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A Heavy Metal band that was most probably originating from the greater Bielefeld area and played live at least during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Christoph Ziehmer (bass)
Markus Frank Ziehmer (drums)
Michael Jung (guitar)
Frank Steiner (guitar, vocals)
Jörg Trampert (guitar
A Hard Rock band from Elversberg, active since autumn 1981, that was featured on a local compilation called "Dem Nachwuchs eine Chance" with the 2 trax "Heavy rockin'" and "Top joke". The band was influenced by acts such as Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallager and Molly Hatchet.

Icy Roads
Ralf Stahn (vocals, keyboard)
Olaf Brockmann (guitars, vocals)
Robert Rausch (bass, vocals)
Jens-Peter Fuhse (drums)

Icy Roads was an AOR/melodic Hard Rock band originating from Bremen and was active during the early 90's. They released a selftitled CD on the indie label Globe Records in 1993 and additionally the Promo tape "Lost in human race" the following year for promotional purposes. Last sign of the band was the track "Help yourself" on the local "Best Of Bremen - Bremen Sampler Serie: Volume 1" CD from 1995, also on Globe Records. Further info is welcome.
"Icy Roads" CD 1993 (Globe)

Idiots, The
Hans Jörg Schmidt (vocals)
Anne Natt (bass)
Olaf Jantoss (guitar)
Steve (drums)
Not really a Metal band in the common sense was The Idiots from Dortmund who were active since already 1978, starting as Oi Punk band. The guys released a few Punk vinyls till 1986, but with the "Cries of the insane" album (with Piet Scritic on drums) from 1987 The Idiots went into Hardcore direction, but that kind of Hardcore that's interesting for Metalheads as well. Especially on their "Station of life" LP (with Holger Bals on guitar, Dominik Sapia - drums and new bassist Volker Körner) the Metal edge got even more dominant and the lads in general was sounding like a punky Speed Metal band. After the album Bals, Körner, Sapia and Schmidt left in 1991 and with Santos Nunez Ramon as new vocalist, plus Christian Fabian (bass) and Oliver Lonien (drums) they recorded the last album "Im Zeichen des Kreuzes" 1992.

"S04 und der BVB" 7" EP 1983 (selfreleased)
"They call us: The Idiots" LP 1984 (Mülleimer)
"Emmy, oh Emmy" 7" EP 1986 (Mülleimer)
"Live At The F.Z.W. Dortmund 2.10.1987" Live Tape 1987 (selfreleased)
"Cries of the Insane" LP 1987 (We Bite)
"Destroy my body" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Thrashold)
"Station of life" LP 1989 (We Bite)
"Never give up" Comp.-LP 1989 (Snake)
"Im Zeichen des Kreuzes" CD 1992 (Rebel)

Immortal Hate
Tim Eiermann (guitar, vocals)
Joe Pröll (bass)
Schlanzer (vocals, drums)
Immortal Hate was active since 1989, founded by Tim Eiermann (guitar, vocals), Joe Pröll (bass) and Schlanzer (drums) in Neckarbischofsheim and was the first stage of what later would become Pyogenesis. The trio recorded a Demo called "Pyogenesissis of a festered corpse" in 1990 that's basically the same doomy Death Metal as Pyogenesis celebrated on their "Ode to the churning seas of Nar-Mataru" tape just with worse sound and Schlanzer's vocals sounding more screamy than grunted as in Pyogenesis. The band changed name to Pyogenesis in 1991 and Schlanzer got replaced by Pit Muley on drums.
"Pyogenesissis of a festered corpse" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Immortal, The
Stefan Neuser (vocals)
Markus Uelhoff (guitar)
Martin Redieske (guitar)
Martin Schlagner (bass)
Jürgen Vitt (drums)

The Siegen Prog/Thrashers The Immortal was founded by both ex-Guardian guitarists Markus Uelhoff and Martin Redieske (ex-Welkins Cry) and ex-Whetstone veterans Martin Schlagner and Stefan Neuser in 1989. They didn't hesitate much and during January '90 recoded their debut Demo "Awaken the lion", that was made only for promotional purposes and not for sale. Though the tape got quite overwhelming critics and The Immortal started negotiations with certain german labels for a debut album, the almost sure deal with Axel Thubeauville's US Metal Records didn't came together. Not sure if that happened after both guitarists left the band or before, but after a studio session at the RASH Studios, Thubeauville withdrew the contract. The style of Th Immortal was a progressive kind of Power Metal, that later changed with the second tape "Autumn rain" (recorded autumn '91) when Burkhardt Schmallenbach (ex-Whetstone) covered the vacant part of the guitarist, so The Immortal could be almost seen as a further stage of Whetstone, which also mirrored in The Immortals later style, that was close to Whetstone's second Demo and going more into detail, a melodic version of Paradox's classic Power/Thrash style. The band disappeared afterwards.
"Awaken the lion" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
”Autumn rain” Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Stefan Hartmann (drums)
Gregor Zelazny (guitar)
Tommy Scharm (guitar)
Sebastian Bielecki (vocals)
Karl Dittel (bass)
Death Metallers from Göttingen who started as Blasphemy but changed name sometime in around 1989/90 before they released their first Demo "My requiem". They got signed by Morbid Music, a sublabel of West Virginia Records and recorded their first album ”Indicium de Mortuis” in November '91, that presents Immortalis in a way almost trying to copy Entombed, Utumno or similar swedish acts. Even the sound of the album was fully pimped on the typical swedish Death Metal sound and Sebastian Bielecki vocals either sounded close to Lars Göran Petrov. For a while Andy Classen of Holy Moses was playing the bass then but the band disbanded quickly.
"My requiem" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
”Indicium de Mortuis” LP 1991 (Morbid Music)

Implicit Fear
Thomas Orth (guitar, vocals)
Mink (guitar)
Robert Gumpp (bass)
Ralf (drums)
Raw local Crossover Thrashers originating from Giengen, north of Ulm. There's just a Demo tape known to exist, which was recorded during March '89 and features a very rude style of straight forward Hardcore/Thrash, sometimes musically reminding of D.R.I.'s "Crossover" LP, but soundwise the guys could well be just one of the countless US Crossover bands, as Implicit Fear indeed sounded so close to bands of the US scene, you can't even imagine. The Demo was handnumbered and comes with a sticker.

"State terror" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Christian Mummelthey (vocals, keyboard)
Michael Hahn (guitar, bass, drums)
Incubator from Oldenburg was founded by Christian Mummenthey and Michael Hahn in 1989 and the duo either recorded the selftitled debut Demo themselves before they got signed by Morbid Music and published the two albums "Symphonies of spiritual cannibalism" (1991) and "Mc Gillroy the housefly" (1992) on that label, before Morbid Music went bankrupt and Incubator found in Steamhammer a new partner. 1991 Stephan Becker (bass), Sven Schade (guitar) and Dominique Thomsen (drums) joined Mummenthey and Hahn and built the backbone of the band for several years. Was the debut still a listenable, whenalso just average sounding classic Death Metal album with influences from both the US and UK scene in form of Impaler or Death hints, with "Mc Gillroy the housefly" Incubator entered a different path and adopted psychedelic elements that merged with common Doom/Death, which indeed wasn't everyone's cup of tea at all. On the 3rd album "Hirnnektar" the whole dilemma got even worse. The former Death Metal roots completely got rejected and those psychedelic parts on "Mc Gillroy the housefly" built the bands new sound, paired with a modern kind of Groove Metal. Till 2000 the guys still published a few more records before they disbanded Incubator. But the band got revived in 2014 again.
"Incubator" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Symphonies of spiritual cannibalism" LP/CD 1991 (Morbid Music)
"Mc Gillroy the housefly" LP/CD 1992 (Morbid Music)
"Hirnnektar" CD 1993 (Steamhammer)

Andre Klein
A Heavy Metal band from Bamberg, that was active during 1986/87. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Infernal Fire
A Speed Metal band in the vein of early Living Death probably hailing from northern Bavaria. The band was active in the mid 80's and recorded at least one Demo in 1986. If you got more info, please get in touch.
Check out Infernal Fire here

Bernhard Hlava (vocals)
Stefan Vetter (bass)
Igor Velican (guitar)
Peter Ziegler (drums)
Augsburg's Hardcore legend Inferno just deserves a mention here either due to their last album, that clearly has to be counted to the Thrash Metal scene, whenalso the guys used to play a rather Crossover/Thrash because they couldn't completely get rid off their old Hardcore roots. Inferno was founded already in November '81 by Stefan Vetter, Bernhard Hlava und Peter Ziegler as a Punk band. Igor Velican (guitar) joined in February '82 but soon got replaced by Christian Pfister. July '83 the new drummer Lorenz Braxenthaler came for Ziegler and this line up, consisting of Hlava, Vetter, Braxenthaler and Pfister, would become the classic backbone of Inferno for several years. Already in 1983 the guys recorded two highly respected Demo tapes, that gained them a great reputation within the early international Hardcore scene and led to several compilation appearances (which we do not mention here at all). Mülleimer Records signed the band who recorded their legendary debut album "Tod & Wahnsinn" in November the same year, while the album was available in 1984 in different editions. "Tod & Wahnsinn" in contrary to most of the other german Hardcore bands adopted the fast american Thrash/Punk style like Septic Death, that either the S.O.D. cover on one of the re-editions of the album pays tribute to. A number of singles followed as well as a Split LP with Execute on the Pusmort label during 1985/86 before the lads started their own label Rise & Fall Productions in 1986, where they published the "Hibakusha" and "Live and loud" albums in 1986, that marked a first step towards their later Metal influenced style. The following year Inferno used to play several gigs throughout Europe, while in November '87 Christian Pfister quit and got replaced by new guitarist Andreas Ferucci. The very last Inferno album "It should be your problem!" was released in 1990 and showcased the band from a Thrash Metal influenced side, that naturally still offered several Hardcore edges and could be called metallic Crossover. Inferno split up in 1990, while Hlava and Vetter formed the similar sounding Soulstorm and published one more album in 1991.
"Anti Hagenbach Tape" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Gott ist tot" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Tod & Wahnsinn" LP 1984 (Mülleimer)
"Live Jz Kapu 14.12.85" Live Tape 1986 (selfreleased)
"Execute/Inferno" Split LP 1985 (Pusmort)
"The son of god" 7" EP 1985 (Subversive)
"Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm" 7" EP 1985 (Rise & Fall)
"Hibakusha" LP 1986 (Rise & Fall)
"Live and loud" LP 1986 (Rise & Fall)
"Geschöpf ohne Gehirn" ‎7" EP 1990 (Snake)
"It should be your problem!" LP/CD 1990 (Rise & Fall)
"Die Allerletzte..." 7" EP 1991 (Rise & Fall)

Frank Hannak (guitar)
Rene Jauernik (drums)
After their former band Thrash Attack from Hettstedt (ex-GDR) got disbanded in summer '90, Rene Jauernik and Frank Hannak met again late 1991 and decided to form the band Influence, that performed a Death/Thrash Metal influenced style. The band just lasted till around late 1993 before it did split up due to internal issues. Jauernik joined Flaming Anger afterwards. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Inherent Sin
Reiner Hummel (vocals)
Dieter Glowatzki (guitar)
Christian Leinen (bass)
Hansi Leinen (keyboard)
Thomas Hengstler (drums)
A melodic Heavy Metal band from Cologne, that published a very sought after independent EP in 1989. The funny accent of the vocalist is giving this record a special note, and pretty much underlines the local charm of the release. Nevertheless the lads acted technically solid and might be counted to the last wave of the german Metal bands that popped up during the fall of the 80's with quite a number of private or independent releases like Wishes Burn, Violent Touch, Red Coast or Silk 'N' Steel. All of the songs got a slightly commercial touch in form of catchy refrains, that in the end doesn't hurt the EP's quality either seen as a whole, but if you expect to find the really heavy Metal, you won't find it here I'm afraid.

Inhuman Conditions
Ridi (vocals)
Thomas Schremmer (guitar)
Thorsten (guitar)
Arnie (bass)
Piefke (drums)
The Inhuman Conditions started their career as Evil Prophecy in Bochum 1986 and published 2 Demo tapes under that monicker before they changed name to Inhuman Conditions in 1987 and re-released the second Demo "Proceeding decay" once again as Inhuman Conditions. The early sound of the band was still roughly Thrash Metal influenced, but with each further release the lads moved nearer to the US Speedcore sound. After the "Positive or dumb" Demo, the "Sanction S.A." 7" got released (blue vinyl) on Amok Records, which flattened the way for their debut album "Deserve no respect" with new vocalist Tobias on Nuclear Blast Records in 1989. If you take a look at the shirts that the guys was wearing, you pretty much get a glimpse of their musical influences. The Accüsed, australian Speedcore mongers Massappeal or either Lethal Aggression's albums could be mentioned to share a similar hyperfast Hardcore sound. In 1990 the "Support" 7" and the next year the band's last album "Secrets" was published on Amok Records again, but the sound of the Inhuman Conditions went more punky, though still rooted in the classic Hardcore scene, but the melodic influences and the Rock edge got much more dominant here. After a last Demo in 1993 and the "Change!" CD 1994, the band dissolved in the early 90's.

"Proceeding decay" Demo 1987 ‎(selfreleased)
"Positive or dumb?" Demo 1987 ‎(selfreleased)
"Sanction S.A." 7" EP 1988 (Amok)
"All as one" Split MC Tracks 1989 (with No Fraud/Genossen/Killer Crust, MUT)
"Deserve no respect" LP/CD 1989 (Nuclear Blast)
"The pleasures in life" Comp.-LP/CD Tracks 1989 (Nuclear Blast)
"Support" 7" EP 1990 (Amok)
"Secrets" ‎LP 1991 (Amok)
"Demo '93" ‎Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Inner Bleeding
Tobias Gloge (vocals)
Oliver Korsten (guitar)
Torsten Schitting (bass)
Christian Steffenhagen (drums)

A Death Metal band from Wolfsburg, that used to start with Tobias Gloge on vocals as Access during the late 80's but changed name to Inner Bleeding during 1990. Gloge after a few gigs was replaced by Michael Wehram and in summer '91 this fourpiece recorded their Demo "Yoyage into the uncertainty", that featured 6 melodic yet quite brutal Death Metal numbers with Thrash influences and vocals in the Obituary vein. The band shortly after the recordings split up, so the Demo remained unreleased till 1999, when one of the former members found the old tape in his basement and made a small CDR and tape edition of it. Protector's Martin Missy used to sing for 2 months in this band too. Christian Steffenhagen formed Grief of God right afterwards in 1992.
"Yoyage into the uncertainty" Demo 1991/99 (selfreleased)

Insane Brain
Hansjörg Fichter (guitar, vocals)
Reinhold Hettich (keyboard)
Bernd Fichter (bass)
Heinz Ruess (drums)
Prog Rockers from Schiltach that recorded their 7" in April '83. But it's just listed as a marginalia because basically this band seems to be rooted more in the Rock sector. But the title track contains some epic Hard Rock influences, though it's Prog Rock nevertheless, in the vein of the softer Berluc tracks on their debut LP. The B-side track "T.A.E.D.-System" is not of interest for us at all.
"Herkules" 7" EP 1981 (Squirrel)

Jörg Muß (vocals)
Gerald Nagy (guitar)
Simon Jürgen Grziwotz (bass)
Ludger Weiß (drums)
A Metal band from Hilden (between Düsseldorf and Wuppertal) that found together during 1988 and also recorded their first tape "Seasons in hell" within that year, with a slightly more Thrash oriented sound than on their later rather Power/Speed Metal inspired stuff. Ludger Weiß left the band 1990 and Wolfgang Haitz played drums on Insania's second effort, the "Streets of madness" Demo 1991. Their selfproduced first album "Set them free" was published on Battery Records, a sublabel of Inline Music. Like aforementioned, the lads on the CD adopted a way more classic 80's Power/Speed sound, with hints of Helloween, Running Wild or Scanner, but less speedy than the latter mentioned ones. Despite the powerful musical performance, the vocals of Jörg "F. R. Shorty" Muß slightly pull the album down a bit, coz his vocal range wasn't exactly made for their kind of music. Insania afterwards kept on releasing abums till 2005 and was never officially disbanded.
"Seasons in hell" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Streets of madness" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Set them free" CD 1993 (Battery)

The eastgerman band Insanity from Erfurt (ex-GDR) was the pre-stage of what would later be known as the band Howlin' Mad. Some of the guys was already playing as the trio Insanity since 1985, but had to quit due to their required army services. But in 1989 Gert Lange (vocals), Sylvio Skoberle (guitar), Rolf Horvath (guitar), Mirko Ludwig (bass) and Olaf Eisenbrandt (drums) reformed Insanity to keep on thrashing under the new monicker of Howlin' Mad and either released the album entitled "Insanity" in 1990. Insanity during their active phase mainly performed cover versions of Celtic Frost, Sodom, Metallica and Voivod. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Insanity (Stuttgart)
Steve Kellermann (vocals)
Dieter Wirkner (guitar)
Michael Faisst (guitar)
Andreas Steringer (bass)
Alex (drums)
Local Stuttgart Thrashers that formed in spring '87 and shouldn't be confused with Wuppertal's Insanity, who was active at around the same timeframe. But these guys provided the german underground constantly with a ton of Demo tapes, starting with a first effort recorded in October '88. Insanity's sound was inspired by mainly thrashy Metallica and sounded quite technical, like a mix of aforementioned Metallica, Toranaga and early Xentrix. After 2 more Demos drummer Alex got replaced by Marco Ieva during 1990, who played on the following Demos "Tales of insanity" (1990) and "Delegated nations ... insane earth" (1991), that though keeping the Xentrix style Power/Thrash, added slightly melodic and progressive influences too. Marco Ieva and Michael Faisst both joined Letter X in 1992 and Klaus Sperling (drums) as well as Stefan Leibing (guitar) joined instead. 1995 The band recorded the selfproduced Demo CD "The human side of paradise" and faded into obscurity afterwards.

”Demo 1" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Chur Ch Live Demo 88" ‎Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Welcome death" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Tales of insanity" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Delegated nations ... insane earth" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Insanity (Wuppertal)
Nicki Bergenthal (vocals)
Michael Croll (guitar)
Peter Schuerhoff (guitar)
Michael Posthaus (bass)
Christoph Forsthoff (drums)

A local Wuppertal Heavy Metal quintett, that only released a 3 track Demo during 1989. The band was active between 1986 and 1991 and should not get confused with the Thrash band Insanity from Stuttgart. Further info is welcome.
"Insanity" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Insert Coin
Most probably a Thrash Band from southern Germany, active around 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Alexander Krull (vocals, keyboard)
Mathias Röderer (guitar)
Frank Knodel (guitar)
René Tometschek (bass)
Gernot Winkler (drums)
A Crossover influenced Thrash Metal band, formed in Ludwigsburg back in 1985, that changed name to Atrocity, when their first Demo "Instigators" was recorded during late 1988. There are no recordings known to exist of this band. If you got more info, please contact us.

Peter Schiffler (vocals)
Nils Werner (bass)
Jens Schembritzki (guitar)
Phillip Zum Felde (guitar)
Oliver Schewerda (drums)
A Metalcore band grom Hilden, that formed in 1989 and got signed after their Demo from around 1990 by Snoop Records, who published a single (1991) and Intricate's debut album in 1992. After the album Intricate went on tour through Europe, which resulted in one more live tape and a Split 7" with Majority Of One, both featuring live cuts, before the Century Media label picked them up for their last album, strangely entitled "[va:l]", in 1993. The guy's sound was for the early 90's typical modern Power/Thrash like Pantera mixed with a huge dose of US Hardcore, which made the whole material sounding more or less like Biohazard on their first two albums.

"Intricate" Demo 199? (selfreleased)
"Backwards" 7" EP 1991 (Snoop)
"Intricate" LP/CD 1992 (Snoop)
"A convulsion attempt" Live Tape 1992 (Horizons)
"Live in Europe" Split 7" EP 1992 (with Majority Of One, Lund Castle Core Records)
"[va:l]" LP/CD 1993 (Century Media)

Michael Tegge
Intruders - or sometimes listed as "The Intrüders" - was a Black/Thrash/HM band from Langen, south of Frankfurt. Formed in 1987, they released a 7-song demo of sloppy, Celtic Frost-inspired Black/Thrash in 1988. Curiously enough, this band evolved into the radically different, high-tech progressive Power Metal band Fenris a few years later, releasing a demo under this name in '93 and a full-lenght CD the year after. If you have more info, please get in contact.
Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Frank Eisenmann (vocals)
Olaf Adami (guitar)
Frank Hildenbrand (bass)
Gogo (keys)
Lilli (drums)
A melodic Hard Rock/Metal band from Fellbach, north of Stuttgart, that formed in 1985, but changed name to Mascot during 1986, when Bremen's Invader debuted with their album. Frank Eisenmann left the band to join the locals Honeytrap and Martin Obermeier took over the vocals. The guys later recorded a 4 track Demo in 1988 as Mascot before they split up.
(Thanx to ObsessedByCruelty for the info)

Peter Bekusch (vocals)
Jürgen Keller (guitar)
Frank Hoffmeyer (guitar)
Uwe Thielbar (bass)
Thomas Grabisch (drums)
A classic Heavy Metal troop originating from Bremen, who started as Victory in 1984 and after their debut Demo "March for victory", changed name to Invader to publish the Demo under the new monicker once again. Axel Thubeauville found interest on the band and produced their debut album for his Bonebreaker label, that pretty much fits to the other releases on that label. "Children of war" features hard, archetypical german sounding mid 80's Metal with speed tendencies, similar to acts like Wallop, Xxaron, Fact or Gravestone and either the lads tried to issue some of the songs an epic note like on "March for victory". Nowadays the Invader album definitely has to be counted to the more important ones of the german mid 80's scene. After the album guitarist Frank Hoffmeyer got replaced by ex-Sweet Cheater Micky Sebastian, plus also Uwe Thielbar due to professional reasons left the band and Joey von Sermon joined for the planned 86'er tour with Victory. But Invader disappeared quickly afterwards just like Bonebreaker Records. Michael Sebastian subsequently formed the band Prophet afterwards and Peter Bekusch returned during the fall of the 80's with the band Topaz. Thomas Grabisch otherwise was seen playing with Ambrosia during 1988.

"March for victory" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
”Children of war” LP 1986 (Bonebreaker)

Gero Lutkemuller (vocals)
Peter Schulz (drums)
Andrè Borawski (guitars, bass)
Kay Achilles (bass, guitar)
For this promising Wolfsburg Speed/Thrash Metal act it was very sad that no label picked them up. Inzest contained several members of other Wolfsburg acts like Steeltower, Death Attack or Steelhunter and delivered a lethal speed driven Thrash style with quite outstanding guitars partly a bit sounding like early Vendetta and Slayer. Both Demos sounded somewhat professional, that it's indeed a mystery that not even Noise Records gave em the chance for an album. Definitely amoung the top Demos in the 80's german Thrash underground. Inzest was also featured on a local compilation tape called "KaschpaSound Compilation" that featured bands playing live there. Lutkemuller and Borawski would later play together in Shooting Gallery again.
"Off limits" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"KaschpaSound Compilation" Live Tape 1987
"Shot by shot" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Ion Faith
Thomy Horst (vocals)
Hacki (guitar)
Carsten Herres (guitar)
Peter Schu (bass)
Marc Haas (drums)
Before we introduce one of Germany's hottest irons in the fire, we need to mention, that usually judging by their logo, the band name seems to be spelled Jon Faith, but since a band called Ion Faith was occassionally seen playing live throughout 1989, that's seriously enough for us to list this entry as Ion Faith and not Jon Faith, a name that neither would make any real sense at all. These lads was originating from Mehring (east of Trier) and easily must be called one of the most promising german Metal acts that never made it out of the Demo stage at all. You get everything here, 8 tracks all of the same high quality, squealing guitars all along, a great vocalist and melodic Heavy Metal that your balls are going to burst. Their sound was a mix of the late 80's classic german Metal with a not unimportant dose of US steel. The lads even had a french management. Tapes are handnumbered, unfortunately no year printed, but due to their live appearances, we can almost guarantee that "Cold cut steel" was recorded between 1988/89. What's 666 % confirmed is that these guys fuckin' rocked! The last info that we found was Ion Faith to change their name to Gypsy during late 1989.
”Cold cut steel” Demo 198x (selfreleased)

Iron Age
Iron Age from Stuttgart was the first stage of the band Araya and was founded in 1985. The name change happened sometime in the later 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Iron Age (Coelbe)
Roland Mouka (vocals)
Jürgen Badouin (bass)
Andreas Herchen (drums)
Dieter Gary (guitar)
Jürgen Gary (guitar)
These guys should be from Coelbe, not to be confused with Iron Age from the Stuttgart area, that later became Araya. 1985 they already released a 3 track Demo that at least according to the description of the Metal Hammer review should fit to the style of the two trax on the German Metal Fighter 1 compilation. "Born infor gotton" has got an heavy Accept impact, though they tried to do it their way, but "Bringing it back" clearly is US Glam influenced and sounds like early Crüe. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Iron Angel
Dirk Schröder (vocals)
Sven Strüven (guitar)
Thorsten Lohmann (bass)
Peter Wittke (guitar)
Mike Matthes (drums)
Hamburg, in April '83 Mike Matthes and Thorsten Lohmann decided to leave their former band Metal Gods to play harder and faster. They found guitarist Sven Strüven who also brought his pal Peter Wittke into their rehearsal room. As a fourpiece they started rehearsing till one day Dirk Schröder joined as vocalist and Iron Angel was born. January '84 the first Demo "Iron Angel" was published featuring 10 ruthless speed dominated Black Metal power hymns, influenced by bands such as early Slayer and the rising Helloween and right in September the same year the "Legions of evil" Demo followed, that both gained the guys fantastic responses by the worldwide Metal press and woke up the interest of Steamhammer Records. After a third Demo, the lads recorded their debut album "Hellish crossfire" in May '85 in the Caet Studio Berlin, that fully transfered the power that their Demos already had promised into vinyl and besides Helloween's "Walls of Jericho", "Hellish crossfire" could be mentioned equally as one of the best Speed Metal debut albums of all times. The band gathered a huge followership and started preparing the second album "Winds of war" in April '86. But despite Iron Angel shared the stage more than once with the who's who of the german Thrash scene, they went the other way and added melodic elements, fully misinterpreting the recent needs of the headbangers. While songs like "Metalstorm", "Vicious" or "Stronger than steel" still fully continued the Speed Metal style that made them notorious, with material like "Son of a bitch" or "Born to rock" the Iron Angels tried to add heavyrockin' sounds, which was the reason that the album failed to convince both the fans and press. Retrospectively viewed "Winds of war" by far isn't a bad album, but if your debut features stuff like on "Hellish crossfire", then the Iron Angel guys pretty did set their own standards too high to just turn a step backwards. When the lads toured through Germany with King Diamond in 1986, Günther Moritz replaced Thorsten Lohmann, while during April '87 the studio was already booked to record their 3rd album which according to the band's own info should feature melodic songs in the Dokken vein. But the band called it a day shortly afterwards.
"Iron Angel" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Legions of evil" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Power Metal attack" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Hellish Crossfire" LP 1985 (Steamhammer)
"Live Warpke 20.07.1985" Live Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Winds of war" LP 1986 (Steamhammer)
"Rush of Power" on Speed Kills II - The Mayhem Continues (Music for Nations, 1986)

Iron Attack
A classic Heavy Metal act originating from Wermelskirchen, between Wuppertal and Cologne, that was active during the mid 80's. Their Demo "Games of Death" recorded 1986 features 4 just archetypical mid 80's German Metal numbers sounding very similar to bands like Arrow, Metal Sword etc. According to MA there should be a Live Demo available too, but yet no real evidence could be found. Further info is welcome.

"Games of death" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Iron Breed
Olaf Dietzes (vocals)
Thomas Göttlich (bass)
Martin Winter (drums)
Jörg Theophel (guitar)
Jörg Gehlhaar (guitar)
A short lived melodic Heavy Metal band from Giessen who started 1984 and recorded a Demo sometime in 1985 I guess before the contributed the trax "The fall of the warlord" and "Born to rock" to one of the Metal Hour compilations on the D&S label. The musical legislating wasn't much interesting, that kind of german stuff that I use to call Rumpel Metal. Clumsy, homemade, amateurish (or whatever to call) sounding happy stuff, at least the lads seemed to had fun during the songwriting process. In a way Angel War comes to mind, nevertheless the band split up right in 1986 but some of the members was later found in first Exray and then Asgard ("Dark horizons"). If you got more info, please get in touch.

"In Hoc Signo Vinces or Victory" Demo 198x (selfreleased)
"Metal Hour - German Metal Tracks No. 4" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (D&S)

Iron Duke
Dirk G. (guitar)
Adrean (guitar, bass)
Claudius Hempelmann (drums)
A Kraut Rock band from Hannover that released an obscure 7" on their own label. The single turns up on certain wantlists but it doesn't contain any Metal influences at all. On the title track you can hear in places a Hard Rock guitar but seriously, it's more or less just a Rock band. Hands off...
"Funky story" 7" EP 1981 (AdDi)

Iron East
Short lived band from West Berlin formed by musicians who just escaped from the GDR. They at least made it into Metal Hammer Nr. 6 1985 with the short message that they just parted ways. If you have any further info please get in touch.
This might be probably a band that the ex-Regenbogen musicians formed after they left GDR one by one in 1984 to 1985.

Iron Faith
A Metal band from Leiwen, that published an independently manufactured single in 1983 and never ever was seen afterwards. Both of the trax feature a quite rough styled powerful Heavy Metal with idiosynchratic vocals, which makes the 7" to stand out. Unfortunately this obscure piece almost never turns up, so I guess the edition hasn't been that large at all. As seen on certain announced gigs in old magazines, Iron Faith was still playing live during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Life in dreams" 7" EP 1983 (selfreleased)

Iron Force
Frank Graeper (guitar, vocals)
Ralf Gurtzgen (guitar)
Stephan Rothe (bass)
Stefan Breitbach (keyboard)
Thomas Bunse (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Kaarst, that recorded the 2 trax "Tyger in the city" and "The band is on the road" in late '83 for Noise Records' "Rock from Hell" sampler. Both of the songs still feature Rock'n'Roll influenced, quite british sounding Hard Rock/Heavy Metal mix with almost Biker Rock feeling. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Iron Horse
Christian Kreusel (guitars)
Martin Müller (bass)
Heinz Kreusel (drums, vocals)
Tom Reich (guitars)
This band from Kienberg in Bavaria is active since 1982 and released 2 Demo tapes in 1984 which both didn't get much love by the german Metal press back in the day, telling the band to rehearse a bit longer. And indeed the songs appear in places sloppy, clumsy and quite amateurish. Iron Horse combined some Hard Rock with pounding Heavy Metal inspired by bands like Accept. Despite all this they managed (perhaps they've been the only Germans who sent their tape to NRR so they didn't have any other choice) to get picked up by New Renaissance to place the track "Devil" on their "Europe's Best Metal" compilation, that wasn't released at all officially and is only available as a test pressing (just a few copies are circulating). The same picture you get on their track "The law of nature" on the local compilation Blizz IIX that was released in 1987. Here you can hear the Accept influences even more and comparisons to Angel War aren't deniable. Tom Reich has left them, they recorded the track as a trio. But still that clumsy touch they couldn't get rid off. Dunno if they recorded more Demos but the band is still (or again) active nowadays and still playing live in their area.
”Devil” Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Ride or die" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Devil" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Europe's Best Metal)
"The law of nature" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Blizz IIX)

Iron Intention
Unknowns that maybe originated from the Frankfurt/Darmstadt region. All we know for sure is they produced a demo in 84-85, supposedly sounding a lot like AC/DC with poor vocals. If you have more information, please get in contact.

Iron Windows
Claus Stummer
Ralf Hetzel
A Heavy Metal band from Gmünden that released a Demo tape in early 1985. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Michael Weikath (guitar)
Kai Hansen (guitar, vocals)
Markus Grosskopf (bass)
Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums)
Ironfist from Hamburg was kinda the first stage of the Metal masters Helloween. Piet Sielck (later in Iron Saviour) and Kai Hansen was playing in Gentry since around 1978 and in 1980 drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg joined the band, that also the later Helloween bassist Markus Großkopf was member of. The band name got changed in 1981 to Second Hell and in 1982 to Ironfist, after Piet Sielck quit. Michael Weikath earlier had tried to make Hansen joining his own band Powerfool, but changed plan when the Second Hell line up split up and Weikath took over Sielck's part inside the band, who changed name shortly after to Helloween in 1983. It's known that there are several recordings of Ironfirst or the early Helloween are available, but it's not completely confirmed if these indeed was officially spread as Demos of the band. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local Heavy Metal band from Bavaria, most probably originating from the Ingolstadt/Landshut/Mainburg area. Ironheart was active during the mid 80's and is known to perform at the local Mainburg "Heavy Metal Thunder Festival" in September 1985. Further info is needed.

Scott Anderson (vocals)
Thomas Kovacs (guitar)
Giovanni Soulas (bass)
Markus Britsch (keyboard)
Lars Hörnig (drums)

Ivanhoe was formed in Bietigheim-Bissingen during 1986 by Giovanni Soulas, Markus Britsch and Lars Hörnig. Being plagued with constant line up problems, the lads recorded their "Behind the wall" Demo in 1988 with different guitarist and vocalist than the line up that recorded the following masterpiece "Written in stone", featuring Thomas Kovacs on guitar and Scott Anderson on vocals, who left the band already after the Demo. Ivanhoe during 1989 disbanded, but initially reformed right in 1990 once again, to return with a instrumental Promo tape the same year, once again been searching for a proper vocalist, that they thought to finally have found in ex-Battlefield Conny Ernst. After just 3 months she had to leave the band in early 1991, but eventually Ralf Küchle joined, who sung on the MCD "Play express" from 1992, but quit afterwards also. When either long time guitarist Thomas Kovacs left around 1993, the core of the band hired Andy B. Franck (vocals) and Chuck Schuler (guitar) and started recordings for the debut album "Visions and reality" in 1993 (released 1994). Naturally the sound of the band changed, especially the first 2 outstanding Demos gained these guys an excellent reputation within the underground scene. Their Progressive Metal with influences of Queensryche paired with excellent instrumentation and extremely high pitched vocals, raised them up on a golden throne, whenalso the band was constantly thrown back to start due to the problems with finding the right musicians. On "Visions and reality" you can hear a sort of progressed Demo style, slightly more pompish but nevertheless impressive songwriting and performance. Till Ivanhoe once again split up in 1999, 3 more albums followed. 2001 they tried again and since then are still alive.
"Behind the wall" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
”Written in stone” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Promotape" Promo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Play express" MCD 1992 (TMS-Music)

A local Hard Rock band from Ingolstadt, that was active during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

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