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Peter Steinmann (bass, vocals)
Lou Moutlak (percussion)
Peter Wege (keyboard)
Cristoph Conrad (guitar)
Stefan Ingmann (guitar)
Sameh Mina (drums)
The Hard Rockers G'Loyd was founded 1976 in Düsseldorf by Sameh Mina, Lou Moutlak, Peter Wege (ex-Syracus), Cristoph Conrad, Stefan Ingmann and Peter Steinmann (ex-Incognito), and this line up lasted till 1979, when the band was reformed by Peter Steinmann with ex-Die Croonkorken Jörg van Haltern (guitar) and Jürgen Fischer (drums). Within the following years the line up changed for good several times till in 1985 they published the track "Let me go" on the local compilation "Querschnitt" with Peter Steinmann (bass, vocals), Jörg van Haltern (guitar), Günter Radtke (guitar), Michael Kamphoff (drums) and Susanne Held (vocals). Afterwards the lads recorded their debut album, featuring new drummer Dirk Hansmann (ex-Cannabis Airlines), but either the former members Michael Kamphoff and Günter Radtke (both left the band during the recording sessions as it seems) participated on certain songs of the album, that features pretty good Heavy Rock with diverse Southern Rock elements and could be labeled in the whole as classic Hard Rock. The vinyl was manufactured in a limited edition. In January '87 the ex- Cannabis Airlines/Clan Gunn guitarist Achim Flesch took Radtke's place and G'Loyd shared stages with well known bands during the following years till they published their second (live) LP "We're on the road again" in 1989 with Caesar Czaika on bass (ex-Hammersmith), and subsequently supported Molly Hatchet on their 1990'er Germany tour. After more line up changes in the early 90's, the band published their "Still there" Maxi CD 1992 with now ex-Trans Am Ronny von Assel on guitar and on drums Michael Röder (ex-Mary Jane). They consequently developed their Southern Rock inspired Hard and Biker Rock and used to perform on stage at several Biker festivals. The last G'Loyd album "Where the eagles fly" was released in 1995, but the lads kept on performing live on stage nevertheless, until their last gig in 2006.
You may also check out the band's website with detailed info: G'Loyd

"Let me go" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Querschnitt)
"Without guns and glory" LP 1986 (Autarc)
"We're on the road again" LP 1989 (I & Ear)
"Still there" MCD 1992 (I & Ear)

A raw Black/Thrash Band from Bamberg with Celtic Frost influences, that was active around 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch. Check out Gallmor here

Michael Richter (vocals)
Stefan Lange (guitar)
Siegfried Simon (bass)
Klaus Mertens (drums)
A band from Langenfeld between Düsseldorf and Leverkusen, that just produced a single CD in the early 90's for Steps Records. The songs on the album are residing in the merge of Hard Rock and Metal, some heavier, some with R'n'R touch and mostly slightly american glammy influenced. Otherwise a solid album for Hard Rock fans.

"Gambit" CD 1992 (Steps)

The band Gambit could contribute a track to one part of D&S' two "The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" LP's and "Success" features nice keyboard driven atmospheric Melodic Metal with a cool refrain. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Success" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (The Best Of German Metal Newcomer)

Gamma Ray
Ralf Scheepers (vocals)
Kai Hansen (guitar)
Uwe Wessel (bass)
Mathias Burchardt (drums)
Basically we seriously don't expect that it's needed to introduce Gamma Ray at all. The long time Helloween guitarist Kai Hansen founded the band when he departed from Hellloween in 1989 with ex-Tyran' Pace shouter Ralf Scheepers, ex-Bullfrog Uwe Wessel and Mathias Burchardt and immediately released his first album strangely on Noise Records, who pretty much caused all the trouble that threw Helloween back in their career for several years in the fall of the 80's and was responsible indirectly for Hansen's departure. Normally the band was firming under the name of Kai Hansen in the beginning, but during the process of manufacturing the records the name Gamma Ray was chosen, so the LP's got a special sleeve with still Kai Hansen printed as band name on, that covers the regular Gamma Ray album inside. Not surprisingly Gamma Ray's debut sounded very Helloween-ish, which might be caused by Hansen being one of the main songwriters for his old band. In the following years the band's line up changed permanently, accompanied by a stylistical change, away from the Helloween roots, but the same time Hansen established Gammy Ray being one of the leading german Heavy Metal bands throughout the 90's and on, releasing numerous albums and singles till 2016.

"Heading for tomorrow" LP/CD 1990 (Noise)
"Sigh no more" LP/CD 1991 (Noise)
"Insanity and genius" LP/CD 1993 (Noise)

Rainer Metzler (vocals, guitar)
Roderich Gramse (bass, vocals)
Torsten Kirchner (drums, vocals)
A Hard Rock trio from West Berlin, that used to publish an quite outdated sounding album on the indie label Rockwerk Records in 1989, as well as the CD "Alcohol disaster" 1991 and another MCD in 1994 on the same company. The album's quality is so-so, in places bluesy Hard Rock ala AC/DC meets 70's Boogie stuff and some of the trax feature a quite unessential sort of Heavy Rock with huge late 70's touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for the additional info)
"Gangster" LP 1989 (Rockwerk)
"Alcohol disaster" CD 1991 (Rockwerk)

Gangster of Love
A band from West Berlin, which was active during the late 80's. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Willy Eilers (vocals)
Gerd Hoddow (guitar)
Bodo Geist (guitar)
Charly Schuster (bass)
Rolf Roskos (drums)
This optically "Blessed Death double" band was hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia and previously started playing Hard Rock as Fliehkraft already in 1978. At around the time when they recorded their only album, they changed name to Gator also and published the album independently. NWOBHM inspired rippers like "Priest of Voodoo" or "Hey you" pretty much belong to the creme de la creme of the early german Heavy Metal pioneering sound. Sadly the album also featured some Hard Rock numbers mixed in between, otherwise the same titled LP would be a top notch example of an early Heavy Metal troop that's not copying Accept at all. A special hint, Hartmut Engler used to sing the backing vocals on the album. Most of you won't know this guy I'm sure, but he later became famous with the Pop/Rock band "Pur" at the end of the 80's. Gator in contrary completely vanished from the screen afterwards, though all remaining 4 members came back into the light a decade later as the southern/country rock cover act General Lee Band (see West Wirginia Records).
"Gator" LP 1982 (Madhouse)

GB Force
Michael Dahme (vocals)
Johannes Flücken (drums)
Horst Sillmann (bass)
Kai Großkreutz (guitar)
Can't say much about this band, they was located in Osnabrück and had a first track "I'll see the light tonight" on the local Blizz IIX compilation but this song hasn't much in common with the LP that got released 1 year later on the underground label D&S Recording. GB Force on that songs sounded pretty much like an AOR band, appearing quite poppy, while on "The force" they went into a much more Metal dominated direction, though with melodic edge too but the material had enough rough edges to be fully voted for the Heavy Metal sector. They rather kinda remind me more of british post-NWOBHM bands than german ones. The album is available in black and red vinyl and doesn't pop up that often anymore nowadays.
"I'll see the light tonight" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Blizz IIX)
"The force" LP 1988 (D&S)

Butje (vocals)
Eddy (guitar)
Andy Süss (bass)
Harry (drums)
Geböhlke (impossible to translate into english^^) was a Funcore band from Fulda, that was active between 1986-1988. After Butje quit in 1987, Andy took over the vocals and also Eddy got replaced during that year by Linki. The guys released a Demo tape with the title "Total Geböhlke" in 1988, that according to their own info, features a Metal/Punk Crossover mix in the "classic" A.O.K. style. Andy Süss afterwards re-appeared in the bands Rawhead and Vex.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the info)

"Total Geböhlke" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

General Lee Band
The General (vocals)
Lady B. (vocals)
Fastfinger B. Ghost (guitar)
Mr. Vee Dee (guitar)
Charly Schuster (bass)
Rolf Roskos (drums)
A Southern Rock band from the Saarland featuring the previous Fliehkraft/Gator members Charly Schuster and Rolf Roskos. They should be active since the fall of the 80's and published their debut LP on Rockwerk Records in 1991, while in the following year it got also published on CD on different labels. The second album "Southern heat" was available in 1993 and features, just like the debut, hard Southern Rock in the vein of Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet. The band is mainly known to be a live act, but also released two more albums in 2014 and 2017.
"Confederal Wedding" LP 1991 (Rockwerk)
"Southern heat" CD 1993 (Racoon)

A Heavy Metal band from Munich, active in the mid 80's. If you have more info please get in touch.

Peter Gerl
Another obscure act, hailing from Freisingen (Munich area), introduced by the D&S label and we should be thankful they made all these crazy bands immortally pressed in vinyl. Despite playing an extremely speedy Heavy Metal, the Genocide band didn't benefit much from the low budget production at all. For that kind of ripping Metal you need a fat sound with fat guitars. "Soldier of death" and "Headbanger" are musically quite ok Power Metal but as mentioned, the low sound kills them both. "Headbanger" even could be called early Living Death for pedestrians or something. In an old Metal Hammer mag I found a band from Isenbüttel with that name mentioned. So it's most probably them. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Piet Sielck (guitar)
Kai Hansen (guitar, vocals)
Markus Grosskopf (bass)
Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums)
Gentry from Hamburg was kinda the first musical steps of certain members of Helloween. Piet Sielck (later in Iron Saviour) and Kai Hansen formed Gentry at around 1978 and in 1980 drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg joined the band, that also the later Helloween bassist Markus Großkopf was member of. The band name got changed in 1981 to Second Hell and in 1982 to Ironfist, after Piet Sielck quit. Michael Weikath earlier had tried to make Hansen joining his own band Powerfool, but changed plan when the Second Hell line up split up and Weikath took over Sielck's part inside the band, who changed name shortly after to Helloween in 1983. It's known that there are several recordings of Ironfirst or the early Helloween are available, but it's not completely confirmed if these indeed was officially spread as Demos of the band. If you got more info, please get in touch.

George (vocals, bass, keyboard, drums)
This strangely "George" entitled band from southern Bavaria released an LP on the same label that was responsible for the Shadow LP "Iron umbrella". The title track more or less should probably be a homage to the US of A, a dreamy and softer Hard Rock ballad. The whole album was recorded by a guy called George himself, with only the help of several guitarists, who lend him their helping hands. Basically the whole material on the album could be summarized as Hard Rock, but each song shows different facetes. Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, influences of all of these styles can be found on "America". Just a special note, since the album was recorded in Maßbach, near by the US army base in Schweinfurt and the guy is called "George", who's paying homage to America, I tend to guess he was one of the US soldiers stationed in Germany. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"America" LP 1989 (Knock Out Music)

German Forces
Michael Jankowski
A Heavy Metal band from Essen, active around 1985. If you have more info please get in touch.

German Paranoia
Ralf Lenk (guitar)
Ralf Susemichel (guitar, vocals)
Markus Schmidt (bass)
Bernd Siepl (drums)

A local Power Metal band from the Fulda area, that was active from the beginning of the 90's till the mid 90's. German Paranoa recorded 2 Demo tapes between 1993 ("Chief of the Sioux") and 1994 ("Falls"), before the band dissolved shortly afterwards. If you got further info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the info)
"Chief of the Sioux" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

German Rock Project
An All Star Project with prominent german Hard Rock and Heavy Metal musicians very similar to Dio's "Hear 'n Aid", that was produced by Ulrich Pösselt and featured the ballad "Let love conquer the world", that came close to almost melodic Hard Rock Gospel sounds. Nevertheless a catchy song that's available in different versions with either 16 guitar solos. Under the same header "German Rock Project - The Ballad Album" there was also a compilation made that features songs of Doro, Thunderhead, Roko, Axel Rudi Pell, Darxon, Domain etc etc ... probably all bands who's members was involved.

"Let love conquer the world" 7"/MCD 1991 (Polydor)
"German Rock Project - The Ballad Album" CD 1992 (Brunswick News)

Gero (guitar, vocals)
A one man Biker Rock show from Nortorf in northern Germany. Gero got supportet during the recordings sessions of his selfproduced, entirely in german sung album by the Martin Miller Band. Musically it's quite varied stuff, from Folk Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock you can find all kinds of influences on the album, partly ZZ Top comes to mind. But I wouldn't say it's essential stuff at all.
"Die schwarzen Reiter" LP 1989 (Westwind Musikverlag)

Jürgen Kirsch (vocals)
Andy Oeder (guitar)
Manny Hammerand (guitar)
Roland Arnold (bass)
Ramy Ali (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Nuremberg, that was founded in the late 80's and recorded a few Demo tapes before they eventually published their debut album "(No) Leave without paying" in 1994. In the beginning the guys used to play a straight classic Heavy Metal sound, but later on the CD more modern, typically 90's proggy, funky influences dominated the picture. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Tino Timm (vocals)
Arnold Sprenger (guitar)
Gerd Klik (guitar, keyboard)
Guido Berendes (bass)
Wolf Degering (drums)
Arnold Sprenger (aka Arnie Ghandi) and Gerd Klik formed Ghandi after their previous band Vicious Circle split up in 1986. They have been around in Willebadessen since 1980 already and released a number of things including a 12" EP, that featured the track "Down the highway", which they also adopted for Ghandi's debut album "Destruction forver?" in 1988. Not sure why Ghandi has been a kinda laughing number in german mags back in the day (Probably due to their outfits?), but musically "Destruction forever?" is speaking a different language. The guys acted pretty heavy, in places Salem's Law tendencies are even shining through. The guys used to play a heavy sort of Metal with Power Metal and speed influences, that I'd rate at least in the upper league of the german Metal acts. The track "Entertainment of war" from the album was either used for the second part of the Teutonic Invasion samplers, as well as "We wanna rock you" and "Down the highway" appeared on a local Kassel compilation LP. For the second album "Grateful message" from 1990, Arnie compiled a completely new line up consisting of Jones (vocals), Peter (guitar), Gonzo (drums) and only Guido Berendes on bass remained of the previous line up. The material got slightly more melodic and midpaced, though remained quite listenable either. Unfortunately the speed influences got almost fully suppressed and only on "All on all" and "S.H.K." the lads did what fit them best. In the end despite Ghandi tried something different on "Grateful message", it still remains a solid middle league album. The band split up shortly after though.

"Destruction forever?" LP 1988 (Metal Giant)
"Entertainment of war" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Teutonic Invasion Part Two)
"Baby it's you" 7" EP 1989 (Metal Giant)
"Rock around Kassel" Comp.-LP Tracks 1989 (Na Nu)
"Grateful message" LP/CD 1990 (Metal Giant)

Armin Schäfer (vocals)
Jürgen Krebs (guitar)
Harald Goll (keyboard)
Alex Dörner (bass)
Bernd Graf (drums)
Most probably a band from southern Germany, that published two albums around 1980. The debut simply "No. 1" entitled, isn't much of interest, as the material features more or less just bluesy late 70's Kraut Rock. The second album "Just for you", recorded at the Dierks Studios in January '81, on the other hand at least provided a handful of Hard Rock and Classic Rock/AOR numbers, though in between the guys always relapsed into their old scheme and dropped the quality of the album by performing plain Rock with even using saxophone. The debut album was re-released with different artwork and song order under the title "River queen". Bernd Graf afterwards joined the NDW band Patent and Harald Goll went to another NDW band with the name Zeng.
"No. 1" LP 1979 (Venus)
"River Queen" LP 1979 (Spiegelei)
”Just for you” LP 1981 (Peak)

Gipsy (Thalheim)
Fredy Lieberwirth (bass)
Wilfried Opitz (guitar, vocals)
Dietmar Bergert (keyboard)
Achim Pöschel (drums)
The eastgerman Hard Rock/AOR band Gipsy arose out of the ashes of the band Satori from Thalheim (ex-GDR), that was founded in 1973 and disbanded in 1977, which was the official date of birth of the rockers Gipsy, featuring Fredy Lieberwirth (bass), Wilfried Opitz (guitar, vocals), Dietmar Bergert (keyboard), Achim Pöschel (drums). The guys was playing cover versions of international rock stars and are still active until nowadays. In the 80's the band was working with different line ups and musicians and either could produce several trax for the national broadcast service, that got also featured on different compilations, but are more or less to count to the Classic Rock genre like "Marie" on the "Auf dem Wege 4" sampler proves. On the "Startschuss 2" Split 7" from 1986, Gipsy was backing group for female solo vocalist Petra Schwerdt. During their live shows and especially in the later 80's the guys added songs of Rainbow, Deep Purple, Kiss, AC/DC, Foreigner, Toto, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake or Europe to their repertoire, but also are performing own compositions like "Song of Gipsy". Though the lads was often booked to perform at important eastgerman TV music shows like "rund", "STOP! ROCK" or "bong", they wasn't allowed to produce own singles or albums at all. None of the official releases featured below are of interest for the classic Hard Rock or Metal faction, but due to their hardrockin' live shows, Gipsy truly needs to be added here.
For more info please check out Gipsy's Homepage.

"Marie" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Auf dem Wege 4)
"Gib deine Welt" Split 7" EP Track 1986 (with Lama/Rosalili/Amor und die Kids, "Startschuss 2", Amiga)
"Ein Viertel Jahrhundert Studentenclub" Split 7" EP 1987 (with KJB Kasseturm Jazz Band Weimar, Amiga)

Broadcast recordings:
"Song of Gipsy" (1982)
"Dort wo kein Land für Kinder ist" (1982)
"Wir werden nicht noch einmal geboren" (1982)
"Live in Karl-Marx Stadt" (November 1982)
"Gipsy Live für Duett - Musik für den Recorder" (1985)
"Stein deiner Träume" (1985)
"Hab' dich erkannt" (1987)

Gist, The
Herbie E. Junior (guitar)
Pommes T. Dörsch (guitar)
Alwin Zwibel (bass, vocals)
Heinz Fletscher (drums)
One more side note in the german Hard Rock history is the band The Gist with their privately produced album "Too hot", recorded in March '87 at the Checkpoint Studios in New York (if we can trust the back sleeve of the LP). And the compiling of the featured songs couldn't be more strange. AOR/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and even Melodic Metal got all thrown into one and the same cauldron, to make it hard for those who love to categorize bands 30 years later. Lets keep it short, the song that's the most exciting is "Shakin' in the 90's", followed by "After the madness" and "I need the Rock" on the B-side, which are both very listenable melodic Hard Rock/Metal numbers. The rest of the bunch is commuting between good AOR/Melodic Rock and other uninteresting rather Guitar Rock oriented sounds. If you got further info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Too hot" LP 1987 (Gist Production)

Glacial Sun
An obscure NWOBHM influenced early priestish sounding Metal act from any place in Germany. Too bad that D&S didn't had the money to insert any info sheet of the bands featured on their compilations at all. "Big feelings" is a faster flawless Judas Priest inspired track but sadly "Burning love" offered more commercial hints, a midpaced pounder that was just forgettable. If you got more info about the band, please get in touch.

Jürgen Volk (bass, vocals)
Wolfgang Heuchert (guitar)
Dietrich Vogt (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Horb (Stuttgart area), founded in 1982 by Jürgen Volk, Wolfgang Heuchert and Dietrich Vogt under a different name, but shortly later became Glenmore. The trio recorded a first Demo in November 1986, that received good feedback, but the guys nevertheless had to wait till the 90's to finally could score with another Demo tape recorded 1991 with Markus Ratheiser (bass) and ex-Mascot Olaf Adami (guitar), who joined in 1990, while Jürgen Volk would only take care of the vocals. The Polydor signed Glenmore and released "Materialized" during 1993. The CD features melodic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal tunes with obvious 80's roots and american, typically Hair Metal influences in the vein of Firehouse, Bonfire, White Lion etc. Dietrich Vogt had to leave the band during 1994 and Jörg Michael (Rage, Mekon Delta etc etc ...) recorded the drums on their second album "For the sake of truth" 1994. After another Demo in 1996 ("Sacred mission") the band eventually split up 1999. If you got further info, please get in touch.

"Demo" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Materialized" CD 1993 (Polydor)

Glory Anthem
Christof Wojtysiak (vocals)
Dirk Breymann (bass)
Mike Umann (drums)
Erik Dembke (guitar)
lngolf Schimpf (guitar)
Except of the new bassplayer Dirk Breymann all the other guys in Glory Anthem are ex-Breathless musicians from Peine. The guys changed name in 1987 to Glory Anthem and recorded another Power/Speed Metal Demo, that's not too far from the old Breathless material, who worshipped the melodic speed ladden Metal to the bone. The "Death Or Glory" demo was re-released on vinyl in 2019 by HMH Records.
"Death or glory" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Another obscure act with just compilation appearances that the CBR label was responsible for. The first one "Rock star" on the "Schwarz auf weiß" LP was a german sung Hardrocker with for my taste too big R'n' R edge, but "Hotter than hell" from "The Beast" 7" on the other hand was more or less Heavy Metal, though with bit Hard Rock including as well, but the track was roughly produced and had a driving beat. If you got info about the band, please get in touch.
"Rock star" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Schwarz auf weiß)
"Hotter than hell" Comp.-7" EP Track 1987 (The Beast)

Gary Wheeler (vocals)
Matthias Raue (keyboard)
Ralf Förg (drums)
Once again one of Ingo Nowotny's fake bands that released albums with different hired musicians. Godzilla often are refered to be a real austrian band, but if you take a look at the "songwriters", then you see that Ingo Nowotny was involved in everything. Not sure who recorded guitars on the first album, but I bet it was Simon Sobkowiak once again. The debut album definitely isn't as bad as it's follower and featured in places listenable Melodic Metal, but also dull Hard Rock numbers. On "Godzilla II" I guess you got the same band featured that recorded the hilarious Killerfox and Thrash Queen albums and you should avoid this album by any means. It's amoung the worst that was coming out of Germany.

"Godzilla" LP 1989 (Metal Enterprises)
"Godzilla II" LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises)

Andreas Hilbert (guitar, vocals)
Max Grützmacher (bass)
Michael Marschalk (drums)
An eastgerman Death Metal band from Buckow (ex-GDR), that was founded still in July '89, shortly before the political change, by teenagers Max Grützmacher, Michael Marschalk and Andreas Hilbert. The first Demo "Visceral scab" got recorded in early '91 and featured Grindcore inspired Death Metal in the vein of Carbonized, that gained the boys first attention within the Death Metal scene and led to another 7", featuring 2 trax of the Demo. Caused by a tragic car accident, Max Grützmacher died in July '92, that forced the remaining duo to reform the band with Jens Malwitz (ex-Mentis Error) on guitar. When Michael Marschalk quit either a few months later, Ruben Wittchow helped on drums. Last but not least Fermenting Innards' Rico Spiller took over the bass and the band so gar was complete again to record the second Demo "Recall the day of incarnation" in June '93. But either Jens Malwitz was torn out of life unexpectedly when he suffered a crash with his motorcycle. Michael Marschalk returned to the band in 1994 and the recordings for their debut album "Eternity: The Weeping Horizons" happened in August '95. 2 more albums was published in 1999 ("The 2nd moon") and 2004 ("Dreamweaver").
"Visceral scab" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Visceral scab" 7" EP 1992 (Cannibalized Serial Killer)
"Recall the day of incarnation" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Martin Missy (vocals)
Peter Laske (guitar)
Patrik Hachfeld (bass)
Kai Müller (drums)
A local Wolfsburg Metal band active around 1985, that among others featured a young Martin Missy (Spitfire/Inzest/Protector) and Peter Laske (Heritage/Death Attack). 2 songs were written - "Kill The Nuns" and "Teutonic Tales" - but no official demos were recorded and no live shows performed. A rehearsal demo was however produced, but it was apparently never officially released.
"Solum odium, solus angor, sola spes" rehearsal demo 1985 (unreleased)

A Death/Thrash Metal band from Dortmund, active during the fall of the 80's. The band was labelled as Dortmund's answer to Sodom. During summer 1989 an EP was said to be avalable soon. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Jörg Zimmermann (bass, vocals)
Llemmyy (guitar)
Ralf Zimmermann (drums)
Graaf is a band from West Berlin, active since already 1985, most probably initiated by the Zimmermann brothers. The band recorded 4 Demos till they produced their selftitled debut CD independently in 1994, that featured a more melodic style Power/Thrash. Graaf's sound though in the beginning was more basic Thrash but later on their Demo's some more technical and proggy elements conquered the band's style. The band is still alive nowadays. If you got further info, please get in touch.
"Graaf" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Ticket to hell" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Demo 4/93" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

A Metal band from southern Germany that was playing live at an Open Air Festival in Eschelbronn/Kallenberg during summer '89. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Andy Kuhlmann (guitar, vocals)
Hansi Becker (guitar, vocals)
Udo Schlenther (bass)
Walter Müller (drums)
The sleeve of the obscure single of this band from northern Germany (most probably from the Hamburg area) pretty much point it out what's to expect musicwise (Hard Rock), including the suggestion to play it loud. And indeed, late 70's inspired, pounding, and even boogie-ing Hard Rock drones out of the speakers with not just a little AC/DC edge. Basically those who like stuff like the Rusty Nail singles or the first Powerage LP, will definitely enjoy Grace as well.

"Roll rocker roll" 7" EP 1981 (Thorofon)

Gracious Violence
Mario Schneider (vocals)
Frank Lebe (guitar)
Rolf Müller (guitar)
Ronald Eckstein (bass)
Volker Schultz (drums)
Gracious Violence was post-Splinter from West Berlin, who changed name around 1990. These guy's style was slightly heavier than Splinter's and has to be seen more in the Power Metal genre, while with Mario Schneider (as Mario Le Mole) and Frank Lebe the band had recruited two ex-Merlin musicians, who surely either was a bit responsible that Gracious Violence more than once slightly reminded of Merlin's old material, especially Schneider's remarkable vocals. But the Demo didn't help much to score a record deal anymore, so Gracious Violence got disbanded during 1993. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Gracious Violence" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Grave Digger
Chris Boltendahl (bass, vocals)
Peter Masson (guitar)
Simon Adam (drums)
One of Germany's longest lasting Heavy Metal pioneers, thought their career stagnated in the later 80's and Chris Boltendahl experimented with different other bands till he eventually revived Grave Digger to started their second spring in the early 90's, that would become way more coined by success then the earlier incarnation of the band. Grave Digger was founded by Boltendahl, Peter Masson and a drummer in Gladbeck 1980 and the early phase featured a dozen of different drummers till they recorded their first Demo with Philipp Seibel in 1982. For the second tape 1983 the line up once again got changed. Albert Eckhardt (drums) and Willi Lackmann (bass) completed the classic fourpiece and this tape gained the band alot attention within the underground, ending in a record deal with the young Noise Records label, who firstly put 2 trax on their "Rock from Hell" sample and 1 year later produced the bands debut album. The same titled album featured with "Heavy Metal breakdown" a timeless Metal hymn, that was perfectly reflecting the needs of the young headbanging crowd. Boltendahls vocals made Grave Digger to stand out of the mass of bands, though the albums quality in the whole was fluctuating between breathtaking power bangers and rather middle league numbers, as the guys couldn't constantly keep the level of songs like "Headbanging man". The second album was released as a trio, with Boltendahl playing the bass once again. With the Running Wild inspired title track "Witch hunter" Grave Digger could set some course, but once again the qualitative level couldn't get kept on the same level throughout the whole album at all. While the speedy songs pretty much made them playing in a league with Running Wild or Tyrant, the midpaced material dropped that impression immensely. February '86 the last album with Peter Masson on guitar was published, featuring the new bassist C.F. Brank (later in S.A.D.O.), that equally to the previous 2 LP's had to struggle once again with qualitative differences from song to song. Masson quit in May '86 and the band name got changed to just Digger, while Uwe Lulis replaced Masson on guitar and the sound of the band changed towards commercially influenced Metal with Glam touch, as shown on Digger's only album "Stronger than heaven" from 1986 too. As a result of the less successful album during December '87 a message was spread that Boltendahl had realized his mistake and he added "Grave" to the name Digger again, and only played live material on stage of the first 3 albums with his new crew Uwe Lulis (guitar), Jochen Wiek (bass) and J.J. Börner (drums). When Chris Boltendahl has put Grave Digger on ice isn't 100 % sure, but must have been during 1988, as he started the band Hawaii together with Chris Lulis during that time, but after they both was tired of Hawaii in 1991, Boltendahl and Lulis unexpectedly returned with new line up (ex-Exray/Asgard Thomas Göttlich on bass and Peter Breitenbach on drums), and new Grave Digger Demo, that featured real Heavy Metal like from their old days and lead to an highly appreciated new Grave Digger album with the immortal Jörg Michael behind the drums, entitled "The reaper" in 1993, which was the start for the bands second, much more successful career, that still hasn't found it's end yet.
"Demo 1982" (selfreleased)
"Born again" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Rock from Hell - German Metal Attack" Comp.-LP Tracks 1983 (Noise)
"Heavy Metal breakdown" LP 1984 (Noise)
"Shoot her down!" 12" EP 1984 (Noise)
"Metal Attack Vol. 1" Comp.-LP 1985 (Noise)
"Witch hunter" LP 1985 (Noise)
"War games" LP 1986 (Noise)
"Return of the reaper" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"For promotion only!!" Promo MCD 1992 (Warner/Chapell)
"The reaper" LP/CD 1993 (GUN)

Berti Majdan (vocals, bass)
Wolfgang Rittner (guitar)
Rudi Dorner (guitar)
Andy Müller (keyboard)
Mike Schmidt (drums)
The origins of Gravestone already refer back to the year 1975, when Rudi Dorner and Mike Schmidt founded the band Heizkörper in Illertissen. 1976 when vocalist Berti Majdan joined them on bass guitar, the name got changed to Oregon and in 1977, after Wolfgang Rittner and Andy Müller was added, eventually the name Gravestone popped up. At his moment the guy's sound was typical Kraut/Prog Rock influenced and while they was rehearsing all day and night, they recorded several Demo tracks in 1978, that made the the idea growing to produce an album, which indeed was recorded in February '79. The "Doomsday" entitled LP was manufactured and sold by the AVC studio directly, and contains mainly instrumental proggy Kraut Rock songs. But the band's line up wasn't of permanence, only Rudi Dorner and Andy Müller was still remaining of the original Gravestone to record the band's second album "War" in 1980. Sokrates Gradl (guitar, ex-Jump), Dieter Behle (drums, ex-Sphinx) and Dietmar Orlitta (bass, vocals, ex-Sphinx) has been the new guys in the band and Gravestone's sound got slightly heavier now. First Hard Rock tunes merged with the previous Prog Rock. During the following 2 years the band's line up was plagued by continuous line up changed, that just stabilized at around 1982, when Berti Majdan had returned. The guitars got handled by Mathias Dieth (ex-Dust) and Klaus Reinelt (ex-Solaplexus), while the bass was stills in hands Dietmar Orlitta and drummer being Dieter Behle. Parallel to the new line up, the style of Gravestone had changed also. During a local Baden-Württemberg band contest in December '83, the band's show was broadcasted both in TV and radio, and Gravestone got rewarded with a live track feature ("Sitting on a bench") on the "Radio 3 Südfunk Stuttgart Nachwuchs-Festival 1983" sampler, that introduced that contest. Getting clairaudient by the band's first success and free promotion, Peter Garattoni added Gravestone to the Gama stable in March '84 and produced the "Victim in chains" album in April. Dietmar Orlitta subsequently quit his job because he wasn't much happy of the band's decision, so Thomas Sabisch became new bassist, while the album was available in August. Carried by the wave of success, Garattoni didn't waste much time and Gravestone's 4th album "Back to attack" was standing in the shops already in April '85, featuring even heavier sound than on "Victims of chains". Gravestone had casted its feathers to one of the leading acts of the Gama empire, right behind the all ruling Tyrant, influencing musically a not low number of other german bands of the mid 80's. But in the fall of 1985 Dieter Behle left the band (later in Tyrant and the godly Arrakis) and got replaced by the 18 years old drummer Thomas Imbacher. Mathias Dieth switched over to the band Sinner after playing some last gigs with Gravestone in December '85 (and later was a musical pillar in U.D.O.), while the guys quickly found Jürgen Metkos to replace him early '86. The band's last album "Creating a monster" either was recorded a while later and just like the previous albums sold quite well, but the collaboration with Gama got a crack, due to the dubious financial policy that almost all Gama bands had to struggle with, so both parties went separate ways in 1988. Gravestone, although having received offers by different labels, decided to handle the promotion and production of the further albums by themselves and founded their own label Fortune Records. In combination with that, 1990 the band name got changed to 48 Crash which probably was a huge mistake seen retrospectively viewed. The "Some like it hot" entitled album is dominated by a kinda R'n'R driven Hard Rock/Metal mix while only songs like "Madelaine" remind us of their old exploits and can be considered true Heavy Metal. Despite of the highly developed musical skills of the single musicians in the band, "Some like it hot" never could affiliate the earlier success and especially sound of Gravestone. I guess the lads came to the same conclusion and eventually disbanded in 1992. Please note, several album tracks of the band was featured on numerous compilations, that we don't list here at all.

Achim Sankul (guitar)
Volker Rahn (guitar)
Markus Breuer (bass)
Jörg Bontenbroich (drums)
A Thrash Metal band from Alsdorf, near Aachen, that was active since already the late 80's but released their MCD "Walk your walk" independently just in the early mid 90's. During spring 1989 the band was searching for a new vocalist and also had prepared a Demo tape during that year. On the "Walk your walk" MCD from 1993, their earlier Thrash sound had already merged with that typical for the early 90's Power/Thrash style, similar to bands like Pantera, with a not so small portion of groove. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Walk your walk" MCD 1993 (selfreleased)

Great Big Kisses
Jörg Timp (vocals)
Bernd Weber (guitar)
Jonas Franken (guitar)
Carsten Wien (bass)
Finn Jacobsen (drums)
A Sleaze Rock band from Düsseldorf, that formed during 1987. Their line up during their whole career did not change at all. The band could debut with a feature for the magazine Hartbeat! (Nr. 10 1990), where the song "Bad" appeared on a Split Flexi with High Jinks and later that year the RCA featured the Great Big Kisses with "Desperado" on the "Sleaze Rock" sampler, in company of international top bands of the Sleaze genre. Their only album "Aficionados" was produced by Mekong Delta's Ralf Hubert in March and May 1991, but didn't receive the expected feedback by national magazines, who accused the band to sound boring and sucked dry. Afterwards the lads disappeared, most probably coz they lost their record deal.
"Bad/Time for turning" Flexi Split 7" EP 1990 (with High Jinks, Hartbeat! Magazine)
"Desperado" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (Sleaze Rock)
"Aficionados" LP/CD 1991 (Intercord)

Green Hamsters, The
T. Hörnig
A rather unknown Thrash band from Ditzingen in the Stuttgart area, that at least released 3 Demos in the late 80's. We can only provide the title for the second one, recorded in November '88, that seen by the title might already reveal influences of the band's musical style. Since that tape has is marked as Demo Nr. 2 there should be an earlier tape as well, plus we've found evidence for another 3rd Demo from early 1990, featuring 4 tracks of Thrash with melody and a few HC influences. Further info is desired.

"...and Hamsters for all" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Frank Papenbroock (guitar)
Carsten Okkens (bass)
Ole Ludwig (drums)
Achim Ehrenstein (vocals)
Jochen Midwer (guitar)
Greenback from Hamburg started up under a different (unknown) name already back in 1977, but stabilized under this moniker in early 1980, with Frank Papenbroock on lead guitar, Carsten Okkens on bass and Ole Ludwig on drums. Shortly after Achim Ehrenstein joined on vocals and in April 1981 the line-up was complete with Jochen Midwer on second guitar. This line-up did record the "Automatic gun" Demo 1982, featuring just the same titled track, that's been a Power/Speed Metal rager like early Jaguar or Accept's "Fast as a shark". 1983 one more 6 track Demo was published, including tunes like "Waiting For The End", "Sunday Nights", "Feel The Power", "Virgin Killer", "Automatic Gun", "Persecution" etc.. that has been a straight-up NWOBHM influenced Heavy Metal affair with some occasional "Killers" era Iron Maiden influences. In 1984, Carsten left for personal reasons and was replaced by Serge Demolieré, who also left the band later the same year. If anyone has more info about the further destinies of the band, please get in contact.
"Automatic gun" Demo 1982 (selfreleased)
"Demo 2" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)

Wolfram "Wolfi" Rieder (vocals, guitar)
Celia Gomez (backing vocals)
Matthias Stroezel (keyboards)
Roman Frik (guitar)
Christof Stroezel (bass)
Alexander Redlich (drums)
Grex was a melodic Heavy Rock band from Stuttgart, that released a single in 1991 and a MCD two years later, both selfproduced and in limited quantity. Their sound was kinda inspired by melodic US Hard Rock bands with midpaced pounding beats and keyboard shaded, that reminds me in places a bit of the softer trax of australian White Metal band Disciple.

"Warfever" 7" EP 1991 (selfrelased)
"Stop it now" MCD 1993 (selfreleased)

Grim Reaper
Alwin Rainer (drums)

A local Augsburg Hard Rock band that was active during the late 70's and early 80's, featuring the later Waxx/Manalishi/Veto drummer Alwin Rainer. The guys played an own tour through Germany during 1980. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Adrian Hahn (bass, vocals)
Lario Teklic (guitar)
Shellshock (drums)
Grinder was a quite a wellknown Thrash band from Frankfurt/Main, who started their career in 1984 and their "Scared to death" Demo was published as trio in 1985, featuring Adrian Hahn (bass, vocals), Lario Teklic (guitar) and Shellshock (drums). Andy Ergün (guitar) and drummer Stefan Arnold had joined Grinder in the meanwhile and with the excellent second tape "Sirens" recorded in July '87, the band gained a record deal with the young No Remorse Records label. "Dawn for the living" got recorded in spring '88 and featured an american Speed/Thrash influenced style that often got compared to Flotsam & Jetsam, Vendetta or the faster Metallica stuff on "Master of puppets". After such a furious start Grinder could record album Nr. 2 right in spring of the next year and provided a refined version of the debut, featuring one of the bands best songs ever "Just another scar". The album "Dead end" gained the band alot of popularity and after another 12" 1990, they got signed by Noise Records for the 3rd and last Grinder album "Nothing is sacred", released in 1991, that introduced new bass man Andreas Reichert. Though the band received good reviews in the german magazines, the album didn't sell so well, while the guys didn't change their classic sound at all. But in contrary to the previous albums, the quality of the material was just of middle league level and especially in Thrash unfriendly times the band couldn't score anymore and therefore lost their contract with Noise. After being a little bit disillusioned and not sure of how to continue, Grinder was disbanded and Adrian Hahn, Stefan Arnold plus the earlier Grinder guitarist David Hofmann formed the Power/Thrash band Capricorn in 1992.
"Scared to death" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Sirens" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Dawn for the living" LP 1988 (No Remorse)
"Just another scar" Promo 7" EP 1989 (No Remorse)
"Dead end" LP/CD 1989 (No Remorse)
"No Remorse Records - Label Compilation" Comp.-MC Tracks 1989 (No Remorse)
"The 1st EP" 12" EP/MCD 1990 (No Remorse)
"Nothing is sacred" LP/CD 1991 (Noise)

Michael Scheuerle (bass)
A glammy Heavy Rock band from Stuttgart, featuring the not so unknown Michael Scheuerle (aka Mick Shirley, ex-Sinner/Overkill) who later in appeared on Jackie Wulf's LP. Grizzly at least recorded one Demo tape back in 1987 with a commercial Pretty Maids inspired sound and participated on an international band contest the same year. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Markus Hofreiter (vocals, drums)
Ralf Sendzik (guitar, bass)

The Düsseldorf Crossover Thrashers Guardians originally formed as "Die Dunkelmänner" back in October 1984 with Ralf "Möhre" Sendzik (guitars, bass) and Markus "Higgy" Hofreiter (vocals, drums) building the core of the band, that previously was rooted in the Hardcore/Punk scene. A schoolfriend was "singing" in the beginning, but left in 1985. The duo either, now called Guardians, recorded a 7 song Speed/Thrash Metal influenced Crossover Demo in 1988, before they decided to change name to Twilight Zone and started searching for additional members, that they found in Jörg Kowalczyk (drums) and Stefan (guitar). As Twilight Zone the band recorded 2 more Demos in the early 90's.
"Demo-Tape 1988" (selfreleased)

Gung HO
A Heavy Metal band from the Andernach area probably founded in 1988, who played live gigs in 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Guns 'n' Leder
A Hard Rock band from the ex-GDR, that obviously was playing Glam/Sleaze Metal influenced by Guns'n Roses. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Herve Rozoun (guitar)
Paul Ekness (vocals)
The Gunslingers are more or less an international band founded by french born guitarist Herve Rozoun (ex-Trans Europe Express) and canadian singer Paul Ekness, who used to start the band in Canada but relocated to Hamburg, where they recorded their debut album "For my mom" in 1989. Afterwards they moved to Berlin to live there for a while and picked up new local musicians. The second album of the band was recorded in Berlin. The Gunslingers was one of these US style sounding Glam Rock/Sleaze bands with influences taken from Aerosmith, the New York Dolls or Guns'n Roses and in places reminded of Hamburg's Shanghai'd Guts. After the second album, the duo went separate ways.
"Gunslingers" Demo 1988 (Broadway Danny Groß Productions)
"For my mom" LP 1989 (Devil Dance)
"St. Pauli" 7" EP 1990 (Devil Dance)
"Gunslingers" CD 1993 (Devil Dance)

Thomy Horst (vocals)
Hacki (guitar)
Carsten Herres (guitar)
Peter Schu (bass)
Marc Haas (drums)

This is post-Ion Faith from Mehring (east of Trier). As Ion Faith they recorded an outstanding classic melodic Heavy Metal Demo with the title "Cold cut steel" sometime in 1988/89, but changed name to Gypsy during the last months of 1989. Further info is welcome.

Sia Honarvar Karczewski

A Hard Rock band with heavy Blues edge from Herne, that was active during 1989. If you got further info, please get in touch.

A melodic Hard Rock band from Gelsenkirchen/Essen, that was active during 1989. Further info is needed.

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