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Jan Schlegtendal (guitar, vocals)
Oliver Schöning (guitar, vocals)
Andreas Reddemann (bass)
Holger Behrendt (keyboard)
Meike Schlegtendal (percussion, vocals, flute)
Kai Schlegtendal (drums)
Originally the name L.U.S.T. stands for "Licht und Schatten Tänzer" (Light and shadow dancers). This local female fronted band from Recklinghausen was founded still in the 80's by the Schlegtendal brothers and released a first 2 track 7" in 1990. Though having a few heavy edges here and there, both songs belong to the Hard Rock or Heavy Rock spectrum, while the german lyrics again giving it a kinda Deutsch Rock touch, slightly reminding of similar acts like Die Kanzlers, Hartmann and co. Later in 1992 the band returned with a selfproduced 4 song Demo, but completely different line up, now consisting of Jan Schlegtendal (guitar, vocals), Olaf Faeskorn (guitar, vocals), Nicole Demes (vocals, saxophone), Stefan Kugelmann (bass), Holger Behrendt (keyboard), Rasmus Riegel (saxophone) and Frank Plückebaum (drums). During the fall of the 90's then L.U.S.T. recorded the independently released album "Ohne Reue" (1997) and also the MCD "Im Pott kocht die L.U.S.T." (1999), before it got silent around them.

"Feuerland" 7" EP 1990 (selfreleased)
"Metal meets Jazz" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Death In Action
Ralf Pflüger (vocals)
Markus Krügener (guitar)
Udo Franke (bass)
Willi Golus (drums)
A Heidenheim based Crossover/Thrash band that published 3 stylistically equal sounding albums in the fall of the 80's and early 90's. Officially Death In Action mentioned in an interview that the band formed in spring '86 and has been more active in the Hardcore scene in those early days. But there are the two trax "Datenschutz" and "Death in Action" to appear on an underground Hardcore compilation entitled "Negative Benehmen" in 1985, so these guys must be active since at least 1985. In February '87 the first Demo "Veins of fear" was recorded and D.I.A. was playing an equal style of Crossover like New York City HC legends Agnostic Front. We Bite took the band under contract and exactly one year after recording the Demo, the lads entered the Masterplan studio to record the debut album "Toxic waste", that basically features most of the Demo trax once again in more polished versions. During the following months till December '89 when the second output "Just for our sake" was recorded at the Marquee studio Reutlingen, the band was undergoing some personal and stylistical changes. Robert Balci joined on drums, Günter Oppold on guitar and Ralf Theilacker on bass, while the last remaining original member guitarist Markus "Glenn" Krügener was responsable for the vocals too. The guy's sound moved into a more technical Thrash direction, but still holding the balance to not drift away into too much technical "Gefrickel", keeping a straight forward thrashing direction like Wicca f.e., somewhere in the middlefield of the recent scene. For "Stuck in time", the third album of the band recorded in June '91, Günter Oppold piloted his brother Marc (ex-Tyrant) into D.I.A. as new drummer, while the now James Hetfield look- and soundalike Markus Krügener only focussed on vocals. The album once again featured a straight forward played technical Thrash Metal like it's precursor, but also marked the last album of Death In Action during that period. 1996 they published the very last album "Scheiterhaufen brennt" independently, before they eventually split up in the late 90's.
"Negative Benehmen" Comp.-MC Tracks 1985 (AF-Tapes)
"Veins of fear" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Toxic waste" LP 1988 (We Bite)
"No awakening 'til megatoke?" Comp.-MC Tracks 1989 (Beerbreath)
"Nuclear Death" Comp.-MC Track 1989 (Buttfuck Compilation Tape Vol. 1)
"Just for our sake" LP/CD 1990 (We Bite)
"Just for our sake" Comp.-MC Track 1990 (We Bite Promo Tape 1990)
"Stuck in time" LP/CD 1991 (We Bite)

Sector Madness
Steve (guitar vocals)
Arno Bretträger (bass, vocals)
Sweener (drums)

A Fun/Death Core band from Münster, that was "formed" in December 31st '88 and consisted of Sweenie and Steve, 2 US soldiers stationed in Germany, as well as Arno, the editor of Totentanz Mag. A Demo was planned for 1989 and song titles of these lads has been called "Torpedo cadaver" and "Massacre of the mummified". Further info is needed.

Jens Hoffmann (vocals)
Pete Adams (guitar)
Nico Montano (bass)
F.X. Fischer (keyboard)
Knut Schütze (percussion)
Chris Meyer (drums)
A band from Düsseldorf, that basically doesn't belong to this database, as we truly believe they've been just an ordinary Rock band, but nevertheless on their independently produced single "Diana", from November 1988, the title track features a really nice Melodic Rock/AOR power ballad, that could be interesting for fans of the genre. The B-side sadly sounds weaker and offers much more commercial Pop/Rock.

"Diana" 7" EP 1988 (Auf Punkt)

Remedy (Frankfurt)
Andrea Bettinger
Frankfurt/Main-Remedy described themselves as "dirty Hard'n'Roll" and an old review tells of a very Rose Tattoo/AC-DC influenced sound. The fivepiece was formed in 1983 and active in the live scene since already 1985, prior to the Demo. For a short period the band was already buried, but early '88 they tried it once again and subsequently recorded their Demo tape. Afterwards their vocalist sadly gave up. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Dirty Hard Rock'n'Roll" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Empire (Wuppertal)
Bernd Kaspers (guitar, vocals)
Roland Lange (guitar)
Gerd König (bass)
Raimund Naumann (drums)
A classic Hard Rock band from Wuppertal, that was active from the late 70's till around 1982 and debuted with the "Sadistic Sadie" 7" 1980 (not much recommended). 1981 before the bands only album was recorded, Oliver Petry (vocals), Dirk Fleck (bass) and Fred Otto (drums) replaced König and Naumann. The selftitled album features just typical AC/DC style powerful Hard Rock sound with slightly Blues edge. After the album the band split up already around 1982, while Dirk Fleck and Fred Otto played together for a short while in Fleck's band "Fleck". Otto would subsequently found the legendary Random in 1983. Dirk Fleck after this musical sidestep would join the right path again in the late 80's with the band Mama. During 1988 all of the guys, Bernd Kaspers, Roland Lange, Dirk Fleck, Oliver Petry and Fred Otto returned united under the monicker Exit and released a single on Rooceter Music, featuring the Led Zeppelin cover "Whole lotta love".
"Sadistic Sadie" 7" EP 1980 (RRR)
"Empire" LP 1981 (Repertoire)
"Let me love you with lights on" 7" EP 1981 (Repertoire)

Kai Arnold Auhagen (vocals, guitar)
Dirk Fleck (bass)
Martin Köhmstedt (guitar)
Kay Flohr (drums)
A Wuppertal based Hard Rock band, that for some unknown reason got picked up by the Rooceter label, who thought that kind of stuff might be the formula to sell a million records. Dirk Fleck, their bassist, was previously playing in the Hard Rock band Empire in the early 80's. Basically all of the guys previously worked as studio or hired musicians, but decided in early '87 to finally start a band to play the music that they do prefer. After a Demo tape, recorded during summer 1987, the next step was their first vinyl "Limited Edition", recorded from 1987-'88, that covers different styles in the Heavy genre. There's mainly the Mainstream AOR/Hard Rock and Heavy Rock prevailing on the album, but the lads with "Take you up" either made it happen to produce a speedy Heavy Metal song. In the total the majority of the trax won't really attract Heavy Metal ears, though "Foolin" offers an Accept-ish beat. It would have been the better choice if Mama would have had focussed on just one of the styles they tried to perfom. 1992 they released a second album "Mama II" and 1994 even a third one entitled "Mama III - Mach 'ma' los ey!!!", before the band split up in the mid 90's‎. The band name Mama refers to the phrase "Mach mal" which is shortened spoken in their local slang "MaMa" and means something like "Get a move on". Dirk Fleck also released the single "Whole lotta love" together with his ex-Empire mates Bernd Kaspers, Roland Lange, Oliver Petry and Fred Otto in 1988 on Rooceter Music.

"Limited Edition" LP 1988 (Rooceter)
"Stand up" 7" EP 1988 (Rooceter)
"Mama II" CD 1992 (Expander)

Bernd Kaspers (guitar, vocals)
Roland Lange (guitar)
Dirk Fleck (bass)
Oliver Petry (keyboard, vocals)
Fred Otto (drums)
Not sure if this was just an accident or indeed a last attempt to revive the old Hard Rock band Empire from Wuppertal, that all the involved musicians previously had played in during the early 80's. As we know Dirk Fleck had his own band Mama on the start and Nietenpapst Fred Otto was working on Random's big breakthrough, so whatever this band was trying to achieve, we can't tell ya. The Rooceter label released a 2 track single in 1988, that featured a quite poppy/commercial sounding Hard Rock band, while "Whole lotta love" was a cover of Led Zeppelin. Nevertheless this single is indeed quite obscure nowadays and seldomly seen.

"Whole lotta love" 7" EP 1988 (Rooceter)

Thomas Beyert (vocals)
Gunnar Kalb (guitar)
Gunnar Pelshenke (guitar)
Bert Bera (bass)
Axel Trapp (drums)
A Crossover band from Frankfurt/Main, that was around since October '87 and played a Thrash and Punk influenced style of Metal in the beginning, called by the guys themselves "Happy Metal". The band seems to have had recorded several Demos prior to their later career on a major label, but we atm only know that their most recent tape from summer '89 featured 4 songs. Either for summer 1989 a Megalomaniax LP was mentioned to be soon released. After working on a strange Theater project during 1989 that they composed music for, vocalist Tommy Beyert left the band and Bert Berta switched over to the micro, while Andreas Wilda joined on bass instead. At the Musiclab Studio in Berlin with Harris Johns the Megalomaniax produced their "Demo '91" which was spread as CD and gained them attention of several major labels who was looking for new acts of that Nu Metal style in the vein of Rage Against The Machine and certain Grunge acts, as the sound of the Megalomaniax had moved now more into that modern Funk influenced Hard Rock/Metal camp. During the band's later career, that lasted till 1997, they also added Hip Hop influences and created a band (Megavier) together with Germany's Hip Hop band numero uno Die Fantastischen Vier. If you got further info about the band's early phase, please get in touch.
"Demo '91" MCD 1991 (selfreleased)
"Information overload" MCD 1992 (Vertigo)
"Dreamland" CD 1993 (Vertigo)

Iron Breed
Olaf Dietzel (vocals)
Thomas Göttlich (bass)
Martin Winter (drums)
Jörg Theophel (guitar)
Jörg Gehlhaar (guitar)
A short lived melodic Heavy Metal band from Giessen who started 1984 and recorded a Demo sometime in 1985 I guess, before they contributed the trax "The fall of the warlord" and "Born to rock" to one of the Metal Hour compilations on the D&S label. The musical legislating wasn't much interesting, that kind of german stuff that I use to call Rumpel Metal. Clumsy, homemade, amateurish (or whatever to call) sounding happy stuff, at least the lads seemed to had fun during the songwriting process. In a way Angel War comes to mind, nevertheless the band split up right in 1986 but some of the members was later found in first Exray and then Asgard ("Dark horizons"). If you got more info, please get in touch.
"In Hoc Signo Vinces or Victory" Demo 198x (selfreleased)
"Metal Hour - German Metal Tracks No. 4" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)

Dirk Mühlig (vocals)
Jochen Bach (guitar)
Jörg Gehlhaar (guitar)
Thomas Göttlich (bass)
Martin Winter (drums)
A Power Metal band from Giessen, that used to call their style "progressive Heavy Metal" and was formed by ex-Iron Breed guys Jörg Gehlhaar, Thomas Göttlich and Martin Winter in July 1987. In May '88 it was time to record their first Demo, simply entitled "First tapes", followed by "Hungarian tapes" in 1989 with Volker Kostorz (guitar) replacing Jochen Bach, and another tape with the title "Time for Exray" that should date from around early 1990. The ex-Hammerschmitt axeman Andreas Plüschel had joined Exray on the second guitar and either their former Iron Breed vocalist Olaf Dietzel replaced Dirk Mühlig, while the band received an offer by Ingo Nowotny to produce an album, but for some strange reason Nowotny wanted the guys to change their name to Asgard (He did similar crap with Heaven Ward, if you may remember.). The quintet agreed and recorded the "Dark horizons" album still in 1990. Though I'm pretty sure the band never saw a single Cent for the album, we should be thankful for this whole illegal transaction, as "Dark horizons" easily enters the top ranks amoungst the Heavy Metal albums released during 1990/91. The guys was playing a somewhat fresh and uncomplicated sounding speedy Power Metal in the Atlain/Running Wild/Powerlord vein, that it was indeed a shame they band split up shortly after the album release in 1991.Tomi Göttlich could subsequent join Grave Digger and got at least a part of the fame, that the other bands Exray/Asgard was denied.
"First tapes" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
”Hungarian tapes” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Time for Exray" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Merciless Death
A Hardcore Thrash-act from Dietzenbach, greater Frankfurt area, active during the mid 80's, who changed name to Rampage in early 1987 and afterwards released an 8 track Demo in 1988. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Rampage (Dietzenbach)
Paul Beckendorf
Frank Hallstein

A Hardcore Thrash-act from Dietzenbach, greater Frankfurt area, who released an 8 track Demo in 1988. Rampage was formed early '87, but previously active in the scene as Merciless Death. After the Demo release their drummer left the band. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Demo 1988" (selfreleased)

Anti (vocals)
Pfalk (drums)
Maurer (bass)
Losh (guitars)
Arnd (guitars)
The Hamburg based and in August 1987 formed Bleedfort pretty much played an extremely raw Crossover/Thrash style that mainly reminds of Agnostic Front's classic "Cause for alarm" album. Even the NYC Hardcore parts suits them so well, it's a perfect symbiosis of how Crossover/Thrash could sound too. Just imagine a cross of Agnostic Front and Deathrow or even early Assassin. They've been extremely fit on their instruments, making their tapes something worth searching for if you like fast forward thrashing Metal. Some of the members would later form the less interesting Warpath.
"Thrash 'till your asshole bleed" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”A part of our time” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Mike Rogge
Dariah was a Munich based Noisecore band, initiated by tape trader Mike Rogge during the late 80's. A Demo tape was released in 1988. He also runned similar Nothingcore combos like Dagoberts and Gehacke, as well as another project called Schmolke, but that one shouldn't be of interest for Thrashers according to his own opinion.

"Demo 88" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Mike Rogge

Dagoberts was a Munich based Noisecore band, initiated by tape trader Mike Rogge during the late 80's. Both their Demos should be from around 1987/88. He also runned similar Nothingcore combos like Dariah and Gehacke, as well as another project called Schmolke, but that one shouldn't be of interest for Thrashers according to his own opinion. Dagoberts didn't exist anymore during early 1989.
"Fuck Black Metal" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"We are all thrashing" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Mike Rogge

Gehacke was a Munich based "Brutal German Noise" band, initiated by tape trader Mike Rogge during the late 80's. Both their Demos should be from around 1988. He also runned similar Nothingcore combos like Dariah and Dagoberts as well as another project called Schmolke, but that one shouldn't be of interest for Thrashers according to his own opinion.
"Lärm" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Grasshoppers" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Uli Frey

Inspired by "bands" like Nothingcore kings A.O.K. the german underground was overflowed by similar nonsense Noisecore troops, just like these guys who called themselves "Vorwaschgang" (dunno how to translate, has something to do with a washer). Back in summer '88 a few guys got the idea to start a "Fön Core" combo in Reinheim, near Darmstadt, and immediately recorded a Demo with the title "Toaster auf'm Klo" that featured certain noises and sounds with an overdose of fun. Either a second tape was planned for 1989 but seems never to be realized at all.
"Toaster auf'm Klo" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Basement Bastards
A Noise band from Völklingen, near Saarbrücken, active since early '87. These guys used to call their style "Spontaneous Core", influenced by The Stooges, Big Black and Napalm Death. According to a Demo review there's just any sounds and noises on the tape with hilarious lyrics. So better beware...

"Sickest hits" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Atrocity (Bamberg)
Matthias Linzmaier (bass, vocals)
Matzer (guitar)
Lunk (drums)

Crossover Thrashers from Bamberg/Bavaria that formed in February '87, while Matzer was also playing with another Bamberg Crossover act called Megas Mosh. Surprisingly the sound of Atrocity isn't too far away from Mega Mosh's, just appearing alot more rough due to the production. If you like the first 2 Mega Mosh albums you won't have a problem with Atrocity's Demo either. I guess they changed the band name to Atrocity Exhibition in 1989 due to the other Atrocity that got famous.
”Honky-Tonk-Monk” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Markus Behnke (bass vocals)
Svente (guitar)
Florian Böhmke (drums)

A shortlived rude Thrash act from Wolfburg with sadly just one Demo tape recorded in summer 1988, while the trio was playing together just since January of that year. The lads had a sound similar to a mix of Messiah's debut album and Sepultura's "Schizophrenia". The Morbid guys was active as Morbid till 1989, when they changed name to Sensual Impression and tried with rather Progressive Metal, without recording any further Demos. There are several versions of the "Returning impossible" Demo known, with b/w booklets and red/white ones as well.
”Returning impossible” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Lunatic Dictator
Heather Dawn McGuire (vocals)
Holger Thüme (guitar)
Ralf Tucholke (guitar)
Jens Vollhardt (bass)
Stefan Vogt (drums)

Thrashers from Egelsbach/Erzhausen, north of Darmstadt. The first steps of Lunatic Dictator rely already to August '87, but the first steady line (as seen to the left) could be completed in July '88. After rehearsing a while, the band played their first gig December 3rd 1988 and afterwards female shouter Heather was replaced by Tommy J. Crosby. They either had plans to record a professional Demo during early '89, but it seems those plans couldn't really get realized at all. Nevertheless yet a Reh/Demo from that time is known with live and rehearsal room cuts. Later Stefan Zimmerling took the part of the drummer and either Holger Thüme left the band to get replaced by Sinus/Obstsalat guitarist Holger Ziegler, before another Obstsalat guitarist, Michael Meth, took his place still in 1989. Most of the members was playing in the local bands Obstsalat and Kalögena and therefore jumped from band to band to help out where help was needed. Ex-Kalögena Sascha Bulheller came for Tommy J. Crosby in 1990, but the band didn't manage to record any studio material and later split up during early 1993. Ralf Tucholke revived Lunatic Dictator once again with different members in 2001.
Rehearsal '88 + Live 3/12/88" Reh/Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Toxic Shock
Uwe Dießenbacher (vocals)
Manuel Kreissig (guitar)
Tim Atwater (guitar)
Geoff Atwater (bass)
Klaus Kreissig (drums)

Toxic Shock was originally founded back in January 1985 by Klaus and Manuel Kreissig as Mayhem. They already recorded the "Thrash 'til death" Demo in March '85, before Uwe Dießenbacher (vocals) joined in June '86 and the name was changed to Toxic Shock as well. Another tape ("A state of madness") was recorded in February '88, when they got picked up by Metal Blast to record the debut album "Change from reality" still as trio in May '88. Shortly after the recordings Geoff Atwater (bass) and Tim Atwater (guitar) was added to the line up. That record is a pretty underrated piece of german underground Thrash, probably it doesn't sound much like the well known german Thrash acts. Toxic Shock's style was way more US american sounding, especially Syranax' "Battallion of death" Demo must be mentioned as comparison. Geoff and Tim Atwater left in 1989 and for a short while Andreas Mailänder joined on bass but the second album "Welcome home ... near dark" was record as trio with just both Kreissig brothers and Dießenbacher remaining, and offered almost the same US style Thrash like on the debut but with slightly more melodic parts. Dießenbacher switched to bass guitar afterward and Kai Weber became new vocalist in 1990 instead and with this new line up they recorded their last album "Between good and evil" for Massacre Records in 1992, that entered Death/Thrash territory much in the vein of old R.A.V.A.G.E.(pre-Atheist).
"A state of madness" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Change from reality" LP 1988 (Metal Blast)
"Welcome home … near dark" LP/CD 1990 (Nuclear Blast)
"Between good and evil" CD 1992 (Massacre Records)

Antichrist (vocals, guitar)
Agi (bass, vocals)
Damien 666 (drums)

The Eislingen Thrash troop Mayhem was founded in January 1985 by Klaus and Manuel Kreissig. The only Demo of Mayhem with the title "Chains of death", was recorded in March 1985 still as trio without Uwe Dießenbacher, who joined in June '86, before they changed name to Toxic Shock in 1986.
Please note, there was another Demo "Evil pentagram" from 1986 spread within the trapetrader scene, but no info source that we found ever mentioned a Demo with that title. If you own a Demo with booklet, it would be highly appreciated to forward a scan/pic of it to us.

"Chains of death" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Peter Laske (guitar, vocals)
Oliver Wiebel (guitar)
Michael Schnabel (bass)
Matthias Manderscheidt (drums)

Wolfsburg's suburbs did spit out alot of great Thrash bands back in the late 80's and Heritage belong to them as well. The band was formed in January 1988, while Michael Schnabel formerly was member of Protector and also Peter Laske already played in the Protector related Death Attack. The result on the sadly only Demo "Patient zero" of Heritage from May the same year (and it's absolutely irreproducible why just Protector got picked out of the Wolfsburg internal Thrash scene) was a mix of Darkness (with better vocals) and Kreator's "Pleasure to kill" (with better solos), so to say Death/Thrash to the very bone, and I might be wrong but we're honestly convinced that the whole german Thrash maniacs got betrayed of a groundbreaking possible album that could be a BIG number nowadays. But nevermind, things are as they are, Heritage disappeared already in 1989, while Oliver Wiebel could replace Martin Missy in Protector afterwards and later re-appeared in the Death Metal band Ingrain.
”Patient zero” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Alcoholic Front
Volker Weiß (vocals)
Ulrich Steffl (guitar, vocals)
Volker Smyrek (bass)
Holger Hess (drums)
One of these Noisecore/Nothingcore acts that popped up during the late 80's. This shortlived representative of this not so liked genre was hailing from Kupferzell, east of Heilbronn and only released one Demo with the title "Wir zechen bis zum Erbrechen!", while the guys used to call their style themselves "Mampf Core". A few of the "lyrics" was rightwing crap, but Ulrich Steffl, the writer was kicked out in 1989, while the rest of the band wanted to continue with the beer and vomit type noise stuff, but didn't really seem to have found another "guitarist" for that sake at all.

"Wir zechen bis zum Erbrechen!" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Peter König (bass, vocals)
Jörg Wienand (guitar)
Steffen Weißmann (guitar)
Thomas Hennig (drums)
Gomorrha was founded during 1986 in Ludwigshafen and performed still slightly amateurish appearing Thrash Metal on their first Demo "Thrashing madness", recorded in 1987. On the second output "Still insane", that the guys recorded as a trio (Jörg Wienand had left the band), they had developed their technical skills enormously and now sounded like the classic Death on f.e. "Leprosy", performing raw Death/Thrash to the bone. After a felt eternity without further releases Peter König and Thomas Hennig returned in 1991 with Marco Fath on guitar to release the 3rd Demo "Doomed man" (strangely the band used a new logo with 2 M's here), that once again delivered very Death/Massacre influenced classic Death Metal and led into an mini album cassette release on MAY Records from Mannheim, entitled "Beyond believe". One of these new songs also appeared on the Deathophobia CD compilation in 1993, but Gomorrha soon in 1994 would split up, while during 2018, Hennig, König and Weißmann of the original line up reactivated their old band with Marco Anfuso on guitar and released the "Before the storm" MCD in 2020.

"Thrashing madness" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
”Still insane” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Doomed man" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Beyond believe" MC 1992 (MAY)
"Not one moment" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Deathophobia)

No Silence
Daniel Baptista (vocals)
Marcus Buecking (guitar)
Hansy Haider (guitar)
Jochen Trunk (bass)
Steffen Waigand (drums)
A Speed Metal troop which was originating from Miltenberg/Bavaria, west of Würzburg. The band was founded in April 1986 as classic Heavy Metal act but turned later into Speed Metal and afterwards recorded 3 Demo tapes between 1988 and 1992, that contain a technically experienced, but nevertheless ordinary sounding Speed Metal style on the first 2 two tapes and a rather progressive touched Speed/Thrash on the last one "Dreams of immortality" from 1992, that also introduced Tommy Reis on the bass, who replaced the former bassist Jochen Trunk. The second Demo of No Silence ("Tell the answer") was produced by Michael Wehner of Vendetta. One of the songs from their last Demo was also used for the underground compilation "Peace-Eater Vol. II". If you got more info, please get in touch.
”No Silence" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Tell the answer" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Dreams of immortality" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Fanatic Menace" CD Comp.-Track 1992 (Peace-Eater Vol. II)

Frank Stumvoll (vocals)
Christoph Siemons (guitar, keyboard)
Jochen Fünders (bass)
Michael Kuschnerus (drums)
A Melodic Metal band from Aachen, directly on the border to the Netherlands founded in the late 80's, that released a 4 track Demo around 1990 offering a fresh sounding mix of melodic Hard Rock and Metal tunes with quite nice axe work plus another 4 song tape "Crank it up" early 91, that features more of their pleasant sounding Heavy Rock with higher ambitions. Their influences are to find in the late 80's US scene and they seem to have emphasized the sing along character of their refrains. Frank Stumvoll was prior to Venice in the mid 80's fronting the Power Metal band Witchinhour and later in the 90's co-founded the successful band Krypteria.
”Venice” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Crank it up" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Frank Stumvoll (guitar, vocals)
Theo Ruland (guitar, vocals)
Danny Stanitzky (bass)
Eddy Prochnow (drums)

A Power/Speed Metal band from Aachen, featuring the later Venice shouter Frank Stumvoll. There's just one Demo tape known of these lads, who was active since the mid 80's and the 3 tracks of the tape tend into the old Iron Angel direction.
"Mistress of witches" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

White Mania
Steffen Kohlmeier (vocals)
Mario Suther (bass)
Thomas Klitzing (drums)
Dominik Glöckner (guitar)
Andre Effner (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from West Berlin, active since 1985, that released 3 Demos in the late 80's and disbanded around 1990. Despite the not so comfortable vocal presentation, the band was acting very solid on their instruments. For the last tape "Phantasmagoria" Stefan Schneider handled the bass and Torsten Reich replaced Steffen Kohlmeier on vox. If you have more info please get in touch.
"Downfall of the Reich" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Tales from a wise man" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Phantasmagoria" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Peter (vocals)
Heiko (guitar)
Chris (guitar)
Michael (bass)
Pipp (drums)
A classic Heavy Metal band from Erlangen/Bavaria, who surfaced in their local area around 1985/86 and recorded just a 4 track tape in 1987, that featured common German Metal in the Darxon/Steeler vein. The Demo was available with booklets in red and green. Further info is welcome.

"Heavy Metal" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Rapha Piatkowski (vocals, guitar)
Norbert Kramarek (guitar)
Peter Teicher (bass)
Marcus Petrovic (drums)
Stretta was a Thrash band from Hanau, that started their career back in 1984 as Koroner. The first lifesign of Stretta was the "Into the abyss" Demo from June '87, that features raw Thrash in the vein of Kreator on "Endless pain" with vocals close to Ventor's on that album as well. The same line-up also produced the official 60 min "March Into Suspense" rehearsal/live tape one year later. On "The blue session" Demo Martin Kunz replaced Marcus Petrovic on drums and Andreas Ühlein joined as guitarist so Piatkowski fully could concentrate on vocals. But for the "Save me" Demo from 1990 Petrovic returned and Wegi took the second guitarist position. The band's style had slightly changed during these 2 years and was similar to Darkness on their first albums. The funny "Lets change guitarist and drummer game" continued once again, so that Ühlein and Kunz returned again to replace Petrovic and Wegi (Probably these guys have been the only Thrash Metal musicians in Hanau?). Rockwerk Records released the first Stretta album 1992, that was entitled "Alone in the blue", but sadly of their cool Thrash from old Demo days wasn't much left. The band's style had changed more towards modern Thrash sounds, including groove parts, clean sung vocals and got a much more technical note, leaving slightly the impression of modern Metallica influences. I don't think that it was that what real Thrash fans was longing for. Their last EP "Gofuckyourself" was available 1998, but that one really marked the end.
"Into the abyss" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"March into suspense" Reh/Live Tape 1988 (selfreleased)
"The blue session" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Save me" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Alone in the blue" CD 1992 (Rockwerk)

A Metal band from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area that was active during the late 80's. Further info is needed.

A Hard Rock band from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area that was active during the late 80's. Further info is needed.

A Hard Rock or Metal band from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area that was active during the late 80's. Further info is needed.

A Hard Rock or Metal band from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area that was active during the late 80's. Further info is needed.

A Heavy Metal band originating from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area, that was actively playing live during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local band from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area, that was actively playing live during 1988/89. A band with the name Pussy was also seen playing a local show in Munich back in 1989, so wether that's a different band or these Pussy just played a gig in Munich. Further info would be desired.

Claus Willman (vocals)
Holger Fath (guitar, keyboard)
Punky (guitar)
Andy Kraus (bass)
Dennis Vablonski (drums)
A band from the Heidelberg/Mannheim/Frankfurt area that surprised with an US Metal style influenced album in the mid 80's and never has been seen again afterwards. The musicianship was quite experienced in terms of skills and songwriting and delivered a consistent good, above average sounding melodic Heavy Metal style, that was obviously influenced by the early Ozzy albums.

”Ride on” LP 1985 (Steel Trax)

Peter Knapp (guitar, vocals)
Alexander Kraft (guitar)
Mario Winnikes (bass)
Oliver Lampertsdörfer (drums)

A Hard Rock band from the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen/Heidelberg area (most probably Heidelberg directly). The guys was active since the late 80's already and recorded their first Demo "Pure Rock" (3 trax) end of October '89, featuring just typical US Hard Rock with raw sound and Glam/Sleaze edge, that didn't need to hide behind certain acts of the sunset strip scene at all. These lads knew their craft and produced another tape with the title "...more pure Rock" right in December '90 with 4 similar songs included, this time with stronger Metal edge, yet not leaving the US Glam Metal/Hard Rock path a single cm. A third Demo was still published in 1992 though, but this time featuring just the trax "California" and "We want it louder" of the previous Demos plus the live trax "Jailhouse Rock - Medley" and "Time to say goodbye", that both was recorded during July '92. In a way the title of the last track most probably could be seen as a (bad) omen, as we can't really remember that more of Jail's publications still followed after this 3rd one. Further info is naturally welcome.
"Pure Rock" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"...more pure Rock" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"All idiots" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Lucifer Mop
Roland Kuchler (guitar, vocals)
Jürgen Neumann (bass)
Adolf Kuchler (drums)
A local band from the Landshut/Ingolstadt/Nuremberg area. A privately pressed 7" is the band's only remnant it seems, featuring the songs "Smokin" and "Low Down Blues", that both are stylistically equivalent and offer common, handmade Hard Rock with bluesy touch, but without highlights. The single was recorded at the Tonstudio Labertal in Bavaria and marks a quite obscure piece. Further info is needed.

"Lucifer Mop" 7" EP 1986 (selfreleased)

Mike Klose (vocals)
Markus Wagner (guitar)
Andreas Eder (guitar)
Thomas Hahn (bass)
Jens Simon (keyboard)
Thomas Edlbacher (drums)
A progressive Power Metal band from Nuremberg, that was founded in 1988. The lads released their debut Demo 1989 and afterwards started recording the "Reign in violence" album, which was dropped in the end and remained unreleased till 2001, when Hidden Metal Gems Records finally published the album in a limited edition of 500 vinyls. According to certain info, the band members should not have been involved into the whole procedure at all and as far as I'm concearned they'be been quite surprised when they got knowledge of the album, as the guys reunited and recorded 2 more albums starting from 2004. Nevertheless "Reign in violence" featured a progressive, yet melodic sort of archetypical playful Power Metal that's more than once flirting with epic influences.
"Gates to exist" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”Reign in violence” Album 1990 (unreleased)
"Nights in the desert" Comp.-CD Track 1993 ("Out of the shade - Franken")

Extreme Napalm Terror
Zeljko Antonic (vocals)
Matthias Al Talib (guitar)
Jochen Graf (bass, vocals)
Urul Wim (drums)
A Grindcore band from Frankfurt/Main, founded by A.O.K.'s mastermind Jochen Graf in the late 80's, who due to his good connections to Ingo Nowotny could even produce 2 albums. To stay fair I have to admit, that these lads' noise for being a Grind act wasn't that crappy sounding, like one might expect whenever the name A.O.K. pops up somewhere. Inspired by bands like Napalm Death they indeed delivered genre typical products, that doesn't stand behind other noise bands releases of that time. On the second album "Why?" from 1991, a guy called Boris was playing the bass, while Graf only handled vocals together with Zeljko Antonic. Matthias "Mc Zimbo" Al Talib (ex-Sinus) just like on Extreme Napalm Terror's debut, recorded the guitar as session member, together with Lord Brutus, who might be any known musicians of the Frankfurt Metal scene. The album itself sounded quite listenable, adopting Death/Thrash Metal influences, while in the whole Grindcore would still remain the upper term at all.
"Impulse to destroy" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Impulse to destroy" LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises)
"Why?" LP/CD 1991 (Metal Enterprises)

Thomas Weber (vocals)
Holger Ziegler (guitar)
Uwe Romak (guitar)
Oliver Hess (bass)
Constantin Strelow (drums)

A local Darmstadt Heavy Metal band, featuring (future) members of other local acts like Kalögena, Obstsalat, Lunatic Dictator and Lost Boyz. The band was active since 1987 and recorded a 5 track Demo in 1989. After the Demo guitarist Uwe Romak left Sinus in late '89 and Matthias Al Talib joined instead. He's better known as Mc. Zimbo from his appearance in Extreme Napalm Terror. Further info is needed.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for correction)
"A genius Opus" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Peter Reiter (guitar)
Uwe Walter (guitar)
Klaus Dietrich (bass)
Hartmut Schwalm (drums)

Phönix was domiliciled in the greater Stuttgart area and their first album was recorded in March 1981, that contains heavy Kraut and Hard Rock tunes with late 70's touch. One thing that's giving me a headache is the fact that the album was produced and all of the songs written by Rainer Phönix. But this guy isn't mentioned in the line up at all, so I guess he must be the missing vocalist and left the band prior to the vinyl release. One more german sung album was released 1984, but "Hemmungslos" was a different caliber than the debut and delivers a quite strange collection of Prog Rock, funky NDW influenced Rock, Hard Rock and either the 2 Metal songs "Rosie" and "Ich will leben". If you got more info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to Nick K. for the kind help)

"First flush" LP 1981 (Racket)
"Hemmungslos" LP 1984 (Steyrer Disco)

Horst Lehner (vocals)
Christian Reinfelder (guitar)
Sven Kartscher (guitar)
Timo Wiedenmann (bass)
Guido Seibelt (drums)

A Metal band with the quite odd german name "Baustelle" (construction site) from Nuremberg, who started during the fall of the 80's and released a first tape entitled "Pope" in 1989/90. April '91 the guys recorded the second tape "The 7th sign", that featured compared to the still rather classic Heavy Metal influenced debut, a much more american influenced Speed/Thrash Metal inspired sound with good songwriting and melodic axework, that sometimes could be rated a sort of thrashier version of Meliah Rage with Metallica hints. Further info is needed.
"Pope" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"The 7th sign" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Big Rat
Rat Gepard (vocals)
Pete de Lena (guitar)
Francis Strudl (keyboard)
Chris Tough (bass)
H. H. Hammer (drums)

A local Nuremberg Heavy Rock act, that's still active since 1988 and managed to record a quite unknown selftitled album in 1990 on the austrial label Tyrolis Records. The album itself isn't either bad and features welldone, catchy material with commercial touch from the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal spectrum, sometimes reminding of a german version of Mötley Crüe, then going much heavier on "Cats go pussy" or "Bad bad boys" f.e., to end up on "Strongest of our kind" almost in melodic Power Metal fields. Especially Pete de Lena's excellent guitar work deserves a special mention. For my taste the (loud) keyboards aren't always used on right positions and often give the songs a quite poppy touch. Nevertheless, the album could be rated definitely above common standards and should be worth a listen for fans of the melodic stuff like Mydra, Aidean and similar acts. Not sure what happened later with these guys. 2007 a single with the title "Second life" was released, but that's everything known of these lads. Further info is welcome.
"Big Rat" LP/CD 1990 (Tyrolis)

Bel Age
Eddie Alt (vocals)
Volker Butte (guitar)
Thorsten Pflug (bass)
Jan Friedrich (keyboard)
Frank Roters (drums)

Bel Age was a band from Offenbach, that formed in February '86, initiated by Volker Butte, Thorsten Pflug, Jan Friedrich and Frank Roters, who previously played in 2 different bands from the Offenbach area and one day decided to start their own one. The guys used to call their style "Dynamic Melody Rock" and found vocalist Eddie Alt in September that year to front the band. The Demo "1st Cuts" was recorded in January '87 and featured 4 solid, catchy Hardrockers with AOR edge, that though having a slightly commercial sidenote, but due to the raw 8 track Demo production will easily convince any Hard Rock fan. Since the songs "Paradise" and "The earth of fire" mention non band members as songwriters and the latter either was written in November '85, we guess these 2 are relics from the guys previous bands. The Demo booklet also mentions another tape "for sale now" with the title "Livetapes", so that one must be released possibly prior or together with the "1st Cuts" Demo. Further info is welcome.
"1st Cuts" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Livetapes" Live Tape 1987 (selfreleased)

Dirk Eggert (vocals)
René Jachmann (guitar)
Carsten Brauckhoff (guitar)
Mike Baatsch (bass)
Heiko Hornmann (drums)

Originally formed in Essen as Heavy Metal band around 1986 by former Preacher bassist Mike Baatsch (Biff Malibu), the band Amnesty at a later stage went into a Speed and Thrash Metal oriented direction, but still kept their old Heavy Metal roots. Danton's Heiko Hornmann joined around late 1988/89 as well and in 1990 their 4 track Demo "Till death do us part" was released in January. The band later in 1991 already split up it seems.
"Till death do us part" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

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