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Sven Stemberger
A Wiesbaden based Crossover act with Demo release originating from summer or autumn 1988. The tape included 10 songs of Funcore. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Mandy Van Baaren (vocals)
Burkhard Lipps (guitar)
Paco Saval (keyboard)
Tato Gómez (bass)
Willy Ketzer (drums)
Not so easy to find info of this AOR band, so atm I can't tell where they hailed from. I either think the band was more or less an international group, with just 2 german musicians in their rows. But officially Earforce is rated a german band, so here we go. Besides their "Hot line" LP from 1982 and an associated 7", their discography stayed rather lean, though musicially their sort of AOR/Hard Rock wasn't that bad sounding at all. For lads who enjoy the Hard Rock rooted AOR like early 80's Tokyo or the Raindancer album definitely worth a try.

"Hot line" LP 1982 (Intercord/Xenophon)
"My point of you" 7" EP 1982 (Xenophon)

Earl Def
Dieter Saller (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from Bavaria (probably Vilshofen). Guitarist Dieter Saller joined the Power Metal band Verox in 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Eclipse of the Sun
Zvonomir Pervan (vocals)
Andreas Beckerle (guitar)
Andreas Beck (guitar)
Rainer Sobek (bass)
Gert Tilk (keyboard)
Markus Beck (drums)
I'm not sure why the band Eclipse of the Sun is always rated a croatian band. Fact is, the band was founded 1979 in Zagreb by Zvonomir Pervan, but at some point he emigrated to Bavaria in Germany and on their first vinyl appearance on the sampler "Newcomer Rock Sampler Vol. II", that featured the two trax "Tears" and "Eyes of Satan", the band's contact address was the one of Andreas Beckerle from Oberalteich/Bavaria. Another fact is, that except of Pervan himself, all of the other guys in the band was Germans. Nevertheless, these first songs definitely doesn't even deserve the term Hard Rock at all. Just like the opener of their debut album, both featured Prog Rock, but way softer executed than later on the selfreleased debut "Real Rock'n'Roller" from 1987, which was later re-released by the CBS and another yugoslavian label also. The band's sound rarely had anything in common with Heavy Metal, more likely 80's Deep Purplish Hard Rock was their thing, but the material got carried by a nice atmosphere at least. 1990 the lads published album # 2 on the Explorer label, that featured heavier material in typical US Hair Metal tradition, in places close to early 80's Quiet Riot during their most successful phase, with quite listenable numbers. The record was available in exclusive white vinyl, while on the cover the band got introduced as just Eclipse. One might wonder what was the reason, but if you take a look at the spine of the sleeve and the labels, the band's full name Eclipse of the Sun was printed. After the album "Decadent dance" 1994 (as Eclipse) on the local Munich label Ohrwaschl Records, it got silent around the band. But Zvonomir Pervan is still known to enter the stage every now and then, singing for different bands. Markus Beck joined Goth Rockers Still Patient? after 1990.

"Newcomer Rock Sampler Vol. II" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (KJS)
"A real Rock'n'Roller" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Rock Around Regensburg)
"Real Rock'n'Roller" LP 1987 (selfreleased)
"Let it happen tonight" LP/CD 1990 (Explorer)

Thomas Wienert (guitar, vocals)
Falk Schettler (bass, vocals)
Volker Voigt (drums, vocals)
A Hard Rock band from Schwerin/ex-GDR, that originally started as "Da reißt was ein" in 1983 as a school band, stylistically influenced by Punk and Heavy Metal. In February '86 they changed name to simply "Einriß" and rated themselves a Hard Rock band with a repertoire of 60 songs in mid 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Eisenbeisser only released one 7" on Woolfe Records and this single is quite a confusing affair because both songs was written by a producer (Frank Becking) and soundtechnican (Norbert Grimme). I dunno if these guys was part of the band since there is no line up mentioned on the sleeve. The title track is quite a cheeky rip off of Judas Priest and Fastway with a little piece of AC/DC. They indeed managed to use the refrain of "Breaking the law" in slow motion and sell it as their own. The B-side is a solid midtempo Hard Rocker. What's uncommon with this band was that they used to sing in german. There is no year mentioned but it should be from around 1983.
"Kohle machen" 7"EP 198x (Woolfe)

Michael Gieseler (vocals)
Uwe Weidling (guitar)
Michael Kopp (bass)
Mario Hübner (drums)

Eisenherz (Iron Heart) was a Hard Rock/Metal band from Frankfurt/Oder (ex-GDR), that evolved in 1986 from the band Marathon, while vocalist Michael Gieseler came from Rockteam. The band was musically influenced by Van Halen, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Saxon, whose material they performed live on stage. They either was predestined to produce own songs at Jürgen Matkowitz's studio for the national broadcast service, but that undertaking failed due to missing material and the split of the band in the year 1988/89, after their main songwriter Uwe Weidling joined the Pop/Rock band Mona Lise during early '88. Michael Gieseler was later replaced by female singer Marlies Kleest and for some months the band used to play with a second guitarist as well, namely Klaus Kleest and later after Kleest's department, Michael Schiller. Further info is welcome.

Markus E. Lipka (guitar, vocals)
Jim Sudmann (guitar, vocals)
Marek Gibney (bass)
Jörg Grzedzicki (drums)
One of these new generation bands of the extreme Metal scene, originating from Hamburg, where Eisenvater formed back in 1990 around Jim Sudmann and Markus Lipka. Their style was close to early Sludge Metal bands like EyeHateGod and additionally the lads added Doom Metal parts like known of Grief or Crowbar, with either Industrial and Grindcore elements, which makes it a bit difficult to find a proper drawer to threw them in. We Bite Records gave the band a chance and released their debut album "Eisenvater" (also known as "I") 1992. With Peter Bellendir on drums the second album "II" was recorded 2 years later in 1994 and and last but not least "III" in 1995 without Marek Gibney. Afterwards the guys subsequently took a little break from the business from mid 1996 to 2002, when Sudmann and Lipka restarted Eisenvater once again.

"Eisenvater" LP/CD 1992 (We Bite)
"Aggressos Apathis" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (From Heaven to Hell)

A Metal band from probably North Rhine-Westphalia that was active in the late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Mike Weimann (bass, vocals)
Jürgen Mangels (guitar)
D.-Olliver Strempler (guitar)
Norbert Butz (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Kiel, that published their sole album on a local Kiel based label in 1981. The music of these lads gathered elements of the late 70's from Kraut, Blues and classic Hard Rock, without delivering any outstanding track at all. The album wasn't that essential for the early 80's german scene, though collectors of classic heavy Kraut Rock might get interested. Elaine resurfaced 1983 on the Rockactive I sampler with another exclusive track, that seriously showed a little bit of an improvement, but still provided a strong proggy 70's edge. Afterwards the bands historical footprints vanished into nothingness.

"Too black" LP 1981 (Eastcoast)
"Ain't that reality" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rockactive I)

Electric Sun
Ulrich Roth (guitar, vocals)
Ule Ritgen (bass)
Clive Edwards (drums)
Electric Sun was the band that Ulrich Roth (aka Uli Jon Roth) formed after he left the Scorpions in 1978 and he immediately started to record his first album "Earthquake" still in November of the same year, with help by Ule Ritgen (ex-Black Angel) and ex-Pat Travers Band/Sorry drummer Clive Edwards. Clive Edwards joined the Wild Horses afterwards and got replaced by indonesian drummer Sidhatta Gautama Schwitzki (ex-Nine Days' Wonder) on the "Fire wind" album from 1981, which turned out a bit less "excessive" and easier to listen through, than the playful, spacey guitar insanity dominated debut and featured quite good Hard Rock. The 3rd album that got released as Uli Roth and Electric Sun, featured Clive Bunker (ex-Manfred Mann's Earth Band) at the drummer position, but musically Roth's creations became again rather proggy, in places scary monumental, almost Art Rock suspicious. Rumours say he slept with his guitar during that time and in a way he must have been "insane", but nevertheless, some of his creations sounded nothing but impressive ("Eleison"). But he didn't continue Electric Sun any further and published solo albums during the 90's and 2000's instead. Ule Ritgen subsequently joined the band of Roth's brother Zeno and recorded that band's fabulous debut, before he founded Fair Warning in the 90's.

"Electric Sun" 7" EP 1979 (Metronome)
"Earthquake" LP 1979 (Brain)
"Fire wind" LP 1981 (Brain)
"Beyond the astral skies" LP 1985 (EMI)
"The night the master comes 7" EP 1985 (EMI)

Erich Schriever (vocals, piano)
Frank Bornemann (guitar, vocals)
Manfred Wieczorke (guitar, keyboard)
Wolfgang Stöcker (bass)
Helmut Draht (drums)
A Space/Prog/Art Rock band from Hannover, founded by Frank Bornemann in 1969. The band is just featured for reasons of completion as most of the years, starting from 1969 to 1988 when their album "Ra" was published, the band hardly could be labeled even Hardrock. There have been a few Hard Rock trax on certain early 80's albums, but just with "Ra" these guys constantly worked with Hardrock beats, though the album suffers from a poppy drum sound either. If you are into experimental Prog Rock, we suggest you to check out Eloy's Homepage
You're gonna find all needed info incl. the band's history there.

Harry Wieser (vocals)
Peter Schneider (guitar)
Lupo Greil (guitar)
Jürgen Weigt (bass)
Harry Stümpfl (keyboard)
Dieter Stümpfl (drums)
A shortlived AOR project from Munich (we think), featuring Harry Wieser and Harry Stümpfl, who both released a Kraut Rock album 1975 with Rockin' Mona. Apart of the quite outstanding AOR/Hard Rocker "Eagle in the sky" (with hit ambitions), the album contains very common for that time standard Classic Rock/AOR tunes, that won't really impress most of you, though for Classic Rock fans the LP might be worth a try. Harry Stümpfl 1982 at the peak of the NDW released a single with the NDW/Pop band Nervös and later 1984 an album with M.P. (not the Metal Priests!!), featuring once again ordinary Pop music. His brother Dieter hooked up with famous german Rock/Schlager superstar Wolfgang Petry, while Jürgen Weigt (he worked at the Glashaus Studio) produced Nervös' first album.

"Welcome to our Rock'n'Roll dreams" LP 1980 (Jupiter)

Marc Wagner (vocals, guitar)
Stephan Daniel (guitar)
Peter Bronnsack (bass)
Christian Sauber (drums)
A Speed Metal band from Fürth, that was previously active as Bourbon since the mid 80's, but changed name to Embargo in 1992 shortly before they recorded their debut album for D&S Records. The lads used to play a sort of melodic Power/Speed Metal with Helloween/Scanner touch, but the CD mix comes close to Metallica's "and justice for all" album mix, which either in places might "Dyer's eve" throw in as comparison. But in the first the Scanner/Helloween stamp will lead you on the right path. Embargo also published the albums "Children of a lesser god" (1994) and "The red tide" (1997) before they eventually disbanded 1998.

"Panem et Circenses" CD 1993 (D&S)

A Heavy Metal band from Munich, that was active during the mid 80's and actively played live during that time. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Csaba Zvekan (vocals)
Pierre Silbermann (guitar)
Andreas Würz (bass)
Thomas Lustenberger (keyboard)
Roberto Antonucci (drums)
Emergency wasn't a german band at all, but musicians of the band was originating from Germany. The band was originating from Basel/Switzerland and either the music of these guys at least would fully fit into the usual Munich Rock scene, coz both trax of their "Turn around" 12" musically feature an highly melodic sort of AOR-ish influenced Heavy Rock in the vein of other local Munich bands Bad Hoven, Firefox or the similar acting Skyliner, that got drowned by massive keyboards, which makes the EP moving into the Europe corner. The band was active since 1987 and released a Demo tape during November 1988, that still featured keyboarder Thomas Lustenberger, before they recorded the "Turn around" 12" with Manuel Montanana on keyboards. Afterwards Emergency released their debut album "Boys will be boys" on a local Munich label in 1993 with the line up José Antonio Manzano (vocals), Pierre Silbermann (guitar), Marcel Grunder (guitar), the returned Thomas Lustenberger (keyboard), Andreas Würz (bass), Ronnie Oriet (drums), but afterwards split up right within the same year. Manuel Montanana and Csaba Zvekan of the second line up joined Sardonyx after the first 12". If you got more info, please get in touch.

”Turn around” 12” EP 1989 (Big Maxx)
"Boys will be boys" CD 1993 (Phonag)

R. Gmeinwieser
A local Nuremberg Hard Rock outfit which was active during the late 80's and recorded a 5 track Demo tape during early '89 with a lenght of 27 min. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Rolling thunder" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Ille (vocals)
Oliver Makris (guitar)
Sven Carstens (bass)
Carsten Zisowski (drums)
The Emils was a Crossover band originating from Hamburg, though the band is known a Hardcore/Punk band in the first, their early albums featured an US american style influenced Crossover sound like f. e. Agonstic Front used to play or the mid 80's Inferno stuff. The band was founded in March '85 by Ille (vocals), Oliver Makris (guitar), Sven Carstens (bass) and Carsten Zisowski (drums) and these guys would remain the classic Emils line up for a long time and would record the band's first Demo in March '87, that is available with 2 different booklets. After participating with the numbers "Noiseless scream" and "Legale Mörder" on the local sampler "Hamburg '88", the We Bite label signed the band and produced the Emils debut album "Fight together for..." in October '87. Especially this album is highly recommended for the classic Crossover/Thrashcore fans of Agnostic Front or Attitude Adjustment, as just like the title and artwork of the album claims, the Emils saw themselves between the Punk and Metal scenes and indeed, their super fast Thrashcore that dominates the album proved them right. For the second album "Es geht uns gut", they booked the Masterplan Studio in March '89, that was owned by Stefan Grujic of Mottek. Unlike the more thrashy debut, "Es geht uns gut" featured a more controlled type of Crossover with lots of doublebass driven Speed Metal influences, like the heavier Dimple Minds speed numbers and that style would become the Emil's classic sound on the further albums as well.September 1990 the album "Wer frisst wen?" was recorded once again at the Masterplan studio and after a tour together with Suckspeed and Capitol Punishment in March '91, We Bite published a triple Split Live album, featuring live cuts of that tour. 1993 a last We Bite production was released with "Licht am Horizont". before the guys was plagued by permanent line up changes. 1997 the very last Emils albums "Der schwarze Fleck" and "Partytime" was published on Widerstand Produktionen, before the band got disbanded during the following year.
"5 Track-Demo" Demo 1987
"Hamburg '88" Comp.-LP Tracks 1988 (Bitzcore)
"Fight together for..." LP 1988 (We Bite)
"Es geht uns gut" LP/CD 1989 (We Bite)
"Wer frisst wen?" LP/CD 1990 (We Bite)
"Blut für Öl" 7" EP 1990 (We Bite)
"Live 1991" Split LP/CD 1991 (with Emils & Capitol Punishment, We Bite)
"Licht am Horizont" Pic LP/CD 1993 (We Bite)

Emm Cramer Band
Günter Rosenberger (guitar)
Helmut Nöker (bass)
Klaus Stell (guitar)
Bernward Ackerschott (drums)
The Emm Cramer Band was based somewhere in the Sauerland area (between Bielefeld and Wuppertal) and there's a selfproduced 7" available of this female fronted Rock band from probably the very late 80's. Unfortunately I just could find 4 names of ex-musicians, but not of the quite good singing girl behind the microphone, as the lads was active till in the late 2000's as a cover band by playing songs of Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen, Ozzy etc. The sleeve of the single doesn't provides any info at all and musically they pretty much hadn't much in common with the aforementioned bands on both featured trax. Musically somewhere between AOR and Hard Rock acting, the songs "Rainbow in the night" and "Ride on" got a strong bluesy edge. On "Ride on" I feel slightly reminded of Blues Rockers The Black Crowes. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Rainbow in the night” 7” EP 8? (selfreleased)

A Heavy Metal band from the Gütersloh area, active around 1986. If you have more info please get in touch.

Empire (Bavaria)
Georg Beringer (guitar)
Michael Walter (bass)
Mr. Kiesel (vocals)
Oliver Gerschitz (drums)
A very young speedy Heavy/Power Metal band from deepest Bavaria formed in January '87. For January '88 a Demo tape recording session was planned. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Empire (Wuppertal)
Bernd Kaspers (guitar, vocals)
Roland Lange (guitar)
Gerd König (bass)
Raimund Naumann (drums)
A classic Hard Rock band from Wuppertal, that was active from the late 70's till around 1982 and debuted with the "Sadistic Sadie" 7" 1980. 1981 before the bands only album was recorded, Oliver Petry (vocals), Dirk Fleck (bass) and Fred Otto (drums) replaced König and Naumann. The selftitled album features just typical AC/DC style powerful Hard Rock sound with slightly Blues edge. After the album the band split up already around 1982, while Dirk Fleck and Fred Otto played together for a short while in Fleck's band "Fleck". Otto would subsequently found the legendary Random in 1983. Dirk Fleck after this musical sidestep would join the right path again in the late 80's with the band Mama.
"Sadistic Sadie" 7" EP 1980 (RRR)
"Empire" LP 1981 (Repertoire)
"Let me love you with lights on" 7" EP 1981 (Repertoire)

Frank König (vocals)
A local Heavy Metal band from Stadthagen, featuring the former Exhaust vocalist Frank König. The band was active from at least 1984 till 1986, when Frank König left to record an own 4 track Demo tape. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Guido (vocals)
Claudio (guitar)
Dylan (bass)
Wido (drums)
Though Discogs lists this band as Hardcore and Punk band, the truth is these lads from probably the greater Bonn area celebrated knotless US american style Power Metal like it was common in the very late 80's and early 90's when Thrash kinda turned into Power/Thrash. Not surprisingly both En-Force songs "Grass turned grey" (especially on this track) and "Incantation of hatred" adopted several late 80's Metallica influences and partly also remind me stylistically slightly of the US band Wanted. In places Guido's vocals turns slightly annoying when he's trying to give his vocal style a psychedelic touch. Nevertheless, their 7" is a quite unknown piece, even for specialized german Metal collectors.

”Grass turned grey” 7” EP 1992 (Gusch)

Tanja Ender (vocals)
Dan Framby (guitar)
Thommy Korndörfer (guitar)
Thomas Blang (bass)
Jochen Weisser (drums)

A classic Metal band from Coburg/Bavaria, that was named after their female vocalist Tanja Ender and started in 1987. Their Demo "H" with sexy cover was recorded in 1989 and features 5 neat Power Metal bangers, that due to Tanja often remind of the heavier Warlock days. Thommy Korndörfer and Jochen Weiser after the Demo left the band around early 1990, that still existed till 1991 with Jens Koehn (ex-Pilgrim) behind the drums. The guys also had a video tape "Crazy moon" for sale. Further info is welcome.
”H” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Endless Pain
Gutzi (bass)
Denis (drums)
Heiko Gerull (guitar)
Mario (vocals)
A thrashing Death Metal act from Trusetal/Thüringen (ex-GDR) founded in 1990 that imo published both their releases too early. The demo contains low level Death Metal with Thrash influences and at least on the title track you can hear hints of the classic Death sound from the 80's. But then the level goes down drastically and the interaction of the musicians appears far below the usual standards. On the "False truth" 7" (with white labels) you got almost the same picture while here the sound is just terrible low and now you clearly can hear all the mistakes that on the Demo the bassy sound prevented. The songwriting either is catastrophic. I bet they didn't sell much of these singles back in the day. On the 7" the troop shrunk to a trio. The old drummer Denis was replaced by Kranich and Heiko Gerull took over the vocals as well and exactly this Heiko Gerull later founded the Pagan Metal band Menhir.
"Broken world" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"False truth" 7"EP 1992 (selfreleased)

Harry Amthor (vocals)
Rudy Kronenberger (guitar)
Frank Rittel (bass)
Peter Szigeti (guitar)
Olly Kliem (drums)
Energy from Düsseldorf was the pool for musicians from the Düsseldorf area that was previously active in Stormwind, U.D.O. and Warlock. Frank Rittel and Peter Szigeti was playing together since 1980 in Snakebite and later in Warlock. Energy was founded in summer '88, after Stormwind dissolved and Rittel and Szigeti left U.D.O. Harry Amthor came from Forced Entry, who just changed name to STS 8 Mission. The guys recorded 3 Demo tapes till 1991 that didn't led to any record deal at all. Harry Amthor joined Tarot and Szigeti tried with Velvet Viper. By all the prominent bands the guys did play with, you can imagine that Energy's kind of Metal was close to the aforementioned acts.
"Energy" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Demo II" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Demo 3" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Dirk Noschinsky (guitar, vocals)
Mick Wega (vocals)
Andy Wilda (bass)
Mike Grom (drums)
The band Enforce was formed in 1984, in Dietzenbach, south of Frankfurt and the lads themselves used to call their style melodic Heavy Rock. In 1985 the "In search of wisdom" demo was released, and while guitarist Dirk Noschinsky sang on this demo, this role was shortly after passed on to ex-Wallop vocalist Mick Wega. According to the Metal Hammer band info, the sound of the tape was merging influences of Scorpions/Maiden with Triumph's grade of commerce. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"In Search of Wisdom" Demo '85

Enslaved (Cottbus)
Birk Hübner (vocals)
Dirk Olesch (bass)
Markus Lehnigk (guitar)
Gerd Zaunig (drums)
A Death Metal band from Cottbus, that was still founded during ex-GDR times 1988 as Necrophenistic Nightmare, but changed name 1990 to Enslaved. After a Demo tape 1991, Morbid Records signed the guys and published a Split 7" with Necrmance while it took 2 more years till with the "Twisted nature" 7" the lads could deliver something worth to mention. Dirk Olesch had left Enslaved in the meanwhile to join first Dayzolate in 1993 and one year later Postmortem. Marcus Wurdel replaced him on bass and Lars Weber was the band's new drummer, while the guys classic Death Metal style on "Twisted nature" slightly reminded of the early works of Treblinka/Tiamat or Cemetary. Their debut album "Where is the meaning" was eventually published 1994, but stylistically the lads had turned away from the old Death Metal sound and instead tried with a bit more modern sounding thrashy, experimental sort of Avantgarde Death Metal. "After the "Kleine Seele" album 1997 the band split up the next year.

"Dark tales of insanity" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Enslaved/Necromance" Split 7" EP 1991 (Morbid)
"Twisted nature" 7" EP 1993 (Morbid)
"Zander" Pic Split 7" EP 1993 (Morbid)

Carsten Lutter (bass, vocals)
Bernd Schönborn (guitar)
Olaf Wilken (drums)
Founded in Zweibrücken 1990, Death Metallers Entera's first lifesign was a selfproduced single, recorded in June '93, that featured 3 songs with bad Demo production (not as worse as the Endless Pain single tough), stylistically in the vein of Benediction rehearsal trax for "Subsconscious terror" or something like that. Especially the vocal trax are lacking a hell of power, caused by the bad production and the nonexistent vocal effects, that usually belong to any proper Death Metal recording session. For a Demo it would have been ok, lower middle league stuff, but for a vinyl release it's a pretty low level affair. The lads later in the 2000's started releasing a number of albums and are still alive nowadays.
”Crossing” 7” EP 1993 (selfreleased)

Entire Defeat
Tom Quast (drums)
A local Hamburg based raw Thrash Metal band, that Tom Quast of Asmodis used to play with during the mid 80's. The guys recorded at least one Demo tape during 1986, as two of these songs ("Domain of Antichrist" and "Ponordeath") was featured on the local Hamburg compilation Total Massacre Vol. 1. If you got more info, please contact us.

"Total Massacre Vol. 1" Comp.-MC Tracks 1986 (Death Metal Production)

Line up:
Harald Kortboyer (vocals, bass)
Peter Oko (guitar)
Peter Gascoigne (guitar)
Matt Byron (drums)
The Thrashers Entophyte from Bochum was originally founded as Exurist in 1988 and changed name to Entophyte in 1989. The guys recorded one album in late 1991 that was released on CD only in 1992. Entophyte was playing a not so straight sort of US style proggy Thrash, that features tons of breaks and wild stakkato like outbursts. The guys was acting on a higher technical level, though they wasn't always able to implement that into songstructures that was easy to follow. 80's Techno Thrash, in places in the vein of Depressive Age and canadian Obliveon sounding, with melodic vocals and those raw Thrash parts is a quite hard to swallow brew.

”End of society’s sanity” CD 1992 (Mad Noise/Off Limit)

Cliff Jackson (guitar)
Bernd Kolbe (vocals, bass)
James McGillivray (drums)
The german Rock legend's Epitaph story began in winter 1969 in Dortmund, when Cliff Jackson, Bernd Kolbe and James McGillivray formed the band Fagin's Epitaph. After diverse live gigs with Black Sabbath, Yes or Rory Gallagher, the producer Günter Boras helped the band signing a record deal with the Polydor label and the guys relocated to Hannover. With the later Jane guitarist Klaus Walz completing the classic fourpiece, they shortened name to just Epitaph and recorded their selftitled debut album 1971 in London. After 2 more albums in the early 70's which aren't of interest for us at all, because the band's sound at his early stage was just plain Kraut Rock with proggy touch, the interesting phase started with the band's 4th album "Return to reality" from 1979, that was recorded with the line up: Fritz Randow (drums, ex-Eloy), Cliff Jackson (guitar), Heinz Glass (guitar), Michael Karch (keyboard) and Harvey Janssen (bass, ex-Eloy). The band's early Kraut Rock sound merged with classic Hard Rock and AOR tunes now and throughout the following years they would keep that sound till Michael Karch left them and Cliff Jackson reformed Epitaph by adding the former members Klaus Walz (guitar) and Bernd Kolbe (bass) plus Norbert Lehmann (drums) to record the "Danger man" album in 1982. Musically the band's last album marks their heaviest, though we are still speaking of classic Hard Rock. During the following years no more albums was produced, but Epitaph used the time to work on new material and either another musical concept, which caused the need to change the bandname into Kingdom in 1985/86, that shortly after the release of their fantastic debut album, once again had to get renamed to Domain in 1987.
"Epitaph" LP 1971 (Polydor)
"London town girl" 7" EP 1971 (Polydor)
"Stop look and listen" LP 1972 (Polydor)
"Autumn '71" 7" EP 1973 (Zebra)
"We love you Alice" 7" EP 1973 (Zebra)
"Outside the law" LP 1974 (Membran)
"Return to reality" LP 1979 (Brain)
"Set your spirit free" 7" EP 1979 ‎(Metronome)
"Handicap" Comp.-‎DLP 1979 (Babylon)
"Handicap Vol. II" Comp.-‎DLP 1980 (Babylon)
"See you in Alaska" LP 1980 (Brain)
"Live" LP 1981 (Brain)
"Danger man" LP 1982 (Rockport)

Behjan Mirhadi

According to their own words, a chaotic Thrash Metal band troop from Regensburg/Bavaria, who released a 14 song Demo tape in June '88 with a total lenght of 22 min. So better expect a form of Crossover. Behjan Mirhadi was also member of Apoplexy at the same time. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Blind through religion" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Carsten Krekow (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Gamlien (guitar)
Lars Rothbarth (bass)
Paul Slabiak (drums)
One of the special tips of the 80's Hamburg scene was the band Madhouse who used to call their style "Pure Metal". But originally the band started under the monicker of Erection in 1986. After playing a gig at a sort of madhouse, the guys decided to change name to Madhouse in March '87. Musically they saw themselves influenced by Metallica and Slayer. Sadly no recordings of Erection are known to exist. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Stefan (guitar)
Roy Last (guitar)
Bernward Büker (vocals)

A studio project from Hamburg/Berlin, initiated by Hamburg's guitar legend Roy Last and Long Tall 99 guitarist Stefan to jam around with friends. That's why Berlin's Hardrocker Bernward Büker (Bernward Büker Bande) joined them and Pink Cream 69's Kosta Zafiriou was playing drums on their track "Highway 99" on the obscure local Hamburg compilation " The Desert's still alive Vol. II - Hard and Heavy" from 1990, the featured a solid kind of classic Hard Rock, similar to Long Tall 99's R'n'R inspired style.
"Highway 99" Comp.-CD Track 1990 (The Desert's still alive Vol. II - Hard and Heavy)

Chris Zenk (vocals)
Stefan Römhild (guitar)
Ulf Kaiser (guitar)
Jan Bünning (bass)
Klaus Nowakowski (drums)
Though the Erosion lads are often refered a rather Hardcore band and either all of their records was published on the Hardcore label We Bite Records, at least in the beginning the guys used to play a rather raw and typical Thrash Metal. Erosion was founded in Hamburg as Black Laws in the mid 80's and featured besides Stefan Römhild (ex-OHL) either the ex-Minotaur Ulf Kaiser and Chris Zenk, before they changed their name to Erosion in early 1987 when they recorded "The way of force" Demo in February. The Demo contains songs that would later apppear on the band's debut "Mortal agony" as well, and like stated above, their sound was a pretty raw type of Thrash with a few Hardcore/Crossover hints like f.e. Agnostic Front and built the perfect opposite to the common style Thrash acts like Deathrow, Kreator or Destruction. The exclusive track "Prince of hell" was used for a local Hamburg Punk/Hardcore sampler and the second album "Thoughts" already was published a while later in 1989. The former raw Hardcore/Thrash had to sidestep a way more technically executed Thrash style on "Thoughts", which didn't suit the guys so well at all, as all the brutality that "Mortal agony" spread got drowned in breaks. Rainer Wischnewski had replaced Jan Brünning on bass and also Ulf Kaiser quit to get replaced by ex-Buxom Coxcomb guitarist Michael Hankel. Surprisingly the Erosion lads with the release of "III" in 1992 kinda returned to the brutal Crossover/Thrash sound of the early days and sounded closer to "Mortal agony" than to the previous album "Thoughts". But after the album "Down..." (1995), they eventually called it a day the next year.
"The way of force" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Prince of hell" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Hamburg '88)
"Mortal agony" LP 1988 (We Bite)
"Thoughts" LP/CD 1989 (We Bite)
"Brown Bottles go ape: Apish excursion" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Tipsy Apes)
"Gunman" 7"/MCD 1991 (We Bite)
"III" LP/CD 1992 (We Bite)
"Erosive life" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (From Heaven to Hell)

Joachim Weber (vocals)
Arno Kuttig (guitar)
Boris Voß (guitar, keyboard)
Erik Dresler (bass)
Mike Külpmann (drums)
Escape from Siegen was founded around late 1986 or early '87, featuring the Expect No Mercy member Mike Külpmann, as well as ex-Thunderbolt Arno Kuttig. The guys didn't hesitate too long to start producing several Demo tapes throughout 1987 and '88, while the last one "Children of the city" in album lenght, contained quite numerous trax that would later appear on their selftitled debut album again. Ingo Nowotny, probably being tired of producing fake albums, has been smarter than other labels and signed the guys. The 1989 released album features pretty good melodic Heavy Metal with several Helloween-ish hints in the way of performing on their instruments, though they didn't sound like Helloween at all. In contrary to the rather midpaced, way softer sounding Demo material, I guess the studio production fit them better, as even though they might be counted rather to the Melodic Metal faction, their sound appeared quite heavy, comparable to bands like Violent Touch, heavier Sinner, Steeler or Outcast. Completely unexpected several years after the debut in 1995, the lads returned with their second and last album "II", that once again was produced by Metal Enterprises and came with a for that label typical cover "artwork". The line up featured besides the old-stagers Boris Voß and Arno Kuttig, the new members Henrik Heide (bass), ex-Inner Sanctum Michael Achenbach (vocals) and his brother Robin on drums.
"Demo I 1987" (selfreleased)
"Demo II 1987" (selfreleased)
"Demo III 1988" (selfreleased)
"Demo IV 1988" (selfreleased)
"Children of the city" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Escape" LP/CD 1989 (Metal Enterprises)

Mc Niffick
This Remscheid-trio got such ferocious slaggings of both their demos in the German metal mag Escape, that the reviewer forgot (or was unable) to describe the music. Since they at least bothered to feature them, we'll have to assume we're at least talking about some form of Metal-related noise, though very poorly performed. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Prelude To The End" Demo 1986
"Prophets" Demo 1987

Eternal Dirge
Timo Knopf (vocals, guitar)
Hans-Dieter Zimmer (guitar)
Karsten Böhnke (bass)
Ralf Schönberg (drums)
Founded 1986 in Marl, the band Eternal Dirge started as fourpiece, but soon would try as trio with Timo Knopf (vox, guitar), Karsten Böhnke (bass, ex-Musty Guts), Ralf Schönberg (drums) recording the band's first 2 Demos "Anthem of anxiety" and "Finis Novissima Vox" both in 1988, till Dirk Köster (guitar, ex-Dipsomania) joined the band 1989, to record the next two tapes "Right to the core" (1989) and "Pressurize dehumanize" (1990), without being member of Eternal Dirge anymore himself when the 1990'er tape was available, as he joined Intoxicate. Patrick Kalla (ex-Musty Guts/Dissection) got inherited his guitar, and with the line up Kalla, Knopf, Böhnke and Schönberg the band recorded their debut album "Morbus Ascendit" in July '92, which got published on the label of the Punk band Hass. Formerly the sound of Eternal Dirge was way more classic Death/Thrash influenced by bands like Kreator or Invocator, but on "Morbus Ascendit" the lads had stylistically changed to a slightly more technically thrashing Death Metal with (too) many breaks. After years of silence, Eternal Dirge returned 1996 with the "Khaos Magick" album and "My sweet Satan" 7", but soon disbanded afterwards still within the same year. Patrick Kalla kept on playing in his main band Tsatthoggua during the following years.
"Anthem of anxiety" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Finis Novissima Vox" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Right to the core" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Pressurize dehumanize" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Morbus Ascendit" Comp.-MC Track 1990 (Metal Mutilation I)
"Morbus Ascendit" CD 1992 (Hass Produktion)

Eternal Lie
A Metal band from southern Germany that was playing live at an Open Air Festival in Eschelbronn/Kallenberg during summer '89. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Eternal Masturbators
A Hardcore/Thrash Metal project from Weil am Rhein, who labeled themselves to be influenced by M.O.D. and D.R.I. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Eternal Rest
Gregor Zielhardt (bass)
Most probably a Thrash or either Death Metal band from Aurich/Emden, featuring Gregor Zielhardt of Silent Terror. There aren't any recordings known, but the band was active since already the fall of the 80's till at least 1990. Further info is needed.

The band Eternity is just known for a track on the "Hart und genau" compilation released on CBR Records. Their song "Cryin' in the rain" is an epic Hard Rock ballad with good atmoshere. If you got more info of this band, please get in touch.
"Cryin' in the rain" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Hart Und Genau)

Doug Burgess (vocals)
Rudiger Vogt (guitar)
Bernhard Homberg (guitar)
Jo Hauser (bass)
Gunter Wiedemann (drums)
A local melodic Metal band from Bietigheim-Bissingen, who only published an independent 12" EP, that was recorded in December '89. Overall the 4 trax featured mainly midpaced Heavy Metal with permanent melodic touch, while the speedy "I'm on fire" in places either reminds slightly of Helloween. Hints of late 80's Maiden are noticeable also. The whole could be compared to Saint Vania's EP, but not sharing the same level.

Even Kind
A Hard Rock band in the vein of Blue Oyster Cult, that released a 2 track Demo in early 1985. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Franz Ziegler (vocals, bass)
Klaus Malik (guitar)
Michael Bernert (guitar)
Stefan Kreitczick (drums)
February 1985 the band Evenstorm was founded in Elsendorf by Franz Ziegler, Klaus Malik, Michael Bernert, Stefan Kreitczick plus an unknown guy on bass. Evenstorm recorded their first 3 track Demo tape in May of the same year, and in December '86 their bassist left the band, so their vocalist Franz Ziegler handled the bass as well for the next 30 years. In April '87 the lads professionally recorded their "...Attacks the town" Demo tape, which sold about 800 copies and reserved them a spot on the local sampler "Rock Around Regensburg", released in August '87. Still within the same year in December, Evenstorm got invited to contribute a song for the swiss sampler "Rock on the Tops '88", so they grabbed their equipment to drive to Ebikon to record the track "Time riders". The feedback of the compilation track went out overwhelming, including airplay on several swiss radiostations, which resulted in the offer to record a full album inside the same studio and once again in April '88 the lads tramped to Switzerland to record their debut album till May '88, when the recordings got finished. Unfortunately, though a few companies showed interest, but the conditions wasn't of Evenstorm's liking, so it took the guys till December 1990 to decide to release the album independently on the Rockwerk label. (Just for explanation, Rockwerk was the label of the German Organization of Rock and Pop musicians. The records was manufactured by them, but the bands had to pay all expenses at their own costs and this included the distrubition of the records.) In July '91 the "...Attacks the town!" LP's finally was available in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Eventhough the mainly speedy classic Heavy Metal material might have sounded archetypical for the year 1988, in late 1991 the wind had blown from a different direction. The band couldn't sell all pieces of the records at all and still nowadays offer them at their shop. After another Demo in 1993, the guys recorded the "Wrestle & Rock" EP 1995 and then turned into a hobby band, that still is playing live nowadays and recording albums from time to time.
Check out Evenstorm's Homepage

"Demo 1985" (selfreleased)
"...Attacks the town" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Heavy Metal fever" Comp.-Pic LP Track 1987 (Rock Around Regensburg)
"Time Riders" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Rocks on the Tops ´88)
"...Attacks the town!" LP/CD 1991 (Rockwerk)
"Determined to rock" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Oliver Philipps (vocals, guitar, keyboard)
Ralf Janssen (guitar)
Schymy (bass)
Christian Moos (drums)
A Neo Prog Rock/Metal band from Moers/Krefeld, west of Duisburg, formed by Ralf Janssen, Christian Moos and Schymy in 1989. The ex-Jester's Palace Oliver Philipps joined the guys who had trouble finding a proper vocalist for their Marillion/Rush inspired vision previously. Spring 1990 the Metal Hammer announced Everon's first album to be produced by Scanner's Shelko (Željko Topalović) atm, that well seemed was never used or whatever, as officially the first Everon album "Paradoxes" is refered to be produced by Eroc in his Woodhouse Studios during 1992, and got finished later in that year, while the indie label SI Music released the album the following year in May. "Paradoxes" features a compact, yet stunning and songwritingwise impressive mature mix of Metal and Prog Rock with complex structures and became a top seller of the label with big success in Japan. Till 2008 6 more albums followed. You can take a survey yourself at the band's Homepage

"Paradoxes" CD 1993 (SI Music)

A band from Bavaria or at least southern Germany, that according to the bands they shared stage with during 1990, we assume Exabosch being a Thrash Metal outfit. More info is welcome.

Olaf Schultz (vocals, bass, guitar)
Dirk Grabow (guitar, vocals)
Holger Berndt (drums, vocals)
Founded as Excenter back in 1987 in the city of Güstrow in the north of the ex-GDR, the band originally started as a classic Heavy Metal quintet, but moved more and more into the Speed Metal corner during the following years. The band later shrunk to just a trio and changed name to Damien Breed during 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Frank Gemünde (guitar)
Speed Metal act from Harxheim active in the mid 80's. If you have more info please get in touch.

Excrement Terror
Tino Mothes (guitar, drums)
Andreas Schwach (vocals, bass)
Excrement Terror was a short lived Grindcore project from Schneeberg/Saxony (ex-GDR) consisting of the two Bloodbrain guys Tino Mothes and Andreas Schwach who got a little help from ex and future band mates Heiko Kahn (drums) and Tino Röder (guitar) to produce some ear-battering noise in 1990. The demo got not released before 1993, but nobody would spill a single tear if they would have locked it in their basement.
"Achachnophobia" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

A Metal band (most probably Thrashers) from southern Germany that was playing live at an Open Air Festival in Eschelbronn/Kallenberg during summer '89. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Frank König (vocals)
Torsten Redeker (guitar)
Michael Gerber (guitar)
Jürgen Buhrmester (bass)
Axel Müller (drums)
Exhaust indirectly was formed of the remains of the Rock band Mom's Gang from Minden, where Michael Gerber (guitar), Axel Müller (drums) and Thomas von Kölln (vocals) was playing since 1981. Late 1981 the guys formed Exhaust together with Torsten Redeker (bass) and "Mom" on guitar and started rehearsing songs from the Deutsch Rock and Hard Rock genres. When Thomas von Kölln and Mom quit to form their NDW band Wendepunkt, in late 1982 Exhaust finally could establish a steady line with new vocalist Frank König (ex-Button) and Jürgen Buhrmester on bass, who came from the band Zimmerbrand, and musically fully turned into a Heavy Metal band. During the following months they guys spent their time by playing live to get known within the area around Minden, till they recorded 2 trax for a 7", that was released in early 1984 in a limited edition of 500 copies and sold just locally and at gigs of the band. Both of the songs do feature archetypical german style Heavy Metal like the very early Mad Max material. Afterwards in June '84 Buhrmester quit the music business for the rest of the 80's till he eventually founded the Hard Rock cover band Vintage in 1990. Either Frank König left the band in June to join Empress. The rest of Exhaust hired the ex-vocalist Thomas von Kölln on keyboards, while Michael Gerber switched over to the bass and Torsten Redeker besides guitar also took over the micro. The fourpiece still recorded several studio songs till 1988, but none of them would appear on any further release anymore, though some of those trax got local airplay. Either musically the band's early Heavy Metal sound after 1984 turned into melodic Hard Rock. In April '88 Torsten Redeker called it a day and Michael Gerber took the guitarist's position again. The bass part got the newly joined Olaf Kaiser. After a fire inside their rehearsal room in late 1988, the band disbanded as all their equipment got destroyed. 1996 most of they guys reformed Exhaust as a hobby band once again.

A local Metal band from most probably Hessen, that was active during the early 90's. Further info is needed.

Mike Klose (vocals)
Markus Wagner (guitar)
Andreas Eder (guitar)
Thomas Hahn (bass)
Jens Simon (keyboard)
Thomas Edlbacher (drums)
A progressive Power Metal band from Nuremberg, that was founded in 1988. The lads released their debut Demo 1989 and afterwards started recording the "Reign in violence" album, which was dropped in the end and remained unreleased till 2001, when Hidden Metal Gems Records finally published the album in a limited edition of 500 vinyls. According to certain info, the band members should not have been involved into the whole procedure at all and as far as I'm concearned they'be been quite surprised when they got knowledge of the album, as the guys reunited and recorded 2 more albums starting from 2004. Nevertheless "Reign in violence" featured a progressive, yet melodic sort of archetypical playful Power Metal that's more than once flirting with epic influences.
"Gates to exist" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”Reign in violence” Album 1990 (unreleased)

A Hard Rock band that's only known to be featured on a local compilation on the C.B.R. label released in 1984. Exit was the most interesting band on that record, offering a slightly spacy Hard Rock with wild guitar solo and heavier main riff. Hard to compare to other bands. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Lucifer's home” Comp. LP Track 1984 (Rock Inside)

Exit (Hamburg)
Lothar Kosbu (vocals, guitar)
Detlev Wolff (vocals, guitar)
Olaf Klinkusch (bass)
Andreas Richter (drums)
Classic HR/HM band from Hamburg, formed on new year's eve 1983/84. Shortly after, original vocalist Stefan Jocheim was replaced by Detlev Wolf due to musical differences. Their first demo was recorded in October '84 and the 2nd one in March '86, the latter being a 5-song affair produced by Dirk Steffens. One source claims they were going to be featured on the never-released "Europes Best Metal" compilation on New Renaissance Records, but while there is still one unidentified band on the test-pressing of that comp, we can't confirm with certainty that this is indeed an Exit-tune. Most likely no relation to the Exit featured on the C.B.R. compilation "Rock Inside".
Detlev and Andreas went on to form Alley Cat, shortly after the release of the Demo, originally using the name Target inbetween. Olaf Klinkusch joined Snakebite and ex-Yetih Jens Potent (bass) replaced him, till Potent replaced Klinkusch in Snakebite too early '88 and Exit split up still during spring the same year. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Hunter In The Sky" Demo 1984
"Roll Over" Demo 1986

Dirk Mylius (vocals)
Stephan Hämmerling (guitar)
Patrick Stein (guitar)
Tom Merker (bass)
Steffen Kolditz (drums)

A Thrash band from Borau/Weißenfels, between Naumburg and Leipzig, that started still back in ex-GDR times 1989, but recorded their Demo "Apocalyptic visions" just in 1993. The tape found it's way to Massacre Records who signed the band for an album with the title "Confusion", that was released 1995. Exocet's style was a sort of post-Death/Thrash with melodic and midpaced Power/Thrash parts, typically for the mid 90's, but the lads could also unbury the axe to raise speed at certain opportunities. Vocals might be compared to Chuck Schuldiner's in the first, and basically the late, technical Death was probably a band that influenced Exocet musically. Further info is welcome.
"Apocalyptic visions" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Andreas Lill (drums)

This AOR/melodic Hard Rock band was originating from Kaiserslautern and was kinda pre-Vanden Plas, featuring their Andreas Lill on drums. Most probably other early Vanden Plas members was part of the band too. The guys was around during the early mid 80's and either recorded several Demo songs, but when they found out about the US Thrashers, was forced to change their name to Vanden Plas during 1986. Lill's brother Stephan then joined the band on guitar and Andy Kuntz (ex-Rock Zock) became their vocalist, and as Vanden Plas they released their debut single "Double A side" on BEE Records the same year.

Dietmar Heiler (vocals)
Wolfgang Schludi (guitar)
Robert Pschorr (guitar)
Markus Fröschli (bass)
Richard Klocker (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Augsburg that evolved in Winter 82/83 from the ashes of the local band Lyrock. The band used every possibility to perform live on stage, but didn't record anything so far. 1984 Exodus eventually split up, but Dietmar Heiler and Wolfgang Schludi subsequently continued as Manalish with other local musicians, while drummer Richard Klocker became Manalishi's manager. Robert Pschorr later appeared in Cyclone and Mandrake. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Expect No Mercy
Eberhard Stettner (vocals)
Frank Thoms (guitar)
René Schütz (guitar)
Jörg Vitt (bass)
Mike Külpmann (drums)
Expect No Mercy was founded by Eberhard Stettner and the still very young Frank Thoms 1981 in Siegen, but they needed several months and dozens of musicians to find Mike Külpmann 1982 on drums, who'd keep up longer with the guys. In mid '84 bassist Jörg Vitt joined and shortly later Rene Schütz on guitar, who would appear on the band's 3 track debut Demo. That Demo caught the interest of Ingo Nowotny, who took the guys under contract and produced their "Steelbreed" album, which was later published on Mausoleum Records, but without Rene Schütz, who joined Thunderbolt in 1985 and later the more prominent Accu§er. The sound of the fourpiece at that time was very powerful Metal in the vein of Warrant/Wallop with in places slightly Motörhead touch. After the album the story of Expect No Mercy is getting kinda opaque. We know that Ingo Nowotny was involved and that's something where your warning bells should start wringing. Frank Thoms quit Expect No Mercy 1985 to join Breaker, who would soon become Accu§er, while Mike Külpmann founded Escape late 1986. Jörg Vitt on the other hand joined the band Area 1986. I dunno how that looks for you, but my mind tells me that Expect No Mercy in 1986 had been pretty much finished. But out of nothing 1988 another Expect No Mercy album was written and produced by Ingo Nowotny & team (Simon Sobkowiak, Matthias Raue, Patrice Jones, Michael Cloud, Pete De Oliveira and Ralf Förg), with either the ENM contact address being Ingo Nowotny's. My thesis, ENM's contract was running for several albums and Nowotny most probably fulfilled ENM's part for another album that they still owned him, by composing and producing it himself. Nevertheless "Watch your ears..." in contrary to other of his selfwritten fake albums, hitted quite hard. Faultless speed driven Power Metal (fake or not) left no other questions unanswered. But the whole farce hadn't found it's end yet, two years later another Expect No Mercy album surfaced with the title "The dreams of Marquis de Sade", once again featuring quite cool powerful Heavy Metal and this time not a single name of involved musicians was printed anywhere. Did he screw the band once again? After this 3rd album, the outputs of the band ended abrupt. I guess the contract was fulfilled now? It would be nice if there's someone out there who could bring light into this dark chapter of german history. Please note, although Metal Archives lists further Demos "Tamed a fist" (1984) and "Ride the sky" (1987), I tend to leave em out of their discography. My info that was confirmed till ENM's debut album, did only mention one Demo the lads had recorded and as for "Ride the sky", since the band most probably split up around 1986 and returned 1988 as Nowotny fake, I rate "Ride the sky" as highly doubtable. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Demo Cassette" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Steelbreed" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Watch your ears and save your neck we are back to our second attack!" LP 1988 (Metal Enterprises)
"The dreams of Marquis de Sade" LP/CD 1990 (Metal Enterprises)

Andreas Gabrielli (vocals)
Jörg Hassel (guitar)
Uli Prieser (guitar)
Alexander Hoffhaus (bass)
André Genuit (drums)
Exploder from Bremen was founded in 1985 and in the beginning used to play a sort of Hard Rock influenced Metal on their debut Demo "King of the sky" from 1987, before the lads decided to produce an album independently in 1989 in a limited edition of 750 copies. Alexander Hoffmann who was still doing the basslines on the Demo tape, wasn't on board anymore and guitarist Jörg Hassel handled the bass guitar now. Wrapped in a tasty fantasy artwork, the "Pictures of reality..." album could fully convince musically. During the past years Exploder's sound got much heavier and Power Metal reigned their songs supremely, but in a way that made the album to stand out of the mass of LP productions released that year, because the lads used to play an almost neutral style of pretty heavy Euro Metal, that wasn't screaming the word "german" all along. Though the band sold almost all of the LP's, they couldn't keep Exploder going throughout the 90's anymore. Genuit and Hassel formed Perfect Crime in the late 90's.
"King of the sky" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Pictures of reality..." LP 1989 (Rockwerk)

Peter Hirsch (vocals)
Andreas Spitznagel (bass)
Andreas Merz (guitar)
Markus Gams (drums)
Dieter Bühler (guitar)
A Thrash band from Rottweil (yes, there where the dog comes from) that's active since '88 and released 2 Demos before they got the possibility to release a MCD on Rockwerk Records in 1992. Spitznagel and Merz got replaced by Gunter Birk (bass) and Dieter Bühler (guitar), but the early Thrash sound changed to a rather more melodic Power/Thrash mix, though still with lotsa wild thrashing parts but the modern groovy plague had slightly infected them too. All in all an ok mini album whenalso the sterrile production kills alot of energy there. The band quit in '96.
"Exterior" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Demo 1991" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Interior Silence" MCD 1992 (Rockwerk)

Marc Grewe (vocals, bass)
Harald Busse (guitar)
Carsten Otterbach (guitar)
Rüdiger Hennecke (drums)
The pre-Morgoth band started back in 1985 in Meschede and changed name still the same year to Minas Morgul, to end up finally as Morgoth in 1987. There are no official recordings known to exist. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Extrain Testinal

A band from the Hamburg area, which was active during the late 80's and according to their own info, had a musical range from Hard Rock to Thrash Metal with melody and power. If you got more info, please get in touch

Extreme Napalm Terror
Jochen Graf (bass, vocals)
Zeljko Antonic (vocals)
Mc Zimbo (guitar)
Urul Wim (drums)
A Grindcore band from Frankfurt/Main, founded by A.O.K.'s mastermind Jochen Graf in the late 80's, who due to his good connections to Ingo Nowotny could even produce 2 albums. To stay fair I have to admit, that the lads noise for being a Grind act wasn't that crappy sounding, like one might expect whenever the name A.O.K. pops up somewhere. Inspired by bands like Napalm Death they indeed delivered genre typical products, that doesn't stand behind other noise bands releases of that time. On the second album "Why?" from 1991, a guy called Boris was playing the bass, while Graf only handled vocals together with Zeljko Antonic. Mc Zimbo just like on Extreme Napalm Terror's debut, recorded the guitar as session member, together with Lord Brutus, who might be both any known musicians of the Frankfurt Metal scene I'm sure. The album itself sounded quite listenable, adopting Death/Thrash Metal influences, while in the whole Grindcore would still remain the upper term at all.
"Impulse to destroy" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Impulse to destroy" LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises)
"Why?" LP/CD 1991 (Metal Enterprises)

Mehmet Zendut (bass, vocals)
Raimund Mensch (guitar)
Bernie Siedler (guitar)
Syke Bornetto (drums)
Originally founded in Frankfurth/Main as Tartaros by Syke Bornetto and Mehmet Zendut (Mem Von Stein, ex-Mayhem) in 1984, the guys changed name to Exumer and recorded the "A mortal in black" in late '85 with Ray Mensh (Raimund Mensch) and Bernie Siedler on both guitars, that received overwhelming reviews by the german press, who promised the band to soon score a record deal, which indeed happened still within the same year. The band's early sound was influenced by Metallica and either in places Celtic Frost, though they've been on the rather thrashy side of Metal. On "Possessed by fire" their US style Thrash sound dominated the whole picture even more, the german equivalent to Slayer might come to mind. Exumer definitely didn't sound like Germans at all. Then Mem Vom Stein quit and formed Phobic Instinct and afterwards Of Rytes, while the former guitarist Paul Arakari returned to cover the vacant bass and micro spots. A second album ("Rising from the sea") was recorded within 1987, that once again underlined the bands recent status of being influenced by the american Thrash bands such as Atrophy, Defiance, Slayer with maybe slightly hints of the early Destruction. In the end sounding kinda unique for a german band didn't help the guys any further. They lost their deal and was forced to start from zero with a new Demo entitled "Whips & chains", featuring the ex-Demolition/Damian shouter John Cadden, Bernd Cramer on drums and Frank Pries on bass. Unfortunately the song material, though being still Thrash Metal, sounded quite modern with Thrash untypical elements and John Cadden's voice completely being at the wrong place. Naturally the guys called it a day soon after that tape, while Bernie Siedler, Ray Mensh and Mem Von Stein founded Humungous Fungus in the early 90's. Syke Bornetto re-appeared in Q-Squad. After a short intermezzo 2001, Exumer renunited in 2008 and are still active nowadays.

"A mortal in black" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Possessed by fire" LP 1986 (Disaster)
"Possessed by Fire" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Fast Forward to Hell)
"Rising from the sea" LP 1987 (Disaster)
"Whips & chains" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

EZ Livin'
Peter Henrics (vocals)
Hans Ziller (guitar)
Hermann Bräuer (bass)
Jürgen Wiehler (drums)
EZ Livin' was founded by ex-Cacumen Hans Ziller, after he left his band Bonfire in 1989 due to personal reasons. He subsequently formed his own band in the Ingolstadt area, featuring the ex-Lustfinger member Hermann Bräuer, plus ex-Darxon/Kymera drummer Dominik Hülshorst, who either played some of the drums on EZ Livin's debut album "After the fire", before Jürgen Wiehler took his part. Naturally since Ziller has been the creative head of Bonfire, the material on "After the fire" was 100 % Bonfire compatible, with just a different type of vocals ala Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. "After the fire" should stay the band's only album, till Ziller reactivated EZ Livin' in 2014 and produced the "Firestom" CD. During the early 90's, after Claus Lessmann quit Bonfire also, both teamed up, bought he rights of the name and reactivated Bonfire in 1996.

"After the fire" LP/CD 1991 (Solid Rock)
"Too late for paradise" MCD 1992 (IRS)

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