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J.D. Rouge
Quite an unknown band from North-Rhine Westphalia I guess, with an either unknown white vinyl 7" released on Miracle Records 1991. Both of the trax ("Visitor" & "Heat of the night") do fully integrate in the late 80's Melodic Metal movement, using a similar US influenced melodic Hard Rock sound and style like bands such as Javan or Vera Cruz. Pretty much the cherry on the cake ... if you got more info, please get in touch.

"J.D. Rouge" 7" EP 1991 (Miracle)

J.R. Blackmore Group
Michael Bormann (vocals)
Jürgen Blackmore (guitar)
Malte Rathke (keyboard)

A local Hamburg Hard Rock/Metal band that got initiated by Ritchie Blackmore's son Jürgen during 1987, after he disbanded his former band Straight. The band was also known as J.R. Blackmore's Superstition. Michael Bormann (ex-Bonfire/Jaded Heart) joined the band late 1990, who eventually got renamed to J.R. Blackmore Group and recorded 1990 the album "Still holding on", that was published independently, featuring a very catchy sort of american melodic Hard Rock in the vein of heavier Heart and especially coz of Bormann's voice reminded alot of Bon Jovi (but heavier of corpse). Blackmore fed up with the music business disbanded the band in 1994.
"Still holding on" CD 1990 (Antares)
"Never too late" MCD 1990 (Antares)

A band that was most probably originating from the greater Siegen area and played live at least during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jack of Swords
Race (vocals)
Jim (guitar)
Steve (guitar)
Gundy (bass)
Hammer (drums)
A Heavy Metal band originating from Erbach in the middle of nowhere between Koblenz and Wiesbaden, who recorded a late mini album for the local Wasteland Music label in 1993. Despite a very few certain modern groovy parts, Jack of Swords mainly performed a sort of Heavy Metal that clearly was leaning on the classic 80's sound, with either a few Accept-ish hints, as well as robust Power Metal influences nevertheless. The minor problems in the vocal department can't seriously disturb the main impression that the band left, whenalso the whole recording offers more like a Demo character, but for some of you that fact might be especially a reason to keep your eyes open. Unfortunately the CD was most probably just spread locally back in the day and nowadays is a bitch to find (and pay). If you got more info, you know where to write to...

”Jack of Swords" MCD 1993 (Wasteland Music)

Jack's Hammer
Olaf Senkbeil (vocals)
Clem Randale (guitar)
Ralf Willenbrock (guitar)
Ingo Wittneben (bass)
Kai-Uwe Richter (drums)
From Buchholz, south of Hamburg, the Hard Rock band Jack's Hammer was originating from and provided their area with a metallic Hard Rock sound, that stylistically was surely influenced slightly by the late 80's AC/DC, but sounded more like one of these LA bands, without having their Glam attitude at all. The band's musical range included R'n'R influenced Hard Rock as well as glammy softer Street Metal tunes, that's perfectly made for the Party Metal/Hard Rock faction. After their first Demo "Leather & chrome" 1992 the guys released their debut CD "Private party" right during the next year and eventually disappeared after the "Eat it raw" (1995) and "Last but not least" (1996) albums.

”Leather & chrome” Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Private party" CD 1993 (Mingo Music)

Jack, The
A Hard Rock band from Norden, north of Emden (Ostfriesland), that was active around 1989/90. Further info required.

Wolfgang Jass (vocals)
Karl Allaut (guitar)
Lothar Meid (bass)
Bertram Passmann (drums)
We are aware that usually the band Jackboot due to their early phase of existence doesn't belong into this guide, coz the lads had recorded their only album "Angel" a little bit too early during 1976. BUT seriously to justify leaving out a band like them in a Hard Rock guide would weight much heavier. The band was just shortlived, formed around 1975/76 and probably already split up right after the album release since either guitarist Karl Allaut (Gebrüder Engel) was just hired as session musician. Lothar Meid was previously playing with Motherhood/18 Karat Gold and Amon Düll II, Bertram Passmann was ex-Gebrüder Engel, while Wolfgang Jass came from Love & Tears. Surprisingly their album was released on Germany's Schlagerfuzzy No. 1 Ralf Siegel's label Jupiter Records, which sounds almost surreal since Jackboot's material hits directly into the classic Hard Rock notch. The lads acted in places somewhat heavy, that we think it's our by higher powers ordered duty to introduce Jackboot here. Imagine Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple would share musicians to create an album that merges influences of all of these groups and then you'll get an impression of how Jackboot sounded like. The album was re-released 1977 in the UK on Response Records with different cover (picture # 3 down below). For testing purposes try the incredible heavy and epic sounding Hardrocker "Remember (Walking in the sand)". Bertram Passmann and Karl Allaut later joined Udo Lindenberg's background group, the so called Panikorchester.

"Angel" LP 1976 (Jupiter)
"Remember (Walking in the sand)" 7" EP 1976 (Jupiter)
"Call the circus/Remember" 12" EP 1977 (Response)

Jackie Wulf
Jackie Wulf (vocals)
Michael Scheuerle (bass, keyboard)
Ralf Spitznagel (guitar)
Mark Hall (drums)
Jackie Wulf from Stuttgart engineered and produced their only album "Metal wings" themselves in 1988. The band should exist since 1986, featuring prominent musicians Ralf Rieth (aka Ralf Spitznagel, ex-Tyran Pace) and Mick Shirley (aka Michael Scheuerle, ex-Sinner/Overkill/Grizzly). Musically quite an acceptable typical late 80's Melodic Metal album with either some pretty catchy compositions, the vocals of Jackie Wulf are marginal and make it a kinda love/hate affair. Not just his voice in places sounds out of tune, either his timing leaves a lot to be desired. Nowadays a seldom seen guest...

Dölli Döll (vocals)
Peter Kah (guitar)
Lothar Kempf (guitar)
Dieter Winter (bass)
Bredl Brettschneider (drums)
Justness is a bitch! Otherwise I can't explain why Jackpot nowadays don't have the status that bands like Accept got. Just like Accept's "Breaker", "Full house", the only album of Jackpot from Frankfurt/Main, was recorded in November '80 and March '81 and could be seen one of the first german real Heavy Metal albums. Together with bands such as the Hamburg Rampage, Loose Connection or Sin City, these lads knew it was time to set their sails with the wind, forward into the future. And like the aforementioned ones, they've been too early for that sake, as the Heavy Metal fanzine and underground scene was simply not existent in that prehistoric age. Led by the rough, fistshaking, Metal yelling "Drowned man", that was storming forward like an iron steamroller to smash the snobbish society, offering similarities to "Close encounters" of The Next Band or late 70's Priest, "Full house" delivered a heavy sound close to Rampage's debut, with NWOBHM influences all along. On the softer, midpaced pounding trax the phenomenal debut's of Snake or Lake Placid comes to my mind, nevertheless, these guys knew how to rock hard, and to combine Heavy Metal with epic Hard Rock. And unlike Accept, who gained success with their antiquated Hard Rock, all the early real trailblazers of german Heavy Metal disappeared silently.

”Full house” LP 1981 (Cain)

Jaded Heart
Peter Frey (vocals)
Frank Meurer (guitar)
Mathias Fuchs (guitar)
Axel Kennig (bass)
Rainer Thorn (drums)
Not to be confused with the post-TAX band from Duisbug, these guys was originating from Mayence. Kennig, Fuchs and Thorn started the band under the monicker of Avalon early 1984, Meurer and Frey completed the troop shortly later and after a few gigs they changed name to Jaded Heart in May '86. Still the same year the band produced a 4 song Demo that featured softer melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, and earned the guys some interest of german labels to produce an album during 1987, which in the end never happened. June '87 Frank Meurer got replaced by Stefan Waitzel. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Invisible fights" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Sandra Heeb (vocals)
Marian Krebs (guitar)
Andre Hientzsch (bass)
Boris Kosse (drums)
A Hannover based Sleaze Metal band, inspired by the classic Hard Rock of the 70's like Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith, that formed in 1988. The band recorded a 3 song Demo during early '89, featuring amongst others the trax "Don't stop the feeling" and "Gotta live it out", picking up the classic US Sleaze 'n Roll like f.e. Guns 'n Roses with female vocals sounding like a cross of Jutta Weinhold and Doro Pesch. They've also been invited to play the 4th Oxmox/Metal Star band contest in Hamburg '89. If you got more info, just get in touch.
"Jailbait" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Klaus Schiele (guitar, vocals)
Ralf Daller (bass)
Steve Hatton (drums)

Jailbait was a band from Augsburg formed in 1980 by Steve Hatton, who played a 70's inspired Hard Rock with influences from AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. Hatton and Schiele then subsequently formed the band Veto in 1982, while during 1985 shortly before the recordings for Veto's debut LP, Steve Hatton left Veto and instead reactivated Jailbreak once again with Heinrich Förster (vocals), Steffen Lerm (guitar), Klaus Bader (bass) and Charles Kohlert (keyboard) to keep the band going till 1986. Herbert Kaiser (bass) also at an uncertain time played in Jailbait. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jarg Steap
Peanut (vocals)
Pink (guitar)
Jokken (guitar)
Rick (bass)
Ritchi (drums)

Jarg Steap was a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Weinberg/Ansbach, west of Nuremberg, which was actively playing live in their area and either released a 4 track Demo during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Metal Rock Live" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Jason & Medea
Joe Ferrand (vocals)
Stanley Neswarba (guitar)
Alex Ehresmann (bass)
Reiner Wölfick (keyboard)
Thomas Wölfick (drums)
A band from Nürnberg, Bavaria, that was founded in 1983 and found the native american born vocalist Joe Ferrand in December 1986, who completed the line up that recorded a professional 6 song Demo in February '87. Jason & Medea's melodic yet commercial Hard Rock sound got compared to bands such as the great Kingdom and according to Metal Hammer info, was of above average quality. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Reinecke (guitar)
Thomas Ebigt (bass, guitar, vocals)
Ralf Striewski (drums)
Christian Keck (keyboard, bass, vocals)
Wolfgang Hagemann (keyboard)
The Hildesheim based band Java is playing with the mentioned line up since November '83 and was feaured with 2 german sung tracks on the local compilation II. Hildesheimer Rocksampler. That was the easy part, to label this band's sound is quite difficult as they mixed AOR/Hard Rock ala Foreigner/Asia with galopping Heavy Metal guitars and even Deutsch Rock influences. The track "Gestern Nacht" is the heavier of both, the other one's being called "Sonne".
"II. Hildesheimer Rocksampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984

Bernd Martin (vocals)
Oliver Schwung (guitar)
K.B. Hard (guitar)
Rainer Herrmann (bass)
T.J. Räth (keyboard)
Winni M. Shap (drums)
A Melodic Metal band from the Düsseldorf area, that started in the mid 80's and just like the ones of Skyscraper, Vamp, Bonfire etc. adopted several commercial US style Hard Rock influences and formed a highly professional sound in the vein of mid 80's Europe or Pretty Maids. After their 6 track Demo in 1989, the lads put hands on their selfproduced album "Somewhere in the night", that was published on their management's own label and features a number of songs that could be considered amongst the best material of the entire german Melodic Metal/Hard Rock scene. Either vocalwise, the lads had been one step ahead of the common bands, Bernd Martin's high pitched screams just rounded their highly recommended album.
"Javan 89" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Somewhere in the night" LP/CD 1991 (Amnesia)

Christoph Wegmann (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Hermannnsen (bass)
Mike Glashörster (drums)
A Punk influenced Hard Rock band from Münster that was founded around 1976. The trio had been schoolfriends who was working for a PA rental company. Influenced by bands of the growing british Punk movement such as The Clash, Sex Pistols and also Thin Lizzy, the guys used to play a few songs for soundcheck purposes at gigs of the company they was working for. There is a weird story connected to this band, that says their boss liked the songs of the band and after they finished school in mid '77 and all went their own ways, leaving the city of Münster, he manufactured a limited single 1978 without permission and knowledge of the guys, that featured two trax that he had recorded during such a soundcheck test. When the ex-drummer of the band came back home to visit his parents, he was told about the single and confronted his ex-boss with it. The latter gave him, after attesting that only 200 copies had been pressed, 25 singles. What speaks against this story is that the backsleeve mentions the contact address of the bass player, who, according to the story above, moved already in 1977 to another city. Nevertheless, musically the lads used to play a slightly Punk inspired Hard Rock with Thin Lizzy hints and either a dose of Southern Rock. Sadly the single nowadays isn't that easy to find anymore, since it was spread just locally back in the day.

"Loser" 7" EP 1978 (Schallwand Musikhandel)

Jay Jay Tull
A fake band from Ingo Nowotny's blacksmith with an absolutely hilarious Hard Rock album, that's playing old german Schlager and Folklore songs in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal manner. Better be happy you don't understand german, at least most of you. ^^

"Revue" LP 1988 (Metal Enterprises)

Ulf Glau (guitar)

Not to be confused with the Dortmund outfit of the same name, that was active at the same time like this Oldenburg version of Jealousy, these lads formed in 1986 and claimed themselves to play "Pure Rock", while guys who've heard them, specify a very Rainbow/Whitesnake related Hard Rock sound, when these still "sounded heavy". In 1987 and 1988 Jealousy additionally recorded 2 Demo tapes, that we sadly don't have any further info of. If you do, please drop us a line.

A Hard 'n' Heavy band from Dortmund, that was active during 1986/87. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Fred Feuerkuchen (vocals)
Schmaddl (guitar)
Mastercock (bass)
Onkel Möh (drums)
A fun Crossover/Thrash Metal fourpiece from Brackel-Tieshope, who published an underproduced 10 track Demo in 1988, that was making fun of bands like Nuclear Assault by in places ripping off songparts of well known bands. Musically the guys was acting somewhere between S.O.D. and Cryptic Slaughter. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Nymphomancy" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Battlestar Galactica" Comp.-MC Track 1989 (Massacre Time Volume I)

Jenzone Pepperone
Peter Götz

A local Crossover/Thrash band from Alsbach-Hähnlein, south of Darmstadt, that was active during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Heavy Metal band from southern Germany (most probably Bavaria), that was playing live gigs during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jesse Hoyah
Dirk Weiss (vocals)
Obey (guitar)
Maurer (bass)
Kanth (drums)
Not so unknowns within the Hamburg scene during the late 80's, the late 1987 formed Jesse Hoyah from Brackel-Thieshope (south of Hamburg) was a notorious live act, known especially for their funny stage shows, that was focussed to ape abit the Thrash acts of their time. The guys called their style Hardcore/Thrash Metal and recorded their debut Reh/Demo with the title "Haribobär massacre" (the title says it all) already the same year (September). The band featured former Bleedfort member Maurer and spend most of their time during the last years of the 80's with playing live. Just in early 1991 the "Grey misery" studio Demo was recorded and the guys could sell quite a number of tapes. Either "Mortality of the gods" and "Don't read the lyrics" from that Demo was used for the local Hamburg compilation "Brown bottles go ape" and furthermore was both featured on the underground compilation tape "Schreie der Angst". "Don't read the lyrics" together with "Day by day" also was used for "Just another Sampler" tape compilation. While in their early days Jesse Hoyah acted a bit more chaotic Thrashcore inspired, on "Grey misery" they perfomed a straight forward Thrash Metal style. As far as it seems the band split up during already 1991, while at least Maurer and Dirk "Dicker" Weiss formed Warpath right afterwards.

"Haribobär massacre" Reh/Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Grey misery" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Brown bottles go ape - Apish Excursion" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Tipsy Apes)
"Schreie der Angst" Comp.-MC Tracks 1991 (Götterwind)
"Just another Sampler" Comp.-MC Tracks 199? (Minimal)

Jester's Palace
Jeff Brück (guitar)
Chris Karawidas (vocals)
Oliver Philipps (guitar)
We're not sure if this band indeed belongs to this database, but these Progressive Rock amateurs were formed in 1984 in Moers. There are 2 songs known from 2 different compilations, but while the "Hart und genau" contribution "Fable of live" clearly is proggy Adult Oriented Rock with Hard Rock edge, the other track of them ("It is") on the "The Beast" 7" (both on CBR Records) is just plain cheesy Rock. The 1987 (or '88?) demo is said to be in the Marillion-vein. Oliver Philipps later joined Everon. If you got info about the band, please get in touch.
"Fable of live" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Hart und genau)
"It is" Comp.-7" EP Track 1987 (The Beast)
"Demo 1987"

Jester’s March
Michael Knoblich (vocals)
Pierre Danielzyk (guitar)
Ingo Brusehaber (guitar)
Martin Hirsch (bass)
Oliver Schütrumpf (drums)
Jester's March was founded in Herne sometime in 1988 by former Darkness axeman Pierre Danielzyk, Martin Hirsch, Oliver Schütrumpf and featured the ex-Scanner vocalist Michael Knoblich. On their debut Demo "Audience to the king" the lads still got help on keyboards by ex-Syntra Uli Köllner who later would join the band permanently. But after the Demo in spring '90 singer Knoblich and guitarist Ingo Brusehaber got fired, who got replaced by Michael Bilic (guitar) and Olaf Bilic (vocals). Both would form the band Jack Of Hearts in 1992. After another 3 track Demo recorded in May '90 with the new line up, Jester's March in the meanwhile got signed by Steamhammer and released their debut "Beyond" in 1991, shortly followed by "Acts", that was recorded without Pierre Danielzyk and Uli Köllner, who had left the group earlier in 1992. With only Michael Bilic being responsible for the axework on "Acts", the album went slightly modern ways, with several groovy parts, though basically their well known proggy Power Metal direction in the vein of Queensryche, that Jester's March performed since the beginning got continued. Olaf Bilic either tried to imitate Geoff Tate vocally, which pretty much made the comparison to the US masters possible. When Schütrumpf either quit in spring 1992, Dominik Sapia joined on drums but the new line didn't work so well, so both Bilic brothers and Martin Hirsch disbanded Jester's March and tried to start from zero early '93 with the band House of Spirits instead.
"Audience to the king" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Beyond" LP/CD 1991 (Steamhammer)
"Acts" LP/CD 1992 (Steamhammer)

Jingo De Lunch
Yvonne Ducksworth(vocals)
Tom Schwoll (guitar)
Josef Ehrensberger (guitar)
Henning Menke (bass)
Steve Hahn (drums)
Jingo De Lunch was a female fronted Hardcore band, fronted by canadian born Yvonne Ducksworth (ex-Combat Not Conform), that was formed in Berlin Kreuzberg April '87 by ex-Manson Youth members. Josef Ehrensberger was previously already playing in Vorkriegsjugend and together with Tom Schwoll also in Zerstörte Jugend during the early 80's. The guys recorded a Demo tape in 1987 and immediately had their debut LP "Perpetuum Mobile" available on We Bite Records just a few months later. The band then constantly published albums on different labels till with "Axe to the grind" they had their big breakthrough and signed a major deal with the Phonogram, to release some more albums on that label, till they eventually disbanded during 1996. Jingo De Lunch are known for their melodic Crossover style with Motörhead influences and speed, that influenced many bands of the genre, sounding similar to german acts like Destination Zero.

"Jingo De Lunch" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Perpetuum Mobile" LP 1987 (We Bite)
"Cursed earth" MLP 1988 (Bonzen)
"Axe to grind" LP/CD 1989 (Hellhound)
"Underdog" LP/CD 1990 (Phonogram)
"4 Tracks from B.Y.E." Promo MCD 1992 (Vertigo)
"B.Y.E" LP/Pic LP/CD 1992 (Phonogram)
"Crawl" MCD 1992 (Phonogram)

Dieter Hoffmann (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Aller (bass)
Dirk Hagena (drums)
A Blues Rock band originating from Essen, that was active since 1972. In summer 1984 the lads with help of Bernd Rosemeier on guitar produced their sole album "Cheers to Rock'n Roll" at Dieter Dirks Studios. Musically the material offered a wide range inside the Rock genre, from Blues Rock and R'n'R to either old AC/DC alike Hard Rock influences all along. Nevertheless, the album isn't much of interest for classic Hard Rock fans and by any means you should listen first, as the R'n'R edge is huge. Summer '89 there was a Demo tape available, featuring 3 studio and 2 live tracks with a similar ZZ Top/Status Quo influenced sound. If you know the title of the Demo, please get in touch.

”Cheers to Rock’n Roll” LP 1984 (VIP)

Jinx (Oldenburg)
Andreas Schulz (vocals, guitar)
Bernd Hollmann (bass)
Klaus Kienast (drums)
Jinx was a Power Metal trio from Oldenburg, that produced a CD at the D&S studio in 1992. Musically acting somewhere in the Running Wild/early 90's Judas Priest corner, their material was oscillating between fast and midpaced stuff, and either experimenting with untypical elements like on "Speed computer controlled". On "Midnight roamer" even parts of modern sounding Accept are gleaming, but sadly the whole mix appears kinda thin, whenalso the lads had been quite experienced on their instruments. There is also a Demo tape floating around, whose title I cannot recall anymore, but as far as I remember it was dating from 1993. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Drive it heavy" CD 1992 (D&S)

Annette Stangenberg (vocals)
Annette Stangenberg, or better known as Joal, was a female vocalist from Hannover who was doing background vocals for a number of bands like Sargant Fury, Letter X, Gamma Ray, Victory or Eloy and got the chance to produce 2 own albums, where she got prominent help by other Hannover musicians like Charlie Huhn, Tommy Newton, Tommy Hansen, Rudi Kaeding etc. There isn't a line up listed of this band, as the guys playing instruments have only been session musicians. The sound of the Joal albums was like expected very american style positioned melodic Hard Rock/AOR, like either Victory performed. In places the production might appear too much polished, that grants the material a slightly poppy touch. Positively to be mentioned has her pretty neat vocal performance, that either made the albums drifting into the Robin Beck corner, with just a heavier edge.

"Joal" LP/CD 1989 (WEA)
"Rock that city" 7"/12" EP 1989 (WEA)
"Who's got the feeling" CD 1993 (WEA)
"I got this feeling" MCD 1993 (WEA)

Jod S-11
Alex Kiritsis
Jürgen Wochnik
Uwe Böttcher
Carsten Köppe
Kurt Kühnpast
Just for reasons of completion I tend to add the band Jod S-11 from Paderborn (or surrounding area) here as well, because their quite unknown single from the mid 80's (I think) features a mix of AOR/Melodic Rock/Hard Rock and Power Pop. It's not so easy to categorize their sound, as pretty much pieces of everything melt together here. The band was female fronted with (good) vocals sung in german, and the guys pretty much scooped the whole spectrum of the above mentioned styles. Both trax for what they did, are quite nice, the semiballad "Endlos" and either the brisky "Karneval" that somehow reminds of the "heavier" early Nena stuff. But Melodic Rock fans won't make any mistake here. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Karneval/Endlos" 7" EP 8?
"Modernes Deutschland" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Paderborn Rock)

Robert Musenbichler (guitar, vocals)
Robert Kohlmeyer (guitar, vocals)
George Liszt (bass, vocals)
Lothar Krell (keyboard)
Jojo (or also JoJo) was an AOR band from Frankfurt/Main, that was founded 1985 by austrian musician Robert Musenbichler after the band Tokyo that he played earlier with, got disbanded. Also former Tokyo keyboarder Lothar Krell was steady member of the band and furthermore many ex-Tokyo musicians helped Musenbichler to record his songs, like Fritz Matzka (drums) and Ken Taylor (bass). Jojo produced 2 early singles during 1985/86 with hit producer Frank Farian (the guy who made Boney M. and Milli Vanilli - urgh!), that simply do not belong into this site's musical content at all, because "Shadows in the night" and "Take a little time" both just featured terrible Dance/Disco Pop. The more interesting debut album "Jojo" was released during 1988 and contained just typical 80's AOR/Melodic Rock with poppy edge, very similar to acts like She's China, Dominoe or Surprises. Curst Dress recorded the drum parts and Ken Taylor played additional bass lines, while Musenbichler, Liszt and Kohlmeyer shared the vocal parts. But after their last single "We scandalize" the band already split up during 1989.
"Shadows in the night" 7"/12" EP 1985 (CBS)
"Take a little time" 7"/12"EP 1986 (CBS)
"Jojo" LP/CD 1988 (Ariola)
"Woman's touch" 7"/12"/MCD 1988 (Ariola)
"Extasy" 7"/12" EP 1988 (Ariola)
"We scandalize" 7"/12" EP 1989 (Teldec)

Jolly Roger
Roland (guitar)
Peter (guitar)
Alfons (vocals)
Willy (drums)
Uli (bass)
Jolly Roger from Olpe/Sauerland are only known to be featured on the local Wildwux Compilation released in 1991. "No easy target" offers fresh Heavy Rock with in places even a few Metal parts. A quite well structured song. If you have more info please get in touch.
”No easy target” Comp. LP Track 1991 (Wildwux Rock Sampler ‘91)

Jon Symon’s Warlock
Jon Symon (vocals)
Charly Maucher (bass)
Detlef Klamann (guitar)
Werner Nadolny (synthesizer)
Peter Panka (drums)
Though I'm not sure if this "band" Warlock (later called Jon Symon's Warlock) was indeed a real band or just a project, we have to add it to the database neverthless because it clearly belongs to the Hard Rock spectrum. Jon Symon was a natural born britishman who came to Germany within the 60's and stayed here in Hannover. In the early 70's he was on stage as a one-man-show and either released several singles (which are not of interest here). 1978 he started working on the album "Warlock - Memories of a white magician" with Klaus Peter Matziol (bass), Eloy member Detlev Schmidtchen (keyboard), Epitaph drummer Jim McGillivray and Hajo Hoffmann (violin). In the early 80's Symon and the director of the Hannover ballet ensemble met each other and started working on two Rock ballets which for two albums was produced either. On the first one "Warlock" from 1983, Symon got supported by Charly Maucher (bass), ex-Mountain Ash Detlef Klamann (guitar), ex-Jane Werner Nadolny (synthesizer) and Peter Panka (drums). For "Lady Macbeth" ex-Mountain Ash Eckhard Wahlmann (keyboard) replaced Werner Nadolny and Bernd Klamann (drums) joined for Peter Panka. Due to both albums are more or less Rock ballet soundtracks, the musical width is different, but songs like "Eye of the witch", "Forever and a day" or "Banquet" will catch every epic Hard and Prog Rock fan's heart, as these are prime examples of how medieval pompish Hard Rock must sound like. For openminded guys worth a try...
"Warlock - Soundtrack zum Rockballet" LP 1983 (Lava, as Warlock)
“Lady Macbeth“ LP 1984 (Lava)

A female fronted commercial Hard Rock/Metal band from Homburg, that at least recorded one Demo tape back in 1987 and participated on an international band contest the same year. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jumpin’ Jesus
Miro Pavelic (vocals)
Rene Genschewski (bass)
Mike Gage (guitar)
Oliver Ulrich (guitar)
Bobby Ferdula (drums)
Jumpin' Jesus was a Cologne based Death Metal band that featured ex-Forced Entry guitarist Mike Gage and Oliver Ulrich of Pounding Demise. The guys formed in 1988 and released 2 Demo tapes in 1989 and 1990, before Sabina Classen signed the troop for her Death Metal label Morbid Music, to produce their debut "The art of crucifying" in 1991. Jumpin' Jesus played a quite professional style of american influenced Death Metal on high technical level with some formidable guitar work. Here and there a few Techno Thrash hints are shining thru either, but basically the lads did orientate themselves on bands like early 90's Morbid Angel. The chapter Jumpin' Jesus has been put ad acta already in 1991.

"Live wire" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Demo Tape" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"The art of crucifying" LP/CD 1991 (Morbid Music)

Just Delay
Christine Mäser (vocals)
Jolle Mäser (guitar)
Norbert Kretzinger (keyboard)
Bernd Schröttle (bass)
Michael Wanke (drums)

Just Delay from Donauwörth in the Augsburg area, started in 1985 and gained bigger attention at the "Band of the Year" contest in 1988 with their commercial yet melodic Hard Rock sounds. A Demo tape was recorded already the year prior to the contest in 1987. If you got further info, please get in touch.
"Just Delay" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Matthias Kirchgessner (guitar)
Thomas Bruder (guitar)
Wolfgang Weiglein (bass, vocals)
Matthias Höfling (drums)
A melodic Thrash band from Bavaria that's acting somewhere between Paradox and Blind Guardian with a quite solid musicianship. Especially the guitar solos are top notch and worth to be heard. Both songs ("Black rain" and Stop the drugs") are of the same caliber, thrashing fast forward. The only weak point, if there is any, might be the vocals. Still an over all recommended piece of vinyl for all speed freaks. Matthias Höfling was later found in Shadows of Iga and Kirchgessner joined progressive Power Metallers Transcendence.
”Black rain” 7”EP 1990 (selfreleased)

Justice (Dürrbrunn)
Uli Schmidt (vocals)
Roland Hauke (drums)
Wolfgang Ott (bass)
Uli Friedel (guitar)
Stefan Leisner (guitar)
These Justice from Bavaria too (Dürrbrunn) you shouldn't confuse with the "Black rain" Justice (also from Bavaria) and they've been around since 1988 too, both at same time. Hannes Holzmann (ex-Fair Warning) joined them but left again to fully concentrate on his project J.B.O. They released their first MCD in 1993 simply called "Justice" (also known as "Name the never") that contains melodic Power/Thrash with some Metallica influences and even the sound comes close to "...and justice for all" ("Summer snow"). When they raise the speed they do sound quite like late 80's again, but there are also lotsa melodic and rocking parts where their vocalist wants to sing, with many midpaced passages. They released 5 more albums till 2010, so just check out the Justice Homepage for further info.

"Justice" MCD 1993 (Musical Tragedies)

Michael Hegerfeldt (guitar)
Burkhard Hegerfeldt (guitar)
Oliver Weiser (bass)
Voler Riedel (vocals)
Michael Voss (drums)
Formed in Neuss in 1983 by the Hegerfeldt brothers, though they didn't start rehearsing properly until July '86. They released an 8 song Reh/Demo called "Never surrender" in 1987, but due to their limited skills that tape came too early. If you have more info please get in touch.
"Never surrender" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

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