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V.A.N. (vocals)
Jens Reulecke (guitar)
Frank Elwart (bass)
Ralf Dittrich (drums)
Kalle Bösel (keyboard)
V.A.N. only produced one Hard Rock album that also contains some quite poppy sounding parts caused by the keyboards. It's quite commercially influenced stuff and less recommended for the Metal faction at all, though there are Metal parts featured as well. But it focussed more on the Glam scene with lotsa choruses and pounding pompish Hard Rock numbers, making it more interesting for fans of Europe, Kiss, Boysvoice, Craaft and such.
”Out in the rain“ LP 1992 (T.A.O.B. Products)

Tom Wilke (vocals)
Siggi Schwarz (guitar)
Frank wilke (guitar)
Achim Zscheile (bass)
Christoph Rosen (keyboard)
Jürgen Schlachter (drums)
The Stuttgart AOR hopefuls V.I.P. won the 1. Marlboro Music Rock Festival for newcomer bands in 1988 and as a prize got sponsored the production of an own single, connected with TV appearances and a promo tour. The title track of the single "Factory girl" impressively confirms this local band's ability to compose thrilling AOR-ish Hard Rockers of international class, though the band completely vanished off the screens afterwards. But people who like stuff like Dominoe, Craaft or similar Melodic Rock crosser, might get impressed by their powerful style, whenalso the B-side number "My friend" sadly is just a mellow ballad.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Factory girl" 7"/12" EP 1988 (Marlboro Music)

Tommy Heart (vocals)
Robert Hanke (bass)
Simon D'Brouier (guitar)
Alexander Reich (guitar)
Matti Kaebs (drums)
For such a short lived act that V2 from West Berlin was, they released really alot albums. The band was founded by ex- S.A.D.O. members and Tommy Heart (ex-Heartlyne/Zeno) in 1988 and directly got a record deal and even the debut LP was available still in the same year. Tommy Heart already left after one album and got replaced by Zlatan Stipišić (ex-Osmi Putnik, ex-Divlje Jagode) but didn't stay long enough to be heard on "Out to launch", their second album. Ralf Donahetz got his job and when Simon D'Brouier and Robert Hanke quit as well (both later founded Preussen), the ex-Ballantinez guitarist Joannis Stefanidis joined in 1989 and Alexander Reich jumped on bass. With Reich, Stefanidis, Kaebs and Donahetz the new V2 recorded "Out to launch" in December '89 and rather dropped the melodic Heavy Metal of the debut. The songs on "Out to launch" are mixed, besides some pretty heavy speedy power bangers, the main material has got a kinda glammy edge, midpaced pounding, almost in places comparable with mid 80's Accept. The band sounded like they didn't really have a musical concept. Guess that's why they split up still in 1990. Robert Hanke was later found in Claim while Matti Kaebs joined producer Harris Johns's band Charn. Ralf Donahetz joined the post-Mephisto band Double Action.
"V2" LP/CD 1988 (Noise)
"Dying for your love" 7" EP 1988 (Noise)
"Out to launch" LP/CD 1990 (EMI)
"Mean machine" Promo Maxi CD 1990 (EMI)

Robbo Stöltzel (vocals)
Jürgen März (guitar)
Jochen Schmidt (bass)
Stephan Hufenbach (drums)

A local commercial Hard Rock outfit from Nuremberg, that was active since the late 80's and seen playing live already during 1990. They released an 8 track Demo with the title "Rock 'n' Roll in 1992 and later their debut CD "Gimme lovin'" was released 1994 on the indie label Varta Music Power. The second album "Stranded" followed 1999. The band seems to be still active nowadays. If you got further info, please get in touch.
"Rock 'n' Roll" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Ritchie Vinelli
Chris Hate
Jay Jay Monroe
Marc Wild
Since Valentine's sole single "I can't get enough" was recorded at Munich's Charisma Studio, we might expect this band was originating from Bavaria, most probably even from the Munich area. Because their 7" belongs to the more obscure german Metal singles, it offers a qualitative quite damn good pounding late 80's Metal with little glammy edge, not unlike some swedish or american bands of that era. Both of the songs feature rough edged but still catchy Melodic Metal with croaky vocals. A gem that's worth searching for! Further band info are desired.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"I can't get enough" 7" EP 1990 (Egal)

Thomas Rönnebeck (vocals)
Steve Valentine (drums, guitar, bass)
A progressive Speed Metal duo from Kiel, that released a 12 track Demo tape (50 min) in early 1988. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Havoc in the streets" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Peter Tietjen (vocals)
Detlef Borchardt (guitar)
Werner Reinders (bass)
Jörg Uken (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Leer in Ostfriesland being featured with "Beginning of the end" on a local Sampler and delivering the best number on that LP. Their powerful Melodic Metal shows a few US influences though. They originally was founded back in August '86 as Lovehunter who changed name in '88 first to "Under The Rose" and later 1989 to Valhalla. Reinders got replaced by Mathias Janssen (bass) and also Peter Tietjen left in '89 with Stephan Ehlers joining on vox instead. They at least recorded one more Demo "There's no bizz like show bizz" before they disbanded in 1993. Jörg Uken joined Rumble Militia later. If you got more info, please get in touch.
Here you can check out a Valhalla Clip from their Demo.

"Beginning of the end" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (5. Niedersächsisches Landesrockfestival '89)
"There's no bizz like show bizz" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Valhalla (Osterrönfeld)
Marco Nagel (vocals, bass)
Christian Wulff (drums)
H. Michael Joost (guitar)
Oliver Lüthje (guitar)
A Power/Speed Metal band from Osterrönfeld that released a 6 Track Demo in 1991. If you got more info please get in touch.
"Burning Paris" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Most probably a band that belonged to the huge Hamburg scene. Valone was seen around 1990 playing locals gigs in the Hamburg area. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Christian Strobl (vocals)
Rikki Reed (bass)
Angel Roxx (guitar)
Lauri Mitchell (guitar)
Mc Snake (drums)

A glammy Metal band from Munich that started in the same year like the better known band Vamp from Bonn in June '85 and featured the former Leather Mistress vocalist Christian Strobl (aka Chris Nasty here). Right a few months after they united, their first Demo "Crazy, wild & sexy" was ready with 4 trax influenced by Ratt and Pretty Maids. Most probably due to the other band of the same name, the lads changed name to Helter Skelter still in 1985.
"Crazy, wild & sexy" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Vamp (Bonn)
Tom Bellini (vocals)
Ricolf Cross (guitar)
Oliver Scholz (bass)
Dicki Fliszar (drums)
One of the 2 german Vamp bands, and funnily both started in the same year (1985), but these guys was from Bonn. The band was founded by Ricolf Cross (guitar, born as Ricolf Krückel), Oliver Scholz (bass) and Dicki Fliszar (drums) as Roxx, and the american vocalist Tom Bellini joined them in 1986. After recording a 4 track Demo in 1987 or '88, they got signed by the Major label Atlantic Records to record their debut LP "The rich don't rock" which was available in September '89 with the title track being released as separate single already in April. When you listen to the album, it's hard to believe that Vamp should be a german band. Their sound was somewhat american style Party/Glam Metal that they sounded even more american than other american bands with having a huge advantage, Tom Bellini. His vocals pretty much made "The rich don't rock" a piece of gold, though not financially. The album was a flop, even though the critics of the Metal press was exuberant. Nevertheless, "The rich don't rock" still remains a high class Melodic Metal album in US american manner that nowadays still stands out of the mass. Unfortunately the planned second album "One smack killer" was never finished since Atlantic Records dropped the band soon after. And for your info, the album was available with 2 different covers, the US version showing the band and the german one as seen below. Drummer Dicki Fliszar later wound up playing with Bruce Dickinson in the early 90's.
"The rich don't rock" 7"/12" EP 1989 (Atlantic)
”The rich don’t rock” LP/CD 1989 (Atlantic)

Wolfgang Schwarz (vocals)
Markus Maier (bass)
Roman Sterzik (drums)
Lubosch Sterzik (guitar)
Ralf Hollmer (guitar)
Did you ever ask yourself why these early german bands always looked like the guys from the Blue Oyster Bar? However, Ralf Hollmer was previously active since 1981 with Tyrant before he started Vampyr in 1983 with Wolfgang Schwarz (vocals), Markus Maier (bass) and the two Sterzik brothers Roman (drums) and Lubosch on guitar. This might probably explain why both bands are so close in style and sound. For those who enjoy the typically german Power/Speed Metal like Tyrant and early Running Wild the "Cry out for Metal" LP might be the Elysium for every headbanger. Unfortunately they only made this one album before the band split up in 1988 already. Lubosch Sterzik joined (oh miracle) Tyrant right afterwards.

Van Straaten
A Hamburg based Hard Rock/Heavy Metal trio formed in 1984. They released a few demos and for 1985 there was plans to record a full album. The band was featured with the pounding midtempo Hard Rocker "Rock'n'Roll Roulette" on a local Hamburg compilation in 1986 also. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Rock'n'Roll Roulette" Comp.-LP Track 1986 (Blizz Special-January 1986)

John Cadden (vocals)
Uli Bartsch (guitar)
Rudy Matthies (drums)
Fred Kaiser (bass)
The band Vandal from Frankfurt/Main was founded by Uli Bartsch and John Cadden (ex-Damien, ex-Demolition, yeah the "Hooker hater" Demolition) in April '84 and they got completed by Rudy Matthies (ex-Damien) and Fred Kaiser in April the following year. June '85 their first Demo was recorded with 5 tracks in the american style Heavy Metal vein influenced by Ozzy, Dio and Ratt. 1986 they started recordings for their debut LP featuring John Mee (ex-drummer of Geezer Butler) as guest doing some drum parts. The album was planned to be available in autumn '86 but wasn't realized at all. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Vanden Plas
Andy Kuntz (vocals)
Markus Ziegler (guitar)
Stephan Lill (guitar)
Holger Münz (bass)
Ulrich Knapp (keyboard)
Andreas Lill (drums)
Vanden Plas from Kottweiler-Schwanden/Kaiserslautern belongs to the german bands that can look back to a career, lasting already from the mid 80's without being even finished yet. The band was founded by Andreas Lill, who was playing in the band Exodus, but at a certain point recognized that there's already an US Thrash band of that name, so the guys changed name in 1986 to Vanden Plas. Andreas' brother Stephan joined the band at age 15, while Andreas also recruited vocalist Andy Kuntz (ex-Rock Zock) and with Markus Ziegler (guitar), Holger Münz (bass) and Ulrich Knapp (keyboard) Vanden Plas could produce their nowadays very rare first single "Double A side" for the indie label BEE Records from Saarbrücken, featuring the sentimental ballad "Raining in my heart" and the heavier melodic Hardrocker "Going round in circles". After the single there's a big black hole in the band's history, as the next Vanden Plas release was the "Days of thunder" 1 track Demo, that the band recorded in June 1991 at the Roko Soundstudio with new line up featuring both Lill brothers on guitar and drums, Andy Kuntz on vocals, Torsten Reichert (bass) and Günter Werno (ex-Blies Blues Band, Romeo and Juliet) on keyboards, who would stay together until nowadays. The lads sound got slightly heavier, but yet was still pending between melodic US Hard Rock and Metal. With the additional two songs "Fire" and "Ridin' with the wind" from the same recording session, a MCD was published together with "Days of thunder" under the title "Fire" on the label Mons Records 1992, that was later in 1995 re-released on CNR Music in France with "Ridin' with the wind" missing. Stimulated by that Vanden Plas produced their debut album "Colour temple" privately during 1994, that was the kickstart for their future career, while the guys in the meanwhile added a neat portion of power and could be seen somewhere between Prog Rock and Heavy Metal with melodic edge. 12 albums followed so far.
"Double A side" 7" EP 1986 (BEE)
"Days of thunder" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Fire" MCD 1992 (Mons)

Gerhard Guthy (bass, vocals)
Thomas Kirschbaum (drums)
Dirk Pfadenhauer (guitar)
Oliver Leidnecker (guitar)
These guys are from Lichtenfels/Bavaria and knew each other since childhood days and decided to found a band in 1986, while they wether had instruments nor they knew what to do with 'em. After 2 years of rehearsing they had their first live gig in 1988. Inspired by bands such as Maiden, Priest, Queensryche or Fates Warning they wrote several songs and recorded the first Demo "Flight 19" but heard themselves that they still had been quite limited in their skills so it wasn't really released, just a few copies was sold to friends/fans of the band and sent to fanzines. They wasn't that fond of Gerhard's vox either so they started searching for a proper vocalist and found Bill Lanham from West Virginia/USA. With him they recorded "Valley of the kings", containing 3 powerful yet melodic songs with professional production, well arranged with a few speed parts and with many singalong passages, that in places indeed showed a few parallels to their fave bands Fates Warning or even early Queensryche. In 1993 they released one more 2 song Promo but never landed a record deal, so Bill and Thomas quit in 1994 due to personal reasons. The other guys continued till '97 and then disbanded.
"Flight 19" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Valley of the kings“ Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Promo" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Vanguard (Hornberg)
Rainer Pfundstein (guitar, vocals)
Carsten Eden (bass)
Holger Biehl (drums)
Albert Heiden (keyboard)
When you see these guys on the cover you might expect something super heavy, but these guys from Hornberg just was a bunch of Hard Rock fans. So it's not very surprising that "All night long" sounds almost like "Knocking on heaven's door". "We rock" on the flipside then is good melodic Heavy Rock with a little Deep Purple touch. Both trax got a heavy production though.

Vanilla Rex
Ingo Frickel (bass)
Guido Krämer (vocals)
Klaus Schwenzner (guitar)
Alex Mannebach (guitar)
Bernd Böhr (drums)
A Heavy/Speed Metal band from Andernach that was founded in 1988 with ex-members of Vendetta (from Andernach), Nytemare and Flennes. They went into a more Progressive Metal direction later and, after the "Shit happens!" Demo in 1994, released several EP's and albums that got compared to Dream Theater and Queensryche.
"Hydrophobia" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"Kick ass city" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Before you die" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Vanishing Point
A Hard Rock band from the Stuttgart area, that has been active during the early 90's and was playing live gigs there in the area. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Vanity Fair
Georg Syrmbos (guitar)

After Georg Syrmbos left Thrashers Holy Moses in late 1987, he formed his own band Vanity Fair during spring '88. According to Syrmbos' own info the band wasn't Thrash Metal connected and neither commercially influenced, which leaves the impression Vanity Fair could be counted to the classic Heavy/Power Metal section. A Demo tape was scheduled for summer '88 either. But the band haven't had a greater future as Syrmbos 1989 joined Sacred Chao and afterwards Siren. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Jens Schuwerk (vocals)
Michael Sündermann (guitar)
Reinhard Repke (bass)
Thomas Kühn (drums)
A Hard Rock band from East Berlin (ex-GDR), that was founded by ex-Mephisto musicians Jens Schuwerk, Michael Sündermann and Reinhard Repke in 1984. Usually the band's sound was focussed on a Van Halen inspired sound, but the guys either played Saxon and Judas Priest cover versions on stage. 1985 Reinhard Repke changed bands and went to Reform, before later joined the famous GDR Rock band Rockhaus. Uwe Pfenninghaus was the new bass player then. When Jens Schuwerk quit, Cobra's Frank Eichhorn (vocals) joined for a short while from early '87 till summer, when he returned to Cobra again. But Vantom's fall already started during early '87 and the band eventually split up during the beginning of 1988. Though early '87 Vantom already was officially allowed to record their song "Alleine durch die Nacht“ professionally at Dieter Birr's studio (Puhdys), it never came to that anymore. Michael Sündermann was working with Formel 1 already during 1987 and later joined B.O.R.N.

A melodic Hard Rock band originating from east of Stuttgart, which was featured with the songs "I can't light" and "Wasted years" on a local compilation CD in 1992. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Wastelands - Der Ostalbsampler" Comp.-CD Tracks 1992 (Wasteland Music)

A local band from most probably southern Germany, that was actively playing live around 1990. Further info is welcome.

Norbert (vocals)
Otter (bass)
Dano Boland (guitar)
Schramme (guitar)
Deutschland (drums)
Thrashers from Bocholt active since 1986 who released 2 Demos between 1987 and '88, that also contributed 2 songs to one part of the utterly obscure "The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" LP's. Vebrifuge's style was close to Kreator on "Terrible certainty" or "Extreme aggression" and Norbert's vocals was strongly reminding of Mille either.

"Legions of death" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Sorrow, tears & blood" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)
"The Best Of German Metal Newcomer" Comp.-LP Tracks 1990 (D&S)

Christian Bucher (vocals)
Stefan Kroll (guitar)
Horst Götz (guitar)
Ralf Simon (bass)
Wolfgang Sonhütter (drums)
Originally Vectom from Ingolstadt started sometime in 1983 when Stefan Kroll and Horst Götz started both jamming on their guitars and they united with drummer Wolfgang Sonhütter inspired by Metallica and Slayer. Since November '84 the first steady line up got completed by Ralf Simon on bass and Christian Bucher (vox) who joined a bit rearlier. The first Demo "Lady killer" was recorded in April 1984 already and caught attention by Gama Records who offered them a record deal. The recordings for "Speed revolution" happened in August '85 and their passion was undeniable since most of the trax on the album fully adopted the "Hell awaits" spirit, delivering a straight forward thrashing Metal without mercy.

For the recordings of the second album "Rules of mystery" they went into the studio in August '86 and presented a grown band, developing their style towards a more doublebass driven Hyper Speed Metal and Christian Bucher started "singing", something that he seriously didn't do on the debut. The new style could be described as a mix of late 80's Exumer and early Helloween with keeping the old Vectom style too. But though they now belonged to Germany's fastest Speed Metal bands, Gama dropped them. In 1990 Jens Frömert (vox) and Heint Schafferhans (bass) replaced Christian Bucher and Ralf Simon and they kept Vectom alive till 1993 but except of the "Satellites" Demo 1992, no more albums was produced. Ralf Simon joined Trashure in 1993.
"Lady killer" Demo 1984 (selfreleased)
"Speed revolution" LP 1985 (Hot Blood)
"Rules of mystery" LP 1986 (Scratchcore)
"Satellites" Demo 1992 (selfreleased)

Jens Reim (vocals)
Spuggi (guitar)
Thomas Rickert (bass)
Jürgen Heiland (drums)
Vellocet formed in West Berlin in April '85 with Thomas Rickert and Jürgen Heiland, two ex-members of the Berlin Hardcore/Punk band Vorkriegsjugend. They quickly could release a first 7" on Pogar Records still featuring the old thrashing Harcore style of the early days. Michael Weindl replaced Spuggi and 1986 they recorded their debut album "Captive of reality" for Snake Records, featuring a still Hardcore influenced straight Thrash Metal style (some would call it Crossover) with hints of the US HC scene. Christian Pfister was added as second guitarist and in August '88 "Welcome to dimension four" was recorded as a 5 piece now. Besides the previously known fast Thrashers, on "Welcome to dimension four" there is a number of midpaced Punk Metal songs featured too, making the album quite stylistically diversified. Vellocet split up shortly after the LP.
"Here is the warning" 7" EP 1985 (Pogar)
"Captive of reality" LP 1987 (Snake)
"Welcome to dimension four" LP 1988 (Destiny)

Velvet Viper
Jutta Weinhold (vocals)
Peter Szigetti (guitar)
David Moore (guitar)
Franco Zuccaroli (drums)
Lars Ratz (bass)
After Jutta Weinhold dissolved Zed Yago in 1990, she returned the same year with a new band called Velvet Viper featuring some prominent members like Peter Szigetti (ex-Warlock, ex-U.D.O.) and Franco Zuccaroli (ex-Steeler) besides David Moore (guitar) and Lars Ratz on bass to fight on for 3 more years. The debut "Velvet Viper" got released one year later in '91 but sadly the whole hadn't much to do with Zed Yago anymore at all. The slow epic power Hard Rock had to lose for standard Heavy Metal where she didn't even had to use her whole vocal range anymore like in Zed Yago once. The band got dropped by the RCA. But the Indie Label T.A.O.B. Products gave her a new chance and after changing almost the whole team she recorded "The 4th quest for fantasy" with new members Roy Last on guitars (ex-Roy Last Group, ex-Dirty Money) and ex-Zed Yago mate Bubi, the Schmied (Claus Reinholdt). This time in places Velvet Viper returned back to old Zed Yago days, though the album features more Heavy Metal influences, but at least Jutta could use her full vocal range again. But nevertheless Velvet Viper disbanded one year after in 1993 to get reanimated in 2017 again.
"Velvet Viper" LP/CD 1991 (RCA)
"Velvet Viper" Promo MCD 1991 (RCA)
"The 4th quest for fantasy" LP/CD 1992 (T.A.O.B. Products)

Marcel Willnat (bass)
A Metal band from the Dorsten/Essen area, that was active during the mid and late 80's. Their bassist Marcel Willnat joined Surgeon in 1989. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Klaus Ullrich (bass)
Andreas Samonil (drums)
Achim Hömerlein (vocals, guitar)
Michael Wehner (vocals, guitar)
I'm not sure if it's still needed to introduce the Thrash veterans Vendetta, but imo when it comes to german Thrash I think they always get a little bit downgraded or underestimated. Vendetta was founded in Schweinfurt 1984 by Klaus Ullrich, Andreas Samonil, Achim Hömerlein, Michael Wehner who would play in this formation till the very end in 1990. 1985 they released the "Metal war" Promo tape and the "System of death" Demo, followed by "Suicidal lunacy" one year later that already featured songs of their forthcoming album. The potential of the quartet was audible and they right from the beginning picked up Metallica's style on "Master of puppets" (the Thrash tunes ofc), that would become the later typical sound of Vendetta. In contrary to other german Thrash bands such as Assassin, Sodom, Kreator or Darkness, Vendetta fully concentrated on a rather technical Thrash sound, with many breaks and solo parts that their debut, recorded in August '87, would prove. The technical benchmark was set high but they would even top that with their second output. "Brain damage" their masterpiece, was recorded in June '88 and presented Vendetta in an even more technical Thrash spotlight, more progressive but not less interesting. The Metallica influences was gone, but instead a riff-o-rama of melodic Thrash Metal pitchforked them into the upper league of the german Thrash bands, showing their concurrence what technical Thrash Metal could be all about, lead by the outstanding "Precious existence". Daxx (Achim Hömerlein) tired of all the live gigs, left Vendetta during spring '89 and got replaced by Andre Klein. Unfortunately the band after "Brain damage" got more and more influenced by funky tunes that they tried to combine with their previous Thrash style. After some touring, the band split up in 1990 and some of the guys, except Michael Wehner, formed Poke, a modern Groove/Funk Metal act. In the meanwhile Vendetta reunited in 2002 and keep on releasing albums and doing live gigs. "And the brave man fails" from the Split Flexi with Sabbat is an exclusive track, that can't be found on any of their albums. The german vinyl version of "Go and live ..." has a sticker on back sleeve because the tracklist was misprinted.
"Metal war" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"System of death" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Suicidal lunacy" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Go and live ... stay and die" LP/CD 1987 (Noise)
"A cautionary tale/And the brave man fails" Split 7" Flexi 1988 (with Sabbat, Noise)
"Brain damage" LP/CD 1988 (Noise)

Vendetta (Andernach)
Ingo Frickel (bass)
A Heavy Metal band from Andernach who played several live gigs in 1987. Bass player later joined Vanilla Rex. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Vengeance (Hamburg)
Oliver Allewelt (vocals)
Ingo Znaniwitz (bass)
Lars Fallinski (drums)
Thomas Buuck (guitar)
Thomas Köhn (guitar)
A Heavy Metal band from Hamburg that probably was active before 1985 as Blizz. At least Oliver Allewelt was member of that band. However, the guys should have had released Demo about 1985/86 and then the D&S label used to produce the two trax "Hellfire" and "Metal in your veins" for their Break Out compilation. While "Metal in your veins" still was more on the melodic Heavy Metal side, the other number "Hellfire" being a fast driven melodic speed banger in the vein of early Helloween with very good riffing. As it seems, the lads used both trax as their Demo "The imperious wicked" either. If you have more info, please get in touch.
"Break Out - German Metal Tracks No.1" Comp.-LP Tracks 1985 (D&S)
"The imperious wicked" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)

Vengeance (Stuttgart)
Gerald Kiner (vocals)
Robert Böhme (guitar)
Jürgen Hofrichter (guitar)
Rainer Krause (bass)
Mauri Gaggliano (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Stuttgart that's mainly known for their trax on the "M.I.R. Stuttgart - Heavy Metal Sampler" Split LP together with other german bands Divine Victim, Overkill, Thunder and Beast of Prey. The guys formed in autumn '82 and contributed the 2 trax "No one is gonna change my world" and "Vengeance" to that sampler, while both numbers show a few similarities to Saint's Anger. There are no more recordings known so far, but the lads returned in 1999 with the album "Second cuming".

Frank Stumvoll (vocals)
Christoph Siemons (guitar, keyboard)
Jochen Fünders (bass)
Michael Kuschnerus (drums)
A Melodic Metal band from Aachen, directly on the border to the Netherlands founded in the late 80's, that released a 4 track Demo around 1990 offering a fresh sounding mix of melodic Hard Rock and Metal tunes with quite nice axe work plus another 4 song tape "Crank it up" early 91, that features more of their pleasant sounding Heavy Rock with higher ambitions. Their influences are to find in the late 80's US scene and they seem to have emphasized the sing along character of their refrains. Frank Stumvoll later co-founded the successful band Krypteria.
”Venice” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Crank it up" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Thomas Fischer (guitar)
Heiko (vocals)
Stefan (bass)
Steven (drums)
A Noisecore act from Blieskastel-Mimbach, and a really terrible one. After "recording" the same titled 7" in 1991, that in places shows early Napalm Death influences, all of the members left, except of Thomas Fischer who kept the band going and in 1993 when Heiko returned and with Peter on drums they released a Split 7" with DSFA but their chaos hadn't changed much compared to the first effort. Another Split Demo with Bizarre X was recorded in 1994 and the "Real H.C. is dead, Noise is the only way!" Demo afterwards and here and just here at this point the band sounded at least listenable and there are hints audible that they finally knew what they was doing on their instruments.
"Ventilator" 7" EP 1991 (Memphis Tonträgerproduktionen)
"Dreams ... and reality/Mc Blood" Split 7" EP 1993 (with DSFA, Hippy Idea)

Steffi (vocals)

A local female fronted Hard Rock/Metal band from the Homburg area, that was active around 1987. Further info is needed.

Andy Junker (guitar)
Karsten Weigel (drums)
A Metal band from the Köln/Bonn area, active in the very early 80's. Demo recordings aren't known at all, but Andy Junker and Karsten Weigel formed the band Daemon's Grail in 1983. If you have more info, please get in contact.

Venus Stuff
A selfclaimed "Hippie-Glam-Hard-Rock" band from Hannover, that formed around 1990 and is known to have released at least one selfproduced CD with the title "Live at Venus City!" (year unknown). According to several sources the sound on the CD was Hardcore/Thrash influenced. We guess it's originating from sometime in the mid 90's. Further info is needed.
"Live at Venus City!" CD 199? (selfreleased)

Richie Freeman
A glammy Street/Sleaze Rock band with R'n'R feeling and typical US sound from Braunschweig, that was formed around 1989 and recorded 2 similar sounding Demotapes in the beginning of the 90's. They started as fourpiece with 2 female members, but on the second tape one of the girlz left and the rest recorded the tape as a trio.

"Demo '90" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Demo '91" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Vera Cruz
That's not the other band Vera Cruz, who released the "Hot games" LP years later. And I can't say either where they came from, as no info could be found on their private 7" from 1982. Both songs offer standard Hard Rock/AOR not much heavier than Survivor f.e., without, and that's the good news, too many 70's influences that most bands at that time suffered from, with the B side "We have after all..." being a nice surprise.
"The drunkard" 7" EP 1982 (selfreleased)

Vera Cruz (Winnenden)
Andy Layer (vocals, guitar)
Armin Wagner (bass)
Tobi Janouschek (guitar)
Till Janouschek (keyboard)
Dieter Trabert (drums)
These are the Vera Cruz from Minnenden (near Stuttgart) who released a very exciting album on the Indie Label Aurophon. Among the german melodic Hard Rock bands with "Hot games" they found themselves in the upper league, being in good company with other bands such as Aidean, Karo, Mydra or Vice. Their whole style comes almost close to swedish melodic Metal/Hard Rock bands, with good arrangements and great vocal performance. This album is a must have for any Hard Rock collection.

Lawrence Hiergeist (vocals)
Hubert Eder (guitar)
Johnson Zitzelsberger (guitar)
Stefan Bauer (bass)
Björn Andresen (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Vilshofen in Bavaria that was active in the mid 80's and recorded a Demo tape in December '86 with the line up Lawrence Hiergeist (vocals), Hubert Eder (guitar), Johnson Zitzelsberger (guitar), Stefan Bauer (bass), Björn Andresen (drums). The Demo contains 6 powerful songs, stylistically between Heavy and Power Metal. 1987 Zitzelsberger left the band and Dieter Saller (ex-Earl Def) joined on guitar. They also added a keyboarder, Christian Steindl. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"Game of a madman" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)

Harry Liebhäuser (vocals)
Roger Bredel (guitar)
Klaus Schiele (guitar)
Peter Schlattner (bass)
Steve Hatton (drums)
The history of the Augsburg based Veto goes back already to 1982 when Klaus Schiele and Steve Hatton (both ex-Jailbait) started the band as trio. But due to too many reshuffles the band couldn't find a steady line up before November '85 consisting of ex-Mephisto/Headstone vocalist Harry Liebhäuser, Roger Bredel (guitar), Klaus Schiele (guitar), Peter Schlattner (bass). Unfortunately a drummer was missing for the coming recordings of their debut LP, so Peter Garattoni (ex-Eulenspygel/Rebel/Tox/Midnight Darkness) recorded the drums and afterwards (though he was mentioned on the cover) Alwin Rainer (ex-Grim Reaper/Waxx/Manalishi) joined to play live with Veto. Originally until the album was recorded, their lyrics was sung in german and got translated into english right before the recordings started. Musically the selftitled LP contains standard Heavy Metal, mostly midpaced and melodic with pounding beats and a great vocalist. Veto just escaped the middle league when they delivered their speed bangers, but sadly it didn't happen too often. After the debut and a number of live gigs Alwin Rainer left the band again shortly before the recordings of "Carthago" so Peter Garattoni once again jumped in. Just like the debut also "Carthago" featured a colored mix of midpaced melodic Heavy Metal like Sinner or heavier Scorpions plus diverse power bangers, with no real direction. Dietmar Heiler (ex-Manalishi) came for Harry Liebhäuser after "Carthago" but no more albums got produced at all.
"Veto" LP 1986 (Scratch)
"Carthago" LP/CD 1988 (Scratch)
"Metal Attack Vol. 4" Split MC (with Gravestone, Open)

A rather boring sounding Hard Rock/Metal act from Berlin with huge Rock'n'Roll edge, probably trying to copy Motörhead it seems. They even covered "Bomber" but to be honest that whole album more or less appeared quite punky touched.
”Vex” LP/CD 90 (Ruff '&' Roll)

Vex (Fulda)
Chris (vocals)
Tom (guitar)
Dany (guitar)
Andy Süss (bass)
Engel (drums)

Not to be confused with the Rock'n'Rollers from Berlin, these are the Fulda Thrashers Vex, that formed during 1992 and featured Andy Süss of Geböhlke and the shortly before deceased Rawhead. Their debut Demo "Mental disease" was recorded in February '93, shortly after followed by "Intestine punch" (January '94) and "Becoming harder" (July '94), before the album "Act of revenge" (recorded November '94) was available 1995, released on D&S Recordings. Afterwards the band produced the MCD "Uncontrolled aggression" independently 1996 with Wutz on guitars, who replaced former guitarist Tom, while Dany had quit the band already prior to the debut album recordings. After the "Lookin' deeper" Promo MCD(R) 1999 with Dominik Storch (ex-Edguy) on drums (Engel switched on guitar), Vex eventually called it a day. Andy Süss subsequently joined Witchburner. Their sound could be seen somewhere between Metallica and Pantera ("Cowboys from hell" era), with especially the vocals reminding very much of Phil Anselmo.
(Thanx to Andy Süss for the further info)
"Mental disease" Demo 1993 (selfreleased)

Jan Ghiantinie (vocals)
Jörg Hargesheimer (guitar)
Peter Juhre (bass)
Roland Schmidt (drums)
Chris Limburg (guitar)
Vice are from Munich and started playing that kind of melodic Hard Rock/Metal, that's so typical for most of the bavarian bands. Previously they was active as TNT but changed name when they moved to Munich in 1987. They got quickly signed by the Major label Ariola to record their first album in 1988, that featured a sort of goodtime Party Metal that they themselves called "Happy Metal", just typically for that time with a strong melodic touch so the album would make it into the charts similar to Bonfire or american bands like Dokken, Mötley Crüe, Autograph etc. On the second output simply called "Second excess", the Glam edge got even bigger as well as some R'n'R influences so it was clear which market they tried to conquer with new vocalist Alan Keen (ex-Boyzz Roxx) who was sounding close to Jon Bongiovi. Just imagine a Heavy Metal version of Bon Jovi to get the picture. Nevertheless they sold quite some 100000 records and had a respectable success. In the mid 90's Vice split up with no further albums recorded but reunited a few years ago and now are playing live again.
"Made for pleasure" LP/CD 1988 (Ariola)
"Made for pleasure" Maxi CD 1988 (Ariola)
"Feel my body" 7"/12" EP 1988 (Ariola)
"Second excess" LP/CD 1990 (Ariola)
"Snakebite" 7" EP 1990 (Ariola)
"Standing in the storm" 7" EP 1990 (Ariola)
"Second excess" Maxi CD 1990 (Ariola)

Vice (Darmstadt)
Ralph Couard (vocals, bass)
Matthias R. (guitar)
Thommy Fritsch (guitar)
Keith M. (drums)
A Darmstadt Speed Metal band formed in October '86 (Ralph previously played in Asmodina). They recorded a 5-song demo tape in March/April '87, that stylewise got compared to Manowar and Omen. Ralph and Thommy went on to form Devastate in 1989. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Fast n' nasty" Demo 1987

Vicious Circle
Peter Vermeul (vocals)
Arnold Sprenger (bass)
Dieter Kratochwill (drums)
Gerd Klik (guitar, keyboard)
Joachim Wittmann (guitar, keyboard)
Vicious Circle from Willebadessen was around since 1980 and it's not wrong to call them a pre-stage of the band Ghandi, as Gerd Klik and Arnold Sprenger (both later in Ghandi) was active in Vicious Circle. They've even been not so far away from the later Ghandi style, already delivering a nice dose of speedy Heavy Metal with "Down the highway" on their debut 12". Previously they already released the "Nightmare" Demo in 1981 and got featured on a compilation with the track "Hard days of my life" after participating on a newcomer festival in 1982. With the Demo that they recorded in 1984, Noise International picked them up. Still in contrary to later Ghandi, they performed a bit more Scorpions influenced beside the already mentioned speed banger. But that would later change with Ghandi that Sprenger and Klik would form after the Vicious Circle's split in 1986.
"Nightmare" Demo 1981 (selfreleased)
"Hard days of my life" Comp.-LP Track 1983 (Nachwuchsfestival Pop'82)
"Demo 1984" (selfreleased)
”Take it” 12” EP 1984 (Noise)

Vicious Ecstasy
A local Heavy Metal band from Bavaria, most probably originating from the Ingolstadt/Landshut/Mainburg area. Vicious Ecstasy was active during the mid 80's and is known to perform at the local Mainburg "Heavy Metal Thunder Festival" in September 1985. Further info is needed.

Peter Bekusch (vocals)
Jürgen Keller (guitar)
Frank Hoffmeyer (guitar)
Uwe Thielbar (bass)
Thomas Grabisch (drums)
These guys came from Bremen and noone else than Invader hides here. Victory released their Demo right when Victory from Hannover published their debut album and changed name right afterwards to Invader to avoid trouble. The same Demo was also available under the monicker of Invader.
"March for victory" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)

Victory (Hannover)
Pedro Schemm (vocals)
Tommy Newton (guitar)
John Lockton (guitar)
Peter Knorn (bass)
Bernie Van Der Graf (drums)
A Heavy Rock band from Hannover previously active as Fargo since the early 70's, that behind the Scorpions and Accept could be named one of the most successful german Hard Rock/Metal bands. Usually in 1984 Tommy Newton and Peter Knorn of Fargo was preparing another Fargo album but due to the help of the Scorpions got in touch with an US management that immediately started preparing a big career for the band with the first step being to change the band name to Victory. Pedro Schemm got replaced earlier by ex-Gary Moore and Ted Nugent vocalist Charlie Huhn and they prepared the first Victory album. The band then replaced John Lockton with Herman Frank (ex-Accept, Sinner) and subsequently developed their previous still clearly Heavy Metal/Hard Rock sound to a more and more perfectly specific US market suitable Hard Rock style and sold quite a number of albums during the years incl. a radio hit ("Check's in the mail") in the States. The band is still active nowadays. Please note, we only list their albums in the discography.

"Victory" LP 1985 (CBS)
"Don't get mad ... get even" LP/CD 1986 (Metronome)
"Hungry hearts" LP/CD 1987 (Metronome)
"That's Live" LP/CD 1988 (Metronome)
"Culture killed the native" LP/CD 1989 (Metronome)
"Temples of gold" LP/CD 1990
"You bought it - you name it" LP/CD 1992 (Metronome)

A. Adelhofer
T. Torres
Lutz Korndörfer (keyboard)
A late 80's band from Mayence that was featured on a local Mayence compilation album, with the catchy melodic Heavyrocker "Runaway love". Lutz Korndörfer of the AOR band Melbourne (that was featured on the same sampler) used to play the keyboards. If you got more info, please get in touch.

"Runaway love" Comp.-LP Track 1988 (Mayence Rock '88)

Vincent Beck Group
Vincent Beck (vocals)
Adam Lomania (bass, guitar)
Ireneusz Loth (drums)
Chris Blashak (guitar)
A Hard Rock band that I couldn't find much info about. As far as it seems the band was from Germany, but musicians should be from Poland, Germany and the USA. The album itself was recorded in Poland. Interestingly the same album was released in the same year by Toxo TCA (a sublabel of West Virginia Records) as well but as "Woman for sale" and the band was called Sweet Killer. If you got more info, please get in touch.
"The chasm" CD 1992 (West Virginia)

A Hard Rock band from Salzgitter that's only known to be featured on a local compilation released in 1985. The track "Yessica" is a midpaced Hard Rocker with some late 80's Scorpions and AC/DC hints. Very simple structured and no real highlight at all. The vocalist's voice either could be compared to John Parr. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”Yessica” Comp. LP Track 1985 (3320 Musikinitiative Salzgitter)

Jürgen Buhrmester (bass)
A local AOR/Hard Rock cover band from Minden, that was founded by ex-Exhaust bassist Jürgen Buhrmester in 1990 together with 2 friends. The musical repertoire featured songs of the Scorpions, The Eagles, Bryan Adams etc. 1992 Vintage split up. If you got more info, please get in touch.


A local Stuttgart classic Heavy Metal band from the fall of the 80's, that used to have plans for an England tour and future studio recordings in late 1990. Further info is needed.

Violent Breed
Peter Heidecker
A Heavy Metal band from Saarbrücken from the mid 80's, who had two trax on the Metal Hour compilation. Basically good speedy Metal, but with keyboards in the background, for that time surely an innovative move as it added a nice atmosphere to the tracks "Loud and alive" and "Night of the wolf", reminding me of swedish Blacksmith ("Gipsy queen" EP). The performance of the guys sounded quited tight and routinely, which threw them on the winner side of that album. The band also had a Demo tape available in 1986, that we need some more info about.

Violent Force
Frank Fellinger (bass, vocals)
Guido Richter (drums)
Waldy (guitar)
Stachel (guitar)
Originally Violent Force was a quintet when they started back in 184, but the original vocalist shortly left these Velbert based Thrashers right after a few weeks. Frank Fellinger (Lemmy) took over the vocals besides bass as well and the guys recorded their first Demo "Dead City" in February '85. But because they wasn't much satisfied with the sound, a few weeks later in May the second tape was recorded entitled "Velbert Dead City". At this time the band was still sounding like Motörhead on speed steroids with a little dose of Exciter. At this point in 1986, the band seemed to have reach it's finale and Atomic Steif (Guido Richter) left to join Living Death who already had a record deal. Lemmy quit too without drummer in the band but returned when they hired Hille for the drum position. They didn't hesitate and recorded a new Demo that would change all troubles. Right with the 3rd tape "Dead City: The night" Violent Force entered a level that Kreator created with their "Pleasure to kill" album, and developed their sound into ruthless Thrash Metal, that german bands got loved for and caught some interest, that lead into a first vinyl appearance with "Soulbursting" on Teutonic Invasion Part One. They left a good impression at Roadrunner who produced a full album in 1987. "Malevolent assault of tomorrow" in a pretty awesome way celebrated Thrash to the bone, like "Reign in blood" meets "Pleasure to kill", entering the german Thrash heaven with just one strike. But their fortune ended at this point, after losing their rehearsal room in 1988 the band quit in 1989, even though the follow up album was already recorded. Lemmy joined Atomic Steif in Sacred Chao the same year, and the latter would appear in Holy Moses, Sodom and Assassin's line up years later. Violent Force was chosen back in 1986 to play one of their songs live in a german scene movie about the Punk and Metal millieu called "Verlierer" (Losers). You can watch the scene here
"Dead City" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Velbert Dead City" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Live at Hilden" Demo 1985 (selfreleased)
"Dead City: The night" Demo 1986 (selfreleased)
"Live at Bremen" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"Malevolent assault of tomorrow" LP 1987 (Roadrunner)
"Soulbursting" Comp.-LP Track 1987 (Teutonic Invasion Part One)

Violent Forces
A local speedy Heavy/Power Metal band from the Bexbach/Homburg area, that was active around 1990/91. Further info is needed.

Violent Touch
Stephan Zuber (vocals)
Axel Böhm (guitar)
Johnny Chadwick (bass)
Dirk Böhls (keyboard)
Renato Risek (drums)
No clue where these guys came from, but somewhere from the Stuttgart area for sure. They are one of the few bands that the Multimedia Studio & Verlag had produced and this actually was a recording studio who already manufactured the Abraxas MLP's. However, Violent Touch was one of these german bands that broke out of the scheme of the teutonic Metal known from the mid 80's and tried to create something own. I'd classify them strong Melodic (Heavy) Metal like Wishes Burn f.e., with quite a high level of quality and nice axe work. Even the use of keyboards doesn't hurt on "Wet dream" because they fully get integrated into their sound. Quite a recommended piece of German Metal vinyl. It's also interesting to see that especially the previous band Sin Warrior, that Stephan Zuber, Dirk Böhls and Renato Risek played in around 1986/87, would fall into that common Metal style scheme, as musically both Sin Warrior and Violent Touch had nothing in common at all. In mid 1990 Zuber left the band, who started searching for an substitute, but split up shortly afterwards.

Violin Key
Peter Kutschki (vocals)
Ralf Hemmers (bass)
Uwe Heyer (drums)
Peter Rekowski (guitar)
Carlos Mesaros (guitar)
Hard Rockers from Duisburg, who was active since February 1980 but just released a 7" in the 80's on the BWS label. Nothing special, Hard Rock with easy beat and raunchy vocals, though the sound has got a heavy edge nevertheless. Sadly both trax are rather forgettable. In 1988 Rekowski and Hemmers left and only Hemmers got replaced by Mike Fengler on bass. In spring 1994 Christian Cassacia joined on guitar and with this line up they recorded a full album that was once again released via BWS on CD, simply called "Violin Key".
"The power of perception" 7” EP 1985 (BWS)

Olaf Heilmann (bass, vocals)
Frank Jedrzy (drums)
Bernd Abelmann (guitar, vocals)
Jens Katterwe (guitar)
Founded in the ex-GDR August 1985 in Luckenwalde the Viper guys took a while for the first tape, which was recorded during the political change in autum '89 and another Demo was produced in 1990 that both presented a raw Thrash style quite close to Kreator on their late 80's albums but less polished sounding. The lads received good feedback by the local press and started recording their debut album "Bringers of disaster" in summer '91, that would follow consequently the direction of the previous demos. The Viper sound had developed into an even more Death/Thrash style now with more breaks like Moshquito, Sadus or Incubus. Due to legal issues with a bavarian band of the same name the Viper guys had to change the band name to Screamz in August 1992. The "Bringers of disaster" vinyl was manufatured in a limited edition.
"Rules of weakness" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Cry for justice" Demo 1990 (D.i.T.S. Promotion)
"Bringers of disaster" LP 1991 (D.i.T.S. Promotion)


Sadly no info is printed wether on sleeve nor the labels of this obscure band Virgin, that has nothing in common with the Wuppertal edition of the same name. A pretty solid acting Hard Rock act on both of the featured tracks with some serious NWOBHM twin leads, which automatically would throw the single into the first half of the decade. Either the melodic Hard Rock with slightly 70's edge would second that assumption. The heavier of both songs is the B-side rocker "Misunderstanding", galopping Metal guitars paired with classic AOR pretty much can sound very comfortable. The austrian Virgin already proved that with their single that musically sounds close to these Virgin. Further info is welcome.
(Thanx to emosteel for the recommendation)

"Standing in the rain" 7" EP 198? (selfreleased)

Gerd Tillmann (vocals, guitar)
Johnny Gewehr (guitar)
Jürgen Ries (bass)
Jürgen Tillmann (drums)
The Virgins from Wuppertal was just shortlived when they formed in 1983. For almost a year they locked themselves into their rehearsal room and worked on material for their debut LP that was recorded in April '84 and released on Skyfire Records. Basically the selftitled album wasn't that bad at all, but compared to other german albums at that time like Tyrant or Running Wild, they've just been too soft with their average midpaced hard rocking Metal with a heavyness, like f.e. Accept or the Scorpions at the same time. Nevertheless they got another offer by Rooceter Records for a second album and already finished the songs. As a preview they recorded the "Mary Anne" 7" for Rooceter with Ralf Heyne on guitar, a nice Metal ballad, but then something must have happened inside the band, because the second album never was released, and Virgin disappeared as silent as they appeared. Ralf Heyne founded the Seven Sisters in 1987. Just for info, the 12" and the 7" versions of "Mary Anne" contain different B-sides.
"Virgin" LP 1984 (Skyfire)
"Mary Anne" 12" EP 1985 (Semper Idem)
"Mary Anne" 7"EP 1985 (Rooceter)

Visible Touch
Uwe Taaken (vocals)
Michael Becker (guitar)
Uli Taaken (keyboard)
Michael Lams (bass)
Hakan Solak (drums)
Visible Touch was founded back in 1984 in Bielefeld and appeared with the track "Now I know" on the local vinyl sampler "Down to the top" in 1989, that still featured a rather melodic type of Hard Rock/Metal with dominant keyboards, before they recorded their first Demo "Out of Control" in July 1990, introducing new members Matthias Hornschuh (guitar), Jörn Brömelmeier (bass) and Tom Behrmann (drums). Matthias Hornschuh was also playing with Attack, but Visible Touch's sound has nothing in common with Attack's style at all. On the Demos their early Heavy Rock turned into a far more progressive Power Metal with lots of variations, epic parts and overall great guitars that suffers a bit by the weak production. 1 year later Nils Middlehauve replaced Jörn Brömelmeier on Bass and they recorded "Magic Charms" in the same style as the debut. They later released 2 more MCD's before they quit in 1998. Their former bassist Michael Lams joined the Speed Metal band Lightning from Bielefeld in 1989.
"Now I know" Comp.-LP Track 1989 (Down to the top - Rockmusik aus Bielefeld)
”Out of control” Demo 1990 (selfreleased)
"Magic charms" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Berthold Djouad (guitar)
Raoul Kieffer (bass)
Frank Voss (drums)
Alex Traini (vocals)
Michael Eggart (guitar)
A short lived Metal act from Andernach that only had 1 gig in November 1989 with Flanez. Frank Voss in mid 1990 would join Licaty Splidd and later Vampire. Berthold Djouad was previously playing with Headhunter in the early 80's and joined the Thrash band Parryzide in the late 90's. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Andreas Kawaldt (bass, guitar)
Shaban Yavuz (drums)
Kai Reuter (guitar)
Ralph Murthy (guitar)
Barbara Schenker (keyboard)
Frank Algermissen (vocals, guitar)
Sometimes it's easier to have a sister of 2 famous brothers in your band as this way you'll get opened doors way quicker than other bands. At least for the debut album of Viva it's not really justified that these lame Hard Rockers got pressed on vinyl. The guys was still teenagers when the group formed in 1978. As most of you probably already knew, Barbara was the sister of Rudolf and Michael Schenker. So it's not much of a surprise that some of the Viva songs could be sung by Klaus Meine or Udo Dirkschneider too. At least with "What the hell is going on" Viva started getting heavier, though the trax still got a Hard Rock edge. But the songwriting had improved alot with new vocalist Marco Paganini and Andy Fach as replacement for Kai Reuter, who would later play together with Jutta Weinhold. "Dealers of the night" continued the same Metal style than the previous album, concentrating on midpaced Hard Rock/Metal numbers with some nice atmospheric keyboard parts, mostly keeping on the Scorpions track but without the same quality that "What the hell is going on" delivered. On the fourth album "Apocalypse" the line up changed again, Marco Paganini left to start a solo career and Barbara Schenker was out too, replaced by Michael Lauer. Chris Thow did vocals on the last album and the band completely changed direction now. The songs became way more commercial, US influenced like Van Halen and all these radio Hard Rock bands. In 1985 Viva split up to get shortly revived in 1988 and 1996 (with a new album) without success. And the last try happened in 2007 till 2012. Additionally to mention, there was few singles pressed to promote each album, but we don't list them here.
"Born to rock" LP 1980 (Aves)
"What the hell is going on" LP 1981 (CBS)
"Dealers of the night" LP 1982 (Brain)
"Apocalypse" LP 1984 (Macho)

Chris Boltendahl (vocals)
C.F. Brank (bass)
Uwe Lulis (guitar)
Ralf Maunert (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Osnabrück that was active in the mid 80's, featuring Chris Boltendahl, C.F. Brank and Uwe Lulis of Grave Digger as well as Ralf Maunert of Black Jack Co./S.D.I. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Vivian (Berlin)
Andy Atkins (vocals)
Lothar Gerke (guitar)
Andreas Schmidt (guitar)
Torben Heimer (bass)
Uwe Preatel (drums)
Formed in early 1987 in West Berlin and featuring among others the industrious Andy Atkins on vocals, formerly in other obscure Berlin outfits like Tyrant, Chaser and Machine Head. Their 1987 demo included 9 songs of melodic yet energetic HR/HM. If you have more info, please get in contact.
"Demo 1987" (selfreleased)

Daniel Großbach (vocals, guitar)
Ralf Günther (guitar)
Martin Bos (keyboard)
Burkhard Schmierer (bass)
Uwe Stephan (drums)
Not to be confused with Voice from Kassel, these guys came from Pfalzgrafenweiler (greater Stuttgart area) and acted a bit heavier than the other soft Rockers. Especially the "Time is money" 7" from 1987 should be a recommended piece for AOR fans as in contrary to the album from 1990 the guitars was still heavily distorted that I'd even label it Hard Rock in greater sense. Sadly they pulled back from that harder sound in 1990 when they recorded "Welcome" the first LP. The sound on it got way more poppy, still Melodic Rock/AOR though, but that kind of Mainstream AOR that you heard in the radio back in the day right after Madonna.
"Time is money" 7" EP 1987 (Suisa)
"Welcome" LP 1990 (selfreleased)

Voice (Kassel)
Fred Starkowski (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Michael Geisel (keyboard)
Rainer Worm (guitar, bass)
Another marginalia is Voice from Kassel. They only released a 12" on the label of the studio where they recorded the 4 tracks. Basically Voice was a melodic Rock band, but the track "Rock and Roll star" must be mentioned here, just because it's kinda AOR in the vein of Toto with a good beat. Otherwise make a curve around these Voice, they are too poppy.
"Take me as I am" 12" EP 1986 (Odyssey Tonstudio Fabrik)

Voice (Markneukirchen)
Oliver Glas (vocals)
Rainer Wild (guitar)
Voice from Markneukirchen/Saxony (ex-GDR) was founded by both ex-Nobody members Oliver Glas and Rainer Wild in 1988, to play a melodic, Iron Maiden and Queensryche inspired Metal style, since Nobody went more into a Thrash oriented direction during that time. The bigger success for the band should just come in 1996, after Oliver Glas (vocals), Thommy Neuhierl (guitar), Rico Hendel (guitar), Sören Glas (bass), Mathias Löscher (keyboard) and Arndt Otto (drums) recorded their debut CD "Prediction" independently. The band so far recordes 4 more albums in the meanwhile. If you got more info about the early phase of this band, please get in touch.

Manfred Schurwanz (vocals, guitar)
Frank Hohmann (guitar)
Norbert Böttcher (keyboard)
Jörg Holst (drums)
Thoralf Rapsch (bass)
A proggy Hard Rock band from Hamburg, active since 1977 with Manfred Schurwanz being the mastermind of the band. He and Frank Hohmann, whom he met in October '79, built the musical axis of Voices. After trying several musicians they released the "Amsterdam" 7" in 1980 with Manfred Schurwanz (vocals, guitar), Frank Hohmann (guitar), Norbert Böttcher (keyboard), Jörg Holst (drums) and Thoralf Rapsch (bass). The band in August '81 almost split up and it took a year till Thorsten Götze was added as new keyboarder. In early 1984 they recorded their first album "The story of the rings" with the new steady line up consisting of Manfred Schurwanz (vocals, guitar), Frank Hohmann (guitar), Thorsten Götze (keyboard), Christian Gottspenn (drums) and Detlef Kröger (bass). Titles like "Saruman", "The story of the rings" or "Black lord of the dark" might already give you a hint that lyrically the album was inspired by Tolkien's saga and some of the trax indeed musically fit quite well here. Voices apart from being a rather 70's influenced Prog Rock band in the first, added many epic Hard Rock parts and heavy distorted guitars that truly has been a great contrast to the other dreamy Prog Rock parts.
"Amsterdam" 7" EP 1980 (Moderne Musik Tonträger)
"The story of the rings" LP 1984 (Vox Music)

A local Power Metal fourpiece from the Freudenstadt area (south of Karlsruhe), active around 1989/90, who played a style that was influenced by Running Wild/Metallica. Further info is welcome.

An AOR band from Salzgitter that's only known to be featured on a local compilation released in 1985. The track "I don't wonna die" could hold even the international standards for AOR music but I doubt they got the chance to make this available to a wider audience. If you got more info, please get in touch.
”I don't wonna die” Comp. LP Track 1985 (3320 Musikinitiative Salzgitter)

Voltage (Forchheim)
Werner Funk (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Voigt (drums)
Harald Oester (bass)
Jörg Fechtner (guitar)
Voltage was founded in summer 1987 in Forchheim by Werner Funk, Thomas Voigt, Harald Oester and Jörg Fechtner and with the same line up they recorded their debut demo "Young Heroes" in June '89. The weak sound wasn't exactly supporting the rather middle class Thrash that the guys used to play. Some Mosh parts, a bit Paradox here, some standard Thrash here, a bit melody and a few nice guitar solos wasn't enough to catch attention by labels at all. Another tape followed in 1991 with "Eternal Race" and Voltage sounded slightly more melodic then, but in the end they added another guitarist with Michael Lengenfelder while Werner Funk only handled the micro now and they released the "They won't tell you the Truth" MCD independently in 1994. 2 more privately pressed CD's followed later.
”Young heroes” Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"Eternal Race" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Manuel Neumann (vocals, guitar)
Jens Wolnick (guitar)
Frank Nilges (bass)
Ingo Frerichs (drums)

A Power Metal band from Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany featuring former Salem's Law (Frank Nilges) and Desaster Area members (Manuel Neumann/Ingo Frerichs). They only released a 4 track Demo in 1989 with Rüdiger von Scheven (ex-Warnyng) replacing Jens Wolnick on guitar who left in 1989. They started in 1987 and disbanded in the early 90's.
"The dawn" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)

Vomiting Corpses
Tom Zorn (guitar, vocals)
Frank Spinka (guitar, vocals)
Fabian Schaper (bass)
Richard Nolte (drums)

A Death Metal band from Emden, that was formed already in 1988 by Ali Loy (guitar) and Frank Spinka, with an at this time more Thrash influenced sound. Frank Spinka was also playing with Silent Terror a bit later on, while the Vomiting Corpses recorded their first Demo "The call" (released with 2 different covers) in 1991. During 1992 some drastic line up changes happened. Loy and most of the team left to get replaced by Michael Dormann (bass), Heiner Saliger (drums) , Karsten Kleen (guitar), while only Frank Spinka remained of the old line up. They recorded a second Demo "Cold blood" once again with other members during 1994. Tom Zorn replaced Kleen on guitar and vocals, and also Dormann and Saliger left. Their places got covered by Richard Nolte (drums) and Fabian Schaper (bass), who recorded the debut album "Coma: The spheres of innocence" in 1995 with Tom Zorn and Frank Spinka. During the year the band split up but initially got revived in 2007 and yet is still active.
"The call" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)

Lefty (bass, vocals)
Plänky (drums)
Blo (guitar)
These 3 Thrashers from Meppen made the courageous step to start with an own vinyl instead of recording a Demo first. Right two years after they formed, they recorded the ”Catastrophical expectations” EP in March '90 and it wasn't a bad start at all. Good straight thrashing Speed Metal with mid 80's Slayer and a few Kreator influences makes the 4 songs a diverting matter and nevertheless it's a not so easy to find vinyl nowadays anymore. Cheesy joined after the 12" and released Lefty from playing bass, and as four piece they recorded a Demo in January '91 "Witches & demons", where the song "Royal Rumble" ended up on the Metal mag/zine Underground Empire's comp-CD "Peace-Eater vol. I". 3 other songs of the tape made it on a separate Promo tape ("Demo Januar 1991" ) that was sent to record companies.
D&S showed interest and "Hour of truth" was available still the same year. The advancement of their former style was clearly audible, the songs became more melodic with many breaks, though they still kept on thrashing in US manner, much reminding of Atrophy's "Violent by nature". It took 2 more years for the next album with the strange name "Baschlasophobic", again released on D&S. Vomitory once again made a little progress, becoming slightly more progressive with in places even Funk influences. Though their style could be still compared to Atrophy with a heavy dose of Defiance's debut. The band kept on thrashing after this one and also released the "Rawhead" CD with Steve as second guitarist in 1996 before they quit in 2001.
”Catastrophical expectations” MLP 1990 (selfreleased)
"Demo Januar 1991" Demo 1991 (unofficial)
"Witches & Demons" Demo 1991 (selfreleased)
"Royal Rumble" Comp.-CD Track 1991 (Peace-Eater Vol. I)
"Hour of truth" CD 1991 (D&S)
"Baschlasophobic" CD 1993 (D&S)

A Speed Metal band from Ingolstadt, that was active during the late 80's and released two Demo tapes till summer '89, while the second one was recorded during May/June '89. If you got more info, please get in touch.

Voracious Souls
Christofer Steffek (vocals)
Andy Greul (guitar)
Stefan Vitek (guitar)
Volker Kilian (drums)
Bernd Deragisch (bass)
Thrashers from Passau who was active from August '89 till 1992, when they quit playing. 2 Demos and a selfreleased LP is their heritage. Not so bad stuff to be honest, solid Thrash with american influences. Take a bit Death Angel, Defiance, Atrophy and Gothic Slam and you'll get a moshing faultless Thrash album that compared to other typically german albums sounds completely different. Some of the members also created a glammy Party band called Wet 'n' Wild.
"No way out for you" Demo 1989 (selfreleased)
"No tribute no thanx fuck off" LP 1990 (Greed Work)
"Fear" Demo 1990 (selfreleased)

Lemmy Kühne (vocals)
Pantelis Petrakakis (bass)
Manni Schmidt (guitar)
Achim Wüst (drums)
A Heavy Metal band from Andernach that was founded in October '84 and playing live shows in the mid 80's. Lemmy Kühne got replaced in 1985 by Hansi Opel. Pantelis Petrakakis (ex-Rusty Nail) was also member of Blue Sky from '79 to '83 and since 1986. The later vocalist Jürgen Hörth joined Rain 'n' Steel later and Noize R Us afterwards. Guitarist Manni Schmidt (ex-Rusty Nail) would later join Speed Metallers Rage in 1988. If you have more info please get in touch.

Michael Friese (vocals)
Rainer Meyer (bass)
Jean-Paul Kieffer (drums)
Jürgen Meyer (guitars)
Pascal Kieffer (guitars)
Votum was founded in Friedrichstal in summer 1984 Rainer Meyer (bass), Jean-Paul Kieffer (drums), Jürgen Meyer (guitars), Pascal Kieffer (guitars) who started rehearsing and playing instrumentals till in March '86 Michael Friese joined as vocalist. Their first demo was recorded in May 1987. They had a huge pensum of live shows before they recorded the second Demo in July 1988. Basically the band was acting very solid, playing their kinda own style of european Thrash, fast with a few breaks. The usual stuff what you expect if you think of Thrash. The definitely didn't had to hide behind other german bands of that period. The one who caused problems that I can't really get warm with their material is their vocalist. He sometimes sounds like he in places is singing the wrong song. His voice either wasn't that "unique", he's truly the weak point in the band. Nevertheless both tapes are quite listenable.
"Alcatraz" Demo 1987 (selfreleased)
"The Escalation" Demo 1988 (selfreleased)

Most probably a Speed or Thrash Metal band from southern Germany, that was playing live gigs during 1987. If you got more info, please get in touch.

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