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Rock Bands Senza Guinzaglio LP 1988

Frische Fische LP 1984

Rock News Of Vienna LP 1985

Rock News Of Vienna vol. 2 LP 1985

Rocks On The Tops LP 1985

Salzburger LP 1988

Salzrock 85 - Live DLP 1985

Traun Stadt Kinder LP 1983

Vienna School Act '86 LP 1986

Youngsters Of Vienna LP 1984

Dischi Noi promo 2 LP 1987

Livorno Rock 90 LP 1991

Chianciano Rock LP 1989

Black And Speed Metál MC 1989

Book The Stars LP 1981

Pocono's Finest Homegrown LP 1991

Sessions '85: Miracosta College Studio Recording Arts LP 1985

AVAP Sampler Vol. I LP 1987

Brown Bags To Stardom LP 1981

Megalomania LP 1986

The Unspeakable Oath 7inch EP 1992

Fight Back 7inch EP 1989

Abbey Road - It's Alive LP 1983

City Tracks Vol 3 DLP 1987

In Between The Lines LP 1988

Me Teimme Sen Taas LP 1990

Mixx LP 1984

Montana Gold Nuggets LP 1983

Nurmirock LP 1988

Metal LP 1990

Metal Argentino DLP 1992

Chartbreakers DLP 1983

Clash Of The Bands LP / MC 1987

Juara Juara Rock LP / MC 1987

Juara Juara Rock 2 LP / MC 1987

Rock Power LP / MC 1988

Battle Of The Bands LP / MC 1986

Battle Of The Bands - Round 2 LP / MC 1986

Heavy Metal Force + Neo Hard Shock MLP 1986

Hikayat Rok LP 1988

Heavy Metal Guitar Battle LP / CD 1985

Heavy Metal Guitar Battle Vol. II LP 1985

Super Rock 85 LP 1985

Power Feat Vol. II MC 1993

Metal Explosion Vol. 1 MC 1994

Power Feast Vol. I MC 1992

Power Feast Vol. III MC 1994

Clermont Rock LP 1990

WCOZ Rock 'N' Roll: The Best Of The Boston Beat Volume II LP 1981

WRNO FM 100: The Rock Album LP 1981


"In a world of streaming media, even downloadable CDRs are true"

smart famous person

With the amount of original material amassed during the many years of working with this encyclopedia, the opportunity to compile this music in a more 'completist' manner has arizen. Thus, the "Veterans Of The Various-Wars"-series is born! These compilations-compilations won't have quite the same Best-Of.. approach as the previous series, but will instead strive to unearth the most obscure Steels there are, namely those that only appeared on obscure mixed compilations produced by local music organizations, radio stations and/or d.i.y. labels. These volumes will have a country-by-country theme for as long as it's possible, and some overlapping of tunes from the previous series are bound to happen for patching-reasons. Also note that practically everything that qualifies as Metal or Heavier Hard Rock will be included, so listener discretion is advised...

Volume 5 out now!

(click to download)

...and don't forget the previous volumes:

Vol. 4: "Knallhård Betongrock!"

(click to download)

Vol. 3: "Old Eclectic Warriors"

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Vol. 2: "Not Just Spaghetti And Minotauro!"

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Vol. 1: "Teutonic Evasion"

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...and the original series of comp-comps are of course still available for download. Check 'em:

The 2nd volume, published 2015-08-22

The previously "unofficial" volume, as presented on the forum in 2013.
All selections by Keir + sleeve design by bigfootkit.

The 2nd volume, published 2011-03-04

The 1st volume, published 2009-10-30

Cheers & creds to the following who have lent/ripped/scanned/co-reviewed records for this list:
Stefan Mattisson, Rob Preston, Patrik Carlson, AlaNightsblood, Joakim Westerlund, Mattias Rubarth, Kristian Knutsson.

...and some exta-special Hails! to Patrik of the awesome website for invaluable help with the php-coding of the filter function!