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Patrice Jones (vocals, bass)
Simon Sobkowiak (guitar)
One more of Ingo Nowotny's fake bands, though I have to admit, some of these songs aren't bad at all and pretty much catch up the recent german Thrash scene back in the day, showing at least on the "The torture never stops" album strong similarities to bands like Metalstorm or Darkness. Nowotny together with Patrice Jones wrote the music himself and at least for 50 % of the material I have to give one thumb up. "Chosen one" or the braincrushers "Demons rebellion" are songs that I don't wanna miss anymore. The problem of the other trax are the utterly stupid lyrics and the in places constantly repeating of same lyric parts. With Simon Sobkowiak (Mallet, Expect No Mercy, Breakpoint, Thunderstorm and what else) Nowotny once again had hired a great guitarist, who most probably saved the album. I don't wanna recommend "The torture never stops", but seriously, if you like the classic german Ruhrpott Thrash stuff, then there is no way around this album at all I'm afraid. But you need to make a big curve around the second demonic Kalaschnikov output "Desert storm" for sure. Nowotny just hired different musicians, who most probably either recorded the infamous Killer Fox and Thrash Queen albums. And more I don't wanna say about it, only that you need to start running when you behold the black unholy trinity of all Metal albums, run quick, run far, but run!

"The torture never stops" LP 1988 (Metal Enterprises)
"Desert storm" LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises)

Lutz Salzwedel (vocals)
Hans-Jürgen Straub (keyboard)
Erich Holstein (guitar)
Dieter Seeburg (bass)
Ronald Bosien (drums)
Heavy Rockers from Berlin-Kreuzberg, that disappeared after just one album. The band was founded around late 1985 by the ex-Iris/Morgenrot musicians Ronald Bosien (drums) and Hans-Jürgen "Karo" Straub (keyboard), who've been in the music business since the mid 70's and either published a handful of albums and singles with Morgenrot till the early 80's when all of the Morgenrot guys went separate ways. The band was baptised Karo and started recording several Demos in studios across Germany and even London, to finally get picked up by Frontrow Records, who already signed a similar sounding act with Kingdom the same year. "Heavy birthday", as the album got entitled, is winning over by sophisticated Heavy Rock compositions of international standard with for german condidtions a brilliant vocalist, combining Hard Rock and heavy AOR like the Scorpions. Sadly the band already split up after the album in 1988 and both Straub and Bosien returned to Morgenrot in the mid 90's.

"Heavy birthday" LP/CD 1988 (Frontrow)
"Sister, sister" 7"/12" EP 1988 (Frontrow)

Most probably an AOR band, that was actively playing gigs during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jürgen Dold (vocals, keyboard)
Siggi Dold (bass)
Frank Ellringmann (drums)
Thomas Dold (guitar)
As it looks like, Khaily was a kinda family business. They just couldn't convince their grandpa to play drums. Guess the 3 Dold's was brothers. But once again their only 7" lacks of info, can't say where they are from nor which year it got released. According to the slightly 70's inspired keyboard sound, I'd guess it's from around 1982-84. On the other hand both tracks got a nice Metal touch, especially the title track which is a fastpaced early Metal Rocker like Rainbow.
"No sex for the priest" 7" EP 198x (Zufa)

Kick Down
Peter Arndt (vocals)
Heinz Behrmann (guitar)
Norbert Müller (bass)
Karl Krollmann (guitar)
Stefan Prinke (drums)
Kick Down from Augsburg was founded 1984 after Driving Force's end by ex-members of that band, namely Stefan Prinke, Karl Krollmann, Heinz Behrmann and Norbert Müller. Behrmann knew vocalist Peter Arndt from earlier days in their former band Greyhound. The lads mainly continued where Driving Force had stopped and started playing the old Driving Force heavy Hard Rock, resulting in the Demo "Breaking off the walls" from 1985. Afterwards Holger Leix (vocals) replaced Arndt and also Heinz Behrmann left the band, that started writing more melodic sounding material. The band split up during the late 80's and was seen still 1987 at a local Open Air festival. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Breaking off the walls" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Oliver Koop (guitar, vocals)
Joachim Ulm (bass)
Rainer Behn (drums)
Kilgore was a local Hamburg Speed/Thrash Metal band, that formed in 1986 and was long time active as a trio, haunting the Hamburg scene with a number Demo tapes till 1991, when they eventually called it a day. Kilgore's style seriously can't be counted to the common Thrash drawer as the lads developed a morbid faible for progressive and especially psychedelic sounds, whenalso their early material featured classic Thrash. After their third output, the "The nice price" Demo recorded late '88, the guys during 1989 was in negotiations with any label for a possible album release. Rainer Behn then after the last Thrash tape, the "White Texas meat" Demo from spring '89 left Kilgore sometime in early 1990 to join Megace and helped Medusa to record their first Demo. Kilgore's style during 1989 changed drastically, as the guys turned more and more into Southern Rock influenced Heavy Rock, resulting in a Motörhead and Kiss inspired sound. Andreas Richter (ex-Alley Cat) replaced him, while also Thomas was added as second guitarist, to record the 5th sametitled Demo in 1990. After the 6th tape "Damned train" 1991 the band wether split up or just got renamed to Doc Eisenhauer in 1992. Further info is welcome...

"Living in a morbid world" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Psychodelic fear" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"The nice price" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"White Texas meat" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Kilgore" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Damned train" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Heiko Sudars (vocals)
A Thrash Metal band from Lübeck, featuring the later Subcutane vocalist Heiko Sudars, who was active earlier in the Gothic Rock band Mephizto and 1988 in Outrage from Lübeck. Killdozer disbanded around 1990/91 and Sudars joined first the band Chalice till he co-founded Subcutane in 1993. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Crushed" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Killing Floor
Judging by their name, it sounds like a Thrash Metal band. This band was actively playing live during 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Tino (vocals)
Michael Wulfert (guitars, vocals)
Zitrone (bass)
"Maja" Majewski (drums)
A Grindcore act from Königs Wusterhausen in the ex-GDR, that was founded by Michael Wulfert and "Maja" Majewski in 1988, but changed name still within the same year to Lunatic Invasion. In the beginning the guys was playing pure Grindcore ala Napalm Death and Septic Death, but later changed with Lunatic Invasion into a much more classic Death Metal sound.

King Køng
Jan Vetter (guitar, vocals)
Christian Florie-Albrecht (guitar)
Ruprecht (bass)
Uwe Hoffmann (drums)
A short lived Hard Rock band that was founded in 1989 by the ex-Die Ärzte (a famous german Punk/Rock band) guitarist Jan Fedder (better known as Farin Urlaub), when his main band took a break from the music business in the late 80's. After a short while of rehearsing the guys already recorded their debut album "King who?", that was available in February '90. The music of the guys was to see somewhere in the Hard Rock genre with influences from the Sleaze/Glam scene and either Rock influences. The debut album wasn't successful and Ruprecht left King Køng already after a few months. Hans-Jürgen Reznicek of the Pop/Rock band Silly was hired to play the bass for the next album "General theory", published in 1991. The lads sound either stylistically had changed and some R'n'R influenced material with slightly melodic punk touch was now pairing with the former glammy Hard Rock influences. Their last album "Life itself is sweet, sweet, sweet!" was released one year before Jan Vedder would restart his way more successful business Die Ärzte, but just like the previous two albums completely flopped with the newly adopted Red Hot Chili Peppers/Rage Against The Machine inspired modern Funk/Grunge style. November '92 King Køng played their last gig.
"King who?" LP/CD 1990 (Ariola)
"Money" 7"/12"/MCD 1990 (Ariola)
"Flying - Animals - Peels - Money" MCD 1990 (Ariola)
"Peels" ‎7" Promo EP 1990 (Ariola)
"The complete Mahaze Vol. 1" ‎7" EP 1990 (Hairy Monsters)
"General theory" LP/CD 1991 (Ariola)
"People" Promo MCD 1991 (Ariola)
"Life itself is sweet, sweet, sweet!" CD 1992 (Semaphore)
"Don't let me be misunderstood" ‎Promo MCD 1992 (Ariola)

Freddy Diedrichs (drums)
Cliff Jackson (guitar)
Bernie Kolbe (vocals, bass)
Axel Ritt (guitar)
Volker Sassenberg (keyboard)
Kingdom originated from Hannover and featured the ex-Red Roosters/Epitaph veterans Bernie Kolbe and Cliff Jackson as well as the ex-Wise Man guitarist Axel Ritt. The band was founded in 1985 and after Demo recordings debuted with the "Lost in the city" album on Frontrow Records. Still being an highly ignored Melodic Metal gem, "Lost in the city" pretty much assures from the start to the end, without having any fillers. The lads in a way sounded like Europe on a Heavy Metal trip, similar to bands like Karo and Mydra, but still focussed on the Heavy Metal influences, though melodic Hard Rock and Metal merges here perfectly. Still in 1988 the band name got changed to Domain and a couple of more albums followed.

”Lost in the city” LP/CD 1988 (Frontrow)
"Lost in the city" 7"/12" EP 1988 (Frontrow)
"We got love" 7" Promo EP 1988 (Frontrow)

Kingdom Come
Lenny Wolf (vocals)
Danny Stag (guitar)
Rick Steier (guitar)
Johnny B. Frank (bass)
James Kottak (drums)
I'm not sure if it's indeed neccessarily needed to introduce the band Kingdom Come, as they should be known to everyone I'm sure. The german born Frank Wöllschlager, better known as Lenny Wolf, who was playing with the US american Hard Rock band Stone Fury in the early 80's and published the albums "Burns like a star" (1984) and "Let them talk" (1986), formed Kingdom Come in 1987 with Danny Stag (guitar, later in Royal Jelly), Rick Steier (guitar, later in Wild Horses/Warrant), Johnny B. Frank (bass) and the future longtime Scorpions drummer James Kottak (later in Wild Horses/Warrant). The debut album "Kingdom Come" released in 1988 turned out to become the band's most successful one, featuring a highly Led Zeppelin influenced 70's Hard Rock sound, whose burnmark the band wouldn't get rid off anymore for the rest of their career. Especially Wolf's vocals sounded so close to Robert Plant's that Led Zep could have had exchanged Plant silently with Lenny Wolf and nobody ever would notice. After the 89'er album "In your face", that adopted more of a classic US american commercial Hard Rock sound, the original band broke up and Lenny Wolf in 1990 was working on the Kingdom Come comeback album "Hands of time", that was recorded with hired musicians like Blues Saraceno (Poison) and ex-Dancer drummer Bam Bamm Shibley. "Hands of time" returned to the point where the debut "Kingdom Come" had stopped and boped up and down once more with the 70's classic Led Zeppelin Hard Rock sound. By 1993 Lenny Wolf relocated to Hamburg and formed the new Kingdom Come with german musicians Kai Fricke (drums), Heiko Radke-Sieb (solo guitar) and ex-Xero Billy Liesegang (solo guitar), while Wolf recorded rhythm guitars and the bass tracks himself. Kingdom Come kept releasing albums throughout the past 25 years and got eventually disbanded by Lenny Wolf in 2016. The band's discography either includes tons of singles, that we seriously waive to list all here.

"Kingdom Come" LP/CD 1988 (Polydor)
"In your face" LP/CD 1989 (Polydor)
"Hands of time" LP/CD 1991 (Polydor)
"Bad image" LP/CD 1993 (WEA)

Ralf Hoffmeister (vocals)
Thomas Gamper (guitar)
Kai Vogler (guitar)
Chris Bauske (bass)
Andreas Lohmann (drums)
A christian Heavy Rock band from Essen/Witten that was founded around 1990. Kai Vogler and Thomas Gamper who was playing in the local bands Heaven's Gate from Witten and Battlecry from Bochum/Essen accidentally met and decided 1989 to start an own band. With Chris Bauske, Ralf Hofmeister and Andreas Lohmann from other bands of their area they formed Kingscrowd, whose's name was later slightly different spelled as King's Crowd, and recorded a first Demo entitled "In trouble" early 1990, with the 2 songs "In trouble" and "Give 'em heaven". Later 1990 the "Turn black" Demo followed and the guys started playing several shows. The style of Kingscrowd in the beginning was more Heavy Metal influenced, but that slightly changed. Already on "Turn black" the Heavy Rock influences took the upper hand and either Blues hints made the sound of the guys swapping with a much more Glam/Hard Rock/Metal inspired sound. 1993 the independent album "Join the crowd" was recorded. There are rumors that a selfreleased 7" with the title "In Gods eyes/Livin' in a madhouse" from 1992 was manufactured too, but yet there is no real proof to find, as the band itself doesn't mention it either. If you got further info, please get in touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for additional info)

"In trouble" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Turn black" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Join the crowd" CD 1993 (CeeM)

Knight Warrior
A Heavy Metal trio from Solingen that was previously active as Metallian, before they changed name to Knight Warrior in early '85. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Frank Wörsdorfer (vocals)
Clemens Reitze (guitar)
Dirk Gschlössl (guitar)
Dietmar Stolz (drums)
Christian Hoppe (bass)
A Cologne based Heavy Metal band that was founded in autumn '84 and was playing several live shows in the mid 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Rüdiger Lange (guitar)
Axel Matthees (vocals)
Jörg Jahn (bass)
Sven Hartmann (drums)
Koks was the continuation of the Pirna (ex-GDR) based band Motörsound who changed their name in the end of 1987 to Koks. Also Rüdiger Lange's brother Marcus got replaced behind the drums by Sven "Harti" Hartmann, so the classic line up of Koks was Rüdiger Lange, Axel Mathees, Sven Hartmann and Jörg Jahn, who together in May 1988 passed the graduation for the "middle level" by the Kreiskulturkabinett Pirna. While Motörsound started covering AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Judas Priest and Saxon stuff, Koks added songs of Iron Maiden, Accept, Running Wild, Manowar, Metallica and Testament to their musical repertoire, but also created some own songs like "Satansweib". Koks was playing several live shows f.e. with bands such as Dr. Rock or Pent and their final show was an Open Air concert in July '89 in Königstein. The reason for the band called it quits was the escape of Rüdiger Lange from Hungary to Austria in summer 1989 together with his brother Marcus (the ex-Motörsound drummer).
(Thanx to Axel Matthees for info & material - picture copyrights by Axel)

Raphael Piatkowski (vocals)
Peter Teicher (bass)
Norbert Kramarek (guitar)
Andreas Ühlein (guitar)
Marcus Petrovic (drums)
Koroner was Thrashers from Hanau, active since 1984, who released a Demo entitled "No more Mötleys" in 1986, that might say alot about the attitude of these guys. Their sound was early Kreator influenced raw Thrash Metal. In 1987 the guys changed name to Stretta and released a number of more nice Demos plus 2 CD's.

"No more Mötleys" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Roberto Fioretti (bass)
Miland Petrozza (vocals, guitar)
Jürgen Reil (drums, vocals)
Kreator was founded back in 1982 as Tormentor and released 2 Demos under that name. In 1984 Roberto Fioretti, Miland Petrozza and Jürgen Reil changed name to Kreator to start a big career, becoming one of the most influential Thrash bands ever of the whole 80's decade worldwide. The Corroseum honestly doesn't think that we still need to introduce this legend to anyone of the readers. In case someone doesn't know them yet, please check out the Kreator Homepage
"Endless pain" LP 1985 (Noise)
"Flag of hate" 12" EP 1986 (Noise)
"Pleasure to kill" LP 1986 (Noise)
"Terrible certainty" LP/CD 1987 (Noise)
"Extreme aggression" LP/CD 1989 (Noise)
"Coma of souls" LP/CD 1990 (Noise)
"Renewal" LP/CD 1992 (Noise)

Kreischer Gang
Michael Kreischer (guitar, vocals)
No clue where these guys originated from, but there are two obscure vinyl releases remaining from the early 80's. The band was active since the late 70's and the rough rocking "Neongirl" from their debut single was written already in 1978. The Kreischer Gang was experimenting with the late 70's Hard Rock and some NWOBHM influences in form of Motörhead hints, that pop up every now and then on their album "Sex Teufel" from 1982. In the first the lads celebrate a classic Hard Rock, but more than once drifted away into the early NWOBHM sound, like f.e. Reforger. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Neongirl" 7" EP 1981 (Aarton)
"Sex Teufel" LP 1982 (Rockport)

Kristall Palast
Stefan Marquardt (vocals)
Manfred Krischke (guitar)
Michael Breidenbach (keyboard)
Rainer Klein (bass)
Harry Gerstner (drums)
The term Deutschrock could be expanded largely it seems, as these lads from Hainburg (east of Offenbach/Frankfurt) called their style like that on the info sheet of the Main Rock Sampler 1, that they was featured on with the track "Das ist doch Wahnsinn". In my ears it sounds rather like metallic Hard Rock, drifting somewhere between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with interesting guitar work, though turning into a kind of Melodic Rock when the refrain part starts. I just wonder if their other material sounded like that track either? During 1989 the band participated as Kristallpalast at the biggest national band contest - the Varta Musikpreis '90 - which was splitted into separate contests of each federal state and Kristallpalast won the contest of Hessen. The prize was the production of their track "Nobody is perfect", that appeared on the related album, featuring songs of all the winners of their own states. In the meanwhile the band got a female singer and musically now adopted a very Van Halen influenced sound with poppy edge. To participate at the event, all bands had to mail Demo tapes to the Jury, there is also a Demo of Kristallpalast available from around 1988/89 we bet. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Das ist doch Wahnsinn" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Main Rock Sampler 1)
"Nobody is perfect" Comp.-LP/CD Track 1990 (VARTA Musikpreis '90)

Andreas Kaufmann (bass, vocals)
Thomas Hofmann (guitar)
Thorsten Klamuth (drums)

A widely unknown local Black/Death Metal trio from Weida, formed during Winter 1992/93. The guys composed a couple of own songs that musically could be compared to a sort of old Demo stage Paradise Lost and also went 3 times on stage. During mid 1994 this troop already called it a day and Andreas Kaufmann first joined Nameless and later formed the better known Impending Doom together with some other guys. Krypta did not record any official Demos, but private rehearsal recordings do exist after all.
(Thanx to Andreas Kaufmann for detailed info)

Andi Deris (vocals)
Bruno Di Blasio (guitar)
Oscar Di Blasio (guitar)
Daniel De Niro (bass)
Ralf Maurer (drums)
Originally Kymera started 1984 as Dragon in Karlsruhe, founded by brothers Oscar and Bruno Di Blasio plus both ex-Hot Legs Bernd and Stefan Lüddemann. Andi Deris was found as vocalist and some first recording was done, before Daniel De Niro (bass) and drummer Ralf Maurer replaced both Lüddemanns and the band name got changed to Kymera in 1986. Some more recording sessions happened at the Katapult studio in Karlsruhe before Ralf Maurer got replaced by Kosta Zafiriou and the lads again went into a studio to record "Shadows are falling", "Lonely would be loving you" and "Ballad of glory". Then Deris and Zafiriou left Kymera early '87 to form their own band Pink Cream 69, so the rest found replacements for them both in Michael Moretto (vox) and Andre Simon (drums). The first Kymera Demo was recorded in late 1987 and seems be published first in 1988, as the booklet clearly mentions the line up of "Kymera '88". Another 4 track Demo simply entitled "II" was recorded in 1988 and they found with Rockwerk Records a label that just pressed the Demo on vinyl, which is known as the "Animality" EP, and got quite good reviews from sides of the german Metal press. Drummer Andre Simon shortly before the promotion tour was about to start, died unexpectedly and Dominik Hülshorst (ex-Bonfire) took his part. But he just stayed for a short intermezzo as already in 1990 Kymera split up. The sound of Kymera has to be counted to the Melodic Metal genre, led by the good riffing of the Di Blasio's. The guys was apparently influenced by US bands and therefore acted between the melodic Hard Rock and Metal genres with commercial edge, but Michael Moretto imo wasn't much of advantage for the bands attempts to score a record deal, as his vocal performance was quite weak, kinda sounding like a Vince Veil on his worst day.

"Kymera" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"II" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Animality" 12" EP 1989 (Rockwerk)

No Corroseum-feature would be complete without some proper sampler CDRs!
Straight from Prowler's personal archive we present thee...

download ~Volume West~
download ~Volume East~

(For more obscure German goodies, check out "Teutonic Evasion", the German edition of the Veterans Of The Various-Wars samplers...)

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