesnake, Kiss (later 80's) or even AC/DC, but still it's quite a more than listenable album for Hard Rockers, alone coz of the good vocals that in places remind me of Marie Fredriksson of Roxette.
"We want it" LP/CD 1990 (Teldec)
"I want it" Maxi CD/7" EP 1990 (Teldec)
"Now that it's over" Maxi CD/7" EP 1990 (Teldec)

Last Turion
Martin Garden (vocals)
Marc Peter Imann (guitar)
Stephan Benecken (bass)
Kai Löbbert (keyboard)
Oliver Maximilian Rüsing (drums)
Last Turion is a Neo Prog Rock/Metal outfit from the Witten/Dortmund area, that was founded in 1989 by Stephan Benecken (bass), Kai Löbbert (keyboard) and Oliver Maximilian Rüsing (drums), all former members of the band Outside The West, who united with guitarist Marc Peter Imann and singer Martin Garden to create an excessive style of progressive heavy music that is drawing influences from both genres, making it difficult to say where the Prog Rock ends and the Metal starts, as the songs on their debut "Circle logic" from 1991 are perfectly merging the neoclassical Prog Rock with epic Metal. The track that's the most interesting for Epic Metal fans is undoubtly "Living the rain", as it fully celebrates the Metal side of the band. The album was released in 1992 on Jumbo Records on CD also and in 1996 their second album "Seduction overdose" was published.

"Circle logic" LP 1991 (Rockwerk)

Wolfgang Krettner (vocals)
Chris Frenzel (guitar)
Jürgen Konrad (guitar)
Roland Reißlandt (bass)
Jürgen Schwinge (drums)
1987 founded Thrashers from Erlangen that after the two Demos "Soul in chains" (1988) and "Chemical death" from January '89, got signed by the label Destiny Records from Berlin, that sent the guys straight into the Music Lab studio to produce Lavatory's debut album "Glasshouse fools" still within the same year. It speaks for itself that a Hardcore label signed the band, as the common Metal labels as usual has been deaf. The demo and album trax offered a straight forward US Thrash style with also slightly almost Death/Thrash hints in the guitar riffing, while the vocals was more or less fancying with the extreme Hardcore business. With the release of the second album "To protect and to serve", Lavatory even more adopted the New York style late 80's Hard/Metalcore influences and delivered an flawless album that was more american sounding than half of the NYC Hardcore scene at that time, reminding of acts like the good Outburst on their excellent "Miles to go" single from 1989. The last Lavatory album "Yes it hurts" was released in 1996 on Tug Records, before they changed name to Rude Awakening.
"Soul in chains" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Chemical death" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Glasshouse fools" LP/CD 1989 (Destiny)
"To protect and to serve" CD 1993 (Massacre)

A Speed/Thrash Metal band from Neuss in the Düsseldorf area, that was actively playing live gigs during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Sven Freytag (vocals)
Andreas Laszewski (guitar)
Carsten Rebentisch (bass)
Torsten Birzaks (drums)
I'm not sure when Lawdy was officially formed, but in May 1987, the fourpiece recorded a 6 song Demo, that the owner of the Horus Sound studio Frank Bornemann got to hear and used a few of his business contacts to help the band getting financial help by the WEA. Bornemann and Lawdy professionally recorded another Demo in March '88 and in spring '89 the ex-Metal Hammer editor Charly Rinne took the new band from Hannover, built around ex-Hardware shouter Sven Freytag, under his wings and the debut "Outlaw invasion" was already available in 1990, featuring a quite heavy sort of US influenced Heavy Metal in the vein of heavier Dokken or similar glam influenced pounding troops, where especially the awesome guitar solos deserve a special mention, coz they truly remind of George Lynch. Guess the album sold well, coz Lawdy got picked up by a major label afterwards, but if that has been for the band's musical improvement I dare to heavily doubt here. Without Sven Freytag, but with new singer Rafael Torres recorded in 1992, "No chance for mercy" missed all the power that "Outlaw invasion" still delivered, and instead a polished, typically US style sounding Glam Metal album without highlights or heart flopped so hard, that the Electrola dropped the band immediately. Lawdy therefore split up in 1994, while Laszewski joined the heavier Rough Silk and only Carsten Rebentisch continued posing in his new band Sargant Fury.

"Outlaw invasion" LP/CD 1989 (No Remorse)
"No Remorse Records - Label Compilation" Split MC Tracks 1989 (No Remorse)
"No chance for mercy" LP/CD 1992 (Electrola)

Eberhardt Günther (vocals)

A Metal band from West Berlin, that was active during the late 80's and featured the former Torture Slave and later Splinter vocalist Eberhardt Günther. Further info are welcome.

A Heavy Metal band from Hamburg that was active in the mid 80's and friends with Helloween. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jens Fahrenholz

Laxative was a Thrash Metal band from Hannoversch Münden, between Kassel and Göttingen, that was active since the late 80's and recorded their debut Demo with the title "Condemned to life" in early 1990, featuring 4 melodic Speed/Thrash songs recorded on an 8 track machine. A second Demo entitled "Conflicts" followed 2 years later, but the guys soon disappeared afterwards. Further info is welcome.
"Condemned to life" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Conflicts" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Thomas Bloch (vocals)
Andreas Susemihl (guitar)
Michael Filz (bass)
Herbert Dreger (drums)
A classic Heavy Metal band from the Ruhrgebiet area (Essen/Duisburg/Bochum/Düsseldorf), that was actually the project of ex-Sinner guitarist Andreas Susemihl, initiated during 1987. In 1989 he shortly appeared in U.D.O. and afterwards again teamed up with vocalist Thomas Bloch (ex-Stranger) to write songs for an album, that gained them a deal with the EMI. The duo hired bassist Michael Filz and ex-Holy Moses/Healer/Darxon/Bourbon Street drummer Herbert Dreger and entered the RA.SH Studios in Gelsenkirchen to record their debut album during autumn 1990, while the album was planned to be available in spring '91. While musically Susemihl and Co. composed several speedy Metal bangers like "Child of disguise", "West World" and "Wild boizz", but also would add ballads like "One more try" and "Cloud 9", a track that was written together with Bonfire's Angel Schleifer and appeared on the "Guitar Ballads" compilation prior to the planned album release, which in the end remained (for what reason ever) unreleased. Susemihl then joined the reformed Sinner once again and tried a comeback with the band Ape. Thomas Bloch on the other hand joined the more successful Zar and was first time to hear on their "Sorted out" album. Further info is welcome.

"Cloud 9" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (Guitar Ballads)

Lazy Lie
Chris (vocals)
Lazy Franket (guitar)
B. Cent. Lie (bass)
L.A. Gator (drums)
A Metal band from Osnabrück that could participate with the two songs "Window to the sky" and "Sick and sharp" on the local CD sampler "Wizzards From OS". Lazy Lie's style was a very guitar driven us american inspired Hard Rock/Metal, with especially "Window to the sky" spreading a mid 80's Ozzy flair, that throws that song into the upper ranking list of that sampler. Sadly "Sick and sharp" tends more into the Glam direction. The band also recorded 3 Demo tapes between 1990-92.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for additional info)

"Lazy Lie" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Boys in trouble" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Wizzards From OS" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Gemelo)
"Circus of celebration" Demo (1992 (selfreleased)

Lazy Wizzard
Both band name and songtitle imo appear quite ridiculous but nevertheless their sound was NWOBHM inspired. Saxon and early Maiden must be the godfathers here. Lazy Wizzard's contribution on the "The Beast" compilation 7", released on CBR Records, was the best song, that's for sure. A damn good one ... if you got info about the band, please get in touch.
"Mushroom sack" Comp.-7" EP Track 1987 (The Beast)

Wolfgang Tampe (vocals)
Bernie Steinert (guitar)
Thomas Kraft (bass)
Bernd Köbele (drums)
A classic Heavy Metal band from Ettenheim, that released the superb "Metalized" EP in 1988 (1000 copies made), which features straight forward pushing speedy Metal in the vein of bands such as Atlain or Avenger. The guys was active since early 1987 and debuted with a 3 track Demo in autumn the same year. With Matthias Dittmann a second guitarist joined in May '88, but then one by one their members quit, so Lazzer unfortunately needed quite a while after the vinyl release to return with a completely new line up to intruduce their 1993'er true 80's alike sounding Power Metal Demo "Fight for your right", that either contained a Beastie Boy's cover. Roland Seidel (vox), Ingo Zimmermann (guitar) and Peter Scherer (drums) supported the only remaining original member Thomas Kraft, but either that line up wasn't steady enough to survive the eternity. Jens Ribow (ex-Scarecrow) had replaced guitarist Zimmermann already on Lazzer's last CD "Tales of the Cosmoverse" in 1995, that sounded way more modern than the previous releases
"Metalized" 12" EP 1988 (ATS)
"Fight for your right" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Leather Mistress
Christian Strobl (vocals)
Werner Schultheiss (guitar)
Kessi (guitar)
Schmidi (bass)
Markus Böker (drums)
A Munich based Heavy Metal band founded in late 1981 and being active till 1984. The band was known for their live show with a hot lady dressed in black leather heating up the crowd. They recorded just an official 3 track demo in 1983 containing the songs "Night of delight", "Talk dirty" and "Turn on the heat", some energetic galopping or pounding Metal bangers with NWOBHM twin leads and "Talk dirty" reminding me a bit of the early Manowar. There is also a Rehearsal recording known to exist. Werner Schultheiss later played with the Punk Metal band Lustfinger on their tour. In 1985 Christian Strobl (as Chris Nasty) formed Vamp with most probably guitarist Kessi too and still the same year they changed name to Helter Skelter.
Check out Leather Mistress
"Demo 1983" (selfreleased)

Lee Z
Tommy Zink (guitar, vocals)
Manfred Kubillus (guitar)
Matthias Rethmann (bass)
Andy Guth (keyboard)
Jens-Uwe Rahe (drums)
A Melodic Metal band from the Münster area, which formed in about 1987 and recorded their debut album in summer '88. Due to the highly professional performance and songwriting skills of the involved musicians, Lee Z's "Primetime" album clearly has to be mentioned in company with other german Melodic Metal newcomers of the late 80's like Wishes Burn and especially Violent Touch, though Lee Z in places acted slightly heavier ("Ten thousand warmachines"), even though the lads' songs was heavily accompanied by keyboards. The guys pretty much had found the balance between the heavy and the melodic side of Metal. Unfortunately they couldn't produce another album still in time, so the second effort "Time will tell" wasn't released until 1994. In the 90's a few more albums was produced also and so far "Shadowland", their last one, in 2005, the band is still active nowadays though.

"Primetime" LP 1988 (UMS)

Armin Söhnchen (vocals, bass)
Zdravko Adamic (guitar)
André Pflaumbaum (guitar)
Raimund Nagalt (drums)

A Heavy Metal band from Halver in the greater Wuppertal area, who recorded a 5 track Demo tape during early 1987. Spring 1988 the band's line up after a few changes consisted of Armin Söhnchen (bass, vocals), Klaus Weiermann (guitar), Reinhold Durant (guitar) and Raimund Nagalt (drums). If you got more info, please get in touch.

Ralf Wolinski (drums)
A Power Metal band from Oldenburg who played a Savatage influenced style of Metal and later during 1989 added more and more Speed Metal influences. The band originally started as Witness, but changed name to Leifforce (it's no mistake) sometime during the late 80's. 1989 the trio was preparing for their first Demo, but still desperately searched for a proper vocalist to start recordings. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Lemming Project
Hendrik Vangerow (vocals)
Thomas Jäschke (bass)
Volker Schmitz (guitar)
Torsten Zielert (dr)
Michael Schmale (guitar)
Lemming Project are mainly known for their two Death Metal albums, but originally these guys started in Menden 1986 playing a Hardcore ladden Thrash Metal, till they could contribute 3 trax to the less known underground Split LP "There is nothing I like to say" on the Slow Records label in 1989, featuring only Hardcore/Crossover acts besides Lemming Project. The style on this Spilt in contrary to the later albums was pretty rough Death/Thrash with some shrieky vocals. But around 1990 they went more into Death Metal and after the "Negative Hatecore" Demo 1990, Noise International produced their debut album in the bloom of Death Metal. Similar to probably dutch Mourning there sound was kinda gloomy and a bit more different sounding than other Death Metal bands. Century Media showed interest and released the follow up album "Hate and despise" the following year", but Lemming Projects sound went into a more common direction, though the unusual riffing and songstructures survived, but the band sounded more towards a faster Death Metal version of Paradise Lost then. In 1993 the guys called it quits and most of them continued with the fun project Sons of Tarantula.
"There is nothing I like to say" Split LP 1989 (with Accio Directa/Beam Me Up Scotty/Young Blood, Slow Records)
"Negative Hatecore" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Live" Demo 199x (selfreleased)
"The Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth/Extinction" Promo Split Maxi CD 1991 (with Skyclad, Noise)
"Extinction" LP/CD 1991 (Noise)
"Hate and despise" LP/CD 1992 (Century Media)

Letter X
Martin Obermeier (vocals)
Rüdiger Fleck (guitar)
Joachim Gassmann (guitar)
Jürgen Stahl (keyboard)
Frank Hildenbrand (bass)
Frank Kraus (drums)
Letter X was a Melodic Metal band from Stuttgart that either was working with not unimportant influences of the commercial Hard Rock scene, so to find a correct drawer for their style isn't 100 % possible. The band was founded by ex-Sharon members Rüdiger Fleck and Jürgen Stahl, together with ex-Sudden Darkness/Sheer Greed/Sanvoisen guitarist Joachim Gassmann and got completed by Frank Kraus plus both ex-Mascot members Frank Hildenbrand and Martin Obermeier in 1988 to publish a first 3 track Demo the next year, that gained them a record deal with Steamhammer. The result has been the "Time of the gathering" album, that almost was released a little bit too late for that kind of Metal, that obviously tried to fancy with the commercial US Style Metal, what either bands like Vice, Bonfire or Vamp already tried to achieve years before. Letter X on the other hand added some nice melodic Metal guitars, that made the sound of Letter X fluctuating between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock all the time. 1992, after receiving positive reactions with "Time of the gathering", Steamhammer produced another album entitled "Born into darkness", that once more revealed their passion for the melodic US Metal/Hard Rock and bombastic choruses, and therefore could well be mentioned in one breath with bands like Firehouse. Michael Bormann had replaced vocalist Obermeier who went to Chinchilla, and also new in the band was guitarist Michael Faißt (to replace Gassmann). Drummer Marco Ieva replaced Frank Kraus. But it took a few years till with "Reflections" a japanese label was willing to release one more Letter X album in 1996. The band eventually disappeared.
"Demo 1989" (selfreleased)
"Time of the gathering" LP/CD 1991 (Steamhammer)
"Born into darkness" CD 1992 (Steamhammer)

Lewd Preacher
Tammo Holzhausen (vocals)
Frank Becker (bass)
Marc Laukel (drums)
Christoph Kirschstein (guitar)
Matthias Koch-Schirrmeister (guitar)
Wolfgang Cloos (keyboard)
Power/Speedsters from Marburg, previously active as Nucleus since 1985 and changed name again 1987 to Transitional before they finally picked up Lewd Preacher as final choice the same year. On their first Demo they indeed was sounding like Helloween during the speedy parts, apart of the different vocal style ofc, while on the midpaced bangers they kinda tried to give it an epic touch I guess. For the "The fuse strikes back" Demo Stefan Boßhammer came in to take over the vocals and they style had changed into more melodic Power Metal, still trying to creating an epic atmosphere though, but also keyboards are getting noticed now. The band disbanded 1992 but Karthago Records re-released both tapes on a CD called "The raw age" in 2014.
"The master socks the fuse" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"The fuse strikes back" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

The Duke (vocals)
Dipzy (guitar, bass)
Manu Münzel (guitar)
Bone (keyboards)
Teffe (drums)
A local band from Dortmund that started at around 1988 and debuted with the quite promising Power/Thrash Demo "Nothing is impossible" still within the same year. The Century Media label took 'em under their wings and Liar's first single "It hurts" got produced, whose songs would later appear in re-recorded versions on the band's debut album "Nothing but the truth" again, that was released with gatefold cover in 1989. They received quite good feedback by the press and basically what Nocturnus' debut meant for the back in the day's Death Metal scene, Liar's "Nothing but the truth" meant for the german Metal scene, because both bands was working with keyboards as an equal instrument, which at that timepoint was pretty much uncommon. Liar's style either was influenced by all kinds of Metal, from classic Metal to mainly Power Metal and melodic Thrash tunes, which made the album sounding quite varied, neither to forget to mention The Duke's pretty remarkable vocals. Unfortunately it seems the sales figures wasn't of Century Media's expectations, as Liar's second effort "Cheatin' games" was published on the indie label TRL, but either fully continued the band's melodic Power Metal style with Speed hints, but was missing single "hits" like "It hurts". Nevertheless seen as a whole, "Cheatin' games" must be considered a step forward in Liar's musical progress. But all that didn't matter anymore as Death Metal and Grunge had conquered the market and the band soon disbanded in the early 90's.

"Nothing is impossible" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"It hurts" 7" EP 1989 (Century Media)
"Liar" Promo Tape 1989 (selfreleased)
"D.C.W." Flexi Split 7" EP Track 1989 (with Poltergeist, Century Media)
"Nothing but the truth" LP/CD 1989 (Century Media)
"Cheatin' games" LP/CD 1991 (TRL)

Liberty Belle
A local Hard Rock band from Braunschweig, that was active during the late 80's and musically influenced by Cinderella, White Lion and Bon Jovi. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Licaty Splidd
Kai Schmitz (vocals)
Sven Wagner (guitar)
Wolfgang Thielen (bass)
Martin Engler (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Andernach formed in 1989, that originally started 1985 as Cornucopia, but changed name to Bootleg in 1986. They released a Demo tape called "We know what we have got" in 1989, that got pretty good feedback by the Metal press and played several live shows in the area. If you got more info please get in touch.
"We know what we have got" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Lutz Baumgärtner (vocals)
Axel Linhart (guitar)
Peter Thum (guitar)
Klaus Schön (bass)
Carsten Tilscher (keyboard)
Stefan Huhne (drums)
Ingolstadt Melodic Metal locals, which was active around 1990 and used to get prominent help by producing their privately released 12", recorded during November/December '90, by Bonfire's Hans Ziller. And by mentioning Bonfire, we stinged the burning needle directly into the pupil. The record is also known as "Rock the city", though a real title isn't printed anywhere, and starts with the mentioned song "Rock the city", that sadly is the weakest amoung the 4, sounding like the slightly funky US american Hard Rock stuff that Extreme used to earn their money with. I'm sure Lick focussed on the american melodic Hard Rock style and managed it very well. After the lame opener the respectable Melodic Metal/Hard Rock numbers "Give me time" and "We're no angels" follow, similar (equal in quality) to Bonfire, Aidean or Vamp and "Stranded" the bouncer of the EP then delivers the axe, by offering fastpaced Heavy Metal like a cross of Steelers "Strike back" and speedy Running Wild. Seriously a recommended private vinyl of an underrated local band. More info is welcome.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Lick" 12" EP 1991 (selfreleased)

Tom (bass)
Frank (drums)
Chris (guitar)
Hubert Kahl (vocals, guitar)
Though one might think Liegand from Willstädt-Sand might be a Thrash band, they're not. Both trax on their only release are more or less Power Metal, whenalso an a little bit strange sort of. Here and there you feel reminded of Metallica since Hubert Kahl more than once sounds kinda like James Hetfield and I guess here we come the poodle's core the closest. Liegand show similarities to Metallica on songs like "For whom the bell tolls" but like a modern version of it. Both trax start as ballads and develop into a Heavy/Power Metal mishmash with "No solution" sounding way more melodic. In other words far away from being straight stuff. Surely not everyone's cup of tea. The 12" comes with a free poster.

Markus Gabriel
Detlef Müller
Axel Ulferts
We should be very thankful that Life decided to give us a hint with the title of the MLP, what's to expect because otherwise alot of people would have missed this privately pressed vinyl due to the spartan looking cover artwork. 1000 copies was manufatured by the EMI, ordered by the band itself with 5 songs featured, while the 5th (the spacy epic Hard Rock ballad "Things I wonna say to you") got placed lonely on the B-side. The spectrum is ranging from Hard Rock to early Heavy Metal, with the headbanger "No heavy no hell" being the heaviest of all. Most of the trax got a slightly NWOBHM feeling at all, but still Life more or less got their own style. People who like Lucifer, Loose Connection might check them out for sure.

Jürgen Gödderz (keyboard)
Helmut Malue (bass)
Claus Prokop (guitar, vocals)
Manfred Biehler (guitar)
Horst Hummel (drums)
The story of Lifeline started in late 1984 in the Stuttgart area when Claus Prokop, Jürgen Gödderz and Horst Hummel started rehearsing together and after trying several musicians they gave the band the name Lifeline in early 1986 when Manfred Biehler on lead guitar and Helmut Malue on bass completed the classic line up. In March 1990 they entered the Roxon Studio and completed their first recordings which resulted in the idea to release a 7" including the two tracks "Paradise" and "Mr. Fame". As far as I know they recorded a whole album there but it seems the 7" was just a little appetizer to see how the reactions of the crowd was. The two songs feature some highclass melodic Heavy Rock similar to Bonfire, offering quite topnotch compositions with outstanding refrains that with right management should have made it into the hit parades. But it seems that Lifeline was just locally trapped, the success didn't come to their home. They still kept on playing live till the mid 90's and then disbanded. After 20 years some of the band members found those old recordings and remastered all songs, and they are now available in the www from streaming services as the "First strike" album.
"Lifeline" 7" EP 1990 (Roxon)
"First strike" Album 1990/2012 (Roxon)

Dietschy (bass)
K.P. (drums)
Der Rote (guitar)
Django (guitar)
Lübby (vocals)
Their track on the local Wildwux Rock Sampler offers pretty raw archtypical doublebass driven german Power/Speed Metal much alike Helloween in their famous phase or Accepts “Fast as a shark”. The band was formed already back in 1983 and was hailing from Attendorn/Olpe in the Sauerland area. I would be extremely surprised if they wouldn’t have had any demo on the start as well.
”Blood and fire” Comp. LP Track 1991 (Wildwux Rock Sampler ‘91)

Lightning (Bielefeld)
Sascha Feige (vocals)
Michael Läms (bass)
Jens Larutenkov (guitar)
Michael Becker (guitar)
Andreas Jung (drums)
This band with the hard to figure out logo was the 1986 founded Lightning from Bielefeld, that featured the former Visible Touch bassist Michael Läms (though in Visible Touch he was still called Michael Lams). The guys only recorded one Demo in 1989 that features quite progressive Power/Thrash with hard to follow song structures, since the guys threw everything into the same pot, from Thrash to Speed Metal, incl. many many breaks, that imo kill a bit the music. According to certain rumours also Visible Touch's first drummer Hakan Solak was member of this band during the late 80's. If you got more info, just get in touch with us.

"King madness" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"King madness" CD Compilation Track 1991 (Peace-Eater Vol. I)

Lightning (Jork)
Jörg Leyding (vocals)
Thomas Fisher (guitar)
Jan-Marc Bayer (guitar)
Andreas Glummert (bass)
Frode Garshol (drums)
These melodic Hardrockers from Jork, west of Hamburg, were formed in January '86 by Jörg Leyding and Thomas Fisher. The line-up was completed in June '87 with the addition of Frode Garshol, Andreas Glummert and Jan-Marc Bayer. Their "...Call 6069" Demo was recorded in December '87, described as Y&T-influenced melodic Hard Rock. Their norwegian Drummer Frode Garshol went on to Alley Cat in 1988, causing a big conceptional change inside the band, who immediately got renamed to Champagne during late '88 or January '89, with new line up featuring Jörg Leiding (vox), Hucky (guitar), ex- Wild Heart Heiko Schröder (guitar) Olly (bass) and AC on drums. For the end of January '89 a new Demo was either announced. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"...Call 6069" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Heinz Joas (vocals)
Bernd Heß (guitar)
Michael Prokopeck (guitar)
Gunnar Henges (bass)
Jakel Bossert (drums)
Basically the album of Limerick from Pirmasens some of the readers might have seen already, as it can be found on Ebay problemlessly, though some of you might even don't know that it contains pretty heavier Rock. The 7" of the early 1980 founded group on the other hand is much more difficult to put into paper bags nowadays. After well visited live gigs already in the early phase of the band and even appearing at TV shows, Leico Records produced their debut 7" in October 1980. Both of the trax do feature classic Hard Rock with Kraut Rock edge, while "Hard work" is the song, that makes the single interesting. After a line up change, Roland Lehner (guitar) replaced Michael Prokopeck and keyboarder Joachim Weber joined, the sextet recorded their debut album "on Tour" November '82 in Munich. From the old Kraut Rock there wasn't any influences left anymore, instead Limerick followed their Hard Rock inputs and delivered for 1983 quite modern sounding, german sung Heavy Rock with some NWOBHM leads, plus a dose of melody, that reaches it's peak with the powerful Metal rocker "Gabi". After the album their traces got lost.

"Hard work" 7" EP 1980 (Leico)
"on Tour" LP 1983 (Steyrer Disco)

Lion Heart
Local Demo stage band from Augsburg offering quite well executed melodic Metal with strong US Metal hints. Seems to be highly influenced by DIO and even the Scorpions (80’s phase) according to their songwriting. Unfortunately they did not print any songtitles on the booklet of their 3 track demo. Possible titles might be “It’s a crime”, “Magic” and “Never again”. I'm not sure if this band was related with the Hard Rock band Lionheart from Augsburg, that released the "Remember all" single in the early 80's.
"Magic" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Manfred Langner (vocals)
Richard Heimerl (guitar)
Heinz Weller (bass)
Claus Tirschmann (drums)
The Augsburg based Lionheart used to write just a very short chapter in the german Hard Rock history between 1981-83. At least they made it to a local single release, that features the 2 tracks "Remember all" and "Walking the dog". The lads made clear on the backsleeve what's their credo, "The 70's Revisited with the hard-rocking sound of Lionheart". There is late 70's influences in form of AC/DC hints audible, but either a bluesy note. The title track still grows and unfolds it's charm with the refrain and the great solo part. The backside track on the other hand doesn't know to attact at all. Manfred Langner came from the local Augsburg 70's Hard Rock legend Mephisto.

Lions Breed
Ulrich Rohmann (vocals)
Axel Julius (guitar)
Thomas Sopha (guitar)
Martin Bork (bass)
Rainer Gollan (drums)
Originally founded as Reinforce already in Gelsenkirchen 1977, they changed name to Lions Breed in 1982 and recorded their Demo in 1983 that lead to a deal with Earthshaker and they recorded the only album "Damn the night " in January '85, that features 9 trax mainly with powerful post-NWOBHM sound. Rainer Golland joined Mad Butcher and Michael Ecker came to replace him. The fastpaced Heavy Metal that Lions Breed delivered must be counted amoung the better releases of the whole Gama imperium and should be part of each German Metal collection. In 1986 they changed name to Scanner and raised speed even a little bit more.
"Demo 83" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Damn the night" LP 1985 (Earthshaker)

Liquid Sky
Matze Aicher (bass, vocals)
Frankie Uhl (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Albrecht (guitar)
Hagen Enderlein (keyboard)
Charly Miller (drums)
Looks like these melodic Metal Rockers came somewhere from the greater Karlsruhe area and only released a 7" in 1987. Both tracks feature some powerful Hard Rock/Metal that seems pretty much influenced by the Scorpions sound of the early 80's. The musicianship truly acted solid but the material was just standard stuff and didn't stand out of the usual Metal made during that decade.
"Mystery" 7" EP 1987 (AVC)

Little Red Riding Hood
Leimel Khan (vocals)
J. R. Sickmann (guitar)
James Grond (guitar)
Bernd Bass (bass)
Captain G. Kaffke (drums)
Little Red Riding Hood was a Hard Rock act from Melle, active in the late 80's, that recorded a Demo tape around 1989, featuring amongst others the tracks "Little red riding hood" and "Get down", which was also featured on an underground CD sampler 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)

Living Death
Thorsten Bergmann (vocals)
Dieter Kelch (bass)
Reiner Kelch (Guitar)
Frank Schubring (drums)
Frank Fricke (guitar)
Living Death was active since 1981, founded in Velbert by Thorsten Bergmann (vocals), Dieter Kelch (bass), Reiner Kelch (Guitar), Frank Schubring (drums) and Frank Fricke (guitar). The band started playing typical Heavy Metal but soon adopted speed elements and that's what Living Death got mainly known for, the bad to the bone Speed Metal, though they later went into a much more controlled Power/Thrash direction in the fall of the 80's. The Corroseum honestly doesn't think that we still need to introduce this band to anyone of the readers.
"Living Death" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Demo 2" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Vengeance of hell" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Pre-Production Demo" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Promo" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Watch out!" 12" EP 1985 (Earthshaker)
"Metal revolution" LP 1985 (Earthshaker)
"Back to the weapons" MLP 1986 (Aaarrg)
"Protected from reality" LP/CD 1987 (Aaarrg)
"Eisbein (mit Sauerkraut)" 12" EP 1987 (Aaarrg)
"Live" MLP 1988 (Aaarrg)
"Worlds neuroses" LP/CD 1989 (Aaarrg)
"Killing in action" LP/CD 1991 (Intercord)

Livin’ Corpses
Cici L. (vocals)
Nico Molen (guitar)
Ace Romero (guitar)
Steve Berry (bass)
Joe Gomez (drums)
A female fronted Power Metal band from Sulzbach, that started at around 1981/82 and recorded a 4 track Demo tape in June '85. Interestingly their style reminded more of US american bands of the era, instead of german ones. The opener "Unborn demon" shows some similarities to Agent Steel at their early demo stage with either late 70's Priest and also Maiden influences. After the two rubbish "B.S.D." and "Iron legion", the tape finishs with "Desateur" in typical US Metal manner again. Cici L.'s voice reminds more than just once of Kim La Chance.

”First touch” Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

A promising Heavy Metal band from the local Bremen scene, that was active there during 1989, when the band was formed. Unfortunately we can't say much about their future way yet. Further info is needed.

Lizard (Sundern)
Burkhard Keller (bass, vocals)
Holger Vehre (guitar)
Norman Vehre (guitar)
Uli Bohne (keyboard)
Bobo Wortmann (drums)
Most of you will remember this band under a different, mistyped name from the "The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" (1990), where they appeared with the song "Into void" as Lizzard. But their original name was indeed simply Lizard. The band started in 1986, orginating from Sundern, east of Dortmund, and recorded the Demos "Primeval times" (1987) and "Banging in the province" (1988) with the line up to the left, before Natalie Lubke replaced Uli Bohne on keyboards in 1989. In the early days a bit heavier on the way, they went into a more melodic direction with some strong Hard Rock influences, starting with the "Banging in the province" Demo, while claiming themselves to be influenced mainly by the 70's Hard Rock. The last try during their active time before they split up in 1993, was the "Strange band from Acid Land" tape from 1992 (Acid Land refers to the region the guys was hailing - Sauerland), where they didn't change their known style at all and offered again some classic NWOBHM influenced Hard Rock/Metal in occiasional best Ebony Records tradition. 1996 another tape with the title "Stone age" was published, though the band needed till 2013 to officially reform and to enter local stages again. A double CD with the title "Life Legacy 1986-1993" was released privately by the band as well in the meantime, featuring their early worx.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for additional info)
You will find all of Lizard's Demo tapes for download here

"Primeval times" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Banging in the province" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Into void" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (The Best Of German Metal Newcomer)
"Strange band from Acid Land" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

A Thin Lizzy cover band from ex-GDR, that was active in the late 80's, playing live shows. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A very obscure act from most probably the Berlin area. The label was located there and also the material of their album "The devil in Miss Jones" was recorded at the Sonic System studio in Berlin during August '91. Unfortunately the sound of these guys could be labelled a quite unemotional sort of Hard Rock, lending mainly AC/DC's style, but without sounding like them at all. The dull vocal parts are most disappointing on the album, while either a slightly Street/Sleaze touch is noticable as well. If you got further info, please get in touch.
"The devil in Miss Jones" LP/CD 1991 (Fireworks)

Local Party
A Metal band from southern Germany that was playing live at an Open Air Festival in Eschelbronn/Kallenberg during summer '89. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Detlef Kornath (guitar, vocals)
Axel Rummel (bass, vocals)
Thomas Bungart (drums, keyboard)
A Hard Rock band from Ruppichteroth, near Bonn, that produced an independent album in early summer 1983. The interesting aspect of the 8 tracks is simply that Loco already in 1983 had created that sleazy Hard Rock style that a few years later would produce a ton of wannabe Rock'n'Roll stars in the US of A. Inspired by in places AC/DC and most probably Aerosmith, the trio executed a for german bands at this time completely uncommon Hard Rock sound, which makes "Sanguine" something special within the 80's german scene. Nevertheless, "Sanguine" isn't any kind of high-flyer at all, but certain american bands made millions with that kind of stuff. But the US boys with their lipstick and gaudy rags probably looked way more sweet than the Loco guys I bet...

A local band that was featured with the average street style Hard Rock track "Ellen come back" on the Rockactive I sampler. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Ellen come back" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rockactive I)


A female fronted melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Düsseldorf, which was active during 1987/88. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Lone Age
Keith Ellis (vocals)
Gunnar Heyse (guitar)
Werner Kolb (bass)
Nick Oosterhuis (keyboards)
Heiner Altenbroxter (drums)
A Hard Rock band from northern Germany (Hamburg area), who produced a late album in the early 90's featuring classic glammy touched Hard Rock with either Blues influences, stylistically influenced by US american bands such as late 80's Aerosmith or Kiss f.e. The guys delivered a solid performance on their instruments, though the album features mainly unspectacular song material, that you've heard quite a thousand times before.

"Mama look at me now" LP/CD 1992 (T.A.O.B.)

Lone Wolf
Jupp Adenacker (bass)
A band from the Cologne/Kerpen corner who released a Demo in 1985 and contributed two trax ("Win or loose" & "Black destiny") to one of D&S' underground compilations. The guys had a quite british sound (like Cobra), almost reminding of the Ebony Records bands and especially their vocalist sounded british as fuck. "Black destiny" shows some similarities to Jaguar's "Axe crazy", though not that fast.

"Demo '85" (selfreleased)
"Metal Hour - German Metal Tracks No. 4" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)

Long Tall 99
Kai Karstens (vocals)
Stefan (guitar)
Rolli (guitar)
Olly (bass)
Sven (drums)
A local Hamburg sleazy Hard Rock band influenced by american acts like Guns'n Roses and Cinderella, that turned up in that city's scene during early '89 and was handled as a promising new discovery. Sven, Rolli, Stefan and Olly formed Long Tall 99 late '88 and Kai Karstens joined on vocals mid 1989. For autumn '89 a Demo tape was scheduled to be recorded within that special year, which most probably happened, as two of their songs, "Live my life" and "Be my lady", appeared on an obscure Hamburg scene compilation, initiated by Hamburg's own Metal Star magazine. During 1990 G.P. replaced Kai, that's why on the 2 compilation trax on "Live my life" you can still hear Kai singing, while "Be my lady" was recorded with G.P. on vocals. Further info are welcome.
"The Desert's still alive Vol. II - Hard and Heavy" Comp.-CD Tracks 1990 (Baierle Special)

Loose Connection
Richard Reinhold (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Reinhold (bass)
Mario Koppatz (drums, vocals)
Loose Connection was a Dormagen based trio that formed in 1977 to play some heavy music. They only released a sole 7" in 1979 that was sold at their live gigs. The title track reminds me a bit of german Hard Rockers Lucifer, it's a midpaced Heavy Metal hymn with highly NWOBHM influenced sound. On "Midnight passage" it's getting even better, they raised the tempo and now the guys sounded almost a bit similar to Mythra. If you take Accept as standard Heavy Metal of that time, then Loose Connection clearly was a nose ahead. The band was planning a full album as it's written on the sleeve but sadly it never got released, so the Heavy Metal crowd has to please themselves on this lonely single.

Loose Trigger
Teddy (vocals)
Wichi (guitar)
Wehde (bass)
Calle (drums)
A Berlin based Rock band founded in the late 80's, that used to play a R'n'R inspired punky Hard Rock, like f.e. The Honx, on their "At the rhythmgun" single from 1990. The lads either weren't too bad to use a harmonica which almost is giving their material a kinda Southern Rock touch. 1992 Loose Trigger also published a full album on the Magic Toe Nail Records connected label Twang! Records. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"At the rhythmgun" 7" EP 1990 (Magic Toe Nail)
"Against the wind and tide" CD 1992 (Twang!)

Lord Of Darkness
Dieter Scholzen (vocals)
Christian Rabius (guitar)
Frank Hörnchen (guitar)
Klaus Staff (bass)
Lothar Koll (drums)
A Hellental Speed/Black/Heavy Metal band formed in 1981 by Dieter, Frank and Klaus, then as Hardware. Christian joined in 1982 and this is where most of the band's material started to develop. In 1985 Lothar "Löti" Koll joined and replaced Dieter on drums, who then could concentrate solely on the vocals. This is also when the name-change to Lord Of Darkness came about. At least 18 tracks were written, some said to have wounded up on a poorly recorded rehearsal Demo in 1985, but info is sparse. If you know more, please get in contact.
"Rehearsal Demo 1985" (selfreleased)

Lost Bottles
Armin (vocals)
Andreas Wagner (guitar)
Gamasche (bass)
Wurzel (drums)
A Crossover band from Dortmund that was good friends with local Dortmund heroes Rim Shout, the Chestnutz and the Idiots and was active throughout the late 80's and early 90's. After a Demo released between 1988/89, the guys recorded a MLP in January 1990 that was published on Barfly Records and features thrashing Crossover/Punk Metal with a few Mosh parts just like american westcoast HC bands. For Metal purists the Lost Bottles truly aren't of interest as I'd myself consider their style rather punky, but nevertheless, the one or other openminded one might enjoy their vinyl. 1992 the lads appeared with "Clockwork toy" on a local Dortmund sampler again, but that's really been the last lifesign of the guys

”Traveller through time” MLP 1990 (Barfly)
"Think straight" Comp.-Tape Track (Tales From The Crypt)
"Clockwork toy" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1992 (DesperaDOs Vol.0 - Dortmund History)

Lost Legions
S. Mende (vocals)
A. Zimmermann (guitar)
S. Hack (guitar)
P. May (bass)
S. Wessels (keyboard)
C. Müller (drums)
A quite obscure female fronted local Heavy Rock band from Brake in northern Germany. They recorded the two tracks "On the run again" and "Warbringers" (misspelled on the sleeve as "Warbringess") in October 1988 and the recording studio pressed the singles, which means more or less the single is a private pressing, produced and payed by the band. The title track features common AOR, but "Warbringers" on the other hand was a fine melodic Hard Rock/Metal anthem.

Loud & Proud
Alex Hofer (vocals)
Harry Cocetti (bass)
A Glam/Hard Rock/Metal act from Munich without hairspray, but with a similar sound like certain US american chartbreakers, that was active since 1988 till the early 90's. Harry Cocetti (ex-Stranger/Sacrifice/Meanstreak/Pretty In Pink) joined during late 1988. The band later was also seen written as Loud'n'Proud, and participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival 1989, which they actually could win during the first round, due their highly professional stage acting and catchy song material. There's most probably a Demo tape available from that year as well. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Love & Friends
Jens Imhoff (vocals)
Uli Holzberger (guitar)
Martin Hartmann (bass)
Kai Rother (Organ)
Dirk Engelhardt (saxophone)
Bronco Beißmann (drums)
Love & Friends was a Hard Rock band from Bad Münder, that independently produced and published a less known album on their own label Love & Friends Records in 1991. The cover version of Willie Dixon's "Hoochie Koochie man" pretty much will show you these lads musical direction, it's been the Blues. Either the sound of the band would rather fit into the late 70's, if it wasn't that modern produced, having influences of Deep Purple, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. But still the Blues is the all ruling element of their antiquated Hard Rock sound.
"Love & Friends" LP 1991 (selfreleased)

Love Gun
Frank Eichhorn (vocals)
Christian Sorge (guitar)
Harry (guitar)
Kai Ohme (bass)
Jörg Kühndorf (drums)
A Hard Rock/Heavy Metal act from Halle (ex-GDR) with musicians of locals Feuerstein, that was founded after Frank Eichhorn (ex-Mephisto/Vantom) quit Cobra late 1988. The band's style featured more of a Glam inspired sound like Mötley Crüe, Guns'n Roses and Aerosmith. When Harry left the country late '89, the band broke up also afterwards. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Sleaze/Glam Metal band from the Wuppertal/Dormagen area that was active during the late 80's with musical influences of Cinderella and Guns'n Roses. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Peter Tietjen (vocals, bass)
Detlef Borchardt (guitar)
Henning Besuden (keyboard)
Kai Liwa (drums)
A melodic Hard Rock band from Leer, founded in August '86 by Peter Tietjen, Detlef Borchardt and Henning Besuden. In 1987 they started playing live and a few line up changes happened. With Jörg Uken on drums they recorded a first Demo in October '87. Then Besuden left and wasn't replaced but Werner Reinders joined on bass. In September '88 they recorded the second Demo "4 4 u" and afterwards changed name to "Under The Rose". In 1989 they changed name again to Valhalla. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"4 4 u" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Frank Libal (vocals)
Andi Turzer (guitar)
Holger Schulten (bass)
Alex Jäger (keyboard)
Tom Henzen (drums)
Seems like Munich was Germany's No. 1 forge for Melodic Metal bands back in the 80's. Here is another one, Lovetrick. The band got initiated by Andi Turzer and Frank Libal around 1987. Besides Turzer and Libal Lovetrick's line up has been in heavy rotation back in the day, but during 1987 a first Demo tape with 6 songs was recorded, that gained them a deal with Rockport/Energy Records in 1989 and the guys completed by Alex Jäger (keyboards), Holly Schulten (bass, ex-Peter Gorski Band) and Tom Henzen (drums, ex-Tora), entered the Charisma Studio in Munich to record their selftitled debut album, that was available in 1990. Stylistically Lovetrick's catchy melodic Hard Rock/Metal inspired sound was similar to stuff like Bonfire, Vice, Aidean or even Munich rockers Boysvoice, whom they started a tour through Germany with. After Energy got out of money, meaning that Lovetrick had no more label in the back, Alex Jäger left the band to concentrate on his studies, while the rest of the guys got signed by Mausoleum Records for the second album "No rest for the boys", which got released in 1992 on CD, featuring Chris Lausmann as session keyboarder. Compared to the debut, "No rest for the boys" went into a way more classic US style Hard Rock, without the former pedantry to compose little earworms anymore. Florian Blöchl was hired as second guitarist for the following tour with Axxis, but right afterwards in 1993 Lovetrick split up. Holly Schulten joined Lustfinger. 2007 the band reformed once again. Further info about the Demo is welcome.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Lovetrick" LP/CD 1990 (Energy)
"No rest for the boys" CD 1992 (Mausoleum)

Low Budget
A late 80's band from Mayence that was featured on a local Mayence compilation album with the melodic AOR/Hard Rock track "Sky boys". If my ears don't fool me, this band seems to be female fronted. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Sky boys" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Mayence Rock '89)

Mike Andrae (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Peschke (guitar)
Thomas Thrun (bass)
Ingo Zach (drums)
This is the pre-Manos band from Querfurt in the ex-GDR, that was active since already 1984 and there is at least 1 track known, that survived the old days. "Lionheart", probably a rehearsal (or either live) recording, features a kinda Motörhead style Punk Metal sound, that wasn't much different than some of the first Manos recordings like "Metal invade". Peschke and Zach got replaced by Andreas Loehne (guitar) and Jan Berendt (drums) in 1987 and the lads changed name to Manos. If you got more info, please get in touch.
Unreleased recordings:
”Lionheart” (1987)

Roland Loy (vocals/keyboard)
Hans Joachim Bonk (guitar)

An obscure Hard Rock band from Bochum, that was active during the late 80's. Originally Loy was started as a project of Roland Loy and Hans Joachim Bonk, who already recorded a Demo with additional studio musicians during January '89 and afterwards searched for steady musicians to play live. Those Demo recordings most probably became the bands sole 12" EP, that was released a bit later during 1989. Roland Loy and Hans Joachim Bonk got supported by Benno Gromzig (bass) and Uwe Kellerhoff (drums) during the recording session. The 4 songs featured are somewhere residing between modern sounding and melodic Hard Rock, influenced by american bands with in places even a few bluesy influences ("Lady business"). Further info is welcome.
"Loy" 12" EP 1989 (Ladyland)

Brian (vocals, keyboard)
Rene (guitar)
Jürgen Malmedy (bass)
Traktor (drums)

Lucifer was an early Black Metal band from Cologne, that picked up the brutal grinding Black/Death sounds of bands like Beherit, Goat Vulva or Dead Christ and this way created quite an occult chaos on their sole Demo tape with album lenght, recorded during 1991.
”Child of sin” Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Armin Hunte (vocals, keyboard)
Axel Garske (guitar)
Hansi Quetschke (bass)
Wolfgang Raudonat (drums)
Lucifer was a Hard Rock band from Hannover that produced an independent mini album in 1982. All of the 4 trax featured are stylistically reminding of early crossover bands like f.e. Lake Placid or Loose Connection, mixing the late 70's Kraut/Hard Rock with early 80's Metal sounds and didn't either forget some portions of the classic Prog Rock genre, which ends up in epic creations like "Sit down girl" or the powerful "It's all in vain", that both either do show similarities to the very early Manilla Road albums.

Lunatic Invasion
Tino (vocals)
Michael Wulfert (guitars, vocals)
Zitrone (bass)
"Maja" Majewski (drums)
Lunatic Invasion from Königs Wusterhausen in the ex-GDR started as Kindl-Front in 1988, founded by Michael Wulfert and "Maja" Majewski, but changed name still within the same year to Lunatic Invasion. In the beginning the guys was playing pure Grindcore ala Napalm Death and either continued with it on all of their Demos, but changed that behaviour with the beginning of the 90's, especially on their early vinyls, the selfreleased "Destined to die" 7" and the Split LP with Agathocles, both from 1991, when the lads' sound was typical Death Metal with Grind and doomy parts. Zitrone and Tino quit around 1990 and Steffen Ramlow joined on vocals. As mentioned before, the band's style changed towards classic Death Metal and had musically reached its peak on the album "The selected ones" with Denny Hellbach on bass, that showed similarities to bands such as Disgrace, Acrostichon and Necrony. After the selfreleased and slightly more modern sounding Death Metal album "Totentanz" in 1995, the band disbanded.
"Inzest with the Schrankwand" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Die elf Tode" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Hoffnungslose Fälle" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Destined to die" 7" EP 1991 (Invasion)
"Agathocles/Lunatic Invasion" Split LP 1991 (Morbid)
"The selected ones" CD 1992 (Rödel)

Sylvia Mohr (vocals)
Cornelia Hus (vocals)
Robert Pschorr (guitar)
Wolfgang Schludi (guitar)
Gernot Wittig (bass)
Werner Steer (percusssion)
Richard Klocker (drums)
Lyrock from Augsburg was the pre-stage of Exodus, who later became Manalishi. The band stylistically was somewhere to be seen between the twilight zone of Rock and Hard Rock and actively played live from 1981-82. Pschorr (later in Cyclone, Mandrake), Schludi (later in Manalishi) and Klocker formed the Hard Rock band Exodus during fall of 1982.

Mark Reed
It's remarkable how little info you're sometimes presented with, even when you have access to a full interview with the band, but here's what we can surmise: Lyvëwyrë was formed some time in 1983-84, possibly originating from the Frankfurt/Main area. The only one of the four members we know by name is Mark Reed, formerly of DAMIEN, but they also claim to have members previously in COVEN and MORDOR (unknown if this would be the Wuppertal band or not). No demos are known, but the band has claimed influences from Ratt, Pantera and Queensrÿche, and described by a 3rd party as "sounding like Queenrÿche, only harder and faster". If you have more info, please get in contact.

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