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Na und
Angelika Flade (vocals)
Galina Seminichina (guitar)
Susanne Rahm (bass)
Marion Häußler (keyboard)
Angela Ullrich (drums)
An all female Hard Rock band founded 1979 in Dresden (ex-GDR) under the name Dresdner Mädchenband but they changed name in 1983 to "Na und" (So what). They started covering international Hard Rock classics. Still in 1983 during a tour a tragic car accident happened that ended in Susanne Rahm and Marion Häußler losing their life. They both got replaced by Sylvia Tuch (bass) and Joane Rekitt (keyboard). In 1984 Ina Morgenweck took over the vocals and the band's most successful period started. They could produce a few songs for the national radio broadcast (f.e. "Mädchenrock") and also a live gig was broadcasted in 1985. But then Angela Ullrich left to form her own band Agentur Null, and shortly after Ina Morgenweck as well to sing for the band Charlie. That meant the end for Na und. Na und's style was a mix of classic Rock, Hard Rock and Metal with "Atlantis" probably being the highlight in their set, a great epic Metal Rocker with kinda Dio-ish flair and galopping guitars. Galina Semenichina joined the band St. Metal during 1988 and played on their second Demo.
Broadcast Recording:
"Mädchenrock" (1985)

Ricardo I. Peterlein (vocals, keyboard)
Jens Halter (guitar)
Daniel Lapsch (bass)
Patrick W. Engel (drums, bass, guitar)
Nameless from Pössneck formed 1991 originally as Asmodis, with members being Patrick Engel, Uwe Rödel and Daniel Steinbrücker, but changed name to Cenotaph pretty soon and recorded several rehearsal tapes, till in late 1992 the lads changed name to Nameless, introducing the new line up consisting of Ricardo I. Peterlein, Jens Halter, Daniel Lapsch and Patrick W. Engel. In January 1993 the "Illusions" Demo was recorded and offered respectable Death Metal with different influences ranging from Pestilence, Desecrator, Death to also melodic and either Thrash parts. In September '93 Daniel Lapsch quit, but the guys nevertheless started recordings for their debut album just one month later. Originally "The final decision", as the album was entitled, was planned to be available on CD, but the costs pretty much did exceed the band's financial ressources. Therefore to not lose any more time, "The final decision" in the end was published on vinyl, in a limited edition of 300 copies only with neutral sleeve, but including a booklet with info, and continuing musically the direction of the previous Demo with probably slightly more thrashy edge. Early 1994 the bandname once again was changed to Final Dezision and im summer '94 Andreas Kaufmann (ex-Krypta) joined on bass. Another EP was planned for late '94 but due to band internal trouble never realized, so the guys did a few more gigs and eventuall split up in 1995, while Patrick Engel and Andreas Kaufmann joined the Black/Death Metal band Impending Doom. Jens Halter appeared in Buried God's line up in the fall of the 90's.
"Illusions" Demo 1993 (Thuringia)
”The final decision” LP 1994 (selfreleased)

Knut (vocals)
Frank (guitar)
Götz (drums)

A melodic Hard Rock band from Hamburg, whose roots are originating back to 1980, when Knut and Frank met drummer Götz (ex-Brainstorm) and decided to found the band Namenlos, that during the following years played several venues in the Hamburg area, till in 1986 the now to a five pieve grown band changed name to Tangua. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local Hard Rock band from the Offenbach/Frankfurt area, that actively played live during 1990. Further info is needed.

J. Wessels
O. Schmidt
U. Battis
M. Schneider
The Saarbrücken registered band Natchez couldn't really leave an enduring impression with their sole single "TV-Show". Though the lads are posing with leather and rivet adorned bracelets like Heavy Metal superstars on the cover, both their trax "TV-Show" and "Hell on wheels" (the better number of both) are pretty boring Hardrockers with almost a poppy NDW touch. Not the usual Hard Rock that one might expect, so better beware.

"TV-Show" 7" EP 1984 (Zentaur)

Claus Willman (vocals)
Holger Fath (guitar, keyboard)
Punky (guitar)
Andy Kraus (bass)
Dennis Vablonski (drums)
A band from the Frankfurt/Main area that surprised with an US Metal style influenced album in the mid 80's and never has been seen again afterwards. The musicianship was quite experienced in terms of skills and songwriting and delivered a consistent good, above average sounding melodic Heavy Metal style, that was obviously influenced by the early Ozzy albums.

”Ride on” LP 1985 (Steel Trax)

Runhardt Scheffler (guitar, vocals)
Mario Eckert (bass)
Jean Schulze (drums)
Necromance from Spremberg (ex-GDR) started originally as Secret Attack in 1987 and changed name sometime around 1990 to Necromance. These guy's early style was rather primitive and average, but typical early 90's Death Metal, till they went into a Gothic Metal/Rock direction in around 1994. All the releases featured here still belong to the Death Metal phase of the band.

"Slow death" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Enslaved/Necromance" Split 7" EP 1991 (Morbid)
"The dwarf" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Zander" Split 7" EP 1993 (with Enslaved/Cadaver Corpse/Lubricant, Morbid)

A local band from the Dortmund area, seen playing live in their area during 1990. Further info is needed.

Thomas Claußnitzer
A Thrash band from Ahrensburg, Hamburg area, who released a 70 min Live Demo "Metalstorm over Lübeck" in 1986. The guys was previously active as Regardless since 1981 and changed name to Anesthesia during early 1988. If you have more info please get in touch.
"Metalstorm over Lübeck" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Mickey Peiers (vocals)
Thorsten Loll (guitar)
Albert Melles (bass)
Carsten Loll (drums)
A Power/Speed Metal band of the late 80's, that was originating from Hannover. The guys recorded a 4 track Demo in late 1988, entitled "Victim of lust". If you got further info, please get in touch.

"Victim of lust" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Volker Fredrich (guitar, vocals)
Lars Honeck (bass)
Axel Strickstrock (drums)
The Thrashers Necronomicon formed in 1983 in Weil am Rhein, with members being Volker Fredrich, who was playing in the Punk band Total Rejection since 1981, Lars Honeck (bass) and Axel Strickstrock (drums). Jürgen Weltin became second guitarist in the following year. Necronomicon's main influences in the beginning was more or less Punk/Hardcore bands like Discharge or The Exploited and basically that could be even heard on the bands early Demos "Total rejection" and "Blind destruction", but the guys turned more and more into Thrash Metal and debuted on the "Break Out" sampler with "Possessed by evil" and "Blind destruction" in 1986. But seriously the band's untight performance and hilarious songwriting skills leaves a big questionmark in my mind, how they could land a record deal with Gama Records. The debut LP, released in the same year, wasn't any musical progress at all and even worse, illustrated the band's less than average instrumental skills. Sure, the lads acted brutal and Fredrich sounded exactly like Schmier, but is that enough to justify an album?
The "Apocalyptic nightmare" LP represented a band that had refined their raw Thrash style, but still tried to play way too technical as if their recent skills would have had allowed that at all. But I need to admit that in terms of underground Thrash, "Apocalyptic nightmare" meets all neccessary requirements, especially since Necronomicon keep a constant raw level. "Escalation" from 1988 kinda marked a new beginning. Lars Honeck was out and Jürgen Weltin in addition to his guitar job also handled the bass parts, while Necronomicon had developed their earlier limited skills and delivered a technical Thrash Metal album with similarities to early Destruction and Vendetta's debut, that didn't leave any questions unanswered anymore. Unfortunately for a long time this album should remain the band's last release as due to financial problems with Gama, the guys quit co-operation, but got forced to leave all rights to Gama and couldn't sign any other contracts for 10 years. After solving that judicial issue in the early 90's and the "Lucky strikes" Demo 1992 with Bernhardt Matt on bass, Necromonicon ended at the same label that gave them their first chance, D&S, to produce the "Screams" CD in 1994.
An old NECRONOMICON interview can be found in The Corroseum's interviews-section.
"Total rejection" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Blind destruction" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No. 2" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)
"Necronomicon" LP 1986 (Wave)
"Apocalyptic nightmare" LP 1987 (Scratchcore)
"Escalation" LP/CD 1988 (Tales of Thrash)
"Lucky strikes" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Necrophenistic Nightmare
Birk Hübner (vocals)
Dirk Olesch (bass)
Markus Lehnigk (guitar)
Gerd Zaunig (drums)
A band from Cottbus/ex-GDR, that was founded in 1988 and lasted till 1990, when the guys changed name to Enslaved. It's not fully confirmed what kind of style the lads used to play in the beginning, but most probably any sort of basement Thrash or either Grindcore. Around 1990 when they became Enslaved at last they performed Death Metal. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Norris (vocals)
Onno (guitar)
Martin (bass)
Florian (drums)
Necrophiliacs was a Grindcore act from Lindewitt in northern Germany, featuring Norris, the drummer of W.B.I., on vocals. The band formed in around 1990 and recorded 2 Split singles and a MLP until 1993, that all featured typical early 90's Death/Grind/Noisecore with either a few doomy parts. Unfortunately the vocal performance wasn't that exciting and marks the weak point of Necrophiliacs sound. After 1993 two more Split EP's was published with the Meat Shits and Incisive plus the "Hardcore psychos" 7" in 1995.
"Nekromantik-Themes/So!...Das haste nu' davon!" Split 7" EP 1991 (with W.B.I., Schnauf)
"Beyond the darkness/Knusper Knusper Knäuschen" Split 7" EP 1992 (with Leucemie, Rödel)
”Primitive & uncultivated” MLP 1993 (Rödel)

Marc Fehse (vocals, bass)
Unne (guitar)
Matt (guitar)
Michael (drums, vocals)
Necropsy from Braunschweig released a pretty cool Demo tape at the peak of the second Death Metal wave in 1990. "Pay with your life" features 5 trax with influences of Asphyx and Death, that are all carried by a quite gloomy atmoshere. Unfortunately the quartet couldn't reproduce the same dark feeling on the "Some dark impressions" single, that was released on Century Media 2 years later with new guitarist Jens who replaced Unne, and represented Necropsy from just a typically US american style influenced common Death Metal side.

"Pay with your life" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Some dark impressions" 7" EP 1992 (Century Media)

Roland Micheli (vocals)
Marcel Buddenbrock (bass)
Michael Hebestadt (guitar)

A melodic Heavy Metal band built around ex-Darxon guitarist Michael Hebestadt and the ex-Street Fighter singer Roland Micheli, who founded Nero together with Marcel Buddenbrock at around 1987. The guys recorded a 3 track tape in 1988, that featured 2 melodic yet epic, slow Metal hymns and a 3rd more commercially influenced number, that got often compared to Dokken. For August '88 a MLP on No Remorse Records got either announced, but looks like the vinyl was cancelled for unknown reasons, while the recordings got finished already during summer as far as I'm concearned and still in late summer '89 once again a short note was seen that the LP will be available soon. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Leaders of the pack" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

New Deal
Marco (vocals)
Thomas Wolf (guitar)
Fred Farmer (keyboard)
Hagen peter (bass)
Ralph Bauer (drums)
New Deal was Hardrockers from Offenbach, who got the idea in fall of 1984 to produce an own record at the Tonstudio Bieber (TSB) and that 12" was ready in 1985, published under the banner of the studio, which was also responsible for the Main Rock Sampler that the band participated on. The guys also produced their fullenght independently 1989 ("Get Bananas!") as well as a Live CD in 1992 and finished their career with the "Director's cut" CD in 1998. New Deal's style was highly AOR inspired Melodic Rock, but the lads also was working with several Hard Rock influences either. I guess the tracklist of the Live CD shows best what bands had an personal impact on the New Deal musicians. You can find cover versions of Toto, Bon Jovi, Gary Moore, Deep Purple and even Billy Idol there.
"New Deal" 12" EP 1985 (TSB)
"2000 miles" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Main Rock Sampler 1)
"Get Bananas!" LP 1989 (selfreleased)
"Live-O-Mat" CD 1992 (selfreleased)

New Eminence
Ingo (vocals)
Christian guitar)
Oliver (bass)
Peter (drums)
This album from the "shit to gold blacksmith" of Metal Enterprises was recorded in August '90 and seems to be recorded by a real band this time, though the stylistical width was pretty much disastrous. While the opener still features ok Heavy Rock, right with the following material you'll dive into a seemingly neverending nightmare made of Hard Rock, Alternative Rock and what do I know else. Without a doubt one of the worst releases of the label, so better beware and try to listen first if you got the opportunity.

”Shape of things” LP/CD 1990 (Metal Enterprises)

New Inn Blue
Keith Ellis (vocals)
Michael Fröhlich (guitar)
Carsten Hots (keyboard)
Ulf Katschrowski (guitar)
Martins Dams (bass)
Kai Neels (drums)
This band was founded in May '85 in Oldenburg and their aim was to provide Oldenburg with heavier tunes. Keith Ellis was an ex soldier of the british army who stayed in Germany. According to their own info their repertoire was ranging from Rock to a few Heavy Metal riffs and their track on the local Oldenburg compilation pretty much proves that. Heavy melodic Hard Rock/AOR with Metal solos is what they delivered and the song isn't even bad. Quite well arranged.
"Get to you" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (OMI Proudly Presents: Das Oldenburg-Projekt)

Nice'n Dirty
Christian Wieser (vocals)
H. Kupke (guitar)
U. Strenger (bass)
S. Angerer (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Landshut, that was previously active as Reckless in the 80's. The lads produced privately a single in 1992 that features listenable typical 80's midpaced rocking Metal on "Deathride to glory", but sadly just the mellow ballad "Tears never lie" on the flipside.
"Nice'n Dirty" 7" EP 1992 (selfreleased)

Gunnar Weitz (vocals)
Thorsten Held (bass)
Bernd Sobolewski (guitar)
Bernd Schmuck (guitar)
Bernd Marzahl (drums)
Nightcry was a well known Hard'n'Heavy band of the Hamburg clubscene in the early 80's but never made it big. At least they released a private single in 1983 that features 2 melodic, slightly NWOBHM influenced Hard Rock/Metal trax with good songwriting, which proved that these guys knew what they was doing. The epic B-side track "Darkness in your eyes" strongly reminds me of the superb Lucifer MLP.

"Green hawk" 7" EP 1983 (selfreleased)

Franz Kühne (vocals)
Henrik Ritzer (bass)
Detlef Coors (guitar)
Wilfried Gehrke (guitar)
Ian Lines (drums)
Nighthawk released an album on the Megavolt label that tried to establish a vinyl dynasty in the fall of the 80's but just could produce 3 albums, till the label folded again. The Nighthawks has been active since 1983 already in the area around Lüneburg and offered a quite varied styled melodic Heavy Metal, mixing influences from different genres like on the speedy opener "Do you wanna play" with british edge. The main material though was mainly midpaced well done melodic stuff, with slightly american and of course in the first a german touch, whenalso I wish there would have been more bangers like "Do you wanna play" or the titletrack featured. The guys called it quits already in 1990, but I'm pretty sure, there was any earlier Demo material available as well.

”No mercy” LP 1989 (Megavolt)

A Metal band from the Speyer area, that was active in the mid/late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Hermann Bangert (guitar)
Ralf Malz (drums)
Jürgen Kübler (bass)
Markus Wolf (keyboard)
Dunno if this band from Heideneim is called Nightmare or Nightmare Project. On the booklet of the Demo they are called Nightmare Project, on the booklet of the Compilation LP too but either the logo on the Demo says just Nightmare as well as the tracklist of the Compilation LP. So wether they are being called Nightmare Project or just Nightmare, I can't 100 % tell. This band as well as Amnysha from the same Compilation is hard to put in any special drawer. Some huge dose of Prog Rock, some Hard Rock, some rare Metal influences and many keyboards mixing an epic instrumental brew that's hard to swallow. Both trax ("The immortals" and "Believe in yourself") featured on the Demo from 1990 also appear on the HDH Rock 91 Compilation. This band is just for instrumental fetishists who like it progressive.
"Demo 1990" (selfreleased)
"HDH Rock 91" Comp.-LP Tracks 1991 (Wasteland Music)

Nightmare (Dortmund)
Not much info of this band is known, they was from Dortmund and there is a live cut known from January 21st 1984 (in Dortmund) containing the 2 songs "The bitch" and "We rock every night" that deliver a pretty huge NWOBHM feeling. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Live in Dortmund/Ger – 21/1/1984“ (unofficial)

Nightmare (Essen)
Uwe Kirchberg (vocals)
Reiner Eschbach (guitar)
Angela Koch (bass)
Achim Bruckmann (drums)
Take a look at these Nightmare's logo and you know what kind of bands influenced them. I pretty much wonder what Iron Maiden would say, if they'd behold this infamous "borrowing" of their logo font. Nevermind, these 3 guys and 1 girl hailed from Essen and just are still being recalled because they left us a selfproduced obscure single that was recorded in August '81. The lads tried with NWOBHM influenced Hard Rock and "Black angel" in places indeed shows a few very early Iron Maiden hints as well as a littly punky edge during the refrain, that slightly reminds me of the Manimals/Misfits style. The B-side Hardrocker "Mandy" is more or less forgettable. I think the band's main fault was that their guitar sound wasn't heavy enough distorted. I've also seen the single once with a big logo sticker in the upper right corner, though you won't see copies of it that often I can promise.

Nightmare (Hagen)
Siggi Schwarz (vocals)
Reinhold Durand (bass)
Hanni Plattke (drums)
Ergün Tasli (guitar)
Jürgen Tetzlaff (guitar)
This short lived affair formed in Hagen during October 1982, initiated by Siegfried Schwarz and Ergün Tasli. Jürgen Tetzlaff, Reinhold Durand and Hanni Plattke completed the quintet a bit later on, who claimed for themselves to be the most tough Heavy Metal band of Hagen. But after just one year and a 3 song Demo, the band was history already, while most of the guys, except of Reinhold Durand (later in Hard 'n' Heart and Universe), would form the well known Nytemare in '84. The songs "Drive out the demon", "Down town" and the ballad "Tears in your eyes" of the tape already gave a short impression of what would later become Nytemare. Same style, with a few Maiden influences as well, just the production was quite terrible.
"Demo 1983" (selfreleased)

Jörg Göbel (guitar)
Dieter Hendemann (bass)
Nightmission is a Heavy Metal band from Düsseldorf, that though being founded already during 1987, never managed to record any Demos during their first phase of existence, that ended 1997, before the band got restarted by Dieter Hendemann in 2002 once again. If you got further infos, please get in touch.

Max Steglich (vocals)
Ringo Nischak (bass)
Uwe Kunze (guitar)
Tucky (guitar)
Udo Marsch (drums)
These guys was haunting the Düsseldorf area since 1981 and debuted with a 2 track Demo in 1984, before they grabbed all their saved money and produced a 2 track 12" independently on their own label Prowler Records. The EP comes with incredible artwork and features 2 post-NWOBHM influenced Metal numbers, that adopt the spirit of british acts such as Persian Risk or Cobra. The Nightprowler guys kept on playing throughout the whole 80's and tried with several other drummers, before they eventually disappeared in around 1992.

"Demo '84" (selfreleased)
"Nightprowler" 12" EP 1986 (Prowler)

Not much to say about this band, no clue where they came from and their album from 1989 is only available as testpressing in a very limited quantity as you could imagine. Musically it's not really a loss, Nightwolf belong to the Rumpel Metal faction, homemade Power Metal, too early for a recording session and over all pretty annoying vocals made their songs quite a challenge for common ears. In places the guys even managed to compose a few real power bangers, but there's the hook, as soon as one part sounds listenable they switch over into a break or strange part or that guy that they call vocalist kills those moments. The use of keyboards gave at least certain song parts a nice atmosphere. But in the end one year longer would have had a real impact on the material. Guess that was the reason that this album was never officially released. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Dark of new empire" LP 1989 (Testpressing, Wolverine)

Nile Temple
Not a real band in the common sense, but one more Ingo Nowotny fake project with hired musicians to get some money into the till. This time you can listen to some Rock coverversions of Mother's Finest, Steely Dan, Fox The Fox, Ned Doheny and some more 70's artists done the typical Metal Enterprises way, which usually means HANDS OFF!

"Nile Temple" LP 1988 (Metal Enterprises)

Holger vom Scheidt (vocals)
Martin Reinert (guitar)
Ulrich Siefen (guitar)
Jörg Lennartz (bass)
Christoph Segreff (drums)
Solingen residing Metal band that was founded 1986 by Holger vom Scheidt (ex-Mordor), Martin Reinert, Ulrich Siefen (ex-Black Jack), Jörg Lennartz and drummer Christoph Segreff. After a Demo tape the D&S label picked them up and produced their superb debut LP "Invincible" in August '88. Though these lads loved the melodic side of Heavy Metal (like Nytemare f.e.), their sound was pretty neat and heavy as fuck with also Accept influences, entering Power Metal fields more than just once. Holger vom Scheidt's vocals in places was sounding close to Living Death's Toto or Chris Boltendahl. 1989 Segreff and Siefen both left Ninja and got replaced by Bernd Rohde (guitar) and Andrè Hilgers (drums), and Ninja recorded the "Liberty" album privately in 1992 with the line up Hilgers, Rohde, vom Scheidt, Reinert and Lennartz. The material was almost close to their furious debut, Accept influenced Heavy/Power Metal with melodic touch that just deflagrated disregarded during the Death Metal wave. The guys called it a day a year later and Holger vom Scheidt teamed up with ex-guitarist Ulrich Siefen to form US Force. They returned in 1997 shortly with the "Valley of wolves" album, but quickly would surrender again.

"Demo '87" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
”Invincible” LP 1988 (D&S)
"Liberty" CD 1992 (Rose)

No Allegiance
David R. Pollack (vocals)
Dietmar Jahr (guitar)
Ilja (bass)
Klaus Budach (drums)
A Hardcore band from West Berlin, featuring the founder of Destiny Records and former Sick Pleasure vocalist David Pollack, that was founded as Porno Patrol back in 1983. During summer 1985 the guys changed their name to No Allegiance and recruited Ilja on bass, before their debut was recorded 1986. The guys kept on playing that US american NY style Hardcore with Metal edge, that Porno Patrol already used to play earlier and notoriously seemed to follow the musical steps of Agnostic Front, since "MAD" and especially the great raging follow up album "No cash value" seemed to copy that band's sound. No Allegiance already split up afterwards during 1988, but Pollack continued with Destiny Records and released a number of cool albums that all seemed to follow that metallic Hardcore/Crossover scheme. Dietmar Jahr and Klaus Budach recorded an album with The Rest in 1986, before their ways split and Jahr joined Abratzk, while Klaus Budach recorded albums with Die Seuche around 1990. David Pollack in the meanwhile resurfaced in the band Happy Hour.

"MAD" LP 1986 (Destiny)
"No cash value" LP 1987 (Destiny)

No Bless
Beate Blisnjuk (vocals)
Manner Boldt (keyboards)
K.U. Wessel (bass, vocals)
Sebastian "Seppl" Hesse (guitar)
Chris Born (drums)
A female fronted melodic Hard Rock/AOR band that was founded in mid 1987 and contributed the track "The demons of the night" to a local sampler from Neumünster in 1987. Unfortunately the drum sound appears a bit too poppy. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"The demons of the night" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (NMS-Splitter)

No Credit Band
Karl-Heinz Franz (vocals, keyboard)
Ralf Calmbach (bass)
Jürgen Palm (guitar)
Andreas Dietz (guitar)
Uli Bau (keyboard)
Stefan Gross (drums)
The No Credit Band was a Melodic Rock band from Heilbronn. All of their releases starting from the first single released in 1985 up to their last effort, the "Interrelated" CD from 1992 (released as "No Credit"), do feature typically 80's first class Melodic Rock/AOR with hit character and cool guitar solos. On the later albums like on "Ready for surprise" (without Uli Bau) and "Interrelated" the lads also adopted melodic Hard Rock influences like f.e. Europe. The earlier works featured a bit more the Melodic Rock thing like Survivor or Starship, but on an above average level. For Melodic Rock/AOR fans highly recommended stuff!
"Love is a game" 7" EP 1985 (MPS)
"Break my heart again" 12" EP 1987 (selfreleased)
"Ready for surprise" LP/CD 1989 (Output)
"Interrelated" CD 1992 (Rockwerk)

No Mercy
Helmut Schroellkamp
A Heavy Metal band from Essen, that wasactive during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

No Mercy (Hamburg)
Andree Blankenstein (guitar, vocals)
Michael Frenzel (guitar)
Reiner Weber (bass)
Rolf Krogmann (drums)
Early Heavy Metallers from Hamburg, not to be confused with the mysterious southern (?) act with the same name who released an LP in 1981. These guys were formed by brothers Andree and Peter Blankenstein in 1979, with the line-up slowly stabilizing in the coming years with Michael Frenzel on guitar and Reiner Weber on bass. In July 1983 Rolf Krogmann, formerly of Airless and the Hamburg edition of Rampage, replaced Peter on drums, who instead became the band's manager. The band was planning to go into the studio in late October '83 and recorded some tracks that was soaked with a classic NWOBHM sound, much influenced by bands such as Judas Priest and Saxon. Another recording session happened during 1985 featuring at least the 3 tracks "Evil face", "Deep into your heart" and "Ready for the action", before the band already split up again. If you have more info, please get in touch.
"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)

No Mercy (Heilbronn)
Martin Schanbacher (vocals)
Albrecht Rüdele (bass)
Rudi Lux (guitar)
Franz Schubert (drums)
It's not really confirmed what city these guys hailed from, as the contact address on their only album, that was recorded in January 1981 in Freiburg, is the one of the label. And the label was from Heilbronn. At least we know, the lads came from southern Germany. Musically this vinyl relic delivers highly NWOBHM influenced Hard Rock and early Heavy Metal. In places some AC/DC hints might appear as well, but that's not really a surprise as they've influenced almost every troop of the first Heavy Metal wave. So all the NWOBHM mongers out there, go and get it!

No Name
Uwe Planck
A band from Rodenbach that was featured as the only german band on the compilation "United Bands of Europe", but to label their style it isn't easy at all. The guys mixed fastpaced Heavy Metal with AOR, creating a somewhat pompish sound, like old Grave Digger/Noisehunter would be drowned in keyboards or something. Not that uninteresting at all. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Midnight on dynamite" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (United Bands of Europe)

No Name (Bad Kreuznach)
Günter Schmitt (drums)
Manfred Kraus (guitar)
Friedrich Völker (bass)
Markus Dehlzeit (keyboards)
Gunter Jacobus (vocals)
A prog/aor/hr-type outfit from Bad Kreuznach, that was active during the early/mid 80's and featured a tune on a local amateur-Rock compilation. If you have more info, please get in touch.
"True love" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Kreuznacher Rockszene '84)

No Request
Ernst Komynarkski (?)
Sadly little info about these guys is available so far, though they seem to originate from Westheim, Bavaria. They are known from the Metal Hour sampler where they contributed the two good trax "Shadows of the future" and Ride hard". "Ride hard" has an Accept-ish touch and "Shadows of the future" is a nice typical german banger. Both trax spread a healthy dose of power and are more than solid efforts. If you got more info, please get tin touch.
"Demo '86"
"Metal Hour (Metal Tracks No. 3)" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)

No Silence
Daniel Baptista (vocals)
Marcus Buecking (guitar)
Hansy Haider (guitar)
Jochen Trunk (bass)
Steffen Waigand (drums)
A Speed Metal which was originating from Miltenberg/Bavaria, west of Würzburg. The band was founded during 1986 and recorded 3 Demo tapes between 1988 and 1992, that contain a technically experienced, but nevertheless ordinary sounding Speed Metal style on the first 2 two tapes and a rather progressive touched Speed/Thrash on the last one "Dreams of immortality" from 1992, that also introduced Tommy Reis on the bass, who replaced the former bassist Jochen Trunk. The second Demo of No Silence ("Tell the answer") was produced by Michael Wehner of Vendetta. One of the songs from their last Demo was also used for the underground compilation "Peace-Eater Vol. II". If you got more info, please get in touch.

”No Silence" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Tell the answer" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Dreams of immortality" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Fanatic Menace" CD Comp.-Track 1992 (Peace-Eater Vol. II)

No Tears
A Heavy Metal band that was actively playing live during 1989 and participated at the festival "1. Bergisches Rockkonzert" in April '89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

No Trouble
Harald Markart (vocals)
Thomas Schröder (guitar)
Gerald Schröder (bass)
Jürgen Markart (drums)
These guys from Sulzbach in the greater Frankfurt/Main area, has been active as No Trouble since August 1980, and vocalist Harald Markart joined in July '81. On the "Germany's Rock Sensation No. I Vol. II" vinyl sampler, No Trouble debuted with the NWOBHM influenced tracks "Are you ready" and "Devil wizard" plus the instrumental "Hard times", which all was recorded in fall of 1981. With the Accept-ish track "Sound of today" the lads also appeared on the "Rockactive I" sampler. Toni Giancristofaro (vocals, keyboard) replaced Harald Markart and Uli Namaschk (guitar) joined the band as well in mid '83, so the guys prepared a 3 track studio Demo in December '83, featuring the trax "Don't play", "Light a light" and the early Maiden/Priest inspired NWOBHM rocker "Need to be free", that except for the latter, included mainly mainstream Heavy Rock stuff. If my tape is legit, then the demo had no booklet at all. After some time the Gama label took them under their control and produced 2 albums in the mid 80's that represented the typical Gama Heavy Metal sound, exactly the stuff that comes to mind when someone mention the name Gama Records. No Trouble performed a solid but sadly just average style of slightly Rock'n'Roll influenced Heavy Metal with Hard Rock hints either on their debut "Looking for trouble", that wasn't really able to concurrate with other labelmates albums that year like Stranger or Tyrant at all. On "Watch out!", the whole looked a bit better, they mainly focussed on the classic Metal thing, but also with this album seriously couldn't break out of the middle league. Due to the man with the epic name, Toni Giancristofaro, who's vocals reminded in places of Stephen Pearcey, certain songs like "Get ready" got a little early Ratt touch. But the lads wasn't really sure if they should fully walk the powerful way or better join the melodic faction and instead produce commercially influenced material, so the quality level changes from Metal bangers to Heavy Rock over and over again. The powerbanger "Rock 'n' Roll heart" was used for a handful of compilations, even long after 1987, when No Trouble disbanded. Giancristofaro joined Viva in the late 80's.
"Germany's Rock Sensation No. I Vol. II" Comp.-LP Tracks 1982 (Nitribitt)
"Sound of today" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rockactive I)
"Demo" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Looking for trouble" LP 1985 (Hot Blood)
"Watch out! LP 1986 (Hot Blood)
"Rock 'n' Roll heart" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Just'in Power)

Wirtscheck (vocals)
Udo (guitar)
Vele (bass)
Kalle (drums)
No-One was a shortlived Hard Rock/Metal band from Meerane (ex-GDR), that only existred from 1983-86, without having ever composed own material. The guys just focussed on coverversions of bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Krokus and Accept and already split up during late 1986. When drummer, vocalist and bassist all together had to join the army during autumn '86, the last survivor guitarist Udo tried to illegally escape the country and eventually got busted in Hungary. The band never reformed afterwards. If you got more, please get in touch.

Rainer Wild (vocals, guitar)
Gerd Knoth (guitar)
Rene Reiner (bass)
Tino Koch (drums)
A Metal band from Markneukirchen/Saxony (ex-GDR), that is active since already 1982, influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, Saxon, Deep Purple, Accept and Iron Maiden. The band was playing many live gigs with either the use of selfmade pyrotechnics, which sometimes caused stage bans for the guys. After achieving the upper class classification by the national comission, the guys recorded the song "Komm zurück"in 1986, which basically is a cover version (or rip off) of Judas Priest's "Jawbreaker" with different german lyrics. During an ordered stage ban phase the band got heavier and adopted several Thrash cover versions of Metallica, Sodom, Slayer and also Running Wild into their repertoire, which made Rainer Wild leaving during 1987. Also Tino Koch was forced to leave due to expected army duties, so the band was forced to search for new members, who in 1988 completed the new line up, now consisting of Oliver Glas (vocals), Uwe Wunderlich (guitar), Gerd Knoth (guitar), Rene Reiner (bass), Ralf Scherzer (drums). But soon Glas left again to form the band Voice with former Nobody axeman Rainer Wild. Uwe Wunderlich took the micro afterwards and Jens Meinl got hired as 2nd guitarist. After playing two gigs during 1989 in the Soviet Union, Rene Reiner left the country shortly before the fall of the wall. Further attempts to continue Nobody didn't succeed at all. 2002 some of the guys found together and nowadays are on the road again as a cover band.

Broadcast Recordings:
”Komm zurück” (1986)

Hanni Vasiliadis (guitar, vocals)
Erwin Perle (guitar)
Reiner Hormel (bass)
Ronny Lewandowski (drums)
Noise from Dormagen started back in 1976, founded by the 13/14 years old teenagers Hanni Vasiliadis (guitar, vocals), Erwin Perle (guitar), Reiner Hormel (bass), Ronny Lewandowski (drums) and the lads played Status Quo inspired Hard Rock that would change later in the following years to a more heavier style, when Noise started composing own songs. 1979 Noise participated on a grand newcomer band contest in Essen, that gave them the possibility to play in front of a huge crowd and helped spreading their name in the area. When the newly created label Noise Records entered the scene in 1983, Noise was forced to expand their band name to Noisehunter, as Noise Records fully had the rights on Noise and didn't allow the further use of that monicker. As Noisehunter the guys recorded a Demo at the Dierks Studios around 1984/85 and got signed by Gama Records. The rest is history. As far as I'm concearned, Noise never recorded any studio material at all.

Noise Filter
Migge (drums)
Hils (bass)
Hahn (guitar)
Cola (vocals)
A Death Metal band from Wiesloch who could place 2 tracks on a Split 12" with the bands Charterflug Tschad, Mortify and Metamorphosis, that was sponsored by the local youth center. Their style was a grinding sort of Death Metal with some doomy parts and similarities to Cadaver or Carbonized.
"Festering;Tierversuche" Split -12" 1992 (Vertrauen Sie uns wir wissen was wir tun)

Hanni Vasiliadis (guitar, vocals)
Erwin Perle (guitar)
Reiner Hormel (bass)
Ronny Lewandowski (drums)
Noisehunter from Dormagen started back in 1976, founded by the 13/14 years old teenagers Hanni Vasiliadis (guitar, vocals), Erwin Perle (guitar), Reiner Hormel (bass), Ronny Lewandowski (drums) as Noise and the lads played Status Quo inspired Hard Rock that would change later in the following years, when Noise started composing own songs. 1979 Noise participated on a grand newcomer band contest in Essen, that gave them the possibility to play in front of a huge crowd and helped spreading their name in the area. When the newly created label Noise Records entered the scene in 1983, Noise was forced to expand their band name to Noisehunter, as Noise Records fully had the rights on Noise and didn't allow the further use of that monicker. At around 1984/85 Noisehunter began to record Demo material at the Dierks Studios, that was sent to several labels (except probably Noise Records ^^) and gained them a 3 years deal with Gama Records who immediately produced their debut "Time to fight" in 1986 for their sublabel Sri Lanca, that contained a for Gama quite archtypical midpaced german Heavy Metal style but the lads also didn't really dissemble, that they've been able to produce speedbangers like the title track f.e., that was close to Running Wild's early sound. With the newly joined Matthias Nicklas on bass, they recorded the second album "Spell of noise" in 1987, that was more up to date in terms of speed than the debut and established the name Noisehunter in the inner circle of the german melodic Speed Metal hopefuls. The Noisehunter guys in the next years played a number of live shows, either in several european cities like Paris, Vienna, Brussels, East Berlin or Budapest infront of a crowd of 15000 people. The ZYX Metallic label signed them in the fall of the 80's and the last Noisehunter album "Too young to die" was recorded in 1989, and released early 1990. Though the album featured with "In the city" and "Ruler of the dark" speedy rippers of the same caliber like the most songs of the "Spell of noise" album, Noisehunter completely throttled the speed and added commercial elements and songparts, to enter a way more Hard Rock influenced melodic Metal direction than in their early days, which wasn't much appreciated by the old fans. Subsequent ZYX dropped Noisehunter, but though the guys recorded several Demos, no more label showed interest, so Erwin Perle and Matthias Nicklas therefore quit in 1992 and the remaining guys changed name to Union Rox and tried with a different vocalist till 1997. The recorded unreleased material of the 90's was later re-released on Karthago Records as the "Rock shower" album in 2005. Here you can watch a Noisehunter TV clip in front of a still shocked crowd.
An old NOISEHUNTER interview can be found in the interviews-section of the archived version of the old
"Time to fight" LP 1986 (SL)
"On the run" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Just'in Power)
"Heavy Metal in Germany Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1987 (Scratch)
"Spell of noise" LP 1987 (Scratch)
"Too young to die" LP/CD 1990 (ZYX Metallic)
"Metal Attack Vol. 2" Comp.-MC Tracks 1990 (Open)

Noize R Us
Alex Mannebach (guitar)
Jürgen Hörth (vocals)
Wulf Brücher (bass)
Michael Nickenich (drums)
A Hard Rock/Metal band from Andernach that was probably influenced by the Glam style. Jürgen Hörth was previously singing for Vötca and later Rain 'n' Steel. Wulf Brücher is ex-Razzle Dazzle and Alex Mannebach came from Vanilla Rex and Rinnsteinkatzen. The band was playing live in 1992/93. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Noko Band
Hermann Greiter

A Heavy Rock band from Bad Buchau (south of Ulm) that was active during 1987/88. The band at least recorded one Demo tape during December '87 or January '88. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Not Fragile
Torsten Buczko (vocals, guitar)
Matthias Belter (bass)
Arnd Stronkowski (guitar)
Markus Köhn (drums)
Not Fragile belong to Hamburg's oldest Metal formations and their birth goes back till summer 1980 already when Torsten Buczko, Matthias Belter and Arnd Stronkowski started playing together, till Markus Köhn completed the line up. When these lads still started as Hard Rock band, their sound delevoped into NWOBHM influenced Heavy Metal with every year that passed by and after releasing 3 Demo tapes between 1983 and '85, the whole thing started to fructify, when 2 trax of their "Made in Metal" tape appeared on international compilation albums, while the D&S label also featured Not Fragile on the 1st of their "Break Out" samplers with the trax "Hard to be alive" and "Too fast", that marked the band's advancement to the classic german Power/Speed Metal sound like early Helloween f.e. One weak point though in the whole 80's history, should remain the rather weak vocals of Torsten Buczko. In autumn '87 Raico Ebel (ex-Ill Prophecy) joined Not Fragile for Arnd Stronkowski (later in Bleedfort), who left the band a bit earlier. In February '88 the lads prepared a 4th Demo, when Metalother Records, who already had featured them on their "Metal Warriörs" sampler, contacted the band and offered them to rather produce a vinyl of the recordings instead of a Demo. "Who dares wins", as the MLP was later entitled, featured a grown Speed Metal band, that fully continued there where Helloween stopped after "Walls of Jericho", celebrating the melodic highspeed Metal thing with smoking fingers. Due to Metalother financially ripped them off, Not Fragile in fall of '88, reinforced by Ralf Salpius as second guitarist, recorded 3 new songs for the "Lost in a dream" 12", released by their management Hellion Records in all kinds of possible vinyl colors in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Raico Ebel quit Not Fragile still in 1989 due to internal trouble and started his own project Mad Alien. Torsten Buczko handled the second guitar from this point again and the album "One way to glory" was recorded in summer 1989 at Delta Studio in Wilster, which wasn't released before 1992 in Japan only as "Hard to be alive", including the "Who dares wins" EP as well. In Germany that album was released just 1 year later as the "Lost in a dream" CD, including different bonus trax. Their sound was still following the classic Power/Speed Metal scheme like on the previous releases and this album could have had probably marked Not Fragile's breakthrough on the Metal market, but it just shouldn't be probably. Not Fragile though had called it quits already in 1990, but returned 4 years later and since then recorded lotsa more albums.
"Hard Rock" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Made of Metal" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No. 1" Comp.-LP Tracks 1985 (D&S)
"Cheltenham" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Metal Warriör)
"Battle eagle" Comp.-Pic LP Track 1987 (Iron Tyrants III - The European Blitz)
"Who dares wins" MLP 1988 (Metalother)
"Lost in a dream" 12" EP 1989 (Hellion)
"Hard to be alive" CD 1992 (Spastic Head)
"Lost in a dream" CD 1993 (Unreal)

Nuclear Child
Pete van Drösch (vocals)
Norbo Ginsheimer (bass)
Natte (drums)
Rainer Goß (guitar)
Werner Müß (guitar)
A Blues/Hard Rock band from Koblenz, founded in mid '84. They played many gigs in the area till at least 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Nuclear Terror
Marc Zölck (vocals, bass)
Sven (guitar)
Dennis Schick (guitar)
Eric Zölck (drums)
A Thrash/Crossover band from Rickert/Rendsburg, south of Flensburg, that started sometime in 1987. Their first Demo "...kind of life" was still recorded with Dennis on guitar as a fourpiece in 1989 and offered more straight raw Thrash, but already on " this life?" from 1990 the band was just a trio, while vocalist Marc Zölk also shared guitar/bass parts with Sven. For the music of the band it meant a slightly stylistical change into a more controlled direction with some breaks than on the debut. Some of their Demo songs also appeared on a number tape samplers during that time like "Is this life?" and "Sandman" on "Schreie der Angst" and "Is this life?" and "Suffering earth" on "More Noise Tape Compilation", before the band changed name to Gainsay! during the beginning of the 90's.
"...kind of life" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
" this life?" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Schreie der Angst" Comp.-MC Tracks 1991 (Götterwind)
"Suffering earth" Comp.-MC Track 199? (Just another sampler)
"More Noise Tape Compilation 1" Comp.-MC Tracks 199? (More Noise)

Nucleus, a Heavy Metal band Marburg, started back in 1985 playing under that name for about 2 years before they changed name in 1987 to Transitional and right in the same year to Lewd Preacher. For further info check out the Lewd Preacher entry. If you got more info about Nucleus itself, please get in touch.

Number Nine
Martin Riegel (vocals)
Frank Stimpfig (bass)
Giorgio Camese (guitar, vocals)
Jürgen Kühnlein (guitar)
Wolfgang Riegel (keyboard)
Massimo Aymone (drums)
Number Nine from Würzburg debuted with a nowadays pretty rare single, that was recorded in January '87. The guy's sound in the beginning was very AOR connected and only the B-side "I'm for bad" could be called a sort of poppy Hard Rock at least. "It's me" pretty much reminds me of Melodic Rock like Toto and noone else. But fortunately on their selfproduced album "Everybody's crazy" from 1990 with Dominic Hülshorst on drums, the lads finally added that portion of missing power and delivered an US influenced Melodic Metal/Hard Rock album, that didn't need to hide behind other german bands like Wishes Burn, Vice, Bonfire, Vamp or similar acts of the late 80's, though the instrumental "Hocus Pocus" is ripping off Blitzkrieg's "Blitzkrieg" in a major way!

"It's me" 7" EP 1987 (Azurro Musicproduction)
"Everybody's crazy" LP/CD 1990 (selfreleased)

Ergün Tasli (guitar)
Siggi Schwarz (vocals)
Jürgen Tetzlaff (guitar)
H.G. Plattke (drums)
A classic german Heavy Metal band that started in '84 and only lasted for 3 years. They guys previously was active with Nightmare since 1982. This Hagen based act managed to get a record deal and released one of the better german Metal albums. Their selftitled MLP contains melodic Heavy Metal with good vocals and powerful sound without any weak parts featuring the good semi ballad "Black Jack". Most of the songs delivering quite pounding Metal smashers though the opener "We're on the road again" and "Love is a game" are uptempo numbers with some Gravestone/Tyrant hints. Most of the members except of Siggi Schwarz would found the also great band Salvage in 1989.
”Nytemare” MLP 1986 (Steps)

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