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Jörg Bock
Minotaur's Jörg Bock during 1990 tried to start a solo project with the name Faceless and wanted to record a Promo 7" till the end of that year, together with other local Hamburg musicians. Seems, the project was just shortlived as that single was never released as we do know. Further info is welcome nevertheless.

Reent Fröhlich (vocals)
Michael Otto (guitar)
Patricia Huth (guitar)
Thorsten Kath (bass)
Peer Würfel (drums)
Another promising band from Sande that was just around for a too short time, but at least could produce two classic Metal LP's in the mid 80's, surprisingly featuring a female guitarist. The band was founded around 1982/83 and published a Demo in 1983, that was good enough for Mausoleum Records to sign the band immediately. In a way "As a matter of..." could be seen as the Heavy Metal version of Accept, due to Reent's voice that sounded close to Udo Dirkschneider's, but Fact just acted way heavier, delivering in places NWOBHM sound combined with the well known german heaviness. Same picture on the band's second album "Without warning", that Axel Thubeauville produced for his Earthshaker label in Roctober '85. Raw typically german Metal noise, heavily Accept influenced is swinging the scepter and might be the right equivalent for all those who like the Accept-ish Metal but Accept themselves still was too much Hard Rock rooted. Sadly Fact split up in 1986 after the album, but parts of the band united with ex-Diamond Breaker guys to form Crossroads in 1988.

"Heavy Metal power play" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"As a matter of..." LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Without warning" LP 1985 (Earthshaker)
"Shout out loud" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Metallic Bunny's Fast Collection)

Fair Warning
Hannes Holzmann (guitar)
Holmer Graap (drums)
Michael Schmitt (bass)
Petros Roudeniklis (keyboard)
Stefan Donatin (vocals)
As far as I know these guys from the greater Coburg area only released a single in 1987. It's more or less a privately pressed vinyl since MG Studios is the name of the studio where they recorded that 2 trax in May '87. The title track has a slightly epic touch and is a midpaced kept metallic number, but "I need you" is delivering the full power. That one is fastpaced with melodic NWOBHM touch, a little bit like Virtue sounding, but the vocalist has had it's problems. Unfortunately both songs are rather short. Michael Schmitt would later join Thrashers Justice. Holzmann and Graap started the James Blast Orchestra (J.B.O.) in 1989 to make us all laugh.
"True lovers" 7" EP 1987 (MG Studios)

Fair Warning (Hannover)
Tommy Heart (vocals)
Andy Malecek (guitar)
Helge Engelke (guitar)
Ule Ritgen (bass)
Jürgen Behrens (Drums)
This band was founded 1990 in Hannover by Ule Ritgen and Tommy Heart and basically could be seen the post-Zeno band as Tommy Heart (ex-Heartlyne/V2), Jürgen Behrens and Ule Ritgen (ex-Black Angel/Electric Sun), all had been in Zeno previously. Behrens before he joined Zeno 1988, was member of the Pop band Silent Circle. The guitarists Helge Engelke and Andy Malecek (ex-Ballantinez/S.A.D.O.) completed the line up. Their debut, released 1992, featured archetypical melodic US style Hard Rock, just like Zeno used to play with either a touch of the classic Def Leppard sound. The album went quite popular in Japan, where the lads got voted the newcomer of the year. The success of the album made them touring through Europe and Japan, where the CD "Live in Japan" was recorded 1993. Behrens quit in '93, but that didn't diminish the band's wave of success. The next album "Rainmaker" (1995) sold again about 140000 copies and more successful albums would follow, till the band at last dissolved in the 2000's.
"Fair Warning" LP/CD 1992 (WEA)
"In the ghetto" MCD 1992 (WEA)
"Long gone" 7" EP/MCD 1992 (WEA)
"When love fails" MCD 1992 (WEA)
"Live in Japan" CD 1993 (WEA)
"Take me up (Lisa's song)" MCD 1993 (WEA)

Stephan Rürup (vocals)
Christian Riepert (guitar)
Uwe Christiäner (guitar)
Christoffer Claas (bass)
Frank Ullrich (drums)
Fairywhite was formed in 1986 in Gütersloh, Nordrhein-Westfalen and only released one demo in 1987, said to be very much in the style (and class!) of early Queensryche. Frank Ullrich previously played in Charger and later in Attack ...which makes me suspect that this Christian Riepert might very well be the "Chreddy" Riepert who also joined the Attack line-up in 1988? If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Find The Key" demo 1987

Faithful Breath
Heinrich Mikus (guitar, vocals)
Horst Stabenow (bass)
Reinhold Immig (guitar)
Walter Scheurer (guitar)
Jürgen Fischer (drums)
Faithful Breath was founded already in the early year 1967 by the two teenagers and ex-The Magic Power members Heinrich (Heinz) Mikus and Horst Stabenow in Bochum together with Reinhold Immig, Walter Scheuer and Jürgen Fischer. Either Ulrich Bock (saxophone, flute) joined the group, but Immig already quit in spring '69. In Autumn '70 Jürgen Fischer left the guys as well due to his required army service. The band moved to Witten and found Jürgen Weritz (ex-Mama Werwolf) to replaced him early 1971. Ulrich Bock was forced to leave as well due to a tuberculosis disease and late '72 either Walter Scheurer went his own path. Manfred von Buttlar (ex-Mama Werwolf) was hired on organs and the band's sound changed sides to a more symphonic, spacy Prog Rock sound with the line up Mikus, Stabenow, Weritz and von Buttlar, that recorded Faithful Breath's debut album "Fading beauty" in late '73, while the album was manufactured and published independently on their own label FB Music in a limited edition of 1500 copies. 1975 the guys had to press another edition with different sleeve. After two years of heavy touring, vocalist Jürgen Renfordt joined the band and October '77 one more private 7" (Stick in your eyes") appeared on their label FB Music and parallel to the single release, Faithful Breath recorded the "Back on my hill" LP 1978, that was introduced during a radio show, but the guys hadn't even found a label yet. Aladin Records signed the band, but didn't publish the album at all, which resulted in Faithful Breath to judicially cancel the contract, which took some time and could finally publish the LP on Sky Records in 1980. Still the album has to be counted to the Prog Rock genre and shouldn't be of interest for us at all. After the "Die Mörderbiene" 12" 1981, Manfred von Buttlar, Jürgen Renfordt and Jürgen Weritz left Faithful Breath to concentrate on their personal professional careers. Mikus and Stabenow started from zero with drummer Uwe Otto on the "Rock lions" LP, that introduced Faithful's Breath stylistical change towards the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal business. Originally the trio had planned to change the band name to Hurricane by the release of the album, but Sky Records didn't allow that at all. But the lads from this day forward screwed on the horns on their newly bought helmets and optically transformed into Germany's answer to swedish Heavy Load, while musically Faithful Breath's music had nothing in common with the old Prog Rock anymore. Classic Hard Rock with 70's touch incl. Boogie and AC/DC influenced songs heralded a new era of the band's career. Uwe Otto already left the band late '81 and Jürgen Düsterloh joined 1982, to record the once again heavier sounding "Hard breath" album 1983. Faithful Breath was moving closer to real Heavy Metal step by step and finally succeeded that aim 1984 with "Gold'n'Glory", that featured the ex-Bullet guitarist Andy Hönig, and adopted several Judas Priest and Accept influences. "Gold'n'Glory" became Faithful Breath's best selling album, but Stabenow quit the same year and Peter Dell took his part. Horst Stabenow would later in 1988 found the band Magic Power and record an album with Syntra. Due to Mausoleum's financial problems Faithful Breath was forced to search for a new label to release the album "Skol", and ended up on a follow up label of one of the Mausoleum Records guys, Ambush Records, who sadly couldn't promote the band the way they needed it to gain the big breakthrough in Germany. The album was hardly available at local shops nationwide and therefore the co-operation got ended right after one album. "Skol" just like the previous "Gold'n'Glory" delivered just typical mid 80's german Metal, somewhere between Accept and Judas Priest. Thilo Hermann on the LP replaced Andy Hönig, who went back to Bullet in 1984 and two years later formed the band ABH/Spitfire. Still benefiting from "Gold'n'Glory"s success, Faithful Breath subsequently signed a contract with Noise in the meanwhile and published a live album 1986, that was meant to bypass the time till the release of the new fullenght. But it shouldn't happen this way anymore. After a tour through Poland the lads early 1987 once again changed their musical direction, outfits and band name to Risk and heralded once again a new era as Speed Metal act. Faithful Breath songs also appeared on numerous compilations, that we don't list here at all.
"Fading beauty" LP 1974 (FB Music)
"Stick in your eyes" 7" EP 1977 (FB Music)
"Back on my hill" LP 1980 (Sky)
"Rock lions" LP 1981 (Sky)
"Die Mörderbiene" 12" EP 1981 (Sky)
"Hurricane" 7" EP 1981 (Sky)
"Hard breath" LP 1983 (Sky)
"Gold 'n' glory" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"A million hearts" 7" EP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Skol" LP 1985 (Ambush)
"Live" LP 1986 (Noise)
"Double thing" Comp.-CD 1989 (Steamhammer)

Falcon Prey
Eduard Keller (vocals)
Helge Rühl (bass)
Ralf Deutscher (drums)
Bernhard Stöcker (guitar)
Lars Niedereichholz (keyboard)
Probably since the Hammerschmitt LP didn't get so well reviews by the german press, Eduard Keller and Ralf Deutscher (ex-Booster, both ex-Hammerschmitt) joined Falcon Prey from Oberursel, near Frankfurt. The band was originally founded by Alex Weckler (guitar) and Helge Rühl in November 1985. Deutscher already joined the band in March '86 and Bernhard Stöckler plus Eduard Keller in August. Last one to join was keyboarder Lars Niedereichholz. And indeed that band was a step forward musically with it's epic yet melodic Power Metal. The 3 Demo songs sounded pretty contemporary, slightly Maiden influenced (Seventh son era), almost ahead of their time as many bands from around 1989 adopted that sound as well. This demo was also "re-released" as part of a split-tape with (of all possible, random bands) the fem-fronted UK post-nwobhm band Siege a few years later and distributed by the Belgian Skullthrasher Promotions tape-label. There is another recording with 4 more tracks known (seems not official), that fully continues that melodic way, with epic refrains and slightly more pounding beats a bit more influenced of glammy US bands. By this time, Manfred Reckendorfer (a.k.a. Freddy Astor) formerly of the Austrian familiars Blowin Free had replaced Ralf on drums and Gerhard Konieczny from Renegade had replaced Bernhard on guitar.
"Falcon Prey" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Achim Schnall (guitar)
Dieter Happel (bass, vocals)
Peter Ziegler (drums, vocals)
Heinz-Michael Thauer (keyboard)
Fame was somewhere from the Frankfurt/Main area and released a quite obscure and unknown 7" with the two tracks "I wanna go" and "Machine woman" in 1981, that offers a pretty heavy sort of Hard Rock with a few AOR touches and powerful sound, that just like Journey at the same was ahead of it's time and completely threw the old Kraut Rock influences, that most other german bands of that time had to struggle with, over board. A little gem...
"I wanna go" 7"EP 1981 (KWG LUI)

Frank Heeb
Stefan Heintzelmann

A Metal band that was originating from Alzey (south of Mayence), and was active during 1987. Stefan Heintzelmann was previously playing with Depression from Worms. If you got more info, please get in touch.

An obscure german Hard Rock band with independent single from 1982. The lads used to play a quite melodic classic Hard Rock with heavy guitars and kinda spacy touch. Looks like the band was heavily influenced by the Scorpions. Seriously one of the better early singles. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Big city lights" 7" EP 1982 (Messidor)

Fancy Free
Rudi Nell (vocals)
Joachim Schiller (bass)
Miguel Schiller (guitar)
Jochen Wellnitz (guitar)
Mike Schwab (drums)
Gins Ginsheimer (keyboard)
Detze Brdak (percussion)
An AOR band from Koblenz that was featured with the 2 songs "Same old story" and "Rock'n Roll star" on a local compilation LP, but just "Rock'n Roll star" sounding listenable. "Same old story" still contains other influences (Jazz Rock) that's not worth to mention here, quite forgettable band. 1986 they also appeared on the Compilation "Music Live Vol. III" with the track "Stand up" and they are still active nowadays.
"Rockactive 84" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Vip)
"Stand up" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Music Live Vol. III)

A Power Metal band orginating from Dortmund from the late 80's, which actively played live during 1989. The band changed name to Rhûn (Rhun) in the following year. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Peter Ladwig (guitar, vocals)
Hanno Großmann (guitar)
Peter Korn (bass)
Frank Tolle (drums)
The band Fargo was founed in 1972 in Hannover by Peter Korn, Peter Ladwig, Hanno Großmann and Frank Tolle, but it would take until 1977 to release a first single. 1979 due to good contacts to the other Hannover bands Eloy and Jane, Fargo recorded their first album in the own studio of the band Jane, while Eloy guitarist Frank Bornemann convinced the label of his band to release Fargo's debut. The "Wishing well" entitled LP featured a still Southern Rock inspired sort of Hard Rock, a style which basically would also get carried over to the band's second effort "No limit" from 1980. Drummer Frank Tolle got replaced by Rudi Kaeding (ex-Firehorse) on the band's breakthrough album "Frontpage lover" 1981, that opened several doors for the band's further career. On "Frontpage lover" Fargo had eventually fully turned into a classic Hard Rock act and the lads could support AC/DC and April Wine during their tours, which ended in the fact that Hanno Großmann left the guys to concentrate on his studies. Tommy Newton played the additional guitar on Fargo's 4th album simply entitled "F" in 1982, that might be the heaviest of the bunch, celebrating a solid typical early 80's Hard Rock sound in the vein of Kiss, orientated towards the future. Nevertheless, Fargo was disbanded in early '84 due to band internal problems concearning the musical direction, but that either was the birth of another band called Victory. In 1984 when Tommy Newton and Peter Knorn of Fargo was preparing another album and looking for new members, their long time friends the Scorpions organized a new management from the US, that immediately started preparing a big career for the band with the first step being to change the band name to Victory. The rest is history...
"Comin' together" ‎7" EP 1977 (Lava)
"Wishing well" LP 1979 (Crystal)
"No limit" LP 1980 (Crystal)
"The last" ‎7" EP 1980 (Crystal)
"Frontpage lover" LP 1981 (Harvest)
"Tokyo" ‎7" EP 1981 (Harvest)
"F" LP 1982 (Harvest)

Fave Rocks
Karen (vocals)
The X (bass)
Damir (guitar)
Thimo (guitar)
Chris (drums)
A strongly AC/DC influenced Hard Rock band with bluesy touch, that even though you hardly will recognize, used to have a female vocalist. Their sound compared to other bands of that time appears quite antiquated whenalso the production is kept rather modern.
"How about you?" MLP 1989 (Rockwerk)

Gitta Jägermann (vocals)
Heinz Vertgewall (guitar)
Thomas Koppe (bass)
Klaus Nowack (drums)
A Metal band originating from Werne, north of Dortmund, that was actively playing since already 1976 and had to fight several line up changes throughout the years. Formerly a Hard Rock formation, the band reformed during late 1983, now featuring female vocalist Gitta Jägermann plus the old members Heinz Vertgewall (guitar) and Klaus Nowack (drums), while bassman Thomas Koppe newly joined the group late '83 as well. During the fall of that year this foursome also recorded a 6 song Demo tape, that offers a kinda Hard Rock/Metal mix with some pretty heavy edges here and there, providing an obviously NWOBHM influenced sound as well. During 1984, the band played several gigs in the Dortmund area, but then Feedback's traces trail away nevertheless. If you got more info, please contact us.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for the info and pictures)
”Demo 1983” (selfreleased)

Feedback (Horn)
C. Häring
Heavy Rock band from Horn/Bavaria playing gigs in around 1985/86. If you have more info please get in touch.

Feedback (Wiesbaden)
Sven Schmidt (vocals)
Heiko Wurm (bass)
Mark Wurm (drums)
Thomas Keller (keyboards)
These Feedback originating from Wiesbaden (Hessen) shouldn't get mistakenly confused with the other bands of that name from Werne and Horn. These guys either was active during a later part of the 80's and early 90's and recorded just one quite nice sounding Demo tape in 1991, entitled "Savage tracks". Their sound in contrary to the other two Feedback bands featured a melodic sort of Power Metal, but looks like they disappeared quickly after either. More info are welcome.
(Thanx to Rumblefist for the heads up)
"Savage tracks" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Christine Black (vocals)
A female fronted, professional sounding Melodic Metal band originating from Mannheim, founded in early '87 and actively playing live during 1988. Late summer 1988 due to their explosive live performances, the band was invited to record Demos for ZYX Metallic, to decide for a possible future collaboration, which didn't succeed, so their native US american born Christine Black later joined the band Monsters and recorded an album with them, while Femine changed name in mid 1989 to Sanvoisen. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A hard rock band from Bremen. They broke up in November 1983, and some members came to form the Heavy Metal band SERMON. If you have more info, please get in contact.

John Morier (vocals)
Holger (bass)
Jochen (drums)
Sven (guitar)
Thomas (guitar)
Death/Thrashers from Phillipsburg in Baden-Wuerttemberg with just one Demo that shows some similarities to Pestilence due to John Morier's voice sounding close to Martin van Drunen here. The Death Metal influences are minor, just a few midpaced parts incl. some Celtic Frost alike impressions are included as well. Both guitarists show that they was able to add some melodic solos as well, that's why I believe that the vocalist doesn't really fits to their style. But all in all solid and raw stuff.
”Death valley” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Festering Boils
A "gory Deathmetal band" from the Düsseldorf-area, influenced by Master, Morbid Angel, Death, Repulsion etc. A demo was planned to be released before the end of 1989, but it's unknown if this ever came to be. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Karsten Slansky (vocals)
Sven Büttner (guitar, vocals)
Andreas Ohme (guitar)
Jörg Göldner (bass)
Thomas Hildebrand (drums)
Feuerstein (Firestone) from Halle (ex-GDR) was officially founded in August 1986 by Karsten Slansky (vocals), Sven Büttner (guitar, vocals), Andreas Ohme (guitar), Jörg Göldner (bass) and Thomas Hildebrand (drums) and was playing classic Heavy Metal inspired by bands such as Accept, Judas Priest, Saxon or Motörhead. But some of the guys already played in a Hard Rock band during their schooltime. In 1986 they recorded 2 first songs for the national broadcast. Kai Büttner replaced Göldner on bass and Christian Sorge came for Ohme and with the new members they recorded another 2 heavier sounding songs with especially "Teufelsbraut" (Devils bride) paying homage to Motörhead, both musically and vocalwise. Sven Büttner their guitarist was a Lemmy double and also has been responsible to sing the Motörhead songs due to his voice sounding similar to Lemmy's. All other trax was sung by Karsten Slansky, who offered more clear vocals to sing the Maiden, Saxon and Priest stuff on stage. "Teufelsbraut" was even featured on the Rockbilanz '88 Compilation, a series featuring famous songs of that special year that made it high in the national hit parades. 1989 they recorded "Nie zu laut" (Never too loud) and "Haste Geld" (Got money?) again for the national broadcast service and their style had developed towards a more thrashier Metal, mixing midpaced Metal with Speed/Thrash parts. But that's been the last life sign, Feuerstein became another victim of the political change in the country, they didn't survive it at all like so many other bands.
"Teufelsbraut" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Rockbilanz '88)
Broadcast recordings:
"Sieht sie mich an" (1986)
"Sag ich will" (1986)
"Die bösen Jungs kommen" (1988)
"Haste Geld" (1989)
"Nie zu laut" (1989)

Final Decay

A Speed/Thrash Metal band from Hamm, near Dortmund. The guys was active during the early 90's and according to own their own words was was stylistically influenced by Riot and also Slayer. Studio recordings was in the planning phase during 1991. Further info is needed.

Final Decay (Erfurt)
Martin Seiring (vocals, bass)
Sascha Littek (guitar)
Gunnar Oltmanns (guitar)
Oliver Warweg (drums)

A Thrash band from Erfurt, that formed during the political changing times inside ex-GDR. A 4 track Demo is known, recorded in 1993 plus an obscure (most probably selfproduced) CD from 2001, with the title "Nemo", released on Headless Records. Further info is needed.
"Final Decay" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Final Shower
Detlef Hake (vocals, bass)
Oli Lange (drums)
Nick Lange (guitars)
Jens Horn (guitars)
If you wanna try Final Shower, you'd better start with the "A matter of habit" Demo, because then you will know it can be only worse than that. This band from Bonn released 3 Demos from 1989-91 that better would remain unreleased. Especially the first tape "World's end" belongs to the worst Demos in the Thrash sector and "No need to be human" doesn't stand too far behind. Their style was Thrash Metal with grunted vocals and certain death/thrashing parts with in places even good approaches but I guess the "production" and the drummer in the band pretty much killed it all for them. With a real vocalist who knows how it would have looked then, but all in all it didn't really fit together here what they tried. In 1999 they released a CD called "Injustice".
"World's End" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"No Need to Be Human" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"A matter of habit" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Michael Schinkel (vocals, guitar)
Ferdinand Jamitzky (keyboard)
Jörg Sotzko (drums)
Thomas Keller (bass)
A Hard Rock band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "Rock the night away" and "Hold on" for the Feierwerk Split LP "Rock Feierwerk Sieger 89" with other Munich bands Bad Hoven, Burning Heat and The Comics. Both trax was taken from their 7 track Demo tape that contains even more outstanding songs. Firefox are interesting for the US influenced Melodic Metal/Hard Rock faction who like it melodic and heavy both at same time. Pole Position, Lifeline, Vera Cruz, Burning Heat are all of the same sort and quality. Highly recommended material with awesome vocals.
"Demo 1989" (selfreleased)
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 89" Comp.-LP Tracks 1989 (Feierwerk)

Florian v. Hofen (bass, vocals)
Peter Ladwig (guitar)
Sandy Nedde (guitar)
Jürgen Baumann (keyboard)
Manfred Wieczorke (keyboard)
Haso Anhoek (percussion)
Rudi Kaeding (drums)
I'm not sure if this indeed was a real band and not just a studio project, but this Hannover based band released only one album in 1980 that was featuring the Fargo guitarist Peter Ladwig, as well as the later Fargo drummer Rudi Kaeding. Either Manfred Wieczorke was member of Jane and Eloy, while Jürgen Baumann came from Madison Dyke. Nevertheless, the album contains hardrockish Prog Rock, that in places even shows similarities to Fargo when they still didn't fully turn into a Hard Rock outfit. But after all for friends of the late 70's/early 80's heavy Prog/Hard Rock stuff surely worth a try.
"On the wind" LP 1980 (Ariola)

Klaus (guitar)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Attendorn from the early/mid 80's, featuring the later Fulcrum/Twixt guitarist Klaus (ex-Rosalie). If you got more info, please get in touch.

First Attempt
Darko Ceh (vocals)
Sabine Romeyka (vocals)
Johannes Tunyogi-Csapo (guitar)
Jörg Martin (bass)
Lilo (drums)
A female fronted band from Frankenberg, north of Marburg, with a privately released single, recorded in March '88. Though there is a male vocalist mentioned in the line up, both songs on the vinyl was sung by Sabine Romeyka. The single is also known under the title "Cry for love" and this particular track could be either labelled Heavy Rock, that sadly due to the poppy keyboards gets an typical AOR touch. The flipside track then features a slightly softer tune with R'n'R edge. If you got more info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"First attempt" 7" EP 1988 (selfreleased)

Flacmans Port
Mark Herges (vocals)
Roland Walter (guitar)
Jürgen Herrmann (guitar)
Jörg Warken (bass)
Günter Junker (drums)
Flacmans Port was founded in autumn '88 in Lebach and published their debut 4 track Demo in June 1991 that, just like their sole album "Afterlife" released on West Virginia Records, contains a late 80's style Power/Thrash Metal, that's often reminding of Metallica in a way. The main material is midpaced but here and there the lads raise the tempo, though for my taste it could have happened a bit more often. The guys changed name to Horrorscore afterwards and recorded one more Demo in 1993.

"The age of fear" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Afterlife" CD 1992 (West Virginia)

Mark Butz (vocals)
Dirk Wilms (guitar)
Uwe Rademacher (guitar)
Gerald Gros (bass)
Markus Maldener (drums)
Post-Flennes, a very well known local Metal act from Kempenich. They changed name to Flanez in 1989 and recuited Mark Butz (ex-Trashed) as new vocalist before they released their only vinyl, a 12" entitled "Fast foodt" that most collectors of german Metal get wet panties from nowadays. The sound on the 12" is quite melodic with many speed elements, similar to super acts such as Helloween, Noisehunter or the lesser known but also great Chroming Rose. But with "Stand up" and "Without you" the vinyl also featured 2 more midpaced numbers, that pretty much getting an advantage by Butz' magnifique vocals.

Michael Pfeiffer (vocals)
Oliver Koropka (guitar)
Gerd Zimmermann (guitar)
Olaf Kreft (bass)
Berndt Zimmermann (drums)
A young band from Troisdorf, formed in 1984/85. They released a 7-song live Demo in 1985, described as Blues-influenced Hard Rock. If you have more info, please get in touch.
"Live Demo 1985" (selfreleased)

Manni Nürenberg (vocals)
Dirk Wilms (guitar)
Uwe Rademacher (guitar)
Gerald Gros (bass)
Thorsten Grabnitz (drums)
The Kempenich based Flennes was the pre-Flanez band that started already in 1983 and having the first steady line up to start playing live with Manni Nürenberg (vocals), Dirk Wilms (guitar), Uwe Rademacher (guitar), Gerald Gros (bass) and Thorsten Grabnitz on drums. This young Heavy Metal band recorded the first Demo in February '86 while Grabnitz on drums got replaced by Markus Maldener. 2 of the 3 trax was still sung by former vocalist Manni Nürenberg while the booklet already mentioned Guido Krämer (later in Vanilla Rex) on vox. Their first album was planned for 1987 with the working title "Words of fire". But the LP was never released, instead they kept on playing under the name of Flanez since 1989.
"First invasion" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Alex Pretzer (vocals)
Bastian Herzog (drums)
Stefan Hanus (guitars)
Alfred Handke (guitars)
Marcus Amann (bass)
Basically Fleshcrawl are Suffocation who changed their name 1991 with the first 7" "Lost in a grave" (red vinyl), as there is still a sticker on the sleeve "ex-Suffocation". But also musicwise they slightly changed stylistically, the old southern Europe Death Metal influences are still audible but their sound had moved a bit towards the US and swedish style, adding even some Grind parts now. Black Mark Productions signed them to release the debut "Descend into the absurd" in June '92. Gero Schmitt (ex-R.U. Dead?) had replaced Alfred Handke on guitar and the music became even more swedish style Death Metal with some early 90's influences of Death and the US scene. 1993 Loud Out Records released a Split Tape including their 7" plus the EP's of french Supuration and R.U. Dead?. After "Descend into the absurd" Fleshcrawl kept on releasing albums till nowadays. You may check out their Homepage for further info.
"Lost in a grave" 7" EP 1991 (Morbid)
"Descend into the absurd" CD 1992 (Black Mark)
"Fleshcrawl/Supuration/R.U. Dead?" Split Tape 1993 (Loud Out)

Willy Eilers (vocals)
Gerd Hoddow (guitar)
Bodo Geist (guitar)
Charly Schuster (bass)
Rolf Roskos (drums)
Fliehkraft was a Hard Rock band from Plettenberg, that was active since 1978 and changed name to the more well known Gator, shortly before they recorded Gator's sole but essential album for the german Heavy Metal history in 1982. As Fliehkraft the lads also published a quite obscure 7" entlitled "Take a joint" on their own label at the end of the 70's, that features pretty rough and heavy Hard Rock like the later Gator stuff.

"Take a joint" 7" EP 1979 (Madhouse)

Flying Skull
Achim Nohl (vocals)
Elmar Birlo (bass)
Ralph Blankart (drums)
Roland Saager (guitar)
Rudi Becker (guitar)
This Cologne based classic Heavy Metal band released the first tape one year after they united and got picked up ' 87 by the D&S Studio guys to appear on one of their Compilation that featured german unsigned underground Metal acts. In Oct. 88 they recorded 4 more songs for the second Demo "You're my fan no. 1!" at Studio Airfort in Cologne incl. "Lonesome child" that was already featured on the Compilation. The speed got raised a bit and they added a bit more power either, sounding quite typical for the time now like Noisehunter f.e. with high pitched screams. But years passed by and nothing happed, Stefan Uschwa replaced Rudi Becker in the meanwhile, who joined Thunderstruck, so Flying Skull recorded their first album "Darkness" in 1990 and released it on tape and CD in 1991. "Darkness" could be compared to the previous Demo, even featuring songs of that tape, typical german melodic Power Metal like Noisehunter/Helloween. On "Revelaton", their last effort released 1993 independently, they also kept on playing that 80's style Power (in places kinda Running Wild-ish now) but the production now appears more powerful than ever, which fit perfectly their creations. The band disbanded afterwards in 1997 but returned with a MCD-R "Sign of the brave" in 2014.
"The first flight" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No. 5" Comp.-LP 1987 (D&S)
”You are my fan no. 1!” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Nightwalk" Comp.-MC Track 1990 (Metal Mutilation I)
"Darkness" CD 1992 (selfreleased)
"Revelation" CD 1993 (selfreleased)

R. Wolf (vocals)
M. Schenke (guitar)
A. Stahr (keyboard)
M. Schmidt (bass)
I. van Reh (drums)
S. Hein (vocals)
A Hard Rock band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "Eyes of a child" and "Love may reign" for the Feierwerk Split LP "Rock Feierwerk Sieger 91" with other Munich bands Das Leben, Earthtribe and Luca & The Groovy Band. Both trax fully integrate in the well known Munich melodic Hard Rock sound that Firefox, Burning Heat and Bad Hoven on the previous issue of this compilation delivered. Good arrangements, rough sounding and well executed stuff.
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 91" Comp.-LP Tracks 1991 (Feierwerk)

A Heavy Metal band, that was actively playing gigs during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

For Sale
Danny (vocals)
Gisi Reuter (guitar)
Alex (bass)
Lars (drums)
Elmar (guitar)
This female fronted Melodic Metal band from Stutensee near Karlsruhe released just one Demo as far as I know. It's great if you got your own "eye catcher" in the band and if that "eye catcher" can even sing, then the doors to the Metal world are open for ya. Danny's vocals could be compared to Doro Pesch's, but musically For Sale was way more influenced by the US Glam stuff. On "Sacrify" they play in a pretty cool melodic US Metal style but sadly don't keep that high level. The other tracks tend to a more midpaced Hard Rock style like for example Dio's "Holy diver" or "Rainbow in the dark" but with a glammy edge. Hard Rock fans will love this tape I'm sure, especially since the guitar work is in places quite extraordinary but sadly the guitarists only show their skills during the solos what they was able to play on their instruments.
”Demo ‘90” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Force Ten
A Metal band from most probably Hessen (Frankfurt/Hanau area), that was actively playing live during 1990. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Forced Entry
Harry Amthor (vocals)
Mike Gage (guitar)
Rüdiger Blindert (guitar)
Achim Meyer (bass)
Willi Schwäbig (drums)
After the split of the bands Stainless and Red Hot in the mid 80's, both originating from the Bonn area, Rüdiger Blindert, Achim Meyer (both ex-Red Hot) and Willi Schwäbig (ex-Stainless) formed the band Forced Entry during summer '87 in Düsseldorf, after Blindert's short intermezzo with Matrix in 1986. November 1987 the lads also recorded a 4 track Demo tape and could subsequently sign a contract with the Atom H label, who seemed to enjoy Forced Entry's midpaced melodic Power Metal. "Forced Entry" was finally availabe in 1988, featuring very playful songs with certain influences of the heavy Queensryche stuff and diverse hints of what later would be known from STS 8 Mission's debut album. Within the same year band internal changes caused line up changes as well, so the ex-Matrix bassist Roland Wedel came for Achim Meyer, while Xaver Drexler (ex-Capital Rose) replaced Harry Amthor, who formed the band Energy. During 1988-'89 the band was firming as The Pakk, till the name STS 8 Mission was picked up to lead the guy through their following career, playing speedy guitar oriented Power Metal with new entrant Thomas Schmitt on guitar.
"Demo 1987" (selfreleased)
"Forced Entry" LP 1988 (Atom H)

Forgotten Realms
A local band from Bavaria (Burghausen/Rosenheim area), that actively played live during 1990. Further info is needed.

Formel 1
Norbert Schmidt (vocals)
Wolfgang Densky (guitar)
Detlef Dudziak (bass)
Peter Fincke (drums)
Being the undisputed number 1 amoung the Heavy Metal bands from ex-GDR, the band Formel 1 was activated in 1981, when previous members (Norbert Schmidt, Wolfgang Densky, Peter Fincke) of the defunct Joco Dev Sextett from Berlin, that was active since the late 60's and was playing proggy Kraut Rock in the beginning, but moved on musically towards an Hard Rock inspired sound during the last phase of their career, formed a new band with the aim to worship their new heroes Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Caused by their previous more than 10 years the lads had been in the business, they gained a huge advantage to the other young Metal bands and soon after officially got promoted from governmental side, which allowed them to appear in national TV shows and to participate on vinyl compilations, that helped spreading the name Formel 1 throughout the whole country and climbing the top. Detlef Dudziak joined them soon on bass and also the slovakian guitarist Andrej Horvath was added 1982. But the latter just stayed for a short time and was replaced by Bodo Kommnick still in '82 first and in 1983 Reinhold Heß was permanently hired. Schmidt, Densky, Dudziak, Heß and Fincke would build the classic line up of Formel 1, and after becoming professional musicians, the band started recording several songs per year for the national broadcast service. The very first appearance on a sampler was with "Eddie" in 1983 on the "Heiße Würstchen" LP, shortly after followed by "Hiroshima Kranich" on the "Denke daran" Split 7". The success on the national hitparades earned the guys a first own single, that was produced in 1985 and as the very first Heavy Metal band of the GDR ever, Formel 1 could release a full (live) album right in 1986, which was entitled "Live im Stahlwerk". Funnily besides the bands own well known creations, they was allowed to feature coverversions of Maiden and Priest on the LP either. The band's sound got even heavier during the mid 80's, new songs like "Kreuzritter" and "Hart wie Stahl" was composed, but early '87 Reinhold Heß quit and the ex-Mephisto/Vantom guitarist Michael Sündermann replaced him for a very short time. Though a second album was planned, the officials didn't really want to co-operate with the band, as the influence Formel 1 had on the Heavy Metal fans wasn't much liked by the government's fat cats. Due to the bullying from official sides, two of the members had officially requested to leave the country, which resulted in Formel 1 disbanding in December of the same year. Fincke and Schmidt left the country, Densky joined Babylon, while Dudziak and Sündermann hooked up with Pharao. Formel 1's sound was tightly connected to the NWOBHM, especially the classic Iron Maiden sound with massive twin lead attacks built the backbone of Formel 1's music.
Here you can watch a clip of Formel 1
"Eddie" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Heiße Würstchen)
"Hiroshima Kranich" Split 7" EP Track 1983 (Denke daran)
"18 Jahre sein/Mach keine Wellen" 7" EP 1985 (Amiga)
"Der Weg nach oben" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Rock-Bilanz 1985)
"Live im Stahlwerk" LP 1986 (Amiga)
"Heavy Metal" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Rock-Bilanz 1986)
"Eddie" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Berliner Rocker - Zwischen Prenzlauer Berg und Mont Klamott)
"Der Weg nach oben" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Deutscher Demokratischer Beat - Vol. 2)

Broadcast Recordings:
"Mensch Rosie" (1982)
"Willste nich uffstehn" (1982)
"Sie will weg" (1983)
"Jenny" (1983)
"Da bleibt was von mir" (1984)
"Der Fußballfan" (1984)
"Wär mein Leben programmierbar" (1985)
"Der Weg nach oben" (1985)
"Der Edelrocker" (1985)
"Speedway" (1985)
"Berlin" (1986)
"Letztes Rad am Wagen" (1986)
"Hart wie Stahl" (1986)

Fortress (Düsseldorf)
Rüdiger Schnettler (vocals)
Andreas Schwarte (bass)
Norbert Schwink (drums)
Jörg Dingler (guitar)
Herbert Zehnpfennig (guitar)
Another Fortress band, this time hailing from Düsseldorf which exists since late 1984. These guys have been active around 1986/87 doing live gigs and offered an early Priest/Accept influenced Metal with many twin leads. If you have more info please get in touch.

Fortress (Hagen)
Michael Moneke (guitar, vocals)
Dietmar Berckenhoff (bass)
Torsten Woeste (keyboards)
Thomas Koch (drums)
One of the countless Fortress bands, this one hailing from Hagen/Dortmund and playing a quite epic proggy Metal with some pure Prog Rock parts included. The keyboard played a big role in their sound and I guess without keyboards this band wouldn't sound that good. They quite had an own vision and I cannot compare them to any bands at all. The vocals could have been done a bit better perhaps, but after all their mystic Prog Metal will get a thumb up from me. I have no clue what happened to them later.
”I.” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Fortress (Mayence)
Heavy Metal band from Mayence that played live shows in around 1985/86. If you have more info please get in touch.

Rüdiger Eilts (guitar)
Hartmut Bleumer (guitar, vocals)
Bernie Johrmann (bass)
Jürgen Eilts (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Neuenhaus (near Münster), formed in autumn '84, that released a Demo tape in 1985. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Hartmut Bleumer (vocals)
Rüdiger Eilts (guitar)
Berni Johrmann (bass)
Jürgen Eilts (drums)
Fortuner was a shortlived act from northern Germany, who produced a single album for the Metalvoice Records label, that was owned by the HGM Studio from Bielefeld, where "Two sides of the Metal" was either recorded. In contrary to the typical southern Germany bands that was all picked up by Gama, the style of Fortuner was different. The lads used to play a very fresh sounding Metal with melodic touch, but not forgetting to add a healthy portion of speed. Especially the fast twin leads are giving the material a quite special touch. Basically Fortuner's style could be described as a mix of late 80's Maiden, Mortox and Invader, but the young band lasted only 3 years and disbanded already in 1987.

Detlef Kowalewski (guitar, vocals)
Michael Pascek (bass)
Heint Josef Patlen (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Dormagen, that's featuring the later High'n Dry guitarist Detlef Kowalewski. The band was founded in the late 70's and used to play an early Status Quo/Black Sabbath inspired Hard Rock style with Boogie edge on their sole album from 1980. After the album no more lifesign surfaced, but Kowalewski would form the Heavy Metal band High'n Dry at around 1987 and recorded one more highly regarded album.

"Introduction" LP 1980 (Colonia)

Four Wheel Drive
Roger Eckel
Jürgen Grescher
Jürgen Keller
Ali Patzak
Jochen Volpert
A Heavy Rock band from Würzburg that appeared the first time ever on vinyl on a self financed obscure single from sometime in the early 80's. The band's sound marked a sort of Classic Rock inspired Hard Rock (like early Survivor f.e.) at this time but that would change with the coming years, just like the track "Straight through the heart" on the local compilation "Musik aus Würzburg" proves, where they for sure have been the best band featured with their Melodic Metal, that had some Hard Rock edges as well. They afterwards released a 7" privately once again in the fall of the 80's, but now fully had turned into melodic Hard Rock with metallic solos. Just the B-side track "This must be magic" features a rather poppy sounding ballad.
"Lady of the night" 7" EP 198? (selfreleased)
"Straight through the heart" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Musik aus Würzburg)
"Gimme your love" 7" EP 1989 (selfreleased)

A local Hard Rock band that was featured with the Kiss inspired Hardrocker "Don't stop" on the Rockactive I sampler in 1983. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Don't stop" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rockactive I)

Marco Lauer (vocals, guitar)
Jörg Flasshaar (guitar)
Norbert Strauß (guitar)
Jens Bodemann (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Andernach featuring Marco Lauer of the Hard Rock band Blue Sky. They played several live shows around 1987/88. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Dirk Beckers (bass, vocals)
Willi Fett (keyboard, vocals)
Axel Giessmann (guitar, vocals)
Alexander Russ (drums, vocals)
The band and label both was originating from Bad Kreuznach, so I guess the only vinyl of Foxx was produced privately. The Übersong on the album without doubts is the opener "Girl", that sounds kinda like Deep Purple when they returned with modern sound in the mid 80's. During the following tracks that impressions gets pretty much confirmed and one could attest the band an over all solid executed Hard Rock performance with ups and downs. Drummer Alexander previously played in prog rockers ICE, while Willi and Dirk came from local hardrockers Y-SHAPE and BLOWJOB respectively.

Fractionac Numbers
Andreas Brenner
Andy Crash

A R'n'R influenced Hard Rock band from Aalen, which was active during 1987/88 and called the classic AC/DC sound one of their main influences. If you got more info, please get in touch

Paul Cahoj (vocals)
Markus Mulders (guitar)
Ralf Lapschies (guitar)
Rainer Schaffranietz (bass)
Ronald Fork (drums)
Not to be confused with the Thrashers from Holzwickede, these Frantic originated from Duisburg and seem to only have put out a scarce 7" not providing any further info at all. It features some nice Heavy Metal with typical 80's sound and style on the title track, slightly showing a few glammy US influences though like Icon f.e., while the flipside track is rather forgettable Hard Rock. The band was initiated by ex-Stallion/Airwolf guitarist Markus Mulders around 1988/89 and made their first live gig during summer '89. Further info are welcome.
"Dockers" 7" EP 1991 (Scare)

Frantic Blue
Ronald Rusz (vocals)
Volker Stolte (guitar)
Ralf Brinkmann (bass)
Mathias Büsseler (drums)

Another obscure local Hard Rock act hailing from Bremen, with one of those obscure singles that was manufactured by Memphis Tonträgerproduktionen around 1990/91. Like other Memphis singles, also Frantic Blue's had these standard labels with the "Promotion only" tag, but at least came with a picture sleeve. Nevertheless the sound of these guys was a typical early 90's style metallic Hard Rock, with especially "Don't you remember" rocking pretty hard, but with sleazy touch. The title track sadly features some ugly funky undertones among the heavier parts, so we better leave this one off. Further info about the band is needed.
"Hometown" 7" EP 1991 (selfreleased)

Freeze Frame
Jens Ohle
A Hard Rock/Metal band with US touch from Ostfildern/Stuttgart, that won the local Landesrockfestival Baden-Wuerttemberg in late 1986. The band also had a Demo tape available during 1987. If you have more info please get in touch.

Fright Night Jooohoooaaa
A Metal revival band that was actively playing live during 1988, performing cover versions of Metallica, Motörhead, Savatage, Wild Dogs etc. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Männer (vocals)
Thomas Walther (guitar)
Thomas Steinz (bass)
Uwe Eckert (drums)
Frontal was an early Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Stollberg/Saxony (ex-GDR), that was already active since 1982 and only performed cover versions of bands like Saxon, Judas Priest or Black Sabath. The band was only playing live in the southern part of the country, but during 1986/87 all of the musicians joined the Chemnitz based Metal band Rübezahl (that shortly after became Charon), except of vocalist Andreas Männer, who relocated with Frontal to Meerane/Saxony to reform the band with new members Olaf Voigt (guitar), Finger (guitar), Ronny (bass) and Kalle (drums). Already in May '88 Kalle and Ronny was forced to join the army, which caused the end of that chapter as well. Andreas Männer joined the band Danger from Radeberg afterwards.

A Hard Rock or Heavy Metal band from southern Germany (most probably from the Stuttgart area), that was active in the late 80's/early 90's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Nils Lück
A Deathcore band from Siegen that released a Demo in 1986 "in fucking Noise Quality" according to their own info. If you have more info please get in touch.

One of the more infamous (not counting the RAC-crap) Metal Enterprises projects, though mostly due to the name and album sleeves. Once again we're talking about a pure studio-project, or in this case, we're guessing projects as the two Fucker albums couldn't be any more different musically. On the eponymous debut we're presented with straight-up generic HC/punk and on vocals we recognize Patrice "T-Bass" Jones, known from the much kulty Kalaschnikov debut. The riffmanship and lyrics does bare some similarities to that album, but otherwise there's really no HM-appeal at all to be found here. The "Making Love On Electric Chair" from a few years later is pure ME-filth - maybe not quite as all-out bonkers as the infamous yet highly entertaining triptych of the Kalashnikov-, Killer Fox- and Thrash Queen-sophomores, but it has some fun moments and the 'classic' "Robot Of Love" must surely count as one of the highlights of Metal Enterprises dementia! Otherwise it's the same weird, robotic and strangely jerky Metalrock-from-Mars (think a really lame Gwar) as on the previously mentioned trio of mock-albums - it's certainly the same vocalist. Other possible musicians could be Woodland Studios-owner and familiar ME-collaborator Holger Schmidt and the unknown Peter Wanagat, who are credited as writers.
"Fucker" LP 1988 (Metal Enterprises)
"Making Love On Electric Chair" LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises)

Klaus (guitar, vocals)
Uli (keyboard)
Willi (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Attendorn, that was active in the mid 80's. Guitarist Klaus was also playing with Firestone and Rosalie, and drummer Willi with Dr. Shorties, Q-Tips and Braincrash. After changing name to Twixt around 1987, the guys recorded a Demo in 1988/89 with ex-Black Fate bassist Frank Sondermann. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Ancient Blasphemic Grave Invocator (vocals, guitar, keyboard)
Asar (keyboard, drum programming)
A shortlived Black Metal project from Niederwern, that was maintained by Asar and the Baxaxaxa/Ungod guitarist Ancient Blasphemic Grave Invocator and focussed on a quite occult sound. The Fulgor duo published a handful of Demos between 1993 and '94 that featured a keyboard dominated mystic Black Metal style, often reminding of the slow Ungod parts. But either ambient tunes played a huge role in these guys vision to create dark horror sounds. 1995 when Fulgor already was history, the "Eyequinox" 7" in purple vinyl was published on Merciless Records, while the song material itself had been recorded already in 1993.
"Reh/Promo 1993" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"To be one with the stars..." Demo 1993 (selfreleased)
"Mystical Black Magic Metal" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Full House
A female fronted Hard Rock band from Schleswig-Holstein that's active since 1984 and played many live gigs. They are featured on a local compilation LP with 2 boogie influenced Hard Rock numbers ("Without you" and "Your mama don't dance"). If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Schleswig rockt!" Comp.-LP Tracks 1991 (Pearson)

Stefan Neumeier
Funworx was the band of the ex-"Mosh" (Metal TV show) moderator Stefan Neumeier, that should be originating from Cologne and was active during the late 80's. Further info is needed.

Conny Beck (vocals)
Daniel Raetz (guitar)
Uwe Schairer (guitar)
Thomas Ieva (Bass)
Klaus Stindl (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Ludwigsburg, that was featured with the track "Hot for your love" on a local CD sampler in 1990.
If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Hot for your love" Comp.-CD Track 1990 (Lubu rocks)

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