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Blitz - Blitz 7" (1986)

Confessor - First Sin 12" (1986)

Fat Sally - Shadow of the night Mini-LP (1987)

Knightshade - Out for the count Mini-LP (1986)

Knightshade - The physical you Mini-LP (1987)

Knightshade - You don't need me 12" (1988)

Knightshade - Last Night in the City 7" (1989)

Lionheart - Running Free LP (1985)

Mantra - Night street lady 7" (1982)

Nazgul - Good demons Mini-LP (1987)

Rose Bayonet - Leather and Chains LP (1984)

Stonehenge - Wings of Steel 12" (1986)

Stormbringer - High live n' wasted Mini-LP (1984)

Stormbringer - Life sentence LP (1986)

Strikemaster - Good 'n' Ready LP (1984)

Tokyo - Tokyo 12" (1985)

Tyrant - Breaking Out 12" (1984)

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