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Marcus Hemjeoltmanns (vocals)
Jörg Inden (guitar)
Andrè Heukrodt (bass)
Marco Seidel (keyboard)
Kadir Soytürk (drums)
B-Tripe was a Hard Rock band from Bremen, active during the late 80's and early 90's, that debuted with a privately manufactured MLP 1990. "Break the silence", as the record was entitled, was recorded at the Ton-Art studio, who also marketed the vinyls under their label. B-Tripe's style could be classified somewhere between keyboard dominated Melodic Rock, AOR like Foreigner and a dose of melodic Hard Rock sounds, quite well executed and highly listenable for fans of that genre. 1995 the guys produced one more private CD with the title "Trip of delusion".

"Break the silence" MLP 1990 (Ton Art)

Holger Denk (vocals)
Stefan Schulz (bass)
Stefan Crentzburg (guitar)
Carsten Klick (drums)
Peter Meinitzberger (guitar, keyboard)
B.O.R.N. was "born" in late 1987 in East Berlin, founded by Holger Denk, Stefan Schulz, Stefan Crentzburg, Carsten Klick and Peter Meinitzberger. The name translated means nothing else than "Band without a real name". Right in 1988 Denk got replaced by Henrik Ilgner (ex-Barock) on the micro. Also Meinitzberger left in 1989 and they added Robert Oliceg as keyboarder instead. With the line up Stefan Schulz (bass), Stefan Crentzburg (guitar), Carsten Klick (drums), Henrik Ilgner (vocals) and Robert Oliceg (keys), members that earlier played in bands like Morgenrock and Roman, they released their first Demo in 1989, which contained the 3 songs "Macbeth", "Stein der Weisen" and "Can't stop the world". Right in 1990 a second Demo followed now containing 5 tracks all with english lyrics. Just like on the previous tape B.O.R.N. celebrated classic US Style Heavy Metal/Hard Rock in a melodic direction much influenced by Ozzy's early albums. Compared to other bands from the ex-GDR at that time they have been surely ahead in terms of songwriting and vocalwise reminding me of Jackie from Pharao. With the next tape a "Studio Session" released in 1991, they turned far more softer, the classic Metal was almost gone. The material offered just melodic Hard Rock and they fully went that way on the later releases as well, turning more and more modern. In 1995 the first album "Magic of music" was released and in 1997 a MCD "Big house". 1997 was also the year the band fell apart. A last CD with their final live gig was released "B.O.R.N. live im Franz Club".
"Demo Tape" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Under the sun" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Studio Session" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Demo Tape 1993" (selfreleased)

B.R.B. (Barbarossas Rhabarber
Falk Schäfer (vocals)
Lars Kröber (guitar)
Pausenklaus (guitar, bass)
Rhabarberbarbar (bass)
Wilde Hilde (drums)
B.R.B. (Barbarossas Rhabarber Barbaren) was a Grind/Noise Core act from Plauen (ex-GDR), that published a number of releases during the early 90's, which more or less could be counted to the category "things that the world doesn't need at all". In places the band sounds like Napalm Death but that shouldn't be seen in any positive sense. 1994 the guys also released another Split 7" with Dark Land on Falk Schäfer's own label Perverted Taste Records.

"Holterdipoltereiterimdarm" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Der Gipfel der Genüsse" Demo 1991 (W.S. Records & Tapes)
"Rendezvous der Sinne" 7" EP 1993 (Perverted Taste)
"Untitled" Comp.-MC Track 1993 (No more Music Compilation-Tape)

Baba Jaga
Ralf Beine (vocals)
Norbert Brinkmöller (guitar)
Bernhard Brinkmöller (bass)
Werner Heinekamp (keyboard)
Hansel Hölscher (drums)
An obscure Prog Rock band from Steinheim, that only released one album privately. The material was recorded in March '84 and these guys quite surprised with a style thats merging the classic Prog Rock with Hard Rock, which should mean beside the common keyboard driven parts also heavy guitars create a nice contrast. Maybe comparable to the band Voices, whenalso Baba Jaga are of a different caliber. Tracks like "Liar" or "The letter" remind me either of Jon Symon's Warlock (the heavy songs). But just like on the Warlock album, the grade of heaviness changes permanently, so this band might be only interesting for proggy Hard Rock fans I'm afraid. Except of Hansel Hölscher noone else seemed to have released any more music after Baba Jaga's hours had been counted. Hölscher recorded the "Hart aber hertzlich" MCD with the band Templer in 1995.

”Memorial ceremony” LP 1984 (selfreleased)

Baby Steel
A Heavy Metal band originating from Hamburg, that was active during the mid 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Dieter Wiesjahn (bass)
Victor Heyse (guitar, vocals)
Bernd Bangel (guitar, vocals)
Harald Wittkowski (keyboard)
Bernd Schwitzke (drums)
The origins of Babylon from East Berlin go back to 1975 when Victor Heyse, Bernd Bangel and Dieter Wiesjahn left their former band to realize their own musicial ideas. Harald Wittkowski (ex-Joco Dev Sextett) and Bernd Schwitzke completed the first line up, that only lasted till 1976, when both left the band already. With new drummer Wolfgang Fuchs (ex-Joco Dev Sextett) and Manfred Hennig (keyboard, ex-Neue Generation) they produced some first songs for the national broadcast with "Gestern kamst du", "Jeder Abend" and „Dshigiten-Legende“, while with the latter they got their first national hit. Then 1978 Fuchs and Hennig left Babylon to form their own band Pond and Dieter Wiesjahn reformed Babylon with Horst Trumpelmann (drums), Hilmar Holz (vocals) and Michael Hein (guitar, ex-Metropol) during 1980. First 1981 ex-Regenbogen keyboarder Christian Weise and then 1982 their steady vocalist Detlef Volquarsdsen joined the band, that started a profi career in the meanwhile and began to produce constantly songs for the national broadcast, that also got featured on several compilations. Still more like a Hard Rock influenced Rock band sounding, Babylon consequently approached an AC/DC influenced sound, that the band was known for during the 80's. After a few bigger tours through the socialistic countries and several line up changes they recorded their national Hard Rock hit "Geisterstunde" in spring 1986 with ex-Formel 1 Andrej Horvath and Frank Powileit on both guitars, that later during the same year was released as a 7" with the track "Wir rocken los" on the flipside. Due to the success Amiga got interest in the band for a fullengt, while Babylon produced more songs like "Tschernobyl" or "Lebe wohl" for the national broadcast during 1987. Trumpelmann had left the band already 1986 and got replaced by Carsten Heinrich (drums). The next personel change happened in 1987, when ex-Formel 1 guitarist Wolfgang Densky replaced the former axemen Horvath who was fired due to alcohol problems. Dieter Wiesjahn had switched over from bass to guitar a while earlier already when Powileit left the band, so Hubert Ranft (ex-Triolog) was hired as new bassist. With still Volquarsdsen on vocals the band's debut "Dynamit", recorded in 1987, was finally released in 1988, featuring also both 7" songs, soundwise close to the original AC/DC sound and "Speed king" reminding of other ex-GDR locals Splitt. During the political change in the year 1989 Babylon recorded a second whole album entitled "Nightfire", that was offered to Amiga, but seems during the financial collaps caused by the unsecured situation inside the country the Amiga wasn't able to produce a lot of planned albums anymore like the ones of Biest, Merlin or Cobra. The tape got spread without added booklet (just a business card enclosed), and features 7 pretty listenable Hardrockers in a typical US Glam tradition but still having the old Babylon touch known from songs like "Speed king". The musicians of the very last Babylon line up and probably having recorded that tape either has been band leader Dieter Wiesjahn (guitar), Stefan Görner (guitar), Michael Kawa (vocals), Guido Schade (drums) and the already known Hubert Ranft (bass). Afterwards the remaining musicians disbanded Babylon right after the fall of the wall around 1990.
"Alles Gute" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1984)
„Monopoli (Nie wieder Krieg)“ Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Rock für den Frieden '84)
"Geisterstunde" 7" EP 1986 (Amiga)
"Ha Ja Jo" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Das Album - Rock Bilanz 1987)
"Dynamit" LP 1988 (Amiga)
"Nightfire" Promo Tape 1989 (selfreleased)

Broadcast Recordings:
"Gestern kamst du" (1976)
"Jeder Abend" (1976)
„Dshigiten-Legende“ (1976)
„Ich singe gern Lieder“ (1976)
”In der S-Bahn” (1982)
„Erde halt die Balance“ (1984)
"Wilde Träume” (1985)
"Freitagabend" (1987)

Backbone Slide
Shaun Williamson (vocals)
Oliver Güttinger (guitar)
Kai A. Portolano (guitar)
Frank Schrafft (bass)
Achim Gschwend (drums)
A Hard Rock band from southern Germany, coined on a quite sleazy/glammy american sound with either Blues influences, that was founded around 1992 by ex-Czakan members Frank Schrafft and Oliver Güttlinger. Vocalist Shaun Williamson was a native US american and gave his best to make the band sounding that extremely american. 1994 their selftitled debut album was published on Mausoleum as well, but that didn't help them much at all. After the "That's what dreams are for" Maxi (1994) they already called it a day.
"Come home" MCD 1993 (Mausoleum)

Martin Daiber (vocals)
Hajnalka Séc (vocals)
Thomas Fregien (guitar)
Wolfgang Pemsel (guitar)
Fossi M. Possert (bass)
Tom J. Nicoletti (keyboard)
Jürgen Minihoffer (drums)
Backfire from Pfaffenhofen/Bavaria recorded their only vinyl in December '88. The band used to work with a male and female vocalist, who either occasionally used to sing in duett. Nowadays their "Dreamhunter" entitled MLP hardly surfaces, which indicates a probably small amount of copies that the band had ordered. Musically the title track marks the best and also heaviest song on the vinyl and features a doublebass driven faster melodic banger, while the main material provides the usual catchy bavarian melodic Heavy Rock stuff, where Martin Daiber and Hajnalka Séc share the vocal parts. Not exactly a bad record, but it's more interesting for Melodic Metal fans, in case you'll find a copy.

"Dreamhunter" MLP 1989 (selfreleased)

Marcus Staib (bass)
Michael Staib (guitar)
Matthias Staib (vocals)
Rainer Seidler (drums)
Heiko Meßer (guitar)
Backstage from the Illertissen area in Bavaria only released a strange 7" that opens more questions than it answers. The title track is completely a waste of vinyl. Rock 'n' Roll influenced in places almost punky sounding "something", but the good song that can save this single is the flipside Hard Rock ballad "Come back and stay", which truly is giving the band the authorization to appear in this database.
”Lookin’ like an angel” 7”EP 1989 (GIC)

Thomas Guschelbauer (guitar, vocals)
Achim Schmietow (bass, vocals)
Mafred Cossmann (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Böblingen, that was founded by Thomas Guschelbauer and Achim Schmietow late 1979. The band used to work with a different vocalist in the beginning but when he quit, both shared vocal parts. Manfred Cossmann was the last one to join the band, who recorded their first Demo in 1984, that lead to a contract with the young Disaster label, who released the band's debut "Revelation" still within the same year. The sound of the trio was an apparently Motörhead and Venom influenced, dirty, speedy Power Metal that changed a bit on the later, 1986 recorded second album "Final strike", where the trio, though having still occasional Motörhead hints here and there, played a bit less chaotic than on the debut. 1988 they recorded another 3 song tape with Thomas Laasch (ex-Black Demon) on vox, before Achim Schmietow 1989 left the band and Miguel Di Muzio replaced him. With Muzio on bass two more Demos was recorded 1990 ("It still flows") and 1992, featuring additional guitarist Modesto Vasquez. The song "Shadow dancer" of the last tape was either taken for the 1993 CD compilation "Fight for Rock". After none of their attempts lead into any further record deal, Backwater changed name to Tai Pan in 1994.

"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)
"Revelation" LP 1984 (Disaster)
"Final strike" LP 1986 (Disaster)
"Demo 1988" (selfreleased)
"It still flows" Demo 1990 (selfrelreased)
"Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Shadow Dancer" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Fight For Rock)

A local Heavy Metal band from Bavaria, most probably originating from the Ingolstadt/Landshut/Mainburg area. Bad was active during the mid 80's and is known to perform at the local Mainburg "Heavy Metal Thunder Festival" in September 1985. Further info is needed.

Bad Bone
Thomas Wessels (bass, vocals)
Gerd Oeser (guitar)
Thomas Weinmann (drums)
A local Andernach Hard Rock act, featuring members of Blue Sky, TNT and Headhunter. Gerd Oeser after playing with Headhunter from 1980-82 founded the shortlived TNT and afterwards founded Bad Bone around 1984 with Thomas Wessels and Thomas Weinmann (ex-Blue Sky). In June '86 the trio recorded a 7" that was released independently, before ex-Cornucopia Achim Böttcher joined them on bass when Wessels only took care of the vocals. As a foursome the band's only album was released 1988, entitled "Another reaction". Volker Hirsch replaced Böttcher during 1989, when the guys still played live in the Andernach area. Bad Bone's sound was a sort of R'n'R inspired Hard Rock with Metal edge, quite similar to certain US Glam acts, without the Glam factor. Though the spine of the album still shows the band as Bad Bone, on the label and back sleeve you'll find the name Bad Bone LTD.
"Can't stand the heat" 7" EP 1986 (Studio Airport)
"Another reaction" LP 1988 (Prosound)

Bad Deal
Rudi Brook (vocals)
Frank Diehl (guitar)
Michael Pohlack (guitar)
Stephan Belecke (bass)
Stephan Masloff (drums)

A Hard Rock band originating from Altena, north of Lüdenscheid, that was active since at least 1987, known as The Bad Deal, but on later releases these guys was firming as Bad Deal. They produced a nowadays pretty obscure 7" during 1989, recorded in Cologne, that featured the songs "Hungry eyes" and "Thousand Dollar lady" and aditionally was featured with the track "Same old story" on the local compilation "The Sound of Lüdenscheid" in the following year. Unfortunately later in 1990 Stephan Belecke as well as Rudi Brook both left the band, so the rest of the guys started searching for new members. Not sure if they succeeded on this purpose. Musically for Heavy Rock fans, who enjoy the late 80's US Glam/commercial stuff, the band is most interesting, though the real highlights are missing. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Hungry eyes" 7" EP 1989 (X 99)
"Same old story" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (Listen and Dance - The Sound of Lüdenscheid)

Bad Habit
Hans Marx (guitar, vocals)
Wilhelm Saemann (bass)
Jürgen Schimmelpfennig (drums, vocals)
A Hard Rock trio from Hildesheim that is just known to have produced an independent EP. The 4 song vinyl was recorded in November 1980 and features rawly played Hard Rock with Kraut and Blues influences. Despite the whole material might be rather counted to the heavier side of Rock, Bad Habit was plagued by a serious problem. The vocal performance was so terribly crappy, that one wants to tear out his hair piece by piece. Fortunately the guys was aware of that problem themselves as well and therefore the vocal parts are rather rarely spread and mainly their songs are speaking through the music only. Still despite the vocal torture, their proggy Hard Rock was damn heavy executed.

”Sad times changing” MLP 1981 (selfreleased)

Bad Head

This band's sole 7" doesn't provide any further info of where the guys originated from or either who's been member of the band. Leico Records published their obscure vinyl relic, that features the two songs "California night" and "Stay tonight", which both was executed in a just solid 70's inspired Hard Rock, with a strong british Glam Rock touch on the latter. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"California night" 7" EP 1981 (Leico)

Bad Hoven
A Heavy Rock band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "Blood + honour" and "Bad boys Boogie" for the Feierwerk Split LP "Rock Feierwerk Sieger 89" with other Munich bands Firefox, Burning Heat and The Comics. "Blood + honour" is ok softer Heavy Metal with nice refrain that reminds me of Knightshade's "Blood and money". But "Bad boys Boogie" sadly is stealing ideas from Mötley Crüe's "Girls girls girls" and clearly ogles with the US Glam/Sleaze scene.
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 89" Comp.-LP Tracks 1989 (Feierwerk)

Bad Mad Tomcat
Michael Latka (vocals)
Matthias Steuert (guitar)
Arne Schmidtbauer (guitar)
Rüdiger Weiß (keyboard)
Horst Welle (bass)
Matthias Ambs (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Freiburg that was active during the late 80's and produced an independent 12" within 1990. Bad Mad Tomcat's style was just archetypical late 80's Heavy Rock with influences of the Scorpions and other such bands, playing the easy going mainstream melodic Hard Rock. 1991 they shortened the name to just Tomcat and recorded 1993 one more private MCD entitled "Balance Due...", featuring the new members Carsten Panse (guitar) and Oliver Winkler (vocals), who replaced Arne Schmidtbauer, Michael Latka and Rüdiger Weiß. The band most probably split up during the mid 90's.

"Heroes" 12" EP 1990 (Goemo Music)

Bad Sister
Petra Degelow (vocals)
Sven Lange (guitar)
Jörg Saul (bass)
Werner Kaul (keyboard)
Kai Beyer (keyboard)
Kai-Ove Kessler (drums)
Bad Sister was founded near Hamburg 1988, while the musicians previously was playing under the monicker Bogart Joint since 1980, but a stylistical change to AOR/Hard Rock made them changing their whole background as well. Due to their former live experiences as Bogart Joint, the band in 1988 won several prizes like the "6. Bundesrockfestival", "Deutscher Rockpreis '88" (and the "Kulturpreis des Kreises Pinneberg" in 1990), that was rewarded with an album production. The album "Heartbreaker" was recorded in summer '89 at the UAM studios and released in a limited edition of 1000 LP's. Bad Sister's musical range was from Melodic Rock/AOR ala Bon Jovi or Joal to US style Hard Rock in the vein of Bad English, Europe or Whitesnake and featured a large repertoire of varied songs whose level wasn't always steady, but the one or another seriously had hit potential. Petra Degelow's voice fit perfectly to Bad Sister's style and surely will find fans among those who didn't know the band yet. After the debut the band completed a large tour through Germany and played several festivals before they started recording their second album "Out of the business" 1991 without Werner Kaul who had left the band earlier. The Explorer Label who had signed the band, also re-released the "Heartbreaker" album at the same time with different cover both on vinyl and CD. "Out of the business" gained a little success in Japan and didn't stand behind the debut, moreover the material got either slightly heavier. Unfortunately Petra Degelow left Bad Sister 1992 and got replaced by Suzie Lohmar. The band's star was sinking and it took them till 2002 to release another "Live" album, recorded 1990 in Kiel. The last Bad Sister album "Because rust never sleeps" was available in 2009, yet the band is still is active nowadays, working on a new album.
You may also visit the homepage of Bad Sister
"Heartbreaker" Comp-LP Track 1989 (Deutscher Rockpreis '88 - 6. Bundesrockfestival)
"Heartbreaker" LP 1989 (Rockwerk)
"Out of the business" CD 1991 (Explorer)

Bad Steve
Philipp Magoo (vocals)
Accu Becher (guitar)
Jan Kömmet (guitar)
Dieter Rubach (bass)
Fritz Friedrich (drums)
A Solingen based act, that was founded by the ex-Accept fighters Dieter Rubach, Jan Kömmet and Fritz Friedrich and ex-Sin City shouter Philipp Magoo in 1983. Accu Becher completed the band, that won several contests, which resulted naturally in signing a record contract with Mausoleum Records. "Killing the night" was released 1985 with an additional single release, featuring the non album track "Seconds of eternity" on the flipside. As a whole package the LP offers a quite entertaining Hard Rock/Metal mix with influences from both genres, the commercial Mainstream stuff and either the classic Metal, which might be the "problem" connected to it. For fans of metallic Hard Rock "Killing the night" will be an amusing album, as it could be truly counted to the best mid 80's german albums of that scene for sure. Sadly the sales stayed far behind Mausoleum's expectations and the promising troop split up already 1986. Dieter Rubach afterwards tried a while with Udo Dirkschneider's new band U.D.O. around 1987/88, but quit before "Mean machine" was out. The rest of the guys disappeared.

"Killing the night" LP 1985 (Mausoleum)
"Across the rainbow" 7" EP 1985 (Mausoleum)

Michael Kaspar (vocals)
Thomas Rosanski (guitar)
A Heavy Rock band originating from Leipzig (ex-GDR) that was formed late 1987 or early '88 by ex-Weissheim guitarist Thomas Rosanski together with the ex-Victim guys Michael Kaspar (vocals) and his brother on drums. The band was playing a brand of Bon Jovi inspired english sung Hard Rock. During October when Badboy was supporting Feuerstein in Berlin, the Cobra manager saw their gig and invited Rosanski and Michael Kaspar to join the band. Both moved to Berlin in November '88, which naturally meant the end of Badboy. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Markus Deecke
A Heavy Metal band in the style of early Dokken, active around 1983 in Norderstedt, north of Hamburg. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Gino La Moon (guitar, vocals)
Kim Ivory (keyboard)
Bobby B. Rashid (guitar)
Kenny Medina (bass)
Rick Palace (drums)
A band from Rösrath, near Cologne that used to love the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves it seems. The guys dressed up like arabian princes and either worked with silly synonyms, that one could be well tempted to skip the band alone for that sake, but seriously their only album from 1987 features some poppy, yet catchy melodic Hard/Heavy Rock, that must be counted to the upper middle league and gets in the line with other bands of the genre like Mydra or Karo f.e. Mainly recommended for the melodic faction.

"Baghdad" LP/CD 1987 (Rekord)
"Marrakesh Express" 7" EP 1987 (Rekord)

Achim Hemme (vocals)
Joannis Stefanidis (guitar)
Andy Malecek (guitar)
Thomas Hedrich (bass)
Karsten Krause (drums)
Ballantinez from West Berlin was founded 1983 by Jörg Franke (ex-Tantalos/Skylla) and Carsten Köhler (ex-Skylla) and undergoing permanent line up changes.The guys recorded a 3 song tape in late 1983 when the band was still influenced by Black Sabbath. With members coming and going the style of Ballantinez also changed and at the point when Noise Records signed the quintet, acts like Dokken or Ratt was already mentioned as influences. Either Jörg Franke (Calderone, Black Burn, Crypt) quit Ballantinez during the first phase together with his later Black Burn mate Carsten Köhler, before "Charged" was recorded in December '84. The remaining lads decided to use some of the new songs for the mini album, which ended up in a quite ambivalent result. On one hand songs like "Storm will be rising" definitely got something catchy and barnstorming, but the main part of the album features slightly confusing structures, that sometimes don't even fit together. If the aim of the guys was to produce US Party Metal, then they at 50 % failed. Uwe Neff (bass) replaced Thomas Hedrich already when "Charged" was available and the band prepared for a tour with Warlock and had started working for a fullenght, planned for the fall of 1985. But it didn't came close to that anymore, coz Ballantinez split up and Karsten Krause joined Dark Avenger still in 1985, before he co-founded the post-Dark Avenger offshoot Heartlyne. Andy Malecek recorded "Dirty fantasy" with S.A.D.O. and was found in Fair Warning around 1990. Joannis Stefanidis joined the shortlived V2.
"Charged" MLP 1985 (Noise)

Bastian Bäumer (vocals)
Tillmann Bäumer (guitar, keyboard)
Peter Steinseifer (bass)
Andy Garcia (drums)
Balou was a quite weird sounding band within the modern Hard Rock spectrum of the beginning 90's, while I'm not even fully convinced they indeed belong there. These guys from Siegen released an independent album with the title "Serious attention", that features an odd mix of Guitar Rock and Hard Rock, which hardly will attract classic Hardrockers in any way. So lets leave Balou and their alternative Hard Rock being just a marginalia of the german HR scene. They made their own thing...
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Serious attention" LP 1991 (Dust Music)

Bernd Mader

Bandit was a local Metal band from Bretten between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. A 4 song Demo was recorded early 1990, featuring Heavy Rock in the vein of bands like Malice but with occasional slightly out of tune vocal parts. Nevertheless the production was well done. If you got further info, please get in touch.
"Bandit" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Thomas Hertler (vocals)
Gernot Kerrer (guitar)
Michael Heckel (bass)
Manuel Reichert (drums)
Thrashers from Bietigheim-Bissingen who formed already during the mid 80's, and after recording 2 Demo's in 1989 got signed by Massacre Records.The first tape was still recorded with Michael Heckel on bass in July '89, but he quit during that period and the lads added with Stephan Späth a second guitarist instead to record the "No answers" tape in September the same year. Bass lines was added by Giovanni Soulas of the band Ivanhoe. During 1990 Baphomet recorded their debut album "No answers" already without the just recently added Stephan Späth as a trio with additional help by Poltergeist bassist Marek Felis and could finally present their new steady bassman Hansi Bieber when the album was available. "No answers" didn't sound nearly as furious as the band's previous Demos at all and the slightly stylistical change by trying to add more technical, progressive elements didn't fit their raw Thrash style so well. Nevertheless, it seems to have been enough for Massacre Records to produce one more album of this band, which was entitled "Latest Jesus" and was available in 1992. The Baphomet guys didn't turn away from their common Thrash style and offered this time an a bit more grown album, with either melodic influences, though fully following their previous direction with just better done vocals than still on "No answers", reminding in places slightly of a melodic version of Morbid Saint. After another slightly modern sounding Thrash album ("Trust") 1994, Thomas Hertler quit and Jens Sonnenberg (ex-Zadok/Cavillator) took his place for about a year till Baphomet split up in 1995.

"Demo I" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"No answers" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"No answers" LP/CD 1990 (Massacre)
"Latest Jesus" LP/CD 1992 (Massacre)

Stefan Reichenbecher (vocals, guitar)
Ulrich Reichenbecher (drums)
Stephan Ritter (bass)
Barock was post-Avalanche Danger, after they changed name in 1987. The trio from Bavaria fully continued the virtuoso Avalanche Danger style from the last Demo's and recorded one more extremely progressive neoclassical Metal Demo in 1988.

"Rock like the age of... Barock!!!" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Matthias Schäfer (guitar, vocals)
Klaus Schachner (guitar)
Andreas Schäfer (bass)
Markus Bader (drums)

A Hard Rock band from Augsburg, that was active from 1980-1984 and performed a mix of english and german sung material. The guys only played 15 live ligs. If you have more info please get in touch.

Baron Titus
Titus (vocals)
Uwe Golz (guitar)
Pete (guitar)
Jöarch (bass)
Atzel (drums)
Among all of these "Sauflieder fun bands" Baron Titus and the Nonsense of Rock from Braunschweig was undoubtly the best and those that actually appear kinda "serious" because musically Baron Titus was accompanied by some great Metal musicians and that's what you get to hear. May it be a new version of "Breaking the law" or the godly "Wir wählen blau", you can listen to the album not even while your drunk. It's overall partly good Party Metal/Hard Rock, besides the fun booze songs. Worth to be checked out.
Check out Baron Titus
"Völlig daneben" LP/CD 1990 (Caprifischer)
"Pilsener Boogie" 7"EP 1990 (Caprifischer)

Andi Bäckle
A young classic Heavy Metal band from Bad Urach/Reutlingen under the Management of Stormwitch which was active around 1986/87. Their first Demo should be from around 1986 and the second tape with 3 tracks was released in 1987. If you have more info please get in touch.
"Demo #2" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Karl-Heinz Rothert (bass, vocals)
Hans Ulrich Meißner (guitar)
Günther Gruschkuhn (guitar)
Thomas Korn (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Hannover, that was active since around 1976/77 and recorded 3 albums throughout the late 70's. The guys used to have synonyms like Keith Kossoff (Günther Gruschkuhn), Toto Petticoato (Thomas Korn), Theo Tremolo (Hans Ulrich Meißner) and Carlos Bastardos (Karl-Heinz Rothert) which appears a little bit confusing, but at least some of them discarded those on the second album "Tearing nights" from 1978. Musically Bastard couldn't offer anything groundbreaking at all. The albums feature just typical 70's Hard Rock with the typical influences from Boogie, Southern Rock and either a bit AC/DC on the second album. After the last live album from 1980 this band split up and Karl-Heinz Rothert (ex-Fargo/Tale ) co-founded the also less exciting Rated-X 1982 as Carl Rothert.

"Back to the nature" LP 1977 (London)
"Tearing nights" LP 1978 (Strand)
"Live and alive" LP 1980 (Lava)

Baton Rouge
Robert Adolf (guitar, vocals)
Horst Horndacher (guitar)
Martin Vogel (bass)
Volker Ameis (drums)
A Metal band from the greater Stuttgart area, that started around 1986 and focussed musically a bit on the mid 80's US Hair Metal stuff. The foursome recorded their only album in Winter '87/'88, which was released on the private label Metal Syndicate from Waghäusel. Though on the band pic the lads didn't dress up like the usual motley US Glamsters, but Baton Rouge's kind of midpaced pounding Metal, indeed spread the same party feeling and could be thrown into the same drawer nevertheless. Only seldomly the guys could break out a bit of the standard scheme with songs like "Long way to win" f.e., that are sadly rarely featured on "The wild side of paradise". In September '88 Baton Rouge recorded a Demo tape, that featured songs for the second album of the band, which was planned to be produced privately also a little bit later on. If the album was ever finished is yet uncertain, though it was never released at all. Rumours say that Mark Terry (guitar) joined the guys in the fall of the 80's when Horst Horndacher quit, but how much these do correspond to the truth is uncertain.


A Hard Rock/Heavy Metal trio originating from Mayence, which was actively playing live during 1988 and stylistically influenced by US Glam/Hair Metal acts such as Dokken, WASP and Poison. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A White Metal band from Bochum/Essen, featuring a later member of Kingscrowd. The band should have been active during the late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Cornelia Ernst (vocals)
Arthur Schilling (guitar)
Frank Nitti (guitar)
Andi Rückle (bass)
Gerd Haußmann (drums)
A female fronted Thrash band from Freiberg am Neckar in the Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart area, who started around 1987 very Slayer influenced and recorded a 2 song Demo (Does anyone know the title of the tape?) the same year, which gained them already a record deal with the TRC label, that resulted in the very neat "We come to fight" MLP from 1988. As mentioned above, the troop acted strongly Slayer influenced and did a pretty cool job on the record. Then it got a little quiet around Battlefield, who returned 1990 with a new Demo, introducing Patrick Renner on bass, that showed an a bit more progressive Thrash direction now. Afterwards Conny Ernst went to Ivanhoe and Tanja Ivenz joined on vocals. They quickly recorded another Reh/Demo around late 1990/91 and signed a contract with Rising Sun Productions. With Stephan Fiedler on drums the new album "Still and ever again" was recorded 1991, but Battlefield's sound completely had turned into proggy Power Metal, though Tanja Ivenz' voice was quite a unique thing of it's own. With the last album "Spirit of time" from 1993 Battlefield dived even more into modern Prog Metal sounds, but shortly after disbanded in the mid 90's.

"Demo 1987" (selfreleased)
"We come to fight" MLP 1988 (TRC)
"Time to rethink" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Rehearsal Tape" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Still and ever again" LP/CD 1991 (Rising Sun)
"Leap in the dark" Comp.-CD Track 1991 (Peace-Eater Vol. I)
"Spirit of time" CD 1993 (Rising Sun)

Be In It
Manfred Becker (bass, vocals)
Jochen Klütsch (guitar)
Frank Behrend (keyboard)
Klaus Breuer (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Frechen (Cologne area), that was established by vocalist Manfred Becker in November 1986. Jochen Klütsch joined 1987 and drummer Klaus Breuer came in January '88. Keyboarder Frank Behrendt was the last to join in February '89 to complete the line up that produced the selftitled 4 song EP at the Dierks Studios in July '89. The vinyl was available in late summer '89 and features some quite good melodic Hardrockers with several Deep Purple influences, though of the more modern kind, but really neat and refined with a very good vocal performance. For those who like Hard Rock with dominant keyboards...

"Be In It" 12" EP 1989 (selfreleased)

Doro Pesch (vocals)
Frank Rittel (bass)
Peter Szigeti (guitar)
A shortlived NWOBHM inspired Heavy Metal band of the very early 80's, founded 1980 in Düsseldorf, that could be seen as one of the precursors of Warlock. Doro Pesch was playing in this band together with later Warlock members Frank Rittel and Peter Szigeti, celebrating a very solid hard powerful Heavy Metal in the vein of british bands like Jaguar or Saracen (the ones from Roksnax) and of course Warlock. Their only Demo contains 7 outstanding skullcrushers for that early year, but if this band existed parallel to Snakebite or if Snakebite originated out of Beast's ashes is hard to say nowadays. Rittel, Pesch and Szigeti later played in Snakebite with Wolfgang Böhm (Stormwind/Universe/Darxon/U.D.O.) and Thomas Franke (later in Stallion/Nightprowler), till Szigeti and Rittel founded Warlock with Doro Pesch in 1983. Any further info would be welcome.

"Demo 1981" (selfreleased)

Beast (Singen)
Hans Bergt (vocals, guitar)
Kurt Bergt (guitar)
Helmut Merk (bass)
Helmut Paul (drums)
The Hard Rock band Beast from Singen, very close to the swiss border south of Stuttgart, existed already since 1974 under the name Sky and was founded by the brothers Kurt and Hans Bergt. With Helmut Merk (bass) and Helmut Paul (drums) a steady line up was established during the following years that gained the guys live support possibilities for bands such as Uriah Heep, Golden Earring, the Scorpions, Meat Loaf or Saxon. What's slightly opaquely yet, is the question if the quartett wasn't originally swiss musicians, because an old Metal Hammer feature mentions that on a short note. But nevertheless the guys used to have their headquarter in Singen indeed, though fanclub and management addresses had been swiss ones. Around 1981 Sky changed the name to Beast and got a deal with swiss (hmm) CBS, who published the in Switzerland (call me paranoid...) recorded selftitled debut album in 1982. Maybe in 1982 the album offered something listenable, but seen from today's point of view, "Beast" sounds very outdated. Though numbers like "Dark city" surely got a special flair, but the majority of the slightly AC/DC influenced heavy boogie-ing Hardrockers was mainly 70's rooted. During 1984 Helmut Paul left the band and Roland Bayer swung his butt behind the drumkit, while the band recorded several Demo trax during that year in quite neat quality that would later get released as "The letter" album. They also started working with producer/manager Ingo Nowotny, who gained them a deal with Mausoleum Records for the "Like living in a cage" album, that was recorded in Berlin and Frankfurt during 1985. Prior to the new album release Beast's debut got re-released on Sri Lanka Records as "Lonely nights" with different cover. Why "Like living in a cage" didn't nearly sound as exciting as the previous 84'er Demos is hard to retrace. The band seems to have prefered to enter a slightly more commercial direction in 1985 with NWOBHM touch, instead of following the heavy path of what would be published in 1987 as "The letter", whose material I personally rate pretty high within the mid 80's german Heavy Metal releases, featuring some catchy, archetypical Metal numbers with spirit. After the "Like living in a cage" album Beast's career stagnated. Roland Bayer left in 1986 and so did Hans Bergt 2 years later. Bayer got substituted by drummer F.P. Illing, who also used to take care of the vocals. Slightly later Danny Oliver claimed the drummer position, so Illing would only concentrate on vocals from that day forward. As a fourpiece the new Beast recorded one more album 1990 entitled "Stay hard", but it wasn't released before 1992 as a private CD in a limited edition of 500 copies, featuring exactly the same slightly commercially influenced Hard Rock/Metal, that we already heard on "Like living in a cage". But "Stay hard" was Beast's last output as the band split up in 1992. Hans Bergt was also playing in the Hard Rock band Höllenhunde during the mid/late 90's.
"Beast" LP 1982 (CBS)
"Lonely nights" LP 1984 (SL)
"Like living in a cage" LP 1985 (Mausoleum)
"The letter" LP 1987 (Metal Enterprises)
"Stay hard" CD 1992 (selfreleased)

Beast (Stuttgart)
D. Feist
B. Hirschmann
V. Grappendorf
M. Raffel
A Hard Rock band from Stuttgart, that shouldn't be confused with the pre-Warlock band Beast and neither with the band Beast from Singen, a bit more south of Stuttgart, who published several albums in the early and mid 80's. These guys around A. Feist just released a selfproduced 7" that featured the songs "Ice in the sun" and "Don't care". Both songs are quite unspectacular, especially the title track delivers a sort of lightweight Heavy Rock and only the NWOBHM inspired flipside justifies a purchase, while "Don't care" either at no time could be called essential. Guess these guys didn't keep up together much longer after the 7", so any further info would be highly appreciated.

”Ice in the sun“ 7“ EP 1982 (selfreleased)

Beast of Prey
Thomas Scheerer (vocals, guitar)
Ralph Pastor (guitar)
Thomas Hollaender (bass)
Reinhard Jahnke (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Stuttgart that's mainly known for their trax on the "M.I.R. Stuttgart - Heavy Metal Sampler" Split LP together with other german bands Divine Victim, Overkill, Thunder and Vengeance. Their 2 songs they recorded in November '83 as probably a Demo, but the material wasn't that spectacular at all. Apart of the speedy "Death's motorway" that at least musically could convice, the band had a serious vocalist problem. After several line up changes and 7 long years later Beast of Prey returned with a small edition CD on an indie label with new line up featuring beside the only remaining founding member Thomas Scheerer, Todde Heller (guitar), Ralf Geschke (vocals), Manny Rutzen (bass), Friedel Friedrich (drums). But musically their sound remained antiquated, like time stood still. Old Accept and AC/DC influenced Hard Rock like we still had 1980. They also released the albums "Dirty details" (1994) and "No headroom" (2000) before the split up.

"M.I.R. Stuttgart - Heavy Metal Sampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Elite Special)
"Ride a lightning" CD 1991 (On Air)

Thomas Haller (vocals)
Jens Ribow (guitar)
Andi (bass)
Chris Steinhoff (drums)
Beatifix was a Crossover/Thrash band from Freiburg that changed name to Scarecrow in April '87. The guys released a Demo in early 1987, that featured a live recording from 14/3/1987 plus the rehearsal track "Beatifix".

"Silent Screams" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

A Hard Rock/Metal band from southern Germany, that was actively playing live during 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Volker (keyboard, vocals)
Eumel (guitar, vocals)
Torschy (bass)
Mecky (drums)
Beaux-Arts from Versmold in the Bielefeld area produced just a mini album in 1987, that was published on the Autark label and contains well done catchy AOR with Hard Rock influences. Maybe the band was acting a bit too poppy for most guys and seriously the material is more of the sort that was played on the radio back in the day, but either that can't becloud the good impression that these guys left. For Melodic Rock/AOR fans indeed a highly recommended band.
"Chance's" MLP 1987 (Autark)

Bee Jay
Dirk Brinck (vocals)
Thomas Jay (guitar)
Chris Martin (bass)
Vambo C. Tischer (drums, keyboard)
In this case BJ doesn't stand for "Blow Job", but for Bee Jay (or sometimes also spelled Beejay). A Melodic Metal band from Münster, that had it's 5 minutes of fame in 1986 when they published their only selftitled album. One more non album track was featured on a local compilation album the same year as well, before this band disappeared again. Bee Jay's style was quite nice, listenable melodic Hard Rock/Metal, introduced by the speedy "I wanna hear you", before the lads reeled down their complete US Hair Metal influenced program ala Keel, King Kobra, White Lion or the late 80's Kiss. Vocalist Dirk Brinck left the band early 1989, while the remaining guys disbanded Bee Jay right afterwards.
"Bee Jay" LP 1986 (Teuto)
"Baby is on the line" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Pink Pop presents Rocktage 86 - Steppin' out)

Belching Beet
Michael Watolla (vocals)
Winni (guitar)
Peter Scholz (bass)
Michael Schwarz (drums)
Belching Beet is originating from Steinheim in the Stuttgart area and was founded there in 1987 as a Hardcore/Grindcore band. After two Demos the guys recorded 1989 a 7" EP and another Rehearsal Demo 1990, that was limited to just 50 copies, before they could release a quite good Split LP with australians Rupture on Egocentric Records, where Belching Beet turned way more Death Metal influenced, not to miss out the grinding parts at all. The material was recorded in January '91 and caught pretty much the spirit of those times, mixing all kinds of extreme music from Thrash, Death Metal and Grindcore and hadn't much in common of the early Belching Beet roots at all anymore. After the Split the band seemed to fell into a kinda coma or even split up, but returned in 1997 with another Demo and released several stuff till 2008, when their debut album "Out of sight" was finally published. If you got more info about the band's debut Demo, please get in touch.

"Demo II" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"You know that the holes are empty 'cause there's nothing inside!!?" 7" EP 1989 (Masters of Mayhem and Noise)
"Rehearsel-Live-Demo" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
“Kill for fun…/Just another humanoid” Split LP 1991 (with Rupture, Egocentric Records)

Manfred Kähler (vocals, guitar)
Gerd Pöppel (guitar)
Günther Briesenick (bass)
Alexander Stehr (keyboard)
Dietmar Ränker (drums)
Berluc was one of the top Hard Rock bands of the ex-GDR, that was founded as a Jazz band already in the 60's featuring Dietmar Richter (bass), Axel Stehr (keyboard), Dietmar Ränker (drums) and Günter Briesenick (guitar). But those early years aren't much of interest for us here, as the real story of Berluc started around 1978, when the band got restructured with new members Manfred Kähler (vocals, guitar), Gerd Pöppel (guitar), Günther Briesenick (bass), while either stylistically they turned into Space/Hard Rock. The same year their "Hallo Erde, hier ist Alpha" 7" was released and became a national hit, that stimulated Amiga to produce more songs for a full album of the band, which was released under the title "Reise zu den Sternen" in 1979 and featured some of the previously recorded songs as well, during the beginning NWOBHM. Some of Berluc's songs truly would have had fit into that genre's proggy bands movement as well, since the guys could perfectly merge the heaviness of Hard Rock with the epic undertones of the Prog/Space Rock, sounding sometimes like an eastgerman version of the old heavy Queen stuff. Nevertheless, the bosses in the western part of Germany wasn't deaf at all and "Reise zu den Sternen" was re-released there too in 1981, featuring even songs of the 1981 still unreleased second Berluc album "Hundertausend Urgewalten", that was officially released in 1982 for the GDR's market. The Space Rock factor was mostly gone on that album, while the heavy Prog Rock influences got slightly more dominant. Detlef Brauer had replaced Gerd Pöppel on guitar and Wolfgang Hoffmann (bass) came for Günther Briesenick, who quit in 1981. 1983 Berluc had a top hit with "No bomb", which was later featured on their 3rd album "Rocker von der Küste" (1984), that sadly followed a rather more Pop/Rock oriented style, while they tried to keep some Hard Rock influences as well. Detlef Brauer, Wolfgang Hoffmann and one of the main songwriters Alexander Stehr left Berluc during 1984, so Tino Schultheis (bass), Wilfried Kaminski (guitar) and Rainer Schilling (keyboard) joined instead, while Berluc's style had slightly recovered from the "Rocker von der Küste" dilemma, and they musically returned to melodic Hard Rock sounds. The "Tausend Hände" 7" released 1985, features 2 non album songs (B-side "Zeig dein Gesicht"), which was still co-written by Alexander Stehr, but during the following years the band went heavier ways and changed musicians every now and then. Previously during 1986/87 the 2 commercial Hardrockers "Blutjung" and "Alles im Lot" was produced, while there are either 2 Demo tracks ("Kino im Kopp" and "Albtraum") known that should be originating from around 1986/87 as there's still Manfred Kähler singing, who left Berluc around 1987/88. Rainer Schilling had quit 1987 either so Dietmar Ränker formed once again a completely new band with ex-Mephisto Ralf Donahetz (vocals), Johannes Pistor (guitar), Bernd Fleischer (guitar, keyboard), with only Tino Schultheis on bass remaining of the old line up. And once again with all those new young guys in the band, Berluc's style changed. Their songs became more modern (Hard Rock) sounding, while having an absolutely melodic background with epic hints. After a few years without vinyl appearances Berluc could finally produce a 7" EP in 1988, that featured 4 of the songs that they had recorded during 1988 ("Durchgebrannt" and "Lieder der Welt" remained unreleased and only got airplay), which is a highly recommended piece for fans of the melodic Hard Rock stuff. Usually Berluc was chosen to produce another album during 1989, but due to the political change those plans got canceled by Amiga and therefore Ralf Donahetz left Berluc to join V2. His job got Andreas Schenker. Berluc in the meanwhile was forced to mainly pause, and hardly entered national stages till 1993, when Ränker recruited ex-Regenbogen/Mephisto Ronnie Pilgrim (vocals), Bert Hoffmann (Guitar) and Uwe Märzke (keyboard). The small label Polyband re-released their last 7" with the additional yet unreleased track "Durchgebrannt" (recorded 1988) as a MCD ("Nachhaus") in 1994. Though Dietmar still keeps Berluc going througout all the past years, they never recorded any further albums and are mainly active as a live band nowadays.
Check out an old Berluc Clip here.
"Wer hat mein Geld/Disco-Typ" 7" EP 1977 (Amiga)
"Computer 3/4x " 7" EP 1978 (Amiga)
"Hallo Erde, hier ist Alpha" 7" EP 1978 (Amiga)
"Reise zu den Sternen" LP 1979 (Amiga)
"Bernsteinlegende " 7" EP 1980 (Amiga)
"Reise zu den Sternen" Comp.-LP 1981 (Pool)
"Bermuda-Dreieck" 7" EP 1981 (Amiga)
"Bermuda-Dreieck" Comp.-LP Track 1981 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1981)
"Hunderttausend Urgewalten" LP 1982 (Amiga)
"Glaube an dich" Comp.-LP Track 1982 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1982)
"Gradaus" ‎7" EP 1983 (Amiga)
"No bomb" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1983)
"No bomb" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rock für den Frieden)
“No bomb” Split 7“ EP 1983 (Denke daran)
"Rocker von der Küste" LP 1984 (Amiga)
"Die Erde lebt" ‎7" EP 1984 (Amiga)
"Die Erde lebt" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Rock für den Frieden)
"Die Erde lebt" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1984)
"Tausend Hände" ‎7" EP 1985 (Amiga)
"Tausend Hände"" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1985)
"Wie ein Regenbogen" 7" EP 1988 (Amiga)
"Nach Haus" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Das Album - Rock-Bilanz 1988)
"An den Ufern der Nacht" Comp.-DLP Track 1989 (20 Jahre Puhdys)

Demo Recordings:
“Albtraum“ Demo Track 8?
”Kino im Kopp” Demo Track 1987

Broadcast Recordings:
„Blutjung“ (1986)
„Alles im Lot“ (1987)
„Durchgebrannt“ (1988)
„Lieder der Welt“ (1988)

Mario Lang (bass, vocals)
Martin Priemer (guitar)
Achim Gerhardt (drums)
Berserker was a Rumpel Metal trio from Erbach (south of Darmstadt) that was active during the mid and late 80's. Their "Brachial Metal" entitled first Demo from 1987, pretty much live up to it's name. Raw and clumsy uninspired underground Thrash Metal with influences of the early Kreator (with brake) ruin the first track of the tape and any further time they return to the Thrash noise. A few light rays of hope though flash up, when they get away of the Thrash sound and play some more Power/Heavy Metal influenced songs, that remind of some of the bands on D&S's Break Out compilations. A second Demo recorded in early 1989 should be available as well. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Brachial Metal" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Andreas Classen (vocals)
Klaus Matton (guitar)
Bianca de Loryn (guitar)
Jürgen Bartsch (bass)
Sandra Matton (keyboard)
Chris Steinhoff (drums)
Bethlehem was a former Death Metal band from Grevenbroich, featuring the ex-Beatifix/Scarecrow drummer Chris Steinhoff (Stoffel), founded around 1991. During their early phase starting around 1993, the band used to play a sort of Black Metal that was also using doomy Death Metal typical elements and therefore the guys called their debut album "Dark Metal". In the beginning still a bigger group of musicians, the band had shrunken to a quartet (Klaus Matton, Jürgen Bartsch, Andreas Classen and Chris Steinhoff) on their Promo '93 that was later re-released as the "They pale dominion" 7" and marked the start for the bands later career. Adipocere Records signed the guys afterwards and published the "Dark Metal" CD 1994, that features more blackened Metal of the doomy kind like the early My Dying Bride/Paradise Lost. During the following decades the band recorded several albums, that surprised with quite morbid appearing titles.

"Bethlehem" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Promo March '93" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Thy pale dominion" 7" EP 1993 (Nightmare)
"Wintermute" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Deathophobia)

R. Zeisler
Christian Weidner
An Iron Maiden influenced Heavy/Power Metal band from Rosenheim/Bad Aibling in Bavaria active around 1985/86. If you have more info please get in touch.

Betrayer (Goslar)
Markus Wilbertz (vocals)
Christoph Beyer (guitars, bass)
Peter Sand (guitar)
Jens Vierow (drums)
Power/Thrashers from Goslar, founded in the middle of the 80's, who recorded a bunch of Demo tapes starting in 1986 till 1989, when Turbo Music produced their MLP "Whole acceptance". The band started as fourpiece and was undergoing some line up changes right after the debut tape. Both guitarists Peter Sand and Christoph Beyer got replaced by Holger Tilch and Andreas Kramer, plus bassist Andrew Cunningham on "Full speed or nothing" from 1987. Cunningham either wasn't on board anymore when "Heavy Metal guaranteed" was published and Carsten Fricke (bass) joined instead. On "Hi-Tech-Desciples" the band was shrunken to a trio with only Tilch, Fricke and Vierow left. And these guys also recorded the above mentioned only vinyl of Betrayer, that features quite listenable Thrash influenced Power Metal (or Power Metal influenced Thrash - just how you like) with rather dull vocals, that during the Power Metal parts reminds a bit of Tempest. Who knows, with a real vocalist the record could probably have become something important within the scene, we will never know. Musically the guys acted quite solid with good riffing, it's just the vocals that spoil the overall impression. Naturally the feedback was manageable and the band rather disappeared subsequently to return 1994 with a new Demo ("Repulsive truth") and Michael Eichstädt behind the micro, that led into an album production 1996 ("Hostage of progress"), before the guys once again disappeared and eventually disbanded in 2000.
"Rockin' need no rule" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Full speed or nothing" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Heavy Metal guaranteed" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Traitors revolution" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Hi-Tech-Desciples" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”Whole acceptance” MLP 1989 (Turbo Music)

Between The Sheets
Heinz Scheurke (vocals)
Jutta Rusch (vocals)
Norbert Pejic (guitar)
Jürgn Struck (bass)
Florian Kutzer (keyboard)
Lutz Lemke (drums, keyboard)
A bavarian band, that could well have been originating from the Munich area where their "Taste" album was recorded, or either from Nuremberg, as Heinz Scheurke and Norbert Pejic was previously responsible in the early 80's for the guitars of the Motörhead influenced Heavy Metal pioneers Deep Throat. The quite inconspicuous looking artwork for sure wasn't any creative help to promote the album amoung the Hard Rock clientele. Either on the first view one might guess the band name would be "Taste" and the album title "Between The Sheets", but it's indeed the other way around. Between The Sheet's (or shortly BTS) music had nothing in common with Deep Throat, moreover the band played a very experimental style that ranges from classic melodic Heavy Rock to just common Rock with Saxophone. Seems like the lads had been very openminded for Hard Rock untypical sound experiments. Nevertheless, the Hard Rockers do sound pretty much catchy, though you shouldn't expect too much from the album at all.

"Taste" LP 1987 (selfreleased)

A Metal band from probably North Rhine-Westphalia that was active in the late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Norbert Bode (guitar, vocals)
Frank Lawrenz (guitar)
Hartmut Rosenhahn (bass)
Wolfgang Schröder (drums)
Biest was founded in July 1985 by guitarist and singer Norbert Bode, Frank Lawrenz, Hartmut Rosenhahn and Wolfgang Schröder in Jüterbog (ex-GDR), while Bode had a Blues Rock band running with the name Unternehmen Frostschutz since 1980 already. During late '84 and early '85 the band decided to enter different paths and turned into Heavy Metal, first with the name shortened to just Frostschutz and since mid '85 officially as Biest when Uwe Klotz joined as second guitarist. Their first live gig happened November 8th 1985, while the guys continued working on own material. Ralf Wiesenack replaced former drummer Wolfgang Schröder 1986 and Biest afterwards could produce the song "Metal" for the national broadcast in February '87, which became an undisputed nr. 1 hit in the local Rock hitparade. Also early Demo songs like the "Kill 'em all" influenced "Biest" or the slow "Whiskeymann" originated from the year 1986, while Biest was voted best amateur Heavy Metal band of the GDR in summer '86 as well, which was caused by the band playing a speedy Metal, that orientated itself on international bands like Saxon, Accept, Running Wild, and early Metallica etc. During 1987 the band again could produce 5 more songs at Jürgen Matkowitz' studio (remember the drum machine...), that all got high positions during the following months/years at the national hitparade. Moreover, the instrumental "Hard feeling" became the introduction music of the GDR's national Metal show "Tendenz Hard bis Heavy". 4 of these songs was released 1989 as the "Crash Trash" 7" EP and a Biest album was planned for 1990, while the political change within the country fully destroyed Biest's dreams. On the other hand's to say, that Biest's sound already during '89/90 wasn't the same anymore like in 1987, coz the band was working with slightly different modern influences already. After recording a 5 track Demo, Frank Lawrenz left Biest in 1990 and with new guitarist Mario Bessin 1991 they recorded one more Demo to possibly score a record deal. But "Only tears" contained a very strange sort of slow modern Metal, that couldn't inspire any label anymore to produce more Biest material officially. Then subsequently Uwe Klotz left the band still within the same year and later moved to Canada, while Biest added the keyboarder Jürgen Phieler. After another widely unknown Demo with the title "Leave me alone", recorded during the early/mid 90's, and the Demo CD "Der Zocker" (1998), Biest tried to record an album independently, but internal trouble caused the end of the band in 1999. Hartmut Rosenhahn and Mario Bessin formed Black Sparks, Norbert Bode was working together with Pandea, while Ralf Wiesenack and Jürgen Phieler tried their luck with Enjoy.
"Crash Trash" 7" EP 1989 (Amiga)
"Crash Trash" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Rockbilanz '89)
"Demo" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Only tears" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Leave me alone" Demo 199? (selfreleased)

Broadcast Recordings:
"Metal" (1986)
"Hard feeling" (1987)

Demo Recordings:
"Das Biest" (1985)
"Whiskymann" (1986)
"Grab im Moor" (1986)

Big 'n Juicy
A five piece from Baden-Baden, south of Frankfurt, that was active since the late 80's and participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival 1989. The guys prior to the event already appeared at a TV show and recorded their outstanding Demo in 1990. The tape features 4 stunning Melodic Metal rockers in the Dokken/Ozzy vein, US american influenced so to say, but playing on a similar level like other german acts of the same caliber that made it big like f.e. Vamp or Bonfire. Their vocalist was canadian born. Further info is welcome.
"1990" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Big Brother
A Hard Rock band from the Essen/Bochum/Neuss region, that was active during the late 80's and till at least 1991. A Demo tape exists as well. Further info is needed.

Big Problem
N. Petrek (vocals, guitar, bass)
Radovan Petrek (drums, keyboard)
Another obscure piece of vinyl by a band consisting of 2 brothers from Frankfurt/Main. Wasn't aware of this exists as it never surfaced earlier. The Glashaus Edition Label was kinda specialized in these Rock/AOR bands, while Big Problem sounded a bit heavier than the rest of their bands. It's melodic Hard/Heavy Rock, sometimes with a pounding US style beat sometimes just cheesy ballads, all accompanied by keyboard sounds. On the heavier parts I'd say 2nd East would be a good comparison, with just one difference, 2nd East called a better vocalist their own. N. Petrek apparently had trouble to hit the right tone more than just once. But nevertheless it's average standard stuff.
"Big Problem" 12"EP 1990 (Glashaus Edition)

Birds of Prey
Reiner Benirschke (guitar)
Bernd Benirschke (guitar)
Reiner Huber (bass)
Armin Greipel (drums)

This band from Augsburg existed from 1983-85 and could be counted to the Melodic Rock faction. Their material featured everything from Rock ballads, Blues and Hard Rock numbers. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Black Anvil
Anton Neuberger
A local Hard Rock band from Babenhausen, south of Frankfurt, that was active during 1989/90 and favorized a style influenced by the classic AC/DC stuff. Further info is needed.

Black Burn
Marcel Stürznickel (vocals)
Jörg Franke (guitar, bass)
Andreas Breindl (drums)

A rude Power Metal band from West Berlin, that was founded by ex-Ballantinez Jörg Franke (formerly in Tantalos and Skylla) with Marcel Stürznickel, plus the ex-Dark Avenger and later Majesty drummer Andreas Breindl in 1984 as just a studio project. December '84 the guys went into Harris John's Music Lab to record the song "Necrophile", that sounded similar to Chicago's Power/Thrashers Iron Cross. Summer '85 one more recording session happened with Franke's ex-Ballantinez/Skylla mate Carsten Köhler on guitar and Timo Niedenzu behind drums. 4 songs was recorded during that session, with "Dr. Vollin" and "The world is an unmeasurable war" being former Skylla creations. The sound of the band was quite heavy, for that time uncommon Power Metal with growled vocals, even working with certain Hellhammer influences, but out of nothing the song could turn into a technical speed number either. But the project didn't survive long enough to find out if Black Burn's music would have been ready for higher tasks, as one of Franke's other side projects (Crypt), after a first Demo turned out to yield fruits, so he decided to concentrate on it's follower Calderone. Black Burn's entire recordings was re-released on High Roller Records on (red) vinyl in 2012 as "The invocation".

"Demo 1985" (selfreleased)

Black Cross
Slimmy (vocals)
Gössy (guitar)
Dirk (bass)
Jochen (drums)

A local Remscheid fourpiece, that independently produced one of these obscure underground singles, that you'll just find once in a hell of years. There wasn't much info to find of this band at all, so lets focus on the music directly. Both songs "I'm not guilty" and "Under the vulture" got an utterly heavy Accept-ish edge, but can surprise with excellent guitar work. Not sure if Black Cross has had any satanic/antichristian stage image, at least on both of the trax there isn't anything like that to find, yet fans of Angel War or Mordor and especially Accept will love it nevertheless. Further band info is desired.
(Thanx to emosteel for the suggestion)
"I'm not guilty" 7" EP 1988 (selfreleased)

Black Demon
Thomas Laasch (vocals)
A Heavy Metal band from Baden-Württemberg, active in the mid 80's and featuring the later Backwater vocalist Thomas Laasch. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Black Diamond
Uwe Merz (vocals)
Andreas Roch (guitar)
Jens Müller (guitar)
Axel Lang (bass)
Mike Paul (drums)
A classic Heavy Metal from Herten that was active only during the 80's, without gaining bigger success at all, though the lads recorded a number of Demo tapes throughout that decade and either a MLP on the Rooceter label. The band was founded 1981 by Andreas Roch and Jens Müller (guitar), but a first line up didn't made it that long and it took Roch and Müller till 1983 to find with Uwe Merz (vocals), Mike Paul (drums) and Axel Lang (bass) another steady line up to record a first Demo "First cut" in autumn 1983 (but released early 1984). Norbert Korba replaced Axel Lang and a second Demo, that featured pretty rough archetypical German Metal in the Accept/Hammerschmitt vein, was recorded in 1984 too, while afterwards Jens Müller, Norbert Korba and Mike Paul quit the band due to musical differences. With new members Klaus Jankow (guitar), Mike Strelow (bass) and Klaus Nowak (drums), Black Diamond started recordings for their debut vinyl, coz Rooceter in the meanwhile had signed the band. Already on "Fight together", that also was featured on the previous Demo, you can hear the difference of why the MLP couldn't fully implement the raw Demo power. Though the material was really solid sounding and stylistically reminded often of bands like Hammerschmitt, but compared to the rough Demo version, the band lost a bit ground by the rather poor studio sound of the vinyl recordings. Due to Rooceter's bankrupt the band either lost their record deal and tried with two more Demos during the late 80's once again, but failed, though they didn't move too much away from their original sound and still delivered quite powerful Accept-ish influenced Heavy Metal. After the last Demo 1989 Black Diamond eventually split up, while Roch and Merz founded Dorian Gray with members of Science Project (SP).

"First cut" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)
"Faces" MLP 1985 (Rooceter)
"Diamond cage" Demo 1988 (elfreleased)
"Demo 1989" (selfreleased)

Black Dragon
Beo Scala (vocals)
Peter Tuschik (guitar)
Norbert Fleischmann (guitar)
Dirk Lingner (guitar)
Andreas Lodahl (bass)
Peter Binding (drums)
Black Dragon's sole privately pressed album was just discovered not even so long ago, while previously noone has ever heard of that band from Hildesheim, not to mention their album "Heavy Metal intoxication", who's title won't make it that hard to guess what style the lads might be playing. Recorded in February 1982, the band therefore pretty much deserved a higher ranking seen by historical aspects, as their sound wasn't feasting in Boogie Hard Rock like most of these early bands, but instead Black Dragon seemed to have been strongly inspired by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Influences of AC/DC, Judas Priest or Saxon made the band sounding close to the excellent Sin City 7". Either the vocals of Beo Scala could concurrate with certain NWOBHM acts. Not sure how long the lads got the band keep going on, but seems Black Dragon hasn't even seen the mid 80's at all. The vinyl was pressed in a limited edition of just 250 copies, so you got a glimpse of how hard it will be to grab a copy nowadays. Karthago Records once again was responsible for a proper CD release of this delicious nugget of steel.

Black Eagles
An obscure local band that was featured with the german sung track "Hexentanz" on the first part of the Rockactive samplers. Musically a cross between the GDR's all girl band "Na und" and early Berluc with healthy dose of the early US Prog Hard Rock stuff. Absolutely awesome epic song with well done female vocals. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Hexentanz" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rockactive I)

Black Fate
Michael Hüttemann (vocals)
Stefan Witt (guitar)
Michael Roll (guitar)
Frank Sondermann (bass)
Ralf Berndt (drums)
One of these archetypical underground bands of the mid 80's, founded in Attendorn 1983 by Ralf Berndt and Stefan Witt, who produced just an independent album, that nowadays is a highly wanted piece of vinyl, who's weight is getting compensated in pure gold. Though the band was acting solid nevertheless, I always can't get rid off the slightly feeling that Black Fate's material was lacking a bit in the songwriting department, just like another hyped band of the era, that either sounded close in style to them, Headstone. But well, for fans of Headstone and the way more exciting Hammerschmitt, "Commander of fate" is always worth a try. The band sadly split up already one year later, and Frank Sondermann joined the also Attendorn based band Twixt in 1987.

Black Hawk
Holger Burmester (vocals)
Thomas Juddat (guitar)
Norbert Wieczorek (guitar)
Martin Schulz (bass)
Gonzo Loss (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Mölln, that formed already in 1981 and produced several Demos until 1987, as they mention themselves on their website, though as the only official Demo tape only "Thank god for the Rock", recorded 1985, was listed. After playing all possible venues, the guys recorded their debut "First attack" in February '89 for Miracle Records. Black Hawk do mention to be influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept and Saxon, though musically I'd only give my ok to the latter. Indeed a few Saxon influences could be named, but all in all Black Hawk played a rather common, innocuous style of Heavy Metal with audible Hard Rock roots, that's more caught in the early 80's I'm afraid. At least for 1989 the songs on "First attack" appear a little bit outdated. After the first vinyl the band recorded one more Demo ("5 by 5") in 1995, before they split up 2 years later. Since 2001 the Black Hawks are out and about again and either recorded several studio albums.
Please check out Black Hawk's Homepage
"Thank god for the Rock" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"First attack" MLP 1989 (Miracle)

Black Jack
Ulrich Siefen (guitar)
Jörg Fischer (guitar)
Frank Friedrich (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Solingen, that was founded 1982 by the ex-Accept members Jörg Fischer and Frank Friedrich (later in Bad Steve) and also featured Ulrich Siefen, who would co-found the band Ninja in 1986. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Black Jack Co.
Chuck Meunier (vocals)
Bülent Sendallar (guitar)
Reinhard Kruse (guitar)
Michael Grunwald (bass)
André Böhmer (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Osnabrück, that's mainly known for providing the band S.D.I. with members. Black Jack Co. was founded 1979 and got a steady line up together in 1982 featuring Chuck Meunier (vocals), Bülent Sendallar (guitar), Reinhard Kruse (guitar), Michael Grunwald (bass) and André Böhmer (drums). 1985 the guys recorded a 4 song Demo, whose ballad "Life on earth" was taken for a vinyl sampler, while the Demo tracks "Overkill" and "She wants to get out" was featured on the "Osnabrücker Rockbum" compilation as well, before the lads released the "Break out" 7" in June '86 on the Autark label, delivering melodic, a bit leightweighted Hard Rock/Metal with NWOBHM style twin leads. In the meanwhile Reinhard Kruse 1985 founded the Speed Metal band S.D.I. together with former Black Jack Co. members Ralf Maunert (ex-Vivian) and Franck Tiesing, and gained a little success, though he didn't quit Black Jack Co. at all. In August '88 the band recorded the song "One good reason ( rock!)" that was published on another CD sampler 1989, with a slightly changed team. Bülent Sendallar handled the vocals and Michi Reichert joined on keyboard, while Kruse, Grunwald and Böhmer remained on their positions. After a few more years without any further outputs the band disbanded 1991.

"Demo I" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Life on earth" Comp-LP Track 1985 (Zeus-Newcomer-Show "Zeus Top Hits")
"Osnabrücker Rockbum Nr. 1" Comp.-LP Tracks 1985 (Pogo Pop Musik)
”Break out” 7” EP 1986 (Autark)
"One good reason" Comp.-CD Track 1989 (Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1)
"One good reason" Comp.-CD Track 1990 (Six Bands Pop + Rock Vol. 1)

Black Knights
Michael Buhl (vocals)
Michael Schroth (guitar)
Antonio Lucarelli (guitar)
Günther Vogel (bass)
Rudi Simm (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Augsburg/Bavaria, that was formed 1985 still with Raimund Tietze on the guitar and released 3 Demo tapes between 1986-'88. The guys claimed themselves to play classic Hard Rock, less commercial than Bonfire but not as extreme as Slayer, while Demo titles like "Metal invader" and "Return to the king" might usually promise a classic Metal act hidden here. Support shows for Gravestone and Tyrant confirmed the Black Knights a tight stageacting and professional live show. While they without success tried to score a record deal during the later mid 80's, vocalist Michael Buhl (he joined Augsburg's Mandrake) got replaced by first Martin Burkhardt and later G. A. Schiller inherited the job. Peter von Mende replaced drummer Rudi Simm. The band most probably split up during 1988, coz Peter von Mende joined the Hard Rock band Touchin´ Tough that year. If you got more info please get in touch.
"Metal invader" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Return of the king" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Take me" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Black Laws
Chris Zenk (vocals)
Jan Bünning (bass)
The first stage of what later would become Erosion. The band was originating from Hamburg and used to play Thrash Metal. Jan Bünning was playing with Asmodis and Chris Zenk came from Minotaur. The guys recorded a Demo in 1986 and changed name afterwards to Erosion in 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Demo 1986" (selfreleased)
"Total Massacre Vol. 1" Comp.-MC Tracks 1986 (Death Metal Production)

Black Out
Martin Gerstner
A Hard Rock band from Gernsbach active in 1986/87. If you have more info please get in touch.

Black Power
A DIY Metal band from the Zwickau area (ex-GDR), that was founded by a bunch of schoolfriends during the days of poitical change inside the country. Though they couldn't really handle their instruments at all, the lads started covering wellknown international acts and either created own material, that they performed at the few live gigs they played at private parties. Official Demos do not exist at all, but private rehearsal room recordings. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Black Requiem
Manfred Mayer (vocals)
Rene Preininger (guitar)
Georg Bauer (guitar)
Thomas Rotter (bass)
Jean-Pierre Kroisi (drums)

An occult Heavy Metal band from Augsburg, active since 1985, whose members all dressed in black on stage and performed a gloomy and mystical music with hints of an graveyard atmoshere (Doom Metal?). They obviously lived out their satanic image shamelessly on stage, but soon got tired of it in late '86/early '87, when they changed name to Metal Storm. One of their titles was called "Rocking throught the night". Rotter, Bauer and Mayer formed Hazard in 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Black Rose
Werner Büscher (guitar, vocals)
Mike Da Mare (guitar)
Axel Dalemanns (bass)
Dieter Hoffmann (drums)
During summer 1989 the ex-Wise Man veterans Dieter Hoffmann and Werner Büscher (ex-Preacher) formed a new band with the name Black Rose, that stylistically was focussed to play sleazy Hard Rock in the vein of Cinderella and Guns 'n Roses. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Black Roses
Andres Cousillas (vocals)
Frank Goersmeier (guitar)
Michael Schäfers (bass)
Jürgen Sprenger (keyboard)
Dirk De Koninck (drums)
A classic Hard Rock/Metal band from the Paderborn area, who appeared in the early 90's firstly with a Demo tape around 1991 and later the label Miracle Records pressed a single with two of the Demo tracks, featuring the pretty listenable ballad "Reach for the sky" and the more metallic "Edge of the night", that's sounding like somewhere between Accept and the Scorpions. The original Demo though contained with "Out of the dawn" a third, more Hard Rock rooted track, but with epic tendencies and Heavy Metal middle part. After the single the band disappeared again from the screen, but seems to have been active till at least the early 2000's.
"Black Roses" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Reach for the sky" 7" EP 1992 (Miracle)

Black Sheep
A Hard Rock band from West Berlin, that actively was playing live around 1985/86, soundwise influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake. If you have more info please get in touch.

Black Spirit
Michael Vegehaupt (vocals)
Stefan Gödde (guitar)
Martin Last (guitar)
Ingo Herzin (bass)
Andreas Grams (drums)
A mid 80's Metal band from Offenbach, who released a (supposedly) poorly produced 9-track rehearsal (?) Demo in 1984. Their later drummer Chris Lange played with Scene X Dream in 1990. If you know more, please get in contact.
"Kill New Wave" Demo 1984

Black tears
Mathias Staub (vocals)
Peter Köhler (guitar)
Uwe Köhler (bass)
Björn Greinert (drums)
A 1983 founded Wolfsburg based Heavy Metal band, that recorded two albums during the mid 80's and eventually changed name to Sharona in 1987. The first effort "Child of the storm" was recorded early '84, but lacked a bit in quality. It's midpaced rockers hardly could break out of the middle league, but on "The slave" from 1985, the Black Tears eventually got the curve and delivered a pretty listenable slightly Accept influenced classic Heavy Metal album, still midpaced, but with the one or another little hit. Frank Kühn played the second guitar on that album, but he left the band sometime in 1986, to get replaced by Sascha Paeth. And this was the point when the band changed name to Sharona and kept on playing throughout 1987, either recording a 5 song tape, that though remained unreleased. Paeth would join the newly founded Heavens Gate still in 1987, when Sharona disbanded also.
"Child of the storm" LP 1984 (Steamhammer)
"The slave" LP 1985 (Steamhammer)

Black Treasure
Jürgen Wahl (vocals)
Jürgen Schüle (guitar)
Frank Kleinknecht (bass)
Jens Fricke (drums)

Black Treasure was originating from Göppingen, near Stuttgat and despite the martial looking logo wasn't a Thrash band, but felt more a desire to play Melodic Metal. To get into detail, the 4 songs of their Demo "Until they die ..." offered a quality that made the band slightly to stand out from the common Demo releases of the late 80's. Unfortunately no more releases followed afterwards, so we assume that Black Treasure was history quickly after the tape release. Further info is needed.
"Until they die ..." Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Black Velvet
The band Black Velvet is just known for a track on the "Schwarz auf weiß" compilation released on CBR Records. Their song "Welcome to the show" is an ok Hard Rocker with rocking background, that appears probably heavier due to the rough sound. If you got more info of this band, please get in touch.
"Welcome to the show" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Schwarz auf weiß)

Black Widow
Glen Blankenship (vocals)
George Marcus (guitar)
Marcus George (guitar)
Joe Dibias (bass)
Stefan Braun (drums)
A local Heavy Metal band from Würzburg, that formed early 1984, consisting of 2 US soldiers stationed in Würzburg plus 3 german guys. First vocalist was called Phil, then Glen Blankenship became the band's singer for a longer period. After working on own material, the lads soon was able to play several local shows in the Würzburg area and could support acts like Vendetta or Bloody Climax. Their first official 7 track Demo "Storm of darkness" was recorded 1985, but there are earlier and later recordings existing as well, as one of their members compiled an independent CD in 2009 with a ton of the band's recordings. In the beginning Black Widow's style was highly NWOBHM inspired spiked with Judas Priest/Cobra influences and sounding quite similar to Brazilians Excalibur with just better guitar work. During the later phase the material went into a different direction with the doomy and mystic "Purgatory" being one of the band's highlights. During 1987 Glen Blankenship was sent back to the USA and Black Widow tried with a few more other guys, but none really fitted into the band, resulting in the lead guitarist joining another band, which marked the end of Black Widow in 1988.

"Storms of darkness" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Stefan Hoffmann (vocals)
Jochen Klemp (guitar)
Tim Schallenberg (guitar)
Andreas Bahr (bass)
Jan Lubitzki (drums)
Blackout could be seen as THE Metal band of the ex-GDR, being musically and techically ahead of all the known eastgerman bands of their time. After the guys played in 2 different school bands and decided to form an own troop in late 1984, they founded Blackout in early 1985 still with Stefan Hoffmann on micro but he had to leave to do his army service so Matthias Windelschmidt replaced him from 1985-87. Lubitzki got jailed in 1986 when he tried to escape the GDR and his drum position got Torsten Stahnke (ex-Metall) from Disaster Area who helped them out. Their repertoire featured mainly coverversions of bands like Metallica, Celtic Frost, Venom, Slayer but when you hear their only Demo recorded in 1987 with the 2 own creations "Kamikaze" and especially "Oracle of death", you easily realize that they absolutely didn't need to hide behind any international band. "Kamikaze" still was driven by the classic german melodic Power/Speed Metal sound with great twin leads and all but "Oracle of death" showed the band from an uncompromising technical Thrash side with outstanding guitar work and good sung and arranged vocals. Stefan Hoffman after returning from the army became the band's vocalist again till 1988 when they all, due to the never ending harassment of the government, left the GDR one by one. September '88 they played their last gig in Berlin. After the political change the guys started Depressive Age. Andreas Bahr and Torsten Stahnke both joined Defcon/Chor Chorea in 1990.
"Kamikaze" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Hans-Heinrich Barth (vocals)
Roy Last (guitar)
Thomas Auhagen (Bass)
Claus Reinholdt (drums)
A Hamburg based band or project, that got originally initiated by Roy Last during 1990. Drummer Claus Reinholdt joined late 1990, after leaving Catz, who's also known as Bubi The Schmied from his former bands Zed Yago and Velvet Viper. He either was member of the Roy Last Group during the early 80's. Hans-Heinrich Barth wasn't any unknown one in the Hamburg Metal scene either, as he sung for Rampage earlier as well. Karl-Heinz Bösel joined last after 1990, and was playing with Hannover's Destiny during the mid 80's and participated on several other band's albums, while he was active member in Vice and Shade. The band Blacksmyth initially wanted to play bluesy Hard Rock, but after changing the name to "Bubi the Schmied" (around 1991 most probably) the music on their only album released 1992 under the new name "Bubi the Schmied" was pretty heavy Metal, with either badass speedy Power Metal numbers, where Roy Last could act out all of his guitar skills, that he probably couldn't do formerly in that explicit way when he was mainly active with melodic Hard Rock bands. Bubi the Schmied just made that one album, but please don't let yourself be scared by the silly cover, just try them out!

Stefan Hartmann (drums)
Gregor Zelazny (guitar)
Tommy Scharm (guitar)
Sebastian Bielecki (vocals)
Karl Dittel (bass)
Death Metallers from Göttingen who changed name sometime in around 1989/90 to Immortalis before they released their first Demo "My requiem". They got signed by Morbid Music afterwards, a sublabel of West Virginia Records and recorded their first album ”Indicium de Mortuis” in November '91. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Blast Furnace
Martin Jungverdorben (vocals)
Frank Mölk (drums)
Michael Weikath (guitar)
Markus Grosskopf (bass)
Gottfried "Goddy" Jungverdorben (guitar)
Boris (?)

A Heavy Metal band from Hamburg that was inspired by the NWOBHM and featured future Helloween-members Michael Weikath and Markus Grosskopf, as well as future Stagefright members Martin Jungverdorben and Frank Mölk. They stuck arount until at least the late 00's and their old MySpace page is still up. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Steffen Rohr (bass, vocals)
Andreas Keck (drums)
Olaf Essenburger (guitar)
Stefan Webet (guitar)
The Thrash band Blasted was previously known as Darkness since 1985, but not the Essen band. These Darkness/Blasted hailed from Ludwigshafen and released 2 Demos before they changed name to Blasted in 1988 and added Stefan Webet as second guitarist. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Contamination by torture" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"So near and yet too far" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Anti (vocals)
Pfalk (drums)
Maurer (bass)
Losh (guitars)
Arnd (guitars)
These guys pretty much played an extremely raw Crossover/Thrash style that mainly reminds me of Agnostic Front's classic "Cause for alarm" album. Even the NYC Hardcore parts suits them so well, it's a perfect symbiosis of how Crossover/Thrash could sound too. Just imagine a cross of Agnostic Front and Deathrow or even early Assassin. They've been extremely fit on their instruments, making their tapes something worth searching for if you like fast forward thrashing Metal. Some of the members would later form the less interesting Warpath.
"Thrash 'till your asshole bleed" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”A part of our time” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Blind Force
M. Wymetalik

A local Metal band originating from Frankfurt/Main, who released a selfproduced 4 track Demo during spring '89, that according to the band's own info contained straight and progressive Metal. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Twilight zone" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Blind Guardian
Hansi Kürsch (bass, vocals)
André Olbrich (guitar)
Marcus Siepen (guitar)
Thomas Stauch (drums)
Originally founded as Lucifer's Heritage in Krefeld back in 1984, these lads started a very successful career in the Heavy Metal business when changing name to Blind Guardian in 1987. After having recorded two previous Demos with Lucifer's Heritage ("Symphonies of doom" & "Battallions of fear") between 1985/86, the band got picked up by No Remorse Records immediately, who produced their debut album "Battalions of fear" 1988. Still Speed/Thrash influenced with parallels to the holy Paradox, Blind Guardian during their later stage after the "Follow the blind" album, changed stilistically into a melodic and speedy archetypical german Power Metal outfit, that became famous during the 90's and still keeps on holding high the steely flag nowadays, being one of the eternal flagships of german Heavy Metal that never seems to sink. Since we seriously do not expect anyone to not be familar with the band Blind Guardian, we don't see a reason to introduce them here at all.
For further info please visit the Blind Guardian Homepage

"Battalions of fear" LP 1988 (No Remorse)
"Live" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Banish from sanctuary" 7" EP 1989 (No Remorse)
"Follow the blind" LP/CD 1989 (No Remorse)
"Demo 1990 - Preproduction" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Tales from the twilight world" LP/CD 1990 (No Remorse)
"Demo IV" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Virgin Summer Slam" Split MCD 1992 (Virgin)
"Somewhere far beyond" LP/CD 1992 (Virgin)
"Tokyo tales" CD 1993 (Virgin)

Blind Wizard
Jochen Mayer (vocals, bass)
Volker Faust (guitar)
Harry Mountogianakis (guitar)
Roland Bachl (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Ludwigshafen who released a Demo in 1985. The band was founded in October 1984. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Kerstin Radtke (vocals)
Thomas Feiler (guitar)
Jens Hellmann (bass)
Frank Viehbach (drums)
The band Blitzz was originally founded late 1982 in Erfurt (ex-GDR) by manager Lutz Mielke who tried to cast a new Pop band with the name Prinzz. Jens Hellmann (bass), Thomas Feiler (guitar), Kerstin Radtke (vocals), Karl-Heinz Schüller (keyboard) and Gerrit Pennsler (drums) built the first line up at that time. During their early years they also could place a few songs on several compilations till 1985 Thomas Feiler due to health problems had to pause for about a year. When he returned in late 1986, the core of the band decided to play heavier music. Since his former band Macbeth during that time just got prohibited, the drummer Frank Viehbach agreed to join Prinzz as well. After a short phase that the band spent with covering Mötley Crüe and Van Halen songs at gigs, they started writing own songs like "Es treibt mich die Gier", "Leichte Beute", "Die Titanic sinkt", and could record some songs for the national broadcast service like the Speed Metal hammer "Tarantella" (german version) and the instrumental "EL 34". More and more Prinzz' style got heavier and 1988 their repertoire contained Metallica, Helloween and Anthrax cover versions as well, while the band saw it as neccessary to change the band's name to Blitzz, to avoid confusions with the pop star Prince. A live broadcast of the band during a festival in Berlin 1988 was noticed by Gama Records who got interested to release an album of Blitzz. While the band either was trying to sing only in english and that's been one of the requirements of Gama's offer, the GDR officials agreed and Blitzz recorded their "Money rules the world" album during 1989. After the recordings was finally finished in late '89, Gama wanted the album to be remastered, which caused the GDR officials to ask for more money and that's been the end of the cooperation of both part companies. To defend Gama, indeed the album mix wasn't much compatible for the western market at all, though the album featured a few speedy Power Metal pearls like "Tarantella" or "Lucifer". During the days of the political renewal inside the GDR, Blitzz became friends with Holy Moses and shared the stage together, so it happened when Holy Moses was recording one of their albums at the Horus Sound studio in Hannover, Blitzz had been invited to visit them, which in the end led to Steamhammer signing the band. In April '90 their "Do the Blitz" mini album was recorded at the same Horus Sound studio where they got introduced to Steamhammer. The album featured re-recorded songs of the unreleased album btw, this time with the "correct sound" and sold more than 10000 copies in the western part of Germany and the world, while inside GDR the demand had been "manageable". During 1991 after hiring Kai Tenneberg as second guitarist, the band paused for a while due to the new situation inside the country. They recorded their "Dive" Demo 1992, which was originally meant for their record company as Demo for the "Do the Blitz" follow up album. But instead Steamhammer released them of their running contract and fired the band. Though they still got offers by smaller labels, they declined every single one of them and eventually understandable frustrated called it a day in 1994. Kerstin Radtke seriously could be counted to the best female vocalists in Metal business, though the material of Blitzz had it's ups and downs nevertheless. They've been more than listenable on their speedy songs, but just average during the midpaced passages. The unreleased album was finally released on the label German Democratic Recordings in 2013 under the title "Tarantella" on CD.

"Money rules the world" Album 1989 (unreleased)
"Do the blitz" MLP/MCD 1990 (Steamhammer)
"Dive" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Broadcast Recordings:
"Live 1988" (6 tracks)

Oliver Allewelt
A Heavy Metal band from Hamburg active around 1985. Oliver Allewelt later joined the Hamburg Power Metallers Vengeance and recorded the songs for the "Break out" Compilation and their "The imperious wicked" Demo. This could well be a pre-Vengeance band? If you have more info please get in touch.

Impossible to say where these lads hailed from as their scarce 7" as usual doesn't provides any infos. The single was pressed by the EMI and I remember the seller mentioned it should be from around 1978 or 1979, as he seemed to know something about the band. Nevertheless, for Hard Rock fans these Blizzard guys are highly recommended, when also you most probably won't see so many copies of this release surfacing at all. The title track, a proggy ballad, strongly reminds of the old spacy Berluc stuff from their debut album, while the B-side got more of a classic Hard Rocker, in places showing similarities to the Lucifer MLP. To mention is the solid raw production that's making this band (and single) worth to search for. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local melodic Hard Rock/Metal band from Gummersbach, that was active during the very late 80's. If you have more info, please get in touch.

A local Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band originating from Fulda, that actively played live during the early till the mid 80's. The band never recorded anything officially. Further info is welcome.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the info)

Blizzard (Cologne)
Andy Kwiatkowski (vocals)
Detlef Bruns (drums)
Ralf Hansmeyer (guitar)
This particular Blizzard was formed in Cologne in the early 80's and was the precursor to Xxaron. No demos are known, but if you have more info, please get in touch.

Blizzard (Datteln)
Yet another Blizzard, this time with next to no info at all other than that they were a HR/HM band based in Datteln, north of Dortmund and active around 1982-83. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Blizzard (Drolshagen)
Chris Solmen (vocals)
Alexander Zeider (bass)
Sammy Dörr (drums)
Michael Leonhardt (guitars)
Michael Böcher (keyboards)
A melodic Power Metal band from Drolshagen/Gummersbach (North Rhine-Westphalia), with permanent keyboard tunes in the background. We still haven't heard their debut 2-tracker, but their 2nd Demo features 2 tracks of which 1 is a ballad ("Waiting for the tears") that in places has got a kinda Queensryche touch. Also the midpaced "Flames on the wall" shows a huge US Metal edge with solid guitar work, so fans of the US stuff definitely will be satisfied. The last Demo "Our lives" was released during 1991, before the band split up.
"Colder Than Ice" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Ain't no paradise" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Our lives" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Slaughter Geier (vocals)
Bernd Eisenstein (guitar)
Taki (bass)
Evil Radtke (drums)
Grindcore pioneers from Speyer, who started already in 1986, founded by Bernd Eisenstein, Satanic Taki, Slaughter Geier and Evil Radtke. The guys acted extreme, more rude than other early bands of the genre, and was pioneering the late 80's Death Metal style. After 3 Demo tapes, Ventilator replaced Evil Radtke behind the drums during summer '87 and debuted on the "Heinous noise" tape in October. For "Spasmo paralytic dreams" Bestial Bernd handled the vocals, but Chuck already came into the band for the next tape "No regret" August '88, till Martin Jäger would become their steady singer a bit later on within the same year. After "Recognize yourself" from January '89, the band got signed by the underground label Wild Rags Records and their debut album "Impulse to destroy" was recorded still in January '89, and fully caught the spirit of that time, longing for more brutality. Blood had been there at the right time with the right album, performing a perverted Death/Grind during the first wave of the modern Death Metal invasion. After 3 more 7 inches, Blood changed over to 1MF Recordz to present their second album "Christbait", featuring ex-Absurter Cryst/Malaphar Alex Schulze on vocals. who only stayed for that album and and Ruben Funk on the second guitar. Both quit their jobs already after "Christbait", while Schulze formed Naked Whipper and later was playing with Funk in Nyctophobic. "Christbait" compared to the debut, was a much more typical Death Metal album, featuring quite diverting material with occult, doomy parts. Martin Jäger returned to the band for the next one "Ο Άγιος Πέθανε" (O Agios Pethane), where Blood tried to return a bit to their Grindcore roots. Claus P. Oehler was hired as vocalist for the following album "Mental conflicts" recorded in 1994, while the band produced a ton of EP's and albums during the following years and still isn't dead yet.
"Infernal horror" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Destroy command" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Deathcore" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Heinous noise" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Spasmo paralytic dreams" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"No regret" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Recognize yourself" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Impulse to destroy" LP 1989 (Wild Rags)
"Recognize yourself" 7" EP 1990 (Wild Rags)
"Salvation ... to the Dead/Antefatto" Split 7" EP 1991 (with Impetigo, selfreleased)
"Traditional Rites" Split 7" EP 1991 (with Agathocles, selfreleased)
"Christbait" LP/CD 1992 (1MF)
"Ο Άγιος Πέθανε" LP/CD 1993 (1MF)
"Live Meer, Belgium, 20/10/91" 7" EP 1993 (Hybrid Prod.)

Silvio Zeller (vocals)
Renè Kögel (guitar)
Andrè Hase (guitar)
Uwe Limberger (bass)
Ralph Richter (drums)
A raw Thrash/Death Metal band from Nossen/Saxony, that was founded 1988 within ex-GDR times, but wasn't really leaving the first stage, as the guys had problems to find a prper line up till summer 1990. Bloodbath changed name to Musical Massacre and began to play doomy Death Metal. During 1991 and 1992 the band then recorded 3 Demo tapes, but eventuall split up afterwards. Kögel and Limberger subsequently the better known Purgatory in spring '93.

Tino Mothes (bass, drums)
Andreas Schwach (vocals, guitar)
Bloodbrain was formed in late 1988/early 1989 in Schneeberg (ex-GDR) by Tino Mothes and Andreas Schwach under the name "T and A" (Terror and Agnostic) but soon changed it still in 1989 to Bloodbrain. In spring 1990 Heiko Kahn joined as drummer and Michael Männel on guitar, but both didn't play on the band's 2 demos that was recorded by Mothes and Schwach already in late '89 and early '90 alone. Kahn and Männel left Bloodbrain still a while later in the same year, while Heiko Kahn appeared in the mid 90's in local Schneeberg Hardcore act 4 Behind 3. Bloodbrain's first tape "Satan's lust" contains low level Grind/Noisecore of the worst sort recorded in the attic of Schwach's parent's house. On "Cadaverous mutilation" some more Death Metal elements was adopted which could be seen as side effect of both slightly developing their instrumental skills, but overall the recording still remained Grindcore. Tino Mothes and Andreas Schwach also had a Grindcore side project called Excrement Terror running when Heiko Kahn and Michael Männel was playing in Bloodbrain. When Männel and Kahn left after summer 1990 Bloodbrain kinda changed name to Purulent Obduction and started playing Doom/Death Metal. Bloodbrain only did 1 live gig in Schlema in summer 1990.
"Satan's Lust" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Cadaverous Mutilation" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Bloodfeast A.D.
Olli (guitar)
Ingo Neuhaus (vocals)
Tom (bass)
Jörg (drums)
Bremen based Crossover Thrashers that released an album privately which got recorded in April 1987. The LP comes with huge fold out cover, looking very underground alike but all these pluspoints can't hide the fact that the LP lacks of one important fact. The vocalist pretty much is pulling "Living in mortal dread" down with his rather deep Hardcore/Punk vocals. As if that's not enough, his timing is terrible and probably they didn't even care about it, but retrospectively viewed "Living in mortal dread" could sound a little bit better with a real vocalist imo. Nevertheless the band was playing a Hardcore/Thrash Metal mix with a few good approaches but mainly the vocalist sounds somewhat annoying that you really should be into punky vocals if you wanna try the album. Two tracks got also featured on 2 compilations and at least from the Teutonic Invasion 2 LP you might know them.
"Living in mortal dread" LP 1987 (Funeral Feast)
"My lovely polaroid" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Teutonic Invasion Part Two)
"Nightmare on Elmstreet" Comp.-Tape Track 1988 (No Slow Thrashification Vomit I)

Bloody Angels
Thomas Pieper (guitar)
Mathias Fetting (guitar)

An early Heavy Metal troop formed back in 1982 in Bergkamen, east of Dortmund, by the young Priest- & Maiden-fans Thomas "Tormentor" Pieper and Mathias Fetting. They did their very first gigs in late '83 still under the name Bloody Angels, but by 1984 the band had changed their name to Chronos and recorded several Demos during the mid 80's under that monicker.

Bloody Climax
Matthias Müller (vocals)
Holger Volk (bass)
Thomas Krämer (drums)
Frank Heller (guitar)
Daniel Loesch (guitar)
Bloody Climax from Schweinfurt was one of the most interesting german Metal bands of the 80's and sadly only produced a single album, but "Back to the wall" belongs to the top 5 of the classic Heavy Metal recorded of german bands (if not even into top 3). Despite most of the people running after Bloody Mary or Black Fate (dunno why...), the real treasure was Bloody Climax' LP recorded in April '85. Their technical level and songwriting skills was simply outstanding. "Back to the wall" features melodic yet pretty heavy songs that none of them lacks in quality at all. In places a bit of Iron Maiden influences (generally some NWOBHM hints) could be heard, but more or less the material and especially the godlike vocals (I wonder, is Matthias Müller really german?) are almost without concurrence on the german Metal market. Two years later they again got a chance to prove their class on the D&S compilation Break Out - German Metal Tracks 5, featuring the speedy "Ride with the wind" and the banger "Run for cover". But the band split up the same year in 1987 and made it just 4 years. Frank Heller and Thomas Krämer would years later complete the reformed Vendetta's line up.
"Back to the wall" LP 1985 (Arena Sound)
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No 5" Comp.-LP Tracks 1987 (D&S)

Bloody Creaze
Paul (guitar, vocals)
Dirk (guitar)
Martin Kremming (bass)
Andrè K. (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Bremen, that was founded 1988, when 4 schoolfriends decided to start a band. The guys repertoire during the first years contained mainly Hardrock cover versions and the band had it's first success during the "School-Out-Festival 89", by gaining the respect of the local press, who classified Bloody Creaze as the most professional acting band of the festival. During the following years the band started working on own material and refined their live shows, that resulted in them winning the local Bremen "Soundcheck '91" event, which was rewarded with a 2 days recording session at the Dub City studio Bremen, to record a professional Demo, that was later pressed in vinyl and sold as a 12" EP. Not exactly being a Heavy Metal band in the common sense, Bloody Creaze's style merged Hard Rock, heavy Rock'n'Roll and a few Metal influences to a kinda Metal influenced Hard Rock, that sometimes appears heavier, sometimes more rocking. 1998 the guys returned with a fullenght CD entitled "...and it's not just greasy kids' stuff!", but that's been the very last lifesign of the guys.

Bloody Cross
Edgar Bich (vocals)
Thomas Stahl (guitar)
Roman Rothen (bass)
Markus Hauth (drums)
A raw Thrash Metal band from Königsbach, between Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, that was active from the late 80's to the early 90's. Bloody Cross belonged to the small circle of christian bands in Germany, as this style and especially religion wasn't common in Germany's Metal scene. After a Demo recorded in 1989, that featured a bit clumsy appearing US style Thrash, the band could record an album for the GrandSlam label in 1990, that continued the Demo path as well. A slightly progress was noticable but on the whole those clumsy moments returned once again and occasionally the material seemed aimless and monotonously, while the biggest deficit since Demo days still being Edgar Bich's untalented vocals. In places the band's style could be compared to christian Thrashers Vengeance perhaps, but not at same level. Nevertheless, Bloody Cross split up in the early 90's and Roman Rothen reappeared in the late 90's in the christian band Pickup The Harp. Markus Hauth joined the christian Death Metal band Sacrificium in 1993.

"Thrashing for the king" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Coming again" LP/CD 1990 (GrandSlam)

Bloody Flesh
Siggi Kwapich (vocals, bass)
Michael Hirsch (guitar)
Rolf Ittner (drums)
A Thrash band from North Rhine-Westphalia, that was active between 1986 and '87 and published a 5 track Demo. Drummer Rolf Ittner would later found the Thrash band Anger/Cogency. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Atomic fights" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Bloody Mary
Michael Parma (vocals, guitar)
Robert Weste (bass)
Klaus Schierling (guitar)
Markus Bartkowiak (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Castrop-Rauxel that started in 1983 and after recording a 4 track Demo 1984 they made a deal with the Unit Art Studio/label who pressed 500 LP's for the band. That label was basically working like Guardian Records, they just made a deal with the bands and manufactured the vinyls for them. Nevertheless "Bloody Mary" contained some middle league Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal with in places slightly Running Wild parallels in style and even a kinda Motörhead-ish touch on songs like "Streefighter". The speedy trax gave Bloody Mary the special something, though the midpaced Heavy Rockers just lowered the quality of the album. Nevertheless the band was able to place the non album track "You need love" right in the same year on a CBR Records compilation and that track was one of those midpaced faceless songs. Their worst contribution was "Sheila" on the "Hart und genau" sampler (CBR) a year later, that was basically a kinda stylistically 50's rockabilly song played with Hard Rock instruments. Bloody Mary split up 1989 with no further releases.
"Bloody Mary" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Bloody Mary" LP 1985 (Unit Art)
"You need love" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Schwarz auf weiß)
"Sheila" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Hart und genau)

Blow Up
A Heavy Metal band from southern Germany playing several live gigs in 1986. If you got more info please get in touch.

Uwe Füssguß (guitar, vocals)
Arno Siewert (guitar)
Dirk Beckers (bass)
Ralf Knickmann (drums)
A raw Heavy Rock outfit from Bad Kreuznach, that was active during the early/mid 80's and featured a tune on a local Rock-amateurs compilation LP. Dirk Beckers released a mini album with the band Foxx in 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Wilde Ehe" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Kreuznacher Rockszene '84)

Blue Sky
Marco Lauer (vocals)
Michael Kemp (guitar)
Lutz Kemp (guitar)
Pantelis Petrakakis (bass)
Siggi Cera (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Andernach that was active already since 1979 but quit in 1983 due to jobwise problems and reformed in 1986 with a new line with Hans Jörg Schmitz behind the drums. Pantelis Petrakakis was also member of Vötca. If you got more info, please in touch.

Blue Velvet
Thomas Matiszik (vocals)
Björn Gralla (guitar)
Peter Schickert (bass)
Marius Ader (keyboard)
Enrico Karolczak (drums)
Blue Velvet was originating from the Dortmund area, and this five piece recorded a quite solid melodic Hard Rock album with feeling in the typical Bonfire style, focussing on late 80's heavy rocking US american Hair Metal stuff, much reminding of Vice, Vamp or either Pink Cream 69. Thomas Matiszik and Björn Gralla also was part of the Science Project (SP), who recorded a benefit 12" in 1990.
"Out of the blue" CD 1992 (D&S)

Robert Lang (guitar)

A band from the Kaufbeuren area that was active during the late 80's, featuring the later Assanger guitarist "Jet" (Robert Lang). The band is not known to have ever recorded a Demo. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Olofsson (drums)
A Hard Rock or Metal band from Hamburg, featuring the later drummer of Yetih, Andreas Olofsson. If you got more info, please contact us.

Steffen Hahn (vocals)
Falk Ludwig (guitar)
Jan Mehlhorn (bass)
Steffen Svoboda (drums)
The band BÖLK from Aue/Saxony (ex-GDR) was founded during September 1990 by Steffen Hahn, Falk Ludwig and both ex-Phonex members Jan Mehlhorn (ex-Zyklon) and Steffen Svoboda (ex-Sirius). BÖLK had a local name within their area since the guys often played live. The band name stood for "Beste Öffentliche Lärm Katastrophe", while the lads used to play a raw style of Thrash Metal that adopted several Death/Thrash influences either. Early 1991 the foursome recorded their first Demo and another tape was recorded 1993 with additional guitarist Ingo Grimm ("Minn") who stayed in the band till 1994. "Day off", from May '93, compared to the first, rather unstraight sounding Demo "Gar nicht", featured a way more experienced sounding Death/Thrash, that though gathers influences of Darkness, Kreator and especially Slayer. BÖLK eventually got disbanded during 1995, while Steffen Hahn, Falk Ludwig and Jan Mehlhorn founded the Hard Rock band "Alzheim Projekt" afterwards. Steffen Svoboda founded Syntonic Souls together with Gunnar Mothes (The Gallery) and nowadays plays with Jan Mehlhorn together with their sons in the band Almost Grooving Family.
(Thanx to Steffen Svoboda for info and pictures)

"Gar nicht" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Day off" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Ralf Geschke (vocals)
Thomas Kretzschmer (guitar)
Achim Tillmann (bass)
Rudi Schäberle (drums)

A Speed Metal band from Stuttgart, that was originally formed as Meanmachine back in 1987. 1989 the guys changed name to Bombard and recorded a 4 track Demo tape with the title "Fly until ya 'xplode". The band also was seen during 1989 playing live in their region. 1992 Bombard already dissolved and reformed during 2010. The CD "Switch off the bitch" was released the following year on the label 7Hard, but the reunion just lasted till 2013, when they called it a day forever.
"Fly until ya 'xplode" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Bombers From Burundi
Lebra (vocals)
Tschessen (guitar)
Dose (bass)
Buxe (drums)
Munich Crossover/Thrashers who are active under the name Bombers From Burundi since 1988, but previously was haunting the Munich HC/Punk scene as "Die Ausgebombten" since the early 80's. Their style wasn't exactly uninteresting, quite brutal US american type HC Thrash, mainly known of the NYC scene, with fortunately a healthy dose of (Thrash) Metal. Their only album from 1989 will surely satisfy all Thrash fans, despite the HC touch, since the lads played straight forward. Shortly after the album the band already fell apart.

"Bombers From Burundi" LP/CD 1989 (Steamhammer)
"You Die" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (The Future of Metal is Now)

Bon Scott
Kai Voltage (vocals)
Marc Zimmermann

An AC/DC cover band originating from Hamburg, which is active since 1986 and survived until nowadays, though with different musicians than in the very beginning. Early 1988 the guys had a Demo tape available with 7 AC/DC cover songs, that sounded quite neat. If you got more info about further releases of the band, please get in touch.

A Hard Rock or Heavy Metal band from the Ludwigsburg area, that has been active during 1986/87. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Gunnar Erxleben (guitar)
Peter Pietrzinski (guitar)
Aki (bass)
Bruno (drums)

Bremen's Thrash hopefuls Ancient Curse originally started in 1985 under the monicker of Bonebreaker with 2 other guys on the micro and changed name to Ancient Curse during 1987, when they found vocalist Oliver, who sung on their debut Demo "From below..." from 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Claus Lessmann (vocals)
Hans Ziller (guitar)
Horst Maier-Thorn (guitar)
Jörg Deisinger (bass)
Dominic Hülshorst (drums)
One of the german top exports in terms of Melodic Hard Rock/Metal, who made it big worldwide with their uncomplicated and catchy sort of Heavy Metal and either conquered the US of A. Bonfire's roots are originating from 1972, when Hans Ziller formed the band Cacumen together with his brother Karl. The lads had recorded several albums already, when they in 1986 just had scored a major deal with the RCA and renamed the band into Bonfire. The debut "Don't touch the light" from 1986 still adopted the former Cacumen style, but right with their breakthrough album "Fire works" Bonfire became what they got later known for, an US style oriented Hard Rock/Hair Metal band with glammy and highly melodic influences, that was perfectly trimmed for the amerian market. The band's discography also includes tons of singles that we do not specifically list here at all.
For more detailed info we advice you to visit Bonfire's Homepage

"Don't touch the light" LP 1986 (RCA)
"Fire works" LP/CD 1987 (RCA)
"Point Blank" LP/CD 1989 (MSA)
"Knock out" LP/CD 1991 (RCA)
"Live...The Best" CD 1993 (BMG)

Caro Fries (vocals)
Michael Schorlepp (guitar)
Werner Schnittger (guitar)
Michael Fries (bass)
Roland Görgen (drums)
A local female fronted band from Saarbrücken that surprised with an independent 12", produced 1982 for the label SK Records. The title track's a quite heavy doublebass driven energetic Metal rocker ala late 70's Priest or Jaguar, while the B-side number "Come on" sadly is lowering the musical level a bit with it's common Hard Rock. Nevertheless a nice obscurity and especially for fans of the early NWOBHM influenced stuff a real find. Roland Görgen later resurfaced in the line up of Heavy Rockers Princess during 1987/88.
”Bad boys” 12” EP 1982 (SK)

Theo Großmann (vocals)
Werner Alt (guitar)
Gerd Nicolai (guitar)
Lothar Winter (bass)
Bruno Falenski (drums)
Booster was an untypical Hard Rock band from Wiesbaden, who used to sing in german on both their albums, recorded in the early 80's. The band was founded 1979, and the first change of the classic line up happened, when Bruno Falenski left the band in July '82. Ralf Deutscher took his part on the first album of the band, simply entitled "Booster", that appeared on Racket Records 1983. Unmistakable influenced by apparently Judas Priest the guys rocked through the album in a quite entertaining way, but what's making this album kinda outstanding are the epic parts. Ralf Deutscher left the band after the album to get engaged by the newly formed Hammerschmitt and later went to join Falcon Prey. The whole band texture changed till their second album "Mißerfolg", that was recorded in summer '85. Michael Schleim became the new vocalist and Joachim Hirschberg the drummer. The material got slightly more modern, still Hard Rock rooted, but sadly without the epic touch of the debut. Once more Booster changed their vocalist and hired Peter Volland, while either the long time member Gerd Nicolai got replaced by Alex Westerworth on guitar, when the band recorded a Demo tape during 1987/88, whose song "Heaven and hell" was featured on an underground sampler in 1988. Booster finally decided to sing in english, but kept the direction of the second album, with just a slightly more metallic impact. But afterwards disappeared for good. If you got more info, please contact us.

"Booster" LP 1983 (Racket)
"Mißerfolg" LP 1985 (Gulp)
"Heaven and hell" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Break Out)

Boostin' Crew
Rafael Weber (vocals)
Dirk Blankenstein (guitar)
Heiko Herbstsommer (guitar)
Thomas Bardtke (bass)
Ralf Benninghoff (drums)

A local Hard Rock band from Voerde, that finally found a steady line up during 1987 and recorded a 4 track Demo in 1989. The tape features classic, almost antiquated sounding Hard Rock with R'n'R and either Boogie edge. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Kai Schmitz (vocals)
Sven Wagner (guitar)
Thorsten Datz (guitar)
Wolfgang Thielen (bass)
Martin Engler (drums)
A Hard Rock band with Glam Metal edge from Miesenheim that was previously known as Cornucopia since 1984. With Cornucopia they played several live gigs but mainly focussed on cover versions. From 1987-90 they continued as Bootleg and released a first Demo called "Rock-child" and later a 3-track demo called "Love is a drug", from which the title track was picked for Break Out magazine's compilation LP w/ the same name. They still kept on doing live shows till they changed name to Licaty Splidd in 1990.
"Rock-child" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Love is a drug" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Love is a drug" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Break Out)

Born Child
Detlef Poschmann (guitar)
Jörg Reuter (vocals)
Klaus Petereit (bass)
A glammy Hard Rock band from Oberhausen featuring the ex-Midnight Darkness veterans Detlef Poschmann (guitar), Jörg Reuter (vocals) and Klaus Petereit (bass). The band was founded after Midnight Darkness' finale in 1985 and was disbanded 1990. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Willi (vocals)
Juhle (guitar)
Wixer (guitar)
Pedder (bass)
Raffa (drums)
Originally founded as a Punk band by survivors of the band Blitzkrieg from Hannover back in 1981, the Boskops released their first album "SOL 12" in 1983, before the sound of the band went into a quite heavy Hardcore direction during the mid 80's with slightly metallic edge, not unlike the sound of the well known Inferno. 1985 the Boskops most famous album "Lauschgift" gained the guys alot of attention, but despite their brutal Crossover sound the 3rd album "F.E.D.I.A." was released on the band's own label Boskops Productions, with now Ralle replacing Juhle on the guitar. The band had added some serious Metal influences at that point already, but split up for a short time due to problems with the line up, and reformed during 1989 once again with Hein Heilig on drums, who a bit later 1990 got replaced by Percy. The Boskops last album "Non plus Ultra" was released 1991 with once again a different line up consisting of Wixer and Klaus on the guitars, Willi (vocals), Jan on bass and Percy (drums), featuring a Thrash influenced Crossover sound. During the late 90's the band eventually split up. Please not the Boskops was also featured on numerous compilations, that we do not list here at all.
(Thanx to mustardgasattack for the suggestion)
"Sol 12" LP 1983 (Frostschutz)
"Lauschgift" LP 1985 (Mülleimer)
"F.E.D.I.A." LP 1988 (selfreleased)
"Non plus Ultra" LP 1991 (Snake)

Christoph Dobberstein (bass, vocals)
Kay Gesche (guitar)
Thomas Romberg (drums)
A Crossover band from Frankfurt/Oder (ex-GDR), that was founded on August 31st 1988 by Christoph Dobberstein (bass, vocals) Kay Gesche (guitar) and Thomas Romberg (drums), who tried to merge Thrash Metal with Punk. During early 1989 the band recorded a Demo tape and played several venues in the Berlin/Frankfurt area, before their last show was finished on September 30th '89, coz the guys wanted to leave the GDR. But Dobberstein and Romberg a bit later decided to reform the band and for a short time till 1991 played a sort of Death Metal/Hardcore mix.
"Demo-Tape" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Uwe Haferstroh

A selfclaimed "fun band" originating from Wolfsburg. The guys recorded their first Demo in summer '88, featuring 7 songs, that most probably belong into the Crossover corner (or worse). If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Trash till Weizenkeim" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Bound To Confront
Feet (vocals)
Sam (guitar)
Mikki (bass)
Heen (drums)
A Metalcore band from most probably northern Germany (Oldenburg it seems) that was active in the early 90's and released a 12" EP on Sunstreet Records. The guy's sound could be compared to Pantera in the 90's, mixing Hardcore and Metal influences to a midpaced, pretty heavy sounding, partly groovy Power/Thrash style like a Metallica/Crowbar/Pantera/Biohazard/Sick Of It All fusion, that's also offering speedy parts nevertheless. The band's "Defy" 12" isn't that uninteresting at all, whenalso I guess Crossover fans might enjoy it more.

"Defy" 12" EP 1993 (Sunstreet)

Jochen Krüger (guitar)
Dirk Packheiser (guitar, vocals)
Steffen Kühne (bass)
Frank Nekat (drums)

A classic Heavy Metal band from Frankfurt/Oder (ex-GDR), that was formed in March 1990 by Steffen Kühne and Jochen Krüger. In Oktober '90 Frank Nekat (drums) of the Hard Rock band Strange World joined on drums and the lads recorded a solid 2 track Demo (with bad soundquality) in July 1991, featuring the songs "Waos the animal" and "The way down", that both got a melodic edge, but could be rated somewhere between Heavy and Power Metal. The last known line up from December '91 consisted of Dirk Packheiser (vocals), Jochen Krüger (guitar), Peter Weinold (guitar), Steffen Kühne (bass), Frank Nekat (drums). They guys played several gigs in their area and also recorded a Homevideo. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Demo 91" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Marc Wagner (vocals, guitar)
Stephan Daniel (guitar)
Peter Bronnsack (bass)
Christian Sauber (drums)
A Speed Metal band from Fürth, that started as Bourbon 1986, but changed name to Embargo in 1992 shortly before they recorded their debut album for D&S Records. Each in 1989 and 1991 the band recorded a 5 track Demo, that in the end resulted in the album "Panem et Circenses", that they recorded for D&S Records after changing their name. The lads used to play a sort of melodic Power/Speed Metal with Helloween/Scanner touch, though without the high pitched vox.

"Straight" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Calamitas" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Bourbon Street
Herbert Dreger (drums)
A band from the Ruhrpott area that was active during the late 80's, featuring ex-Holy Moses/Healer/Darxon drummer Herbert Dreger. Dreger afterwards joined Lazy in 1990. Further info is needed.

Mani Gruber (guitar, vocals)
Peter Diezel (guitar)
Peter Mayer (bass)
Alex Hötzinger (drums)
Boysvoice was founded by Mani Gruber 1990 in Munich and fully integrated into that city's mainstream Hard Rock scene, by copying melodic Hard/Heavy Rock bands like the Scorpions, Bonfire, Craaft, Def Leppard or either wellknown US american Glam Metal acts by creating a quite hard pompish Heavy Rock sound, with sing-along refrains, big hair and everything that's connected with it. Not sure why the guys didn't make it onto bigger stages, as according to their material they well had the songs to enter the front charts. Since the sales of their debut didn't seem to meet the requirements of Harvest Records, the label dropped the band quickly and Boysvoice had to release the 1992 recorded "Dirty talks" album, with new bassist Jochen Becht (ex-Rotten Rose) and Markus Becker on drums, on the indie Munich based KDC Records. Nevertheless, fully unfazed of the first low punch the lads delivered one more album of the same kind like the debut, that sounded like recorded in the late 80's and offered even more Heavy Rock hits, slightly heavier than the first album. But afterwards the band split up and just found together in 2004, to release the "Serenity" album one year later.

"Boysvoice" LP/CD 1990 (Harvest)
"City of your dreams" 7"/12" EP 1990 (Harvest)
"Love stealer" 7"/12"/MCD 1990 (Harvest)
"Cold summer nights" 7" EP 1990 (Harvest)
"Money" ‎Promo Tape 1992 (Explorer)
"Dirty talks" CD 1993 (KDC)

Boyzz Roxx
Allan Keen (vocals)
Martin Anthony (guitar)
Adi Smith (guitar)
Chris Taylor (bass)
Mike Maiks (keyboard)
Tim Jäger (drums)
A commercial Hard Rock band originating from Mannheim, that was active during the second half of the 80's and recorded a quite professional Pop Metal Demo early 1988, including 3 songs in the Bon Jovi vein with either a few heavy edges. Sadly the poppy keyboards drag the band into the radio corner, but nevertheless, they have had potential. Boyzz Roxx was fronted by the half american-german Allan Keen, who left the band already shortly after the Demo in spring '88 and was searching for another band, what he slightly later even managed by joining Munich's Vice for their second album "Second excess" 1990, that either got that heavier Bon Jovi touch also.

"Boyzz Roxx" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Brain Sledge
Michael Breisinger
Brain Sledge was a White Metal band from Rutesheim, between Pforzheim and Stuttgart, that released a Demo tape in early 1989, containing 5 Speed Metal oriented "brain hammers", as they stated themselves in an old Metal Hammer advertisement. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Charry (vocals)
Christoph Putz (bass)
Guido Becker (drums)
Michael Bernauer (guitar)
Gabi Kraus (guitar)
Melodic Thrashers from Emmendingen, near Freiburg, that was active since the mid/late 80's, who recorded their debut Demo in April 1989. Later with the in 1990 joined new vocalist Nick Stöhr, the D&S label produced their debut CD during July, that mainly featured quite solid Power/Thrash with Metallica/Atrophy influences, besides either a few 80's US Thrash grenades. The band made it only till 1994, when they changed name to Kickass.
"...but good!" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”Can’t get enough” CD 1991 (D&S)

Willi (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Attendorn active in the early/mid 80's, featuring the later Fulcrum/Twixt drummer Willi (ex Dr. Shorties/Q-Tips). If you got more info, please get in touch.

Horst Neumann (vocals)
Marco Böttcher (guitar)
Heinz Schreiber (bass)
Eric Hirschhäuser (drums)
Cologne locals who originally started already back in the 70's, but split up at some time in the early 80's, to return with different line up, producing a first selfproduced 7" 1982. Shortly before the first album was recorded in summer '84, Eric Hirschhäuser quit and Frank Marowsky became new drummer. With the "Capture the night" LP, Brainfever entered an important, creative phase during their career, as with "Face to face", recorded in June '85, one more important album was recorded, that both surely could be counted to the upper middle league of the mid 80's german Heavy Metal albums, delivering a very powerful sounding steel, that especially "Face to face" with songs like the in highspeed feasting "Black Jack" had it's portion at it. After "Face to face" a cut happened inside the band. Brainfever needed till summer 1988 to record more material, as vocalist Horst Neuman and also Frank Marowski had to get replaced. Mario Simon (vocals), Wollo Reddig (keyboards) and Michael Jakobs (drums) came to play on Brainfever's last effort, the "You" entitled 12" on Steamhammer Records, being the band's best output that was. As a logical progress of "Face to face" raw style, the band turned into Power Metal sounds on the "You" EP, presenting a breathtaking upper league quality, that makes it hasd to understand that during that phase no more Brainfever album was produced at all. 2016 the band got reactivated by Marco Böttcher.

"Capture the night" 7" EP 1982 (selfreleased)
"Capture the night" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Face to face" LP 1985 (Bacillus)
"Brainfever" (Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Speed Kills II - The Mayhem Continues)
"You" 12" EP 1988 (Steamhammer)

Fred Hallex (vocals)
Tobi Spyropoulos (bass)
Jürgen Wolf (guitar)
Matthias Baacke (guitar)
Oliver Richter (drums)
Since July 1983 Brainhammer, hailing from the greater Nuremberg area, was active and playing live at several venues. By participating at a local Nuremberg band contest '84, their gig was recorded and one of the tracks was used for the soundtrack of that contest. "Poisen" (really?) features quite breathtaking Heavy Metal that it's a shame, that not even Gama picked them up for an album. If you got more info, please get in touch. (..or contribute in the Brainhammer forum-thread)
"Poisen" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Chance '84)

Götz (drums)

An AC/DC inspired Hard Rock band from Hamburg, which was active during the late 70's and at least around 1980 and featured the later Namenlos/Tangua drummer Götz. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Thorsten Ihlenfeld (guitar)
Milan Loncaric (guitar)
Stefan Fronk (vocals)
Peter Waldstätter (bass)
Dieter Bernert (drums)
I guess when the guys to the left founded Brainstorm on January 1st 1989 they would never have guessed that the bands career would last that long. These 5 Heidenheim boys published the first tape "Hand of doom" in March 1990 trying to conquer the Metal world with their melodic Power Metal that was similar to bands such as Scarlatyna and Abraxas in the beginning. 2 of the 8 Demo songs ("Kings, queens and sins" and "Law") was taken for their part on the locally released HDH Rock 91 Compilation in 1991 as well. The second Demo "Heart of hate" was released in April 1993 with a new vocalist (Marcus Jürgens) and also Peter Waldstätter got replaced on bass with Andreas Mailänder. After the "The 5th season" Demo ('94) and another Promo tape in 1996 the band got picked up by B.O. Records and since then released no less than 13 albums. But they don't have much in common anymore with the early medieval touched Power Metal from the Demo days, it's still Power Metal though.
For further info please visit the Brainstorm homepage.
”Hand of doom” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"HDM Rock 91" Comp.-LP Tracks 1991 (Wasteland Music)
"Heart of hate" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Rainer Giehl (guitar, vocals)
Bernd Gügel (guitar)
Klaus Winter (bass)
Jocky Schmitz-Salue (guitar, keyboard)
Rüdiger Veith (drums)
A shortlived band from Cologne, that just seems to have been a project of several musicians of that city's local scene. Untypical for that era the lads used to sing in german, but seriously it doesn't hurt so much, as their lyrics are quite intelligent. The 4 songs fluctuate between badass Heavy Metal ("Overkill" and "Sodom") and Heavy Rock, with a strong NWOBHM touch, that will catch fans of that particular style easily. The EP was released between 1984 or '85, though there isn't any year mentioned, but afterwards Brainstorm completely vanished. If anyone got more info, please get in touch.

Kai Wiesner
A Heavy Metal band from greater Peine area that was active around 1984/85. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Frank Schäfer (guitar)
Reinhold Holzer (bass)
Michael Holzer (guitar)
Frank Gürtunca (drums)
Branded was a Hard Rock/Metal quartet based in Rumeln (a district of Duisburg). Frank Schäfer together with Reinhold Holzer, Michael Holzer and drummer Frank Gürtunca founded the band in early 1986. They also had a few live appearances in the Duisburg area but was constantly looking for the right vocalist. A demo was in the planning phase but never happened. While BRANDED failed, Frank Schäfer in early 1988 didn't feel like that's a reason to resign and founded the band AIR-RAID.

Break Point
Dave Hallcom (vocals)
Trevor Johnson (guitar)
Jim Stacey (bass, guitar)
Martin Gerschwitz (keyboard)
Mario Gerhards (drums)
Not to be confused with the by Metal Enterprises casted band Breakpoint or the poppy Hard Rock band Breakpoint from the mid 80's, this local Büttelborn Hard Rock outfit, was originating from the Darmstadt area. If you listen to these guys sole selfproduced album (Break Point Records) from 1981, you'll be surprised that a band playing on such a qualitative high level had to manufacture their album in "homework", because the very first impression will be that they are equally sounding like all these early 80's AOR inspired Hard Rock bands, that published albums on major labels like Revolver, Empire, Tokyo or several american bands either. It's still unclear how the non german musicians Hallcom, Johnson and british born Jim Stacey got the idea to join a local village band, but the chemistry of the guys seemed to have worked very well for one album at least. Jim Stacey in 1989 worked with Accept and can be found on the "Eat the heat" album cover, while Mario Gerhards in the 2000's joined Hard Rockers Mallet. Martin Gerschwitz was later playing in bands like Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly and Eric Burdon & The New Animals.

”First serving” LP 1981 (selfreleased)

Breaker (Paderborn)
These Breaker from Paderborn (not to be confused with the pre-Accuser Breaker from Siegen) was already founded in 1980 and played their first live show in 1981. They recorded a first Demo in 1983 (name and other info unknown) and got a spot on the "Paderborn Rock II" Compilation 2 years later featuring the NWOBHM inspired "Mirror mirror", showing a quite similar style like well known Ebony bands of the same year. Breaker was chosen 1987 to appear on the locally released Compilation Blizz IIX with the power banger "Hear my soul", a track that offered quite a heavy sort of speedy Power Metal like early Tyrant or Noisehunter. I don't have more info about them afterwards. They just seem to have continued and are still active today, adding a female vocalist.
"Mirror mirror" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Paderborn Rock II)
"Hear my soul" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Blizz IIX)

Breaker (Siegen)
Eberhard Weyel (vocals, guitar)
Bertram Kölsch (guitar, vocals)
Thorsten Feisel (bass)
Volker Borchert (drums)
Post-TNT from Siegen, a shortlived act that existed from 1984 to 1986, when Eberhard Weyel and Volker Borchert formed Accu§er. After TNT recorded their Demo 1984, they changed name to Breaker and added Thorsten Feisel on bass, before Axel Thubeauville produced their sole album "Dead rider" in May '85 for Bacillus Records. The material doesn't differs much from the previous TNT stuff. Breaker just added a bit more speed and tried to leave behind the former Accept influences, that though do pop up occasionally on the album nevertheless. But in places you can already hear in which direction the duo Weyel and Borchert would tend to go with the Breaker follower Accu§er.


I'd be very suprised if this "band" seen on the backsleeve was a real one. Dressed like Heavy Metal musicians but the featured songs on their "Rock'n Roll in Germany" entitled EP from 1986 delivers a quite odd mix of Pop and Hard Rock tunes. The songs was produced at the Roxon Studio and there could be a possibility that this was just a kinda studio project. At least "Skin tight" hides some funky Hard Rock elements, known from Van Halen and later was adopted by bands such as Dan Reed Network, Mr. Big and Extreme. But seriously, don't burn your fingers on this hilarious "thing".
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)
"Rock'n Roll in Germany" 7"/12" EP 1986 (Rekord)

Mona Pfeifer (vocals)

A female fronted melodic Hard Rock band originating from Mochenwangen, near Ravensburg, that was active during 1986/87. If you got more info, please get in touch.

You shouldn't confuse these guys with the other Breathless from Peine, though both appear on the same series of underground compilations by the label D&S Recording. Both bands was different in style either, these lads celebrated a more classic Heavy Metal that in places reminds me on "Back from the attack" a bit of Witchkiller, but their sound had a slightly british note too. In contrary to the other Breathless they also had a better vocalist. Especially "Duell of witzzards" is a typical song for that year with it's driving beat. If you got more info about his band, please get in touch.

Breathless (Peine)
Christoph Wojtysiak (vocals)
Ingolf Schimpf (guitar)
Erik Dembke (guitar)
Andreas Starke (bass)
Mike Umann (drums)
Breathless from Peine (not to be confused with Breathless from the Break Out sampler 1985) formed in 1983 and their first Demo from 1985, that despite the low recordng quality, offers quite cool speedy Heavy Metal, driven by the massive use of twin leads. Their sound was a kinda mix of german and british Metal, always powerful, whenalso the vocal performance wasn't the best. I guess the D&S Recording label saw their potential as well and picked them up for one of their compilations. The band released another Demo in 1986 ("Loud'n'lewd") before they changed name to Glory Anthem in 1987.
”Demo October 1985” (selfreleased)
"Metal Hour - Metal Tracks No.3" ‎Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)
"Loud'n'lewd" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Thorsten Münch
A local Progressive Rock band that published an independently produced utterly obscure single on DOC Records (probably their own label as Thorsten Münch's nick was "Doc") in 1982. We do not need to focus on the B side "Bring back the sunshine" at all in this case, as it's just a simple Prog Rock number without spirit. Instead we concentrate on the title track, that though being Prog Rock in the first as well, but it gets interupted by pretty heavy AOR outbursts, that do move this number without doubts into Hard Rock realms. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"One day fly" 7" EP 1982 (DOC)

Jutta Weinhold (vocals)
Alex Parche (guitar)
Zwiebel Truhöl (bass)
Cay Wolf (drums)
A shortlived Crossover act from Cologne I guess. Alex Parche was earlier playing in the Zeltinger Band (as well as Cay Wolf) during the late 70's and earliest 80's when he founded the band Breslau around 1982, that only made one album. He found Jutta Weinhold as vocalist, who we all do know for her future career with Zed Yago and Velvet Viper. And with Zwiebel Truhöl he was working with already during the late 70's also in his first band Dick & Alex. Breslau's style was a mix of Hard Rock/Metal and 70's Punk, while the band used to have a weakness for AC/DC as it seems. The german vocals do also move the band into the NDW direction, while they seriously don't really belong there, as their style has been far too metallic for that genre imo. Nevertheless, they didn't made it that long, seems like Breslau transformed into the Alex Parche Band already 1983, without Jutta Weinhold, but Truhöl and Wolf sharing Parche's decision. For Weinhold though Breslau's end was the start for something way bigger.

"Volksmusik" LP 1982 (Harvest)
"Spinne" 7"/12" EP 1982 (Harvest)

Brittalien was a local Thrash Metal band from the Wolfsburg area or at least northern Germany, that was actively playing live in 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Broken Law
Marco Witte (vocals)
Ingo Holzhauer (bass)
Carlo Mies (drums)
Ingo Heinert (guitars)
Bernd Borgschulte (guitars)
A Soest based short lived project with several members of other Soest bands, but once you heard the first tunes of Broken Law you'll wish you had never crossed their way. I doubt that only the low level production is responsible for the bad impression that this troop left. The skills of these lads just wasn't fully developed to say it nice and I don't know if they themselves knew what style they originally intended to play. It's basically a kinda midpaced uninspired Heavy/Power Metal but with other influences (some being quite punky in places). Holzhauer was in Naasty and Nasty Blutschande and later would form the progressive Life Artist with Marco Witte. Bernd Borgschulte formed progressive Power Metal band Rhûn in 1990.
”Merciless tomorrow” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Wolfgang Jansen (vocals)
Michael Blaumeiser (guitar)
Thomas Nisch (bass)
Andreas Mantei (drums)

A typical german Heavy Metal band from Krefeld, with a sound somewhere between Running Wild and Helloween, that was active since the around 1989 and recorded their first selftitled Demo in 1989 as a trio, featuring Heavenward's Wolfgang Jansen on vocals. After the Demo Andreas Mantei of Amityville joined on drums and one more Demo in 1992 followed. Further info is needed.
"Bronxx" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Demo '92" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Brutal Glöckel Terror
Also known as B.G.T., Brutal Glöckel Terror from Magdeburg (ex-GDR) has been one of those Grind/Noisecore bands that popped up during the late 80's when Napalm Death had a huge impact on the extreme Grind scene. If you love Noisecore, you can't do much wrong with these musical boors at all. If you got a few more info, please get in touch.

"Brutal Glöckel Terror" 7" EP 1989 (Snoop)
"Demo 91`" 7" EP 1991 (Locust)

Bubi The Schmied
Hans-Heinrich Barth (vocals)
Roy Last (guitar)
Thomas Auhagen (bass)
Karl-Heinz Bösel (keyboard)
Claus Reinholdt (drums)
A Hamburg based band or project, that got originally initiated by Roy Last during 1990 under the monicker Blacksmyth. Drummer Claus Reinholdt joined late 1990, after leaving Catz, who's also known as Bubi The Schmied from his former bands Zed Yago and Velvet Viper. He either was member of the Roy Last Group during the early 80's. Hans-Heinrich Barth wasn't any unknown one in the Hamburg Metal scene either, as he sung for Rampage earlier as well. Karl-Heinz Bösel joined last after 1990, and was playing with Hannover's Destiny during the mid 80's and participated on several other band's albums, while he was active member in Vice and Shade. The band Blacksmyth initially wanted to play bluesy Hard Rock, but after the name change (around 1991 most probably) the music on their only album released under the new name "Bubi the Schmied" was pretty heavy Metal, with either badass speedy Power Metal numbers, where Roy Last could act out all of his guitar skills, that he probably couldn't do formerly in that explicit way when he was mainly active with melodic Hard Rock bands. Bubi the Schmied just made that one album, but please don't let yourself be scared by the silly cover, just try them out!

Klaus Thiel (vocals, guitar)
Paul Psilias (guitar)
Volker Pechtold (bass)
Mike Lichtenberg (drums)
The band Bullet from Bochum formed originally as Teaser 1978, but changed name to Bullet around 1980. With their heavily AC/DC influenced Hard Rock/Metal combination they hadn't much trouble to score a record deal and got signed by the Polydor. Their debut "Execution" was pressed in several editions, though to be honest the album didn't offer any earthshaking songs at all. The vocals of Klaus Thiel sounded like a mix of Udo Dirkschneider and Brian Johnson either, so confirming Bullet any originality is just an overkill. The sales nevertheless seemed to have been quite neat, so another album was produced at Dieter Dirks studios in 1983, introducing new members Jürgen Graf (guitar) and Fitty Wienhold (bass). This time the guys left out all the annoying AC/DC hints and delivered a very solid rocking Hard Rock influenced Heavy Metal album with again ups and downs, but explicitely heavier and especially up to date to the sign of the times than the lame debut. Thiel quit 1984 and shortly ex-Faithful Breath guitarist Andy Hönig joined Bullet before he founded his own band ABH (later Spitfire). Joe Schmeink took the microphone during Bullet's last stage and Martin Werner (drums) came in to replace Mike Lichtenberg. 1986 the end of Bullet had come and both Jürgen Graf plus Martin Werner 1987 formed the terrible band Sign.
"Execution" LP 1981(Polydor)
"Cold hearted woman" 7"/12" EP 1982 (Polydor)
"No Mercy" LP 1983 (Lark)
"I sold my sould to Rock n' Roll" 7"/12" EP 1983 (RCA/Arista)
"Look out" 7" EP 1983 (Polydor)

Gerd Hoch (vocals)
Sebastian Leitner (guitar)
Vincent Trost (bass)
Harald Kaltenecker (keyboard)
Bruno Perosa (drums)
Originally founded as a Prog/Kraut Rock band in Mainburg 1973, Bullfrog recorded two albums between 1976 and '78, that fully fit into that description and aren't much of interest for Hard Rock fans at all. With new musicians Robert Wimmer (bass)
and Ali Halmatoglu (drums) they recorded their third album "Second wind" 1980, that finally featured typical 70's Hard/Classic Rock sound, but rather couldn't seriously set up any new standards within that genre. Either a fourth album was recorded by the guys around 1981, but Bullfrog split up within that year, so the very last album remained unreleased.

"Bullfrog" LP 1976 (Sky)
"High in spirits" LP 1978 (Sky)
"Be yourself" 7" EP 1978 (Sky)
"Second wind" LP 1980 (Musk Project)

Burning Ambition
Sia (vocals)
Andreas Nöltgen (guitar)
Rudi (guitar)
Dirk Welke (bass)
Wilme (drums)

Obscure local act from Recklinghausen/Herne, formed in 1984, released a 3 track Demo in 1987 and got picked up by CBR Records for their "The Beast" compilation. A typical german rocking Metal tune like Gravestone f.e. with rather weak Mark Shelton like vocals. Dirk Welke joined Power/Speedsters Mephisto around 1989. If you got more info about the band, please get in touch.
"Aiming High" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Thunder and lightning" Comp.-7" EP Track 1987 (The Beast)

Burning Angel
Uwe Hahn (guitar, vocals)
Petra Trappe (vocals)
Gerhard Müller (guitar)
Roger Völker (bass)
Karsten Schaub (drums)
As the title of Burning Angel's debut 7" mentions, this troop was originating from Baunatal and published just an appetizing single 1987, plus the corresponding selftitled album during the following year. The 7" features solid Classic/Melodic Rock with slightly Hard Rock edge and if anyone wants to check out the band, it's fully enough to purchase the single. Both tracks had been the most listenable on the whole album, that just contained weaker songs, who didn't sound as hard as the 7" songs anymore at all and only must be categorized as plain Melodic Rock. On the LP the keyboarder Hartmut Schmidt additionally had joined the guys, but after 1988 nothing was heard of this band anymore.

"Rock aus Baunatal" 7" EP 1987 (Iron Curtain)
"Burning Angel" LP 1988 (Iron Curtain)

Burning Eyes
Michael Eigendorf (guitar)
Christian Klaus (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from the Wernigerode (Harz) area of the ex-GDR, that was specialized to play songs of Van Halen, Whitesnake and ZZ Top. The band was active during the late 80's and featured the ex-Hardzrock guys Michael Eigendorf and Christian Klaus. If you got more info, please contact us.

Burning Heat
A Heavy Rock band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "So hard" and "Summertime" for the Feierwerk Split LP "Rock Feierwerk Sieger 89" with other Munich bands Firefox, Bad Hoven and The Comics. Both trax are similar in style like the Firefox contributions and their pretty good melodic Hard Rock could be compared to other Munich bands such as Lifeline, Pole Position, Magenta or Europe.
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 89" Comp.-LP Tracks 1989 (Feierwerk)

Burning, The

A Hard Rock band from the Munich area that was active around 1990/91. Most probably a Demo tape exists as well. Further info is needed.

Frank König (vocals)
Uwe Schrader (drums)
Udo Stoll (guitar)
Axel Kampeter (bass)
Thomas Korft (guitar)
A Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Minden founded in early 1981 and playing live gigs in the Minden area at that time. Uwe Schrader came from the band Rotators and Udo Stoll from Halb Acht. Frank König later joined Exhaust. They mainly performed own compositions. If you have more info please get in touch.

Buxom Coxcomb
Willy (guitar, vocals)
Armin (bass, vocals)
Pit (drums)
A Crossover band from Hamburg, who's sound is hard to categorize. The guys have been active during the late 80's and early 90's and should have split up at around 1992. They recorded just one LP for the local Hamburg indie label Collision Records, that contains a strange mix of Thrash influenced Hardcore, but neither they play pure Metal, nor a pure Hardcore. It's a symbiosis of both styles with slightly punky vocals, mainly performing a midpaced modern sort of Power/Thrash influenced style, in places reminding of Metallica's coverversion of "The wait". The later guitarist Michael Hankel joined Hamburg Thrashers Erosion after their off.
"Interior" LP 1990 (Collision)

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