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A Kill A Tem
Satan Meier
A Metal band from Hamburg that released a 5 track Demo during 1989, calling themselves "the biggest speed-hopefuls of the north" in an advert. Metal Archives lists this band as "A Kill S Tem", nevertheless, both versions do sound quite odd. If anyone could bring light into the dark, please get in touch.

Jochen Graf (bass, vocals)
Peter Bernd (guitar)
Michael Geisel (guitar)
Frank Steinert (drums)
The creators of "Nothing Core" with the band's internal credo "Who's trying to rehearse will be immediately kicked out!".
This chaos troop was "founded" in 1987 during a trip thru Spain by the 4 friends Jochen Graf, Peter Bernd, Michael Geisel and Frank Steinert who have been from Frankfurt/Main. Jochen Graf at that time was the Tankard fan club leader. They just went on stage to create chaos and managed to "record" a Demo tape in 1988 that would lead to a record deal with the infamous Metal Enterprises label. Within 2 days the whole album "Anal oder Kot" was recorded and released upon mankind in 1989, quickly followed by "Baguette attack" one year later and "Hardcore Cabaret" in 1991. At least on the 2 latter they tried to "play" their instruments but still you need to be mentally strong to bear their "songs". If you take the most amateurish band that you know they will still sound just half as amateurish as A.O.K. did in the beginning. The main focus was to "verhohnepiepel" well known songs and bands of the Metal genre like Sodom's "Bombenhagel" or "Scream bloody gore" f.e., mixing everything from Punk infuences up to Grindcore. In the end it's funny as fuck crap (you need to speak german ofc) and if you are drunk it might appear just half as cruel like you'd be sober while listening to their albums. You have to find out yourself if A.O.K. could be something for ya, I definitely can't recommend them ... and the nightmare continued till 2011 with their so far last album "Im Geiste schlicht". If you decide to try them I just need to point out that we are not responsible for subsequent brain damages at all.
Jochen Graf also was member of the Grindcore act Extreme Napalm Terror.
Check out the A.O.K. Homepage
"Don´t bend for a friend" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Anal oder Kot" LP/CD 1989 (Metal Enterprises)
"Baguette Attack" LP/CD 1990 (Metal Enterprises)
"Reign in Brot" Live tape 1990 (selfreleased)
"6. für Deutschland" Comp.-LP Tracks 1990 (Metal Enterprises)
"Hardcore Cabaret" LP/CD 1991 (Metal Enterprises)
"Hardcore Cabaret" Live tape 1992 (selfreleased)

Jens Burow (vocals)
Carsten Jahns (guitar)
Frank Schwaneberg (bass)
Stefan Schäfer (drums)
Helge Justin (guitar)
Abgator hailed from Lübeck in northern Germany and only managed to release a single Demo tape in 1991 entitled "House of cards". For their type of melodic Thrash Metal the times have been quite miserable, maybe that's why they didn't carry on releasing music, while they still exits up till today, but being a (Metal) Cover band nowadays. On the Demo there are plenty of good approaches of playing slightly technical Thrash and the musicians skills truly was solid. The main band their material strongly reminds me of is Atrophy, with partly a few later Toranaga hints either. But most likely Atrophy's "Violent by nature" should show you the right direction. You can't do much wrong with this tape if you like Thrash.
Visit the Abgator home page.
”House of cards” Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Rüdi (guitar)
Mike (vocals, guitar)
Ubi (drums)
Susi (bass)
Self-proclaimed "Deutscher Power Rock"-act Abgrund from Ludwigshafen was formed in 1982 by a couple of friends who had met at local concerts. All lyrics were in German and their 3-song demo from '84 was described in passing as "Heavy Rock". If anyone knows more, please get in contact.
"Der Highway Engel" Demo 1984

Andrea Dickhage (vocals)
Andy Hönig (guitar)
Lupo (bass)
Peter Assmann (drums)
This female fronted Heavy Metal quartet from Hagen was founded in March 1986 and right after 2 months they already released their first Demo featuring 6 songs incl. coverversions of The Sweet ("Set me free") and Free's "All right now" (A version with 10 songs is known as well). Basically ABH's sound was uptempo Metal in the vein of Tyrant with quite outstanding powerful vocals. The mastermind behind the band was ex-Bullet/Faithful Breath guitarist Andy "Bubi" Hönig. After the Berlin Heavy Metal Festival in August 1986 they changed name to Spitfire. Several labels showed interest in them for a debut album, though it did not happen at all. If you have more info please get in touch.
(Thanx to Tatjana Menk for additional info)

A Metal band from the Stuttgart area most probably, that was active around 1990/91 and according to the bands they shared stage with we guess they've been into Thrash/Speed Metal or similar styles. Further info is needed.

Stephan Tecklenborg (guitar)
Horst Schneider (bass)
Peter Weiss (guitar)
Michael Hablitzel (drums)
Oliver Freirich (vocals)
A Sindelfingen based thrashing Death Metal band combining influences of the classic Death sound and the british band Desecrator ("Subconscious release"). The sound on "Six feet under" has more rehearsal tape character and therefore it lacks brutality, though it's still standard underground Death Metal with growling vox that fans of the genre will surely enjoy.
The "Piercing" Demo was mixed by Alex Krull of Atrocity. The cover of "Six feet under" exist in 2 versions, red background with green feet and green background with red feet.
”Six feet under” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Piercing" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Axel Braun (vocals)
Nicolai Mehl (guitar)
Alexander Gemsa (guitar)
Jan Müller (bass)
Heiko Burst (drums)
Abraxas was founded in Mössingen (southern Germany) by Jan Müller and Heiko Burst in 1985 and the first line up got completed by Axel Braun, Nicolai Mehl and Alexander Gemsa. After several line up changes with only Müller and Burst being the firm constant, they recorded the first demo "Vampire" in 1988 with Joachim Hittinger doing the vocals. Right after it was released, the 15 years old Oliver Mindner joined on guitar. The Multimedia Studio offered them to press the Demo on vinyl and manufactured 1000 copies in April '89 under the title "Shattered by a terrible prediction" but did not handle the distribution at all so the band had to sell the records at gigs and via mailorder themselves. In late 1989 Stephan Rohner was added as second guitarist together with Hittingers brother Andreas to handle the keyboards. In June 1990 Joachim Hittinger had to quit due to his voice causing serious heath problems and Abraxas hired ex-Mania shouter Chris Klauke whom they recorded the "Gates to Eden" Demo with in fall of 1990. This tape got fantastic feedback by the national and international Metal press but didn't lead to anything so in Dezember 1991 the "Signs" Demo followed again with giving them highest ratings in the Metal Mags though no record deal was in sight. Finally in 1993 the japanese label Metal Mania, a sublabel of Teichiku Records, released the first CD of Abraxas in Japan only, entitled "The liasion". The CD sold well over there and the band was hoping for a european record deal but even though 3 labels showed interest, Abraxas wasn't lucky in their career, maybe they just have been too late. Oliver Mindner left Abraxas sometime after 1993 and got replaced by Siggi Maier. In 1998 "The liasion" finally was re-released on the german label Limb Music with the new title "Tomorrow's world", remastered with 3 extra tracks added. But Maier already went on to play with Stormwitch. The band quit in the same year totally frustrated. All the time being active, Abraxas continued playing their melodic yet technical Power Metal with Speed passages, often compared to bands of the same genre like Helloween or Heaven's Gate, an archetypical german Metal band in other words.
"Vampire" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Shattered by a terrible prediction" MLP 1989 (Multimedia)
"Gates to Eden" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Signs" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"The liaison" CD 1993 (Metal Mania)

Absurd Existence
Marcel Beischl (vocals)
Markus Ammer (guitar)
Roland Reichenbach-Klinke (guitar)
Stefan Wochnik (bass)
Sissy Beck (drums)
A shortlived Death Metal band from Essenbach/Bavaria who only recorded a Demo in 1993, that featured melodic Doom/Death Metal, slightly similar to greek Horrified or Pardise Lost. During 1994 Absurd Existence could release their only album "Angelwings" on the label Force Music, that offered slightly more modern sounding Gothic/Death Metal also. The band started 1992 and changed name to Croon in 1995.

"Silence" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Silence" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Deathophobia)

Absurter Cryst
Michael Teutenberg (guitar)
Alex Schulze (vocals)
Jörg (drums)
Andreas (bass)
A grinding Death Metal band from Reinheim founded in 1989 and featuring future members of later well known bands such as Naked Whipper, Blood and Nyctophobic. Michael Teutenberg was also playing guitars right at the same time he was active with Absurter Cryst for the Death Metal bands Malaphar and Abyz.
Absurter Cryst's style was similar to Blood's ("Christbait" era) in the early 90's, grinding passages getting paired with doomy ones. On certain tracks of the Demo Morgoth/Death might have been an influence and single attempts to ape Celtic Frost show up either. In 1991 they also recorded songs for an EP (probably a 7") that should be named "Blasphemic forgiverence" but it remained unreleased. The 2 songs plus Intro continued the same style of the Demo but the sound was just more professional and it's a shame that 7" was never released. Andreas got replaced by Isa on bass and the band split up in 1993.
Alex Schulze alias Dominus A.S. sung on Blood's famous "Christbait" album and formed Naked Whipper afterwards.
"Six feet under" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Blasphemic forgiverence" EP 1991 (unreleased)

Daniel Richter (vocals)
Karsten Göbel (guitar)
Felix Gast (guitar)
Marc Eckhard (drums)
A Death Metal band from Kassel, active since the beginning of the 90's, who published a Demo during 1993 and appeared on several compilations, before the band already broke up again. Richter and Göbel formed the Death Metal band Lacrima Christi afterwards in 1994.

"Just something from the past" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Wintermute" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Deathophobia)
" Mutual Demoralization" Comp.-MC Track 1993 (Suffer Tape Nr. I)

Udo Dirkschneider (vocals)
Wolf Hoffmann (guitar)
Jörg Fischer (guitar)
Peter Baltes (bass)
Stefan Kaufmann (drums)
Accept from Solingen was founded already in 1971 and undoubtly is one these bands that started the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal fever in Germany. The Corroseum honestly doesn't expect that we still need to introduce this rock lion to anyone of the readers. In case someone doesn't know them yet, please check out the Accept Homepage

Thorsten Tritschler (vocals)
Jürgen Grötzinger (guitar)
Klaus Weisser (guitar)
Chris Albrecht (bass)
Otto Schneider (drums)
An obscure band from Emmingen on the border to Switzerland that released an even more obscure 7" with 2 tracks. "The Turner" is an (slow) attempt to sound epic and up to a certain grade they even managed it. "Eagles in the Air" on the flipside is more of a classic (quick) Metal track and both songs do smell somewhat of the NWOBHM that I personally would throw in Triarchy here. It's just a middle class single all in all. I have no clue what happened to them. They was mentioned in old Mags to have played gigs still in 1985 but then the red line cuts off so I guess they broke sometime in the mid 80's.

Tobias Gloge (vocals)
Christian Steffenhagen (drums)

A Death/Thrash band from Wolfsburg, that started in the very late 80's, but changed name to Inner Bleeding during 1990. Gloge after a few gigs was replaced by Michael Wehram and in summer '91 Inner Bleeding recorded their Demo "Yoyage into the uncertainty", that featured 6 melodic yet quite brutal Death Metal numbers with Thrash influences and vocals in the Obituary vein. The band shortly after the recordings split up, so the Demo remained unreleased till 1999, when one of the former members found the old tape in his basement and made a small CDR and tape edition of it. Further info is welcome.

Elmar Keineke (vocals)
Matthias Eigner (guitar)
Stefan Schroer (guitar)
Fritz Rogge (bass)
Michael Wintzen (drums)
Accessory was a shortlived Death Metal band from Hagen, that after two really boring Demo's got signed by West Virginia Records and recorded their only album "Within your mind" 1991. During the Demo phase this band couldn't really satisfy and that's probably why they had to produce their debut album privatly. Though the mellow "Symphonies of disaster" tape was recorded in April '91 too, with the album recordings for "Within your mind", done in Octiober '91, they made everything right and delivered a raw thrashing Death Metal piece, similar sounding to Acid Rain Dance's "Melting resistance". Mark Wolzenburg had replaced Stefan Schroer on the guitar on the album. At first Accessory pressed "Within your mind" as a limited CD edition that a little bit later on got re-released with different cover on West Virginia Records both as vinyl and CD once again. But the band right afterwards changed their musical style and name to Colour Trip. The Demo "Symphonies of disaster" was released with 2 different covers
"Look into my eyes" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Symphonies of disaster" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Within your mind" Adv. Tape 1991 (selfreleased)
"Within your mind" LP/CD 1991 (selfreleased/West Virginia)

Eberhard Weyel (vocals, guitar)
Frank Thoms (guitar)
Thomas Kircher (bass)
Volker Borchert (drums)
Volker Borchert, Thomas Kirchner and Eberhard Weyel already was playing together since 1983 in the Heavy Metal troop TNT from Siegen, before Borchert and Weyel formed the shortlived act Breaker that existed from 1984 to 1986 and released the "Dead rider" LP in 1985. When Weyel and Borchert decided to turn more excessively into the growing Speed/Thrash Metal movement, they recruited Thomas Kirchner (bass) again, as well as the ex-Except No Mercy guitarist Frank Thoms (still a teenager at that time) and formed the band Accu§er (or Accuser, just how you like) in 1986. Kirchner just stayed in the band to record their Demo "Speed Metal", that made Atom H Records to offer the guys a record contract and remained the band's label partner throughout the rest of the 80's. The debut "The conviction", that would also remain Accu§er's most exciting album, was soon recorded and published in 1987. Besides the german Speed Metal elements, the trio Weyel, Thoms and Borchert also flirted with certain US Thrash bands like Anthrax, while "The conviction" still nowadays could be seen more or less underrated, though Accu§er sounded similar like Darkness' with just a different (better) sound. During May '88 "Experimental errors" was recorded, featuring a classic Thrash sound, influenced by the Bay Area's Exodus, Death Angel or Testament. Weyel had switched to the bass, coz Thoms former Expect No Mercy mate Rene Schütz (ex-Thunderbolt) had joined on guitar. Together the fourpiece also recorded the similar sounding "Who dominates who?" album in early '89, and technically refined their US Thrash style, that in places besides their former Anthrax/Testament influences even reminded a bit of the thrashy Metallica songs. Then with the 1990 recorded "Double talk", that still has been a good Thrash album nevertheless, Accu§er also slightly changed their style like most of the US bands already did a few years earlier, and added more breaks and midpaced passages, so Power/Thrash would describe the album best, though there are still wild Thrash parts left. Milan Peschel replaced guitarist Rene Schütz in the meanwhile and would stay till the next effort "Repent". The long time member Eberhard Weyel and voice of the band left the band 1991, so Frank Thoms used to sing, which made Accu§er moving more into the Metallica corner, as not just Thoms voice sounded like James Hetfield, but also stylistically it seems that "...and justice for all" has been the godfather of that album. Afterwards Accu§er's sound got step by step modern with each of the following albums, Groove elements included. 1996 due to musical differences the band logically split up and was reunited by Thoms during 2003.
"Speed Metal" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"The conviction" LP 1987 (Atom H)
"Experimental errors" MLP 1988 (Atom H)
Who Dominates Who?" LP/CD 1989 (Atom H)
"Double talk" LP/CD 1991 (Atom H)
"Metal Machine Music" Split 12"/MCD 1992 (Our Choice)
"Repent" LP/CD 1992 (Metal Machine Music)
"The drones" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (From Heaven to Hell)

Acer Fury
Arne Böhler (vocals)
Uwe Böhler (guitar)
Chris Kinzel (guitar)
Ö-li (bass)
Gerhard Guggomos (drums)
Five Metalheads from Füssen/Kempten (Bavaria) who are mainly known for their "Crazy king" 7", that was produced privately in April '89. Acer Fury was founded by brothers Arne and Uwe Böhler during the mid 80's and the band recorded at least 5 Demos till 1992, as far as I'm confirmed. The "Crazy king" single is the release that can be found a bit easier and features good, typically late 80's german sounding melodic Power Metal. Previously a 2 song Demo appeared around 1988. After the single the band recorded another Demo 1991 that was also featured on their "Promotape '92" including the 3 new songs "Acer Fury", "Unicorns die lonely" and "Storm in my mind", which are all of the same style like the both trax of the single. With "Spider shaped letterbox thoughts" Acer Fury tried to enter new terrain and went into a more modern direction with either Alternative Rock/Funk influences. They band most probably split up during the mid 90's. A CD compilation with the title "Crazy king" was published on Battle Cry Records in 2016, featuring their single and Demo recordings done between 1989-92. If you got more info concearning the missing Demos, please get in touch.

"Acer Fury" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Crazy king" 7" EP 1989 (selfreleased)
"Promotape '92" (selfreleased)
"Spider shaped letterbox thoughts" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Michael Sommerhoff (guitar, vocals)
Andreas Duwe (guitar)
Andreas Schulz (bass)
Thomas Gojrzenski (drums)
Acid was an old band from Dortmund, whose roots are originating back to 1979 already. Their first release was a private Hard Rock inspired single, recorded in July '83, featuring the cheesy ballad "Livin' in a dream" and the better, NWOBHM influenced rocker "Drifter". During the mid 80's Acid entered the stage again with a 3 song Demo, that also contained "Drifter" again, before they, after several years of silence, recorded the album "Acidify" during September '88, which in the end was released under the title of "Don't lose your dreams" the year after. The band was now a trio, consisting of mastermind Sommerhoff (vocals, guitar), Andreas Schulz still on bass and Carsten Bald behind the drums. Also soundwise they added a proper pound of power and occasionally played a very speed driven melodic type of Power Metal, not much unlike Helloween and bands of that caliber. The only disturbing issue are those few commercial Heavyrockers that simply won't fit to the album at all. Otherwise "Don't lose your dreams" was a very sold affair. Not sure, when Acid split up, but for sure during the very early 90's.

"Livin' in a dream" 7" EP 1983 (selfreleased)
"Acid" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Don't lose your dreams" LP 1989 (Megavolt)

Acid Rain Dance
Fred (vocals)
Zulu (guitar)
Stephan (guitar)
Jacke (bass)
Quaddel (drums)
Not sure if the term alternative Death/Thrash already was created? In case the answer is no, I might claim my privilege to be the first one who used it. Nevertheless Acid Rain Dance from Bremen was active since the late 80's most probably and recorded a first 7" in 1991, that contained a quite idiosyncratic structured Crossover/Thrash. Though vocally the band could be easily thrown into the Death/Thrash corner, but their rather unstraight sort of playing reminds more of a Hardcore band. But with "Melting resistance", recorded in October '92, Acid Rain Dance pretty much got the curve and delivered a cool, absolutely raw sounding Death/Thrash mini album that fans of that style will truly have their pleasure with. Both, the single and EP are available in different vinyl colors.

"Acid Rain Dance" 7" EP 1991 (Skuld Releases)
"Melting resistance" MLP 1993 (Skuld Releases)

George Gogl (vocals)
George Thomma (guitar)
Richard Göttle (guitar)
Christoffer Leitner (bass)
Detlef Bienert (keyboard)
Stefan Buckenhofer (drums)
A Hard Rock band from the early 90's, most probably originating from the Munich area, as their "Wild life" MCD was recorded at the Sky Studio Munich, produced by Bobby Altvater. The lads sound was a rather modern sort of Hard Rock, with Southern Rock and funky influences, sounding sometimes close to bands like late 80's Aerosmith.
"Wild life" MCD 1993 (Rockwerk)

Carsten Collenbusch (guitar)
Kay Schillemat (bass)
Michael Kleemiß (keyboard)
Ernst Neumeister (drums)
A symphonic Metal band, that was founded by the Stitch guitarist Carsten Collenbusch. The band members of the project was originating from Oldenburg (like Stitch) and Bonn, who recorded their sole album "Rapid eye movement" in Cologne. The band recorded two Demo tapes before their album was released on the indie label Rock Project Records 1989 and afterwards two more tapes followed. If you now think Adamantine's music was related to Stitch you are wrong. Collenbusch most probably used Adamantine to live out his passion for a way more symphonic and either speedy style of Heavy Metal, that's even reminding occasionally of Helloween, but with just one difference. Adamantine's creations had been instrumentals. The songs are very filigrane and complex, sometimes dreamy, sometimes just speedy Power Metal, but for a whole album it's difficult to not feature any vocals. Nevertheless, "Rapid eye movement" stands out, for not having vocals or for it's music, that's not on me to decide. On the following Demo "Internally flawless" Frank Beniermann joined as vocalist, while stylistically the band went into a softer Melodic Metal direction. Kai Schillemat joined Collenbusch's band Stitch after the LP as well.

"Demo #1" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Demo #2" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Rapid eye movement" LP 1989 (Rock Project)
"Internally flawless" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Demo" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

A raw Thrash Metal band from West Berlin, that was active during the later mid 80's as well and therefore shouldn't be confused with the Power Metal Adrian from the Hannover area. The boys records 2 Demo tapes during 1987 and then disappeared afterwards. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Evil power" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Merciless death" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Adrian (Stöcken)
Oliver Wende (guitar, vocals)
Haye Graf (guitar)
Torsten Lindhorst (bass)
Marcus Böhringer (keyboard)
Jens Brandl (drums)
From Stöcken, near Hannover, came this Power Metal quintet, that started playing Metal during 1984 and lasted till 1988. after they recorded an independent vinyl. Nowadays the LP belongs to the category "to pay with gold", since a couple of years ago there started a run for the album, that previously could be found for a few coins on every corner. Obviously judging by the sound of the recording this was probably planned as a Demo recording, but seems Adrian had the needed petty cash to press vinyls. For a Demo not so bad, as Adrian used to play a quite modern Power Metal for 1987, with speed and either melodic elements, that hadn't much in common with the usual sound of the Earthshaker/Gama bands at all, and could be mainly rated as a cross of bands like Helloween/Mortox and Darxon.

A selfclaimed "Poser band" from Duisburg, that was active during 1989 and searched musicians for their Heavy Rock project. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Ralf Nyenhuis (vocals)
Detlef Ziegler (guitar)
Walter König (guitar)
Rainer Such (bass)
Peter Frank (drums)
This band from the Lüneburg area was active since 1982 and performed a very NWOBHM inspired Heavy Metal. I'm not entirely sure if that "Demoband" entitled Demo indeed was the band's first lifesign (as mentioned everywhere on the net), because two of the tracks later appeared on the "Break Out" sampler, which would speak more for the fact that this tape was recorded at a later stage during 1986. Either stylistically both songs don't fit to their early NWOBHM attitude at all. On "Heavy Metal leather wariours" (1985) the band was still celebrating their old british style influenced Metal, soundwise comparable to Arrow or Angel War, but already on "Children of the dark" and "No way out" featured on "German Metal Tracks No. 2" compilation (1986) Advice's sound had changed into a bit more typically german sounding Heavy Metal with speed edge. The guys didn't had problems to score compilation appearances it seems, but a record deal wasn't in sight at all. With their 1989 Demo "Destiny by dawn", they could save themselves a place on the underground sampler "Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" with the Demo tracks "Nuclear force" and "Heavy Metal", that once again presented Advice stronger than before, playing a contemporary heavy Power Metal, with George Hodur on the second guitar who had replaced the migrated Detlef Zegler. Also Ralf Nyenhuis had previously quit his job and D.D. Hink joined on the vocal position. After another Demo 1991, Advice tried a last comeback 1992 with the excellent "Persuer" 7" EP (with sticker incl.), introducing new drummer Kai-Uwe Richter, but though the guys hadn't moved away a single meter from their neat 80's style Power Metal, the story of Advice ended soon afterwards.

"Heavy Metal leather wariours" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Demoband" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No 2" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)
"Destiny by dawn" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)
"The exposed" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Persuer" 7" EP 1992 (Tom Tom)

A Hard Rock/Glam Metal act from Munich that was active during the late 80's and early 90's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

After Midnight
A Metal band that was most probably originating from the wider Dortmund area and was actively playing live during 1989. If you got futher info, please get in touch.

Agape Band
Thorsten Hani (vocals)
Christoph Karstens (guitar)
Andreas Hertlein (bass)
Michael Turkat (keyboard)
Michael Hinrichsen (drums)
An obscure christian Hamburg Heavy Rock band, that lyrically could be well worth being the german equivalent to Stryper, as their german sung lyrics remind of stuff that's printed in those church songbooks. Musically on the other hand the Agape Band covered a completely different spectrum within the Hard Rock/Metal genre. What irritates me a bit are the german vocals, as due to it I always feel reminded of a "Heavy Metal version" of the german Rockband Puhdys, whose vocalist Dieter Birr had a similar sounding voice like Agape Band's Thorsten Hani. Nevertheless, these lads released an independent 12" in 1987, with greetinx to Running Wild mentioned on the back sleeve, that gathers 4 epic songs, all Heavy Rock rooted, with the slightly early 80's Heavy Metal influenced opener "Wacht auf" or "Benedictus" and an almost of Doom Metal reminding Hardrocker "Das Kreuz". A very interesting band, caught in their own isolated White Metal scene. If you got more info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)
"Missa in Rock" 12" EP 1987 (selfreleased)

Steve (vocals)
Axe (guitar)
Marc (bass)
Gary (keyboard)
Frank (drums)
A very mysterious local Heavy Rock band most probably from the Cologne area, as their sole vinyl was recorded there. There isn't much known about these guys. The 5 tracks featured on the vinyl do offer a brand of melodic AOR/Hard Rock, sounding just typically for US bands, somewhere between Aidean, Mydra, Karo, heavier Bon Jovi and especially the Übersong "Welcome the night" reminds of the classic Dio stuff, with either Steve's voice sounding like the master himself. The seller of my copy once mentioned the year 1986, though there is no year to find at all on the sleeve, and according to their watery keyboard sound, the record could well be from the late 80's as well.

Agent Orange
Udo Welz (guitar, vocals)
Stefan Barth (guitar)
Dietmar Pfister (bass)
Peter Barthold (drums)
Agent Orange from Bisingen was active just at the same time like the Bayreuth based Agent Orange. Founded in 1983 they had a first early track on the obscure compilation "Schwarz auf weiß", and "The last song" was a quite a bit british sounding easy number, but not really remarkable. It took till the end of the 80's before they'd return with own vinyl in form of the "Weekend heroes" 7" and their selftitled debut album 1991. The sound of Agent Orange has been quite powerful traditional Heavy Metal of the mid 80's with influences of Accept/U.D.O., Maiden and early Judas Priest, that even on the late album didn't pick up any modern influences. In 1997 they still released a last CD "Just do it" and nowadays fully concentrate on their cover band Just Priest.
"The last song" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Schwarz auf weiß)
"Weekend heroes" 7" EP 1989 (selfreleased)
"Agent Orange" LP/CD 1991 (selfreleased)

Agent Orange (Bayreuth)
Steve Fischer (vocals)
Thomas Hübner (guitar, synthesizer)
Wolfgang Köppel (guitar)
Jack Wich (bass)
Michael Waters (drums)
These Agent Orange from Bayreuth (not to be confused with the later band from Bisingen) definitely had the right Metal spirit and their only single belongs musically to the top releases of the whole 80's decade of the german Metal scene back in the day. Released on the local Bayreuth label SW Records the 2 songs offer feet seasawing true Heavy Metal with "Coming down just for you" beeing the heavier number of both picking up a similar style like Dark Avenger (godz!) or the finish Black Angel years later. The slower "Fighting with the saw" is trying to create a rather epic feeling and a few NWOBHM twin leads show clearly where the bands took their influences from. To me it's quite a mystery where all the Gama, Metal Enterprises etc. labels have been to not offer this promising band any album deal? I think we definitely missed a few more killer songs because of them...

Agentur Null
Uwe Hiob (vocals)
Enno Schöniger (guitar)
Tino Taubert (bass)
Hendrik Borsitz (keyboard)
Angela Ullrich (drums)
The female drummer Angela Ullrich founded the band 1985 in Dresden (ex-GDR), after she left the all girl Hard'n'Heavy band "Na und" with the aim to play Hard Rock music. The first line up consisting of Uwe Hiob, Enno Schöniger, Tino Taubert and Hendrik Borsitz lasted till 1988, when Ullrich exchanged the whole band with new members Michael Müller (vocals), Tom Vogel (bass), Katrin Jäckel (guitar) and Christian Kusch (keyboard). Hiob, Taubert and Borsitz subsequently formed the Pop/Schlager band Die Blauen Engel. With the new line up Agentur Null could produce 4 songs for the national broadcast service in 1988, but none of them appeared on any record. 1990 the line featured the ex-Pharao/Charlie guitarist Michael Jurischk, also Anette Putz (vocals) and Andreas Leuschner (ex-Electra), besides the remaining Christian Kusch, Tom Vogel, Michael Müller, Katrin Jäckel and Angela Ullrich. This line up was steady till 1993, when Eckehardt Lipske (ex-Electra) replaced both guitarists Jurischk and Jäckel. In the following years the band's line up changed every now and then and either ex-MCB Mike Demnitz played with Agentur Null for about one year in 1994/95. Nowadays the band is still active, but just playing special concerts for classes. Except of the broadcast recordings done in 1988, there are no other recordings or releases known.
Broadcast Recordings:
"Als sie ging" (1988)
"Ich bin immer für dich da" (1988)
"Rebellische Liebe" (1988)
"Wenn es Sehnsucht gibt" (1988)

Jan Laube
A Black/Thrash Metal band from Munich area active around 1986. If you have more info please get in touch.

Hamburg locals, that used to be a big number there during the turn of the year in the early 80's. There's just a single vinyl album left of their creative career, but that one pretty much nailed it. Agnetha's sound featured a late 70's proggy Hard Rock with organs in the Deep Purple vein, who most probably inspired the guys in the band the most. In terms of heaviness they might not have been ahead of their time at all, but their songs guarantee a really diverting pleasure, so that "Listen to the future" even nowadays still belongs to the most exciting old german Hard Rock albums of the 70's and 80's decades.

A Speed Metal band from the Frankfurt/Main area active around 1985/86. If you have more info please get in touch.

Agony Curse
Ingo Lahr

A Thrash Metal band originating from Leverkusen who had a 3 track Demo (incl. 2 live songs) released in spring '88. The band seemed to have been connected with the band Surcharge. Both bands possibly shared certain members. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Boris Stefan (vocals)
Volker Funk (guitar)
Michael Schmitt (guitar)
Andreas Rigo (bass)
Bob Schätzle (drums)
Agoraphobia was a Death Metal band from Mönchzell in the southern part of Germany, formed by members of Deathtrap during the beginning Death Metal movement in 1989 and recorded a Demo in July '89 that led into record contract with greek Black Power Records, who released their "Wailing of souls" MLP 1991 in clear vinyl. Both the Demo and especially the vinyl do contain that kind of gloomy Death Metal, that also bands like the early Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride or german Pyogenesis used to play at that time and to me personally "Wailing of souls" is an album of international format, that imo is completely underrated. The band split up already 1993, but reformed in the mid 2000's.

"Premature inhumation" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Wailing of souls" MLP 1991 (Black Power)

Agurs Words
Jens Herold (vocals)
Rally Elsner (guitar)
Stefan Holl (drums)
Hobbl Hoube (keyboard)
Ozzy Buchheim (bass)
Founded 1986 in Koblenz, Agurs Words put 2 trax on local compilations in '88 and '89 that both offered the same style like on their Demos and furthermore the track "I'm hungry" from the sampler is featured on a later Demo as well. Agurs Words stands for melodic yet quite powerful Heavy Metal with some epic parts and twin guitars, partly in the vein of Mad Max. The debut CD "On the walk of fame" got released privately 1994 which contains older demo recordings from 1990-1993 and "In Excelsis" followed in '95 before they finally disbanded in 2000.
"Seven years" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Music Live Vol. III)
"I'm hungry" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Music Live Vol. IV)
"We want you to rock" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Stormchild is hungry" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Steve Lydakis (vocals)
Peter Nardo (guitar)
Michael Gudjan (guitar)
Markus Neutard (bass)
Angelo Vilardo (keyboard)
Klaus Neskudla (drums)
Aidean from Mannheim belongs to the most underrated bands of the whole decade and it's really a mystery that a band of their format never made it big back in the day. The band was founded 1980 and got signed after some first Demo recordings got signed by the indie label Run Records, while they truly deserved some bigger label in the back for sure to promote the band in a bigger way. Their album "Promises" belongs to the most promising albums of the whole 80's german pompish Melodic Metal/Hard Rock scene, that could be mentioned equally to the ones of Zeno, Fair Warning, Craaft, Bonfire, Heartlyne or Mydra, delivering only top notch material that's been equal to top sellers of the US american charts. While other bands wrote Rock history, Aidean vanished into nothingness quickly after the album and didn't even get a Wikipedia entry nowadays.

"Rocks you up!" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Promises" LP/CD 1988 (Run)
"Livin' lovin' losin'" 7" EP 1988 (Run)

Horst Lay (ocals)
Frank Schäfer (guitar)
Jürgen Heckers (guitar)
Ilonka Rayer (bass)
Martina Lay (keyboard)
Hartwig Roge Rayer (drums)
Air-Raid was a local Metal act from Duisburg, that consisted of Horst Lay (vocals), his wife Martina Lay (keyboard), Frank Schäfer (guitar), Jürgen Heckers (guitar), Hartwig Roge Rayer (drums) and Ilonka Rayer (bass) - his wife and all these 6 founded the band in early 1988 in Rheinhausen, a quarter of the city of Duisburg. Each one of them was found in different bands before, collecting the needed experience to develop their musicial career. I don't have a clue which bands the rest was in, but guitarist and main songwriter Frank Schäfer was founding member of Branded, a Hard Rock/Metal quartett based in Rumeln. Together with Reinhold Holzer (bass), Michael Holzer (guitar) and drummer Frank Gürtunca, Branded was founded in early 1986 and also had a few live appearances in the Duisburg area but was constantly looking for the right vocalist. A Demo was in the planning phase but never happened. While Branded failed, Frank Schäfer didn't feel to resign and that was the hour of birth for Air-Raid. Besides a very few live gigs, the band planned to record a 7" at the Sundown Studio in Duisburg containing 2 trax of their huge repertoire, whose only cover version was a Judas Piest tune btw, and pressed 1000 copies on their own label Sundown Records which were rarely spread by the band at the even rarer gigs. Also plans to record a full album were dreamt, but without financial help of a record company these dreams couldn't be realized, especially since most of the EP's wasn't sold at all. In 1993 Jürgen Heckers left the band and Frank Schäfer just took over the rhythm guitar parts because his band mates weren't that satisfied with his solo guitar skills. Instead they added another guitarist and this line up lasted till 1996 when Frank quit the band, who didn't make it much longer too. Both of the single trax, "Nightmare" and "Metallic wings", deliver a pounding sort of standard Heavy Metal with several keyboard appearance in a very traditional german style.

Andre Brazischefsk (guitar, vocals)
Henjo Richter (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Hinrichs (bass)
Thomas Pankow (Hammond organ, vocals)
Rolf Krogmann (drums)
Airless was a band hailing from Hamburg who should have been active since around 1979 or possibly even earlier as they recorded a Demo track ("Instrumentral") already in 1980, that features an impressive instrumental in typical NWOBHM manner with hints of Iron Maiden's "Phantom of the opera". 1982 the lads recorded a full Demo tape that featured the 3 trax "Free bird", "Wild years" and "Midnight baby", which once again fancied with the classic NWOBHM sound. From 1983 there is another Demo track known entitled "Rock 'n' Roll", that once again sounded like from the Paul DiAnno era of Iron Maiden, so most probably there might be another Demo from 1983 being recorded. But in 1983 something happened inside the band, as Krogmann joined Rampage and later founded No Mercy. Either Andre Brazischefsk, Henjo Richter and Thomas Pankow left the band. Richter would later appear in Gamma Ray's line up. The only remaining bass player UFO (Thomas Hinrichs) found substitutes in Thomas Eyck (vocals, guitar) and Punky on drums, whom he recorded the first tape with, that features 4 badass midpaced rockers with classic Metal sound and pretty good vocals and could be compared to some of the old swedish bands of that era like Torch. This band has nothing much in common with the better known Hamburg bands at all. On "Look out" from 1988 they even refined their style, again with great vocals. They didn't change much stylistically and kept on with their still hard rockin' Melodic Metal with pounding beats and nice guitar riffs. During spring '89 Airless pre-produced a full album with Ralf Basten (who already worked with Zed Yago), which was offered to several record companies, though without success. Both Hinrichs and Thomas Eyck joined the agonizing Mania in 1990.
"Demo 1982" (selfreleased)
”Heavy Rock” Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Look out" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Searchin" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (NDR Hörfest '88)

A melodic Hard Rock band from Salzgitter that's only known to be featured on a local compilation released in 1985. Their pounder "Queen from space" undoubtly is the highlight on the sampler, almost could competite with the Scorpions or diverse US bands of that style. The vocalist pretty much sounds impressive for a local act and imo a little Blackie Lawless hides in his throat. The guitarist either doesn't sound like he's a bloody beginner. Interesting band that I'd like to hear more from. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Queen from space” Comp. LP Track 1985 (3320 Musikinitiative Salzgitter)

Lefty (vocals)
Markus Mulders (guitar)
Ulli Abicht (guitar)
Booster (bass)
Thomas Alkämper (drums)
The band Airwolf was founded by Thomas Alkämper in summer 1985 when he just had left the Duisburg based Metal Sword. Some of the other guys was previously active in the euphonic sounding acts Warrant and Living Death. They recorded a quite powerful sounding Demo early summer in 1986, before Alkämper had to fully reform Airwolf by adding new musicians Andreas Roschak (bass), Guido Braun (guitar) and Frank Zellmann on guitar and vocals. The former Atlain like sounding speedy Power Metal, that the first incarnation of Airwolf still delivered on the Demo, got consequent more varied sounding on their in April '87 recorded album "Victory bells". Either midpaced slightly commercial rockers like "Through the fire" was added and paired with melodic Speed Metal grenades like "Legion of doom" or "Swordbreaker". Ulli Abicht who still played guitar on the Demo was invited to add lead guitar parts on the album also. Around 1990 Airwolf most probably split up, as Andreas Roschak joined Repression during that year. Frank Zellmann during late 1988 and 1989 sung in Angel Heart. One of Airwolf's first guitarists, Markus Mulders, joined Stallion 1988 and subsequently formed the band Frantic around 1989.
"Airwolf" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Victory bells" LP 1988 (Powerline)

Klaus Techet (vocals)
Maddes Strobel (bass)
Marcus Becker (drums)
Jürgen Blümle (guitar)
Gerd Rube (guitar)
Hartmut Philipp (keyboard)
A quite interesting Hard Rock/AOR act from the Stuttgart area with young looking musicians. Some of the material on their only LP sounds partly even above average but all in all they played pretty much standard Hard Rock with ear compatible melodies and good vocals. I personally find the keyboards in certain places a bit disturbing, though some of the compositions remind me sometimes of Bachmann Turner Overdrive's "You ain't seen nothing yet" (the heavy part ofc). They also recorded a Demo tape (probably in 1987) but for the LP recordings Uli Wieszt joined on bass. Klaus Techet and Gerd Rube later joined a band called Paperhat.
"Music made by hands" LP 1988 (RC)

Alex Parche Band
Josef Schmeink (vocals)
Alex Parche (guitar)
Zwiebel Truhöl (bass)
Andreas Hohmann (drums)
That's the band that Alex Parche formed after Breslau's days was counted. Breslau bassist Zwiebel Truhol followed him and the ex-Kraftwerk drummer Andreas Hohmann was on the drums. The band only recorded one album, that just like the previous Breslau LP, continued that sort of Breslau's AC/DC inspired Hard Rock, that didn't even sounded bad at all. After some silence Alex Parche returned with the albums "The Alex Parche Project" (released as "The Alex Parche Project") and "Son of a healer" (released as "Parche") in 1992/93, featuring drummer Martin Werner (ex-Sign) and Luke Herzog (bass, keyboard), as well as several different vocals, including Udo Dirkschneider. supporting his work. Occasionally the songs do either sound like Accept (and not just because of Udo) and feature a brand of classic Hard Rock/Metal, known from Parche's earlier works. Till his death in 2009 he recorded 2 more albums.

"Adrenalin" LP 1983 (Harvest)
"Abflug nach Süden" 7" EP 1983 (Harvest)
"The Alex Parche Project" LP/CD (T.A.O.B. Products)
"Son of a healer" CD 1993 (GSE)
"When the children call" MCD 1993 (GSE)
"Worlds apart" MCD 1993 (GSE)

Daffy (vocals)
Stephan Philipp (guitar)
Jörg Schrör (guitar)
André Philipp (bass)
Christian Choleva (drums)
Alien was a local NWOBHM inspired Heavy Metal troop from Hamburg, that nowadays is better known as Xandril. The band formed in late 1982 and recorded two Demo tapes right in early 1983 under that monicker, that both had a huge early Iron Maiden edge, but afterwards the guys subsequently changed name to Xandril in April '83.

Alien Power
Carsten Bätge (vocals, bass)
Frank Meier (guitar)
Wolfgang Schönberg (drums)
A Metal band from Wolfenbüttel, south of Braunschweig, which was active since 1986 and recorded 2 Demo tapes during the 80's that featured both classic Heavy Metal. Wolfgang Schönberg first got replaced by Christian Labisch 1989 and the following year also Frank Meier left to be sustituted by Chris Schweyda on guitar. With the line up Christian Labisch (drums), Chris Schweyda (guitar) and Carsten Bätge (bass, vocals) the band independently recorded the CD "The power of the last unicorn" in 1992 and hired vocalist Tommy Fricke for the last Demo "Hard sides of life" 1993, before Alien Power split up 1994. Bätge and Schweyda returned with the album "Female disconnection" in the 2000, but this attempt of a comeback just lasted for about one year. If you got further info, please get in touch.

"Alien Power" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Mixed aggressions" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"The power of the last unicorn" CD 1992 (Face Music)
"Hard sides of life" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Gert Griesbaum

A classic Metal band from Lörrach-Weil, south of Freiburg and closer to swiss Basel, which was active during 1987/88 and also had a Demo tape available in summer 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Tom Scherl
A local Heavy Metal band from Schwäbisch Hall, active during 1984. If you got more info, please contact us.

Alley Cat
Detlev Wolff (vocals, guitar)
Eckhart Scholz (guitar)
Frode Garshol (bass)
Andreas Richter (drums)
Alley Cat originally started as Target in Hamburg back in 1986, by ex-Exit members Detlev Wolff and Andreas Richter, together with Stefan Vermahren and Andreas Richter and recorded their "Long legs high heels" Demo in 1987 still under the Target monicker, but had to change name to Alley Cat in 1988 coz of the belgian band. Frode Garshol from Lightning (Jork) at that time had already replaced Stefan Vermahren on bass and the guys re-released the Demo songs as Alley Cat once again in 1988, while the track "Gonna break your heart" was also used for a national newcomer vinyl sampler and could be either named as one of the highlights on that "Break Out" entitled compilation. The lads either won a local Hamburg newcomer band contest, which isn't much of a surprise, as their glammy US style pounding Metal with good riffing is going easy into everyone's ears. Alley Cat recorded another Demo in 1989 with Matthias Lange (Metalium) on guitar, but split up later due to vocalist Detlev Wolff moving to the USA. Andreas Richter subsequently joined the ex-Thrashers Kilgore.
"Long legs high heels" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Gonna break your heart" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Break Out)
"Cat Songs 89" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Allied Forces
Dieter Müller (drums)
Jens Frank (guitar)
Markus Butz (vocals)
Margot Bäring (bass)
Thomas Sprung (guitar, keyboard)
The short lived band Allied Forces was originally founded in Andernach October '84 by Dieter Müller (drums), Jens Frank (guitar) and Markus Butz (vocals) who wanted to play Hard Rock inspired by their idols Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. After a longer search they found Margot Bäring (bass) and Thomas Sprung (guitar, keyboard) to complete the final line up. They played a very few live shows in early 1985 and then changed name to Trashed. Mark Butz would later join Flennes/Flanez. Some of the Trashed guys are still active nowadays as Antunacum-Rock. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Vollert (vocals)
A shortlived classic Heavy Metal band originating from Potsdam (ex-GDR), founded in October '87 by the ex-Charon shouter Andreas Vollert. Since Charon's sound went into a too thrashy direction, Vollert created Allion to focuss on a traditional Ozzy/Dio influenced Hard Rock/Metal sound. Though the band composed several own songs till early '89, they only could play a few gigs in the area, due to a car crash of Vollert and mainly line up changes that threw the band always back to the start again. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wiltrut Richter (vocals)
Manni Holländer (guitar)
Jörg Schmitz (guitar)
Manni Leuchter (keyboard)
Ralf Sunderdick (drums)
According to the label info Amazone (or Wiltrut "Willie" Richter as her real name is) is a real multitalent, by being composer, performer and actor all in one person. She founded the band in June '85 and debuted with two Pop/Dance singles first before the album "Rough, tough" went into a completely different direction and featured quite good AOR/Melodic Rock with Hard Rock edge in the Bon Jovi vein. Her voice either sounds very pleasant, so for fans of that category Amazone's album is surely worth a try. For the album she had hired Hard Rock musicians and Amazone's headquarter was based in West Berlin. The band is also known to have performed on the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival 1989 and a local Berlin festival during 1990, so Amazone most probably split up a bit later during the early 90's. A Demo from 1989 exists as well and info was found that Amazone was preparing for the recordings of their second album during early 1990. Further info is welcome.

"Gino Gino" 7"/12" EP 1986 (Chic)
"Distance lover" ‎7" EP 1986 (Teldec)
"Rough, tough" LP/CD 1987 (Rekord)
"Sound of my heartbeat" 7"/12" EP 1987 (Rekord)

Uwe Kirberich
Hilti Hammer (guitar)
Pete Netta (guitar, vocals)
Alex Proksch (vocals, guitar, keyboard)
Matse Ried (bass)
Spike Butcher (drums)
A local Fun Metal combo from Erftstatt-Köttingen in Cologne area, who started with a Demo in summer '88, that merged german and english words ("Schimmel of Terror") in their lyrics to create incredible nonsense, supported by solid and well produced Metallica sounds. A bit later on during the beginning of the 90's and several line up changes, Amboss turned into a Death Metal formation and released their "Lost..." Demo in 1992, quickly followed by the debut album "Those who have lost the right to exist" on the Inline Music sublabel Crypta Records., both featuring technical Death Metal with doomy parts, reminding slightly of Incubator/Obituary and such. If you got further info of the band's early phase, please get in touch.

"Lost..." Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Those who have lost the right to exist" CD 1993 (Crypta)

Katja Gräve (vocals)
Volker Heimbucher (guitar)
Ingo (guitar)
Alex Gatting (bass)
Thomas Grabisch (drums)
A female fronted Heavy Metal band from Bremen, featuring the ex-Invader drummer Thomas Grabisch, that was active since early '88 and recorded a Demo in 1989. The song material was quite an ambitious sort of Melodic Metal with several Warlock similarities. Thomas Grabisch got replaced by Rolf Teubert already 1988 and Alex Gatting by a guy called Fred in 1989. Seems like Ambrosia split up already during late 1989.

"Demo '89" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

A Thrash Metal band from ex-GDR, that was playing live gigs around 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Holger Rehbein (vocals)
Horst Baumhackl (guitar)
Rolf Horrix (guitar)
Guido Nelessen (bass)
Andreas Mantei (drums)

A local Heavy Metal band from Krefeld, featuring Andreas Mantei, who was also playing in Bronxx at the same time. The first attempt of Amityville lasted just from 1991-'93, when the lads dissolved the band, but reformed in 1998 once again with different members. A 3 track Demo recorded in 1992 though exists. Further info is welcome.
"Amityville" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

According to the title of the sampler that this melodic Hard Rock band was featured on, the guys should be originating from an area east of Stuttgart. But due to the fact that a band called Amnysha appeared prior to 1992 on the local Heidenheim sampler "HDH Rock 91", I tend to believe it's the same band under just a different monicker. The "Wastelands - Der Ostalbsampler" CD from 1992 contains the 3 tracks "Time for angels", "...into the wind" and "Thick fume", while on the "HDH Rock 95" CD these guys appeared on as well with two more songs, which pretty much fortifies my thesis I guess. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Wastelands - Der Ostalbsampler" Comp.-CD Tracks 1992 (Wasteland Music)

Bärbel Zander (vocals)
Uwe Tekale (Bass)
Peter Waschelewski (guitar)
Stefan Schweikert (keyboard)
Thomas Hund (drums)
Amnysha from Heidenheim do sound a bit strange and hard to categorize as they merge Metal influences with Prog Rock and call their style themselves Art'n'Hard. Both tracks of the female fronted band on the HDH Rock 91 Compilation LP couldn't be more different. "Reasons" is showing the more dreamy Prog Rock face that turns into Hard Rock in places, but "Urchin and Tyke" sounds more Metal influenced with especially the speedy doublebass dominated part, but afterall it's a strange appearing track as well. I don't get their aim at all. Peter Waschelewski and Stefan Schweikert are the owners of Wasteland Music btw. There is another Amnysha release mentioned in the insert that's coming along with the Compilation, but I seriously never have seen this yet.
The Song they put up on Soundcloud from 1989 is giving you a better picture of what I mean, it's more Metal than the 2 Compilation tracks.
"It's Amnysha" ?? 1990 (Wasteland Music)
"HDM Rock 91" Comp.-LP Tracks 1991 (Wasteland Music)

A (probably Thrash) Metal band from Münster (I think), that was active in the late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Lui (vocals)
Peter Schulz (guitar)
Stephan Leithner (guitar)
Markus Meder (bass)
Volker Besier (drums)
Power Metallers from Mayence, whose only album turned into a highly wanted piece during the past years, while I remember during the late 90's you could find it easily without anyone being interested. The guys started in December 1987 and recorded the song "Scarlet woman" 1989 for the local "Mayence Rock" sampler, which still features a slightly softer style of Metal than their privately pressed vinyl output was offering later, when the guys adopted a stolid Power Metal sound with either influences from the Power/Thrash genre. Originally planned as 2 song Demo, the studio recordings went fine and they could even finish 4 trax with quite heavy and powerful production, that their Demo plans got corrected and a vinyl was pressed instead. Nevertheless, the album didn't bring the band any further on the ladder of success and last lifesign of Amoreen was the "Trust in what you see" Demo 1994, with Sebastian Ritter on bass and Jens König on Stephan Leithner's guitar position, who had joined the band Races during the early 90's.

"Scarlet woman" Comp.-Pic LP Track 1989 (Mayence Rock '89)
"Welcome, my name is..." MLP 1990

Peter Barz (vocals)
Rolf Bastian (guitar)
Cord Kurze (bass)
Harald Landmann (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Frankfurt/Main, which was active since early 1986. The band recorded a very respectable Demo tape in 1987, that featured 70's Hard Rock rooted material in the vein of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and also Triumph, but on a qualitative far above standard level. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Metal band (most probably a heavier sort) from the Darmstadt/Mannheim area, that was actively playing gigs during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Ancient Curse
Oliver (vocals)
Gunnar Erxleben (guitar)
Peter Pietrzinski (guitar)
Aki (bass)
Bruno (drums)
Bremen's Thrash hopefuls Ancient Curse originally started under the monicker of Bonebreaker with 2 other guys on the mikro in 1985 and changed name to Ancient Curse during 1987, when they found vocalist Oliver, who sung on their debut Demo "From below..." from 1987. The lads "shamelessly copied" the classic Bay Area sound, with especially early Death Angel, Metallica and early Dark Angel seemed to have influenced Ancient Curse's style enormously. Despite the varied demonstration tape the guys failed to get signed by a label and recorded the more progressive "Contrast in union" Demo 1991 with ex-Final Prophecy drummer Armin Wätjen, Thorsten Penz (bass), while only both guitarists Gunnar Erxleben and Peter Pietrzinski (now on vocals too) remained of the first line up. The sound of the lads dropped the older Thrash influences and went into more Power/Thrash direction, though till their first EP "Thirsty fields" 1995 many years passed by. The band nowadays is still active and released so far 2 albums.

”From below …” Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Contrast in union" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Plastic tears" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (Peace-Eater Vol. II)

Francis Baez (vocals)
Ralf Fiebelkorn (guitar)
Pete Müller (bass)
Thomas Rosenberger (keyboard)
Hajo Gille (keyboard)
Schago (drums)
A Hard 'n' Heavy band from Frankfurt/Main, who's vocalist seems to have been originally hailing from Spain. These guys was active during the beginning of the 90's and most probably already in the fall of the 80's either and released an album for the Frankfurt based HAM label (Hard & Metal), that used to have a gimmick cover with die cut sleeve and 2 different innersleeves for the white vinyl, so you could decide yourself to wether see the pope on the cover or a pic of the band. Andiron musically was playing a Hard Rock influenced typically late 80's pounding Glam/Hair Metal with american touch, with a solid guitar work, that partly reminds of bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken or Firehouse. After the album release the band disappeared already.

"Rock 'n' Roll killer" LP/CD 1991 (Hard & Metal)

Stephan Arndt (guitar, vocals)
Andreas Mier (guitar)
Jan Rubach (bass)
Thomas Nack (drums)
Anesthesia from Ahrensburg/Lübeck, north of Hamburg, formed in 1986, evolving from the Thrash band Necromancy, that on the other hand was previously active as Regardless since already 1981. So Anesthesia could be counted among the oldest of the Hamburg bands and surrounding areas. Prior to their first Demo "The hour of zero" originating from 1989, the lads was playing actively live throughout northern Germany and already published a live Demo still as Necromancy in 1986, while Anesthesia was already seen during 1988 to enter local stages. During the fall of the 80's the band was rated among the hottest of Hamburg's band, who received quite good feedback with their Techno Thrash-ing debut Demo. For the second one "Tomorrow I'll stop", to relieve frontman Stephan Arndt, Arne Krüger got recruited as second guitarist, while the songs "Tryptichon (The Garden of Delights)" and "Say Your Prayers/My Age" was featured on the local Hamburg underground compilation "Brown Bottles go ape: Apish excursion" 1991. The band's style now adopted more Power/Thrash elements during the beginning of the 90's and Anesthesia released still 2 more tapes till their inescapable decline in the mid 90's. If you have more info please get in touch.
"The hour of zero" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Tomorrow I'll stop" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Brown Bottles go ape: Apish excursion" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Tipsy Apes)
"No Sleep till Millerntor" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Imaginary limits of imagination" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Angel Dust (Berlin)
Local Metal act from West Berlin that at least played several live shows around 1985. If you have more info please get in touch.

Angel Dust (Dortmund)
Andreas Lohrum (guitar, vocals)
Roman Keymer (guitar)
Frank Bankowski (bass)
Dirk Assmuth (drums)
Dortmund's Angel Dust was one of the leading german Speed Metal acts during the mid 80's. Founded by Andreas Lohrum back in 1984, the line up after several early attempts had stabilized with Andreas Lohrum (guitar, vocals), Roman Keymer (guitar), ex-Crows Frank Bankowski (bass) and Dirk Assmuth (drums), who recorded the very first Demo "Marching for revenge" in August 1985, that provided a still early Slayer style excessive Speed Metal with mad guitar solos. Obviously Disaster Records had no other choice than to offer the guys a record deal, resulting in the Speed Metal milestone "Into the dark past", recorded at the Musiclab Studio Berlin 1986, that just focussed on the very early Slayer/Metallica sound, comparable to "Atlain's "G.O.E." album. For a short while Jörg Weiß seemed to have occupied the vacant micro position, but he already left a bit later on. Romme Keymer left Angel Dust in 1987 to join Bankowski's old band Crows and later went to become an important part in Risk. Winfried Hirsch and Stefan Nauer, both ex-guitarists of the aforementioned Crows instead changed over to Angel Dust, coz also Andreas Lohrum had called it a day that year. Ex-Thunderbolt vocalist Shelko Topalovic (aka S.L. Coe) got the vocal job for the following album "To dust you will decay", recorded in spring '88. Of corpse due to the drastical change of personnel "To dust you will decay" sounded a bit different than the debut, whenalso you could clearly notice songs that surely had been still written by the old line up, but progressive, yet melodic Power/Thrash elements undermined the new Angel Dust sound. During 1989/90 the end of the band had drawn near, so Bankowksi returned to Crows. S.L. Coe hired by the band Scanner and later was found in Reactor. Alone Dirk Assmuth and Bankowski revived Angel Dust 1997, but are playing a more Power Metal inspired style from that day forward.

Angel Dust (Sonthofen)
An obscure Heavy Metal band from Sonthofen in southern Bavaria. They appeared on the local Compilation "Rock für Afrika" and their track is spreading a nice heavy rocking charm though the vocals are a bit amateurish sounding. Nevertheless the band reminds me in places of british band Cobra (the one on Ebony). If you got more info please get in touch.
"Twilight land" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Rock Für Afrika)

Angel Heart
Frank Zellmann (vocals)
Markus Grieß (guitar)

A commercially influenced Mainstream Hard Rock/Metal band from Duisburg, that was actively playing live gigs during 1988/89 and offered a rather keyboard influenced sound. The former Airwolf shouter Frank Zellmann sung in this band before Petra Unverkehrt replaced him during summer 1989. According to certain sources her voice was above the common standards. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Angel War
Rainer Heidenreich (vocals)
Josef Heidenreich (bass)
Christian Mittermeier (drums)
Jürgen Pletz (guitar)
Klaus Voithenleitner (guitar)
Angel War was a Berglern (greater Munich area) based Metal band from the mid 80's that like so many other early german bands of the decade spent too much effort in trying to copy Accept. After recording a 3 track Demo in 1985, they released a privately pressed 7" in 1986. The songs and even vocals are heavily Accept influenced and could be featured on albums like "Metal Heart" or "Russian Roulette" for sure. After the 7" the band disappeared as quick as they appeared. There have been just too many Accept copycats like them back in the day...
"People of the Future" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Ask not why" 7"EP 1986 (selfreleased)

Ralf Couard (bass, vocals)
Michael Geiger (guitar)
Matthias Röseler (guitar)
Mathias Zeidler (drums)
A shortlived Heavy Metal band from Darmstadt, that changed name to Asmodina in 1983, who later released their famous "Headbanger" MLP. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Role (vocals)
Eggi Gruber (guitar)
Norbert Schüttler (guitar)
Micha Hoffmann (bass)
Chris Harris (drums)
A Crossover band from West Berlin, that formed there during the later 80's, though the guys had a few Metal influences, they more or less belong into the Hardcore corner, comparable to bands like Biohazard or the 90's Pantera. Angelus had been a bit too early for that Groove/Metal/Hardcore style as it became more successful just a bit later during the mid 90's.

"Chilli Confetti/Angelus" Split 7" EP 1989 (Bonzen)
"Kneel down and pray" LP/CD 1991 (Hellhound)
"Kneel down and pray" 7" EP 1991 (Hellhound)

Markus Draeger (guitars, vocals)
Markus Reitemeier (guitar)
Dirk Wildförster (bass)
Rolf Ittner (drums)
A Thrash band from Bochum, featuring ex-Bloody Flesh Rolf Ittner, that was founded in 1991 and firmed only one year as Anger to record the Demo "Between depression and anger" 1992. Shortly afterwards the guys changed name to Cogency, Stephan Zieler replaced Wildförster on bass, and the lads recorded their album "The cogency revenge" for the D&S label. Anger's sound could be described as a mix of hard Thrash with several mid/late 80's Metallica influences from the Justice/Puppets albums and vocals ala Sabrina Classen, which is giving the material a Holy Moses touch as well.

"Between depression and anger" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)


A selfclaimed Death Metal band from the greater Gelsenkirchen/Bochum area, that was active during late 1987/88 and felt influenced by acts such as Onslaught, Possessed and Nuclear Assault. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Timo Schomecker (vocals)
Michael Albers (guitar)
Rainer Mönkediek (guitar)
Ela Knopp (bass)
Ralf Wörmann (keyboard)
Udo Bäumker (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Georgsmarienhütte (Osnabrück area) that could participate with the two songs "Come on and get it" and "Minds" on the local CD sampler "Wizzards From OS". Both trax feature a clumsy sounding common Hard Rock with partly Blues feeling, and suffer by a very bad vocal performance.

"Wizzards From OS" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Gemelo)

Zlatko Relic (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from West Berlin, that was active during the early/mid 80's and featured the later Calderone guitarist Zlatko Relic. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Herbert Stark (guitar, vocals)
Gerald Buselmeier (guitar)
Andreas Hofmann (bass)
Roman Buselmeier (drums)
Thomas Pitts (drums vocals)

A progressive Hard Rock band with 2 regular drummers from Augsburg, that was active since the late 70's and performed experimental and progressive songmaterial that occasionally could last either 30 min. Their first live gig the guys played in April '78. Some songtitles of their Jimi Hendrix inspired material was "Morning dew", "Illusions", "Tears" and "Deep down". If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Metal band from Bavaria (perhaps Ingolstadt area), that was actively playing live gigs during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Antichrist (Cologne)
Robert von Zeitz (guitar, drum programming, vocals)

This is the one man band Antichrist from Cologne, that was the brainchild of Souleater Darkseed, who used to work with a drum computer. He started Antichrist during 1991 and straight tried to record his first Demo tape, that was in the end released not before 1993 under the title of "Ghoul Metal spread his glory". Since in 1994 there was a compilation with unreleased material made by Souleater himself, we can get an impression of the early Antichrist material. Seems like Venom and Destruction has had an influence of the guy's musical development in the very beginning, but later more of an occult Beherit vibe prevailed (Souleater himself was a die-hard Beherit fan, having a big Beherit drawing on the back of his leather jacket) influenced by the "Drawing drowing the moon" album. With the official "Ghoul Metal..." and "Enceclopedia Satanica 666" tapes the other early Beherit grinding Black Metal style spread it's wings over the band, that continued in 1994 with the 3rd selftitled Demo, before a Split 7" with Mayhemic Truth was in the planning phase, but never really realized at all. Instead a limited edition Split LP (Total War Productions) with swedish Vassago saw the light of day during 1996 as well as a Split Demo with fellow Cologne Pagan/Black Metal horde Mjölnir in the following year. But that's been the very last lifesign of Antichrist.
"Ghoul Metal spread his glory" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Enceclopedia Satanica 666" Demo 1993 (selfreleased

Antichrist (Mayence)
Gerhard Fitting jr (guitar, vocals)
Frank Heeb (guitar)
Andy Werner (bass)
Olli Keil (drums)
Antichrist was a rather low skilled Black Metal band from Alzey, south of Mayence. Formed in June 1984 by Gerhard Fitting and Frank Heeb, who formerly played together in a short-lived formation called Black Diamond, they only lasted until 1986, but the lads recorded 2 Demos during that time. The better known of both, "Slaughter in hell", features pretty ugly primitive Punk Metal, sometimes comparable in places to earliest Outrage songs. The bad vocal performance didn't help at all to make the tape sounding better. A Gerd Weigelt replaced Oliver after the first demo, and Frank Heeb later in the 80's joined Thrashers Races and revived Antichrist in 2003. In spring 1990 the "Slaughter in hell" Demo got re-released with additional 4 new songs and the bonus track "Lucifer is good".
”Slaughter in hell” Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Horror awakes" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Michael Vetter (guitar, vocals)
Toni Kolla (guitar, vocals)
Alex Tröndle (drums)
Thrashers from Villingen-Schwenningen in southern Germany, who published several Demos during the late 80's period. The band was founded in summer '87 by Alex and Toni, while Michael joined them 6 months later, early '88. Antimon's kind of Thrash has been more or less of the common kind. They less tried to create something technical, but used to perform a DIY style of underground Thrash Metal that later during 1989 (Vocalist Fede Valls joined at that time.) went more towards Power/Thrash, but without being able to positively surprise the listener's ears. The latter point might have been also a fault of the emotionless vocals I have to admit, but well, not all Thrash bands can sound like another incarnation of Slayer. 1992 with Claudia Hahn finally a steady bass player was found, as the position of the bassist has previously changed all the time. Also during 1992 Antimon produced a private MLP entitled "Children of today", that shows pretty well where the band lacked, though a few Slayer influences pop up sometimes, but overall they couldn't get rid off that underground basement feeling and appear slightly clumsy. Nevertheless the vinyl nowadays isn't seen that often anymore and surely was pressed in just a smaller limited edition. After a last Promo tape 1994 that band eventually changed name to Ancient Gallery in 1995.
Please also check out Antimon's Homepage

"Victory of pain" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Evil dead" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Mistress" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"The cult returns" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Children of today" MLP 1992 (selfreleased)

Christoph (vocals)
Bert (guitar)
Gerald (bass)
Burkhard (drums)
Antitoxin (or Anti Toxin) was a Hardcore/Crossover act from Versmold in the Bielefeld area, who released a few vinyls during 1988 but then disappeared again. The band was founded in the mid 80's and recorded their first Demo 1986. TPC Records produced a 7" and an album of the guys that both featured thrashy Hardcore in the vein of US bands like Agnostic Front, partly Loss For Words (on the single) or the Crumbsuckers. Both vinyls are available in different colors.

"Antitoxin" Demo 1986
"The enemy is you" 7" EP 1988 (TPC)
"The tower" LP 1988 (TPC)

A young 5-piece Speed/Thrash band from Schwäbisch Gmünd, east of Stuttgart, that stylistically got compared to Xandril. Probably no relation to the other German Anubi (that would be the plural form of "Anubis", right?) that appeared in the late 90's/00's. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Demo 1986"

Bernhard Weiß (vocals, guitar)
Werner Kleinhans (bass)
Klaus Jankord (guitar)
Thomas Kampmann (drums)
Founded in the very early 80's in Lünen (greater Dortmund area) the Heavy Metal band Anvil started playing gigs in every venue possible at that time. After finding out that there was a canadian band already using that name, they changed it to Axis in around late 1983/early '84. During the late 80's Axis would transform into Axxis and starting a successfull international career.

Not to be confused with the Wolfsburg outfit, this Speed Metal band was originating from Landshut/Freising (Bavaria), active during the fall of the 80's and beginning of the 90's. Further info is needed.

Anxiety (Wolfsburg)
Uwe Rettig (vocals)
Mark Protze (guitar)
Heinz Weiser (guitar)
Andre Raszmann (bass)
Mathias Seyda (drums)

Anxiety was a very shortlived melodic Thrash Metal band from Wolfsburg, that was formed in 1992 and recorded a very limited Demo (50 copies) and selfproduced CD till they split up already in 1994. This band's sound for 1992 was quite based on the true 80's style, having a melodic edge though, but stylistically they could be seen somewhere between Paradox/Wicca and due the vocals a more thrashier version of Toranaga. After Andre Raszmann left the band after the Demo, Ede Belichmeier (ex-Protector) jumped in as bass player. Especially the privately produced CD "Voices of pain" from 1994 is a highly recommended piece of strong classic Thrash, less melodic than the Demo trax and straight forward thrashing, like the big change in Thrash Metal of the late 80's would never had happened.
”Then it’s silence” Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

A melodic Heavy Rock band from the wider Freiburg/Villingen-Schwenningen area, that was active around 1989/90. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Karl-Josef Hardt (vocals)
Peter Maurice Mendelson (guitar)
Rüdiger Malonneck (bass)
Heinz Malonneck (drums)
Hardrockers from Cologne, who've been active there in the area during the early 80's. Aorta recorded the songs "Blutsturz" and "Today" 1983 for the underground compilation "Newcomer Rock Sampler" and later in November the same year went into the studio once again to record the album "Blood pressure" for Cologne based APM Records label. Though their style wasn't 100 % Heavy Metal compatible, the lads for sure had a metallic, slightly bluesy Hard Rock sound, close the AC/DC's style during the mid 80's. "Blood pressure" seriously contains quite listenable, well executed Hard Rock numbers that at no time let any form of boredom to emerge. After one more Demo that featured also a cover of Slade's "Goodbye to Jane", Aorta disappeared already during the mid 80's again. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Newcomer Rock Sampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1983 (KJS)
"Blood pressure" LP 1983 (APM)

Ralf Zapke (vocals)
Andreas Schäfer (keyboard)
Markus Niklas (drums)
Burghard Zoch ( bass)
Peter Horn (guitar)
A melodic quite poppy sounding AOR act from Duisburg with a hardness grade of maybe Survivor in the mid 80's. The A-side features a completely forgettable attempt of a ballad and has nothing to do with heavy music at all. The B-side track "Feeling weak feeling strong" makes this 7" interesting, though the poppy feeling is still there, but I've heard worse AOR for sure. No release year mentioned but their single should be from the late 80's or even 1990.
"Be with you" 7"EP 198x (BMP)

Emil Brando (bass, vocals)
Matthias Dieth (guitar)
Andreas Susemihl (guitar)
Chris Pfannschmidt (drums)
Quite an ensemble of top-class musicians had gathered here in the strangly named but shortlived band Ape, that was formed by the former Sinner and U.D.O. axemen Matthias Dieth (ex-Gravestone) and Andreas Susemihl (ex-Lazy) back in 1991. The band seems to mainly have spent their time in California (Los Angeles), where they hired the romanian born vocalist and bass player Emil Lechințeanu (aka Emil Brando), who already played in bands like the romanian Hard Rock/Metal legend Iris and californian troops Terriff, Sound Barrier, Joshua and Driver during the 80's. Not much surprisingly Ape's style then adopted several US american Hair Metal hints, but still couldn't get rid off the piercing german heaviness, that both guitarists got known for from their previous jobs in Sinner and especially U.D.O. After the CD all the german guys returned to Germany again as the 80's L.A. Glam Metal scene was simply dead. But fans of Sinner and the early U.D.O. stuff will like their only album "Human greed" for sure. Emil Brando though didn't want to let the band die and invited his former Iris mate Ion Olteanu, who was living in Sweden at that time and had his own band Ion Olteanu Band running. Since Ape needed a few more members, Olteanu came with his whole team consisting of Kjell Allinger (keyboard, ex-Kaargo), Petrus Kukulski (piano), Christer Carlsson (drums) and Ken Sundberg (bass, ex-Stitch). But the guys recorded just one more Demo "Funky death cap", before they eventually gave up the idea within the same year.
(Thanx to Warpire for the recommendation)
"Human greed" CD 1992 (American Ape)
"Funky death cap" Demo 1993 (American Ape)

Behjan Mirhadi

Not sure what's to expect when a band starts their advertisement with the words "worst Müllcore & Chaos aus Bayern", but Apoplexy, featuring Behjan Mirhadi of Eradication from Regensburg/Bavaria, sold 2 rehearsal tapes in autumn '88. If you take a look at some of the fave bands of the guy (Sea Monkeys, Agathoclor Carcass) you might create your own picture of this band. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Henschel (vocals)
Dirk Verhofen (guitar)
Dirk Preylowski (guitar)
Ralf Bernhardt (bass)
Dirk Thomas (drums)

Apostasy was a Thrash band from Düsseldorf, formed in 1987 and featuring Thomas Priebe (ex-Deathrow) and Ralf Bernhardt (ex-Monroxe). The original vocalist Andreas Henschel left the band to join Despair in 1989 and therefore Andreas Lohse sung on Apostasy's both Demos recorded in 1989 and '90. The band already split up around 1991/92, but nevertheless they received pretty good reviews, attesting the band a very solid Bay Area influenced style and sound and the technical know how to rise up into to upper german Thrash league. In real the days of classic Thrash Metal had been counted, so the guys disapeared as well. Further info is welcome.
"Apostasy" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Demo II" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Lars-Oliver Degener
Jim Knopf
Jörg Schwarz
Peter Gorges
Andreas Burghardt
An AOR/Melodic Rock band from Bochum, who previously was firming as April April and had published 3 more singles since 1984, while the first one of the bunch, "Thor macht bumm", featured only Pop/Rock. The band later during 1987 went into classic AOR sounds with poppy character, that due to the german sung songs for german guys appears almost Schlager related, if they wouldn't have had those heavy Rock guitars. The band name got changed to April in 1988, shortly before the album "Mitternacht" was released. Afterwards the band didn't publish any more records at all.
"Mitternacht" LP 1988 (BMR)

Lars-Oliver Degener
Jim Knopf
Jörg Schwarz
Peter Gorges
Andreas Burghardt
April April was an AOR/Melodic Rock band from Bochum and had published 3 singles since 1984, while the first one of the bunch, "Thor macht bumm", featured only Pop/Rock. The band later during 1987 went into classic AOR sounds with poppy character, that due to the german sung songs for german guys appears almost Schlager related, if they wouldn't have had those heavy Rock guitars. The band name got shortened to just April in 1988, shortly before their sole album "Mitternacht" was released. Afterwards the band didn't publish any more records at all.

"Thor macht bumm" 7" EP 1984 (BSP Musik)
"Alte Erde" 7" EP 87 (BSP Musik)
"Weit zum Paradies" 7" EP 1988 (Magic Cube)

Tina Thormählen (vocals)
Oliver Hahn (guitar)
Jürgen Kühn (guitar)
Jürgen Scheib (bass)
Jürgen Hartl (drums)
Apyron was formed by Oliver Hahn, Jürgen Kühn and Jürgen "Faxe" Hartl in February '87 in Altdorf (Landshut area). Bassist Jürgen Scheib joined in May and female vocalist Tina Thormählen a bit later on during December that year as well. In May '88 Kühn had to leave the band again due to his job, but Martin Hörner was fortunately found to replace him on the second guitar. With this line up the band started playing gigs and recorded their selftitled Demo in 1989, that features 3 easy to listen to melodic Heavyrockers in the Bonfire vein, which coz of the rough Demo production really kicked ass. Further info is welcome.

”Apyron” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Hoddle (vocals)
Olaf-Sven Busch (guitar)
Mark Wilfert (guitar)
Ralf Asseln (bass)
Manfred Spalka (drums)
From Diepholz, that's between Osnabrück and Bremen, was the Heavy Metal band Aquila originating from, which was active during the mid 80's and produced an EP independently 1987. Most probably "Time's there..." was originally planned as a Demo, judging by the underground sound of the recording. But maybe that's what's giving those 4 songs their raw flair, whenalso Aquila shouldn't be seen as a raw band. Their pounding standard Heavy Metal with Hard Rock roots reminds often of the classic Accept sound, though Aquila didn't nearly sound like Accept at all. Best number on the EP is undoubtly the speedy "Mysterious". Nevertheless the band disappeared afterwards as quickly as they popped up, but "Time's there..." still can be found easily nowadays.

Peter Wiedhölzl (vocals)
Pete Eisen (guitar)
Jürgen Lämmle (guitar)
Joachim Braun (bass)
Steven Pflüger (keyboard)
Jürgen Spannekreps (drums)
Araya was originally founded as Iron Age back in 1985 in Stuttgart, who changed name during the very late 80's to Araya. The band was playing several festivals and eventually resolved to record an own vinyl. Though "Rock you", as the EP was entitled" is one of the harder to find records of the german underground scene, it definitely belongs to the best ones. Araya performed an extremely melodic US style Heavy Rock with bombast touch, that pretty much reflected the long experience of the musicians and could be ranged somewhere in that heavier Europe/Firehouse corner. The band was still active till at least 1993.

"Rock you" 12" EP 1990 (selfreleased)

Dietmar Schulte (vocals)
Thomas Schulte (guitar)
Justus Hulsermann (bass)
Lutz Hackmann (keyboard)
Andreas Müller (drums)

Ardara was post-Avalon, a band from Münster, that previously was known as Sleazer since already the mid 80's. With a new bassist, the 4 ex-Avalon guys Dietmar Schulte, Thomas Schulte, Lutz Hackmann and Andreas Müller tried to continue the Progressive Metal of their former band and according to the quite listenable "Between reality and dream" Demo from 1992 they fully succeeded on that purpose. The song material featured light hints of Queensryche and sounded quite typical for the Prog Metal from around 1990 with midpaced but heavy sluggish songs. During 1993 a 2 song Promo tape was recorded as well. Further info is welcome.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for the recommandation)
"Between reality and dream" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Promo 1993" (selfreleased)

Andreas Schmidt (vocals)
Bertram Kölsch (guitar)
Karl Heinz Althaus (guitar)
Jörg M. Vitt (bass)
Jörg Böcher (drums)
A Heavy Metal troop originating from Siegen, who had a nice advantage to the other bands that had been around during the mid 80's, when Area released their first Demo. The guys already started 1981 and had enough time to develop their own sound during the following 5 years till "Area '86" was out. Just like the first Demo, also the second one was recorded during 1986 (December) and featured also very HEAVY Metal breakers that in the whole remind stylistically of Accept, but without sounding like Accept at all. Bands like Mordor come to my mind as well, coz Area performed extremely professional already on their Demos, which caught the interest of Fate Records, a sublabel of Autark. December '87 Area's debut "Twilight" was recorded at the SRM Studio and finished in February '88, featuring a coloured mix of all kinds of Metal, from speedy stuff to their wellknown midpaced pounding Accept-ish bangers. During the following 3 years Area's line up got slightly torn. When they recorded their second album "The falcon" during 1991, Bertram Kölsch wasn't in the band anymore, while either Karl Heinz Althaus right after finishing the recordings left the band. Jörg Vitt was replaced by Olaf Bruch on bass and the two guitarists Hans-Peter Theis and Christoph Büdenbender (not playing on the album) played the "Falcon Tour '91". Area's sound had got much more modern during those last years and offered still late 80's sound though, but those Accept-ish influences, that carried the band through the 80's completely vanished now, while a fresh, melodic Power Metal style took the control. The band most probably split up shortly after during the mid 90's I guess.

"Area '86" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Area '87" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Twilight" LP 1988 (Fate)
"The falcon" LP/CD 1992 (Clockwork)

Sarah (vocals)
Eddie (guitar)
Rocket Weigert (drums)
Branco (Bass)
Jay Kay (keyboard)
A Munich based Heavy Rock band combining Melodic Hard Rock/Metal with AOR tunes who only managed to released a 7" on the local Music label Outlet Records. The track "Escape" features a female vocalist with pretty good dark voice and the song itself perfectly implements what I wrote above. The B-Side number "Danger" is a pretty dark sounding melancholic instrumental always repeating the same riffs. I don't think it was a smart idea to use especially this track also for their part on the "Sunab 196" Compilation LP because it doesn't reflects the typical Argus style shown on "Escape" at all. Unfortunately there are no other releases known. The line up features a second guitarist but the guy used to use a japanese character as "name" on the sleeve so...
"Escape" 7"EP 1987 (Outlet)
"Danger" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Sunab 196)

A local band from the Düsseldorf area, that was actively playing live gigs during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Argus (GDR)
Thomas Sachse (vocals)
Ingo Lohf (guitar)
Steffen Häupl (guitar)
Manfred Uhlig (bass)
Achim Waldheim (drums)
Argus was an eastgerman Thrash legend, originating from the saxon Zwickau (ex-GDR), that was founded by Manfred Uhlig as a Blues Rock band back in 1982. After several personnel and musical changes the original Argus line up had crystalized in 1985 with Benjamin Müller (vocals), Ingo Lohf (guitar), Steffen Häupl (guitar), Manfred Uhlig (bass) and Uwe Kovarnik (drums), while stylistically their influences now came from bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest. But the band's style permanently got heavier during the following year. Slayer and Kreator influences infected the guys who turned into one of the first pure Thrash acts of the GDR. Oliver Hippauf replaced Benjamin Müller in 1987 and the guys prepared their first Demo tape in late 1987. But due to the fanatic crowd that Argus followed from gig to gig, the SED officials ordered several stage bans, that Argus answered with a simple change of the band name to Moshquito shortly before the Demo "No back to inferno" was released. So basically the Moshquito Demo reflects the early musical work of Argus, featuring a raw Thrash Metal style similar to Slayer. At least one live recording survived the past decades, that was recorded during a gig with Blackout/Disaster Area from Berlin, back in October 1987.

”Live in Röderau 7/10/1987” (unofficial)

Argus Pegasus
Günther Weiss (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Brümmer (guitar)
Ralf Beucher (bass, vocals)
Thomas Grosse (keyboard, vocals)
Jürgen Brümmer (drums)
This band from Dinslaken was acting somewhere in the twilight of Prog Rock and Hard Rock but with a heavy edge. The vocalist was quite special, great voice fitting perfectly to their style. I can promise you, if you had to relate the band pic to certain songs you'd hear of the album you'd fail. "Heart beat" and especially "Pegasus" with it's doomy epic main riff would lead you into a totally different direction. Both are cool Hard Rockers, while on "Pegasus" I'm almost tempted to mention a light form of Metal. The other tracks are ranging from Prog to Hard Rock within the songs itself. The band totally fit into the BWS Records scheme, who had specialised in these softer Hard Rock bands.

Not to be confused with the band Arkham from Munich, these guys are know mainly for their 2 songs on the "Break Out - German Metal Tracks No 2" compilation on the D&S label. "Die young" showcases Arkham in a highly Accept influenced manner with even their vocalist aping Udo Dirkschneider on highest level. "Metal or chains" on the flipside pretty much shows them from a powerful side, with in places doublebass driven Power Metal in good Tyrant tradition. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Arkham (Munich)
Michael Schinkel (vocals)
Achim Kilgus (guitar)
Alois Weiss (guitar)
Armin Donderer (bass)
Mathias van Weißheim (drums)
A Heavy/Power Metal band from Munich that started around 1984/85 and began to record an album during 1986, featuring the trax "Stand up" and Arkham", but never finished it at all it seems. The shortlived label Bregenzer Records already announced a forthcoming album of the band, scheduled for August/September '86, but collapsed financially right afterwards, so the LP never was released at all. Armin Donderer also played with Mark Terry and later joined Paradox, while Michael Schinkel formed Eternal Flame in 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to ObsessedByCruelty & Tatjana Menk for additional info)

Michael Tomczak (vocals)
Sacha Regmann (guitar)
Tom Droste (guitar)
Uwe Lerch (bass)
Andreas Pätzold (drums)
A band from Datteln (Dortmund/Essen area), who recorded a late, but quite good Demo tape in 1992, that featured pretty heavy Power Metal with speed influences. Due to Tomczak's vocals certain Meliah Rage hints might appear, but nevertheless Array's style was classic german stuff, like heavier Running Wild or such. The band changed name to Never Comes Silence sometime during the mid 90's.

”For the children” Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Peter Kulp (vocals)
Uwe Becker (guitar)
Reiner Kern(guitar)
Chris Schinzel (bass)
Gerd Hilgers (drums)
A Heavy Metal act from Dieburg, near Darmstadt, that started it all around 1983 or probably even earlier. Peter Kulp left the band already after the first Demo "Drivin' devil" 1983 and joined Dartmoor, while the rest of the guys hired Mark Schaus and after another Demo 1984, recorded their debut EP "The Heavy Metal Mania". The vinyl contains a worthy sort of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal with several Judas Priest influences, but lacks a bit in the songwriting department. Personally I rate releases like this one "Rumpel Metal", and that didn't change either on their follow up EP "Master of evil" at all. Arrow had been in company of acts like Sacrafice, Iron Horse f.e., who tried to play a solid Heavy Metal, but couldn't set any priorities with that almost antiquated sound for 1985. During summer '85 Arrow reformed with new members Michael Mahlberg (vocals), Andy Bünger (drums) and Stefan Markowitz (guitar) but couldn't really get their feet on the ground anymore. The duo Chris Schinzel and Uwe Becker formed the Thrash band Destroyer around 1986, who would later become Dezstroyer, while their former mate Peter Kulp supported them also.
"Drivin' Devil" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Built to destroy" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"The Heavy Metal Mania" 12" EP 1984 (Fritz)
"Master of evil" 12" EP 1985 (selfreleased)

Michael Schneider (guitar, vocals)
Daniela Nehr (vocals)
Myriam Nehr (vocals)
Jochen Zastrau (guitar)
Tom Kaiser (bass)
Roland Weller (keyboard)
Archie Köller (drums)
Artossa was founded in the Hannover area by Roland Weller (ex-Circle, ex-Herr Mann) and Andreas Eigner (Scarlet Anvil Band) in summer '83. Eigner asked his mate Joachim Köller (Scarlet Anvil Band) to join, who brought bassist Uwe Reinecke into the band and lastly joined Frank Schomburg on vocals. After playing several venue's in Spring '84 Artossa recorded a Demo with the 3 songs „Time for love“, „Hard to live“ and „You got to get“, to get more gigs in the future. During one of these gigs in Hamburg the guys met female vocalist Uschi Wittig, who joined them immediately. At that time Artossa was more like a Rock band, but Oktober '84 they entered the UAM Studio to professionally record the songs "Time for love", "Permanent runday" and "I only wanna be with you" with Udo Lindenberg's producer Manfred Lohse. "Time for love" either got airplay at the NDR radio station, which helped the band enormously to develop a certain grade of popularity within the northern part of the country. Several bigger tours followed till 1986, when the first bigger personnel break happened. Eigner, Schomburg and Uschi Wittig left the band due to their jobs and the connected change of distance between the other band members. Jochen Zastrau (guitar) replaced Eigner in summer '86. Also Uwe Reinicke quit Artossa, and it wasn't easy to find a steady substitute at all. Tom Kaiser finally in 1987 could get hired for that purpose. First Chris Scheiba got the male vocal part and also the teenager Myriam Nehr was asked, who either appeared with her younger sister Daniela to the first band rehearsal. With Chris Scheiba (vocals), Daniela Nehr (vocals), Myriam Nehr (vocals), Jochen Zastrau (guitar) and Tom Kaiser (bass), the remaining founding members Roland Weller (keyboard) and Joachim Köller (drums) finally formed the new Artossa. 1988 Scheiba left but Michael Schneider, originally a guitarist, got the micro job, who either was contributing a second guitar to Artossa's sound now. With Schneider Artossa recorded their only vinyl in February '89, that featured 4 songs, featuring a brand of Melodic Rock and AOR and released it privately. Their songs wasn't exactly essential, but nevertheless Artossa could be classified a healthy upper middlefield quality, while "The touch" as well as the title track both know to attract for sure. One of the better private german AOR vinyls so to say, though the band disappeared afterwards, after having played still a few bigger shows during late '89 and 1990.
"Citylights" MLP 1989 (D.A.O.)

Andreas Hagedorn (vocals)
Dirk Kauder (guitar)
Sven Fahrig (guitar)
Matthias Zander (bass)
Sven Leuffert (drums)
Shortlived Thrashers from Magdeburg (ex-GDR), that formed in 1987 and played their first gig October the same year. The guys played several live gigs till the political change in late 1989, when Zander quit and Sven Fahrig switched over to bass. During 1990 the band split up already, but reformed shortly during 1993 with Hagedorn, Kauder, plus newbies Marcel Fehse (bass) and Matthias Voss on drums. But it only remained a short attempt, since after a first gig they disbanded Asathor for good.

Hard Rock/Metal band from Siegen area, active in the mid 80's. If you have more info please get in touch.

Michael Müller (guitar)
These lads was originating from Kaiserlautern, and should be active since around 1984. They recorded a Demo tape back in 1986 (a different source mentions 1984 though), featuring the 3 tracks "Viking's fall", "Time to go" and "Eyes of darkness". All of the songs contain melodic midpaced Heavy Metal with US Metal touch (hints of Queensryche) and either that charm that bands like Arrow did spread, though these guys here had been far away from appearing clumsy. Michael Müller formed the band Superior in 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Demo 1986" (selfreleased)

Asgard (Giessen)
Olaf Dietzel (vocals)
Andreas Püschel (guitar)
Jörg Gehlhaar (guitar)
Thomas Göttlich (bass)
Martin Winter (drums)
A just shortlived act from Giessen, that existed just about one year, from 1990 to '91, but their story started already during the mid 80's, when they founded the band Exray in July 1987 out of the ashes of Iron Breed. Still as Exray, after releasing their "Hungarian tapes" Demo, they received an offer of Ingo Nowotny to produce an album, but for some strange reason Nowotny wanted the guys to change their name to Asgard (He did similar crap with Heaven Ward, if you may remember.). The quintet agreed and recorded the "Dark horizons" album 1990. Though I'm pretty sure the band never saw a single Cent for the album, we should be thankful for this whole illegal transaction, as "Dark horizons" easily enters the top ranks amoungst the Heavy Metal albums released during 1990/91. The guys was playing a somewhat fresh and uncomplicated sounding speedy Power Metal in the Atlain/Running Wild/Powerlord vein, that it was indeed a shame they band split up shortly after the release.Tomi Göttlich could subsequent join Grave Digger and got at least a part of the fame, that the other Asgard was denied.

The young Rommerskirchen trio Asgaron got one of the worst slaggings I've ever read in an issue of Bonn Metal mag Live Wire, and it's not 100% clear if we're talking about a joke-band here or just inexperienced teens. Judging by the title and band name we're assuming at least the intent was to play some form of Heavy Metal. If you have more info, please get in touch.
"Cemetary Of The Living" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Uwe Finn
A Hard Rock band from Heppenheim, Hessen, active in the early 80's. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Andy Westphal (vocals)
Klaus Krum (bass)
Uwe Hellbach (drums)
Peter Osthues (guitars)
A Power/Speed Metal band from Berlin with an absolutely hot looking vocalist. Moreover the girl could sing, with a quite nasty voice somewhere between Debbie Gunn (Sentinel Beast) and Doro Pesch in her best days. Askalon's music was combining slightly Metallica like US style Power Thrash with Speed parts while during the speed attacks Sentinel Beast could be seen as example, Askalon just wasn't playing at their level. But all in all a solid demo nevertheless. It just bothers me when bands don't print songtitles on the booklets and just leave it blank. Uwe Hellbach later recorded a Demo with the Death Metal band Art of Pain.
"Demo '90" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Ralf Couard (bass, vocals)
Michael Geiger (guitar)
Matthias Röseler (guitar)
Mathias Zeidler (drums)
A local Power Metal band with extremly highpitched screams from Darmstadt, that was active as Angeldust prior to the mid 80's and changed name to Asmodina in 1983. To collectors the name Asmodina shouldn't be any unknown housenumber at all, as their privately pressed MLP "Headbanger" belongs to the top items of the german Metal scene, not just musically. Interestingly the style of these guys combined several influences, from a bit NWOBHM, US Metal sounds, to Speed Metal and naturally German Metal influences as well. You could take any song of the vinyl, it won't fail. Especially the speedy title song "Headbanger" or the mystical "Spirits ofthe death" know to draw the listener on Asmodina's side easily. Like so many other bands during that time, Asmodina also got into the line of the bands that split up right within the same year their album was published. 2002 the guys reunited and are now active as Atreus.

"Tower of vengeance" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Headbanger" MLP 1986 (S.M.Y.T.)

Uwe Rödel (guitar)
Daniel Steinbrücker (bass)
Patrick W. Engel (drums, vocals)
A Death Metal band from Pössneck that formed in 1991, but changed name still the same year to Cenotaph. Cenotaph recorded several Demo tapes bevor they changed name to Nameless in late 1992. There are no official releases known of Asmodis.

Zepar (vocals)
Eurynomos (guitar)
Oscar Juan La Rocque (guitar, bass)
Tom Quast (drums)
Asmodis was a local satanic Thrash Metal band, originating from Hamburg and active since the mid 80's. The band was founded by Tom Quast (aka Slaughter Ed Crowley) and Oskar Juan La Rocque (aka Destero) in 1985 and the guys recorded several Demos throughout the whole 80's, celebrating a Slayer/Kreator influenced style. 1993 the guys recorded their only album independently, the strangely entitled "Fahr zur Hölle Pfleischmütze" CD, with Candy-Boy Jan v.p. (bass) Korea Kahl (vocals) and Fusel Wool (guitar), whose raw sound and especially Kahl's vocals often reminds of the one and only australian legend Hobb's Angel of Death. The band afterwards split up but reunited for a short time in 2009 again. Tom Quast was also playing with Hamburg's Thrash legend Torment and with Thrashers Entire Defeat.
"Addicted to Satan" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Evil won't kill the wicked" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Total Massacre Vol. II" Comp. MC Tracks 1986 (Death Metal Production)
"Satanized" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Promotape" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Visitors from beyhonde the grave" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Fahr zur Hölle Pfleischmütze" CD 1993 (selfreleased)

Dzini Lopin (vocals)
Jörg Petricig (guitar)
Dirk Neureuther (guitar)
Darin Smith (bass)
Holger Opper (drums)
Asmyraii from Darmstadt belongs the most rude acts of the german underground during the 80's. Though the guys, that found together in spring 1987, obviously saw themselves as a part of the Hardcore movement, the later in September recorded Demo tape "Days of truth" offers apparently raw Death/Thrash, that several times reminds of acts like Sadus. Just their vocals would meet Hardcore typical standards, though they suffer a bit from the poor recording equipment. During 1988 a live tape was recorded, till their last Demo "Strike down the individual" already closed the chapter Asmyraii 1989. Holger Opper had left the troop and Dirk Neureuther switched from guitar to the drums, while Darin Smith switched instruments as well and took over the second guitar. Uwe Heinisch played the bass on the Demo, that offered again raw, chaotic Crossover with influences from both scenes, extreme Hardcore and Death/Thrash. There was either a vinyl edition made of that Demo, but I got no clue which year. A booklet with info and lyrics is included and at least two different editions was made as there are covers known with just black print, while certain sources in the www always show pictures of the edition with the red "Strike down..." title and handnumbered on the back. The black sleeve versions got no numbers at all. The band split up after that Demo already and Darin Smith helped Darmstadt locals Deztroyer for a while during 1989, till he went to join Kalögena 1990.
"Days of truth" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Underground Hardcore" Live Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Strike down the individual" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Strike down the individual" LP ?? (selfreleased)

Max Fuchtl (bass, vocals)
Jatzeck (guitar)
Nelson Jöhnke (drums)
Assanger was a Metallica influenced melodic Speed Metal band originating from Kaufbeuren, southwest of Munich, that originally formed as Metal Beasts with Fuchtl (bass, vocals), Nelson Jöhnke (drums) being the kickstarters who though changed name to Assanger in 1988 right when Jatzeck (guitar) joined the guys. After their first gig, ex-Bluster Robert Lang ("Jet") was hired as lead guitarist and when Jatzeck quit a while later, N.J. Bauer (Norbert) took his part on the second guitar. For a short time Ludwig got the microphone, but right after the first gig together got kicked out again. Nevertheless the guys recorded the "Constant delusion" Demo early 1989 inside their rehearsal room with Furchtl doing vocals again, that featured 9 songs with album lenght. But the band soon split up. If you got more info, please get in touch.
Please visit Assanger's Homepage

"Constant delusion" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Robert Gonella (vocals)
Dinko Vekic (guitar)
Michael Hoffmann (guitar)
Markus Ludwig (bass)
Jason Kubke (drums)
The Düsseldorf Thrash legend Assassin was active already since 1982 as Satanica, consisting of Robert Gonnella (vocals), Dinko Vekić and Michael Hoffmann on the guitars, Jason Kubke on drums and Markus Ludwig (bass). Hoffmann had to leave the band due to army duties and got replaced by Mettmann. The band, that just like Samhain was active in the local Metal fanclub "Düsseldorfer Death Thrasher", had already changed name to Assassin in April '85, with the final line up featuring Gonella, Vekic, Ludwig, Jürgen Scholl (guitar) and Andreas Süther (drums), who mainly appeared as "Danger". The "Holy terror" Demo sold very well and offered indeed raw underground Death/Thrash like Kreator. The second Demo "The saga of Nemesis" recorded in April '86 and produced by Warlock's Rudy Graf, sold even better and gained the young band a record deal with Steamhammer. "The upcoming terror" as the album was entitled, was recorded during 1986 but released in spring '87. Due to an unknown reason, the guys fell into a speed rush and recorded the songs a bit faster than orginally planned, which is giving the album a slightly chaotic touch. Nevertheless, "The upcoming terror" must be rated to the most extreme german Thrash albums of that time. Due to the following gigs, connected with the newly gained fame, Jürgen Scholl and Danger didn't want to continue and got replaced by Frank Nellen (drums). Also guitarist Michael Hoffmann (ex-Sadist) returned in 1987. "Interstellar experience", Assassin's second album, was recorded during January '88 at the Musiclab Berlin, and featured for that Studio an unusual low sound. Gonella's voice got a slightly Hardcore touch, while the guys finally had found back to the right speed of their material and performed a very solid underground Thrash Metal without compromises in terms of speed and brutality. After a tour with Death Angel and Testament, Assassin started working on another EP with the title "Sex tastes", but Dinko Vekic left the band early 1989, who recorded another Demo in February with Olaf Ruckert replacing him. Assassin's sound (Maybe due to the tour with the Bay Area bands?) had drastically changed. US style Power/Thrash with Bay Area touch had infected the heads of the guys. After an intrusion into the band's rehearsal room, where all equipment got stolen, the lads decided to disband Assassin in April '89. Michael Hoffmann got a job offer by Tom Angelripper and joined Sodom. Since 2002 Assassin are active again.
"Holy terror" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"The saga of Nemesis" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"The upcoming terror" LP 1987 (Steamhammer)
"Interstellar experience" LP/Pic LP/CD 1988 (Steamhammer)
"Demo '89" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Abstract war" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (The Future of Metal is now)

Assorted Heap
Dirk Schiemann (vocals)
Gunter Groen (guitar)
Klaus Kessemeier (guitar)
Joachim Meyer (bass)
Thomas Marter (drums)
The Thrash band Assorted Heap from Aurich in the upper north of Germany (Ostfriesland) was founded by former T.G.T. members Gunter Groen and Thomas Marter in September 1987. Dirk Schiemann, Joachim Meyer and lastly Klaus Kessemann joined one by one. In March 1988 the band recorded their Demo "Killing peace", that featured a very raw sort of Death/Thrash and the guys played several shows till S.L. Coe signed the band for his 1MF label. The debut album "The experience of horror" was produced in September '90 and released 1991. The material on the album pretty much reflected the Demo stuff and featured a kind of hyperfast Thrash, sounding like Kreator mixed with Invocator/Sadus influences, though the band every now and then added standard Thrash elements as well. Due to the good album responces Assorted Heap got support slots for bigger acts of the european Death Metal acts and subsequently recorded their second and last album "Mindwaves" a bit later on. On "Mindwaves" the guys went a bit "softer", the Death/Thrash roots got slightly cut, while the regular and either melodic classic Thrash parts took the upper hand, that made Assorted Heap going more into a more late 80's Kreator/Sacrosanct/Slayer inspired technical direction. Still during 1992 they toured with Edge of Sanity before they band eventually split up due to problems with their label. Some of the guys formed the band BK 49 during the mid 90's.

"Killing peace" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Terrorized brains" Comp.-MC Track 198? (Extreme Noise - The Dead Walk!)
"Killing Peace" Comp.-MC Track 1989 (Massacre Time Vol.1)
"Poser Slaughter" Comp.-MC Track 1990 (Sounds from Beyond)
"The experience of horror" LP/CD 1991 (1MF)
"Mindwaves" LP/CD 1992 (1MF)

Peter Müller (vocals)
André Chapelier (bass)
Chris Efthimiadis (drums)
Jörg Pryztarski (guitar)
Andreas Büttner (guitar)
One more of these just shortlived acts that popped out like ants out of the soil during the mid 80's, though for the Herne based Atlain it's just sad that they disappeared that quick again after only two albums. The short story of Atlain starts in 1983, and a first 3 song tape was recorded during early 1984. On their support gig for Steeler Axel Thubeauville saw these guys raging live on stage and produced the band's debut album during September '84, which was released in January '85 on Mausoleum Records. When you've heard their uncompromising Speed Metal, it's not really a miracle to understand that these lads got inspired by the early albums of Metallica and Slayer, while there was still similarities to germans bands such as Avenger/Rage or faster Running Wild audible. For "G.O.E." (Guardians of eternity), their second effort recorded December '85 and produced by Ralf Hubert, Atlain even went still one gear heavier. Among the mid 80's german Speed Metal albums "G.O.E." definitely deserves a special rank, though the band couldn't benefit from their musical brilliancy, as Atlain broke up still within 1986. As we all do know (I hope) Chris Efthimiadis got famous in Rage and both Jörg Pryztarski and Andrè Chapelier joined Rigor Mortis, before the latter had a short intermezzo in Holy Moses during 1987.

"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)
"Living in the dark" LP 1985 (Mausoleum)
"The sinner" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Metallic Bunny's Fast Collection)
"G.O.E." LP 1986 (Earthshaker)

Alexander Krull (vocals, keyboard)
Mathias Röderer (guitar)
Frank Knodel (guitar)
René Tometschek (bass)
Gernot Winkler (drums)
Atrocity belongs to the most successful german Metal bands, whenalso labeling their style is almost impossible, since this troop was undergoing many different phases and performing different styles throughout their whole career. The band formed in Ludwigsburg as Instigator already back in 1985 and changed name to Atrocity, when their first Demo was recorded during late 1988. The guys around Alex Krull used to play a Crossover influenced raw Thrash style in the very beginning as heard on their "Instigators" Demo, that included also several Death/Thrash parts and could be seen as the vanguard of their following Death Metal years. Nuclear Blast picked up the band, who fit with their recent Deathcore style 1989 fully into that label's brutal concept. First result of their co-operation has been the "Blue blood" 7" with new drummer Michael Schwarz, that features Rightgeous Pigs/Napalm Death and Carbonized inspired early Death Metal with Grind parts. During summer '90 Atrocity was sent to Florida, to record their debut album "Hallucinations" at the Morrissound Studio, which naturally got that studio's typical touch. Richard Scharf (guitar) replaced Frank Knodel in the meanwhile as well as Tometscheck had to go. Oliver Klasen played all basslines on that album, while the "Hallucinations" recordings turned out quite well and gained the band an international reputation within the growing Death Metal scene, as the guys had refined their technical skills and delivered a very complex sounding album. 2 years later after several tours and with a new label in the back, the follow up album "Todessehnsucht" was produced during 1992. Still dwelling in Death Metal realms, Atrocity's style got even more intricate, while some first Doom and avantgarde parts was noticable also. Those would already show a glimpse the future direction of the band, who entered a new musical path with their 3rd album "Blut", released 1994, featuring Avantgarde/Gothic Death Metal with spiritual aura and either Groove parts. Atrocity are still active nowadays, though the line up changed during the past years constantly, but so far the band has released 10 albums.

"Instigators” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Blue blood" 7" EP 1989
"Atrocity/Righteous Pigs" Split 7" EP 1990 (Nuclear Blast)
”Hallucinations” LP/CD 1990 (Nuclear Blast)
"Todessehnsucht" LP/CD 1992 (Roadrunner)

Atrocity (Bamberg)
Matthias Linzmaier (bass, vocals)
Lunk (drums)
Matzer (guitar)
Crossover Thrashers from Bamberg/Bavaria that formed in same year like Mega Mosh, another Bamberg Crossover act that Matzer (guitar) did play with. Surprisingly the sound of Atrocity isn't too far away from Mega Mosh's, just appearing alot more rough due to the production. If you like the first 2 Mega Mosh albums you won't have a problem with Atrocity's Demo either. I guess they changed the band name to Atrocity Exhibition in 1989 due to the other Atrocity that got famous.
”Honky-Tonk-Monk” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Atrocity Exhibition
Matthias Linzmaier (bass, vocals)
Lunk (drums)
Matzer (guitar)
Atrocity Exhibition are the Bamberg Atrocity (Honky-Tonk-Monk" Demo) under a new monicker that they changed in 1989. They released at least 1 more Demo in 1991. Matzer (ex-Mega Mosh) got replaced by Rob on guitar and also another Mega Mosher - Beck, was in the band behind the micro. If you got more info please get in touch.

Ricky Van Helden (drums, guitar, bass, vocals)
Andy Kammer (guitar)
Thomas St. Jones (keyboard)
These Attack from Nordhorn, north of Essen in the greater Münster area, was Ricky Van Helden's baby, who kept the band running throughout the 80's and early 90's and recorded several Demo tapes during the mid 80's, that's a bit hard to keep track. During the early days Attack consisted of Ricky Van Helden, Andy Kammer and a certain T.R.O.S. (Thomas St. Jones) on keyboards, who also recorded the band's debut album "Danger in the air", that contains different kinds of Metal. While the title track offers pretty exciting atmospheric Power Metal, some of the other tracks would almost meet Heavy Rock requirements. Combined with the really heavy songs on "Danger in the air", those keyboards are quite an enrichment for Attack's sound. On the contrary songs like "Sunday morning" are getting an ugly commercial touch and remind of the Europe stuff. On the second album "Return of the evil" Ricky appeared with a new team already, both Hardware members Jörg Franz (guitar), Thomas Ewermann (drums) and Andy Niewidok (guitar). Congruously the album went more consistent than it's precursor, dwelling entirely in Metal realms. Then a time of silence without releases followed, when several Demos and the unreleased album "Beastkiller" (1987) was recorded , that eventually convinced Zyx Metallic, who just tried to save themselves a piece of the german Heavy Metal cake during the late 80's, to produce one more Attack album ("Destinies of war") 1989. His new team consisted of the earlier recruited Chreddy Riepert (guitar - most probably Fairywhite's Christian Riepert ), Gerd Sossnierz (guitar), Athanasios Tsoukas (drums) and now had a slightly Maiden/Helloween influenced speedy Heavy Metal in their backpack. The big breakthrough for Ricky Van Helden failed to appear, but if you think that little fact could prevent a hero like Ricky then you failed. He returned 3 years after "Destinies of war" with another album incl. a new crew ofc (Enthophyte guitarist Peter Oko and Jens Petersen - guitar), that featured quite similar speedy complex Power Metal too. And once again nobody took notice of the "Seven years in the past" CD, since it wasn't really the best time for that kind of Metal. During the next years several other Attack albums was recorded and the band's chapter yet wasn't closed at all.
"Demo '84" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Mouse in a maze" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Danger in the air" LP 1984 (Prosound)
"Demo '85" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Return of the evil" LP 1985 (Prosound)
"Destinies of war" LP/CD 1989 (Zyx Metallic)
"Seven years in the past" CD 1992 (Iceland)

Attack (Laudenbach)
Marc Schlenker (vocals)
Thomas Berger (guitar)
Andy Fath (guitar)
Stefan Schiemer (bass)
Dieter Beisel (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Laudenbach that was active since 1984 and released a Demo tape in 1985 that featured faster melodic Heavy Metal with influences of Judas Priest and Accept. Afterwards in 1986 a second Demo entitled "Heavy Metal" was recorded with new members Carsten Oesterreicher (bass) replacing Stefan Schiemer and Mike Schmidt (guitar) came to replace Andy Fath. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Heavy Metal" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Pete Lischner (bass)
Jörg Schlegel (drums)
Gunnar Petersen (guitar)
Michael Fein (guitar)
Energetic Kraut/Hard Rock from northern Germany (probably Hamburg area) offering plenty early Metal parts and NWOBHM hints (the Boogie Metal acts) with their debut on the Raubbau Studios label. Interestingly they did not even have an own vocalist during the recording session as lead vocals was done by Wolfgang Mau (from Twinhouse) and backing vox by Klaus Peter Kruse (from Highgate). Reminds me more than once partly to Loose Connection.
”Rock ‘n’ Roll will live forever/We need it” 7” 1981 (Raubbau)

Klaus (vocals)
Bernd (guitar)
Alf (bass)
Olaf Zissel (drums)
A Thrash band from Seligenstadt/Hessen in the wider Frankfurt/Main area, that was active from mid 1988 till the early 90's and recorded a halfbaked Demo within 1989. Occasionally Autopsia sounded like Sodom and Kreator, but had serious issues with the songwriting process, which dismembered all good approaches of a raw Thrash Metal band by throwing in uninspired breaks that didn't seem to have any special sense at all and gave Autopsia's material more like a funny note. Olaf Zissel joined Tankard in the mid 90's. If you got more ingo, please get in touch.

”Aloisia” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Rainer Hölzl (vocals)
Bernd Kleinsteuber (guitar)
Ilja Mayer-Falk (guitar)
Gerald Schmid (bass)
Ralf Auhuber (drums)

A local Augsburg Heavy Metal band, that formed during 1986 and immediately gained themselves a pretty good reputation as a live band. Bernd Kleinsteuber prior to Avalanche played in the Blues Rock band Low Level. Recordings aren't known yet. 1988 Rainer Hölzl and Gerald Schmid formed the Hard Rock band Touchin´ Tough. If you got more ingo, please get in touch.

Avalanche Danger
Stefan Reichenbecher (vocals, guitar)
Ulrich Reichenbecher (drums)
Stephan Ritter (bass)
Bernd Glaser (guitar)
Originally founded by the brothers Stefan and Ulrich Reichenbecher in the fall of 1983, Avalanche Danger got completed by Stephan Ritter and Bernd Glaser, but the latter left again due to musical differences. The Reichenbecher brothers already was active as "Warriors" since 1979, but started Avalanche Danger 1983. In winter '84 Andreas Grünewald joined as new vocalist and the lads from Mömbris recorded a 3 track Demo in 1985 that was musically in the Krokus vein, especially coz of Grünewalds voice, but not really satisfying for the band. The 1986er effort "Mud in the eye" raised the level of their compositions extremely as well as the following Demos "Here is mud in your eye again!!!" (February '87) and "Heavy K Metal" (without Andy Grünewald) both recorded in 1987, that gave them the opportunity to appear on Roadrunners Teutonic Invasion 2 sampler. The guys tried to handle out a record deal with Roadrunner but didn't succeed at all. They changed name to Barock the same year and recorded another Demo before they split up. The style of the band changed from early Heavy Rock to a way more virtuoso sounding guitar accented progressive neoclassical Power Metal style on the last Demos.
"Attack mission" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Mud in your eye!!!" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Here is mud in your eye again!!!" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Heavy K Metal" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Avalanche Danger" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Teutonic Invasion Part Two)

Peter Frey (vocals)
Frank Meurer (guitar)
Mathias Fuchs (guitar)
Axel Kennig (bass)
Rainer Thorn (drums)
These Avalon guys was originating from Mayence. Kennig, Fuchs and Thorn started the band under the monicker of Avalon early 1984, Meurer and Frey completed the troop shortly later and after a few gigs they changed name to Jaded Heart in May '86. Still within the same year the band produced the 4 song Demo "Invisible fights", that featured softer melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock.

Avalon (Neumünster)
Patricia Bach (vocals)
Beate Blienjuk (vocals)
Karsten Fricke (guitar)
Christian Bruhn (bass)
Dirk Brandenburg (drums)
A Neumünster based band, that called themselves a Hard Rock band, but their track "Razorblade" on the local Neumünster compilation "NMS-Splitter" from 1987 pretty much proves that this group with 2 female vocalists was clearly indulging the Heavy Metal sound. Moreover that track surprisingly reminds me of the classic russian Power Metal stuff like the speedy trax on Avgust's "Otvetniy Udar" LP f.e.

"Razorblade" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (NMS-Splitter)

Peter Wagner (bass, vocals)
Jochen Schröder (guitar)
Alf Meyerratken (guitar)
Jan Yildiral (drums)
Avenger from Herne, that are also known to be the first stage of the legendary Rage, was founded in 1983 by Jan Yildiral, Jochen Schröder and Alf Meyerratken. Peter "Peavey" Wagner joined a little bit later on. Early 1984 Yildiral left the band already to join Steeler, but right in February Avenger had found Jörg Michael as new drummer and recorded their first official 4 song Demo, that's also known as "Faster than hell". There is also a tape floating around through tapetrader circles from 1983, featuring the trax "Destination day" and Mirror", but it wasn't mentioned at all in early articles about the band, though it's clearly Peavey singing there, but officially Avenger just released two Demo tapes during 1984. The guys already earned a record deal with the speedy Power Metal featured on the first one of both, while for testing purposes Avenger recorded another Demo later in 1984, including the songs "Battlefield", "Southcross union", "Adoration" and "Bloodlust", that once again got great feedback. During October '84 the "Prayers of steel" album was recorded in Bochum, which was available in April '85. Like the previous Demos, also "Prayers of steel" found alot of requited love from sides of the press, while Avenger kept on working out their Power/Speed Metal style, that would reach it's peak in later years as Rage. Alf Meyerratken left Avenger after the album and Thomas Grüning came into the band to play already the Wishbone festival '85 with Darxon and Stormwind, besides Avenger's set. After another EP (incl. a large poster) released in late '85, that featured the new studio songs "Down to the bone" and "Depraved to black", recorded autumn '85, plus two more live numbers, the band got renamed to first Furious Rage and shortly after just Rage, due to the british band of the same name. The rest is history.

"Demo 1" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Demo 2" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Prayers of steel" LP 1985 (Wishbone)
"Depraved to black" MLP 1985 (Wishbone)

Carsten Vitt (vocals)
Sascha Pitsch (guitar)
Daniel Strube (guitar)
Ingo Vernau (bass)
Andreas Kallee (drums)

A local Thrash band from Wildeck-Raßdorf, south of Kassel, that originally formed 1989 as Avenger but soon changed name to Conspiracy and recorded 3 Demo tapes in the early 90's under the new monicker. Around 1993 it seems the band already dissolved, as Andreas Kallee joined Shattered Dream. Further info is needed.

Nico Torretta (vocals)
Michael Sperner (guitar)
Alois Brückl (drums)
Harry Enzian (bass)
Gerald Sailer (keyboards)
These guys came from Landshut/Bavaria and fortunately only made it to this lonely single. The metallic Hard Rock they offer here sounds quite boring. "She's gone" is the better number of both and it's a ballad with a kinda almost bluesy touch. For 1986 they do sound quite a bit modern, more like from the late 80's and Torretta's voice is spreading a somewhat british flair that one might think they are NWOBHM survivors.
”Avengers” 7”EP 1986 (RC)

Michael Leistner (vocals)
Christof Brill (guitar)
Stefan Scharle (bass)
Jörg Trapp (Keyboard)
Peter Dörrenbecher (drums)
A local band from St. Wendel, north of Neunkirchen/Saarbrücken, that participated at the biggest national band contest during 1989 - the Varta Musikpreis '90 - which was splitted into separate contests of each federal state and Avenue not just won the Saarland contests, they've even been the winners of the entire national tournament. The prize was the production of their tracks "Goodbye"/"What's on your mind"/"The sun is still there", that appeared on the related albums (the latter 2 was featured on the "VARTA Musikpreis '92" CD), including songs of all the winners of their own states. Avenue's music was typical Melodic Rock/AOR with poppy/commercial influences. Since the bands, to participate at the event, had to mail Demo tapes to the Jury, there is also a Demo of Avenue available from around 1988 and the lads either produced a 2 track 7" with the title "In your eyes" independently during 1989. Further info is welcome.
"In your eyes" 7" EP 1989 (Blue Cue)
"Goodbye" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (VARTA Musikpreis '90)
"VARTA Musikpreis '92" Comp.-CD Tracks 1992 (Varta Music Power)

Axe Victims
Frank Fanfare (vocals)
Roland Hag (guitar)
Tom Bohn (guitar)
Martin Rocco (bass)
Holger George (drums)
The Axe Victims began to play heavy music already in early 1982, when the band formed in Wuppertal and got great feedback by even international Mags for their Demo tapes, that was recorded entirely inside their rehearsal room. The band played a Hard Rock inspired style, that reminds abit of the early No Trouble Demos, slightly influenced by british bands of that time. Seems to have been enough for Mausoleum Records, who signed the band immediately and published "Another victim" some months later during 1984. "Shoot from the stars" opens the album in great speedy NWOBHM manner, but then the lads had already used up all one's energies at once and fell back into the commercial Quiet Rio style Hard Rock, that was already featured on the previous Demo. Mausoleum produced even a second Axe Victims albums with the title "Hypnotized", planned to be released for 1985. But it never came to that anymore. Thomas Bohn and Holly George founded Universe during that year, together with ex-Stormwind Wolfgang Böhm and Darxon's Ingo Plas, while Roland Hag joined Steeler later during 1988.

"Rehearsal Demo '82" Demo 1982 (selfreleased)
"Democassette Übungsraum August 1983" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Another victim" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)

Axel Rudi Pell
Axel Rudi Pell (guitar)
Volker Krawczak (bass)
Guess you all know who Axel Rudi Pell is? After disbanding Steeler in 1988, their guitarist Axel Rudi Pell tried a solo career, which turned out to be very successful as he's still part of the german Metal scene nowadays. April '89 he recorded a 3 song Demo, that impressed Steamhammer Records, who still released Pell's debut "Wild obsession" in December that year. Musically Pell's creations wasn't too far away from the latest Steeler albums with a touch of the typical Hair Metal stuff. If you liked "Strike back" and "Undercover animal" you'll know what's to expect as "Wild obsession" could be called a cross of both. Victory's Charlie Huhn himself was responsible for the vocals on that album. We only list Pell and Steeler's Volker Krawczak as the permanent members of the band since both being the only constant, surrounding themselves with changing musicians on the following albums, including well sounding names like Bob Rock or Jeff Scott Soto. Also the following albums spudded in where "Wild obsession" started, featuring permanently changing songs, somewhere between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.

"Demo '89" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Slave of love" Split 7" EP Track 1989 (Heavy Xmas)
"Hear you calling me" Promo 7" EP 1989 (Steamhammer)
"Broken heart" 7" EP 1989 (Steamhammer)
"Wild obsession" LP/CD 1989 (Steamhammer)
"(Hear you) Calling me" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (The Future of Metal is now)
"Nasty reputation" LP/CD 1991 (Steamhammer)
"Eternal prisoner" CD 1992 (Steamhammer)
"Forever young" MCD 1993 (Steamhammer)
"The Ballads" CD 1993 (Steamhammer)

Werner (guitar)
Günther (bass)
I'm pretty sure those guys had been active since the late 70's already, as their style combines the late 70's Prog Hard Rock with classic NWOBHM sound. Axework from the Ingolstadt area recorded their only album 1983, which was released on the Unit Art label around 1984. The same titled album could be counted to the early jewels of the german Heavy scene, having dreamy passages like Saracen to be merging with the raw power of the early NWOBHM movement, including the typical twin leads. "Night riders" f.e. strongly reminds of the early Iron Maiden. Karthago Records also was responsible for the CD re-release of this gem, that features the extra track "Killer".

"Axework" LP 1984 (Unit Art)

Bernhard Weiß (vocals, guitar)
Werner Kleinhans (bass)
Klaus Jankord (guitar)
Thomas Kampmann (drums)
Founded in the very early 80's in Lünen (greater Dortmund area) the Heavy Metal band Anvil started playing gigs in every venue possible at that time. After finding out that there was a canadian band already using that name, they changed it to Axis in around late 1983/early '84. During 1984 the lads decided to record a Demo at the Dierks Studios, that featured the two songs "Hot summer night" and "Out of the nation", before they successfully participated on the "Pop am Rhein" Festival, that happened at the Philipshalle in Düsseldorf 1984. After recording another Demo track with Richard Michalski (drums) and Walter Pietsch on guitar, replacing Klaus Jankord, in 1988, that they sent to the EMI, that label signed the band, who had to change their name due to legal reasons to Axxis and started a very successful international carreer.
"Demo '84" (selfreleased)
"Tears of the trees" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Holger Schührer (vocals)
Stefan Dürr (guitar)
Martin (guitar)
Hermann (bass)
Tommy (drums)

A Power Metal band from Speyer, that was formed during the late 80's. After both guitarists Stefan Dürr and Martin left the band sometime in early 1990, the remaining Axon guys hired ex-Defender/Sheer Greed guitarist Andreas Schmitt and recorded a 4 song Demo in December the same year, that featured quite typical US Power Metal tunes, more than once reminding musically and vocalwise of Metal Church. The band most probably called it quits a bit later after another 3 track Promo tape in 1991. Holger Schührer joined The Warning and Andreas Schmitt the band Desire.
"She's so fat!" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
" Promo ‘91" Promo Tape 1991 (selfreleased)

Stephen A. Tare (vocals)
Bobby Marino (guitar)
Tony Spagone (bass)
Louis O'Bryan (keyboard)
Tina Nelson (drums)
Not to be confused with the Ludwigsburg band Axtasy, these guys was originating from Frankfurt/Main, founded in December 1987, by Tina Nelson (aka Martie Miatello), Bobby Duane (aka Bobby Marino) and Stefan Alexander (aka Stephen A. Tare). Since Tina's original plan to relocate to Los Angeles to study drums at a renowned school, included to send a Demo tape over there in order to get accepted or not, she asked her friends Bobby and Stefan to compose a few songs, that they recorded in January '88 together with additional musicians Tony Spagone and Louis O'Bryan (Seems like Frankfurt got invaded by Italians huh?). During the recording session with producer Robert Kohlmeyer of the band Jojo, who just had recorded their debut album "Extasy", the quintet decided to name their band Axtasy. Some of the Demos was sent to magazines and surprisingly received positive feedback, promising the band a record deal within shortest time. When Tina saw that Axtasy's star started rising up and the band either entered the stage, she dropped her L.A. plans for a while. After recording a second Demo later in 1988, Spagone and O'Bryan left Axtasy and got replaced by Klaus Montag (bass). Montag had to quit playing due to an injury and Werner Dietel played bass on the third Demo from January '89, that featured the 3 songs "Wild, though & young", "Never gonna leave me" and "The last unicorn", still recorded with studio musician Bernie Nüßlein on keyboards, but Axtasy found keyboarder Olaf Erikson afterwards. Axtasy's sound was close to bands such a Bonfire, Bon Jovi, Skagarack and Europe, though as we know, the soon promised album deal was just an illusion, whenalso Axtasy indeed recorded/pre-produced an album during spring '89, that was offered to several record companies, but without any further success. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Guido Heinl (bass, vocals)
Fabian Hüther (guitar)
Didi Linge (guitar
Götz Ulmer (drums)
A classic Metal band originating from Ludwigsburg, that's been around since the early 80's and published 2 listenable Demo tapes between 1986 and '87, that feature all the same sort of american influenced midpaced Heavy Metal. Axtasy's influences in the beginning could be seen more to came out of the Accept corner, but that typical Ozzy style Hard Rock/Metal, that the band used to play till the "Gonna tape you" Demo was noticable right from the debut tape as well. 1989 Deave Parys joined as vocalist, while Norbert Haller, who replaced Fabian Hüther on "Some like it hot", left the group again, and Angwer Atta took over the second guitar. Also founding member Guido Heinl was replaced by Klaus Wichmann on bass. Their sound turned a bit more towards US style Hair Metal influenced now. The song "Downton trouble" was exclusively recorded for a local sampler 1990, before the Axtasy's only album "Dummy" was released independently 1993, where the lads refined their new Hard Rock inspired style even more. Guido Heinl had returned and Jochen Scheu was supporting Didi Linge on guitar this time, but afterwards Axtasy disbanded during the mid 90's.
For further info and sound clips, please check out Axtasy's Homepage

"Axtasy 1" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Some like it hot" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Gonna tape you" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Downtown trouble" Comp.-CD Track 1990 (Lubu rocks)
"Dummy" CD 1993 (selfreleased)

Bernhard Weiß (vocals, guitar)
Walter Pietsch (guitars)
Werner Kleinhaus (bass)
Richard Michalski (drums)
Founded in the very early 80's in Lünen (greater Dortmund area) the Heavy Metal band Anvil started playing gigs in every venue possible at that time. After finding out that there was a canadian band already using that name, they changed it to Axis in around late 1983/early '84. During 1984 the lads decided to record a Demo at the Dierks Studios, that featured the two songs "Hot summer night" and "Out of the nation", before they successfully participated on the "Pop am Rhein" Festival, that happened at the Philipshalle in Düsseldorf 1984. After recording another Demo track with Richard Michalski (drums) and Walter Pietsch on guitar, replacing Klaus Jankord, in 1988, that they sent to the EMI, that label signed the band, who had to change their name due to legal reasons to Axxis and released their debut album "Kingdom of the night" in 1989, that worldwide sold more than 100000 units. Axxis' melodic yet catchy Hard Rock and Heavy Metal mix in the vein of Bonfire, Vamp, Zeno, Fair Warning or Aidean fulfilled the needs of that time's need for melodic Metal sounds, performed in a traditional american tradition. For the second album "II" keyboarder Harry Öllers was hired, while the band's sound got even more melodic, almost leaving off the former Metal influences. During the following years their career constantly continued, the band until today released countless albums and singles (that we do not list here).
"Kingdom of the night" LP/CD 1989 (EMI)
"II" LP/CD 1990 (EMI)
"Access all areas - Live" LP/CD 1991 (Harvest)
"The big thrill" LP/CD 1993 (EMI)

Ayers Rock
Jochen Sakowsky (vocals)
Holger Baumann (guitar)
Gunther Baumann (guitar)
Michael Grauf (bass)
Charly Müller (drums)

A melodic yet powerful Heavy Rock band from Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf, that was active in the local Heilbronn area since quite a few years, but could built up a steady line up with Jochen Sakowsky, Holger Baumann, Gunther Baumann, Michael Grauf and Charly Müller just around 1989, when they recorded their first Demo tape. Uptempo numbers as well as melodic midtempo pounders, twin leadguitars and a varied style of vocals gained songs like "Prisoner of hell", "Breakout" or "I love it wild" a special identity, but the departure of drummer Charly Müller early 1990 threw the band kinda back in their musical development. Further info is welcome.

Stephan Steinmetz (vocals)
Andreas Huber (guitar)
Cristian Zimmer (guitar)
Horst Diezinger (bass)
Andreas Kolbeck (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Erlangen/Bavaria, founded in June 1990. The following year the boys recorded the 4 song Demo "Haunted", of which the track "The landlord" was used for the "Peace-Eater Vol. II" compilation CD. They used to call their own style "Melodic Aggressive Metal", which shouldn't leave any further questions unanswered we guess. If you got further info, please get in touch.

"Haunted" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"The landlord" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (Peace-Eater Vol. II)

A’s & B’s Project
Mark Lovell (vocals)
Klaus Gröber (keyboard)
Chris Justin (guitar)
Andy Marberger (bass)
Gerhard Egger (drums)
Another Munich based melodic band, seems Munich was the capital of these kinds of bands. They played a quite fantastic mix of Melodic Metal and heavy AOR, guitar driven but with great melodies and a pretty good vocalist. Perhaps Pop Metal would be another term I guess, on the same level as the similar sounding Vera Cruz or other Munich bands such as Magenta, Firefox or Burning Heat. Unfortunately the Single contains the same song twice (on B side as Instrumental version) so you won't get much for your money. And for info, the Label was owned by a Recording Studio (Tonstudio Stubai).
"Too late to fall in love" 7"EP 1989 (TSS)

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