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Olaf Korth (vocals)
Schnauf (bass)
Norris (drums)
Scholler (vocals)
Tarri (guitar)
W.B.I. stands for Wismars Bart Inferno and was an extreme Noisecore act from northern Germany. Due to the name I'd say they formed in Wismar (ex-GDR), but adresses printed in their releases mentioned first Flensburg and later Hamburg. They recorded some Demos and Split EP's with Necrophiliacs (with members of W.B.I.), Meat Shits and the Cripple Bastards before their debut MLP was recorded in 1992 and released 1993 on Rödel Records/Schnauf Records. Stylistically W.B.I. pretty much sounded like Napalm Death on "From enslavement to obliteration" with even some Death Metal hints on the later releases. The title on "Arschbombe des Monats" was refering to the Rock Hard Magazine, that each month nominated the worst release for the title "Assbomb of the month". Guess they knew themselves they wouldn't make it into the top ten with their noise...
"M.D.M.A. Gift" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Arabischer Sackmantel" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Stichpimpulibockforzelorum" 7" EP 1990 (Schnauf)
"Nekromantik-Themes/So!...Das haste nu' davon!" Split 7" EP 1991 (with Necrophiliacs, Schnauf)
"W.B.I./Meat Shits" Split 7" EP 1993 (Regurgitated Semen)
"War spoils/W.B.I." Split 7" EP 1993 (with Cripple Bastards, Useless)
”Arschbombe des Monats!” MLP 1993 (Rödel/Schnauf)

Stefan Niebling (vocals)
Stefan Arnold (drums)
Andreas Lorz (guitar)
Stefan Fleischer (bass)
Wallop was a conspiracy of Stefans it seems, like in Whiplash where there was only Tony's playing, Wallop's almost whole team consisted of guys called Stefan. Nevertheless this band from Offenbach recorded 2 Demos since they started in 1983 and released an album on Axel Thubeauville's label Bonebreaker Records. The 2 early Demos was both sung by the original vocalist Stefan Niebling, but shortly before they recorded the album he left, just to return after a while to keep on singing for them till their split in 1987. Mick Wega (previously in Black Spirit) did the vocals on "Metallic Alps" but he didn't stay for long and went on to front Enforce. On the LP their style got way heavier than on the still more in the classic Heavy Metal rooted tapes. They went into a Power Metal direction with many speedy parts (certainly with Running Wild/Noisehunter similarities) and the band was often seen doing live shows with mainly Speed and Thrash bands back in the mid 80's. So it's not really a miracle that Stefan Arnold, after Wallop recorded a last Demo in 1986 and split up in the coming year, joined Thrashers Grinder. Lorz and Fleischer founded the Prog Metal band Scene X Dream in 1989.
"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)
"Demo 1985" (selfreleased)
"Metallic Alps" LP 1985 (Bonebreaker)
"Demo 1986" (selfreleased)

Erwin Jänsch (vocals)
Manfred Dilling (guitar)
Walter Zisler (bass)
Siegfried Pfeff (organ)
Alfred Hoffmann (drums)

A shortlived Hard Rock act from Augsburg, that was active during the late 70's from 1976-78, who had their personal highlight 1977 as opening act for the Scorpions. Helmut Treichel later replaced Erwin Jänsch. If you got more info, please get in touch.

War 'N Pain
Chris Kehl (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Löhr (guitar)
Frank Kempf (bass)
Matthias Weber (drums)

A local Metal band from Fulda, that formed during 1992 and featured Frank Kempf of Rawhead on bass. The guys recorded their first Demo "Eyes of war" right in 1992 and later exchanged Chris Kehl and Frank Kempf against Martin Schaffrath (guitar, vocals) and Volker Rössler (bass, vocals). Both also appeared on War 'n Pain's only album "Nothing left to die for" from 1997, released on Rockwerk Records.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the info)
"Eyes of war" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Sandra Schumacher (vocals)
Franz Römer (guitar)
Thomas Heyer (guitar)
Thomas Glaser (bass)
Stefan Humbert (drums)
Wardance originally started their career as Destroyer back in autumn '86 in Herxheim. After just 6 months of rehearsing they already played their first live show. And a countless number of live gigs later and fans asking for Demo's of the band, Destroyer decided to enter a studio September '88 in order to produce their first Demo. Markus Wawersich had replaced Thomas Glaser on bass in 1988. At the same time they also changed the band's name to Wardance as they wasn't that happy with Destroyer. When they heard the result of the session, the idea of a Demo was dropped and instead they pressed it on a vinyl entitled "Crucifixion" that was available in November '88. No Remorse Records got interested in the troop and sent them into a studio again in 1989 to record the fullenght "Heaven is for sale". They consequently continued their Speed Metal mission like shown on the debut, but also on "Heaven is for sale" the weak point of the band was Sandra Schumacher's thin voice. Musically itself Wardance could be put in the upper standard drawer, playing a straight forward Speed/Thrash to the bone with slightly melodic touch, comparable to early Angel Dust. The band for the first time split up in 1991 when they was about to record their second album due to musical differences. But Sandra Schumacher, Markus Wawersich and Stefan Humbert reformed Wardance with Karsten Schulz (guitar) and Michael Leiner (bass) and recorded a last Demo in September '95 called "Dance to the beat of life with the spirit of youth" but due to a long lasting lawsuit with the production company it was never officially released and the band split up for good in 1996.
"Crucifixion" MLP 1988 (selfreleased)
"Heaven is for sale" LP 1990 (No Remorse)

Doro Pesch (vocals)
Rudy Graf (guitar)
Peter Szigeti (guitar)
Michael Bastian (drums)
Thomas Studier (bass)
Warlock originally started as Beast in Düsseldorf 1981, with founding members Doro Pesch (vocals), Rudy Graf (guitar), Peter Szigeti (guitar), Michael Bastian (drums) and Thomas Studier (bass), but the latter 2 left in 1983 already before they recorded the first Warlock Demo. The band was renamed to Warlock sometime in 1982. Frank Rittel (bass) and Michael Eurich (drums) joined and with them both the Demo was recorded that was the starting shot for Doro Pesch's big career in the Metal business. The Corroseum honestly doesn't think it's neccessary to introduce this well known Metal legend to any of our readers.
"Demo 1983" (selfreleased)
"Burning the witches" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Hellbound" LP 1985 (Vertigo)
"You hurt my soul" 12" EP 1985 (Vertigo)
"True as steel" LP 1986 (Vertigo)
"Triumph and agony" LP 1987 (Vertigo)

Warlock (Hannover)
Jon Symon (vocals)
Charly Maucher (bass)
Detlef Klamann (guitar)
Werner Nadolny (synthesizer)
Peter Panka (drums)
Though I'm not sure if this "band" Warlock (later called Jon Symon's Warlock) was indeed a real band or just a project, we have to add it to the database neverthless because it clearly belongs to the Hard Rock spectrum. Jon Symon was a natural born britishman who came to Germany within the 60's and stayed here in Hannover. In the early 70's he was on stage as a one-man-show and either released several singles (which are not of interest here). 1978 he started working on the album "Warlock - Memories of a white magician" with Klaus Peter Matziol (bass), Eloy member Detlev Schmidtchen (keyboard), Epitaph drummer Jim McGillivray and Hajo Hoffmann (violin). In the early 80's Symon and the director of the Hannover ballet ensemble met each other and started working on two Rock ballets which for two albums was produced either. On the first one "Warlock" from 1983, Symon got supported by Charly Maucher (bass), ex-Mountain Ash Detlef Klamann (guitar), ex-Jane Werner Nadolny (synthesizer) and Peter Panka (drums). For "Lady Macbeth" ex-Mountain Ash Eckhard Wahlmann (keyboard) replaced Werner Nadolny and Bernd Klamann (drums) joined for Peter Panka. Due to both albums are more or less Rock ballet soundtracks, the musical width is different, but songs like "Eye of the witch", "Forever and a day" or "Banquet" will catch every epic Hard and Prog Rock fan's heart, as these are prime examples of how medieval pompish Hard Rock must sound like. For openminded guys worth a try...
"Warlock - Soundtrack zum Rockballet" LP 1983 (Lava)
“Lady Macbeth“ LP 1984 (Lava, as Jon Symon's Warlock)

A Heavy Metal band originating from most probably the wider Mannheim area, that was actively playing live during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Ingmar Viertel (vocals)
Dirk Pauer (guitar)
Holger Kullik (guitar)
Peter Kohnke (bass)
Matthias Lipinski (drums)
A Power/Speed Metal band from Schortens active since mid '85, that got already the chance to contribute a track of their debut Demo (July '86) to the "Teutonic Invasion" sampler in 1987. Originally Willi Pauer was the first singer but he left the band soon to get replaced by Ingmar Viertel in January '86. The same year they recorded another Demo "No chance for the weak" that either didn't change anything for them though Warnyng's style and sound was exactly what Metal fans wanted to hear, the sheer power that electric guitars and doublebass drumming was able to deliver. Imagine Accept would write another "Fast as a shark" and then another song of the same caliber. That was what Warnyng's sound was made of. A shame they couldn't record an album. Summer '88 Holger Kullik left the band and Rüdiger von Scheven (ex-Voluntary) joined on guitar, but the end of Warnyng was just a question of time. Ingmar Viertel subsequently joined Salem's Lot and recorded a Demo with them.
"Victims of insane" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Revelation" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Teutonic Invasion Part One)
"No chance for the weak" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Maurer (bass)
Krid (drums)
Dirk Weiss (vocals)
Schrödey (guitar)
Robert Frese (guitar)
A Hamburg based Power/Thrash band that more and more drifted into the Hardcore business with each album. The band was formed in 1991 by ex-Bleedfort, Jesse Hoyah and Rat Salad members and released a first Demo right the same year. West Virginia Records signed them straight away and "When war begins..." was available in 1992, followed by "Massive", the second album done by a completely new band, this time on Steamhammer Records. On all of the outputs you can hear their development from the slower Power/Thrash to almost Hardcore sound on "Massive". The band right from the start picked up that new "modern Thrash" style that bands like Pantera developed in the early 90's and could be compared to early 90's Metallica meets Biohazard, with especially the vocals being totally Hardcore sounding. The band kept on releasing albums till '98 and disbanded while several members joined Sabina Classen's Temple of the Absurd.
"Warpath" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"When war begins ... truth disappears" LP/CD 1992 (West Virginia)
"Massive" CD 1993 (Steamhammer)

Jörg Juraschek (bass, vocals)
Thomas Klein (guitar)
Lothar Wieners (drums)
Warrant from Düsseldorf started 1983 as foursome, but autumn '84 the original vocalist got fired and Jörg Juraschek handled vocals besides the bass guitar too. A Metal Hammer info also mentioned Randy Tomlin being drummer in the band, but he joined Metal Sword before Warrant recorded something. The guys was rehearsing in the same building like Warlock and though the band got pretty good feedback from the Metal press right with their first effort, the "First strike" MLP in early '85, but in the end after releasing the "The enforcer" album with additional guitarist Oliver May just a few months later, the chapter Warrant was already closed. But as we all do know, it's better to smell success at least for a short period, than never at all. Warrant's style adopted the quite bonecrushing typically german sounding Power/Speed Metal that's getting a hell of love by many people and even though the debut already offered convincing material, with "The enforcer" the lads could even top that, combining early Running Wild-ish alike midpaced bangers with speed attacks and who knows what could have happened with them in the german scene if they wouldn't have split up that early. In May '86 Juraschek shortly returned live on stage with completely new line up - Oliver May (guitar), Frank Hellenbroich (bass), Uwe Deges (drums) - and announced that they are actuallly about to prepare the second album, but seems those plans got cancelled quickly after. Former members Wieners and Klein formed the much softer acting Monroxe, while Juraschek revived Warrant in the late 90's with new musicians.
"First strike" MLP 1985 (Noise)
"Scavenger's daughter" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Metal Attack Vol. 1)
"The enforcer" LP 1985 (Noise)

Stefan Reichenbecher (vocals, guitar)
Ulrich Reichenbecher (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal trio from Mömbris founded by the brothers Stefan and Ulrich Reichenbecher in 1979 and being active till 1983 when they changed name to Avalanche Danger. There are no recordings of this band confirmed yet.

Mike Keutzer (vocals)
Jürgen Friedl (guitar)
Thomas Winter (guitar)
Thomas Bauer (bass)
Ralf Dommer (drums)

A melodic Heavy Metal band from Nuremberg active since 1985 that released just a Demo in 1986 and a nowadays really rare MLP with 4 trax featuring quite typical german Heavy Metal with nice powerful guitar work but sadly a pretty childish sounding vocalist. If you like the mid 80's pounding Mad Max stuff then you could try them blindly. I don't even wanna imagine how these songs would sound with a real vocalist. Tommy Bauer in the 2000's joined Domain and even the aforementioned Mad Max.
"Metal rescue" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
”You’re identified” MLP 1987 (Power)

Roland Seidel (vocals)
Markus Plattner (bass)
Klaus Sperling (drums)
Davor Sertic (guitar)
Stefan Leibing (guitars, keyboard)
A Power Metal band with in places melodic touch from Stuttgart that released 2 Demos and disbanded in 1992. For 1990 their sound was quite "modern", even adding a few groovy parts beside the mainly early Gammaray-ish tunes or influences of Metal Church, that must be a "fault" of Roland Seidel's voice. On the second Demo their sound went more into the US Metal direction plus the Helloween-ish ripper "Deceide your destiny". Both Demos are available on a CD made by Iron Glory in 2002 called "Warriors of the wasteland". Klaus Sperling later played with Primal Fear, Freedom Call and Sinner while most of the other guys formed Kashmyr.
”Warriors of the wasteland” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Demo 1991" (selfreleased)

Mike Jones (vocals)
Klaus Thiel (guitar)
Jörg Michael (drums)
Hannes Nau (bass)
Festus Hauk (Organ)
A cover band from Gelsenkirchen that released a private 12" with only Deep Purple and Uriah Heep song excerpts mixed into a program on both sides, featuring hits like "Smoke on the water", "Easy livin'", "Black night" or "Woman from Tokyo". Dunno who really needed this but it's done quite in a good way. There is no year mentioned on the record but since they dedicated this EP to the deceased David Byron (and he died in 1985) it must have been released in 1985 or later. I thought I've seen it's from 1985 somewhere but hey, even gods could fail...
"1000-Feuer (Deep and Heep)" 12" EP 1985 (selfreleased)

Achim Zwirner (guitar, vocals)
Jörg Blank (guitar)
Jochen Tabery (bass, vocals)
Alwin Rainer (drums)
A local Augsburg Heavy Metal troop, that back in 1984 when the band formed, was rated Augsburg's heaviest Rock band ever. Achim Zwirner was ex-Request/Meridias and formed Waxx with the 2,08 m tall drummer Alwin Rainer, who was previously member of the local Hard Rock band Grim Reaper and rockers Knüppelhart. A Demo tape was recorded during late 1984 too. According to certain newspaper features Waxx' sound was pure Heavy Metal with either complicated breaks and arrangements, driven by twin lead duels. During summer '85 the band played their last gigs, and Alwin Rainer afterwards joined Manalishi and played live with Veto as well.

"Giant step for mankind" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)

Way 'n' Law
Lutz Kanther (vocals)
Dirk Konersmann (guitar)
T. Preiß (bass)
D. Bergmann (keyboard)
Adrian (drums)
A Hard Rock band from Georgsmarienhütte (Osnabrück area) that could participate with the two songs "Shut down" and "Stay out" on the local CD sampler "Wizzards From OS". Way 'n' Law's sound was a solid, Scorpions influenced Heavy Rock, with either AOR touch and that typical underground charm that all these locals bands spread.
"Wizzards From OS" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Gemelo)

Weird Kong
Eater (bass)
Drag (drums)
Chris Van Helsing (guitar, vocals)
A sleazy Hard Rock band with heavy Rock'n'Roll edge and a style that's adopting kinda old AC/DC influences, but played in a modern way. Doesn't do much for me to be honest.
"Weird Kong" LP 1990 (Ruff '&' Roll)

Weird State
A local band from Bavaria (Burghausen/Rosenheim area), that actively played live during 1990. Further info is needed.

Thomas Rosanski (guitar)
The band name was chosen by Thomas Rosanski after a Rainbow song, which is almost giving you a hint of the sound that this band from Leipzig (ex-GDR) was trying to achieve. Founded in May '85 the guys was active till late 1987, when Rosanski formed the band Badboy with members of Victim. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Welkins Cry
Rüdiger Olbrich (bass, vocals)
Andy Garcia (drums)
Martin Redieske (guitars)
This band just lasted 1 year, they formed in 1988 in Kreuztal and disbanded after their Demo "Quest for light" which was released in May '89. I guess they heard the "dilemma" themselves when mentioning on the booklet "Maybe this Demo is not perfect, but you can bet your ass, we had a great time". There are good approaches for sure in their slow and midpaced slightly epic sounding Heavy/Power Metal creations but the realisation lacked of practising probably. Maybe they should have had rehearsed a bit longer before recording anything. Nevertheless they quit the same year and Martin Redieske (ex-Guardian) co-founded the Power Metallers The Immortal and after his retirement in 1990 Inner Sanctum.
"Quest for the light" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Wells Fargo
Peter Diehl
A Hard Rock band from Bexbach in the Homburg area, who released a 7" on the indie label Blue Cue Records in 1989. Both songs was composed by Peter Diehl and feature a very pleasant sort of melodic Hard Rock with AOR edge. Quite a neat single for fans of that style, though we still need a bit more info of this band.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"I'll be the one" 7" EP 1989 (Blue Cue)

Wet ’n’ Wild
Christofer Steffek (vocals)
Bernd De'Ragesch (bass)
Volker Kilian (drums)
Stefan Vitek (guitar)
Wet 'n' Wild was a kinda fun project of the Voracious Souls guys that they started sometime in late 1990 to play Party Hard Rock with sleazy touch. In the end the session went a bit heavier, but if you want Thrashers to play Sleaze Rock you can't expect another Guns 'n Roses. Basically it's the same kind of Hard Rock with R'n'R edge that made these US Sleaze bands big back in the day. There was another recording session in July '91 featuring 11 more trax of the same kind before they quit in 1992.
"First kick" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Michael Voss (vocals)
Niko Arvanitis (guitar)
Chris Fedoruck (bass)
Michael Eurich (drums)
After Michael Voss (ex-Hydra) quit Mad Max in Sept '87 he tried to play with several cover bands and subsequently formed a new band with the name What? during late 1988 (or very early '89) together with the not so unknown Niko Arvanitis (ex-Stormwind/Warlock) and Michael Eurich (ex-Warlock), plus US american bassist Chris Fedoruck from New Jersey. What? immediately recorded a selftitled Demo tape, featuring an american style melodic Hard Rock, that gained them attention by considerable persons of the US music business, who offered them to manage the band and either Gene Simmons started negotiations for a possible album release. The band was just shortlived as we know, since both Voss and Eurich formed the similar Casanova in 1990 (or either most probably Casanova was the continuation of What? under just a different name). If you got more info, please get in touch.
"What?" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Ferdinand Kuehnel (vocals)
Hannes Schroer (guitar)
Frank Horvath (guitar)
Andy Baum (keyboard)
Mick Brehmen (bass)
René Hatzke (drums)
A Hard Rock/AOR band from Munich founded around 1977 that toured with Uriah Heep and Meat Loaf and afterwards released an album on WEA. Roger Glover of Deep Purple produced the album that was recorded in 1978/79 and contains some late 70's Hard Rock songs with a not so german sounding vocalist, that sound even like from the early 80's. There are still the usual Boogie hints included as well but the guitar sound is quite heavy.
"Don't be strange" LP 1979 (WEA)

Martin Schlagner (vocals, guitar)
Jörg Gudelius (guitar)
Frank Andrzejewski (bass)
Uwe Bensch (drums)
Whetstone easily could be counted to the hottest unsigned german Power/Speed Metal bands of the whole 80's decade.
This promising act was founded in summer 1984 in Siegen by Martin Schlagner, Jörg Gudelius, Frank Andrzejewski and Uwe Bensch. In 1985 Sebastian Beaumer was recruited as vocalist since Schlagner wasn't convinced his voice was the right one for their style and finally in 1986 Stefan Neuser joined them. With Neuser as new permanent vocalist they recorded the first Demo tape "United blood" that was released in December '86. The tape contained 4 epic Power bangers which was stylistically to see somewhere between Running Wild and Manowar while Neuser's voice in places was sounding like a cross of Rolf Kasparek and Charlie Steinhauer (Paradox). In July '87 Gudelius, Andrzejewski and Bensch decided to leave Whetstone due to the lyrics, which they couldn't agree with due to their christian belief while only Martin Schlagner and Stefan Neuser remained which usually had to mean the end for the band. They started again from zero and added still in the same month Axel Büdenbender as new bass player. Hubertus Stricker (who was playing in a band called "Mom" at that time) helped Whetstone out on drums in the meanwhile. Burkhardt Schmallenbach (ex-Squad) became the second guitarist a few weeks later so they just needed a steady drummer. After testing several drummers, Stricker in August '87 finally decided to quit Mom and join Whetstone instead. They started doing live gigs again with the new line up and due to the fresh blood in the band Whetstone's style progressed into a more Speed Metal dominated direction. In that period they created an own term for their music - "Ancient Metal", which also would become the title of the second Demo that was recorded in 1988. The band now had completely thrown the early hymnic Metal roots over board and adopted the classic Speed/Thrash sound which pushed them even more into a category amoungst bands such as Blind Guardian and Paradox, while Whetstone was well able to competite with those. Whetstone played their last gig together on 18.3.1989 before Martin Schlagner and Stefan Neuser quit in July. Büdenbender followed shortly after, while Schmallenbach and Stricker tried to revive the band once again for another 8 months with Alex Wintjes on bass. In early 1990 they called it quits. Most of the members was later found in The Immortal and Axel Büdenbender joined Wycked. Both Demos incl. live cuts got re-released 2017 on Cult Metal Classics in vinyl and CD format under the title "Ancient Metal".
"Blood united" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
”Ancient Metal” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Conny Hühmer (vocals)
Manfred Hecker (guitar)
Dieter Deiss (bass)
Clemens Singt (drums)
A late 70's local Augsburg Hard Rock formation, that was active from 1976 till '78 and performed live on stage cover versions of Deep Purple and Cream. The guys later evolved into Rock`n`Roll Express. Further info is welcome.

White Mania
Steffen Kohlmeier (vocals)
Mario Suther (bass)
Thomas Klitzing (drums)
Dominik Glöckner (guitar)
Andre Effner (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from West Berlin active since 1985 that released 3 Demos in the late 80's and disbanded around 1990. For the last tape "Phantasmagoria" Stefan Schneider handled the bass and Torsten Reich replaced Steffen Kohlmeier on vox. If you have more info please get in touch.
"Downfall of the Reich" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Tales from a wise man" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Phantasmagoria" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

White Out
A Hard Rock band that recorded a Demo tape around 1989, whose 2 tracks "Run for cover" and "Love for nothin'" was taken for an underground CD sampler released in 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)

White Rose
Henrik Klüver
A Heavy Metal band from greater Kiel area playing several live shows in around 1985/86. If you have more info please get in touch.

White Tears
Sascha Müller (vocals)
Rolf Kockler (bass)
Detlef Krug (guitar)
Sascha Vollmar (guitar)
Jürgen Laub (drums)
White Tears was a melodic Hard Rock/Metal band from Neunkirchen/Saarland, that recorded 5 guitar driven tracks 1992 for BEE Records, while the CD was published 1993. The band just had formed in 1992 either and changed name to Feetless Hands in the mid 90's.
"White Tears" CD 1993 (BEE)

Whyte Heat
Jasmin Stadermann (vocals)
Frank Hohmann (guitar)
Udo Martens (guitar)
Christoph Schomberg (bass)
Thomas Knuth (drums)
A female fronted Hamburg Melodic Metal band, that was founded in August '88. With Sammy O'Thomas of Canadyan they produced a 3 song Demo late '89, featuring the fantasy Metal hammer "Wizard" and the Heavyrocker "Rock 'n' Roll star", performed in a very professional way with catchy hooklines, that gained them positive critics. If you got further info, please get in touch.

"Whyte Heat" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Pädde (vocals)
Angus (bass)
Robby Schmidt (guitar)
Mario Schmid (drums)
Thrashers from Konstanz that started back in 1985 and released two Demos in 1987 and '88 while "Speed enforces!" directly lead to a record deal with the indie label Steps Records who released "Splended deed" in 1989. Martin Schlegel was added as second guitarist and Wicca presented a fresh, strongly Slayer, Overkill and Metallica influenced thrashing style, that was sounding not that typically german at all. Surprisingly the band already split up in 1990, while in summer the guys was already recording their second album at the Frank K. Studio in Witten. Robby Schmidt as well as Mario Schmid joined Curare. Right now the band got reactivated again.
"For those who love us, for those who hate us" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Speed enforces!" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Splended deed" LP 1989 (Steps)

Wild 13
A Hard Rock/Metal band from most probably Hessen (Frankfurt/Hanau area), that was actively playing live during 1990. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Wild Axes
Thomas Horst (vocals)
Alexander Beyrodt (guitar)
Klaus Weber (guitar)
Clemens Scheid (bass)
Steffen Fritze (keyboard)
Franz Schmidt (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Neunkirchen winning the Rockfabrik Festival in 1985. Originally formed as Wild Axis by Markus Müller (bass), Jens Meyer (drums), Klaus Weber (guitar), Alexander Beyrodt (guitar) and Thomas Horst (vocals) in Elversberg 1981, Beyrodt, Horst and Weber must have changed name to Wild Axes sometime after 1982 and added a new bass player and drummer. They recorded a Demo in 1984 that gave them the possibility to release a 7" on the belgian label Rainbow Records. Wild Axes' sound was close to what Scorpions did at that time, nothing really earthshaking. The band disbanded after 1987, as during autumn the guys still was seen live on stage. Beyrodt, Horst and Weber subsequently formed the shortlived band Princess, while Alexander Beyrodt later teamed up with Sinner in 1990, before he joined Jaded Heart and Primal Fear in the 90's.
"Demo" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"No easy way out" 7" EP 1984 (Rainbow)

Wild Axis
Thomas Horst (vocals)
Alexander Beyrodt (guitar)
Klaus Weber (guitar)
Markus Müller (bass)
Jens Meyer (drums)
A short lived Hard Rock/Metal band from Elversberg founded in 1981 that was inspired by Deep Purple, Kraan etc. They was featured on the compilation "Dem Nachwuchs eine Chance!" with the strongly NWOBHM inspired rocker "Wild Axis". Beyrodt, Horst and Weber afterwards changed the band name to Wild Axes and added a new drummer, keyboarder and bass player.
"Wild Axis" Comp.-LP Track 1982 (Dem Nachwuchs eine Chance!)

Wild Cat
Michael Dudek (vocals)
Franz Zellner (guitar)
Jochen Bleicher (guitar)
Michael Andrasch (bass)
Hans Georg von Schuh (drums)
Friedel Amon (keyboard)
Wild Cat was previously known as Maggie's Madness, originally founded in Nuremberg 1974 and they released 2 albums with Maggie's Madness before their label Roadrunner changed the band's name to Wild Cat in 1985 when they was about to release the 3rd album, to avoid complications with the band Madness. They constantly carried on where they started with Maggie's Madness and fully concentrated on the midpaced Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal, with diverse song parts sounding close to Scorpions, Maiden and they either didn't forget to bring some power bangers like "Run for your life" or "Turn on you" (very Maiden-ish). Michael Andrasch left the band shortly after "Love attack" was released and their ex-bass player Peter Tobolla returned. After the band dissolved the contract with Roadrunner, Bleicher and Hans Georg von Schuh left as well and the latter got replaced by Daniel Zimmermann (later Gammaray, Freedom Call) and they kept on playing till 1987 when they called it quits.
"Love attack" LP 1985 (Roadrunner)

Wild Champagne
Lars Fischer (vocals, guitar)
Jens Fischer (vocals, guitar)
Frank Jürgens (bass)
Frank Barth (drums)
A Wiesmoor based Hard Rock/Metal with Glam influences that was originally called Champagne from 1988-1990 when they found out that there's another Champagne band around so they expanded name to Wild Champagne. All of the 4 guys was active since the mid 80's as Prowler and Frank Jürgens from '87-'88 in a band called Lovehunter either. After the name change they recorded a first Demo "Password paradise" and got picked up by West Virginia Records who produced their first CD "From now for ever" in 1992. When West Virginia went bankrupt Rockwerk Records released the second album "Wipe off your tears" the next year and both albums stylistically are the same brew, mixing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with glammy influences but still keeping the "german touch". The band also released more albums till 2018 when they disbanded.
"Password paradise" Demo 1991
"From now for ever" ‎CD 1992 (West Virginia)
"Wipe off your tears" ‎CD 1993 (Rockwerk)

Wild Child
Chris Peter Hänsel (bass)
Axel Bernhardt (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Kirchheim/Teck that was active since the mid 80's and changed name sometime in 1988 to Shanghai. They released the album "Yesterday's tomorrow" as Shanghai on Metal Voice Records 1989. One of their bass players (Chris Peter Hänsel) joined Tyrant for a short period during early 1988. The band was also written sometimes as Wildchild. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wild Heart
Heiko Schröder (guitar)
A Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Hamburg or surrounding area, that was active during the late 80's featuring the later Lightning/Champagne guitarist Heiko Schröder. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wild Heaven
Joannis Steeva (guitar)

A melodic Hard Rock/Metal band originating from West Berlin, which was active during the late 80's and recorded 2 Demos during that phase, that led into negotiations with Atlantic Records from New York for a possible album release during 1989. But the deal never came off. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wild Serpent
A Hard Rock formation from Waldshut, south of Villingen-Schwenninen and near the swiss border, that was active during 1987/88 and seemed to have recorded either studio material during that time. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wild Spirit
Uwe Dech (vocals)
Frank Bitsch (guitar)
Chuks Okere (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Dujmovic (bass)
Udo Boppre (drums)
Thomas Strauch (vocals)

A Ludwigshafen hard rock/metal band formed in May 1981 by Chuks Okere and Daniel Dujmovi. They recorded at least one 7-song demo and used to gig in the Ludwigshafen / Mannheim / Heidelberg area. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Demo '83"

Wildest Dreams
Frank Schuhmacher (vocals)
Markus Meyer (guitar, keyboard)
Andre Pasedag (guitar)
Markus Wieking (drums)
A Metal band from Delmenhorst in northern Germany, that was active since at least 1989 and decribed their own style as "melodic Heavy Metal with Thrash influence and adventurous". Wildest Dreams released a 2 track Demo with the title "Uncertain" in 1991, but the band shortly afterwards around 1993 dissolved. If you got further info, please get in touch.

"Uncertain" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Wildest Excess
Ellen Ritz (vocals)
Stefan Schmidt (guitar)
Armin Mücke (guitar)
Uwe Fechle (bass)
Matz Ulmer (keyboard)
Holly Drambar (drums)
A local band from the Stuttgart area I think, that was active since 1986 as Toxin and released the "The biker" 7" in 1986. The guys was playing common Hard Rock in the vein of Kiss on the title track of their 7" "Burning", that should be from the later 80's, and the B-side "Dirty dolls" offering slightly heavier stuff. After 2 singles female vocalist Ellen Ritz joined the band, who changed name to Wild Excess during 1989. Seems like at a later point they withdraw that decision coz the third and last single "Can't find me on the radio" from 1991 was released again under their original name Toxin. The musicians on that one being Matz Ulmer (keyboard), Uwe Fechle (bass), Stefan Schmidt (guitar), Armin Mücke (guitar) and band leader Holly Drambar (drums). But in contrary to their "Burning" single, the "Can't find me on the radio" material was way more poppy, though still Hard Rock/AOR but using annoying keyboards that made them sounding like a band for the charts. The first single is the harder to find item.

Winged Messenger
Dieter Parys (bass, vocals)
Modesto Vasquez (guitar)
Dietmar Thiess (guitar)
Urs Wahl (drums)
A classic Heavy Metal band that formed around 1983 in Ingersheim, north of Ludwigsburg and nowadays still is haunting minds of certain vinyl collectors, because their phantom LP "Guardians of eternity" persistently remains on their wantlists. The guys was playing live on stage during the mid 80's and recorded their 5 song Demo "Metal flash I" in February '85, which made the newly formed label Bregenzer Records interested, who tried to enter the Heavy Metal vinyl business during 1985 with a couple of releases all scheduled at the same time for autumn. Winged Messenger recorded their "Guardians of eternity" album in August 1985 in Ludwigsburg and either album reviews could be found f.e. in Metal Hammer, that got unjustified bad feedback (bad Demo production, crappy cover artwork etc). It's right that the album has got a rather Demo-like production, but probably that's the reason the recording sounds so rough and authentic, close to Grave Digger's midpaced stuff back in the day with a heart-warming NWOBHM touch and quite riff-oriented. Nevertheless, after a couple of adverts in bigger mags the label silently folded and all victimized bands connected went down the drain as well, except of Czakan, who returned at the fall of the 80's once again. Maybe the bad reviews has been the reason why the label pulled the plug and stopped all further scheduled projects, who knows ... officially the company run out of cash. The reason the album is still known nowadays is coz the guitarist of Winged Messenger started selling CDR's of the album in 2010. So enjoy at least those and curse the ones who write non-objective reviews.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Metal flash I" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Guardians of eternity" Album 1985 (unreleased)

Jürgen Winter (vocals)
Helmut Krieg (guitar)
Sigi Winter (keyboard)
Thomas Michel (bass)
Jürgen Christ (drums)
An Melodic Rock band from Brohl featuring Jürgen Winter of Covergyrl. The band existed since the early 70's. Besides some own creations their live program contained mostly cover versions of f.e. Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Judas Priest, Billy Idol or Europe. Jürgen Winter had a little success with the Electronic Rock band Covergyrl in the mid 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wise Man
Willi Wrede (guitar)
Werner Büscher (vocals, guitar)
Axel Ritt (guitar)
Ralf Zwierschitz (bass)
Dieter Hoffmann (drums)
Wise Man (or Wiseman) was a Hard Rock/Metal band from Gelsenkirchen that started in 1982 and I remember they received quite some positive feedback by the german Metal Mags back in the day. Though it's a mystery for me why, their common Hard Rock/Metal, that wasn't much heavier than f. e. the Scorpions at that time, truly didn't stand out of the slowly rising underground Metal bands. Alone "Sweet dreamer" from the album might be named to have the special something that made the song going easier into people's ears. One interesting note, the back sleeve of the "Paranoid" (yep, a cover version) 12" says, that both trax was taken from the "First warning" LP, BUT both songs in the end wasn't featured on the album at all. Furthermore the album mix and the sound on the 12" are completely different. So the album originally was recorded in 1985 already and they must have had remixed it at a later time point. During autumn '87 the band announced their separation, coz Willi Wrede wanted to mainly focus on his manager job for Darxon. The rest of the crew was said to continue under a different monicker, but Werner Büscher joined Preacher in 1988 and formed the band Black Rose together with Dieter Hoffmann in summer '89. Axel Ritt subsequently entered the stage again with Kingdom/Domain in the late 80's.
"Paranoid" 12" EP 1985 (DA)
”First warning” LP 1986 (Rockport)

Wishes Burn
Tommy Günther (guitar)
Andreas Nordmeier (drums)
Werner Pfandlbauer (vocals, guitar)
Ralf Stieler (bass)
Oliver Deinert (keyboard)
Wishes Burn released only one album that was recorded at the D & S Studios in February '89. The LP features good melodic Heavy Metal just how it was common at that time with a number of good and well arranged songs but the big hit is sadly missing. For my taste the keyboards are quite a bit too much, but on the other hand a pluspoint truly are the sweet twin leads and the guitar work in general. If you wanna buy the LP, better watch out that the sticker, printed inner sleeve and insert are all enclosed.

Witch Burning
Patrick Jost (vocals)
Dirk Werthschulte (guitar)
Andreas Klockner (guitar)
Markus Pint (bass)
Markus Dietrich (keyboard)
Tobias Ludt (drums)
A late Metal band from Saarbrücken, who published their first 4 track MCD independently 1991, before Leico Records produced the band's second album "You" two years later. Witch Burning's last output, the "Impressions of life" MCD, again on Leico Records, was available 1994 before this promising troop disbanded. The sound of Witch Burning was basically 80's style melodic yet epic, powerful Heavy Metal, but accompanied by a dominant keyboard, that was giving the band's creations a slightly symphonic touch. An insider tip!

"Witch Burning" MCD 1991 (TGF)
"You" CD 1993 (Leico)
"No time to lose" Comp.-CD Track 1993 (Fight For Rock)

Bernhard Eber
Ralph Küchle
A melodic Heavy Metal band from I dunno where coz as usual the sleeve of their only single doesn't mention anything. Both trax are quite solid Metal with melodic Hard Rock influences and keyboards used as well. Nevertheless the sound appears raw enough but unfortunately they had a little problem with the vocalist. He sounds typically german and wants to sing parts that his voice spectrum doesn't always allowed.

Ralf Wolinski (drums)
A Power Metal band from Oldenburg who later changed name to Leifforce during the late 80's and played a Savatage influenced style of Metal with Speed Metal influences. Their drummer Ralf Wolinski is known to have started "drumming" back in 1984, so we could expect that Witness formed around 1985/86. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Gabriele Barz (vocals)
Ulrike Barz (vocals)

A Heavy Rock band from Buchholz, south of Hamburg, that was active during the late 80's and played on the 4th Oxmox/Metal Star band contest in Hamburg '89. The 7-piece recorded a Demo tape during 1989, featuring a very Heart inspired guitar oriented Heavy Rock sound with keyboards playing a not so big role in Wizard's musical book. The band was fronted by female Gabriele Barz, who brought both her sisters into the band as backing vocalists as well. If you got more info, just get in touch.
"Wizard" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Wizard, The
Ralf Schieritz (vocals, bass)
Bernd Ozimkowski (drums)
Ralf Steinborn (guitar)
Reinhold Lübke (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Posdziech (keyboard)
The Wizard was a Heavy Rock band from Gelsenkirchen that released a self financed 12" in 1990. The EP contains 4 trax in the melodic Hard Rock/Metal vein, that are easy to bear. They didn't focuss too much on technical crap, but put more attention to catchy melodies and structures. The Wizard was in good company of similar sounding bands like 2nd East, Big Problem or other diverse bavarian melodic acts, though these guys was just acting in the middle league. The stand out track on the vinyl is surely "The Wizard".

Jan Hubert (vocals)
Rico Hein (drums)
André Morgenstern (guitar)
Jörg Leitner (guitar, bass)
Death/Thrashers from Annaberg/Saxony, founded still in the ex-GDR in 1988, Wodan together with Eminenz built the skeletal structure of the western Erzgebirge Metal scene. They started playing a rather doomy influenced Thrash style in the beginning and later changed into hyperspeed death/thrashing chaos ala Sadus and Jan Hubert (ex-Eminenz) grunting like a wild boar while still keeping those Doom parts. In February '91 the "Chemical death" Demo was recorded, with only 6 songs of that session becoming the official Demo, while the other 5 trax that they recorded as well, remained unreleased and then entered the studio in August again for the recordings of the "Brain decay" Demo. Sometime in 1992 Wodan was over and some of the members started the Doom/Black Metal band Sarkophag. Jan Hubert went to join Carcinoma, another Annaberg Death Metal act.
”The “Chemical death” Session 2/91” (unofficial)
"Asgard/Wodan" Comp.-Tape Track 1991 (Thrashing East Attack Vol. I)
”Chemical death” Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
”Brain decay” Demo 8/91 (selfreleased)

J. Hertlein
A local Glam/Sleaze Metal outfit from Bad Mergentheim, north of Stuttgart, that was active around 1989/90. According to their own info the band's style was influenced by Skid Row, Mötley Crüe and Aerosmith. Further info is welcome.


Not to be confused with the band Wolfen from the Stuttgart area, this band was active at the same time (1989/90), but in Hannover. Further info is welcome.

Wotan (Berlin)
Pusche (vocals)
Sascha Rankel (drums)
Robert Jonas (guitar)
Dirk Nuber (bass)
A West Berlin based Thrash band that released a handful of Demos in the 80's and in the early days they've been strongly Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influenced. Chris Mosch of Calderone was part of the band as well, playing on the "Sense ... of life" tape. Sadly the sound on the early tapes isn't that good. I think with better production and recording equipment Wotan's (World of Terror and Nausea) name would have spread easier because basically the songs appeared quite brutal. But later they changed towards more classic Death/Thrash and even recorded a full album in 1992 that was never released at all. D & S Recording picked up the band in a time when noone wanted to hear that kind of (80's) Thrash that Wotan still used to play and "Tranquility" even featured old re-recorded Demo trax. Straight forward deaththrashing Metal, partly a bit in the Slayer/Sadus vein mixed with technical outbursts. The last album "Children of technology" was released in 1999.
"Promo Tape" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
”Wotan“ Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"World decay" Demo 1986 (selreleased)
"Wotan" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Sense ... of life" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Unreleased album 1992" (unofficial)

Wotan (Hannover)
Reinhardt Körber (drums)
Ingo Lühring (bass)
Norbert Requardt (guitar)
Heiko Steudel ((guitar)
Joachim Ardt (vocals)
A bluesy Hard Rock band from Hannover having 2 tracks on a local compilation. Wotan is just acting in the twilight zone of Hard Rock, Boogie and Blues, but the song "Harley Liberty" at least features nice NWOBHM leads.
"Hannover Szene '84" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Promotion Partners)

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