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O.K. Corral
Rene Savelsberg (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Jan Sluijsmans (bass)
Guido Schade (drums)
Hans Peltzer (guitar)
Hard Rock band that only released one album on Sabina Claasen's label. Rene Savelsberg (guitar, vox), Hans Peltzer (guitar) and Jan Sluijsmans (bass) started O.K Corral in 1990. The latter got replaced by Jan Meeusen whom they recorded their debut album with. They played a sort of bluesy Hard Rock like AC/DC f.e. with some southern Rock and even Funk influences. After the CD was out, they toured Europe with Iggy Pop but soon quit again.
"O.K. Corral" CD 1992 (West Virginia)

Kuba (guitar)
Goody Fowler (drums)
Mr. Zyn (vocals, bass)
I dunno how much this band from Frankfurt/Main was related with the Black Metal band Pagan Winter, but there should be any relation as far as I'm concearned. Nevertheless they previously was active as Cholera since 1990 and changed name to Oblivion 1991. On the first two Demos from 1991 they still played pretty good gloomy Death Metal like Morbid Angel on "Altars of madness" and later changed on the "Just a black shadow" tape to norwegian style Black Metal in the vein of early Darkthrone (the Black Metal phase) with still a few Death Metal influences. In 1996 they change name to WeAreTheEnd. There must be another Demo from 1991 as the "Regress of the lost" tape is labelled as Demo # 2. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Regress of the lost” Demo 1991 (R.A.C.B)
”Just a black shadow” Demo 1993 (R.A.C.B.)

A Speed/Thrash Metal band from Emmerich/Bocholt, northwest of Essen, that was active during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Oliver Jauch (vocals)
Sascha Knust (drums)
Hendrik Bruns (guitar)
Dirk Vogt (guitar)
An Oldenburg based Death Metal band that started 1989 and got a deal with Sabina Claasen's West Virginia Records right after the first Demo "Age of brutaliy". The result, entitled "Suffocated truth", showed for that time pretty common Death Metal that could be compared to Morgoth, combining influences of the classic Death albums and a bit of Asphyx due to Oliver Jauch's voice reminding often of Martin Van Drunen. After all "Consuming impulse" might have been influential for them as well. After West Virginia Record went bankrupt Obscenity had to start from zero with another Demo called "Amputated souls" in 1993 that lead again to a record deal with D&S Recording this time. The band kept on releasing albums since then and is still active nowadays.
"Age of brutality" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Suffocated truth" CD 1992 (West Virginia)
"Amputated souls" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Jennifer Hensel (vocals)
Claus-Dieter Kniemeyer (bass)
Pit Hensel (guitar)
Werner Littau (keyboard)
Dieter Becke (drums)
Basically Octopus are just interesting for their "Hart am Rand" album from 1981, but this band formed in Frankfurt/Main already in 1973 and published several other albums prior to this LP. The band's sound was typical Kraut Rock connected with elements of Prog Rock and the guys was originally fronted by Jennifer Hensel till the "Rubber angel" LP from January 1980, when their previous 70's Prog Rock sound started working with Hard Rock influences also. But they fully dived into common Hard Rock/AOR sounds just with the "Hart am Rand" LP, that was released 1981 with the new line up consisting of new vocalist Michael Stein, Claus-Dieter Kniemeyer (bass), Georg Klivinyi (guitar), Werner Littau (Synthesizer) & Seppl Niemeyer (drums). After several personnel changes Octopus disbanded in May 1983.

"The boat of thoughts" LP 1977 (Sky)
"An ocean of rocks" LP 1978 (Sky)
"Rubber angel" LP 1980 (Sky)
"Mitternacht/Sie hieß Phyllis" ‎7" EP 1981 Single (Rockport)
"Hart am Rand" LP 1981 (Rockport)
"Land in Sicht" ‎12" EP 1981 (Rockport)

Odin's Hammer
Markus Tiedemann (bass)
A. Schmid (guitar)
Mike Striegel (vocals, guitar)
A. Winnewisser (drums)
The single of Odin's Hammer from Frankenthal is a rarely seen piece, and it's pretty sad in this case as the 2 trax "Crazy woman" and the heavily NWOBHM inspired rocker "Nobody knows" sound more than convincing and did offer 2 nice alternates to the usual Boogie influenced stuff, that the main wave of the early Hard Rock/Metal used to play. The fastpaced energetic title track pretty much sets the standard high, whenalso both songs do still spread a special 70's charm. But as mentioned earlier, the guys combined the german sound with classic NWOBHM tunes and the result could be called a cross of Lucifer and Loose Connection. Odin's Hammer or Odin's Hammer Band, as the group was called too, also recorded a shitload of other songs from 1981 to 1985, probably a whole unreleased album, but went into a much more Hard Rock driven direction later.
"Crazy woman" 7" EP 1981 (EF)

Of Rytes
Mem von Stein (vocals)
Philip (guitar)
Bilka (drums)
Julius (bass)
After Mem von Stein (ex-Tartaros, ex-Mayhem) left Exumer after their debut LP, he formed the HC/Crossover band Phobic Instinct and later joined Of Rytes, a quite uncommon Thrash band that also gathers not exactly less influences of the US Hardcore scene incl. a few kinda Rap vocals. Their style was quite un-german sounding, technical progressive but modern as well, with certain influences of Voivod and von Stein's voice sounding so much not like Exumer anymore. I feel more reminded of Sean Killian (Vio-lence) or the Crossover act Sonick Plague in general.
”Without…” LP 1990 (Semantic)

One P.M.
A Heavy Metal band from Mayence active in the mid 80's and doing live several shows. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Adam (vocals)
Hassi (guitar)
Ernie (Bass)
Christian Hauser (drums)
A Death Metal band from Schwalmstadt (between Kassel and Marburg), that was formed during the fall of the 80's. Since the guys was already seen playing local gigs in early 1990 together with Schwalmstadt locals Squealer, you might expect Oppressor being active since at least 1989 or even earlier. The guys was heavily influenced by Death's "Leprosy" and the early Autopsy sound (incl. vocals) and debuted with the track "Time of Apocalypse" on the local underground scene compilation "Oma im Koma" 1992. We are not sure if the "Osterlärm!" CD was indeed released during 1992, but this private release features a gig of the band at the Heavy Metal Kneipe Frantic in Loshausen 19.4.1992 (probably released later in the fall of the 90's). Their official debut MCD "Inside" was produced independently during 1993 and nowadays is a rarely seen piece. Apart of the classic early Death Metal style, Oppressor surprised with for Death Metal untypical almost Black Metal related style of vocals. Nowadays the the band is still active.
"Time of Apocalypse" Comp.-CD Track 1992 (Oma im Koma)
"Osterlärm!" CD 1992 (selfreleased)
"Inside" MCD 1993 (selfreleased)

Lutz Edelhäuser (guitar)
Michael Brill (bass)
Frank Brill (drums)
Orakel from Tambach-Dietharz in the south of the ex-GDR was founded by Lutz Edelhäuser and the brothers Michael and Frank Brill (both ex-Phon) in 1980 as a Blues and Hard Rock band. The band didn't exist for long and disbanded already in late 1981 when most of the guys had to join the army. But they played several gigs throughout 1980/81 and after the guys finally had returned, they formed the Hard Rock band Hardholz 1983 with additional vocalist Stephan Buchfeld, that later would become one of the GDR's leading Heavy Metal bands.

Orginal Buam
Karl-Josef Hardt (vocals)
Norbert Zucker (bass)
Gerd Wilhelms (drums)
Markus Ulrich (drums)
Frank Hocker (guitar)
Holger Obenaus (guitar)
Jürgen Graf (guitar)
Uwe Belz (guitar)
A joke band or fun project that's kidding well known german Sauflieder, Schlager, Folk songs (and Mötley Crüe), just like Baron Titus or what Tankard and Onkel Tom did later. Musically it covers a huge spectrum from metallic R'n'R, Fun Punk to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, but seriously who really need stuff like that? If you're drunk as fuck you might think it's funny ... but wait till you wake up next morning with a strange tattoo on your best friend...
"Die Dunkle Seite Der Alm" LP/CD 1990 (Electrola)
"Rosamunde" ‎7"/12" EP 1990 (Electrola)
"Für Du" CD 1992 (Ariola)
"So bist du" ‎7" EP 1992 (Ariola)

A classic Power/Speed Metal act from Bad Harzburg, near Goslar, that was active during the late 80's and recorded a 7 track Demo during the early 90's with album lenght. Further info is welcome.

"Deadly pizzas" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Till Stegemann (vocals, guitar)
Matthias Franke (guitar)
Norbert Niclausen (bass)
Stefan Strehse (drums)
Power Metallers from Laatzen/Hannover with an obscure vinyl released in the fall of the 80's, when so many other underground bands like them turned up with privately pressed albums and disappeared as quick as they came. The band was around already since 1986 and recorded "No light" originally in early '89 as a Demo, and it was spread as Demo either in the beginning. But the studio also pressed a couple of vinyls of it. Though the guys level of heaviness was pretty neat, there also are some certain discrepancies in terms of songwriting and either the vocal performance audible on "No light", whenalso the mini album in the whole must be counted a solid effort, coming directly from the underground scene.

"No light" MLP 1989 (No Fun)

Heiko Sudars (vocals)
A Heavy Metal band from Lübeck, featuring the later Subcutane vocalist Heiko Sudars, who was active earlier in the Gothic Rock band Mephizto in the mid 80's. After Mephizto he joined Outrage and sung on their selftitled Demo in 1988, before he went to join Thrashers Killdozer in 1989. After spending one year with Killdozer, Sudars joined first the band Chalice till he eventually co-founded Subcutane in 1993. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Outrage" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

A Power Metal band originating from the wider Stuttgart area, that was active during 1988, influenced by Metallica, Metal Church and Fates Warning. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Outrage (Pforzheim)
Frank Pfeiffer (vocals)
Udo Feierabend (guitar)
Andreas Eisenmann (drums)
In May '83 Udo Feierabend (guitar) and Frank Pfeiffer (vox) started Outrage in Pforzheim and got joined on drums by Andreas Eisenmann in July. The Black Metal band got baptized to Outrage in September '83 and started rehearsing till they finally found their style around October '84 inspired by Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. After Roland Sen joined them in early 1985 they went to a studio to record the first Demo "Outrage I" but wasn't much satisfied with the result that still sounded kinda uncontrolled. So they went again into a studio in Dec. '85 to record "Outrage II" and this time the even more Celtic Frost inspired Speed/Thrash Metal that in places even reminds me of Anthares (check out "D.E.L.O.S., the Asylum of the Vanished") was more of their liking. Then Roland Sen left and as a trio again they released the Demo "From nightmares and myths…" ('86) and "The book of the seven seals" ('87, with Reini Wörner on bass) before they disbanded in 1988, never giving up the Hellhammer influenced Thrash and reaching their personal zenit with "The book of the seven seals". In 2004 Outrage got reactivated and they are releasing CD's since then. Also the first 2 Demo's got re-released on Ripping Storm Records in 2014 as "1985 Demo(n)s" on vinyl and CD.
"Outrage I" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Outrage II" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"From nightmares and myths…" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"The book of the seven seals" Demo1987 (selfreleased)

Outrage, The
Harry Lynn (vocals)
Andy Stone (guitar)
Marty Quiet (guitar)
Steve Scott (bass)
Rea Hyde (keyboard)
Jack Doc Phibes (drums)
A shortlived Hard Rock band from Bamberg/Bavaria, which was active since 1991 and recorded an independent CD in 1993, that The Outrage either released privately in the first run. The band was heavily influenced by AC/DC and the whole late 80's US american Sleaze/Glam Metal stuff, that made their material sounding like a cross of Cinderella, Faster Pussycat, Mötley Crüe and naturally AC/DC. Still within the same year Rockwerk Records re-released the CD once again (different CD labels), but looks like the band already dissolved not so long after the album was released.

"Dirty fantasies" CD 1993 (selfreleased)

Karlheinz Scherthan (bass, vocals)
Volker Gutting (guitar)
Peter Weber (guitar)
Rudi Herzenstiel (drums)
Outside is a Heavy Metal troop from greater Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area who started back in 1983 and released a Demo tape 1984, plus a nowadays extremely seldom surfacing 7", featuring the neckbreaker "Action" and the less speedy "Heavy Metal" on the flipside, which pretty much gives you a hint what direction the material tends too. On these early outputs Outside really concentrated on the pure and heavy Metal, in contrary to their two later albums, starting with "Magic sacrifice" (1986) and "Never in security" 1988. The band's sound went into a much more melodic direction on both albums, also adopting certain Hard Rock influences, but still keeping the average level Metal all the way. Outside could be probably in places compared to Mad Max, Steeler, Sinner and such bands. Throughout their career the band's line up always has been steady and after disappearing in the early 90's, Outside reformed in 2006.

"Metal killer" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Action" 7" EP 1985 (Krypton Music)
"Magic sacrifice" LP 1986 (Energy)
"Never in security" LP 1988 (Powerline)

A Heavy Rock band from Waldshut, on the border to Switzerland, that was active during 1986. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Overdose (Augsburg)
Wotan (vocals)
Wolfgang Bartl (bass)
Jürgen Kramer (guitar)
Zizzy (guitar)
Rudi Büttner (drums)
The band Overdose from Augsburg is just known for their sole album "Over the top", that marked a highly wanted rarity in earlier years, but could be found for more human prices nowadays again. The band was active since the early 80's and released their album the same year like the other Overdose from Frankfurt/Main. Musically both bands differed in style. These Augsburg lads combined Accept-ish Hard Rock/Metal with early Maiden or in general some NWOBHM tunes, but unfortunately the vocals hadn't much fire and the whole sound in total appears quite a bit outdated for 1985. Harry Steiner, one of their former bassplayers, joined Cromium Rose, who later would transform to Chroming Rose.

”To the top” LP 1985 (AVC)

Overdose (Frankfurt)
Rainer Durano (vocals)
Dieter Aulehla (bass)
Joe Duarte (guitar)
Bernd Vestweber (guitar)
Frank Zumbroich (drums)
A shortlived classic Heavy Metal band from Frankfurt/Main. They began as Tight Action in November 1982, but changed their name to Overdose in December 1983 after having lost their original drummer and one original guitarist. The guys released 2 Demo tapes in 1983 and '84, though in september 1984, their newest guitarist Josie Jost left the band and was replaced by former Crack Jaw guitarist Bernd Vestweber. Another untitled promotional tape featuring 7 trax was recorded, and some of these tracks also appeared on their only album "Tight action" that was recorded in July '85. I might be wrong for sure, but since I received that tape directly from that album's producer Axel Thubeauville and the sound in my ears might be any pre-production of the album recordings, I'd say that tape might be from 1985 as well, and furthermore the non album trax ("Mogly" and "Tail light killing") could well be unused songs of the same recording session. But however, these Overdose split up already in 1986 and most of the guys played in Dynamite, Roughhouse and Still Crazy in the following years. As well as the other band Overdose from Augsburg, these guys delivered a NWOBHM influenced style, but in contrary to the Augsburg lads, their sound wasn't that outdated sounding and fitted more to the common Gama empire's typical mid 80's Heavy Metal bands, acting mainly in midpaced regions.
"Demo 1983" (selfreleased)
"Heavy Metal" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Promo Tape" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Tight action" LP 1985 (Bonebreaker)

Overdose Kids
Kim Powers (vocals)
Terry M. Gustason (guitar)
Oliver Roll (guitar)
Christian Rudolph (bass)
Michael Müller (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from southern Germany, that was seen playing several live gigs already starting back in 1986, which obviously might leave the impression the lads started in the first half of the 80's decade. I'm pretty sure they recorded at least one Demo during the 80's, though their debut album "It's too late to pray" wasn't released before 1992. Musically at least on the CD the Overdose Kids had a sound quite similar to AC/DC's, with a huge dose of R'n'R that merged with simple down-to-earth classic Hard Rock. If you got more info please get in touch.

"It's too late to pray" CD 1992 (ACI)

Wolfgang Schulze (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from Mannheim, not to be confused with the band from Stuttgart area. They released a 4 track Demo in 1984. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"HM thunderdap" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)

Overkill (Winnenden)
David Lyle (vocals)
Mick Shirley (guitar)
Chris Vincent (bass)
Alan Crawley (drums)
Overkill from Winnenden nearby Stuttgart started 1980 and recorded the 2 trax "New York City queen" and "Angels of revenge" in January '83 for the local Split LP "Stuttgart Rock Sampler" with other bands being Roxanne, Trash, Snowgoose and Bel Air. At this time their sound was still rather more british sounding Hard Rock influenced Metal but right on the next vinyl appearance, the "M.I.R. Heavy Metal Sampler" that features 2 trax of their Demo from 1984, Overkill delivered a timeless classic of the 80's decade with "Killers in the dawn". The track spreads such a power and energy and so does another song of the Demo that wasn't taken for the Split LP with Thunder, Beast of Prey, Divine Victim and Vengeance. "The iron sword", that reminds of early Running Wild in a way. Mick Shirley (Michael Scheuerle) left to join Sinner in 1984 and later released an album with Jackie Wulf. In 1986 the guys changed name to Monroe and recorded another Demo.
"Stuttgart Rock Sampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1983 (Elite Special)
“Demo 1984“
"M.I.R. Stuttgart - Heavy Metal Sampler" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Elite Special)

Volker Pfisterer (vocals)

A Heavy Metal band from the greater Tübingen/Stuttgart area, active since the late 80's till at least 1990. Their vocalist Volker Pfisterer joined Seven Crimes during that time. Further info is needed.

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