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Achim Weckermann (vocals)
Hannes Kremer (guitar)
Matt Kremer (bass)
Hardo Scholz (drums)

C.C.Custer released a 7" featuring the 2 trax "Two side child" and "My only soul is Rock'n Roll" on the C.B.R. label and also "Hard man" on that label's compilation "Rock inside", where the band shows it's Hard Rock side with a strong AC/DC touch. None of the songs could be considered something that'd stay in anyone's ears for longer. Just recently discovered was another highly obscure 7" of them entitled "Visions of Rock", featuring 4 Hard Rockers, that you won't forget anymore. Rudi Quade was playing drums and Hannes Kremer besides playing guitars also was "singing" now. Musically it's forgettable Hard Rock just like their debut 7" but the vocals do sound so utterly "cruel" that it really hurts. You can clearly hear in his unemotional voice that he really doesn't wanted to sing those songs at all.
”2 side child” 7” EP 1984 (C.B.R.)
"Hard man" Comp.-LP Track 1984 (Rock Inside)
"Visions of Rock" 7" EP 1985 (ETA)

Claus Lessmann (vocals)
Karl Ziller (guitar)
Hans Ziller (guitar)
Horst Maier-Thorn (guitar)
Hans Hauptmann (bass)
Hans Forstner (drums)
Cacumen was founded by Hans Ziller (originally his name was Johann) in Ingolstadt, back already in 1972, together with his brother Karl. When Claus Lessmann (vocals) and Hans Forstner (drums, his name originally was Johann as well) joined both in 1978, there was something like the first classic line up of the band ready. After their first selfproduced 7" "Riding away" dating from 1979, Karl Ziller left the band and the remaining Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller, Horst Maier-Thorn, Hans Hauptmann and Hans Forstner recorded the band's debut album for Rockport Records in May 1981, that simply was entitled "Cacumen". At that time Cacumen could be called the german Kiss, as just like Kiss, these lads was playing a mix of heavier and softer Hard Rock songs. Hans Hauptmann afterwards in 1982 got replaced by Robert Prskalowicz, who played the basslines for the "Bad widow" album and the following "Longing for you" 12" recorded 1984. The band had fully turned into Heavy Metal at that time and was performing not the heaviest Metal of the new german bands, but a sort of a catchy Hard Rock/Metal mix that would become the mark of Cacumen's follower Bonfire. Afterwards Prskalowicz got replaced by Jörg Deisinger (bass) and either Hans Forstner quit in 1985, while ex-Darxon drummer Dominik Hülshorst joined instead. At around that time frame the guys decided to rename the band to Bonfire in 1986 when they just had scored a major deal with the RCA and fully started an assault on their further, quite successful career.

"Riding away/Wintertale" 7" EP 1979 (selfreleased)
"Cacumen" LP 1981 (Rockport)
"Bad widow" LP 1983 (Boom)
"Longing for you" 12" EP 1984 (Boom)
"1. Rock-Fabrik Festival '84" Comp.-LP Tracks 1984 (Gama)

Cadaver Corpse
Sven Stellwag (vocals)
Andrè Alsleben (guitar)
Gag (bass)
Milos (drums)
Cadaver Corpse was a shortlived Grind/Noisecore act from Leipzig, that used to publish a number of tapes, EP's and a Split LP with the band Snuff Your Feet (1994), till they disbanded 1994. Andrè Alsleben also created the projects Klassik in Qual (1992), Brachial Beat Crew (1993) and S.U.F.F. (1996).

"Rehearsal 91" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Trading - Tape '92" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Thrashing East Attack Vol.II" Comp.-Tape 1992
"Live Chaos" 7" EP 1992 (Zoro)
"Kothold" Split 7" EP 1992 (Zoro Benefit EP)
"Er war ein Freund von uns" Comp.-Split 7" EP Track 1993 (Zander)

Niels Bonnemeier (vocals)
Markus Grube (keyboard, vocals)
Martin Heppner (guitar)
Stefan Pallaske (bass)
Jochen Vetter (drums)
A quite professional sounding and performing Melodic Rock act from Ascheberg, that produced an independent album on the Unit Art label. Sadly the use of keyboards is diluting the sound of the band enormously and turns the whole into a rather poppy mainstream AOR style, that either your grandma would enjoy, while it got airplay. The harder songs like "Loser" or "Think about" are sadly short-handed here, though the use of a distorted guitar fitted these guys quite well. But in the whole, this album is just interesting for people who like bands like Surprises or Mash Mallow.
"Views" LP 1986 (Unit Art)

Detlev Wittenburg (vocals)
Ralf Zeidler (guitar)
Lutz Rödiger (guitar)
Hanjo Papst (bass)
Frank Basner (drums)
Caiman from Erfurt was originally founded as Macbeth by Tobias Nehmer, Ralf Zeidler, Hanjo Papst and Frank Fiebach, and soon also Michael Werner (guitar) was found, while Tobias Nehmer left the band already during autumn '85 to form Rochus. But the guys already had organized a very charismatic vocalist, whose name was Detlev Wittenburg and who in future should be responsible for the band's very intelligent and above average lyrics. Hanjo Papst also had to leave in late '85 because of army duties, but Michael Fleischmann joined instead. Macbeth recorded a 4 track Demo and started playing live, which soon caused several stage bans due to the "wrong people" being in the crowd and causing trouble, driven by Macbeth's raw Heavy Metal sound, which soon resulted in Macbeth got completely denied to play live. Due to that fact, Fleischmann left the band in June '86, who in the meanwhile hired ex-Rocksack Carsten Tauchert (bass) and decided to cooperate with the local office of the FDJ (a youth organization), that gained the guys a first live gig after the break in September '86, which though should become the nail to Macbeth's selfmade coffin. After the band got denied any further extra song, the crowd completely raged out, that officials took as reason to deny Macbeth any further gigs, their rehearsal room cancelled and so on. Carsten Tauchert then subsequently applicated to leave the GDR for good and Frank Viehbach joined Prinzz/Blitzz. Michael Werner even was forced to cut his hair and had to join the army. Only Wittenburg and Zeidler remained and started from zero. Hanjo Papst rejoined 1987 after he eventually had returned from the army and new members Lutz Rödiger (guitar) and Frank Basner (drums) also came in, while the band was called to apply the national ministry to talk about the future of Macbeth, which ended in Macbeth changing name to Caiman in May '87 and finally was allowed to play live again. Caiman recorded two more Demo tapes during 1987 and '88, that also featured hard Power Metal in the classic Macbeth style, before Detlev Wittenburg early '88 got jailed for thievery for about 1,5 years. Ralf König (ex-Cosmos) should replace Wittenburg in the meanwhile, but that experience didn't work out so well, so Ralf Zeidler handled the vocals himself and Frank Basner got replaced by Rico Sauermann on the drums, while the band's style during the late 80's seriously inclined into a Thrash direction, similar to Darkness. Autumn '89 Detlev Wittenburg got released from jail, but obviously his will was broken. He rejoined Caiman for two more gigs and eventually hung himself, after several suicidal attempts, during December '89, which also marked the end of Caiman. In spring 1993 the guys tried to reform Caiman and started playing live, but once again got thrown back since Rico Sauermann also committed suicide a bit later on. 2002 Macbeth got revived by some of the old fighters and are still active nowadays. German Democratic Recordings re-released all of the band's Demos on a CD entitled "Zeit der Zeiten" 2006.

"Demo 1987" (selfreleased)
"Demo 1988" (selfreleased)

Zlatko Relic (guitar, vocals)
Peter Osz (guitar)
Jörg Franke (bass)
Chris Mosch (drums)
West Berlin, August 1986, Zlatko Relic (ex-Annex), Peter Osz (ex-Pain), Jörg Franke (ex-Ballantinez/Black Burn), Chris Mosch (Wotan) met for a jam session and since the chemistry was ok, they formed a band called Crypt, to record a Demo. But since the feedback for that tape turned out positive, the guys decided to leave their recent bands and keep on playing together as Calderone in September. A first promotional 5 track Demo (without booklet) was mailed to magazines during 1986/87 and after another internationally successful Demo tape entitled "Never too young to thrash", that gained them features in all important magazines, Peter Osz got replaced by Marc Papanastasiou (later in Tarot), while the band accepted the offer to produce a 5 track MLP in summer '88 for the indie label Parallel Lines Records. The EP contains quite fast teutonic Speed'n'Thrash stuff, similar to bands such as Living Death and also sold well, especially in Japan. For spring 1989 the band had already planned to release their debut album, but couldn't realize these plans anymore since Calderone split up and the guys went to play with other bands. 1993 Calderone started a second attempt, that only lasted till 1996, but since 2013 Chris Mosh keeps the band going constantly.
"Calderone" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Never too young to thrash" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Calderone" MLP 1988 (Parallel Lines)

Frank Baloniak (drums)
Frank Chmielewski (guitar, bass)
Ulrich Gresch (bass, guitar)
Wolfgang Schindler (keyboard)
Jürgen Bergmann (vocals, guitar)
Though one might think at a first view on the cover of this Herne based band that they might be Punk or NDW stuff, but they are indeed playing Hard Rock with some Kraut Rock influences. There are AC/DC influences audible on the title track, but their slow paced Hard Rock definitely isn't that uninteresting at all coz the guitar tone sounds quite nasty and so do the vocals in places. "Only you, Baby Blue" on the flipside is a dreamy Kraut Rock ballad with proggy touch.
"Punker" 7" EP 1982 (Count-Down-Promotion)

Dirk Strube (vocals)
Philip Paul (guitar)
Michael Urlaub (guitar)
Bernd Ziegelmayr (bass)
Rob (drums)
Quite unknown local Munich Thrashers who've been around since late 1986, founded by Philip "Pele" Paul, Rob, Michael "Holiday" Urlaub, Bernd Ziegelmayr and Dirk "Struppi" Strube (ex-Sign of Victory) who's been their vocalist since May '87. They recorded a pretty welldone Demo with the title "Bursting from plates" in the same year. The 5 tracks featured a melodic kind of straight forward Thrash Metal, that in places reminds of US bands in the early Striker/Gothic Slam vein with a technical approach and also Power/Thrash parts. But sadly the lads quickly disappeared or in other words nobody really took notice of this promising band at all. Dirk Strube left the band late 1987 and focussed on Rotten Bitch. He was later re-appearing in Unchained Scarlett and Sub-Machine, while Calvary dissolved in 1988. There is also a Live tape known as the "BFP-Demo", recorded from a gig at the FZH Ottobrunn on June 10th 1987.
(Thanx to Dirk Strube for the info)

"Bursting from plates" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"BFP-Demo" Live Tape 1987 (selfreleased)

Harry Rein (vocals)
Ronnie Rodney (guitar)
Claus Riedel (bass)
Michael Rokker (drums)
A Hard'n'Heavy band from Wuppertal, that was just active for a short period between summer 1987 and 1988, but recorded their own material independently within 4 days, which was released by Steps Records on a MLP. Sadly these guys sound wasn't that heavy executed and just fluctuating from song to song amoung the Heavy Rock and Melodic Metal styles, in places reminding of Silk'n'Steel. Nevertheless for a local troop the material was solid enough to enter the middle field and I'm sure fans of the melodic stuff will truly enjoy Camelot's EP. According to the band's contact address I bet Ronnie Rodney's real name has been Ronald Schreiber.

"Stranger in the twilight" MLP 1987 (Steps)

A local Pforzheim melodic Heavy Rock act that was actively playing live during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Sammy O. Thomas (vocals)
Rainer Heggelke (drums)
Burkhard Göttsch (bass)
Stephan Söth (guitar)
Enrico Rode (guitar)
A Hamburg based melodic Hard Rock band that started back in 1982. Sammy O. Thomas (vocals) completed the band in 1983 and they released their first vinyl in 1984. The 7" features 2 trax combining Hard Rock with melodic Heavy Metal influences that for '84 sounded quite fresh and they kept on playing that style on their LP "Canadyan" released again on Xymax (like the 7") in 1985. The album contains both songs ("In the night" and "Can't stop") of the single too but in re-recorded versions, and in general is driving the melodic Hard Rock rail with Metal edge, while Sammy O. Thomas is doing a pretty good job vocalwise. The album is highly recommended for those who are into the melodic Heavy Rock stuff. Then it became silent around the band but they returned in 1987, having 3 tracks on the local Blizz IIX compilation that showed them a bit more melodic rocking now. Nevertheless, their ballad "Would you sell the world" is a highlight on that sampler.
”In the night” 7”EP 1984 (Xymax)
”Canadyan” LP 1985 (Xymax)
"Blizz IIX" Comp.-LP 1987 (Deep Cut)

Ralph Barthelmess (vocals)
A melodic Heavy Metal band from the wider Stuttgart area, who released a 3 track tape in 1987 and participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival in late 1989. Cancer's style was influenced by Bonfire, musically and either vocalwise their shouter Ralph Barthelmess sounded close to Bonfire's Claus Lessmann. If you got more info please get in touch.
"Cancer" Demo 1987 (Andric Stanelle Production)

Gaby Weihmayer (vocals)
Thomas Burtscher (guitar)
Kuno Schneider (keyboard)
Jochen Tabery (bass)
Ralf Maier (drums)
A female fronted Hard Rock band originating from Türkheim/Bavaria, that was featured with the tracks "Don't turn me on" and "(Without) Warning" on an underground CD sampler 1989. The band was active already back in 1986 (still male fronted), and participated on an international band contest. They already had at least one Demo recorded back in 1986 and recorded another one in 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.-CD Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)

Matthias Jähnke (vocals)
Walter Müller (guitar)
Oliver Krüger (guitar)
Steve Carrington (bass)
Mats Toralf (drums)
A Metal band formed in Hannover 1986, featuring ex-Magic Lane Steve Carrington and former Attack member Walter Müller. The band only recorded one album, but that one contains quite solid melodic Heavy Metal, somewhere between Accept and the heavier Scorpions. A bit irritating appear the vocals of Matthias Jähnke, because I feel strongly reminded of Ratt whenever he starts singing. But nevertheless, with "Thunder and lightning" you can't do much wrong. The band afterwards survived still till 1996, when they at last split up, but 2003 most of the lads started a comeback.

"Thunder and lightning" LP/CD 1988 (2XL)

Capital Rose
Xaver Drexler (vocals)
Ralf Neukirchen (guitar)
Horst Breidbach (guitar, keyboard)
Björn Thise (bass)
Holger Bruns (drums)
A Metal band from Bonn that's mainly known from the German Metal Fighters 1 compilation, which features two excellent melodic Power Metal bangers with "Capital Rose" and "Fight for your right". The latter pretty much reminds me of a not so speedy Noisehunter version, but nevertheless the riffing on both numbers was perfect. Dunno why D&S didn't release an album of this troop. Previously the guys also published a selftitled 5 track Demo. Btw., Xaver Drexler (later in STS 8 Mission) was the vocalist of Capital Rose.

"Capital Rose" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"German Metal Fighters No. I" Comp.-LP Tracks 1987 (D&S)

Adrian Hahn (vocals, bass)
David Hofmann (guitar)
Stefan Arnold (drums)
When Grinder dissolved after the less successful "Nothing is sacred" album in 1991, Adrian Hahn, Stefan Arnold and David Hofmann formed the Power/Thrash band Capricorn in 1992, that though being a Thrash band too, but stylistically hadn't much in common with Grinder at all. Capricorn's style was more rooted in the classic Power/Thrash with several mid 80's Metallica influences and though the band was formed in the early 90's, provided a rather classic 80's Metal sound. After a Demo tape in 1993 they could produce their debut album for Shark Records, which pretty much vanished unrecognized by most of the Thrash fans, which according to the band's dedication to the 80's sound, was rather tragic. 1995 another album ("Inferno") was produced for T&T Records, but the mix of the album couldn't concurrate with the debut album anymore, while either stylistically Capricorn had moved towards a Motörhead influenced speedy Power/Thrash sound with certain modern elements. 1996 the band split up.

"Demo '93" (selfreleased)
"Capricorn" CD 1993 (Shark)

Cäpt'n Metal
A Metal band from Halberstadt/ex-GDR, that was previously known as Rocket until 1989. After changing their guitarist, drummer and vocalist, Rocket changed name to Cäpt'n Metal. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Stephan (guitar)
Hag (vocals, guitar)
Urmel (bass)
Olli (drums)

Captor - a raw Death/Thrash band from Witten that was active during the late 80's till the early 90's and recorded at least 2 Demos, influenced by Sodom and Kreator. The band also played a few shows in their area. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Waiting for a new messiah" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Demo II" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Carsten Knabe (vocals)
Ernst Reuter (guitar)
Thomas Fabian (bass)
Harald Hamann (keyboard)
Bert Wawrzinek (keyboard)
Henry Butschke (drums)
The Rock band Caravan was founded in Dresden in the ex-GDR in 1979 and started playing Genesis coverversions. In the following years the years the line up changed, till Caravan relocated to Berlin and in early 1987 Carsten Knabe found a steady one consisting of Ernst Reuter (guitar), Thomas Fabian (bass), Harald Hamann (keyboard), Bert Wawrzinek (keyboard) and Henry Butschke (drums). Caravan was just a live band, there aren't any recordings for the national broadcast service known at all and neither are TV appearances. The band's live repertoire included besides Pop/Rock material also cover versions of Europe and Marillion. The band labeled their live program themselves like "from Pop to Heavy Rock". February 1989 the band name got slightly altered to Knabe & die CARAVANe, till the band split up in the early 90's.

Frank Liebscher (vocals)
Dirk Koschewa (guitar)
Olaf Klabuhn (bass)
Silvio Gendur (drums)

Carcinoma was a local Annaberg-Buchholz based Death Metal band that besides Eminenz and Wodan could be seen as one of the big 3 in that city, that later during the mid 90's would emerge to the venue of the whole Erzgebirge Black Metal scene. The band formed during 1990 and recorded their "Thinking forest" Demo 1991, whose 5 songs was qualitative close to the common underground Death Metal stuff of that time and slightly influenced by Morbid Angel. Silvio Gendur afterwards was replaced by former bassist Olaf Klabuhn on the drums and Rigo Serfert instead became bassist. With this line up the second tape "Sick of life" was released in 1992, before a change happened inside the band. Falk Lorenz joined on second guitar and ex-Eminenz/Wodan Jan Hubert replaced Frank Liebscher behind the micro. Carcinoma's sound went darker and more Doom/Death based, My Dying Bride influences aren't deniable, though the raw classic Death Metal roots wasn't oppressed either. Their last Demo "Mirror of anguish" was recorded in autumn '92 at the Digan Studio and released 1993, before the guys went separate paths. Koschewa formed Mortal Discipline, Falk Lorenz joined Opacity and later Eminenz.
"Thinking forest" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Sick of life" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)
"Mirror of anguish" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Sorin Badin (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from Stuttgart, that was active 1986 and featured the later Samsara and Crystal Maze guitarist Sorin Badin. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Cardinal Sin
A powerful classic Heavy Metal band from Braunschweig with only one Demo released in 1984. Despite delivering power sound on each of the 3 songs their songs had been quite catchy with good melodies and great axework, with especially "Face to face" being a merciless speed banger. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Loud ‘n’ quiet” Demo 1984 (selfreleased)

Coco Laross (vocals)
Jack N. Teichmann (guitar)
Thommy Malbranc (guitar)
Dany Rosberg (bass)
Ossi Fox (drums)
A female fronted Melodic Metal band from Ottersweier, that started 1987 as Dunwich and either released a Demo 1988, before they changed name to Caress and recorded a private MLP in September '89. Not exactly bad sounding, the band was sadly caught in the middle field like f.e. the similar sounding Red Coast or Inherent Sin, without having any outstanding songs on the vinyl. Musically influenced by in places by the pounding Accept and Doro stuff, either the thin voice of Coco Laross couldn't be called "blessed", though she was trying her best. After another Demo 1991, that introduced new members Frank Behle (drums) and Patrick Donninger on guitar to replace Jack Teichmann, the band disbanded 1992.
"The return of the beast" MLP 1989 (selfreleased)
"Book of dreams" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Martin Kröher (vocals)
A local Metal band from the Pirmasens/Kaiserslautern area, that was active during the late 80's. Martin Kröher later was active in Rough Velvet and Centaron. Further info is needed.

A local Hard Rock band from Dormagen, that was active during the very late 80's. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Ronny (vocals)
Volkmar Weber (bass)
Robert (drums)
A Noisecore trio from Apolda/Thuringia who released a 4 track Reh/Demo in 1991. The band was formed just the same year in June '91, while all of the guys earlier was active in Morbid Talking (probably another Noise act). They called their style themselves "Spastic New Core". I guess that tell's you everything you need to know...
"Reh. Demo '91" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Carpe Diem
There are sadly no info available about this band. They released a Split 7" with another german band called Dragon Flight that features the 2 trax "Watch yourself" and "Ghosts of money". Ignore the big written Hard Rock writing on the cover, Carpe Diem (as well as Dragon Flight) are playing Power Metal, that despite of 1992, is free of every modern influences. Carpe Diem even come up with a sound that's closer to the mid 80's, celebrating the Metal to the maximum with 2 midpaced power numbers that will make you asking for more. An utterly obscure piece of vinyl!
"Böses aus dem Bunker" Split 7"EP 1992 (Impact)

Annelen Middendorf (vocals)
Wilfried Schneider (guitar)
Oliver Hermanns (guitar)
Jürgen Slavin (bass)
Steffi Melz (keyboards)
Uwe Starck (drums)
I don't know why all the Earthshaker bands had been just shortlived affairs and split after just one album, but with Carrie another one of these bands gets in the line. 1984 after departing from their old band Mad Max, Wilfried Schneider and Uwe Starck tried to realize their own musical concept in Münster and founded the band Carrie. Axel Thubeauville signed the promising band for his Earthshaker label and produced the album "Secrets" in early '86. The material hadn't much in common with the old Mad Max stuff, moreover the lads was feasting in a power rush. Judas Priest ("Defenders of the faith" era) meets (of corpse) Warlock; naturally with a female vocalist you'd have to get compared to Warlock, but Carrie was playing on an equal level, while Annelen's vocals sounded similar to Micki Burkhardt of Plattform. No clue what has been the reason to disband a group still within the same year your album got published, but Carrie split up still in 1986.
"The assassin" Comp.-LP Track 1985 (Metallic Bunny's Fast Collection)
"Secrets" LP 1986 (Earthshaker)

Jörg Paguhl
Heavy Metal band from Lüneburg releasing their 4 track debut demo in late 1985. If you have more info please get in touch.

Thomas Rettke (vocals)
Peter Bilski (guitar)
Ingo Millek (guitar)
Manfred Jordan (bass)
Thorsten Müller (drums)
Carrion was the post-Steeltower band, that Thomas Rettke, Ingo Millek and Thorsten Müller 1987 started in Wolfsburg when Steeltower was history. The old Steeltower pal Manfred Jordan joined them again on bass guitar and Peter Bilski was introduced on guitar. The band didn't last for long, but long enough to produce a 7 track Demo tape in 1987, before they changed name to Heaven's Gate in 1988.

"Heavy Metal" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Michael Voss (guitar, vocals)
Stephan Neumeier (guitar)
Jochen Mayer (bass)
Michael Eurich (drums)
A melodic Hard Rock/Glam band from Düsseldorf, that actually was casted by producer Henry Staroste and featured Michael Voss (ex-Hydra), who left Mad Max frustrated in 1987. Further members of the band has been ex-Warlock drummer Michael Eurich, who already played together with Voss in the band What? during '88/89, as well as Jochen Mayer and Stephan Neumeier (ex-Dresden China). There could be a possibility that What? either already was pre-Casanova. The recipe of Casanova was quite easy, take 4 good looking boys with long hair, let them play some melodic catchy Hard Rock songs and girls will spend all their money, that they usually would use to buy shoes, on Casanova albums. And guess what? It worked so well, the guys produced 2 albums that stylistically could be ranged somewhere in the Mr. Big, Fair Warning, Firehouse, Bonfire, Vice or Craaft league. After a break in 1993, Casanova returned 1999 with "Heroes" and "Sway" and either produced one more album 2004 ("All beauty must die").
"Casanova" LP/CD 1991 (WEA)
"Sticky sweet" 7" EP 1991 (WEA)
"Ride the wings of freedom" MCD 1991 ‎(WEA)
"Inbetween" MCD 1991 (WEA)
"One night stand" LP/CD 1992 (WEA)
"One of these days" MCD 1992 (WEA)
"Some like it different ... Acoustic" MCD 1993 (WEA)

A Thrash Metal band (most probably) from southern Germany, that was active in the very late 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Metal band that was most probably originating from the Karlsruhe area, as these guys was seen playing live there during 1990/91. Further info is needed.

Cat-Can should come from the Saarbrücken area and was featured with the two trax "Count on my mission" and "Turning wheel" on one of the German Metal Fighters compilations. Why they was featured there is a question to me as Cat-Can played just plain Hard Rock with either Rock'n'Roll touch on the first track. And none of both was even listenable for Metal ears. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Dirk van Hanrath (vocals)
Jens Reulecke (guitar)
Frank Elwart (bass)
Karl-Heinz Bösel (keyboard)
Claus Reinholdt (drums)

A local Hildesheim Hard Rock band, that existed since 1980 and was about to release their debut album in January 1990, which wasn't released at all. Members of the band was Bubi The Schmied (Claus Reinholdt), who left Zed Yago to join Catz in autumn '89, as well as Kalle Bösel (ex-Destiny), a well known musician of the Hannover scene, who later worked with Vice, Zeno, Running Wild and earlier with Fulda's T.N.T. If you got further info, please get in touch.

Cave Canem
A Metal band from the Munich area, that was actively playing gigs during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

CC Seven
M. Prätorius
A less known band with less known single and that's even less info known or to find about. The title track starts like a "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" rip off attempt, but with the refrain develops into an ok AOR number. "Nicolette" is just a Rock ballad, a forgettable single. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Runnin'/Nicolette" 7"EP 1983 (Crime)

Celtic Breakfast
Yngwie Edvaldsson (vocals, guitar)
Thorsten (drums)
Some of you back in the day might have heard of Celtic Breakfast, as I remember certain people asking for recordings years later within the tapetrader scene. Celtic Breakfast most probably was a fake/fun Thrash band, that I thought it was created by the editors of the german Metal Hammer during 1987 and could be seen as a running gag of that Mag since these clowns provided their readership constantly with "news" of the band and their upcoming album "Forked in fire" during 1987. The album was "planned" to be recorded during mid 1987, and released later that year as well on the imaginary label Diabolic Fart Records on vinyl and CD, including the exclusive non vinyl track "Omelette of death". Their joke was either going that far, that the Metal Hammer provided a contact address of the band and their "fanclub" originating from Eschborn, either T-shirts being available and the MH featured one of the "musicians" to participate on the monthly album review section of the Mag, while at least the "band" was announced to play at the Hardcore Festival '87 together with Cronos Titan and Waterheads. You could find either Demo reviews of their first tape, featuring the songs "Morbid steaks", "Don't burn the toast" and "Diabolic fortz", which might give you a quite detailed impression of their highly serious lyrical message. But be aware Celtic Breakfast could be just an imaginary band, so searching for releases of the guys might end in an eternal odyssey. Further info are needed in this case!
"In Nomine Breakfast"
(Thanx to ObsessedByCruelty for additional info)

"Celtic Breakfast" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"The fatal pancake" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

A local band originating most probably from the greater Mannheim area, that was actively playing live during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A (most probably Thrash) Metal band that was originating from the greater Mönchengladbach area and was active during 1987/88. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Rainer Küppers (vocals)
Christian Peters (guitar)
Stefan Lohmann (guitar)
Markus Lenzen (bass)
Christoph Weiß (keyboards)
Reiner Schützler (drums)
A melodic Power Metal band from Duisburg, active since 1988, who emerged from the ashes of the band Splendid and got signed by the No Remorse label, but unlike most of other bands that No Remorse offered initial help for their further career, Centaur wasn't signed by a major label after their debut. "Mob rules the world" provided a lightly to digest Heavy/Power Metal with symphonic yet slightly commercial touch, with influences from both the german and US Metal styles. For the release of "Power world" they changed guitarists, Michael Böing came in for Peters, but soundwise they didn't change any gear down. "Power world" just resumed where "Mob rules the world" started. A few more albums was published till 2009 with members coming and going, and either nowadays these lads are still around.
"Looking for someone" Demo 1989 (selreleased)
"Mob rules the world" LP/CD 1990 (No Remorse)
"Power world" CD 1993 (Liga)

Stefan Mageney (vocals)
Frank Fricke (guitar)
Martin Demuth (bass)
Knut Spindeldreher (keyboard)
Peter Schellhammer (drums)

A Hard Rock/Metal band from Wuppertal that was active since 1987 and started playing live since early '88. The band's sound was influenced by the american style of Metal, with melodic touch and some vague Dave Lee Roth influences as well. After the guys recorded their well sold debut Demo in 1989, the publisher Warner Chappel afforded the band to professionally record a second 3 track Demo in 1990, featuring the songs "Got together", Don't forget the queen" and "Carry me home". If you got more info, please get in touch.

C. Auguscinski
A Metal band from Munich area, active around 1986. Not to be confused with the melodic Hard Rockers Century from Bremen. If you have more info please get in touch.

Century (Bremen)
Thomas Heuberg (vocals)
Heiner Suhr (guitar)
Frank Koopmann (bass)
Rüdiger Daartz (keyboard)
Klaus Oehmichen (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Bremen, that was active in the fall of the 80's and produced an independent EP 1990. Musically the guys would fully fit into the bavarian scheme, because their material featured a nice sort of melodic Hard Rock with quite catchy songs, mixing heavy AOR sounds with heavy Hard Rock, like f.e. Magenta or Firefox did. Definitely a recommendation for fans of the melodic stuff.

"Century" 12" EP 1990 (Sundance Studio)

Cerebral Decay
A Speed Metal band from the Puderbach/Neuwied in the wider Koblenz area, that was active during the late 80's and early 90's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Chain Reaction
A Heavy Rock band from Wolfenbüttel/Braunschweig, that was active during the beginning of the 90's. Further info is needed.

Chain Reaction
A Hard Rock/Metal band originating from most probably southern Germany, that was actively playing live during 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Thommy Helbig (vocals, guitar)
Thomas Reutter (bass)
Ronny Reindl (drums)
Chainbreaker from Nuremberg was active already since 1981 but the first 3 track Demo was recorded not before 1985. Their style was kinda sluggish Hard Rock on the debut but they released one more Demo "Savage days" in 1988 and the "Sex not love" CD in 1994. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Demo 1985" (selfreleased)
"Savage days" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Frank von Scheidt (vocals)
Burkhardt Rautenberg (guitar)
Andreas Klimowitsch
Gerd Gutsche (bass)
Arndt Kremer (drums)
A Metal band from Essen, active since around 1984, who got quickly signed by Axel Thubeauville's Bonebreaker label after their raw debut Demo. If you look at certain old Thrash live posters or flyers, these guys shared the stage with the who's who of the german Thrash elite back in the day. Though in the beginning they'd rather prefer to perform a more Power Metal style with Speed/Thrash influences. Just take the outstanding track "Speed limit", so close to Paradox's later sound, it's almost scary. On their only album "Hell's burnin' up" though, Chainsaw featured more of a classic german Power/Speed Metal style, slightly reminding of Tyrant and Vectom, that makes me wondering, why the guys didn't record the song "Speed limit" for the album? On the following Demo "See ya, folks", Chainsaw again delivered a way more earfriendly Thrash style Metal, with Anthrax influences and Mosh parts, that I pretty much ask myself why the LP had to feature a completely different style? Nevermind, just for info, the Demo was spread with two different covers. I guess the original version came with a red colored fold out booklet, while the pic below shows the more common seen version with only a band pic (photo) and not even songtitles printed. Unlike what Metal Archives says, that Demo definitely wasn't dating from 1985. Wether it was recorded 1987 or either in late 1986. The track "Reinheitsgebot" from that tape was featured on the Teutonic Invasion II sampler, so that testifies even more that Demo can't be from 1985. Chainsaw split up around 1989/90, and Arndt Kremer joined the Thrashers Amnesty afterwards.

"Chainsaw" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Hell's burnin' up!" LP 1985 (Bonebreaker)
"See ya, folks" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Reinheitsgebot" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Teutonic Invasion Part Two)

Chainsaw Under Pressure
Chainsaw Under Pressure from the Eifel area published a Demo tape in 1991 (info needed) and then recorded some more trax in April '91 for a Split LP with the Punk band Pogodas. Though the band is rating their style Hardcore, I'd expand that term to Hard/Grindcore with raw growled vocals. The Chainsaw Under Pressure side of the vinyl features just almost the same stuff that Lethal Aggression and especially Napalm Death used to play on their early albums. Sure, there are moshy Hardcore influences too, but basically these lads fully meet the Crossover requirements. They themselves once mentioned their influences ranging from Discharge, Exploited to Entombed.
"Chainsaw Under Pressure/Pogodas" Split LP 1991 (1MF)

Heiko Sudars (vocals)
Chico (bass)
Marcus (guitar)
Olix (drums)
A shortlived, but great sounding Power Metal band from Lübeck, featuring ex-Mortox bassplayer Chico and Heiko Sudars (ex-Mephizto/Killdozer/Outrage) who both would form the band Subcutane in 1993. Chalice started sometime in 1989 and released just one Demo tape in 1991, that surprises with pretty good sound and arrangements, before they already disbanded in the early 90's.

"Lost children" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Lutz Bölkov (keyboard)
Charly Barth (drums)
Tommy Keller (bass, vocals)
Martin Wiedemann (guitar)
Andy Müller (guitar, vocals)
An band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "Night stockers" and "Save the night" for the Feierwerk Split LP " Rock Feierwerk Sieger 85" with other Munich bands Crystalball, Kirov, Nanu and Sweatshop. After you heard "Night stockers", that's a kinda Beach Boys "Surfin' USA" number played in Hard Rock manner, you will start thinking that you're in the wrong movie if you listen the first chords of "Save the night", because it opens in symphonic doublebass driven Power/Speed manner like Russians Magnit f.e. Ofc the song in the second parts turns into melodic Hard Rock again as soon as the first vocal parts do start, but nevertheless the surprise effect was quite exciting. The most interesting band on this album.
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 85" Comp.-LP Tracks 1985 (Feierwerk)

A local Metal band originating from Dortmund, that was active during 1988/89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Lars Fischer (vocals, guitar)
Jens Fischer (vocals, guitar)
Frank Jürgens (bass)
Frank Barth (drums)
A Wiesmoor based Heavy Metal band active from 1988-1990 when they found out that there's another Champagne band around so they expanded name to Wild Champagne. All of the 4 guys was active since the mid 80's as Prowler and Frank Jürgens from '87-'88 in a band called Lovehunter either. After the name change, that caused a stylistical change as well, they recorded a first Demo "Password paradise" 1991 and got picked up by West Virginia Records who produced their first CD "From now for ever" in 1992. When West Virginia went bankrupt Rockwerk Records released the second album "Wipe off your tears" the next year and both albums stylistically are the same brew, mixing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with glammy influences but still keeping the "german touch". The band also released more albums till 2018 when they disbanded. There was no recordings done as Champagne.

Champagne (Jork)
Jörg Leyding (vocals)
Hucky (guitar)
Heiko Schröder (guitar)
Olly (bass)
AC (drums)

Not to be confused with Champagne from Wiesmoor in the upper north as well, these melodic Hardrockers from Jork, west of Hamburg, were originally formed in January '86 by Jörg Leyding and Thomas Fisher as Lightning. The line-up was completed in June '87 with the addition of Frode Garshol, Andreas Glummert and Jan-Marc Bayer. Their "...Call 6069" Demo was recorded in December '87, described as Y&T-influenced melodic Hard Rock. The norwegian Drummer Frode Garshol went on to Alley Cat in 1988, causing a big conceptional change inside the band, who immediately got renamed to Champagne during late '88 or January '89, with new line up featuring Jörg Leiding (vox), Hucky (guitar), ex- Wild Heart Heiko Schröder (guitar) Olly (bass) and AC on drums. For the end of January '89 a first Demo of Champagne was either announced. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Erich Gertscher (guitar, vocals)
Volker Hofmann (bass)
Peter Leuschner (drums, vocals)
A local band from Herzogenaurach, who published a rather unknown, independentely manufactured album with gatefold cover, sometime in the late 80's I guess. There is sadly no year to find, but the lads sound was just typical Hard Rock with almost Biker Rock touch. Here and there either a galopping riff raises the mood, but overall their Hard Rock was more of the lightweight sort.
"Are you ready ... for love!" LP 198x (selfreleased)

Andre Vierbücher (guitar)
Dirk Radtke (vocals, guitar)
Gregor Skopal (bass)
Michael Vierbücher (drums)
Charan was a classic old Helloween style Speed Metal band from Gelsenkirchen, which was active during 1984 till late 1988 and recorded 5 Demo tapes during that time frame. There are also rumours saying a full album recording from 1988 should exist as well, which probably was released as the "Wicked of despair" Demo in 1988. Vocalist Dirk Radtke later was active in the band Mordor (Essen area), who changed name to Dario in 1991. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Persecution mania" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Into the hell" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Immortal in purgatory" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Tales of a blind man" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Wicked of despair" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Florian Drumm (vocals)

A Heavy Metal band from Kaiserslautern, that was active between 1984-'87 and either released a 4 track Demo in 1986. The guys also played several live shows in their local area, but when their vocalist Florian Drumm left the band in spring '87 to concentrate on his studies, the rest of the guys decided to merge with the band Superior, who had line up problems at the same time as well. Chariot and Superior members continued under the monicker of Superior from this day forward. Further info is welcome.

Andy Mertens (vocals)
Mike Eckert (guitar)
Mickey Rheinhardt (guitar)
Ronald Eckstein (b)
Michael Handel (drums)
A melodic Heavy Rock band from West Berlin that exists since March 1987 and was playing live there in the fall of the 80's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Charley’s War
Mike War (vocals)
Andy plötzer (guitar)
Jens Teuscher (guitar)
Kai Hasse (bass)
David Strempel (drums)
A Hardcore band from West Berlin, that was active since the late mid 80's and at last got their career rolling with the first Demo, released in the fall of the 80's, before 1990 the whole thing started for them. After a 7" on Crucial Response Records the Aggressive Rockproduktionen label published their debut album late 1990 and their second and last album "1000 years of civilisation" was available 1992. These guys sound was heavily impressed by the NYHC style, including the typical Metal edge, which makes Charley's War either interesting for Thrash/Crossover fans, coz these lads seriously didn't hesitate with delivering the Thrash axe at all. For fans of Agnostic Front, Insight or Against The Wall pretty much recommended.

"Charley's War" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Charley's War/Swamp Terrorist" Split Promo Tape 1990 (Sound Cellar)
"Think about your life" 7" EP 1990 (Crucial Response)
"Time to survive" LP/CD 1990 (Aggressive Rockproduktionen)
"1000 years of civilisation" LP/CD 1992 (Snoop)

Jörg Wolf (guitar)
Ina Morgenweck (vocals)
Gerald Sohr (guitar)
Gunter Bünger (bass)
Michael Fromme (drums)
Dirk Riedel (keyboard)
The band Charlie was a female fronted melodic Hard Rock act founded in Dresden (ex-GDR) by Jörg Wolf in early 1986 and they started with playing Rock classics of bigger groups, but the line up changed several times and eventuall the band split up in late 1988. But in 1989 when Ina Morgenweck (ex-Na und) relocated to Berlin she found Michael Jurischk (guitar, ex-PHARAO), Steffen Gnauck (bass), Martin Walter (keyboard) and Peter Kettner on drums. They recorded 3 songs for the east german radio broadcast while one of them "Turn away" (a heavier Hardrocker with good drive) got featured on the Rockbilanz Compilation in 1989. The other 2 being "Ich bin voll Rock 'n' Roll" (1987, with huge Rock 'n' Roll edge) and "Crazy nights" (1989). The band dissolved in 1990 because Ina Morgenweck was going solo on tour with Udo Lindenberg and joined ex-MCB Sebastian Baur's new band Lanz Bulldog in 1991. In 1992 she formed the Lazy Bones together with Sebastian Baur. Michael Jurischk joined the band of ex-Na Und drummer Angela Ullrich in 1990 for a short time and later permanently Plattform.
„Turn Away“ Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Rockbilanz '89)
Broadcast recordings:
"Ich bin voll Rock 'n' Roll" (1987)
"Crazy nights" (1989)

Charlie's Crew
Hans-Jürgen Ludwig (guitar, vocals)
"Grete" Fischer (guitar, vocals)
Uwe Jahn (bass)
Klaus Gehn (drums)
After leaving MCB in late 1985, Hans-Jürgen "Charlie" Ludwig (ex-Magdeburg) decided to form his own band in Madgeburg (ex-GDR) during 1986. The band could produce a couple of songs during early 1988 and 1989 for the national broadcast service, that though haven't much in common with MCB's Heavy Metal style at all and could be seen as a sort of R'n'R influenced Hard/Classic Rock (the early MCB had that R'n'R touch also). Ludwig still today keeps the band alive, who focussed on a stage program consisting of mainly cover versions nowadays.
Broadcast Recordings:
"Mit 17" (1988)
"Wenn die Erde brennt" (1988)
"Lass uns leben" (1989)

Carsten Sprigode (vocals)
Eberhard Feldhahn (bass)
Michael Cars (guitar)
Holger Wilkens (guitar)
Andreas Feldhahn (drums)
A Hamburg based melodic Hard Rock act, that used to block a cool band name, which could have had found use at another place for any heavier band. The band was founded in 1983 by the Feldhahn brothers and soon found a stable line up to record their selftitled debut 1984. Though the "class" of this band never really revealed to my ears, someone at Heavy Metal Records and later even Steamhammer too, thought that Charon would sell a million records. Seriously, the debut album sounds nothing but a 3rd classy Scorpions copycat, simply everything reminds of the Scorpions on that album, apart of Meine's vocals, that they fortunately couldn't copy at all. After that album the band got completely reshuffled, which I do not fully understand at this point. Andrè Martelli (vocals), Jan-Sören Eckert (bass), Oliver T. Paul (guitar), Luther D. Mel (keyboard) and Stephen Heyer (drums) was the names of the new musicians, so wether Oliver T. Paul and Luther D. Mel has been synonyms or there had been noone left of the original group. Naturally musically everything changed as well. The "Made in Aluminum" crew at least used to play softer Heavy Metal now, still slightly Scorpions influences are noticable, but obviously heavier compared to the first effort. Still none of Charon's albums featured material that could break out of the lower middle field. Sören Eckert, Andrè Martelli and Andreas Feldhahn would form the much more exciting studio project Mydra in 1987.

"Charon LP 1984 (Heavy Metal Worldwide)
"Made in Aluminum" LP 1986 (Steamhammer)

Frank Göpfert (vocals)
Thomas Walther (guitar)
Thomas Steinz (bass)
Uwe Eckert (drums)
Originally Charon was founded as Rübezahl 1984 in Chemnitz/Saxony (ex-GDR) and started as a Rock band, till Andreas Vlachidis had to join the army and his substitute Thomas Junior (ex-Pent) was responsible that the guys went into a slightly more Hard Rock based direction, by covering songs of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Annegret Morgenstern left to focus more on background things of the band and when Sven Hartmann 1986 had to suffer the same fate like Vlachidis before, Gunter Pasler first and shortly later Thomas Steinz (ex-Frontal) joined on bass guitar. That was the starting shot for Rübezahl's Heavy Metal career, influenced by Accept and Judas Priest tunes. In Autumn '87 Sven Hartmann returned to the band and drummer Bernd Leucht quit his drummer job to get replaced by Uwe Eckert (ex-Frontal). During that time Thomas Junior decided to leave the country and the guys found replacement for him in once again an ex-Frontal member, Thomas Walther on the guitar. While the sound of the band became a bit more Motörhead, Ozzy and Black Sabbath inspired, they changed name to Charon in 1988. During '89 guitarist Thomas Walther (later in Doctor Rock) and Thomas Steinz had been the victims of the army, so Heiko Serchen (guitar, ex-Doctor Rock) and Bert Reinhold (bass) came into the band, which caused another change of the musical direction towards a prefered Metallica influenced sound. After several internal issues Charon was disbanded during spring 1990.

Andreas Vollert (vocals)
Jens Busch (guitar, bass, vocals, drum programming)
Thomas Schwalowsky (guitar, bass, vocals)

The Thrash band Charon from Potsdam/ex-GDR was the pre-stage of what later would become the progressive Thrash Metal band Defcon. There isn't much known about this band, they seem to have been active since early 1987. Their vocalist Andreas Vollert left the band during autumn '87 and formed his own band Allion, while in June '88 Thomas Schwalowsky and Jens Busch formed the studio project Defcon. If you got more info, please contact us.

Charterflug Tschad
Max (drums)
Manuel (bass)
Dirk (guitar)
Roland (vocals)
Stoffel (guitar)
A funky Crossover band from Wiesloch playing a horribly modern sounding Groove Metal with Rap and Funk influences. They could place a track on a Split 12" with the bands Noise Filter, Mortify and Metamorphosis, that was sponsored by the local youth center, and not hard to imagine they've been the losers on the vinyl.
"N'Djamena" Split -12" 1992 (Vertrauen Sie uns wir wissen was wir tun)

Fatma Kharroubi (vocals)
Gary Bonassi (guitar)
Otto M. Schmidt (bass)
Joe Schneider (keyboard)
Thomas Konz (drums)
Charyzz was a female fronted Heavy Rock band from Saarbrücken, playing a commercially influenced US Metal style with hints of early Ozzy, Dio or Dokken. The band was using dominant keyboards, but had with Fatma a frontwoman with quite strong voice volume, who kicked ass. Either the quite excellent guitar riffing might be mentioned separately. The lads released their debut Demo in the late 80's, but afterwards completely changed the line up to return with the 4 track tape "It bites" in spring 1991. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Roxx hard" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"It bites" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Andy Atkins (vocals)
Peter Wolf (guitar)
Mike Gollmer (guitar)
Bernie Ciminski (bass)
Andy Klapstein (drums)
A West Berlin 5-piece formed in '83 and said to have included several ex-Tyrant members, among them Andy Atkins. Melodic Heavy Rock was the name of the game, compared to Brits CHARIOT. The band split up early '86, while Atkins and Wolf formed Machine Head still within the same year. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Demo 1984"

Raphael Pauss (vocals)
Rafael Arto-Haumacher (guitar)
Theo Pauss (bass, keyboard)
Karim Laiguddin (drums)
A melodic Metal band from Dorsten that participated at the Rockfabrik Newcomer Festival in summer 1989. The fourpiece already released 2 Demo tapes prior to this, featuring a highly US Metal inspired galopping Heavy/Power Metal style on the second one from 1988, occasionally reminding stylisticaly of bands in the vein of Emmy Strut or Slauter Xstroyes, though a bit more straight executed. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Demo" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Checked" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

A local Hard Rock band from Duisburg, that at least recorded one Demo tape back in 1987 and participated on an international band contest the same year. According to certain info, Chelsea's sound was similar to well known US commercial Hard Rock bands like Bon Jovi, while their vocalist strongly reminds of Dio and Gary Barden. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Thomas Becker
A Heavy Rock band from Saarbrücken influenced by american Bands that was active around 1985/86, doing several live gigs. If you have more info please get in touch.

Cherry Lynn
Chris Augst (guitar)
Michael S. (bass)
Gerhard L. (drums)
Chris Muhl (vocals)
Gunter S. (guitar)
This Herzogenaurach based melodic troop released a pretty cool private 7" that's containing with "Straight thru the heart" a topnotch semi-ballad in the typical Scorpions vein, that even the Scorpions couldn't produce better. "Stay strong" on the other side adopts the Scorpions/Kiss like melodic Hard Rock/Metal style as well, but they are just too good to be called copycats. The guitar solos are outstanding.

Ferdy (vocals)
Roman Friemel (guitar)
Karl (bass)
Steve Pape (drums)
A Hardcore/Punk Metal (or in short form Crossover) band from Dortmund, that was active since the early 80's already under the monicker "Die Männer" and released a Split LP in 1984 with the Dortmund HC/Punk band Rim Shout. A bit later on around 1987 the guys must have changed name to Chestnutz and recorded an independent Punk album in early '88, that was published on Idiots Records. After the vinyl the sound of the Chestnutz got much heavier and the band recorded the " want!" Demo in 1989, that featured, just like their 3 tracks on one the two "The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" compilations, a punky form of Heavy and Speed Metal (though they'd probably call it Punk themselves) like in places Dortmund fellows The Idiots did as well incl. a cool cover of AC/DC's "You shook me all night long".

"Don't talk - eat a chestnut" LP 1988 (Idiots)
”… you want!!!” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" Comp.-LP Tracks 1990 (D&S)
"Maggy" Comp.-Track LP/CD 1992 (DesperaDOs Vol.0 - Dortmund History)
"Paranoid" Comp.-Tape Track (Tales From The Crypt)

Michael Marquardt (vocals)
Jürgen Wursche (guitar)
Udo Gerstenmeyer (guitar)
Ralf Faber (bass)
Achim Krieg (drums)
Under the name Chinchilla it's hard to imagine there could be hiding a Power Metal band, as I'd rather connect such a name with any poser band, but well, some guys got strange ideas. Nevertheless Chinchilla was founded in 1988 by guitarist Udo Gerstenmeyer, Jürgen Wursche (guitar), Michael Marquardt (vocals), Ralf Faber (bass) and drummer Achim Krieg (drums) in Böblingen and debuted with the selfproduced and nowadays hard to find MCD "No mercy tonight" in 1990, that featured a melodic sort of Heavy/Power Metal with strong early Queensryche influences. Unfortunately the band already split up after the release and Udo Gerstenmeyer tried with ex-Letter X vocalist Martin Obermeyer before he disbanded Chinchilla, to revive the band in 1994, when Chinchilla returned with the "Who is who" EP, recorded with a completely new line up. The lads recorded 5 more albums till 2004 with changing line ups and atm seems to be defunct.

"No mercy tonight" MCD 1990 (selfreleased)

Another mystery band that's only known because D&S decided to produce the trax "Moving circle" and "Jaws of death" for one of their lovely underground compilations. The style was quite varied and melodic, though Chiolution was a classic Heavy Metal nevertheless. But it takes a while till both songs will grow, especially "Moving circle" came up with quite some filigree guitar work. "Jaws of death" starts like an old Heathen's Rage song but quickly develops into a typically german melodic Power/Speed number. Still we need to know where these lads came from, so if you got more info, please get in touch.

Goody Fowler (drums)
Mr. Zyn (vocals, bass)
Wolf (guitar)
A Thrash Metal band from Franfurt/Main that later would evolve into the Black/Death Metal band Oblivion. They started in the same year as their only Demo was released and change name in 1991.

"Fucking society" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Chroming Rose
Harry Steiner (bass)
Tino Mende (drums)
Matthias Mende (guitar)
Herald Leib (vocals)
The story of Chroming Rose started in Senden/Bavaria in 1985 when the brothers Tino and Matthias Mende founded a band called Cromium Rose. The ex-Overdose ("Over the top") bass player Harry Steiner joined them as well as Herald Leib on vocals. Due to a printing error the band was wrongly announced as Croming Rose at the poster of the Gersthofener Open-Air festival so they kept that name and released their only Demo "Born to destroy" as Croming Rose offering a neckbreaking Power/Speed Metal much alike the godly Powerlord. After the Demo Gerd Salewski (ex-Stranger "The bell") joined them on vox as well as S.C. Wuller on the second guitar and they got a record deal with Disaster Records who sent them to the Musiclab where they recorded the first album "Garden of Eden" with Harris Johns. Sometime during that phase they must have changed name to Chroming Rose and the EMI got interested in releasing the album since they was searching for a substitute for the cracked deal wih Helloween and resumed the contract of Disaster. They sent Chroming Rose for 7 weeks to Denmark to completely re-record the whole album again and it finally got released as "Louis XIV" under the banner of the EMI Elektrola in 1990. Due to Matthias Mende's alcohol problems he got replaced by Rikki Rieger (ex-Stranger) who was playing on the second version of the album. Chroming Rose's style had slightly changed now, the Helloween influences pretty much rule "Louis XIV", though both bands are equal imo, while Chroming Rose are a bit underrated when it comes to that german twin lead driven melodic Speed Metal style that they also kept on the second album "Garden of Eden" released in 1991. The Helloween comparison here was even more drastical than on the debut as this album was almost completely written by the new guitarists. The bands style either became more melodic and they even entered the charts, becoming very successful, in Japan even the Nr. 1 of the import albums. But with "Pressure", the album # 3 the whole Speed Metal hystery was gone. They changed down 3 gears and started playing modern Power Metal, though still melodic but mainly midpaced stuff. Cornel Schneider had replaced Rieger on guitar and Chroming Rose's star was sinking. In 1994 Gerd Salewski quit the band and Tom Reiners came in. Without Cornel Schneider they still released 2 more albums and disbanded in 2002.
"Louis XIV" LP/CD/Pic LP 1990 (EMI)
"Louis XIV" MCD/12" EP 1990 (EMI)
"Power and glory" 7"EP 1990 (Disaster)
"Power and glory" Pic 12"EP 1990 (EMI)
"Garden of Eden" LP/CD/Pic LP 1991 (EMI)
"Hell in my eyes" MCD/12" EP 1991 (EMI)
"Time will never change" MCD 1991 (EMI)
"Pressure" LP/CD 1992 (EMI)

Chronical Diarrhoea
Thorsten Benning (vocals)
Ilja (guitar)
Roman Gebauer (bass)
Reiner Henseleit (drums)
Chronical Diarrhoea from Mühlheim/Ruhr was an extreme Crossover act, which was active since the mid 80's and who after an indpendent single 1987, got signed by the former Punk/Hardcore label Nuclear Blast Records, who produced the guys debut album "Salomo says..." the following year. During the first years of their existence Chronical Diarrhoea was performing an absurdly hyperfast grinding Speedcore, most likely comparable to Lethal Aggression, while during their later phase, especially on "The last judgement" album, musically moved into a more Thrash influenced Crossover style, in the vein of D.R.I. on "Crossover". The band disbanded like so many others too in the early 90's.

"Royal diarrhoea" 7" EP 1987 (Anti-Schelski)
"Salomo says..." LP 1988 (Nuclear Blast)
"Abstract carnage E.P." 7" EP 1990 (Off The Disk)
"The last judgement" LP/CD 1991 (Nuclear Blast)

Thomas Pieper (guitar)
Mathias Fetting (guitar)
Uwe Ertelt (vocals)
Andreas Funk (bass) 
Jan Holzer (drums)
Formed in 1982 in Bergkamen, east of Dortmund by the young Priest- & Maiden-fans Thomas "Tormentor" Pieper and Mathias Fetting. They did their very first gigs in late '83 under the name Bloody Angels but by 1984 the band had changed their name to Chronos, with Uwe Ertelt on vocals and Andreas Funk on bass. Drummers seem to have been on a come-&-go basis through the band's career, Though the name Jan "Männe" Holzer is mentioned at M-A. At this time they started their demo-production, beginning with a 3-track affair in 1984, a 9-tracker in 1985 (or possibly the other way round) and finally a 6-track release in 1986, after which the band seem to have disappeared from the scene. Only Uwe showed his head again, as vocalist for the more melodic Dortmunders PRIDE. Should you want to really dig into their legacy, there's a self-released anthology-CD (CDR?) called "Louder Harder Faster" from 2000 somewhere out there to hunt down. Musically we're talking charming demo-steel where the fast "S.F.V. Die Tonight" reminds me of Belgians Warhead while the more traditional Euro-Metal numbers rocks along a la classic Accept/Priest or indeed like the more mid-paced early Running Wild material - i.e. as German as it could possibly get.
Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Davor Sertic (guitar)
Werner Dienel (bass)
Ralf Schulz (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from the Stuttgart area, that was founded during early summer of 1987 by ex-Tyran' Pace Davor Sertic and ex-Sinner Ralf Schulz. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Hoffe (bass)
Chacko (guitar)
Metal unknowns from Freiburg. A live recording from 23/5, 1987 exists, and a demo was planned for later the same year, but its existence is yet to be confirmed. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Circle of Sig-Tiu
Josef Maria Klumb (vocals)
Dennis Raymond Plummer (guitar)
Holger Düchting (guitar)
Nikolaus Martin Mertens (bass)
Steffen B. (drums)
Styk Thriller (drums)
The Circle of Sig-Tiu was an apocalyptic Punk Metal troop from Bingen/Sprendlingen, that was founded 1984 and published quite of bunch of vinyls during their short period of existence. Members of the band previously played in the Punk band Aus-98, who either published a single 1983. The bands early releases (especially "Feuer und Asche") still was very (Thrash) Punk/Hardcore influenced, but the guys also adopted influences of the Gothic/Dark Wave scene. They appeared on a number of compilations and singles and published the second album "Signs of time" 1987 on Sonic Records, with Siegfried Grampe on guitar, who replaced Holger Düchting. Then most of the members quit and found substitutes in Hüsseyin Ekzi (bass), Dirk Mohr (drums) and Thomas auf dem Berge (drums) with only Klumb (Jay Kay), Plummer and Grampe remaining. The Metal influenced album "We come in love but not for peace" was recorded in December '87 and published in early '88 on the bassist's own label EXs Records. The sound of the material is quite bizarre. Occult Speed Metal merges with Punk and either some Thrash tunes appear, which doesn't make the LP being an easy to swallow piece of vinyl, though some Crossover fans might find it interesting. Jay Kay disbanded Circle of Sig-Tiu still within 1988 to publish the solo album "And all your glamour will turn into dust", that hadn't much in common with his old band anymore. 1990 Klumb founded the band Gothic band Forthcoming Fire.
"Feuer und Asche" LP 1985 (Sonic)
"Kulturschock Attacke Vol. I" Comp.-LP Tracks 1986 (Sig-Tiu)
"What's harder than live" Live Tape 1986 (Intelnet)
"Fahnenflucht" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Wie lange noch?)
"Signs of time" LP 1987 (Sonic)
"Im Namen des Volkes" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Kulturschock Attacke Vol. II)
"Life is a joke" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Weird System)
"Signals on Tiusday" 7" EP 1987 ( EXs)
"3. Reich" Split 7" EP Track 1987 (Z Siege)
"We come in love but not for peace" LP 1988 (EXs)
"But every sunday morning" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (1984 The Fourth)
"Golden calf und silent dreams" Comp.-Track 1991 (Noisegate)

Cirrus Mirror
Martin (bass)
Henrik (drums)
Nick (vocals)
Kosta (guitar)
Holger (keyboard)
A melodic Heavy Rock band from the Bochum area who tried to sound modern on their only 7" EP. They used to play a fresh sounding melodic Hard Rock on the title track but these quite poppy keyboards pretty much ruin that aim and let them sound like a Pop band that's wanting to sound "heavy". "Destiny" on the B-side is an AOR ballad that's reminding me of "Knocking on heaven's door" in a way.
"Another place on fire" 7" EP 1991 (Young Star Music)

A Hard Rock/Metal band, that was active around 1989/90 and originating most probably from the Hanau/Frankfurt area. The band played live at the local Hanauer Superrock-Festival '90. Further info is welcome.

Civil War
Roy (vocals)
Birge (guitar)
Rico (guitar)
Mike (bass)
Steffen (drums)
This band was founded in Zschorlau/Saxony around early 1990 (probably even in 1989) and they played a kinda Crossover style mixing Hardcore and Metal influences. As far as I know there was just one tape available, but they were doing several live gigs in the area as well. Steffen earlier also had an own "project" running called I.D.L. (Ich der Lärm - Me the noise) with an own "demo" featuring just him making noise on kitchen pots...
"Rehearsaltape '91" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Clark Kent
Andreas Feickert (vocals)
Tom Becker (guitar)
Axel Düver (bass)
Thorsten Hild (keyboard)
Hans Seelenmeyer (drums)
Sven Seelenmeyer (percussion)
A band from Lüneburg, that was active in the late 80's and won a local contest, whose prize was to get featured with the (Pop) song "Precious little pearl" on a Split 7" with the band Diolen, who've been winners of the Niedersachsen contest. Doesn't matters much as Clark Kent have been just a Rock band, that used to have two Melodic Rock trax on their selfproduced MLP "Sixsongs" from around 1989. The opener "Turn on the radio" I have to admit features quite catchy AOR with heavier guitars, but then the band's other creations except "Living dust" on the B-side, turn into common unbearable Pop/Rock. So better beware...

"Lüneburger Rockpreis '88/Niedersächsischer Rockpreis '88" Split 7" EP 1988 (with Diolen, Rockwerk)
"Sixsongs" MLP 1989 (Rockwerk)

Thomas Schmid (drums)
A Melodic Rock band from Stuttgart, which was active from 1979-1982 and featured Thomas Schmid, who would subsequently found the Prog Rock band Crystal Maze in 1982. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A Freiburg based band, that got a short feature in an old Metal Hammer issue from summer '88, announcing that Claymore are recently recording their debut album at the Frank K. Studio in Witten. No clue what happened with the recordings later, but the announced album was never released. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Clever & Smart
Stacy B' Stard (vocals)
M. Mauntel (guitar)
Butch Richter (bass)
Florian Altenhein (drums)
A band from Bielefeld, that was featured with the track "Lady of the darkest side" on the local Bielefeld sampler "Down to the top". Musically this band is a little mystery, because the first part makes them sounding like any US Sleaze/Glam band, but then the solo part interrupts the posing and we get a first class Heavy Metal solo offered, before they return to the Sleaze/Glam stuff. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Lady of the darkest side" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Down to the top - Rockmusik aus Bielefeld)

Steffen Bayer (guitar)
Frank Eichhorn (vocals)
Bodo Hildebrand (bass)
Jens Kuge (drums)
When you listen to the known material of Cobra you hardly believe that their main aim was to be posers like their faves Van Halen, Bon Jovi or Ratt. Founded in June '86 in East Berlin (ex-GDR) by ex-Rocket/Mephisto/Vantom (Frank Eichhorn) and ex-Regenbogen (Jens Kuge) members together with Steffen Bauer (ex-Pumphut) and Bodo Hildebrand they pretty quickly got the chance to record songs for the national broadcast service and to appear in a national TV show. These 4 songs became a part of the triple Split LP "Kleeblatt № 22" with 2 other Metal bands MCB and Plattform. But Cobra wasn't much satisfied with the result as the songs appeared too heavy for their own set concept (to be posers). Frank Eichhorn already quit Cobra early 1987 to join Vantom, but returned in summer to eventually leave the band for good late '88. Hildebrandt left in May '88 and Frank Binke grabbed the bass. Cobra started searching for a second guitarist and a keyboarder that they found in Thomas Rosanski (ex-Weissheim/Badboy) and either Badboy's vocalist Michael Kaspar was invited to join the band in November '88, while Amiga planned to release more material of the band like a Quartett single and sent the band again into a studio to record 4 new songs ("We want Rock", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Nachtboy" and "I'm on fire"). In the meanwhile "Träumer" got a place on the Rockbilanz '88 compilation. But the single got cancelled because Cobra disbanded already in October 1989. All songs remained unreleased. There is a demo recording available of the song "Take me" and also several live cuts from 1987 and '88. "Take me" indeed pretty much tends into the US Glam Metal with huge melodic edge sounding more american than most american bands of that era. For fans of Shout, Ozzy, Quiet Riot or Keel it's pretty much a treat.
Check out Cobra in TV
"Kleeblatt № 22 - Hard & Heavy" Split LP 1987 (Amiga)
"Träumer" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Rockbilanz '88)
"Take me" Demo Track 1988 (selfreleased)

Markus Draeger (guitars, vocals)
Markus Reitemeier (guitar)
Stephan Zieler (bass)
Rolf Ittner (drums)
Thrashers from Bochum, featurung ex-Bloody Flesh Rolf Ittner, who originally founded the band under the name of Anger in 1991 and firmed 1 year as Anger to record the Demo "Between depression and anger" 1992. Shortly afterwards the guys changed name to Cogency and recorded their album "The cogency revenge" for D&S. The CD features a quite cool mix of hard Thrash and several mid/late 80's Metallica influences from the Justice/Puppets albums, with vocals ala Sabrina Classen, which is giving the material a Holy Moses touch as well. Soundwise there's is nothing to complain, a fully 80's compatible Thrash album. 2000 the guys changed name back to Anger.

"The cogency revenge" CD 1993 (D&S)

Maju (vocals)
Buju (guitar)
Dirk (guitar)
Hauke (bass)
Jens (drums)
A Hardcore band from Siegen, that was active as Vollrausch since already 1984, and after recording a Demo tape 1985, changed name to Collaps in 1986 to publish some more Demos. The label Double A records took these guys under contract afterwards and produced two singles and one album ("Bacteria") in 1988, that contains fast US american style Hardcore/Crossover with lotsa thrashing parts, stylistically mainly comparable to the D.R.I. stuff of the late mid 80's era.

"Before the albums" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Germania fuck off" Demo 1986 ‎(selfreleased)
"Not just aggression" 7" EP 1987 (Double A)
"Bacteria" LP 1988 (Double A)
"I burnt the bridge to Hollywood" 7" EP 1990 (Double A)

Colour Trip
Elmar Keineke (vocals)
Matthias Eigner (guitar)
Mark Wolzenburg (guitar)
Fritz Rogge (bass)
Michael Wintzen (drums)
Colour Trip was post-Accessory, a Death Metal band from Hagen, that was active since 1988 and changed name after their debut album "Within your mind" was released in 1991. Colour Trip's sound had nothing in common anymore with Accessory's more Death Metal influenced style and must be counted to the New Metal movement already, as they tried to mix that mid 90's Thrash with Hardcore/Groove elements. Till 2001 Colour Trip recorded 3 more albums before they disbanded.

"Colour Trip" LP/CD 1993 (Massacre)

Common Grave
Roland Preusker (bass)
An Offenbach Heavy Metal band active in the early 80's, formed by ex-members of other local obscure acts Prisoner and Trace. Roland Preusker later joined Trixx and founded Monroe after Trixx split up in 1985. If you have more info, please get in contact.

A local Metal band from most probably the greater Stuttgart area, which was playing live gigs during 1986/87. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Confused Addiction
Matthias Gerricke (vocals)
Ralph Hoffelner (guitar)
Uwe Überall (guitar)
Heino Möck (bass)
Irold Hodalsky (drums)
I'm not really sure in which drawer I should put this band from Sangerhausen. The band was founded 1989 still in ex-GDR times, but their first sign of existence was a selfproduced EP from 1992. And here the problems do start, as to allocate these lads a special musical style isn't that easy at all. We got influences of classic Thrash Metal and Hardcore/Skatecore, with rather typical punky touched Hardcore vocals. By labeling them Crossover probably wouldn't be that wrong at all I guess. There is also a 6 track Demo known with the title "Human future", that we according to the featured Anthrax style Thrash, would guess it was released around the same time like the 12" or probably even earlier. After the 12" it took a while till 1997, when the guys returned with 3 more Demo tapes released between '97 and the year 2000.
"Confused Addiction" MLP 1992 (selfreleased)
"Human future" Demo 199? (selfreleased)

Stevie (drums)
Jürgen (guitar)
Jens Unger (bass)
Mario (vocals)
A quite solid acting ex-GDR Thrash Metal band from Nordhausen/Harz that I can't tell much about as it's just a live cut known from June '89 and that one only features cover versions of Metallica, Agnostic Front, Slayer, Sodom and Carnivore while I personally rank Mario's vocals over the ones of James Hetfield and Tom Araya, who's trying successfully to copy them. I wish they would play some own songs though, because the cover versions do promise that Conqueror would probably have been able to create some nice own thrashing tunes as well. If you have more info please get in touch.
“Live at Gehege 10/6/1989“ (unofficial)

Carsten Vitt (vocals)
Sascha Pitsch (guitar)
Daniel Strube (guitar)
Ingo Vernau (bass)
Andreas Kallee (drums)
A local Thrash band from Wildeck-Raßdorf, south of Kassel, that originally formed 1989 as Avenger but soon changed name to Conspiracy and recorded 3 Demo tapes in the early 90's. Around 1993 it seems the band already dissolved, as Andreas Kallee joined Shattered Dream. Further info is needed.
"Infernal messiah" Demo 1990 (selfreleased
"Beyond mentality" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Mind games" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Achim Ennenbach (bass)
Stefanie Thelen (vocals)
Axel Plaumann (guitar)
Dennis Ratzek (drums)

A Königswinter based Hard Rock formation with female vocalist that was founded in 1987 and had the first steady line in January '88. After winning a band contest in fall of '88 they produced a Demo tape. If you got more info, please get in touch.

A local band that played live at the Woodstock Open Air Festival in Ronshausen (Hessen) in summer 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Astrid (vocals)
Jens Neumann
A band from Elsheim, between Mannheim and Mayence, that used to label themselves "Progressive Rock - Hardcorerock" band, while according to certain reviews Converse's Demo tapes, that was recorded between 1988 and '89, feature classic Melodic Rock/AOR with interesting female vocals. The 3rd tape "Out of reach" comes with free sticker and info sheet. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Alimentary lifes" Demo 1988 ‎(selfreleased)
"On the run" Demo 1989 (selfreleased‎)
"Out of reach" Demo 1989 ‎(selfreleased)

Günther Thoemmes (bass,vocals)
Johannes Roesgen (guitar,voc)
Thomas Eulgem (guitar)
Wolfgang Schwarz (drums)
Stu Krechel (keyboard)
A Hard Rock band from Mayen that was founded in 1982. According to their own info they played modern Hard Rock but also live covers of the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry etc. They released a single privately in 1989, but the poppy drum sound sadly spoils the recording. In a way the term modern Hard Rock might be true, but due to the poppy production AOR/Melodic Rock is hitting the nail better on the head.
"Our love" 7" EP 1989 (selfreleased)

A Hard'n'Heavy band from the Stuttgart area, that has been active during the early 90's and was playing live gigs there in the area. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Wolfgang Thelen (bass)
Kai Schmitz (drums)
Achim Bötcher (vocals)
Sven Wagner (guitar)
Torsten Patz (guitar)
A Hard Rock/Metal act from Andernach founded in March '84, playing live gigs in the area from 1985-86. Achim Bötcher joined Bad Bone on bass in 1986 and the band changed name to Bootleg the same year. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Coroners Inquest
Olaf Winterberg
Patrick Patchura (drums)
A Speed/Thrash Metal band originating from the Bielefeld/Melle area, which was active during 1987, musically influenced by Slayer and Megadeth. Patrick Patchura was also playing with the Total Mosh Project. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Cosmic Ambience
Adrian (vocals)
Gilles (guitar)
Hawke (guitar)
Thomas (bass)
Rotter (drums)
Cosmic Ambience was a Crossover band originating from Hamburg, founded 1991 by Gilles (guitar), Hawke (guitar), Thomas (bass). Until the mid 90's the band was active in the Hamburg Thrash/Hardcore scene and played several gigs throughout Germany as well. During the later 90's the band's sound changed towards a mix of all kinds of elements from Metal, Punk, Funk, HipHop, Wave, Jazz til the band eventually split up 2008.

Ralf König (vocals, guitar)
Michael Rudolph (guitar)
Hans-Ulrich Wilke (bass)
Andreas König (drums)
Cosmos was founded 1982 in Steinbach-Hallenberg (ex-GDR) by Ralf König but in the beginning the band just covered well known Rock and Blues songs. In 1985 Hans-Ulrich Wilke was "forced" by König to join the band on bass and after he demanded to play more stuff like Motörhead (the only Metal song they had in repertoire) Cosmos turned into a pure Heavy Metal band in 1986. Some of the own songs they wrote was "Heavy Metal pur" and "Walpurgisnacht" but they didn't record any official Demos at all. In Autumn '87 Hans-Ulrich Wilke went to Erfurt to start his studies and this meant the end for Cosmos who had to quit due to demands of the government. Wilke joined the Thrashers Rochus in April '88 while Ralf König went on to sing for Caiman and later joined Power Metallers Hardholz.

Chris Lyne (guitar)
A band from West Berlin, active in the early/mid 80's, featuring the ex-Heartlyne guitarist Chris Lyne. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Reinhard Lehmann (vocals)
Michael Jurischk (guitar)
"Wolle" Zinn (bass)
Dan Uhden (guitar)
Frank Müller (drums)
Countdown was a short lived Heavy Metal band from East Berlin (ex-GDR) that started in late 1983 with Rocco Stellmacher (later in Merlin) being one of the founding members. Reinhard Lehmann (vox) and Michael Jurischk (guitar) both playing with Plattform at that time, was asked by Wolle Zinn to join Countdown and moved to Berlin. In early '84 they started playing first live shows and new members like Dan Uhden (guitar, ex-Metall) and Frank Müller (drums) joined them. Due to the revived Berlin band Regenbogen's permanent need for new members (almost the whole band left the GDR in 1984) there was a steady come and go taking place till Andreas Schwendemann (guitarist of Regenbogen) asked Reinhard Lehmann to merge Countdown and Regenbogen and keep on playing as Regenbogen instead. It was done as it was said and in early 1985 Countdown became a part of Regenbogen with the line up now consisting of Reinhard Lehmann (vox), Andreas Schwendemann (guitar), Michael Jurischk (guitar), Christian Dallmann (bass) and Frank Müller (drums). But the band didn't last too long either as Schwendemann left the GDR in late 1985 as well. After Schwendemann's loss the 4 remaining guys decided to rename the band to Pharao and start something completely new. There are no Countdown recordings known to exist.

Countdown (Koblenz)
Rolf Kreier (vocals)
Manfred Zimmermann (keyboard)
Wolfgang Lucke (bass)
Winfried Hetger (guitar)
Jörg Schwickerath (drums)
These are the Countdown from Koblenz who've been active since 1979 and released a 7" on Top-Music (probably their own label). The songs are strange and don't fit together because "Sunshine" is a New Wave-ish tune with Hard Rock refrain and incredible poppy drum sound while "London" on the flipside reveals their classic Hard Rock/AOR roots with rough guitars and just the poppy keyboards disturbing a bit. From the band's info they should be more on the Hard Rock side but who knows. They also could place another track on a local sampler in 1986.
"Sunshine/London" 7"EP 1985 (Top-Music)
"How does it feel" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Music Live)

Courage (Hannover)
Marco Bröckel (bass)
Nico Herb (drums)
Marco Meyer (guitar)
Arne Röhrs (keyboard)
Lui (Percussion, Synth)
Blubber (vocals)
Not to be confused with the other Courage who released the "Gold and ivory" MLP, these Courage was from Hannover and played a sort of melodic Heavy Rock with permanent keyboards in the background, that remind me more or less of Bon Jovi (the keyboard style). Both songs are of the same kind and not even bad, but it's less recommended for the true Metal faction.
”Hard days” 7” EP 1991 (selfreleased)

Courage (Hattingen)
Sven Strzyso (vocals)
Uwe Dinsing (bass)
Holger Feist (drums)
Manfred David (guitar)
Andreas Sieling (guitar)
A mysterious band whose vinyl everyone is searching for and that causes sweaty nipples en masse. Not to be confused with the Hannover band of the same name these guys hailed from Hattingen in North Rhine-Westphalia and only released a MLP on the underground label D&S Recording. Their thing was the melodic Heavy Metal and they could easily get compared to similar sounding acts like Fortuner or Nytemare. f.e. Surely an upper league band on the German Metal market. Their superb vocalist Sven Strzyso later joined the Melodic Metallers Rage Heart.

Courage (Norderstedt)
Thomas Will (guitar, vocals)
Frank Hilpert (guitar, vocals)
Karsten Sprigode (vocals, guitar)
Felix Dewald (bass)
Dirk Schumacher (drums)
NWOBHM-sounding HR/HM-act from Norderstedt, north of Hamburg. Formed in the early 80's and stabilizing with the line-up to your left/above in 1982 - and yes, that's a 3-guitar band right there! A 4-song Demo was produced in 1983, featuring tracks like "Time Will Tell No Lies", "Rockmachine" and "Ariane". Karsten left for Charon shortly after the Demo was recorded, but what happened to the rest of the band remains a mystery. If you know more, please get in contact.
"Demo 1983" (selfreleased)

A very obscure, early 80's band, possibly from the Frankfurt/Main area, said to have featured members who later came to form Lyvëwyrë. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Weini (vocals)
Tom Henkel (guitar)
Dirk von Suckow (guitar)
Moppel (bass)
Ingo Gumin (drums)
Cox-Orange was a Crossover/Thrash band from Schrobenhausen, active since the late mid 80's. The guys directly debuted with a vinyl single 1989 (released in different vinyl colors), that featured technically quite well executed Hardcore with Metal edge in the vein of the late Mottek or Scarecrow. Though the guys was crossing the border to Thrash Metal quite often, the vocals of Weini still clearly got a punky/HC touch. 1991 the lads produced one more Demo tape featuring Solo on bass and Kai Büschl on guitars, but for their last Demo recorded in April '93, Tom Henkel returned to replace Solo, while Robert Haßfurter was singing. The band split up in the mid 90's.
"Hypnotized" 7" EP 1989 (Amok)
"Demo '91" (selfreleased)
"Demo '93" (selfreleased)

Klaus Luley (guitar, bass, vocals)
Franz Keil (keyboard)
Reinhard Besser (guitar, bass)
Klaus Luley from Frankfurt/Main, formerly member of the Hard Rock band Schloss, joined Hard Rockers Tokyo in 1981, but left the group to realize his own musicial vision and therefore formed Craaft in 1983. Together with Franz Keil and ex-Change/Blackjack guitarist Reinhard Besser, he created a new concept and composed songs, that gained a band a major deal with Epic Records. After the same titled debut album was available 1986, the guys supported Queen 1986 on their "A kind of magic" tour and this way got easy access to hundred of thousands people's ears on stage. For "Second honeymoon", their big breakthrough and most successful album 1988, guitarist Marcus Schleicher (ex-Robin McAuley/GMT) joined, though just like on the debut, Craaft was working with hired drummers in the studio and on stage. While "Craaft" was still a bit more poppy oriented AOR/Hard Rock, with "Second honeymoon" the lads entered a higher stage within the melodic Hard Rock genre. Wether one is into that commercial style or not, I have to admit that "Second honeymoon" gathered a number of topnotch rockers that either the big sellers couldn't top so easily. In places Craaft's style was sounding similar to the Scorpions, while Luley didn't need to hide behind Klaus Meine at all. Poser stuff or not, "Second honeymoon" marked a international highlight in that commercial Hard Rock business. But then Craaft did a huge logistical mistake, the 3rd album "No tricks - just kicks" wasn't released before 1991, which most probably had cost the band a fortune as with another album of "Second honeymoon's" class, who knows what Craaft could have reached. The czech born guitarist Vitek Spacek had replaced the duo Reinhard Besser/Marcus Schleicher and with Thommy Schneider finally a drummer was part of the band. As expected "No tricks - just kicks" at no minute could repeat the brilliant "Second honeymoon" album, though they still rocked hard in typical manner for that time, but all the big hits was missing. Needless to say that the RCA dropped Craaft afterwards and he band split up in the early 90's.
"Craaft" LP 1986 (Epic)
"I wanna look in your eyes" 7"/12"/Flexi EP 1986 (Epic)
"You're the best thing in my life" 7"/12" EP 1986 (Epic)
"Hold me" 12" Promo EP 1986 (Epic)
"Second honeymoon" LP/CD 1988 (BMG/RCA)
"Run away" 7"/12" EP 1988 (RCA)
"Jane" 7"/12"/MCD 1988 (RCA)
"Second honeymoon" Promo MCD 1988 (RCA)
"No tricks - just kicks" LP/CD 1991 (RCA)

Crack Buster
Mr. SuperSonic (bass)
Christian Freiberg (guitar)
Christian Auschel (drums)
Toby Scherler (vocals)
A melodic Heavy Metal act from Hannover, not trying to copy the Scorpions. They released 3 Demos since they started in 1990 that all contain the same sort of typical german Metal. On the 3rd tape "Get busted" Ralph relaced Toby Scherler behind the micro and Mr. Supersonic by Roland. His vocals, although he can sing, in places sounded quite adventurous when he tried to hit higher tones. Nevertheless for 1992 they delivered quite a hell lot of true Heavy Metal.
"Appetizer '90" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"PS: never satisfied" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
”Get busted” Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Crack Jaw
Stephan Kiegerl (vocals)
Holger Eckstein (guitar)
Jürgen Schulz-Anker (guitar)
Gerrit Eisenmenger (bass)
Markus Klinke (drums)
The band Crack Jaw from Frankfurt/Main is a good example of how you could kill your own career with one blink of an eye, when you decide to lead a band into a direction, that it wasn't predestined for. The band was founded 1980 and the line up didn't change at all during the following years till 1983 when Crack Jaw's first Demo "Heavy Rock" was available. Either the song "Breaking the law" from that tape made it on the "Rockactive I" sampler. All of the 4 Demo songs had been of equal quality, offering a hardrocking Heavy Metal style with rough and fat sound, that almost blew your ears. With that tape, Crack Jaw could be mentioned amoung the hottest unsigned german bands back in the day, and either Steamhammer got the same impression it seems, as the debut album "Nightout" was produced by this label in 1985. But what happened, that Crack Jaw nowadays is just a disregarded side note in history? Well, the answer is easy, Crack Jaw couldn't transfer the early Demo power onto vinyl! Instead they focussed on getting more catchy with the newly written material, while the whole production was simply too soft. In places the band sounds like Cinderella, combined melodic pounding US Style Hard Rock with their former Heavy Metal, which simply did not work at all. You can clearly hear on the album, what's been old and newer creations. After another Demo attempt in 1988, the band split up without further outputs. One of their early guitarists, Bernd Vestweber, joined Frankfurt's Overdose in September '84, while their later guitarist René Knotz went to play with the local band Monroe.

"Heavy Rock" Demo 1983 (selfreleased)
"Breaking the oath" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Rockactive I)
"Nightout" LP 1985 (Steamhammer)
"Demo '88" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Crash n' Burn
William Lennox (vocals)
Frank Becking (guitar)
Gareth Thomas (bass)
Rolf Brendel (drums)
A shortlived Sleaze Rock project from London, featuring the german musicians Frank Becking (ex-The Riffs) and the more prominent Rolf Brendel (ex-Nena/The Stripes) plus english guys William Lennox (ex-Days of Sorrow) and Gareth Thomas. At some point the ex-Darxon drummer Ingo Plass was part of the band as well. The band just released one album that was sounding close to the wellknown US Sleaze Rockers of the era like Guns n' Roses and similar acts, merging Hard and Blues Rock with sleazy sounds.

"Fever" LP/CD 1991 (RCA)
"Crash n' Burn" Promo 12"/MCD 1991 (RCA)
"Hot like fire" 7"/12"/MCD 1991 (RCA)

C. Stolz (guitar)
A. Krüsmann (guitar)
Craze was a young Oldenburg act who released a 5-song demo of mid-paced Heavy Metal in 1986. Digital drums, plenty of keys and weak vocals says the one review. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"There was a time" demo 1986

Crazy Elder
Walter Weers
A Heavy Metal band from Aachen active around 1986. If you have more info please get in touch.

Creack Deseaster
A local Thrash band from most probably Bavaria, that was active during 1990/91. Most probably either a Demo should exist as these lads played live during that time as well. Further info is welcome.

Alexander Schmitt (vocals)
Marco Clausen (guitar, vocals)
Torsten Janz (guitar, keyboard)
Martin Henke (bass)
Carsten Runge (drums)
A Melodic Metal band in the vein of Bonfire, Zeno or Wishes Burn from Seevetal in the Hamburg area, that is actice since 1982, founded by Marco Clausen, Torsten Janz and Carsten Runge. Their only album was produced 1989 and published independently, but nowadays surfaces just seldomly. Musically this band could be counted to melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal faction, while the use of keyboards probably makes them sounding more mainstream, than they indeed have been and giving the album a kinda AOR touch. Creature are still active nowadays and either published the album "Ride the bullet" 2015.

"Creature" LP 1990 (selfreleased)

Jessy Baron (vocals)
Udo Libutzki (guitar)
Dittmar Hüge (guitar)
Tihomir Casni (bass)
Klaus Binder (drums)
Creed has been quite special within Germany's Metal scene, coz these guys right from the start used to call themselves a White Metal band. The band was founded 1982 in Böblingen in the greater Stuttgart area as a fourpiece, but right during the recordings of their debut EP 1986, vocalist Jessy Baron joined the group. It's not sure if Baron indeed sung on the EP, as strangely the back sleeve mentions the EP to be recorded 1985 and shows a band pic with only 4 guys, while Dittmar Hüge being mentined the singer. But the insert shows a bandpic mentioning Baron as vocalist, while the recording should be dating from 1986. Most probably the insert was printed after Baron joined? Nevermind, the material on the limited EP (1000 copies made) featured quite listenable powerful Metal, somewhere between Nightprowler and Chainsaw on the speedy trax, and marked a good start, though the guys had problems to sell those vinyls. After another Demo tape 1987, Dittmar Hüge left the guys, but they couldn't find replacement for him due to their highly religious requirements and continued as fourpiece. After a tour through Germany with Bloodgood 1988, Klaus Binder also quit and the drum parts of their fullenght "The sign of victory" got recorded by session drummer Stefan Schütz. The album seriously couldn't really tie up to the EP material anymore and features more commercially influnenced Hard Rock/Metal like Stryper, with a very few heavier exceptions. Jessy Baron and Udo Libutzki subsequently had to leave the band late 1990 and got replaced by Thommy Rausz (vox) and Hans Mickel (guitar). Matt Staiger handled the drums, but all these acts of desperation didn't help Creed any further. Lightmare guitarist Andy Gutjahr joined in 1994, as well as drummer Joachim Joos, but Creed eventually split up after another year, in 1995.

"Creed" MLP 1986 (RSM)
"Demo 1987" (selfreleased)
"The sign of victory" LP/CD 1990 (Pila)
"In the dark" Comp.-Promo MCD Track 1990 (Just be sure it's pure)

Creeping Disaster
Thorsten (vocals)
Benze (guitar, vocals)
Haese (bass)
Matsch (drums)
An extreme Crossover act from Reutlingen, that was active since the mid 80's. During the recordings of their debut 10" EP and after finishing one track, vocalist Thorsten left the band in February '88. Tosch replaced him and sung on the rest of the songs. The material on that EP sounds similar to bands like the Crossover acts Squandered Message or Dresden 45 and features a Metal influenced style of Hardcore/Thrashcore, that could be interesting for openminded Thrashers as well. Sadly on the "Countdown" LP, the band's sound turned by far more punky and therefore it's less interesting for Metalheads.

"Creeping Disaster" 10" EP 1989 (Positive Destruction)
"Countdown" LP 199x (Hot Yeti)

Gerhard Felix Stass (vocals)
Marc Zimmer (bass)
Lothar Först (guitar)
Markus Jüllich (drums)
Crematory is a Gothic/Death Metal band from Mannhein, that was founded in 1991 by the ex-Excess members Markus Jüllich and Lothar Först (ex-Sudden Darkness) together with Marc Zimmer and Gerhard Stass on vocals. Marc Zimmer left the band to co-found the Black Metal band Mystic Circle, while Heinz Steinhäuser (ex-Agoraphobia) replaced him on bass and female keyboarder Katrin Goger was added to lead Crematory's music into a more Gothic Metal oriented direction, as heard on the debut "Transmigration", that though still assimilated influences of Paradise Lost's "Gothic" album, as well as Amorphis and especially greek Horrified. During the first part of the 90's their albums still could be counted to the Death Metal genre, but they drifted away with each album. 1994 "Just dreaming" was published, that still sounded similar to the debut and Crematory released tons of albums up to 2020 when "Unbroken" was available.

"Demo 1992" (selfreleased)
"Transmigration" LP/CD 1993 (Massacre)

Criminal Justice
Ken Kennedy (vocals)
Ray Falcon (guitar)
Rainer Ulbrich (bass)
Carsten Hamann (drums)
Local West Berlin hopefuls, rated as hot candicate for soon recieving an album deal after their first Demo "Burning the infidel", that received great feedback by the important Metal mags. Criminal Justice was formed 1986 and after the aforementioned Demo from 1988, recorded one more selftitled tape the next year with a slightly different line up. Only vocalist Ken Kennedy, Ray Falcon and Rainer Ulbrich remained of the first team, while Mario Hess (drums) and additional guitarist Marco was added. Also the line up change caused a stylistical change too. When on the straight power/thrashing "Burning the infidel" you couldn't be sure if you actually indeed listen to Criminal Justice and not Metal Church on "The dark", on the second Demo the lads got a bit more progressive and adopted more complicated yet technical Thrash structures, though Ken Kennedy still reminded of David Wayne with every phrase he sung. Criminal Justice failed to get signed, though Noise and Roadrunner Records both had already started negotiations, and disbanded during the beginning of the 90's. Ken Kennedy re-appeared in Forsaken afterwards. Iron Pages Records re-released some songs of both tapes as the "Burning the infidel" LP 2005.

"Burning the infidel" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Criminal Justice" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Crizzy Why’s
Christiane Weyres (vocals, keyboard)
Thomas Diemer (drums)
Patrik Barzen (bass)
Ralf Winkler (guitars)
A female fronted melodic Hard Rock/Metal band from Cologne with a few late 80's Glam Metal influences who's trying to play a kinda Dio-ish style (with success). Christiane Weyres did a very good job behind the micro. The band was one of the winners of a local Cologne band contest in 1990 and the prize was to put an exclusive song on a Compilation LP, because "Until the night comes", although it's the title of the tape, did not appear on the 2 track Demo featuring "Don't tell me it's over" and "Is it love".
”Until the night comes” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Until the night comes" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (Die Sieger '90 - Rock De Cologne)

Crocodile Carrie
Christian Teske (vocals)
Thomas Kraneis (guitar)
Dirk Seyffarth (keyboard)
Frank Stegnitz (bass)
Wolfgang Pohl (drums)

A local AOR band of the late 80's with Hard Rock tendencies from Lüdenscheid, that was featured with the excellent song "Live in my life" on the local underground scene sampler "Listen and Dance - The sound of Lüdenscheid". According to the enclosed band info Crocodile Carrie saw themselves influenced by Europe, Journey and Foreigner and indeed, their contribution sounds exactly like a mix of the classic Foreigner sound with a heavy dose of Europe's "The final countdown". Almost a potential hit...
"Live in my life" Comp.-LP Track 1990 (Listen and Dance - The sound of Lüdenscheid)

Croming Rose
Harry Steiner (bass)
Tino Mende (drums)
Matthias Mende (guitar)
Herald Leib (vocals)
Apparently this band was pre-Chroming Rose before they added an "h". Croming Rose from Senden formed in 1985 as Cromium Rose by Tino and Matthias Mende, featuring the ex-Overdose ("Over the top") member Harry Steiner on bass. Due to a printing error the band was wrongly announced as Croming Rose at a festival poster so they kept that name and released their only Demo "Born to destroy" which spreads a power that's quite seldom in the german underground, sounding somewhat professional that it indeed was only a question of time when a label would pick them up for an album release. "Born to destroy" contains 5 trax that mainly on the speed parts (And that tape is quite a Speed Metal firework!) go pretty much into the Powerlord direction. After the Demo Gerd Salewski (ex-Stranger "The bell") joined them on vox and they got a record deal. They must have changed the name to Chroming Rose right at that time.
"Born to destroy" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Cromium Rose
Harry Steiner (bass)
Tino Mende (drums)
Matthias Mende (guitar)
Herald Leib (vocals)
Cromium Rose was a Power/Speed Metal troop founded in 1985 in Senden/Bavaria by Tino and Matthias Mende, featuring the ex-Overdose ("Over the top") member Harry Steiner on bass. Due to a printing error the band was wrongly announced as Croming Rose at a festival poster so they kept that name and released their only Demo "Born to destroy" under the name Croming Rose. After the Demo they changed name to Chroming Rose and released a few albums. As Cromium Rose there are no releases available.

Cronos Titan
Klaus Lohmaier (vocals, bass)
Fritz Obermayer (guitar)
Günther Sander (guitar)
Stefan Schwarzmann (drums)
Cronos Titan was a Speed Metal band from Erlangen/Bavaria that released 4 Demos since the group was founded in 1985. After the first Demo "Drunk'n'Ready" Stefan Schwarzmann left the band and got replaced by Gareth Lathan. Schwarzmann later would play with the who is who of the german Metal scene like Running Wild, Accept, Helloween or U.D.O. Lathan would stay in the band till their last tape "Final effort" where Christian Medelnik took his part. Fritz Obermayer changed to bass since Lohmaier left a bit earlier and Kai Pasemann became the new guitarero. They also added a female vocalist in Marion Finke for that Demo. Their style on "Final effort" was almost similar to S.D.I.'s last 2 albums, but more rough, unpolished straight forward banging thrashy Speed Metal with quite hellish riffing. Also Marion Finke proved that women could have a right to exist in the Speed/Thrash Metal scene. She's a real screamer. After "Final effort", as if they knew it would be the last attempt to score a record deal, no more recordings got produced. Pasemann just like Klaus Lohmaer went to Paradox and Marion Finke joined the post-Squealer band Silent Strike. Their Demos got re-released on a DLP in 2019 as "The Demo Collection 1985-1989" on Every Cord Counts Records.
"Drunk'n'Ready“ Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Aspirin Damage" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"III“ Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Final Effort" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Ricolf Krückel (guitar)
A local Metal band from Bonn, active during the first period of the 80's, featuring Ricolf Krückel who later joined Shining in early '85 and formed Roxx during 1986. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Reent Froehlich (vocals)
Stefan Ellerhorst (guitar)
Christian Stöver (guitar)
Axel Ellerhorst (bass)
Franz Schede (keyboard)
Michael Peer Würfel (drums)
Crossroads from Sande in northern Germany, has been a joint venture of ex-Diamond Breaker musicians Axel Ellerhorst, Stefan Ellerhorst, Franz Schede plus the ex-Fact guys Reent Froehlich and Michael Peer Würfel. Originally Michael Köster has been the band's first drummer in 1987, when Crossroads formed, but he didn't stay for long in the band, so Reent Fröhlich probably recalled his ex-Fact bandmate Würfel. Christian Stöver was previously playing with Rave. After a two song Demo 1989, the band got a record deal with Harvest/EMI and recorded their debut "The wild one", which was available in May '91, when Franz Schede already wasn't part of Crossroads anymore. The material on the album could be compared to the usual melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal stuff of american embossment, like Firehouse, occassionally even mid 80's Fastway, Bonfire, Vamp etc. Since the album gained a little success, the EMI produced another album entitled "Hype" one year later, that featured ex-Running Wild bassist Jens Becker for Axel Ellerhorst, but couldn't really repeat the success of their debut. Basically the sound of the album appeared a bit dry, while stylistically they tried to dive more into the Hard Rock seas. With Thommy Röben on bass, but without Christian Stöver (who quit 1993) the lads tried one more time with the "Gasolined" CD 1994, but couldn't really get their feet on the ground anymore. 1997 eventually Crossroads split up.

"Crossroads" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"The wild one" LP/CD 1991 (Harvest)
"Borderline" MCD 1991 (EMI)
"Voodoo" Split 7" EP Track 1991 (Free Hot Rock)
"I am what I am" MCD 1991 (Electrola)
"Hype" LP/CD 1992 (Electrola)

Crowd of Isolated
Michael Kammer (vocals)
Peter Gundal (guitar)
Claus Kammer (bass)
Jürgen Thiel (drums)
A 1986 founded Hardcore band from Saarbrücken, that musically often reminds me of the Suicidal Tendencies. These guys used to play a metallic kind of US style Hardcore, that just like mentioned, stylistically reminds of the late 80's Suicidal Tendencies. They combined the rather melodic punky California HC with either that raw thrashing NYC style HC and therefore should just get a short mention here for the openminded Crossover fans. The band split up 1992.

"Blow up your chains" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Bad actors" 7" EP 1988 (X-Mist)
”I try to tell…” LP 1988 (X-Mist)
"Memories and scars" LP/CD 1990 (X-Mist)

Bruno Mattukat (vocals)
Jens-Uwe Roschkowski (guitar)
Winfried Hirsch (guitar)
Frank Bankowski (bass)
Bobby Schottkowski (drums)
Crows has been one of Dortmund's first Metal bands ever and mainly is known for permanently providing the band Angel Dust with members. While Angel Dust made it at least to a certain status and fixpoint within the german 80's Speed Metal scene, Crows never had been more than an insider tip, though these guys was active since already 1981. The very first Demo of the band was produced 1985 and featured 5 trax. During 1986 the lads recorded two more promising Demos. But shortly afterwards the line up got a first crack. Stefan Knauer (guitar) and Siggi Kromolka (bass) joined Crows and replaced Frank Bankowski (he co-founded Angel Dust 1984) and Jens-Uwe Roschkowski. Interestingly the sound of Crows during the mid 80's hasn't been much different to Angel Dust's. Quite promising Power Metal with speed elements, technically experienced and played straight to the point should have been enough to score a deal and either Roadrunner tested the band for their Teutonic Invasion sampler, but in the end did not draw the option to produce an album, while Angel Dust in 1986 already could show their debut LP. To record their 88'er Demo the band hired two new guitarists, Bernd Kost and Jochen Kalpein, after ex-Angel Dust Roman Keymer, who played just a short time with the guys, decided to find his fortune in Risk, while the renegade Winfried Hirsch for a short while took Keymer's part in Angel Dust. Both Kost and Kalpein either appeared on "The legions" Demo from 1989, but the big success shouldn't come at all, though the band got respectable reviews within the Metal press. After two more Demos and two more years of hoping for the big bang, Century Media eventually produced the band's debut album "The dying race", which indeed came at least four or even five years too late. Frank Bankowski (bass) had returned to the group after Angel Dust's split, but long time singer Bruno Mattukat had left the band and got replaced by ex-Wolf Spider/Non Iron shouter Leszek Szpigiel. "The dying race", though being a technically solid executed melodic Power Metal album, couldn't concurrate with the band's earlier style and had it's influences more likely in the midpaced Metallica material, than in the speed business. Disillusioned Crows disbanded right within the year of the album release. Schottkowski and Bernd Kost joined the reformed Sodom, while Szpigiel tried with Scanner during the mid 80's.

"Born to fight" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Hunted dog" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Final fight" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Final Fight" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Teutonic Invasion Part One)
"Demo '88" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"The legions" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Demo '90" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"The dying race" LP/CD 1991 (Century Media)

Cruise Missile
Miriam Schmitt (vocals)
Thomas Selzer (guitar)
Stephan Schneider (guitar)
Achim Adamski (bass)
Oliver Roßbruch (drums)
A female fronted Heavy Metal band originating from Wadern-Lockweiler (Saarland), that was active since July '88. The band recorded their first Demo already in December 1988, and both trax got entirely featured on the underground compilation "Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" as well. Though one more 5 song tape was recorded during the following year, the band didn't move from it's spot and a bit later on in the early 90's evolved into the Death Metal band Bloodsucker.
"Demo '89" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Take This Song - Heart & Heavy Vol. 1" Comp.CD-Tracks 1989 (EMS Eastwood)
"Fan the flames" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

A local band that played live at the Woodstock Open Air Festival in Ronshausen (Hessen) in summer 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Stefan Kühn

A Bremen based Heavy Metal band, that recorded a Demo tape in late 1989 or January '90. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Crusader (Nuremberg)
Klaus Beck (vocals)
Oliver Gruber (bass)
Horst Schwarz (drums)
Michael Pech (guitar)
Do not confuse these Crusader with the other band from Wuppertal that was active around the same time. This band was from Nuremberg or the area of Nuremberg, as on their 7" there is a sponsor printed on the sleeve. The 2 tracks featured offer quite hard rocking Metal with easy beats and melody but repeating the same riffs again and again, with a few NWOBHM hints. Nothing groundshaking so to say but solid stuff. The Single should be from around 1984 but a year isn't mentioned anywhere.
"Rock hard" 7" 198x (Altera Pars)

Crusader (Wuppertal)
Klaus Becker
Heavy Metal band from Wuppertal active around 1985. If you can provide more info please get in touch.

Crying Thunder
Sven Kracht (bass, vocals)
Torsten Pörtner (guitar)
Sven Göttlicher (drums)
A Heavy Metal trio hailing from North Rhine Westphalia, which was active since 1988 and changed name to Twilight in 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andy Nowak (guitar, vocals)
Marco Börchers (drums)
Heinz-Peter Heitkamp (bass)
Crypt from Gelsenkirchen released quite a number of Demo's and also had with Oliver Fernickel and Arnd Klink 2 ex-Darkness members in their rows. I don't know all their Demos, but the "Third paroxyzm" tape was quite varied sounding Thrash, that makes it hard to compare the band to others. There are similarities of Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost and even Blind Illusion spread over all trax, which might be caused that with "Metal soldiers" they also used to feature re-recorded older songs from previous Demo's here. The production could be better though. This band survived till the mid 90's with Andy Nowak being the only steady member.
"Death and Glory" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Metal Soldiers" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Third paroxyzm" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Broken Fingers" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Zlatko Relic (guitar, vocals)
Peter Osz (guitar)
Jörg Franke (bass)
Chris Mosch (drums)
In August 1986 Zlatko Relic, Peter Osz (ex-Pain), Jörg Franke (ex-Ballantinez/Black Burn), Chris Mosch (Wotan) met in West Berlin for a jam session and the idea was born to record a Speed Metal Demo together as Crypt. Originally the project was planned just to be a nine day wonder, but since the feedback for that tape turned out positive, the guys decided to leave their recent bands and keep on playing together as Calderone. If you got more info concearning the Demo (title etc.), please get in touch.

Cryptic Death
Patrick Stresemann
A Thrash Metal band from Mühlheim/Ruhr, near Duisburg, that was active during 1988 and musically influenced by acts like Messiah and Bloodfeast. If you got more info, please get in touch.


A melodic Heavy Metal band originating from the Zollernalbkreis (a bit south of Stuttgart), that was active during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Joachim Funk (vocals)
Jörg Friede (guitar)
Thomas Preißler (guitar)
Frank Maertin (bass)
Detlef Flade (drums)
Founded in 1982, this band from Teterow (ex-GDR) needed till 1985, when finally a steady line up was found with Joachim Funk, Jörg Friede, Thomas Preißler, Frank Maertin and Detlef Flade. After relocating to Rostock the lads' sound turned way heavier, away from Saxon and Scorpions to a more Power Metal influenced style with Metallica and Running Wild being the new standards. 1986 they participated on a county contest and got invited to produce a few songs for the local Rostock broadcast house. The 2 trax they recorded in 1988 for the national broadcast service ("Bergringrennen" and "Alles Lüge") are amoungst the better GDR speed driven Metal numbers, offering a similar style like Hardholz's "Asphaltlady" f.e. with a slightly more melodic touch. It's pretty sad they didn't record more material although they already had been considered to do so in 1989 but Jörg Friede was called to arms and had to quit the band. Since they couldn't find a right guitarist, vocalist Joachim Funk quit as well. Now Thomas Preißler tried to take care of the vocals too but it didn't work so well either. They had a last gig in early '89 and then Crystal was history. All attempts to revive the band with other musicians failed.
Broadcast Recordings:
"Alles Lüge" (1988)
"Bergringrennen" (1988)

Crystal Breaker
Günter Chrubasik (guitar, vocals)
Oliver Podjaski (guitar)
Phantom (bass)
Marc Lehnen (drums)
A band from Fuldabrück, south of Kassel, that recorded just a 6 track Demo tape back in late summer 1987. Crystal Breaker's style featured a melodic yet rough Speed Metal sound, as the band described it themselves. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Metal mission Nr. 1" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Crystal Maze
Christoph Arndt (guitar, vocals)
Ferry Bullinger (bass, vocals)
Uwe Frey (keyboard)
Heinz Wallenfels (keyboard)
Thomas Schmid (drums)
A proggy band from Stuttgart, that formed in 1982. Crystal Maze are more or less a classic Prog Rock act and published their debut 1987 independently, while on the "Childhood" 7" from 1990, the Hard Rock had influenced the lads, so both of the trax are wallowing in proggy Hard Rock sound with poppy edge on the flipside track, while the title track itself appears pretty epic. At that time the band was still only consisting of Ferry Bullinger (ex-Indigo), who joined the band 1984, founding member Thomas Schmid (ex-Clavis/Black Ashes/Moving Force/Fairy Tale) and Heinz Wallenfels (ex-Blizzard) who's member of the group since 1987. For the recording sessions of the debut album "Waiting in the spiders web" from 1992, Christoph Arndt returned on guitar and so did Uwe Frey, but Heinz Wallenfels got replaced by Peter Schaub and recorded just additional keyboards. Either the guy's sound got heavier now, Prog Hard Rock/Metal with pompish/epic edge had fully displaced the former poppy influences. The band still published two more albums with "Forever" (1994) and "Lost in crystal maze" (1996), but eventually split up 2001.
"First move" 12" EP 1987 (selfreleased)
"Childhood" 7" EP 1990 (selfreleased)
"Waiting in the spiders web" CD 1992 (Music is Intelligence)

Arthur Endrös (keyboard)
Volker Haid (guitar)
Thomas Hallmaier (bass)
Matthias Helk (drums)
Heinz Hempl (vocals)
An AOR band from Munich that could contribute the 2 trax "I hope it won't be too late" and "Today" for the Feierwerk Split LP " Rock Feierwerk Sieger 85" with other Munich bands Challenge, Kirov, Nanu and Sweatshop. Both songs are ok Melodic Rock trax without any highlights but having some heavier guitar parts. Sadly the main part of "Today" was way too funky.
"Rock Feierwerk Sieger 85" Comp.-LP Tracks 1985 (Feierwerk)

Roland Schäfer (guitar, vocals)
Achim (guitar)
Matthias (bass)
Ralph Reuß (drums)
Quite a promising Power/Thrash act from Schweinfurt that was active from 1988-1992. They released a quite convincing Demo tape in 1991 with 6 powerthrashing trax that used to adopt some of the late 80's Metallica midpaced power sound and combined them with german Thrash, but controlled Thrash to be exact. Their songs do sound quite varied and never end in senseless Thrash attacks. In places I feel reminded of a less melodic version of Pyracanda's debut. Roland Schäfer later would form the Power/Thrash band Sorrowgate in 1992.
“End of time“ Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Klaus Reimers (vocals, keyboards)
Hartmut Richter (guitar, vocals)
Olaf Lüthje (bass)
Rüdiger Lemke (drums)
The Melodic Rock/AOR band Cube from Neumünster was featured with the track "In the crowd" on the local Neumünster sampler "NMS-Splitter" in 1987. The band was founded in 1986 by ex-members of the local bands Morgentau, Steamer, Skip, and Ragout. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"In the crowd" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (NMS-Splitter)

Splitty Nilly (vocals)
Siggi Sixxx (bass)
Mötley Türk (guitar)
S.N.B. (guitar)
Zombie (drums)
A "Hardcore Shit Metal" band from Kiel, as they labeled themselves. The Cuntsuckers released a joke Demo "Attack the toilet", that contained about 70 songs with the aim to produce the heaviest and most perverted "music" ever. I guess you can imagine that it was an early Noisecore act.

"Attack the toilet" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

A Heavy Metal band from the greater Tübingen/Stuttgart area, that was active during 1987/88. The band recorded at least one Demo during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Michael Suldinger (guitar, vocals)
Colin Hughes (guitar)
Joshua Osmanovic (bass)
Dominik Bernath (drums)
A punky Metal band that features the former guitarist of Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham's sister Debbie Bonham, Colin Hughes. Cursed was shortly active in the very early 90's and thankfully only published one album called "Rhapsody", that featured awful melodic Punk Metal/Crossover, a quite typical brew for those early 90's. Avoid...
"Rhapsody" LP/CD 1991 (Vendetta)

A local Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band originating from Fulda, that actively played live during the early till the mid 80's. The band never recorded anything officially. Further info is welcome.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the info)

Custom Pink
K.P. Texter (vocals)
Please don't confuse these Custom Pink from Frankfurt/Main with the post-Monroe band of the same name that was active during 1988, especially since K.P. Texter was singing in both groups. This Glam Metal act was the first band of K.P. Texter, active during the mid 80's before we went to join Monroe during 1986 and these Custom Pink collapsed a little afterwards. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Custom Pink
K.P. Texter (vocals)
René Knotz (guitar)
Roland Preusker (bass, keyboard)
Roland Schmidt (drums)
The Offenbach/Frankfurt band Monroe under their new name. The name change happened during very early '88 and either a Demo was planned for the summer of 1988, but its existence is yet unconfirmed. Unfortunately already in March the same year, Rene Knotz and Roland Schmidt had left the band, while Gerold Mann (guitar) and Frank Rotten (drums) got recruited instead. Under the Custom Pink-monicker they claimed to have more of a "catchy partyfeeling", so we're guessing they turned even more sleazy than on their "Roxx Ya Hard"-Demo as Monroe from the year before. The band most probably collapsed already during late '88 or very early '89, as Roland Preusker was seen searching a band to join in February '89. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Roaring Richie (vocals, keyboards)
Paul Speedmaier (guitar)
The one review we've unearthed with this München 4-piece complains about the music being almost entirely overpowered by the keyboards, to the point where it could hardly be considered HR/HM anymore, so we're just guessing here that this might be something more aor/pomp-oriented? If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Demo 1987"

Cutty Sark
Conny Schmitt (vocals)
Uwe Cossmann (guitar)
Helge Meier (bass)
Michael Schmitt (drums)
A Heavy Metal legend from the early 80's, who imo should have a more respected name among German Metal fans, as these lads stopped much too early for the quality albums that they had delivered. The band was founded in the late 70's in Bonn and due to their clever manager Bernd Gelhausen, they made the first big step towards a career inside music business in 1983 themselves and independently produced a limited 4 track MLP, instead of a common Demo tape, at the Dierks Studios, that was published on Gelhausen's own label. As far as I'm concearned 1000 copies was made and all of them should have a number, though I've seen sleeves without number also, so we can expect that there are more than 1000 copies floating around. That logistical maneuver succeeded and the band signed a record deal with Mausoleum Records. The first result of that co-operation was the album "Die tonight", that in contrary to the still hardrocking debut, delivered hard Heavy Metal with occasional Accept/Saxon influences, while "Vultures in the air" was a prime example of mystically touched Epic Metal. But the lads even hadn't reached it's creative peak with that album yet, that would happen with Cutty Sark's last album "Heroes", which was recorded still in November '84. Right with the opener "Firebird" these guys fired up a Heavy Metal inferno par excellence and repeated the same diabolical job with "Invitation to dance", that in the end turned out to be more like an invitation to headbang. It's a miracle to me that with the following financial insolvency of Mausoleum Records, there was no other label to take Cutty Sark under contract. The lads silently split up sometime in 1987 without any further lifesign. 1998 they returned unexpedectly with the "Regeneration" CD, but that regeneration only lasted for one year and they quickly vanished again in the mists of oblivion.

"Hard Rock Power" MLP 1983 (Bernie Productions)
"Die tonight" LP 1984 (Mausoleum)
"Die tonight" 7" EP 1984 (Corona Music)
"Heroes" LP 1985 (Mausoleum)

Ralf Anweiler (drums)
Michael Lang (vocals, guitar)
Thorsten Gramm (bass)
Mathias Bender (guitar)
Underground Thrashers from Heidelberg with a quite listenable Demo (recorded Dec. '87) that suffers a bit by the low sound. I guess with a more powerful production the result would have become more attractive. But the guys acted solid with a for that time typical Thrash, perhaps reminding me a bit of Sodom's "Persecution mania". As far as I know they quit in 1990, but nowadays reformed again.
”Death notice” Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

A Heavy Metal band from southern Germany playing several live gigs in 1986. If you got more info please get in touch.

A local Heavy/Speed Metal band from Essen, that was formed in 1990 and was looking for additional members to join during that year. Further info is welcome.

Markus Heger (guitar, vocals)
Jürgen Schuster (guitar)
Klaus Zeitlhofer (keyboard)
Jürgen Halpap (bass)
Thomas Braunmüller (drums)

A Hard Rock band from Meitingen, north of Augsburg, who in the beginning played a sort of Melodic Rock/AOR and either produced independently their single "A burning fire" in 1986 with the line up seen to the left. The two tracks "A burning fire" and "I want you" both reminded of Saga with a little piece of Europe. During December the original band went into the common internal issues connected with Cyclone's further way. Markus Heger wanted to lead the band more into the Europe stuff, while the rest of the guys prefered a slightly heavier sound. Therefore during January '88 Heger subsequently reformed Cyclone with new musicians, connected with further line up changes. Members of the late 80's has been ex-Exodus Robert Pschorr (guitar, later in Mandrake), Werner Pschorr (keyboard), Erwin Fries (drums), Richard Durner (drums), Christian Grunwald (bass), Thomas Jenuwein (keyboard) and Michael Egger (guitar). If you got more info please get in touch.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)
"A burning fire" 7" EP 1986 (selfreleased)

Axel Triebel (guitar, vocals)
Oliver Güttinger (guitar)
Frank Schrafft (bass)
Hans-Peter Mötzing (drums)
If you remember that Czakan from Calmbach got a first positive article in a Metal Hammer from early '85, with the mention of some first local successful moments during their short career at that time (the band was founded in mid 1984), it's quite surprising that it took till 1989 when they got a record deal. The guys either had Demo recordings ready in early/mid 1985, that wasn't sold at all, but could be obtained for free, by whoever sent them an empty tape. At that time during 1986 the shortlived label Bregenzer Records announced a Czakan 12" with the title "Heaven" to be available soon, which in the end remained unreleased as the label folded quickly afterwards. 3 years later, introducing a new team consisting of old fellows Oliver Güttinger (guitar), Frank Schrafft (bass) plus Randy Arcachon (drums), Michael Schennach (vocals) and Tommy Fein (keyboard), Czakan's debut album was finally available and their kind of melodic Hard Rock/Metal was well worth to get heard. Just like the Scorpions, Zeno, Vice, Bonfire and similar acts, the Czakan guys tried to copy the US Hair Metal stuff, sometimes heavier, mostly softer, though always keeping a constant level that made their songs appearing catchy nevertheless. The single "Tears" from 1990 either contains with "Stand and deliver" an exclusive (heavy) non album track, so make sure to not miss that one. The band split up in the very early 90's with certain members forming other bands like Red Heat and Backbone Slide.
(Thanx to ObsessedByCruelty for the additional info)

"Tears in my eyes" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Rock Meets Metal - Volume II)
"State of confusion" LP/CD 1989 (Intercord)
"Tears" 7" EP 1990 (Intercord)

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