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Pad Of Pain
Sissy Tendyra (vocals, keyboard)
Barney Kundinger (guitars)
Gary Kretzer (guitar)
Sabri Meric (bass)
Alex Orgis (drums)
A bavarian band from Donauwörth who debuted with the album "Under screen" in 1991. The vinyl contains 10 melodic goodtime heavy rockers with some serious influences of the mid and late 80's US glammy touched Metal scene. All of the trax do sound quite solid, but might appear not that heavy at all for most of the Metal crowd. Though the album belongs to the good average middle field and might find friends of the Melodic Metal division for sure. 1994 Pad of Pain could release another album on CD format entitled "Tease me in your fantasy" on Brickhouse Music as well.

Stanley Falk (guitar, vocals)
Peter Arrow (guitar)
Andrew Sommer (bass)
Andy Lee (drums)
The West Berlin Power/Speedsters Pain just earned a record deal with their first tape (info needed) that they sent to Noise Records and the result was the "Insanity" LP. The mid 1985 founded group united musicians of several other Berlin bands, so the influences from different styles should have had made the whole more interesting. In the end "Insanity" featured typical common standard speedy Power Metal, that suffers by the sadly also just average vocals. Don't get me wrong, "Insanity" wasn't a bad album, but not an over the top album either. That's why the band split up shortly after the album and Peter Arrow appeared as Peter Osz in Calderone's line up.
"Insanity" LP 1986 (Noise)

Markus Müller (guitar, vocals)
Frank Buchen (guitar)
Alexander Wintjis (Bass)
Oliver Fechner (drums)
Thrashers from Siegen, that later after their end merged with Accu§er as it seems. The guys started around 1990, featuring Massacra's Markus Müller. Then things went fast for them, after a quite good first slightly early Testament influenced Demo 1991, Panacea recorded an independent CD, that was also re-released on 1MF Recordz a bit later on. If you listen to the album it's easy to retrace why 1MF secured the band for their label catalogue. Panacea delivered a typical late 80's style US Thrash with technical background, that was released just 2 or 3 years too late. As expected, the band couldn't really survive the 90's at all, after another MCD ("Panacea") and the album "Pray" (1995) with Uwe Schmidt on bass, their time had come to go offstage. Schmidt and Fechner joined city mates Accu§er at a later stage.

”Forgotten dreams” Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Is it a human?" CD 1992 (selfreleased)
"This stuff's 2 loud 4 U" Split CD 1993 (1MF)

Pankow/Krogmann Project
Thomas Pankow (vocals, bass, guitar, organs)
Rolf Krogmann (drums)
A shortlived project from Hamburg consisting of the ex-Airless musicians Thomas Pankow and Rolf Krogmann, that the two started after they just had quit Airless in 1983/84. Unlike Airless' NWOBHM influenced Metal, the Pankow/Krogmann Project did give away to the late 70's Hard Rock sound with Hammond organs and keyboard parts, that often reminded of the Rainbow or Deep Purple stuff. Basically a quite professional performance that both delivered with these 3 songs, though musically for 1984 that kind of sound was a little bit outdated already.

"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)

Ralf Mikula (vocals)
Sven Halm (guitar)
Ulf Mäder (bass)
Steffen Klotz (drums)
A Thrash band that was originating from Halle (ex-GDR) and started playing in 1986. The guys seen by their technical skills must be counted to the upper league of the GDR Thrash acts, especially during the late 80's the Panther gigs was overcrowded events. Mike Kähler (ex-Hercules) replaced Ulf Mädler during 1987 on the bass guitar and also another Hercules axeman (Dieter Woyderski) joined Panther for about a year, but again left during '88. The guys was favorizing a speedy sort of Metal and after winning a national band contest in 1988, the band could produce the professional studio track "Höllenfeuer", that turned out to be a total rager with wild guitars and raw Speed Metal sound, almost hard to imagine that song was indeed produced at Jürgen Matkowitz's studio. The band naturally adopted a raw Thrash sound a bit later on and performed Kreator, Destruction and Sodom coverversions on stage, which led into a temporary stage ban after playing Sodom's "Bombenhagel". Ralk Mikula and Maik Kähler therefore left Panther (both either left the country later), who hired Maik Schmidt for the vocals and Ronnie Dümke on the bass, to record their first Demo "Total chaos" later in 1989, which turned out to feature Death/Thrash, sounding like a cross of Slayer, Sadus and Kreator. Early 1990 the guys still recorded one more Demo ("Empire of death") of the same brutal kind, but later went into a rather Death Metal/Grindcore direction and eventually split up 1991. 2 of their Demo trax ("Andalusien Terror" and "Burial of president") was featured on the underground compilation tape "Schreie der Angst". Guitarist Sven Halm joined the Death Metal band Overlord afterwards. 2019 the German Democratic Recordings label, re-released Panther's Demos and rehearsal recordings on the CD "Höllenfeuer".

"Total chaos" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Empire of death" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Schreie der Angst" Comp.-MC Tracks 1991 (Götterwind)

Broadcast Recordings:
"Höllenfeuer" (1988)

Pantokrator (Wiesbaden)
Yogi (drums)
Olaf (guitar)
There doesn't seem to be any indication that this young Wiesbaden band was in any way connected to the slightly more familiar Death Metal-ditto from Herzebrock. These guys were formed in 1987 by Yogi and Olaf and their 7-song "Dipsomania" demo was recorded live the same year, or possibly the year after. It is said to have contained straight-forward Thrash with some slight HC influences and breaks, but sadly be lacking some in the production-dept. Inf anyone has more info, please get in contact.
"Dipsomania" demo

An obscure local band from Bad Homburg, that most probably was active in the late 70's and earliest 80's. There isn't any year to find on their sole single, but judging by the look of the musicians and the music they performed, the single should be from around 1980 plus/minus 2 years. The single, made by their management JEE-BEE, is as obscure as the band itself and rarely ever seen for sale. If you think, the reason might be the lads music, then you're bloody wrong. The title track is an AOR/Melodic Rock ballad in typical early 80's manner, but the jewel is the flipside track "The letter", an The Box Tops cover version, that was performed in a superior way and developing into a proggy AOR smasher with epic edge, like these early proggy US Hard Rock bands. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Show me" 7" EP 19?? (selfreleased)

A Metal band from the Speyer area, that was active in the mid/late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Dieter Holzerland (vocals)
Harald Piller (guitar)
Andreas Kampa (bass)
Jochen Hornung (keyboard)
Dirk Willer (drums)
A Heavy Rock band originating from the greater Mannheim area, that got initiated 1986 by Dieter Holzerland, Harald Piller and Jochen Hornung and found 1987 with Andreas Kampa and Dirk Willer the right guys to record their debut Demo "the first touch", that gained them attention by notable producers. Late 1988 the lads recorded another Demo ("Passion rules"), with once again getting positive critics within the melodic Hard Rock scene. The band themselves described their sound as "Heavy Rock with commercial touch". Due to the above average singing Dieter Holzerland, Paradizze stood out of the common mass of bands and actively played live during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"A first touch" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Passion rules" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Charly Steinhauer (vocals, guitar)
Markus Spyth (guitar)
Roland Stahl (bass)
Axel Blaha (drums)
The Kürnach residing Thrashers Paradox previously operated under different monickers since 1981 with Charly Steinhauer and Axel Blaha being the only constant of all the previous formations like Overkill, Maniac or Warhead and since February 1986 as Paradox, with Markus Spyth and Roland Stahl as additional members. Due to their track "Pray to the godz of wrath" taken from the first Demo 1986, which was featured on the Roadrunner compilation "Teutonic Invasion" and their second Demo "Mystery" 1987, that came with more professional sound than the debut, Roadrunner signed the troop and in May '87 "Product of imagination" was recorded at the Karo studio, to be released in October. 1988 Roland Stahl had to quit due to the army needing his services and Matthias Schmitt replaced him. During the recordings of the second album "Heresy" in January '89 Markus Spyth quit his job and Dieter Roth helped on guitars. Due to an infection of Steinhauer's larynx, the band was forced to hire a new vocalist and therefore the vocal parts was sung by ex-Angel Dust Shelko Topalovic but coz he joined Scanner instead, his vocal trax was deleted and Steinhauer finished the vocal parts himself just months later in summer. When Schmitt left in 1989, Armin Donderer (ex-Arkham/Mark Terry) joined, but Roth quit also when "Heresy" was available in November '90 and got replaced by Kai Pasemann. Due to the neverending problems with getting a stable line up together, the guys disbanded Paradox in 1991. The sound of Paradox was often compared with Metallica, though it's not exactly correct. Indeed their technical Speed'n'Thrash was kinda unique in the german scene, with own identity, but influences of early Angel Dust and Testament as well as certain Anthrax influences on the "Heresy" album was audible. 1991 Steinhauer and Blaha revived Paradox again and had a bit more luck since then, released several albums and played live again with different musicians.
"Demo #1" (selfreleased)
"Mystery" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Pray to the godz of wrath" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Teutonic Invasion Part One)
"Product of imagination" LP 1987 (Roadrunner)
"Paradox" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1988 (Stars on Thrash)
”Heresy” LP/CD 1989 (Roadracer)
"Search for perfection" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (Thrash the Wall)

Paradox (Bünde)
Dirk Kaiser (Piano, vocals)
Herbert Fischer (bass)
Ulli Köster (guitar, vocals)
Sven Müßigbrot (drums)
The Bünde based Paradox was a pretty obscure Prog Rock outfit with several serious Hard Rock and even a few early Heavy Metal influences, that was spread all over their only album, the "Schwein gehabt" LP. It's a bit difficult to compare these guys to other groups as their sound was combining several styles like Prog, Kraut and Hard Rock with heavyily distorted guitars, mainly using a spacy, slightly epic background aura. Most of the songs was sung in native german language and I'm pretty sure the vinyl could be a nice surprise for everyone who's into that heavy Prog Rock thing. The "Dachstuhlrock" 7" features a non album track on the B-side.
"Schwein gehabt" LP 1982 (Werola)
"Dachstuhlrock" 7" EP 1983 (Werola)

A local (Thrash?) Metal band from most probably Hessen, that was active during the early 90's. Further info is needed.

Paranoid was a Heavy Metal band that is known to have performed on stage at the Open Air Festival in Ensdorf 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

An obscure privately released 7" without PS is the only leftover of the band Pars, that I can't really say what state they came from. There is neither any year printed on the labels, but it should be recorded in the mid to late 80's for sure. The band was female fronted and was playing a poppy sort of Melodic Rock and AOR, while the B-side track "Last day of your life" features just a softer ballad.
”We’ve got the future” 7” EP 198x (selfreleased)

Peter Krakor (vocals)
Frank Wörner (guitar)
Michael Stahl (bass)
Peter Krüger (keyboard)
Peter Garattoni (drums)

An AOR band from the Stuttgart area, featuring Gama's Peter Garattoni (Eulenspygel/Rebel/Tox/Veto/Midnight Darkness) on drums, who also produced the only known Passenger album "Move time" for his Sri Lanca label. Also Frank Wörner and Michael Stahl wasn't unknowns, as both played similar to Passenger in Six Point Six. The album was most probably just a studio project, but offered solid standard AOR/Melodic Rock with heavy edge. Peter Krakor and Peter Krüger still during 1984 teamed up and built the Pop duo Krüger & Krakor.
"Move time" LP 1984 (SL)

Payne's Gray
Hagen Schmidt (vocals)
Martin Mannhardt (guitar)
Pascal Heberling (guitar)
Jan Schröder (guitar, bass)
Andreas Nolte (drums)

Payne's Gray was a Progressive Metal band from Karlsruhe, that released 2 musically impressive Demotapes during the beginning of the 90's. Their style was stamped by an abstract riff-o-rama, and though their song structurs surely won't occur "straight", their material doesn't appears boring like on most of these proggressive Demos, where you can't say if they just started or if it's already the end of the song. Alone the vocal parts can't fully convice here, especially in the lower parts Hagen Schmidt's voice sounded slightly odd, but their Power Metal creations on the other hand can easily straighten that little deficit. The band was active from 1988 till the mid/late 90's and after the "Infinity" Demo from December '91 also released the selfproduced CD "Kadath decoded" in 1995.
"Of tyrants and reflections" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Infinity" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

A Metal band from the Stuttgart area most probably, that was active around 1990/91 and according to the bands they shared stage with we guess they've been into Power/Speed Metal or similar styles. Further info is needed.

Peace, Love & Guitars
Gigi (vocals, guitar)
Dave (vocals, guitar)
Bobby (keyboard)
Marcus (bass)
Ron (drums)
A Rock band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "Only live once" and "Bad souls" for the Feierwerk Split LP "Rock Feierwerk Sieger 90" with other Munich bands Magenta, C-X and United Crash. The first track is just a Rock number and only "Bad souls" could be called something Hard Rock alike, though it spreads a bluesy sad feeling.
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 90" Comp.-LP Tracks 1990 (Feierwerk)

Peach Sentle
Ralph Knörich (vocals, keyboard)
Hubert (guitar)
Joachim Manlik (guitar)
Bernd (bass)
Reinhold Appel (drums)
Peach Sentle from Fischach in the Augsburg area released 2 singles in the mid 80's, and the first of both was published on their own label and distributed independently in 1985. The guys used to call their style "Sentle Rock for dancing", and seriously both trax "Peach Sentle" and "People beat the world" just featured softer Melodic Rock/AOR with commercial edge. The "Few people" 7" could be more of interest for Hard Rock fans, though it's was featuring (hard) AOR either, but the guitar sound was way more Hard Rock connected than on their previous EP. For testing purposes I therefore recommend to start with the "Few people" 7". During 1988 the band got reduced to just Ralph Knörich remaining who was still playing several playback shows and him only singing live.
"Peach Sentle" 7" EP 1985 (selfreleased)
"Few people" 7" EP 1987 (Steyrer Disco)

Michael Frey (vocals)
Fritz Fischer (guitar)
Mick Keßler (guitar)
Michasel Braun (bass)
Rainer Klundt (keyboard)
Stefan Gerdon (drums)
Pegasus was an AOR band from the Stuttgart area featuring ex-Trance drummer Stefan Gerdon. The band after participating on a local newcomer festival in 1983, was chosen to contribute the track "Rock'n Roller" to the sampler with bands of the festival. "Rock'n Roller" was also featured on their "Kein Gefühl mehr" 12" EP that they recorded in June '84 in the UAM Studio (also known as Unit Art Records). Pegasus' sound was almost of international standard, playing a sort of pounding AOR in the vein of Survivor or Asia, that basically was rooted in the classic Hard Rock, but the keyboards made them sounding slightly softer. Gerdon in 1985 was playing in the band The Style, so I guess Pegasus' era didn't take that long.
"Rock'n Roller" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Radio 3 Südfunk Stuttgart Nachwuchs-Festival 1983)
"Kein Gefühl mehr" 12" EP 1984 (Face)

Pegasus (Pirmasens)
Michael Schmidt (vocals)
Dirk Hentrich (guitar)
A Power Metal band from Pirmasens, that was founded in late 1987 or early '88 and doing live gigs in the area in the late 80's. Besides their own material on stage the quartet also performed coverversions of Ozzy, Metallica, Anthrax, Maiden and Priest. At around 1989 the band changed name to Messada and released the "Metal revolution" Demo. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Mark Künnemann

A Metallica and Anthrax influenced young Thrash Metal band from Hannover, which was active during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Pestilence (Nieder-Olm)
Tobias Holzinger (guitar, bass)
Schummi (drums, vocals)
Pestilence from Nieder-Olm (south of Mayence) might be interesting for the small clientele of HC/Thrashers, as the lad's Thrashcore adopted several Thrash Metal influences, though the band itself has to be counted to the HC faction in the common sense. The duo debuted with the "Our last fun..." Demo in 1986, where they still got supported by a session bass player called Latz. The material featured raw Crossover/Thrash with a guitar sound close to Celtic Frost's, and musicwise often showed similarities to Californians Necropolis (the ones from the Thrash Metal Attack sampler). 1988 they recorded some more trax that was released as a Split LP with Tausend Augen (Thrashcore) on Holzinger's own label Your Choice Records, which didn't differ much in style at all. Once again raw Thrashcore without compromises was delivered, this time also working with several early D.R.I. influences.
“Our last fun...“ Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Our last fun" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Kulturschock Attacke Vol. 2) 1987
"Artless warmth" Split LP 1988 (with Tausend Augen, Your Choice Records)

Thomas Schwarz (guitar, vocals)
Steffen Johe (guitar)
Rogerio do Carmo (bass)
Armin Pipiers (drums)
The Power Metallers Pettypew from the greater Stuttgart area released a 7" entitled "Dedication" on the indie label OM Records in 1992, that nowadays turns up very seldomly only. Prior to the 4 track EP, there was already a Demo tape spread with the title "Young and untamed". Their early style (the band existed just since 1990) marked a Heavy/Power Metal mix with a few rare Helloween-ish Speed Metal influences, like it was rather typically for these early 90's bands, mixing the classic late 80's sound with already modern tunes. Their album "Against the stream of influence" was published 4 years later in 1996.
"Young and untamed" (Demo 199x)
"Dedication" 7" EP 1992 (OM)

Dennis Dick (vocals)
Chris (bass)
Waips (guitar)
Holger Simon (guitar)
Ingo Lehn (drums)
A Speed Metal band from Herdecke active sind the mid 80's, that after 2 Demo tapes in 1988 and '91 recorded their debut album in fall 1992 at the D&S studio. The material features some pretty rough Speed Metal inspired typical 80's style Thrash with powerful production and good musicianship. Influences must be seen in bands like Testament, Toranaga and vocalwise a few slighty hints of Steve Souza also. 1998 The band's second and last album "Look behind the mask" with new drummer Cassy was published on D&S, but the songs offer a more modern touch than the nice debut, though it was still Thrash what Phalanx delivered.

"Phalanx" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Towards the pearly gates" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"The Judas touch" CD 1993 (D&S)

A Hard Rock band that was featured with the track "Turn your radio on" on a local compilation and definitely was the best band on the LP. I wished they'd have taken 2 trax of Phalanx instead of the other suckers. It's good uptempo Hard Rock with Heavy Metal solo, but still nothing over the top.
"Turn your radio on" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Rockactive 84)

Jens Friedrich
A Heavy Metal band from Bremen active around 1986/87, influenced by Accept/Iron Maiden. If you have more info please get in touch.

Frank Wahl (guitar)
A local Metal band from the Pirmasens/Kaiserslautern area, that was active during the late 80's. Frank Wahl later was active in Rough Velvet. Further info is needed.

Reinhard Lehmann (vocals)
Michael Jurischk (guitar)
Frank Müller (drum)
Fred Ullmann (guitar)
Christian Dallmann (bass)
Pharao is in a way the continuation of Regenbogen/Countdown, as after Andreas Schwendemann of the last Regenbogen line up left the GDR, Reinhard Lehmann (ex-Plattform), Michael Jurischk (ex-Plattform) and Frankie Müller started with Pharao early 1986 in East Berlin (ex-GDR). The band got completed by Fred Ullmann (later in Defcon/Chor Chorea) and Christian Dallmann. They recorded "Feuer der Liebe" and "Reich der Finsternis" for the national broadcast service in fall of 1986 which proved them to set the standard for other Metal bands quite high. Pharao played way heavier than Regenbogen, a midpaced melodic Power Metal with small hints of Helloween and Jackie Lehmann proving that he's one of the best singers in the Republic while the axework was simply brilliant. The 2 songs got airplay at the national radio stations and even an appearance for the Live Beatkiste (a kinda hitparade radio show by listeners voting every thursday, that in the second part played Heavy Metal) followed featuring "Metal Baby" and "Geboren im Feuer". After Formel 1 disbanded the ex-Formel 1 members Detlef Dudziak (bass) and Michael Sündermann (guitar, ex-Mephisto) replaced Ullmann and Dallmann in 1987. Michael Jurischk left in 1987 as well to join melodic Hard Rockers Charlie. Pharao got invitations to appear in the national TV music shows in 1988. But then they decided to only use english lyrics and the eastgerman culture bosses ended co-operation with the band. This whole crap ended in the situation that after getting offers from outside GDR to produce a full album, the government hindered them to answer those requests. Sundermann (he joined B.O.R.N.) and Dudziak left Pharao in late 1988 due to that and got replaced by Rainer Schmidt (guitar) and Frank Kube (bass). The band recorded a 3 track Demo in 1989 with songs from the later album but in much heavier and more unpolished sounding versions than on the album, that just screamed the word Power Metal from all of its pores. In early '89 Amiga tried to contact the band again for a possible LP release, but demanded german lyrics. Lehmann denied and escaped from the GDR in mid '89 and organized Pharao a record deal in Stuttgart where he re-located. The other members followed him after the fall of the wall and they started recording the "Bad boys from east" album for Gama Records in 1990 with Jackie Lehmann (vox), Rainer Schmidt (guitar), Frank Kube (bass) and Frankie Müller (drums). The album was released on CD and Vinyl while the LP version for a strange reason was only available in Italy. But their luck didn't last much longer, due to legal problems with Gama the band had to quit and after a last show with Dan Uhden on the second guitar they disbanded in 1991. Lehmann would join Sanvoisen and later went back to Berlin to form progressive Power Metallers Resistence with former Tarot members and Franky Müller. "Bad boys from east" still up till today is a prime example of how melodic Power Metal has to sound like.
"Demo 1989" (selfreleased)
"Bad boys from east" LP/CD 1990 (Gama/Hot Blood)
Broadcast Recordings:
"Reich der Finsternis" (1986)
"Das Feuer der Liebe" (1986)

W. Kornberger
A melodic Heavy Metal band from Schriesheim (Heidelberg area), that was active during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Phobic Instinct
Mem Von Stein (vocals)
Mike Holder (guitar)
Hack (guitar)
Carl Schneider (bass)
Bilka (drums)

Phobic Instinct was a Crossover band that Exumer's Mem Von Stein (ex-Mayhem/Tartaros) originally formed as a trio during early 1988 in Frankfurt/Main. A bit later on Us americans Mike Holder and Carl Schneider (also refered as Karl Snyder) joined the band, that just got completed 2 months before they started recordings for the debut album "A second of thought", recorded in August '89 for No Remorse Records. The sound of Phobic Instinct built a mix of harsh Thrash Metal and NYC style Hardcore/Metalcore, reminding often of Agnostic Front. The band also supported US acts Nuclear Assault and the Suicidal Tendencies live on stage, when they've been on tour in Europe. What's been the reason that the for November '89 announced LP wasn't released back in the day is yet uncertain. 2008 a CD with the album finally appeared on Khaosmaster Productions. Phobic Instinct perhaps evolved into Of Rytes, as Mem Von Stein and Bilka was later found in that band. Further info is welcome.
"A second of thought" CD 1989/2008 (Khaosmaster)

Thomas Fritzsching (guitar, vocals)

A Hard Rock band originating from East Berlin (ex-GDR), that was active during the late 70's till the early 80's, when Thomas Fritzsching joined the later famous GDR Pop/Rock band Silly. Phoenix's style was influenced by international 70's Hard Rock acts. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Michael Schramm (vocals, guitar)
Jens Peter Langheinrich (guitar)
Kenneth Bwalya (guitar)
Frank Wunderlich (bass)
Steffen Svoboda (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Aue/Saxony (ex-GDR), which was originally founded in 1985 as a Classic Rock band that covered songs of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young or ZZ Top. When Steffen Svoboda 1986 saw Argus live on stage with their newly targeted Heavy Metal live set, the desire rose up to play similar music, so the lads immediately started rehearsing songs of Accept, Judas Priest, Saxon, UFO, the Scorpions, Faithful Breath etc., with Jan Mehlhorn replacing Michael Schramm as new vocalist. Phonex played several local shows throughout Saxony and Thuringia between 1986 and 1987, till the band eventually split up in autumn '87 due to internal issues. Jens Peter Langheinrich and Steffen Svoboda joined the band Sirius from Affalter, Kenneth Bwalya and Frank Wunderlich went on to play with Rezeptfrei from Schneeberg, while Jan Mehlhorn joined Zyklon from Zwönitz. Both Jan Mehlhorn and Steffen Svoboda later in September '90 would co-found the Thrash Metal band BÖLK. Phonex got revived in 2000 with most of it's original members on board again, but the band doesn't performs any Heavy Metal tunes anymore.

Klaus Dietrich (bass)
Peter Reiter (guitar)
Uwe Walter (guitar)
Hartmut Schwalm (drums)
Phönix was domiliciled in the greater Stuttgart area and there is just one album known, which was recorded in March 1981 and contains heavy Kraut and Hard Rock tunes with late 70's touch. One thing that's giving me a headache is the fact that the album was produced and all of the songs written by Rainer Phönix. But this guy isn't mentioned in the line up at all, so I guess he must be the missing vocalist and left the band prior to the vinyl release. One more german sung album was released 1984, but about the musical content we can only speculate so far. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"First flush" LP 1981 (Racket)
"Hemmungslos" LP 1984 (Steyrer Disco)

Benjamin Kroiß (vocals)
Gernot Kroiß (guitar)
Andreas Summer (guitar)
Armin Zelzer (bass)
Stefan Kroiß (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Munich, built around the Kroiß brothers, that was active since 1986 and published their first Demo 2 years later. The tape contains 3 pounding glammy US american influenced Hardrockers that remind a bit of Fastway's "Trick or treat" album. 1992 another MCD with the title "Carol" was published on Punch Records. The lads continued their Hard Rock style on the opener "I wanna live my life", that was heavily Kiss influenced, but for "Dangerous in paradise" and "Sanctuary" really unburied the hatchet and delivered powerful Heavy Metal. In 1995 they came back with a german sung album "Die Zeit ist reif" and their farewell was the CD "10 Jahre - Live" 1996, before they changed name to Hammerschmitt.
"Demo 88" (selfreleased)
”Carol” MCD 1992 (Punch)

Martin Metzger (vocals)
Jürgen Möck (bass)
Peter Wirkner (drums)
Rolf Krämer (guitar)
Georg Schneider (guitar)
A Kernen based heavy Kraut/Hard Rock band who recorded their debut LP in summer '80. From spacy 70's tunes to Boogie Hard Rock and typical Kraut Rock there's everything featured on this album. Recommended for fans of the early 80's Hard Rock sound with 70's touch.
"Letters of steel" LP 1980 (Srilanca)

Jens Koehn (drums)
A band from Bavaria (Coburg area most probably), that was active during the late 80's. Their Drummer Jens Koehn joined Ender in 1990. Further info is needed.

Pillow Killz
Oliver Hohendorff (vocals)
Christoph Theissen (guitar)
Michael Weirauch (guitar)
Jörg Deinis (bass)
Stefan Deinis (drums)

Thrashers from Tönisvorst/Krefeld, that ex-Lucifer's Heritage guitarist Christoph Theissen formed in 1987. The band recorded 2 excellent Demo tapes with a sound so close to the early Blind Guardian material, it's almost unbelievable that no label signed these guys straight from the point. Melodic Speed/Thrash to the very bone, on high technical level with either same hymnic vocals lines like in Blind Guardian. After the second Demo "More with less" 1992 the band split up and Oliver Hohendorff subsequently joined Ferngully, but a while later Pillow Killz got reactivated by Theissen, the 2 Deinis brothers and Michael Weirauch, who also took over the vocal parts now, during the mid 90's and released the 2 albums "Years" (1997) and "Sweet pain" (1999), plus the Demo "Years" (1997).
”The 3rd prophecy” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"More with less" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Pink Cream 69
Andy Deris (vocals)
Alfred Koffler (guitar)
Dennis Ward (bass)
Kosta Zafiriou (drums, keyboard)
The Karlsruhe based Pink Cream 69 was founded in 1987 by vocalist Andy Deris, Alfred Koffler, Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou and as far as I remember correctly there should be even a Demo tape available being recorded in 1987 or '88. However, the lads won the Metal Hammer band contest and got signed by Epic Records, who made them a big number. Pink Cream 69 released 2 equal albums with the selftitled debut (1989) and "One size fits all" (1991), that both featured Melodic Metal with US touch, both ruled by Deris good vocal performance. "Games people play" released in 1993 heralded a more modern, typically 90's Metal sound and that's probably the reason why Andy Deris left to join Helloween in the same year. There are several singles and tons of other albums available after 1993, so you might check out Pink Cream 69's Homepage for more info.
"Pink Cream 69" LP/CD 1989 (Epic)
"One size fits all" LP/CD 1991 (Epic)
"Games people play" LP/CD 1993 (Epic)

Planters Punch
Frank Schubert (vocals)
Dirk Guth (guitar)
Wolfgang Fahnert (guitar, keyboard)
Earchy Weggedawn (bass)
Ute Reimann (saxophone, percussion)
Nico Nitsch (drums)
The Planters Punch guys from Kassel produced an album in 1990, that was only available on vinyl and belongs just provisory to this database, because it mainly features Blues Rock with several Hard Rock influences. There are a very few Hard Rock trax either, but basically for the common Hard Rock fan it's not neccessarily recommended.

"Handmade" LP 1990 (J&P)

Platin Bells
Most probably a band from northern Germany, that was active during the late 80's and played on the 4th Oxmox/Metal Star band contest in Hamburg '89. If you got more info, just get in touch.

Jerry (voc)
Ecki Bartzsch (guitar)
Detlef Kotte (bass)
Uli Schenker (keyboard)
Michael Bronke (drums)
The eastgerman Heavy Metal legend Plattform was founded in Cottbus (ex-GDR) early 1980, when the bands Seguin and Novativ merged and the musicians Jerry (voc), Ecki Bartzsch (guitar), Detlef Kotte (bass), Uli Schenker (keyboard), and Michael Bronke (drums) started rehearsing a set of wellknown Rock and Blues songs. In autumn '82 Uli Schenker was obliged to solve his military service and some of the guys tried to lead the band's musical direction into heavier territory, which meant Gerd Wollermann (guitar) and new drummer Ulrich Ulbrich was hired. Their very first studio production "He Doktor" (originally the track was called "Krankschreibung", but that title wasn't approved from higher position) was recorded at the studio of ex-Puhdys drummer Gunter Wosylus in 1983 and offered quite neat NWOBHM Heavy Metal in the vein of Saxon. The band's new direction and conditioned that their music got even heavier, in autum '83 vocalist Jerry quit and got replaced by Reinhard Lehmann (later in Pharao), but most of the guys went to the army that year so Plattform was put on ice for a while. Band leader Detlef Kotte used that break to play in a different band, waiting for Wollermann and Ulbrich's return in 1985. Together with second guitarist Uwe Rublak in spring '85 Plattform finally returned live on stage again, with a Maiden and Priest inspired programm and Kotte doing vocals himself. But he quickly recognized that singing wasn't his appointment and therefore female vocalist Michaela Burkhardt joined instead. For the band's sake that was probably the most ingenious move, as what attracts young headbangers better than a hot female on stage who either can sing? The two trax "Zieh Leine" and "Fliegen" was recorded in spring '86, that helped Plattform to participate on an important radio show (the "Beatkiste"), which was broadcasted live, and led to another recording session for the national broadcast service in August, featuring the trax "Heavy Braut" and the speedbanger "Haut und Haar", that both claimed high positions at the national Rock hitparades. The band at that moment was perfoming material in the vein of Warlock with slightly british touch and due to the slightly applying success, Plattform was invited to perfom at national music TV shows like "rund", "klick" and "STOP! Rock". March '87 "Lichter der Nacht" and "Feuer" was recorded plus a new version of "Heavy Braut" and "Sechzehn" (originally entitled "Abgehaun", but that title got rejected) a bit later on, which all was used for their part of the Kleeblatt No. 22 Split LP with MCB and Cobra still in 1987. During the peak of their national success and after recording two more songs, the bluesy "Gefahr" and the instrumental "Truck" (originally called "Orient Express") in early '88, Micky Burkhardt left Plattform to start a solo career. The remaining Gerd Wollermann, Uwe Rublack, Detlef Kotte and Ulrich Ulbrich hired new vocalist Andreas Schenker and could record two more songs in 1989 ("Kalt und heiß", "Stapellauf"), which both was focussing again on the heavier side of Metal before the original band eventually split up with the new freedom that captured the GDR in late '89. Both guitarists Wollermann and Rublak relocated to the western part and also Schenker quit, which meant for Kotte and Ulbrich to completely restart Plattform from zero in 1990. The ex-Countdown/Charlie and Pharao guitarist Michael Jurischk (who already was playing with Plattform in 1983 for a short period) and new vocalist Tom Browski would complete the newly arisen Plattform and some Demo tracks got recorded with "True & down" (1990) and "Listen to the voice" (1992), that both showed certain Hard Rock influences again. But the time was over for classic Heavy Rock bands in the early 90's and to survive as band, the guys fully concentrated on playing live gigs that mainly included cover versions. Either the band name got altered to Platvorm at around 1992. Detlef Kotte kept Platvorm alive with changing musicians till Decem
"Kleeblatt № 22 - Hard & Heavy" Split LP Tracks 1987 (Amiga)
"Lichter der Nacht" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Rock Bilanz 1987)
"True & down" Demo Track 1990
"Listen to the voice" Demo Track 1992

Broadcast recordings:
"He Doktor (Der Simulant)" (1983)
"Zieh Leine" (1986)
"Fliegen" (1986)
"Haut und Haar" (1986)
"Truck" (1988)
"Gefahr" (1988)
"Stapellauf" (1989)
"Kalt und heiß" (1989)

Tom Browski (vocals)
Detlef Kotte (bass)
Michael Jurischk (guitar)
Ulrich Ulbrich (drums)
Platvorm is the follow up band, that originated directly of the eastgerman Heavy Metal band Plattform, when their last line up consisting of Tom Browski, Detlef Kotte, Michael Jurischk, Ulrich Ulbrich in 1992 decided to rename the band after recording a few Demo trax between 1990 and 1992. Platvorm focussed on live gigs and was mainly performing cover versions, but either composed and performed newly written trax with different members till December 2019, when Detlef Kotte closed the chapter Plattform/Platvorm forever after a last gig. For more info, please check out the Plattform article.

Jörg Wolski (vocals)
Jürgen Wolter (guitar)
Jörg Landstorfer (keyboard)
Peter Malik (bass)
Hans Peter Frey (drums)
A melodic Hard Rock band from Duisburg that released a highly underrated private single in 1990. The quality level of both featured trax is extremely high and reminds me of the superb title track of the Trace 7", though Pleasure was acting a bit heavier, mixing Hard Rock and Melodic Metal to a very catchy brew that simply can't fail. Fortunately their single still can be obtained for no money, so don't miss it at all! Late 1990 the band recorded another 4 song Demo with the title "Sometimes life" that was released wether during late '90 or early '91 and featured more melodic material in the vein of their single.

"Things are confusing" 7" EP 1990 (selfreleased)
"Sometimes life" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Plence 0221
No clue where these guys was originating from, but the band was featured with the track "Bad to the bone" on the first part of the Peace-Eater compilations, which means they at least had recorded one Demo around 1990/91. Unfortunately Plence 0221 belong to the rather uninteresting sort of bands, coz their US style sleazy Hard Rock can't really attract anyone, though the certain Metal influences and especially the guitar solo won't really fit to the rest of their boring song. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Bad to the bone" CD Compilation Track 1991 (Peace-Eater Vol. I)

Hartmut Eltgen (vocals)
Frank Wittke (guitar)
Stefan Gorissen (guitar)
A melodic Speed Metal troop from Bochum who released a 3 Track Demo in 1985. Vocalist Hartmut Eltgen was also member of the band Steamhammer from Krefeld, and sung on their "One step to hell" Demo recorded in 1985. If you have more info please get in touch.

Poison (Ulm)
Armin Weber (vocals)
Uli Hildenbrand (guitar)
Andy Krampute (bass)
Alex Gilliar (drums)
The masters of noise, Poison from Ulm started their career in 1982 and debuted with the "Sons of evil" Reh/Demo in 1984, that if you take Tormentor/Kreator as standard of the rising german Thrash back in the day, offered a way more brutal style of Hardcore Metal, that shows similarities of one of the bands main influences Hellhammer and also some extreme early US Hardcore/Noisecore hints. The band's main problem was that the sound of their early Demo tapes was so utterly terrible, that noone seriously recognized their hidden talents, because if we look back to what has happened in the 80's Metal scene, then we have to admit that Poison have to be mentioned amoung the first wave Death Metal bands in Metal history. Just take a look back at the first Morbid Angel demos and then compare to Poison's "Bestial death" tape from 1985, and Morbid Angel became huge. And what happened to Poison? They recorded 2 more tapes in 1986, starting with "Awakening of the dead" in March and "Into the abyss" in late December, that gained them the possibility to get featured on the "Teutonic Invasion" sampler, connected with the option for Roadrunner to be the first to sign Poison for a full album within a year. But Roadrunner wasn't much interested and the Poison lads called it quits still in 1987. Poison's old grinding Death Metal sound though had changed into a more raw doomy influenced Thrash Metal, in places sounding similiar to Kreator's "Pleasure to kill" album, on the last tapes, so they well would have fit to Roadrunner's releases catalogue, that featured mainly bands of that caliber. But in the end it took a couple of years till Midian Creations eventually re-released the "Into the abyss" Demo on vinyl in 1993. Only Uli Hildenbrand would later re-appear in Death Metallers R.U. Dead? line up in the fall of the 80's.
"Sons of evil" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Bestial death" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Live Terror" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Awakening of the dead" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Into the abyss" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Sphinx" Com.-LP Track 1987 (Teutonic Invasion Part One)
"Into the abyss" MLP 1993 (Midian Creations)

Poison Asp
Andy (vocals)
Michael (bass)
Tosse Basler (guitar)
Michael Wondra (guitar)
Christoph Thurner (drums)
Poison Asp was a local Thrash Metal band from Speyer starting back in 1984. The "Schizoid nightmares" Demo features a lethal dose of melodic but nevertheless quite raw and heavy european style Thrash Metal with killer vocal performance. The D&S label wanted them to contribute 2 songs for the German Metal Fighters 2 compilation in form of "World of nightmare" and "Listen to the voices from vault", both being solid Thrashers with slightly Testament touch. In 1990 the guys decided to record their debut but sadly vocalist Andy left in the meanwhile. Poison Asp's style beside still having enough straight Thrash parts featured, became slightly more technical by adding more breaks than before. In places there are even hints of Deathrow or canadians Obliveon audible, but fortunately not as progressive as them. The band split in 1991.
"German Metal Fighters No. II" Comp.-LP Tracks 1988 (D&S)
"Beyond the walls of sleep" MLP 1990 (selfreleased)

Poizon Ivy
A local band from southern Germany that was featured with the german sung "Popper Schocker" on the oscure Talen Show '83 sampler. The style of these lads was quite strange, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd be a kinda modern Punk band or something. Their sound was combining elements of Hard Rock as well as Prog Rock, Power Pop etc. I can't describe this band seriously.

"Popper Schocker" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Talent Show '83)

Klaus Ullrich (bass)
Andreas Samonil (drums)
Achim Hömerlein (vocals, guitar)
Poke was post-Vendetta, and the reason why Vendetta split up in 1990. They already tried to combine Funk tunes to their Thrash style back in the late 80's after the "Brain damage" album. With Poke they realized those ideas, but the result was a quite hard to bear Groove Metal with Funk influences and Metal untypical sounds. In 1993 they released another Demo but I sold that once right the same week I've bought it. So if anyone could provide more info, please get in touch.
"Right into the jungle" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Michael Pozz (vocals)
Peter Oehler (guitar)
Gagey Mrozeck (guitar)
Alan Joe Wroe (bass)
Jürgen Astor (drums)
The band Poker gathered with Michael Pozz and Gagey Mrozeck a few members of the Kraut Rock band Kin Ping Meh from Mannheim, that was active since 1969 and released a not unimportant number of albums throughout the whole 70's decade. Their only album "Red Neck Roller" was published on SL Records and features classic late 70's Hard Rock sound with a few Kraut Rock influences. Wroe got replaced by Norby Hamm after the album was out. The LP was available in black and red vinyl.
"Red Neck Roller" LP 1981 (SL)
”Mexico/Long way to the top” 7” EP 81 (SL)

Walter Kletzander (vocals)
Andreas Hecht (guitar)
Frank Dittrich (bass)
Lutz Dittrich (drums)
Andreas Hartung (keyboard)
Poker got formed in late 1986 in Leipzig (ex-GDR) and was previously known as Kristall. After winning a workshop week in Halle 1989 with 8 bands participating they got sponsored a 3 days studio production that the band used to record 2 songs which they later used as a Demo. They sent the track "Ariane" of that Demo to a national radio show and it got airplay there. The song's a keyboard dominated epic Hard Rock/Metal hymn of quite high standard with some powerful doublebass parts, much alike some well known US bands. The other track of the Demo was an instrumental. One year later they tried to produce another track for the radio called "Cry of children", that they also used as Demo because they wanted to have english lyrics now. This song too offered quite above standard Hard Rock/Metal, keyboard driven though, but still powerful sounding. It was sad this band quit in 1991 due to lack of interest and the political change that forced all known clubs to close their gates.
”Demo 1989" (selfreleased)
"Cry of children" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Pole Position
Wolfgang Barthel (vocals)
Walter König (guitar)
Willi Schneider (keyboard)
Erwin Preißler (bass)
Mathias Boxleitner (drums)
The Melodic Metallers Pole Position was founded in the Munich area in 1986 and produced a few Demo's before they recorded a MLP privately at the Sky Studio produced by the Boysvoice members Mani Gruber and Peter Diezel. Their quite melodic Hard Rock and Metal mix was equal to bands like Aidean, Karo or Mydra and sounds indeed quite professional. Especialy the great Metal number "Hot loud'n heavy" pretty much showed that Pole Position didn't need to hide behind of any of the well known acts at all. They played a number of gigs and also opened for bands like U.D.O. or Craaft in front of a crowd of 10000 people. Pole Position disbanded in 1992 and Wolfgang Barthel tried his luck with Aiming High afterwards and recorded 2 albums with them.
"Now!" Demo 198x (selfreleased)
”For the future” MLP 1989 (selfreleased)

Porno Patrol
David R. Pollack (vocals)
Dietmar Jahr (guitar)
Ratte (bass)
Klaus Budach (drums)
A Hardcore band from West Berlin, featuring the founder of Destiny Records and former Sick Pleasure vocalist David Pollack. The sound of Porno Patrol was freaking similar to early Agnostic Front with touches of the classic Motörhead sound. The band was founded after Sick Pleasure ("Aids" LP 1983) broke up in 1983, while Sick Pleasure already sounded similar to late 80's NY Hardcore bands. So musically Porno Patrol could be seen as the continuation of Sick Pleasure's style with just a slightly more metallic edge. During summer 1985 the guys changed name to No Allegiance and produced 2 more albums.
(Thanx to mustardgasattack for the suggestion)

"Jump back" 7" EP 1984 (Destiny)

Ortwin Russ
Heavy Metal trio from Frankfurt/Main who released a demo tape in late 1985. If you have more info please get in touch.

Poseidon (Biberach)
Jürgen Artelt (vocals)
Thomas Schneider (guitar)
Markus Rüss (bass)
Holger Wiechmann (drums)
The Biberach Thrashers Poseidon published a Demo and 12" EP privately in 1989, but imo it was way too early for that. One thing that almost kills it is the drum sound. I don't know if the drums was played on an E-drum, but the sound of especially the Toms pretty much makes me thinking of that, coz the Tom sound appears way too "unnatural". Either the songwriting revealed frailties, all of the trax was created by the same scheme. The Thrash parts are close to Kreator as well as the vocals, but those uninspired breaks and midpaced parts was much conducive for the final result.

"Close the abyss" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”The final gate” 12” EP 1989 (selfreleased)

Posers, The
Tommy Rock (guitar, vocals)
Joe Scream (drums)
Jason Scott (bass, vocals)
Dreaming O. (keyboard, vocals)
Hamburg based Hard Rockers with Glam touch and huge R'n'R edge ofc. Their sound was somehow not that far away from The Honx, but they completely pushed that Glam thing and added a dose of 77'er Punk as well. The band was founded early '88 and already recorded their debut in summer the same year. They could also place a track on the local Hamburg sampler "Elbground", but then the story of The Posers ends abrupt, after the band was seen playing live mid 1989.
”Illusions” MLP 1988 (Devil Dance)
"Just because of you" Comp. 12" EP Track 1988 (Elbground)

Power & Passion
Dirk Schilling (guitar)
Franz Kovacs (vocals, guitar)
Manni Kayser-Mongeville (drums)
Harald Thoma (bass)
A Hard Rock band from Cologne, that was originally founded as Darkside Hero in 1983. They recorded at least one Demo tape with a kinda US american influenced melodic Hard Rock sound. They band played several live gigs in the mid 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Power Tower
A quite uninteresting band only known for their contribution to the German Metal Fighters 1 compilation. "Bike race" and "Power Tower" both stylistically remind me slightly of Vicious Barreka, especially vocalwise. These guys performance sounded pretty clumsy and one has to wonder that D&S was forced to feature such a band that obviously was still playing in the county league. If you have more info, please get in touch.

Conny Wollek (vocals)
Bodo Mackebrand (guitar)
Ulf Klingner (guitar)
Hans-Jörg Wollek (bass)
Reiner Selge (drums)
A female fronted Power Metal band from Rathenow (ex-GDR), that was originally originating from Premnitz when Ulf Klingner, Hans-Jörg Wollek and Reiner Selge started in 1984, but soon relocated to Rathenow. January '86 Conny Wollek and Bodo Mackebrand joined and the guys played a sort of Warlock, Ozzy, Maiden and Scorpions influenced Metal, till Jens Alex replaced Reiner Selge in autumn '87, while also Mackenbrand's army service was highly required. Hans-Jörg Wollek and Jens Alex left the band after internal issues in 1988, while the rest reformed with new members and recorded the excellent Power Metal Demo track "The wonder of the night" during the following year. The band still participated on the "Heavy gegen AIDS" festival 1990 in Berlin, as reviews mentioned a bit more Thrash influenced than previously, but split up afterwards. Conny Wollek subsequently formed the band Supremacy. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”The wonder of the night” Demo track 1989 (selfreleased)

Powerage (Fürth)
Jochen Bierl (vocals)
Manni Kress (guitar)
Walter Tomasi (guitar)
Peter (bass)
Eugen (drums)
Powerage as the name already suggests, was a band whose musicians worshipped the sound of AC/DC. The guys found together in Fürth back in 1984 and decided to record an album in February '85 that was published privately as "Too much for your brain!". After the "God save Rock'n'Roll" Demo, it took a while till 1991 the second longplayer "Down 'n' dirty" was available on the indie label ZMP. Rudy Jakob had replaced Peter an bass and also other positions was filled with Averell (drums) and Ossi (guitar). The only remaining original members has been Jochen Bierl and Manni Kress. Musically both albums do feature extremely AC/DC touched compositions, especially on the debut the guys overdid it and heavily reminded of the similar copycats Rusty Nail. "Down 'n' dirty", though with heavy AC/DC edge as well, at least presented them with a bit more common style Hard Rock, offering even a few sleazy hints, as well as a cover version of "Balls to the wall". The band due to their live presence could sell a number of copies and continued recording albums during the whole 90's. For fans of the classic AC/DC sound their 2 LP's are always worth a try.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for additioal info)

Check out Powerage's Homepage

”Too much for your brain!” LP 1985 (selfreleased)
"God save Rock'n'Roll" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Down 'n' dirty" LP/CD 1991 (ZMP)

Michael Keuter (vocals)
Michael Weikath (guitar)
Andreas Glummert (bass)
Powerfool was a Hard Rock or Heavy Metal band from Hamburg, that featured Michael Weikath on guitars, who later would become famous with the band Helloween. Weikath left Powerfool in 1982 to join Kai Hansen's band Ironfist, that would later get renamed to Helloween in 1983. Some other Powerfool members like Michael Keuter (ex-Sunburst) and Andreas Glummert would subsequently form the Hard Rock band Yetih in the mid 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Rolf Druschel (vocals)
Stephan Flöther (guitar)
Biff Malibu (bass)
Caddy Rever (drums)
An old Essen based Heavy Metal act, that was founded already in 1984 and also recorded it's first 4 track Demo during that year. In summer '88, after Wise Man's split, their vocalist Werner Büscher (vocals, guitar) joined Preacher and besides the original drummer Caddy Rever also Mick Galle (guitar) and Ron Legel (bass) was members of the band, which already split up during the next year 1989, while Büscher subsequently formed Black Rose right afterwards. 2013 some former members reactivated Preacher though, who are active still nowadays.

"Demo I" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)

Preachers, The
Joachim Klauenberg (vocals)
Willi Hieb (bass)
Herbert Langhans (guitar)
Alex Wetzler (guitar)
Viktor Bader (keyboard)
Waldemar Schock (drums)
A White Metal band that should come from the Frankfurt/Main corner I guess and released thankfully just one album on the indie label Alles Records back in 1991. Musically the material is pretty much unspectacular Heavy Rock with quite bad vocals that reach it's zenith during the acoustic parts on songs like "Win over my heart", when Klauenberg sounds like a weeping white rabbit. Even musically the songwriting skills wasn't much developed at all. A few songs are listenable nevertheless, but you can count those on 3 fingers...

Pretty In Pink
Harry Cocetti (bass)
A Glam Metal act from the Munich area, that was active during at least 1987/88 and featured the former Stranger/Sacrifice/Meanstreak bassist Harry Cocetti, who joined Munich's own Loud & Proud during late '88. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jack Stein (vocals)
Simon De Brouier (guitar)
Jörg Powileit (guitar)
Robert Hanke (bass)
Lutz Brauer (drums)

Originally the members of the early 1989 founded Preussen played already together for several years, till everyone of them joined other Berlin acts like V2 (Simon De Brouier, Robert Hanke) or S.A.D.O. (Jörg Powileit, Simon De Brouier). Lutz Brauer and Jörg Powileit in the early 80's was both members of the ex-GDR band Regenbogen, before they left the country and went to West Berlin. When Powileit, De Brouier and Hanke left their former bands, they decided to try again from zero and started the project Preussen. The guys themselves claimed to play somewhere between Maiden and Dio, while living witnesses who saw them live on stage confirmed serious commercial influences being part of their style as well. Not sure if they ever recorded something officially, but further info is welcome.

Uwe Ertelt (vocals)
Peter Franke (guitar)
Frank Becker (bass)
Jörg Dmoch (keyboard)
Greg Ruhl (drums)
Pride was a Melodic Metal band from Dortmund, that featured the former Chronos singer Uwe Ertelt and published a 2 track 12" on an indie label (probably their own) in 1990. "Ruins of broken hearts" and "Fallin' in love" both feature pretty good, not extremely heavy but melodic Metal with keyboards in the background. The only thing that might leave a bad aftertaste was Ertelt's voice. Not that he completely failed to do his job, but his voice was questionable for that kind of Metal imo. Nevertheless, a nice addition to each underground German Metal collection, as these guys knew how to play their instruments.

A melodic Hard Rock band originating from east of Stuttgart, which was featured with the songs "Without you", "Sun in my life", "Pay with love" and "Only I know" on a local compilation CD in 1992. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Wastelands - Der Ostalbsampler" Comp.-CD Tracks 1992 (Wasteland Music)

Prime Mover
A Hard Rock band from the Stuttgart area, that has been active during the early 90's and was playing live gigs there in the area. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Thomas Horst (vocals)
Alexander Beyrodt (guitar)
Klaus Weber (guitar)
Nico Boutris (bass)
Roland Görgen (drums)
A commercial Metal act from the Saarbrücken area, featuring half of the ex-Wild Axes crew, plus Roland Görgen of Boomerang and Nico Boutris of Hunter. The band was formed around mid/late '87 and recorded their "Runaway" Demo in early '88, that gained them huge interest by several labels, which in the end led to nothing at all. The sound of Princess was a melodic Heavy Rock comparable to a cross of the Scorpions, Ratt, Dokken and Van Halen. Summer '88 Allan Keen (ex-Boys Roxx) replaced vocalist Thomas Horst and Astor inherited Görgens' drumsticks. Due to the interest of a big record company the Princess guys recorded another Demo in August that should decide about both sides possible future collaboration. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Runaway" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Jürgen Matkowitz (guitar, vocals)
Frank Czerny (bass)
Reinhard Mihatsch (drums)
Jürgen Matkovitz after leaving the Uve-Schikora-Combo in the early 70's teamed up with his ex-bandmate Reinhard Mihatsch and formed his own band Prinzip in 1973 in East Berlin (ex-GDR), which was predestined right from the start to indulge the heavy side of Rock. Frank Czerny became their bassplayer and the lads started writing own songs and covered classics of Steppenwolf or Golden Earring, till the ex-GDR's most important record company Amiga produced a first 7" with the guys entitled "Beschwerde" in 1975. Reinhard Mihatsch in the following year left the republic and went to West Berlin, while Klaus Scharfschwerdt replaced him. 1977 they added keyboarder Rainer Kirchmann and with the line up Scharfschwerdt, Matkovitz, Kirchmann and Czerny their first album "Feuer-Rock" was ready in 1978, featuring a mix of AOR, Rock and Hard'n'Heavy Rock songs, with f.e. the title track or "Sieben Meter Seidenband", that could well hold up early NWOBHM bands standards as well, delivering twin leads like they'd hail from the british isle. Klaus Scharfschwerdt 1979 joined the Puhdys who was searching for a new drummer and he became one of the GDR's most famous drummers in the following years. His place in Prinzip covered Bernd Haucke and the second album "Der Steher" appeared 1980, that was crammed with more Hard Rock, led by the heavy incredible epic Prog/Hard Rock hymn "Sonnensage". Rainer Kirchmann left Prinzip after the album was released and went to Berlin Pop/Rockers Pankow. He wasn't replaced, but the ex-Regenbogen vocalist Ralf Bursy was recruited to the play guitar and handle the vocals. 2 singles with him was produced in 1981 and '82, before 1983 the 3rd Prinzip LP "Wir reiten mit dem Sturm" was published, with new bassist Bodo Huth. The band's sound became more modern and featured beside a very few Hard Rock songs, mainly rocking and either bluesy old AC/DC influenced stuff with even a few punky hints. After the album there came a long silence, probably the guys stepped on any official's necktie. "Phönix", their last album, was available 1988 with a completely different band and sound. Bursy already had left in 1986 to start a successful solo career as Pop/Rock artist and also Bernd Haucke as well as Bodo Huth wasn't in the band anymore and got replaced by first Ingo Politz (1986, drums) and eventually by Michael Hoffmann (drums), while bassist Uwe Geisler joined 1988. Bursy's part took Wolfgang Franke, whom they already recorded an single with ("Halt mich fest") in 1987, that featured a non album track on the flipside, which I remember that it got airplay on the national radio stations, while the 7" itself was only released in the Soviet Union, and marks the band's most rare release nowadays. The title track of that single also appeared on the "Phönix" album, which featured several more of equal Heavyrockers ala Berluc or Babylon, with in places either old Bon Jovi touch, that nowadays is called AOR I guess. With the political change Prinzip's star started sinking as well and Franke left to get replaced by Michael Barakowski for a last try in 1990. But Matkowitz disbanded Prinzip the same year and moved to Moscow where he produced russian Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands at his own studio. One interesting fact, Jürgen Matkowitz either had his own studio in the GDR too and produced several Hard Rock/Metal bands. Since he wasn't a friend of recording drums in the studio, the bands (like Biest, Splitt, Babylon) had to send him their songs before the recording session would start and he programmed the drums on his drum machine. You can easily find out who recorded at his studio, by just listening to the plastic drum sound like it's heard on the "Phönix" album as well. Please note, there are tons of Prinzip singles being pressed in the early years and either the band was featured on countless compilations. We only feature their regular discography here.
"Beschwerde" 7" EP 1975 (Amiga)
"Feuer-Rock" LP 1978 (Amiga)
"Supernummer" 7" EP 1978 (Amiga)
"Wir werden immer mehr" Split 7" EP 1978 (with Karat, Amiga)
"Charlie gute Nacht" 7" EP 1978 (Amiga)
"Sonnensage" 7" EP 1979 (Amiga)
"Der Steher" LP 1980 (Amiga)
"Hallo, Mary-Lou" 7" EP 1981 (Amiga)
"Hallo, Mary-Lou" Comp.-LP Track 1981 (Rock Bilanz 1981)
"He, Girl" 7" EP 1982 (Amiga)
"Kommt alle her" Comp.-LP Track 1982 (Rock für den Frieden)
"He, girl" Comp.-LP Track 1982 (Rock Bilanz 1982)
"Wir reiten mit dem Sturm" LP 1983 (Amiga)
"Wir reiten mit dem Sturm" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rock Bilanz 1983)
"Halt mich fest" 7"EP 1987 (Melodija)
"Phönix" LP 1988 (Amiga)
"Phönix" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Rock Bilanz 1988)

Broadcast Recordings:
"Jeden Tag, jede Nacht" (1986)
"Flieg flieg Engel" (1989)

Kerstin Radtke (vocals)
Thomas Feiler (guitar)
Jens Hellmann (bass)
Karl-Heinz Schüller (keyboard)
Gerrit Pennsler (drums)
The band Prinzz was founded late 1982 in Erfurt (ex-GDR) by manager Lutz Mielke who tried to cast a new Pop band. Jens Hellmann (bass), Thomas Feiler (guitar), Kerstin Radtke (vocals), Karl-Heinz Schüller (keyboard) and Gerrit Pennsler (drums) built the first line up at that time. During their early years they also could place a few songs on several compilations till 1985 Thomas Feiler due to health problems had to pause for about a year. When he returned in late 1986, the core of the band decided to play heavier music. Since his former band Macbeth during that time just got prohibited, the drummer Frank Viehbach agreed to join Prinzz as well, so the line up featured Kerstin Radtke (vocals), Thomas Feiler (guitar), Jens Hellmann (bass) and Frank Viehbach (drums). After a short phase that the band spent with covering Mötley Crüe and Van Halen songs at gigs, they started writing own songs like "Es treibt mich die Gier", "Leichte Beute", "Die Titanic sinkt", and could record some songs for the national broadcast service like the Speed Metal hammer "Tarantella" (german version) and the instrumental "EL 34". More and more Prinzz' style got heavier and 1988 their repertoire contained Metallica, Helloween and Anthrax cover versions as well, while the band saw it as neccessary to change the band's name to Blitzz, to avoid confusions with the pop star Prince. A live broadcast of the band during a festival in Berlin 1988 was noticed by Gama Records who got interested to release an album of Blitzz. While the band either was trying to sing only in english and that's been one of the requirements of Gama's offer, the GDR officials agreed and Blitzz recorded their "Money rules the world" album during 1989. After the recordings was finally finished in late '89, Gama wanted the album to be remastered, which caused the GDR officials to ask for more money and that's been the end of the cooperation of both part companies. To defend Gama, indeed the album mix wasn't much compatible for the western market at all, though the album featured a few speedy Power Metal pearls like "Tarantella" or "Lucifer". During the days of the political renewal inside the GDR, Blitzz became friends with Holy Moses and shared the stage together, so it happened when Holy Moses was recording one of their albums at the Horus Sound studio in Hannover, Blitzz had been invited to visit them, which in the end led to Steamhammer signing the band. In April '90 their "Do the Blitz" mini album was recorded at the same Horus Sound studio where they got introduced to Steamhammer. The album featured re-recorded songs of the unreleased album btw, this time with the "correct sound" and sold more than 10000 copies in the western part of Germany and the world, while inside GDR the demand had been "manageable". During 1991 after hiring Kai Tenneberg as second guitarist, the band paused for a while due to the new situation inside the country. They recorded their "Dive" Demo 1992, which was originally meant for their record company as Demo for the "Do the Blitz" follow up album. But instead Steamhammer released them of their running contract and fired the band. Though they still got offers by smaller labels, they declined every single one of them and eventually understandable frustrated called it a day in 1994. The unreleased album was finally released on the label German Democratic Recordings in 2013 under the title "Tarantella" on CD.
Please note, none of Prinzz' songs recorded before 1986/87, was connected with Hard Rock or Heavy Metal at all.

"Ich wart auf dich" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Auf dem Wege 3)
"Kleeblatt № 11 - Junge Rockbands" Split LP 1984 (Amiga)
"Die Titanic sinkt" Demo Track 1987
"Kill" Demo Track 1987

Broadcast Recordings:
"Es treibt mich die Gier" (1987)
"Leichte Beute" (1987)
"Tarantella" (german version, 1987)
"EL 34" (1987)

Carlos Ferrer (vocals)
Manfred Schöttker

One more Prisoner act, this time originating from Bremen. These guys sold their souls to the melodic sort of Hard Rock, that bands like White Lion, Bon Jovi or the Pretty Maids was performing successfully during the late 80's. A 6 track Demo was recorded in 1988, featuring that typical american style Party Metal/Hard Rock stuff, while some bigger german mags confirmed Prisoner a certain level of musical niveau. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Just a very recent discovery that was never seen before, marks the obscure selfreleased 7" of a band called Prisoner. I can't say where they hailed from, the labels, except of 3 names, reveal nothing and it seems the single was released without PS either. Musically the band offers typical mid 80's metallic Hard Rock with british touch, like f.e. if AC/DC would decide to play Heavy Metal. The riff of the B-side instrumental "Speed limit" reminds me slightly of Budgie's "Breadfan", though the song develops into a different direction, by adding Prog Rock similar influences due to an atmospheric keyboard part, that also the A-side already featured in the second part of the song.
"Ride for a fall" 7" EP 198x (selfreleased)

Prisoner (Gummersbach)
Stefan Gabel (vocals, guitar)
Harry Rothe (guitar)
Jörg Köster (bass)
Frank Kötter (drums)
The band Prisoner from Gummersbach exists since 1982 but due to the army services that the members had to pass it took a while till this quartet could fully keep the band going. In 1987 they recorded their only Demo "Don't think that's all" and the title track was featured on the Break Out sampler too. Though Prisoner saw themselves Iron Maiden influenced, the band's style was midpaced powerful Heavy Metal, reminding slightly to rather french bands (like High Power) than german ones and was well worth at this stage for an album release.
"Don't think that's all" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Don't think that's all" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Break Out)

Hilmar Hammer (guitar, vocals)
Norbert Liese (bass, vocals)
Tino Mattiucci (drums, vocals)
The roots of "The Prisoners" as this band from Kassel originally was founded and still nowadays is active as, go back to the incredible year of 1964. Though for this database not of interest, due it was kinda a bit too early, but their first effort was a privately released early Kraut Rock 7" called "Bride of devil" from 1974. The more interesting release for Hard Rock fans might be their second 7" "Long-legged woman" from 1979, that was released under the monicker of just "Prisoners". Like the first EP a privately pressed vinyl either, but that one features typical late 70's Hard Rock with strong Boogie and Kraut Rock edge. As mentioned before, this band is still active and playing live gigs.

"Bride of devil" 7" EP 1974 (selfreleased)
”Long-legged woman” 7” EP 1979 (selfreleased)

Oliver Weers (vocals)
Peter Keller (guitar)
Marcel Nwaneri (bass)
Colly Nwaneri (keyboard)
Marc-Andre Haun (drums)
A Metal band from Bielefeld that was featured with the track "It's for you" on the local Bielefeld sampler "Down to the top" in 1989. Their song starts pretty crappy with clean sung intro, but develops into a top notch Power Metal hymn with dark keyboards in the background, just like korean Dionysus or US american band Jinxx on "Dreams never die" from the "Metal Meltdown II" sampler. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"It's for you" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Down to the top - Rockmusik aus Bielefeld)

A band with minimal info known yet. They released a Demo with the title "Hot to shot '88" and was featured at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival in summer 1989, where ear witnesses confirmed the guys a sound similar to Pink Cream 69's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Hot to shot '88" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)


A Heavy Metal band from the wider Flensburg/Neumünster area, that was active during 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Klaus Fallert (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Karls (guitar)
Robert Dietz (bass, vocals)
Peter Milewski (drums)
An obscure local Hard Rock outfit from Weil am Rhein, who pressed their only album in a limited edition of only 78 copies as rumors do say, so you can imagine that their vinyl belongs to the treasures of german Hard Rock history. And that's exactly where these guys belong to. Though Prom's style was heavily Blues influenced, these lads had an ultra heavy sound with distorted guitars and everything that belongs to a classic 70's Hard Rock sound. Sometimes the band reminds of Lake Placid and Black Sabbath, whenalso they are completely different sounding. According to the sound of the recording it seems the Prom guys recorded the album material live (in a studio, rehearsal room or even at a live gig) and maybe thats why the songs got that heavy edge. What happend to them can't be retraced anymore, would be surprised if the band has seen the year 1980 at all. The album got re-released on CD in 1999 on the label Garden of Delights and therefore it's accessable for everyone now.

"Fooled again" LP 1978 (New Blood)

Promise, The
A mysterious band from Hamburg that released at least one respectable Demo tape. The tape features 6 songs that all belong to the upperclass melodic Hard Rock section, with influences of Van Halen, Europe, Ozzy, Dio etc. The band used keybards as an equal instrument but the symbiosis of keyboards and these pretty heavy guitars worked fantastic. We are talking of above standard material here with vocals ala David Coverdale. Some of the trax with professional production could have been international hits. I feel slightly reminded of a similar german band, Skyscraper. The contact adress mentions an Ute Philipp, but sadly the Demo didn't even come with a real booklet. Since the band was seen playing several live shows during spring/summer '89, the tape most probably was recorded during the last third of the 80's decade also.
”The Promise” Demo 198? (selfreleased)

Stefan Kaiser (vocals)
Michael Sebastian (guitar)
Andreas Körber (guitar)
Bernd Janßen (bass)
Armin Vitjen (drums)
The band Prophet from Bremen was founded late '87 or early '88 by ex-Sweet Cheater and Invader axeman Michael Sebastian after Invader called it a day. According to the band's own info, Prophet was celebrating a melodic sort of heavy Progressive Metal and either Demo recordings was scheduled for March/April '88, while in April the band already announced to have just changed their name to Final Prophecy, due to judicial issues. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Hansi Müller (guitar)
Michael Hasse (drums, vocals)
Michael Schnabel (bass)
After the shortlived Death Attack disbanded in 1986, their drummer Michael Hasse formed Protector in Wolfburg together with guitarist Hansi Müller and Michael Schnabel on the bass guitar. A first 2 track Demo entitled "Protector of death" pretty much revealed the brutality that these lads was able to summon and gained them a record deal with Atom H. In the meanwhile 1987 another rehearsal tape was spread introducing Eduard Belichmeier on bass and new vocalist Martin Missy (ex-Spitfire/Golgotha/Inzest), who would mark the band's later sound with his raw vocal style. Protector's style was close to Kreator's "Pleasure to kill" but with probably an extra shovel brutality, becoming the most brutal sounding german signed act with their debut "Misanthropy", that was available in September '87. October '88 Protector's fullenght album "Golem" was published and their earlier sound without compromises had slightly changed towards early Death Metal tunes, though the basic concept was still Thrash based, but the midpaced parts had grown also and nothing had changed either soundwise on the "Urm the mad" album, that was released exactly 1 year later, in October '89, letting the band moving closer to the growing Death Metal movement than ever and adopting several doomy influences. Since Martin Missy jobwise couldn't always support the band during live gigs, he got often substituted by Oliver Wiebel (ex-Heritage) at live shows, till in 1990 Wiebel fully took his place in the band and recorded the "Leviathan's desire" EP with the guys. When Hansi Müller quit, Oliver Wiebel also was responsible for the guitars on their 3rd album "A shedding of skin" that was recorded at the Music Lab in Berlin, produced by Harris Johns. Soundwise Protector had returned to their early Thrash roots and delivered very complex Death/Thrash in the vein of acts like Pestilence. After a tour with D.V.C and No Return in Spring '92, Hasse and Belichmeier both was replaced by Marco Pape (drums) and Matthias Grün (bass), who would appear on Protector's last album "The heritage" from 1993, that like "A shedding of skin" previously, would subsequently deliver hard thrashing Death Metal, but already in 1994 most of the guys called it a day and alone Marco Pape tried to keep Protector going with several changing members till 2003. 2011 ex-vocalist Martin Missy, who was living in Sweden at that time, revived Protector and keep it alive till nowadays.
An old PROTECTOR interview can be found in the interviews-section of the archived version of the old
"Protector of death" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Kain and Abel" Reh/Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Live in Braunschweig" Live Tape 1987 (selfreleased)
"Misanthropy" MLP 1987 (Atom H)
"Live in München" Live Tape 1987 (selfreleased)
"Live in Wolfsburg" Live Tape 1988 (selfreleased)
"Golem" LP/CD 1988 (Atom H)
"Live in Bad Wörrishofen" Live Tape 1989 (selfreleased)
"Urm the mad" LP/CD 1989 (Atom H)
"Leviathan's desire" MLP/MCD 1990 (Atom H)
"A shedding of skin" LP/CD 1991 (C&C)
"The heritage" CD 1993 (C&C)

Proton Pseudos
Rainer Fechti (vocals)
Thomas Schwab (guitar, bass)
Michael Schwab (drums)

The Proton Pseudos from Eisenbach, north of Zürich, was a Techno Thrash band, related with Dissident Aggressor, as Michael Schwab was playing in both bands at that time. Their first Demo "Blowing into..." from May '89 features the 2 songs "Sails of death" and "Hypnos", while especially the latter shows some strong similarities to early Watchtower. Musically "Sails of death" got a strong groundwork and offers more classic Thrash sound than the instrumental "Hypnos", but the "vocals" of Rainer Fechti simply shred this track. That's most probably why Dissident Aggressor's Alexander Modispacher sung on the second Demo "Cries", that the lads recorded in October '90 with slightly moderate Power/Thrash style, but still highly progressive, though Modispacher's voice needs getting used to also. More or less their sound reminds of bit of eastgerman Techno Thrashers Defcon. You can find both Proton Pseudos Demo's here
(Thanx to rumblefist for the hint)
"Blowing into..." Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Cries" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Ritchie Wilhelm (vocals, guitar)
Knut Peters (guitar)
Joe Trageser (bass)
Jerry Müller (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Frankfurt/Main with german sung vocals that was featured with the track "Evolution" on a local compilation and was similar sounding like the other Hard Rock band Phalanx featured on that LP. Like Phalanx it's good uptempo Hard Rock with itchy guitar sound and Heavy Metal solo. Obscure act that was active since 1981. They later changed name to Seven X.
"Evolution" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Rockactive 84)

A local band from the Munich area (most probably), that was actively playing live during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Lars Fischer (vocals, guitar)
Jens Fischer (vocals, guitar)
Frank Jürgens (bass)
Frank Barth (drums)
A Wiesmoor based Heavy Metal band active since the mid 80's that due to a name change in 1988 became Champagne. 1990 when they found out that there's another Champagne band around, they expanded name to Wild Champagne. Frank Jürgens also played from '87-'88 in a band called Lovehunter either. After the name change, that caused a stylistical change as well, they recorded a first Demo "Password paradise" 1991 and got picked up by West Virginia Records who produced their first CD "From now for ever" in 1992. When West Virginia went bankrupt Rockwerk Records released the second album "Wipe off your tears" the next year and both albums stylistically are the same brew, mixing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with glammy influences but still keeping the "german touch". The band also released more albums till 2018 when they disbanded. There was no recordings done as Prowler.

Frank Schütte (vocals)
Oliver Saul (guitar)
Marcus Brinkmann (bass)
Andreas Schütte (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Nordenham, near Bremerhaven, that was active during the first half of the 90's and started around 1989/90 as a fourpiece, most probably initiated by Schütte brothers. During May '91 a first Demo was recorded, including 4 melodic Hard Rock songs in typical american manner, comparable with the Victory stuff. Right the next year another 4 track Promo tape got spread, before the band went with a new line up, featuring now Frank Schütte (vocals), Oliver Saul (guitar), Mick Müller (guitar), Andreas Ribniger (bass) and Michael Ehre on drums, to record their debut album "Kick 'n' rush" for the indie label Globe Records in 1993. Pryer's sound got slightly heavier on this one, but still having the typical late 80's US american influences. The band dissolved during 1996 and Frank Schütte joined Murder One.

”Pryer” Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Promo-Tape '92" Promo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Kick 'n' rush" Promo 1993
"Kick 'n rush" CD 1993 (Globe)

Cybele De Silveira (vocals)
Mathes S.A.M. (vocals)
Tobias Schlepper (bass)
Jörg Wabnitz (guitar)
Stephan Grohe (drums)
A Crossover band from Frankfurt/Main that was combining Punk/HC and different Metal genres (Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal etc.) and this way created a quite unbearable strange sounding brew, that's was just made for the pretty tough guys. The lads featured 2 vocalists, one male and one female. If anyone is into that kind of Punk Metal, feel free to check out their releases.

"Pullermann" ‎7" EP 1989 (Angry Mob)
"I've got my role to play" 7" EP 1989 (RPN)
"Pullerfrau" LP/CD 1990 (RPN)
"Your Choice Live Series" LP 1990 (Your Choice)
"Giants" LP/CD 1993 (RPN)

Purulent Obduction
Tino Röder (gitarre)
Andreas Schwach (bass, drums, vocals)
Tino Mothes (gitarre, drums, vocals)
A Schneeberg/Saxony (ex-GDR) based Death Metal trio that kinda evolved from the ashes of the Grindcore band Bloodbrain when guitarist Tino Röder (ex-Septic Terror) joined both Bloodbrain guys Tino Mothes and Andreas Schwach in the fall of 1990. They changed name to Purulent Obduction and started playing a doomy sort of Death Metal with deep grunts influenced by bands such as Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Asphyx or Obituary. The lads rehearsed together with the band BÖLK in the famous Tanztreffpunkt Aue club (all Metalheads from Erzgebirge region met there) till it got closed in early 1991. 2 Demos was recorded plus 1 live tape that was cut at one of their 3 live gigs that they played in 1991 (with f.e. BÖLK and Civil War) and those Demos was spead only locally to friends of the band. In early 1993 the name was changed to Demoniac and a second vocalist (Mirko Schmat) was added after summer the same year, when they stylistically went into a more Black/Death Metal direction before the band did split into 2 other bands in early 1994. Andreas Schwach and Tino Röder formed Andras while Tino Mothes and Mirko Schmat changed the band's name to Moonblood. Schwach would later form the band T.H.O.R. and also had a side project called Arkham going till 2019. Tino Mothes formed his own Viking Metal project Nachtfalke in around 1998.
"Rotting corpse" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Live in Unterheinsdorf 1991" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Addictive" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

A local band from the Munich area (most probably), that was actively playing live during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Pussy Lover
Harald Ernst Vogt (vocals)
A Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Munich that released a privately pressed 7" in 1989, wrapped in a 10" sleeve. Ritchie Newton (aka Ritchie V. or Harald Ernst Vogt as his real name was) did the vocals on both songs. If you got more info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for the additional info)

"Rainbow in your eyes" 7" EP 1989 (selfreleased)

Putrefaction was an obscure Death Metal band from the wider local Wolfsburg area, that was active during the early 90's and performed live on stage at the Death-Thrash Underground Festival February '91 in Wolfsburg. Further info id needed.

Tim Eiermann (guitar, vocals)
Joe Pröll (bass)
Pit Muley (drums)
Pyogenesis previously was active since 1989 as Immortal Hate founded by Tim Eiermann (guitar, vocals), Joe Pröll (bass) and Schlanzer (drums) in Neckarbischofsheim and even recorded a Demo under that name before they changed name to Pyogenesis in 1991 and released the tape "Ode to the churning seas of Nar-Mataru", that still today belongs to the best german Death Metal Demos of all times. They created their own style of occult doomy Death Metal with deeply grunted vocals that stands out from the rest. After the tape was realeased, Flo Schwarz joined on second guitar and they recorded a first vinyl 7" "Sacrificous profanity" for the colombian label Symphonies of Death. Mephitic Productions produced another 7" with 2 tracks of the first Demo before the band got picked up by Osmose Productions to release their debut "Pyogenesis" (also known as "Ignis Creatio"). They changed style a bit, though the basic style still was doomy Death Metal but they also added some rather avantgarde influences like Paradise Lost already did with their famous album "Gothic" in form of female voices.That mini album opened several doors for them and belongs to the classics of the blackened Avantgarde Death Metal in Germany. Unfortunately Pyogenesis still developed that enhancement to the maximum and completely turned their backs to Death Metal in general with the coming albums, playing Alternative Rock in the end.
"Ode to the churning seas of Nar-Mataru" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Sacrificious profanity" 7" EP 1992 (Symphonies of Death)
"Rise of the unholy" 7" EP 1992 (Mephitic)
"Pyogenesis" MLP/MCD 1992 (Osmose)

Rolf Koch (bass)
Dirk Pützfeld (vocals)
Elmar Gehenzig (drums)
Sven Fischer (guitar)
Dennis Vaupel (guitar)
Pyracanda was a Thrash Metal act from Koblenz that formed in 1987 with ex-Dark Satan Rolf Koch, Dirk Pützfeld, Elmar Gehenzig, Sven Fischer and Dennis Vaupel, who recorded the band's only Demo tape "Welcome to the Crab-Louse-City" in 1988. Dieter Wittbecker (bass) and Hansi Nefen (vox) replaced Koch and Pützfeld right after the Demo, that caught interest of No Remorse Records. "Two sides of a coin" was available in 1990 and features refreshing technical Thrash with melodic tendencies and could be stylistically labeled as a cross of Testament, Paradox and Toranaga. The next 2 years till the follow up album "Thorns" in 1992, the band's style slightly changed towards these melodic Thrash hints of the debut and the lads dived more into that kind of Power/Thrash sound with similarities to Metal Church, without denying their early Thrash roots at all. But still in 1992 the band changed name to Ilex, when Elmar Gehenzig and Sven Fischer left. The latter joined Rage still in the same year.

"Welcome to the Crab-Louse-City" Demo 1988 (selfrelease)
"Two sides of a coin" LP/CD 1990 (No Remorse)
"Thorns" LP/CD 1992 (Aaarrg)

Most probably a Speed/Thrash Metal band from the Ruhrpott area (Essen/Wattenscheid/Bochum/Dortmund/Duisburg), that was actively playing live gigs during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

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