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Tilmann Benninghaus (guitar)
Gothica Vermilion (drums)
Drowned are active since 1992, formed in Berlin by Tilmann Benninghaus and Gothica Vermilion was playing drums on their selftitled Demo, recorded in March '93, though the position of the vocalist is yet unclear. The handnumbered tape features a very dark and blackened sort of Death Metal with many doomy parts in the Asphyx/Delirium vein and excellent riffing. For 1994 there was a Split 7" EP planned as well and though recordings already was finished and advance tapes spread within the scene, this one never saw the light of day at all. Instead Drowned returned with a new Demo and team early 1995, introducing their new sound, featuring Lunan Aquarius a former vocalist of a Gothic Rock band, who indeed sung in that style. Also with S. a bassist was part of Drowned's line up now, which didn't last for a longer time and the band needed till 1998 to produce one more Promo/Demo ("A foretaste of Ærth"), including the related "Ærth" tilted 7". Some more releases followed afterwards including the band's so far only album "Idola Specus" 2014 on Sepulchral Voice Records.

”Drowned” Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

B. F. Rischer (guitar, bass, vocals)
Christian Albert (drums)
Dawnfall is a Black Metal band from Munich, that mainly consists of Targod (Christian Albert) and Tork (B. F. Rischer) and just for a short while between summer 1993/94 featured female bassist Birgit. The guys started already 1991, but the name Dawnfall was chosen first in 1992. They recorded 2 Burzum/Hellhammer inspired Demos during early 1993, that delivered a not so common style within the early 90's Black Metal scene, with midpaced rhythms and dominant drums, before Nazgul's Eyrie Productions released the underproduced album "Dominance of darkness" (recorded already in June '93) in summer 1994, offering exactly the same Demo style material. Dawnfall dissolved after the CD (500 handnumbered copies), but reformed at a later point once again and recorded 2 more different sounding albums between 2002 ("Drei Räume") and 2016 ("Arak nas").

"Mysterial darkness" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Rehearsal Tape IV. 1993" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Jörg Weinhold (vocals)
Mario Waldapfel (guitar)
Sören Lenk (guitar, bass)
Mirko Dreier (drums)
Decomposition was a Death Metal band from Großsteinbach/Saxony, which was active since already 1991, but their first Demo "Demon" wasn't released before 1994. The sound of the fourpiece was a sort of doomy, unstraight Black/Death Metal, that according to Jörg Weinhold's Martin Van Drunen alike vocals reminded in places of Asphyx. Shortly after the Demo release the guys renamed the band to Seirim and continued playing a much more Black Metal inspired style.

Drowning In Real
Jan Lucassen (vocals)
Sven Johannsen (guitar)
Christian Wulff (guitar)
Lothar Krüger (bass)
Axel Garbers (drums)
A local Hamburg progressive Power Metal band with occassional Queenryche influences, that formed in 1988 and debuted with two similar, professional sounding Demos between 1989 and 1990. Christian Wulff left Drowning In Real already after "Maze of distress" and joined Megace in 1990. Hubi Dallmann took his place instead. The track "Pictures of a dying day" from the second Demo "Inspiration" also appeared on the second part of the Peace-Eater underground compilations. Though the band's sound was somehow above average, they nevertheless needed till 1994 to release their album "Mind gallery" on the local Hamburg label Crossroads Records. Just Sven Johannsen and Jan Lucassen remained of the original line up now, while Waldmar Nowak (bass), Piotr Jazwinski (drums) and Andreas Hellriegel (guitar, keyboard) built the spine of the new Drowning In Real, though they didn't seem to keep the band going much longer after the album.

"Maze of distress" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
”Inspiration” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Pictures of a dying day" CD Compilation Track 1991 (Peace-Eater Vol. II)

Desaster Area
Manuel Neumann (guitar)
Ingo Frerichs (drums)
A Power Metal or either Thrash band from the Wilhelmshaven area, that must have been active during the mid/late 80's and featured Manuel Neumann and Ingo Frerichs, who later would form Voluntary. We sadly don't have much info of them at all, if you do, please contact us.

Manuel Neumann (vocals, guitar)
Jens Wolnick (guitar)
Frank Nilges (bass)
Ingo Frerichs (drums)

A Power Metal band from Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany featuring former Salem's Law (Frank Nilges) and Desaster Area members (Manuel Neumann/Ingo Frerichs). They only released a 4 track Demo in 1989 with Rüdiger von Scheven (ex-Warnyng) replacing Jens Wolnick on guitar who left in 1989. They started in 1987 and disbanded in the early 90's.
"The dawn" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Michael Nelebock (vocals)
Michael Nimmergut (guitar)
Mario Kurt (guitar)
Mirko Brauer (bass)
Sven Noak (drums)
An East Berlin (ex-GDR) based Thrash band that was founded as Sarkophag in the mid 80's but was asked by the grading commitee to change it. They recorded a Demo track in December '89 that got airplay on the national Heavy Metal radio broadcast. The song offers a not uninteresting midpaced thrashy Power Metal with a few hints of mid 80's Venom and some for that time typical Mosh parts. Sixtus also participated at a local Berlin benefit festival during early 1990, where they presented a very Metallica/Slayer/Exodus and Sodom inspired program. If you got more info please get in touch.
”Love and horror” Demo Track 1989 (selfreleased)

Baron Titus
Titus (vocals)
Uwe Golz (guitar)
Pete (guitar)
Jöarch (bass)
Atzel (drums)
Among all of these "Sauflieder fun bands" Baron Titus and the Nonsense of Rock from Braunschweig was undoubtly the best and those that actually appear kinda "serious" because musically Baron Titus was accompanied by some great Metal musicians and that's what you get to hear. May it be a new version of "Breaking the law" or the godly "Wir wählen blau", you can listen to the album not even while your drunk. It's overall partly good Party Metal/Hard Rock, besides the fun booze songs. Worth to be checked out.
Check out Baron Titus
"Völlig daneben" LP/CD 1990 (Caprifischer)
"Pilsener Boogie" 7"EP 1990 (Caprifischer)

Jochen Barlage (guitar)
A Hard Rock band from Gelsenkirchen that was active since around 1986 till at least 1989 and played several live gigs. During 1988 the band also had a Demo tape available. Jochen Barlage later released a MCD with the AOR band Magic Child in 1994. We aren't sure yet if this is the same band from Kleve (northwest of Essen) that had an advert in a Metal Hammer issue from spring 1990. If you have more info please get in touch.

Antichrist (Mayence)
Gerhard Fitting jr (guitar, vocals)
Frank Heeb (guitar)
Andy Werner (bass)
Olli Keil (drums)
Antichrist was a rather low skilled Black Metal band from Alzey, south of Mayence. Formed in June 1984 by Gerhard Fitting and Frank Heeb, who formerly played together in a short-lived formation called Black Diamond, they only lasted until 1986, but the lads recorded 2 Demos during that time. The better known of both, "Slaughter in hell", features pretty ugly primitive Punk Metal, sometimes comparable in places to earliest Outrage songs. The bad vocal performance didn't help at all to make the tape sounding better. A Gerd Weigelt replaced Oliver after the first demo, and Frank Heeb later in the 80's joined Thrashers Races and revived Antichrist in 2003. In spring 1990 the "Slaughter in hell" Demo got re-released with additional 4 new songs and the bonus track "Lucifer is good".
”Slaughter in hell” Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Horror awakes" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Frank Libal (vocals)
Andi Turzer (guitar)
Holger Schulten (bass)
Alex Jäger (keyboard)
Tom Henzen (drums)
Seems like Munich was Germany's No. 1 forge for Melodic Metal bands back in the 80's. Here is another one, Lovetrick. The band got initiated by Andi Turzer and Frank Libal around 1987. Besides Turzer and Libal Lovetrick's line up has been in heavy rotation back in the day, but during 1987 a first Demo tape with 6 songs was recorded, that gained them a deal with Rockport/Energy Records in 1989 and the guys completed by Alex Jäger (keyboards), Holly Schulten (bass, ex-Peter Gorski Band) and Tom Henzen (drums, ex-Tora), entered the Charisma Studio in Munich to record their selftitled debut album, that was available in 1990. Stylistically Lovetrick's catchy melodic Hard Rock/Metal inspired sound was similar to stuff like Bonfire, Vice, Aidean or even Munich rockers Boysvoice, whom they started a tour through Germany with. After Energy got out of money, meaning that Lovetrick had no more label in the back, Alex Jäger left the band to concentrate on his studies, while the rest of the guys got signed by Mausoleum Records for the second album "No rest for the boys", which got released in 1992 on CD, featuring Chris Lausmann as session keyboarder. Compared to the debut, "No rest for the boys" went into a way more classic US style Hard Rock, without the former pedantry to compose little earworms anymore. Florian Blöchl was hired as second guitarist for the following tour with Axxis, but right afterwards in 1993 Lovetrick split up. Holly Schulten joined Lustfinger. 2007 the band reformed once again. Further info about the Demo is welcome.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Lovetrick" LP/CD 1990 (Energy)
"No rest for the boys" CD 1992 (Mausoleum)

Michel Lucarelli (vocals)
Randy Meinhard (guitar)
Milan Nyitrai (bass)
Marco Foddis (drums)
Maybe you wonder
Randy Meinhard (guitar) and Marco Foddis (drums), both just had left dutch formation Pestilence from Enschede during November 1988 and immediately formed the rather technical Thrash band Sacrosanct. After recruiting Michel Lucarelli on vocals and Milan Nyitrai and the quickly recorded Demo "The die is cast" from January '89, during spring the same year the guys again entered the Franz K. Studio in Witten and recorded their debut album "Truth is what is" for No Remorse Records. Michel Cerrone, the second guitarist, just joined the band 1 week before the recording session started. After the recordings both Nyitrai and Foddis left Sacrosanct again due to "musical differences", while Foddis returned to Pestilence. Remco Nijkamp (bass) and Ronny Scholten (drums) replaced them. Sacrosanct's technical style was the complete opposite to Pestilence's Death/Thrash. They musically tended more towards Darkness' "Defenders of justice" era with light hints of Testament. On the follow up "Recesses for the depraved" from 1991 they even slowed down the speed and delivered mainly midpaced Techno Thrash, after having exchanged almost the whole team. Haico van Attikum (drums), Christian Colli (bass) and Michael Kock (guitar) now built the line up with only Lucarelli and Meinhard remaining. That co-operation also continued on the 3rd album of Sacrosanct "Tragic intense", that hadn't much in common anymore with the former 2 outputs and offered modern style Power/Thrash, inspired by the recent albums of Pantera and early 90's Metallica as it seems. All the aggression was gone and harmonic/melodic sounds infected the band's sound, introducing the coming end, that followed in 1994. 2017 the to Germany returned Randy Meinhard re-activated Sacrosanct once again and 2018 released the album "Necropolis" on Rock of Angels Records. In case some might wonder why we feature a dutch band here, well Randy Meinhard was German and since he co-founded Sacrosanct, being the band's "leader" and either the Metal mags introduced Sacrosanct a dutch-german band, we'll give it a shot, openminded as we are...

"The die is cast" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Truth is what is" LP/CD 1990 (No Remorse)
"Promo '91" Promo Tape 1991 (selfreleased)
"Recesses for the depraved" LP/CD 1991 (1MF)
"Shining through" Comp.-CD 1993 (This stuff's 2 loud 4 U)
"Tragic intense" CD 1993 (1MF)

Dirk Strube (vocals, bass)
Marko Lange (guitar)
Jürgen Feichtmayr (drums)
An early 90's Power/Thrash trio from Landshut, featuring 3 ex-Unchained Scarlett members, while also Sub-Machine's sound was close to Unchained Scarlett's. Classic Thrash Metal with Metallica edge merged with modern early 90's grungy Metal here. The band was formed in 1993, while Dirk Strube previously in the 80's already played with Munich bands Sign Of Victory, Calvary and Rotten Bitch. After the 1995er Promodemo "Horror under street", that featured 4 advance trax of the upcoming album "Horror under street" on D&S Recordings (released 1995), the guys afterwards recorded another 3 track tape entitled simply "Sub-Machine" with the songs "Naked fake", "Fuck Chirac" and "We did it", before the band eventually split up in 1997.
(Thanx to Dirk Strube for the info)

A Heavy Metal band from Munich, that was active during the mid 80's and actively played live during that time. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Heavy Metal band from Munich, that was active during the mid till late 80's and actively played live during that time. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Sign Of Victory
Dirk Strube (vocals)
Alexander Rasthofer (guitar)
Bernhard Buchberger (bass)
Gerald Pimpl (drums)
Sign Of Victory was a local Munich NWOBHM style Heavy Metal band that was active during the mid 80's and played several gigs in their local area during that time. The band was formed by Dirk "Struppi" Strube, Alexander "Aki" Rasthofer, Gerald "Geri" Pimpl and Bernhard "Buki" Buchberger in October 1984, while till the band's decline in July 1986 Ingo Fellner (bass), Peter Kopf (guitar), Frederick "Stick" Empl (drums) joined or replaced leaving members. Their vocalist Dirk "Struppi" Strube later re-appeared in the Thrash bands Calvary and Rotten Bitch during the late 80's and joined Unchained Scarlett and Sub-Machine in the 90's. Apart from some rehearsalroom and live cuts, no official studio recordings exist at all.
(Thanx to Dirk Strube for the info)

Unchained Scarlett
Dirk Strube (vocals)
Marko Lange (guitar)
Anton Lini (guitar)
Berny (bass)
Jürgen Feichtmayr (drums)
A modern sounding Power/Thrash band from Landshut that won a band contest in 1992 and could record 2 songs for a local Split LP with the other Landshut bands Dazed and Confused, Daily Depression and Pressure in July. Unchained Scarlett adopted several Metallica influences and in places played even straight Power Metal if not they would have felt the need to mix in Funk influences. And those pretty much kill both songs of the band. The vocals are another reason that true Metal heads would make a big curve around them. They also released a tape in 1993 called "Thrash'n'Roll", before they quit in 1994 when Toni left the band. Vocalist Dirk "Struppi" Strube was prior to Unchained Scarlett already fronting several Munich acts like Sign Of Victory, Calvary and Rotten Bitch. Feichte, Marko and Dirk Strube formed Power/Thrashers Sub-Machine.
"Sieger '92" Comp.-LP Tracks 1992 (JUZ Poschinger Villa)
"Thrash'n'Roll" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Skew Siskin
Nina Schultz (vocals)
Jim Voxx (guitar)
Jogy Rautenberg (bass)
Nik Terry (drums)
Jim Voxx, who already produced Jingo De Lunch, in the late 80's tried to form a Hard Rock band. Since that kind of music he wanted to play was just big in the states at that time, he moved to New York around 1989 (or perhaps even a little bit earlier) to find proper musicians. Since the whole procedure wasn't crowned by success, he returned to Berlin and accidentally found female singer Nina "Nina C. Alice" Schultz, who was looking for a band to join. Both decided to try with each other and quickly bassist Jogi Rautenberg (ex-Dark Avenger/Heartlyne) and drummer Nik Terry completed the classic fourpiece to produce a first Demo in early 1990, that pretty much caused furor in the local Metal mags and either most of the major labels immediately loved their very american style pounding Sleaze/Street/Glam Hard Rock'n'Roll inspired material, influenced by bands such as Cinderella or AC/DC. In the end Giant Records made the race around Skew Siskin and the band produced their selftitled debut during 1991/92, that lead into the support act for Motörhead's tour 1993. The following album "Electric chair music" though took till 1996 to be released and surely did cost the band some fans, but since then 4 more albums got recorded till 2007.

"Skew Siskin" LP/CD 1992 (Giant)
"Livin' on the redline" MCD 1992 (Giant)

Dark Avenger
Siegfried Kohmann (vocals)
Claus Johannson (guitar)
Uwe Neff (bass)
Andreas Breindl (drums)
Bernd Piontek (guitar)
A band from West Berlin that started in 1982 and to me personally belongs to the hottest unsigned bands of the year 1984. The reason is quite simple, because if you are a part of a Split LP with bands like Helloween, Running Wild and Hellhammer and you manage to play all of them to the wall, then you clearly deserve a record contract. Despite of that fact, their 2 trax, the galopping "Lords of the night" and the speedy "Black fairies", on the "Death Metal" compilation are both of the category "songs to die for" and still until today belong to the most timeless classix that the german Metal scene has ever spit out. Power Metal with in places epic touch, a unique style that stands out in the crowd of all known german bands, bad to the bone sawing guitars and Siegfried Kohmann with his remarkable, yet typically german sounding vocals that pretty much nail the point on the "i" that you still can feel your sweaty hair hitting onto your back. I got no clue what happened after this moment of glory of the German Metal history. The band broke with just both guitarists remaining. Jogi Rautenberg (ex-Dead Marian, bass), ex-Ballantinez drummer Karsten Krause, Andreas Witte (keyboard) and Thomas Conrad (vocals) joined and all the magic was gone. A Demo was released just one year after their terrific vinyl debut and all the magic was gone. Except of the energetic banger "Rock 'n' Roll tonight" their style had changed towards a more "commercial" style, common Heavy Metal remained and Siegfried Kohmann vocals was so badly missed. Andreas Breindl joined the rude Black Burn and would later play with Melodic Metallers Majesty, while Jogy Rautenberg, Karsten Krause and Claus Johannson formed the excellent Heartlyne.
"Death Metal" Split LP 1984 (Noise)
"Demo 1985" (selfreleased)

Dirk Strube (vocals)
Philip Paul (guitar)
Michael Urlaub (guitar)
Bernd Ziegelmayr (bass)
Rob (drums)
Quite unknown local Munich Thrashers who've been around since late 1986, founded by Philip "Pele" Paul, Rob, Michael "Holiday" Urlaub, Bernd Ziegelmayr and Dirk "Struppi" Strube (ex-Sign of Victory) who's been their vocalist since May '87. They recorded a pretty welldone Demo with the title "Bursting from plates" in the same year. The 5 tracks featured a melodic kind of straight forward Thrash Metal, that in places reminds of US bands in the early Striker/Gothic Slam vein with a technical approach and also Power/Thrash parts. But sadly the lads quickly disappeared or in other words nobody really took notice of this promising band at all. Dirk Strube left the band late 1987 and focussed on Rotten Bitch. He was later re-appearing in Unchained Scarlett and Sub-Machine, while Calvary dissolved in 1988. There is also a Live tape known as the "BFP-Demo", recorded from a gig at the FZH Ottobrunn on June 10th 1987.
(Thanx to Dirk Strube for the info)

"Bursting from plates" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"BFP-Demo" Live Tape 1987 (selfreleased)

A classic Power/Speed Metal act from Bad Harzburg, near Goslar, that was active during the late 80's and recorded a 7 track Demo during the early 90's with album lenght. Further info is welcome.

"Deadly pizzas" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Most probably a band that belonged to the huge Hamburg scene. Valone was seen around 1990 playing locals gigs in the Hamburg area. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Heiko Sudars (vocals)
Chico (bass)
Marcus (guitar)
Olix (drums)
A shortlived, but great sounding Power Metal band from Lübeck, featuring ex-Mortox bassplayer Chico and Heiko Sudars (ex-Mephizto/Killdozer/Outrage) who both would form the band Subcutane in 1993. Chalice started sometime in 1989 and released just one Demo tape in 1991, that surprises with pretty good sound and arrangements, before they already disbanded in the early 90's.

"Lost children" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Big 'n Juicy
A five piece from Frankfurt/Main that was active since the late 80's and participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival 1989. The guys prior to the event already appeared at a TV show and recorded their outstanding Demo in 1990. The tape features 4 stunning Melodic Metal rockers in the Dokken/Ozzy vein, US american influenced so to say, but playing on a similar level like other german acts of the same caliber that made it big like f.e. Vamp or Bonfire. Their vocalist was canadian born. Further info is welcome.
"1990" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Andreas (guitar)
Max (bass)
Rob (drums, vocals)

An early Death Metal trio from Kassel, founded in the late 80's, who recorded their Demo "Die or swear evil" during 1990 with new drummer Rob. The band was also playing live in their local area during that time. If you got further info, please get in touch.
"Die or swear evil" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Cerebral Decay
A Speed Metal band from the Puderbach/Neuwied in the wider Koblenz area, that was active during the late 80's and early 90's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wiltrut Richter (vocals)
Manni Holländer (guitar)
Jörg Schmitz (guitar)
Manni Leuchter (keyboard)
Ralf Sunderdick (drums)
According to the label info Amazone (or Wiltrut "Willie" Richter as her real name is) is a real multitalent, by being composer, performer and actor all in one person. She founded the band in June '85 and debuted with two Pop/Dance singles first before the album "Rough, tough" went into a completely different direction and featured quite good AOR/Melodic Rock with Hard Rock edge in the Bon Jovi vein. Her voice either sounds very pleasant, so for fans of that category Amazone's album is surely worth a try. For the album she had hired Hard Rock musicians and Amazone's headquarter was based in West Berlin. The band is also known to have performed on the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival 1989 and a local Berlin festival during 1990, so Amazone most probably split up a bit later during the early 90's. A Demo from 1989 exists as well and info was found that Amazone was preparing for the recordings of their second album during early 1990. Further info is welcome.

"Gino Gino" 7"/12" EP 1986 (Chic)
"Distance lover" ‎7" EP 1986 (Teldec)
"Rough, tough" LP/CD 1987 (Rekord)
"Sound of my heartbeat" 7"/12" EP 1987 (Rekord)

Annette Stangenberg (vocals)
Annette Stangenberg, or better known as Joal, was a female vocalist from Hannover who was doing background vocals for a number of bands like Sargant Fury, Letter X, Gamma Ray, Victory or Eloy and got the chance to produce 2 own albums, where she got prominent help by other Hannover musicians like Charlie Huhn, Tommy Newton, Tommy Hansen, Rudi Kaeding etc. There isn't a line up listed of this band, as the guys playing instruments have only been session musicians. The sound of the Joal albums was like expected very american style positioned melodic Hard Rock/AOR, like either Victory performed. In places the production might appear too much polished, that grants the material a slightly poppy touch. Positively to be mentioned has her pretty neat vocal performance, that either made the albums drifting into the Robin Beck corner, with just a heavier edge.

"Joal" LP/CD 1989 (WEA)
"Rock that city" 7"/12" EP 1989 (WEA)
"Who's got the feeling" CD 1993 (WEA)
"I got this feeling" MCD 1993 (WEA)

Sabine Van Wel
Sabine Van Wel (vocals, guitar)

Quite obscure classic Hard Rock act formed by Sabine Van Wel, who was living in Essen back in the day and seemed to previously was active with the band Pace since the late 70's already. There's a Demo tape known of her on solo paths featuring that typical Glam style US Hard Rock with bluesy touch. She's still active nowadays and either reformed Pace when she move to northern Germany in the 2000's. If you got more info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for recommendation)
"Demo 1991" (selfreleased)

Jürgen Eidt
Hannover Heavy Rock unknowns with NWOBHM inspired sound, active some time around 1982-84. Founding member Jürgen Eidt later ran the Roxxon Studio (Glory Anthem, Crack Buster etc..) and after that the Roxxon ACB CD pressing plant. Roxxon recorded 2 Demos within the year of 1983. The first one featured the 2 songs "Little schoolgirls" and "Cover girls", while Demo 2 had "Hard as a rock", "Cover girls" and "Can't get enough" on the agenda. If you have more info, please get in contact.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for the additional info)

Dietmar Schulte (vocals)
Thomas Schulte (guitar)
Justus Hulsermann (bass)
Lutz Hackmann (keyboard)
Andreas Müller (drums)

Ardara was post-Avalon, a band from Münster, that previously was known as Sleazer since already the mid 80's. With a new bassist, the 4 ex-Avalon guys Dietmar Schulte, Thomas Schulte, Lutz Hackmann and Andreas Müller tried to continue the Progressive Metal of their former band and according to the quite listenable "Between reality and dream" Demo from 1992 they fully succeeded on that purpose. The song material featured light hints of Queensryche and sounded quite typical for the Prog Metal from around 1990 with midpaced but heavy sluggish songs. During 1993 a 2 song Promo tape was recorded as well. Further info is welcome.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for the recommandation)
"Between reality and dream" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Promo 1993" (selfreleased)

Iron Attack
A classic Heavy Metal act originating from Wermelskirchen, between Wuppertal and Cologne, that was active during the mid 80's. Their Demo "Games of Death" recorded 1986 features 4 just archetypical mid 80's German Metal numbers sounding very similar to bands like Arrow, Metal Sword etc. According to MA there should be a Live Demo available too, but yet no real evidence could be found. Further info is welcome.

"Games of death" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Rotten Bitch
Dirk Strube (vocals)
Bernhard Drax (guitar)
Michael Dusel (bass)
Stefan Scheuerer (drums)
A local Munich Thrash act that was active from April '86 till June '89, and founding members being Dirk "Struppi" Strube, Bernhard "Schlamm" Drax, Michael "Morbid Mike" Dusel and Stefan "Stiefel" Scheuerer, while in 1987 also Gerald "Gerry" Strasser joined on guitar. Rotten Bitch recorded 2 Demo tapes within that time frame and played several gigs in their area. Dirk "Struppi" Strube previously sung in Sign Of Victory and similar to Rotten Bitch also fronted Munich Thrashers Calvary for some months till late 1987. The band performed a melodic kind of Thrash Metal with technical parts that underlined the skills of the guys, but nevertheless indeed yet kept a raw sound, showing certain parallels to bands such as early Sieges Even or Mekong Delta.
(Thanx to Dirk Strube for the info)

"In battery" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
”Who the fuck are” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Markus Steffen (guitar)
Oliver Holzwarth (bass)
These are the Munich Sodom, that was founded by later Sieges Even members Oliver Holzwarth and Markus Steffen in 1983. The guys released a 3 track Demo that offeres a sound similar to Motörhead on "The angel will die" and there's nowhere to hypothesize that they would later create something like "Life cycle". It's very basic "homemade" stuff, while "Crazy horde" in places reminds a bit of Exciter's "Under attack". I got no clue who was doing the drums, as far as I know Alex Holzwarth joined at a much later stage. 1985 they changed name to Sieges Even and became pioneers of the german Techno Thrash movement. If you got more info, please get in touch.

”Demo 1983” (selfreleased)

Sieges Even
Franz Herde (vocals)
Markus Steffen (guitar)
Markus Burchert (guitar)
Oliver Holzwarth (bass)
Alex Holzwarth (drums)
Sieges Even from Munich started operating back in 1983 under the name of Sodom and even released an early Demo, before the other Sodom from Gelsenkirchen got their record deal, so the Munich Sodom changed name to Sieges Even in 1985. Initial founding members being Markus Steffen and Oliver Holzwarth, who got joined by Oliver's brother Alex on drums and vocalist Franz Herde. A first demo called "Symphonies of steel" (also known as "Demo 1986") was introducing Sieges Even in a more straight Power Metal vein, though the Demo suffered by a bad sound. With the "Bootleg Kassette 1987" and "Repression and Resistance" Demos they stylistically adopted a rather technical Thrash style which they developed to perfection on their debut album "Life cycle", that was released on Steamhammer in Roctober 1988. Sieges Even belong to the founders of what we call Techno Thrash now, showcasing a highly technical progressive mix of Jazz and Thrash Metal, similar to Watchtower or the underrated Mekong Delta. A Split CD with US Thrashers Napalm, that contains songs from "Life cycle", was released for the japanese market and in March 1990 the guys started recordings for "Steps", an album that to describe I simply got no words for. It features everything that I dislike and the term Metal won't fit her anymore. Uninspired riffs, soundshreds paired and wildly stringed together without meaning. Was it Prog Rock? I the hell can't tell. Same disaster on "A sense of change", though without the soundshreds. The former Thrash band was mutated to a Rock band. Guitarist Markus Steffen left Sieges Even in 1992. Oliver and Alex Holzwarth continued with the band and recorded a number of other albums before they eventually split up in 2008.

"Demo 1986" (selfreleased)
"Bootleg Kassette 1987" (selfreleased)
Repression and resistance" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Life cycle" LP/CD 1988 (Steamhammer)
"Napalm VS Sieges Even" Split CD 1990 (Teichiku)
"Steps" LP/CD 1990 (Steamhammer)
"A sense of change" CD 1991 (Steamhammer)

Hermann Weiß (guitar, vocals)
Judy Simeth (bass, vocals)
Mane Wensauer (drums)
Metalaxe was an extremely progressive Thrash band from Bavaria (Cham) with song structures that are hard to follow. And by hard I mean really difficult. I tend to hear hints of early Sieges Even in their debut "Depressive vision" but compared to Metalaxe the Sieges Even stuff was straight Thrash. For the second Demo they added 3 new members and then changed name to Tyccoma. If that helped to progress their songwriting, I'm not so convinced at all. Pretty hard to bear stuff.
”Depressive vision” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Sounds of endtime" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Mekong Delta
Wolfgang Borgmann (vocals)
Jochen Schröder (guitar)
Peavy Wagner (bass)
Jörg Michael (drums)
The "mystery" band Mekong Delta was founded by sound engineer, and owner of the Aaarrg Records label, Ralf Hubert in the fall of 1985, when he gathered several german Metal musicians to record some first demos with members of Avenger/Rage like Jochen Schröder, Peavy Wagner, Jörg Michael plus additional vocalist Wolfgang Borgmann. Soon the Living Death guys Reiner Kelch and Frank Fricke replaced Jochen Schröder and Hubert himself handled the bass when Peavy left too. With the line up of Björn Eklund (Ralph Hubert), Gordon Perkins (Jörg Michael), Rolf Stein (Frank Fricke), Vincent St. Johns (Reiner Kelch) and Keil (Wolfgang Borgmann) the first selftitled Mekong Delta album was recorded in 1986 and released on Hubert's own label Aaarrg Records in 1987. It was obvious, what the lads tried to achieve, as their technical Thrash Metal style was sounding like no other one of the german Thrash bands at that time, except perhaps Sieges Even on their debut. And if you listen closer, even though back in the day noone knew who's been on guitars, Kelch's and Fricke's guitar work, though by far more technically experienced executed, was similar to Living's Death's "Protected from reality" material. Eklund, I mean Hubert ofc, kept the real names of the guys secret and "The gnome" Pic 12", due to Jörg Michael's undertaking with Rage, was recorded in 1987 with Holy Moses' drummer Uli Kusch (as Patrick Duval). In December '87 again with Jörg Michael behind the drums, the guys recorded their second album "The music of Erich Zann", that even overtrumped the debut in terms of technical finesse. If Destruction and Sieges Even was the most technical playing german Thrashers back in the day, then Mekong Delta impressively relegated them to lower ranks. Reiner Kelch, after delivering probably the best guitar job of his entire life with "The music of Erich Zann", quit Mekong Delta afterwards due to personal reasons. Uwe Baltrusch (Target/Sodom) inherited his job late 1988 and debuted on the "Toccata" 12", shortly followed by "The principle of doubt", released spring '89. Frank Fricke either called it a day, to concentrate on his own bands and Baltrusch remained Mekong's Delta's only guitarero so far. The remaining lads started working on the next album in the meanwhile, that planned under the working title “Rondo for Rockgroup” first, was published in the end as "Dances of death" in 1990. During the recordings Wolfgang Borgmann felt that he wasn't very fond of the band's recent style and quit, but Doug Lee of Siren was immediately brought in to finish the vocals parts. "Dances of death" compared to Mekong's Delta's previous efforts, appeared slightly more "straight" (if I may be allowed to use that word for this band's music), and reminded slightly of the last 2 Destruction albums of that decade. Jörg Michael shortly after left the band when they was about to start doing more live gigs and ex-Calhoun Conquer/Krokus drummer Peter Haas joined instead. After the "Kaleidoscope" album in 1992 Mekong Delta needed a 2 years break to return in 1994 with "Visions fugitives". In the following decades Hubert kept the band going with different musicians and released Mekong Delta's most recent album "Tale of a future past" just within this year 2020.
"Mekong Delta" LP 1987 (Aaarrg)
"The gnom" Pic 12" EP 1987 (Aaarrg)
"The music of Erich Zann" LP/CD 1988 (Aaarrg)
"Toccata" 12" EP 1988 (Aaarrg)
"The principle of doubt" LP/CD 1989 (Aaarrg)
"Dances of death (and other walking shadows)" LP/CD 1990 (Aaarrg)
"Live at an Exhibition" CD 1992 (Metal Machine)
"Kaleidoscope" CD 1992 (Intercord)
"Transgression" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (From Heaven to Hell)
"Dance on a volcano" MCD 1993 (Intercord)
"Classics" Compilation CD 1993 (Aaarrg)

Black Widow
Glen Blankenship (vocals)
George Marcus (guitar)
Marcus George (guitar)
Joe Dibias (bass)
Stefan Braun (drums)
A local Heavy Metal band from Würzburg, that formed early 1984, consisting of 2 US soldiers stationed in Würzburg plus 3 german guys. First vocalist was called Phil, then Glen Blankenship became the band's singer for a longer period. After working on own material, the lads soon was able to play several local shows in the Würzburg area and could support acts like Vendetta or Bloody Climax. Their first official 7 track Demo "Storm of darkness" was recorded 1985, but there are earlier and later recordings existing as well, as one of their members compiled an independent CD in 2009 with a ton of the band's recordings. In the beginning Black Widow's style was highly NWOBHM inspired spiked with Judas Priest/Cobra influences and sounding quite similar to Brazilians Excalibur with just better guitar work. During the later phase the material went into a different direction with the doomy and mystic "Purgatory" being one of the band's highlights. During 1987 Glen Blankenship was sent back to the USA and Black Widow tried with a few more other guys, but none really fitted into the band, resulting in the lead guitarist joining another band, which marked the end of Black Widow in 1988.

"Storms of darkness" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Christian Eger (vocals)
Achim Zwirner (guitar)
Herbert lrouscheck (bass)
Peter Koller (guitar, keyboard)
Adolf lrouschek (drums)

A Heavy Rock band from Augsburg, that existed since 1984 and recorded a Demo tape the following year. According to certain info sources their style was influenced by the classic Hard Rock sound. Achim Zwirner was previously part of the just shortlived Hardrockers Request and also played in Waxx. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Ready for fame" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Dietmar Heiler (vocals)
Wolfgang Schludi (guitar)
Wolfgang Bartl (bass)
Alwin Rainer (drums)
A band from Augsburg/Bavaria, that you could see often playing live at any venue back in the mid 80's and who seems to have provided many bands of the area with musicians, though Overdose's Wolfgang Bartl was playing with Manalishi as well. After forming the band in Winter '82/83 as Exodus, the Manalishi guys constantly haunted Bavaria from 1985 to 1987. The band recorded a well respected 3 track Demo back in October '85, whose melodic Heavy Rock style often got compared to bands like Statetrooper and Sinner. They either announced to have plans to record songs for a sampler participation during May '86, that originally should appear on the 3rd part of D&S Records' underground compilations. Wolfgang Schludi later was found in Stormwitch, while earlier members like Alwin Rainer (ex-Grim Reaper/Waxx) and Dietmar Heiler joined the band Veto, that once Steve Hatton (ex-Jailbreak), one of the Manalishi drummers, started. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Some like it hot - we need it heavy" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Harry Liebhäuser (vocals)
Roger Bredel (guitar)
Klaus Schiele (guitar)
Peter Schlattner (bass)
Steve Hatton (drums)
The history of the Augsburg based Veto goes back already to 1982 when Klaus Schiele and Steve Hatton (both ex-Jailbait) started the band as trio. But due to too many reshuffles the band couldn't find a steady line up before November '85 consisting of ex-Mephisto/Headstone vocalist Harry Liebhäuser, Roger Bredel (guitar), Klaus Schiele (guitar), Peter Schlattner (bass). Unfortunately a drummer was missing for the coming recordings of their debut LP, so Peter Garattoni (ex-Eulenspygel/Rebel/Tox/Midnight Darkness) recorded the drums and afterwards (though he was mentioned on the cover) Alwin Rainer (ex-Grim Reaper/Waxx/Manalishi) joined to play live with Veto. Originally until the album was recorded, their lyrics was sung in german and got translated into english right before the recordings started. Musically the selftitled LP contains standard Heavy Metal, mostly midpaced and melodic with pounding beats and a great vocalist. Veto just escaped the middle league when they delivered their speed bangers, but sadly it didn't happen too often. After the debut and a number of live gigs Alwin Rainer left the band again shortly before the recordings of "Carthago" so Peter Garattoni once again jumped in. Just like the debut also "Carthago" featured a colored mix of midpaced melodic Heavy Metal like Sinner or heavier Scorpions plus diverse power bangers, with no real direction. Dietmar Heiler (ex-Manalishi) came for Harry Liebhäuser after "Carthago" but no more albums got produced at all.
"Veto" LP 1986 (Scratch)
"Carthago" LP/CD 1988 (Scratch)
"Metal Attack Vol. 4" Split MC (with Gravestone, Open)

Conny Hühmer (vocals)
Manfred Hecker (guitar)
Dieter Deiss (bass)
Clemens Singt (drums)
A late 70's local Augsburg Hard Rock formation, that was active from 1976 till '78 and performed live on stage cover versions of Deep Purple and Cream. The guys later evolved into Rock`n`Roll Express. Further info is welcome.

Grim Reaper
Alwin Rainer (drums)

A local Augsburg Hard Rock band that was active during the late 70's and early 80's, featuring the later Waxx/Manalishi/Veto drummer Alwin Rainer. The guys played an own tour through Germany during 1980. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Achim Zwirner (guitar, vocals)
Jörg Blank (guitar)
Jochen Tabery (bass, vocals)
Alwin Rainer (drums)
A local Augsburg Heavy Metal troop, that back in 1984 when the band formed, was rated Augsburg's heaviest Rock band ever. Achim Zwirner was ex-Request/Meridias and formed Waxx with the 2,08 m tall drummer Alwin Rainer, who was previously member of the local Hard Rock band Grim Reaper and rockers Knüppelhart. A Demo tape was recorded during late 1984 too. According to certain newspaper features Waxx' sound was pure Heavy Metal with either complicated breaks and arrangements, driven by twin lead duels. During summer '85 the band played their last gigs, and Alwin Rainer afterwards joined Manalishi and played live with Veto as well.

"Giant step for mankind" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)

Dieter Bartl (guitar, vocals)
Achim Zwirner (guitar)
Matthias Ubert (bass)
Josef Roßinski (drums)

A shortlived Hard Rock band from Augsburg, that just lasted from 1982-83, but gained themselves a very good reputation as live band. The band alrady dissolved 1983 and most of the guys founded the Pop/Rock band Peter Pan. Only Achim Zwirner stayed on the heavy path and continued first with Meridias and later with the local Metal band Waxx.

Erwin Jänsch (vocals)
Manfred Dilling (guitar)
Walter Zisler (bass)
Siegfried Pfeff (organ)
Alfred Hoffmann (drums)

A shortlived Hard Rock act from Augsburg, that was active during the late 70's from 1976-78, who had their personal highlight 1977 as opening act for the Scorpions. Helmut Treichel later replaced Erwin Jänsch. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Touchin´ Tough
Rainer Hölzl (vocals)
Christian Schwarzbach (guitar)
Gerald Schmid (bass)
Peter von Mende (drums)

A Blues inspired Hard Rock band from Augsburg, that was founded by ex-members of Avalanche (Gerald Schmid, Rainer Hölzl) and Peter von Mende (ex-Black Knights). Their guitarist came from the Funk Rock band Colourspring. Despite of previously playing in Heavy Metal bands, the sound of the fourpiece was rather influenced by band like Led Zeppelin, Blackfoot and Kingdom Come. Further info is welcome.

Rainer Hölzl (vocals)
Bernd Kleinsteuber (guitar)
Ilja Mayer-Falk (guitar)
Gerald Schmid (bass)
Ralf Auhuber (drums)

A local Augsburg Heavy Metal band, that formed during 1986 and immediately gained themselves a pretty good reputation as a live band. Bernd Kleinsteuber prior to Avalanche played in the Blues Rock band Low Level. Recordings aren't known yet. 1988 Rainer Hölzl and Gerald Schmid formed the Hard Rock band Touchin´ Tough. If you got more ingo, please get in touch.

Black Knights
Michael Buhl (vocals)
Michael Schroth (guitar)
Antonio Lucarelli (guitar)
Günther Vogel (bass)
Rudi Simm (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Augsburg/Bavaria, that was formed 1985 still with Raimund Tietze on the guitar and released 3 Demo tapes between 1986-'88. The guys claimed themselves to play classic Hard Rock, less commercial than Bonfire but not as extreme as Slayer, while Demo titles like "Metal invader" and "Return to the king" might usually promise a classic Metal act hidden here. Support shows for Gravestone and Tyrant confirmed the Black Knights a tight stageacting and professional live show. While they without success tried to score a record deal during the later mid 80's, vocalist Michael Buhl (he joined Augsburg's Mandrake) got replaced by first Martin Burkhardt and later G. A. Schiller inherited the job. Peter von Mende replaced drummer Rudi Simm. The band most probably split up during 1988, coz Peter von Mende joined the Hard Rock band Touchin´ Tough that year. If you got more info please get in touch.
"Metal invader" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Return of the king" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Take me" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Stratford On Avon
Robert Kitmaschka (guitar, vocals)
Jürgen Schuster (guitar)
Vitus Schwägerl (bass)
Anthony Marb (keyboard)
John Litzl (drums)

A Hard Rock band from Meitingen in the Augsburg area which was founded by ex-Abraxas members Vitus Schwägerl and Robert Klimaschka in February '87. Due to their long experiences in the Blues Rock band Abraxas, the guys right on their first band contest participation in March '88 won the first prize with their Van Halen and Scorpions inspired sound. Further drummers has been Katsche Spann and Thomas Braunmüller. If you got more info, pleae get in touch.

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