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X Ray
A Hard 'n' Heavy band from the Stuttgart region, that was active around 1990/91. Further info is needed.

A local band from the Munich area, that was actively playing live around 1990. Further info is welcome.

X-Ray Examination
Mario Noll (bass, vocals)
Holger Richter (guitar)
Manuell Noll (drums)
A local band from Zeitz (ex-GDR), that was originally founded as Regenbogen (not to be confused with the band from Berlin), but changed name to X-Ray Examination on August 24th 1990 and played their first show in September. Sometime during the early 90's this Megadeth, Voivod and Bathory influenced band recorded at least one 6 track Demo. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band originating from Fulda, that actively played live during the early till the mid 80's. The band never recorded anything officially. Further info is welcome.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the info)

Ralf Ehrbar (vocals)
Boris Gründel (guitar)
Mitch Kijewski (guitar)
Thomas Kuzaj (bass)
Holger Middelberg (drums)
A Metal band from Georgsmarienhütte (Osnabrück area) that could participate with the two songs "Living in the shadows" and "Drugstore" on the local CD sampler "Wizzards From OS". Both songs was recorded February '91 and feature a quite modern glammy Hard Rock/Metal with ugly funky touch.

"Wizzards From OS" Comp.-CD Tracks 1991 (Gemelo)

Daffy (vocals)
Stephan Philipp (guitar)
Jörg Schrör (guitar)
André Philipp (bass)
Christian Choleva (drums)
Xandril was a Speed Metal band from Hamburg active since late 1982, but at this time still being called Alien. 2 Demo's was recorded in early 1983 under that monicker with Daffy on vocals and Christian Choleva behind the drums who later got replaced by Marlon Erdman (drums) and Mathias Lemcke (vox) on the Reh/Demo '85. They changed name to Xandril in April '83 and recorded 2 more Demos in June and December '83, that both originally was planned to be released as singles back in the day, but the idea was dropped, till High Roller Records finally realized the project in 2018. On these first early recordings the band adopted a style that was very close to the NWOBHM, particular to Iron Maiden with Paul Di'Anno on the debut. 2 years passed by till they released the next tape and the style changed in a way into a more speedy yet melodic direction. On the "Rotting paradise" Demo 1986. the in April '86 joined Bettina Paschen first time was to hear in full action and refined their melodic Speed Metal style, while Paschen finally gave the band an own identity. They could place the track "Terminal breath" on the Teutonic Invasion compilation and right in the same year released another Speed Metal Demo "The vision". Their final effort "Perfect darkness" released one year later presented Xandril a bit more thrashy, yet still rooted in the Speed Metal. It's bee their best Demo tape so far, offering a riff inferno par excellence, with Bettina Paschen sounding similar to Nicole Lee of Znöwhite. But their best demonstration also remained their last one. The band split up in 1989 with members joining other acts like Megace, Torment and Medusa. All official Demos got re-released by HMH Records in 2018 as DLP and CD entitled as "The Vision of Rotting Darkness: The Demos 1985-1988".
"Demo I '83" 7" EP 2018 (HMH)
"Demo II '83" 7" EP 2018 (HMH)
"Rehearsal '85" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Rotting paradise" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Total Massacre Vol. 1" Comp.-MC Tracks 1986 (Death Metal Production)
"Terminal breath" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Teutonic Invasion Part One)
"The vision" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Perfect darkness" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Stefan Buchner (guitar)
Reinhard Schmidt (guitar)
Klaus Kronen (bass)
Wolfgang Mucha (keyboard)
Gerhard Eichner (keyboard)
Hans Förg (saxophone)
Andy Hiermeyer (drums)
A progressive Hard Rock "orchestra" from Miesbach, south of Munich, that used to sing in their native local slang, which is quite abnormally within the german Hard Rock spectrum, as most of the bands tried to reach an international audience. Nevertheless Xenon's style wasn't uninteresting at all, having a slightly heavier sound than band's like Toto with huge Prog Rock edge. Their selfproduced debut single with the 2 songs "Der Wächter" and "Die Wölfin" got finally released with huge delay during early 1989. The original recordings was done already in January '88, but a few things had to be added in the following months. When they entered the studio in April '88 again, all the analogue technique got converted to digitally PC controlled which caused more problems than advantages. When they finally had every missing part recorded and the songs was finally finished, the lads wasn't happy with the too sterile sounding result at all and simply re-recorded both tracks once again within 2 nights. November 3rd 1988 Xenon's single recordings was finally finished. 1992 the guys once more released a fullenght album on the label Ample Records, featuring almost the same proggy Hard Rock with bavarian slang like on their first single, but this time explicitly more Hard Rock guided. After "Fuartfahrn" (means "To drive away") the band didn't release further stuff anymore it seems.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Der Wächter/Die Wölfin" 7" EP 1989 (Press Stress)
"Fuatfahrn" LP 1992 (Ample)

Andreas Kwiatkowski (vocals)
Peter Damm (bass)
Marcus Greiner (drums)
Ralf Hansmeyer (guitar)
Detlev Bruns (guitar)
Xxaron from Cologne (originally formed as Blizzard) was another one of these short lived bands that popped up in the early 80's and disappearing as quick as they came. Although their in March '85 recorded album features quite some good songs, eventhough it's just mainly midpaced and typical standard stuff. But in places the early Running Wild influences are undeniable and "The legacy" got a quite raw as fuck production too. For those into the pure typical mid 80's German Metal it's definitely an easy to digest food. After 3 years they disbanded already in 1986 and Peter Damm later would appear in the line up of the Power Metallers Surgeon. Ralf Hansmeyer had a short intermezzo in Laos in 1990.

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