Is there any mystery left in Olde Metal Hunting? A harsh question perhaps, but to the cynics and sceptics The Corroseum's answer will always be "Yes!" Plenty of features on this site will prove this point, often dealing with artifacts possibly even more obscure than those presented below. Yet strangely enough, the US and Canadian Metal 7"-scene is still one of the least explored niches in the domain of Old Metal Vinyl Collecting, at least in relation to its size and popularity. Hence forum member and long-time fan & collector of American 7"s, Kristian "Khnud" Knutsson has taken on this impossible feat of documentation, making this the 3rd and - surely in the long run - largest Singles-Special of The Corroseum to date...

A note on rarity Most of the releases reviewed herein are to be considered rare, usually released in either 500 or 1000 copies by small independent labels, or by the bands themselves. The rating is therefore an attempt at approximating how often an item shows up for sale.


= Rather common, a copy can most likely be found without too much effort

= Uncommon, still turns up a few times per year

= Rare, you'll most likely have to search a bit before you find one

= Very rare, expect to have to search several years before one turns up

= More or less impossible to find. The number of known copies can be counted with the fingers of one hand


Also, please note that rarity scores might change over time. A good example would be the Hazardous Waste 45, which was once believed to have been released in only 200 copies and was at that point a very expensive and desired item. Many years later another 300 copies were discovered in a warehouse and the item is, at the time this is written, reasonably easy to find at an affordable price.


A note on ratingReviews are subjective. What I think is great, someone else might think is crap. And the other way around. I strongly suggest using the reviews as a general guide and not as a definitive quality indicator.


= Bad. You probably don't need this unless you're a manic completist (like yours truly)

= Ok, but nothing spectacular

= Good, definitely worth checking out

= Great, buy or die!

= You need this more than oxygen...


Finally, I'd like to thank John Haupt, without him this project would never have been possible.

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John Crispino & C.A.T. - Start Livin' Our Lives / Do I Fit Into Your Plans?

(Pure Desire, 198?)
Mr. Crispino and what I can only assume is his backing band play pretty straight forward hard rock, but they can still be heavy as a load of bricks at times. Similarities to TED NUGENT sure come to mind. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Naked Driver - Closer Now / I'm Coming

(Pristine Records, 1988)
This is clearly suffering from what I like to call The VAN HALEN Syndrome, meaning it's all about guitar antics and little else. And sadly this is no "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love", but at least we don't have to suffer through those keyboards Eddie and company were so fond of using later throughout the 80's. The vocalist sings with a lisp which makes this release somewhat unique, but I'll leave it up to you to decide whether this makes it better or worse. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Burn - Let Yourself Go / Dangerline

(R.C.S. Records, 1986)
I don't know if it's the keyboards, the poppy, unmistakably 80's sounding melodies or the super catchy choruses, but I can't help but feel that this is how A-HA would have sounded like if they ever decided to start using distorted guitars. Enough said. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Buster Cherrie - Sweet Evil / Surrender

(private, 1979)
"Sweet Evil" is nothing short of superb late 70's era hard rock greatness, with a formidable guitar solo surely up there with THIN LIZZY and the likes. Combine this with a vocalist quite similar to Bobby Liebling, and you've got yourself a definite winner. On the downside, "Surrender" has too much of a southern rock feel to it for this release to be able to compete with the best of the best. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Sin - Damn The Preacher / Night Caller

(Caligula Records, 1985)
This outfit basically sounds like a much less punky and much more hard rocky version of MISFITS. While this might seem like a good thing, I can't help to feel that some of the components on this little slab of naughtiness (which I'm certain is the theme the band was aiming for) aren't really acting in cooperation. The lyrics would definitely fit better if the music was heavier. And while it may have worked well for the Lodi, New Jersey crew, these guys from California only come off as sounding kinda goody. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Boyz - Don't Cry / Fortune Teller

(private, 1982)
An utterly pointless 80's pop ballad turd on the a-side (this is a website dedicated to metal, and therefore it's perfectly fine to compare pop music cheese with excrement here, so sue me!) but it's somewhat saved from being a complete waste of plastic by the prog/hard rock b-side. "Fortune Teller" (let's not even mention the a-side by name) starts a bit on the slow side and sort of builds up as we go along. The RUSH inspired ending is fairly decent, but half a minute of 'decent' won't get you far here. I would have expected that Mr. MONTROSE didn't mention this to the band when he agreed to produce their pride and joy. Oh well. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Dave Wagner Band - Tell Me / Night Fighter

(K.I.T.S. Records, 1986)
Contrary to what the band name might suggest, this is nothing less than a mid tempo metal monster in the vein of IRONHAWK or even FAR EAST. And with such an inconspicuous name, plus a very modest looking picture sleeve, chances are this ultra rarity out of San Antonio Texas might be one of the most overlooked and forgotten metal gems in the US. Just imagine how many times unknowing collectors must have dismissed this as likely being country or pop, when browsing through a mixed lot of 45s at the local record store. Well thanks to The Corroseum, no more! Now finally everyone has the chance of actually picking it up instead of just flipping past it in the used bin. If you ever find one of course, as copies of this are as thinly spread as water on the moon. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Backward Glance - You'll Be Sorry / Mind Over Matter

(City Records, 1984)
"You'll Be Sorry" is a perfect example of female fronted riff-o-rama, almost up there with titans such as MALIBU BARBI. Unfortunately "Mind Over Matter" lacks both the energy and the power in order to make me declare this the best female fronted North American hard and heavy 7" of all time, but I definitely feel confident in stating that it's pretty darn good. At least half of it. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Torn Orphan - D.E.A.T.H. / She Cries

(Kiderian Records Productions, 1984)
If you ever feel like having mixed feelings about something, I suggest you listen to this presumably Illinois based outfit. They tell a tale on the a-side about some misspent youth turned serial killer, but it's played in a very cheerful "good rockin' felling" fashion. Confusing? You bet. At least D.E.A.T.H. is still a pretty decent hard rock song. Unfortunately things don't end well, since the b-side surely exists solely to torture us with an even sadder tale, only this time it's coupled with a pointless piano ballad. ARGH! WHY? Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Destroyer - Black Angels / The Grave (6 Feet Under)

(Destroyer Inc, 1985)
Nothing short of a true metal gem, featuring two relatively fast-paced tracks in classic early IRON MAIDEN style with a hint of Jersey rockers LEGEND mellowness thrown into the mix. Catchy riffs, leads and choruses abound, making this one of the better privately released metal singles to come out of the US in the mid 80's. If you find one, be sure to check it has the original insert. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Obsessed, The - s/t EP

(Invictus Records, 1983)
A legendary release in every way. With the exception of a few PENTAGRAM singles in the 70's which were all significantly more psych oriented, and some demo cassettes by TROUBLE and SAINT VITUS, this EP represents the birth of North American BLACK SABBATH inspired doom metal. At least on vinyl, as far as this reviewer knows. Which means, uh you know, this EP is absolutely bloody mandatory in every serious metal collection. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Fatal Mistake - Ice Breaker / Hunter

(private, 198?)
Nothing screams "privately released heavy metal grail!!!" like having a the skull of a fanged skeleton with an earring in the shape of an axe on the cover. Well, if private metal grail is what you expect then you might be a little disappointed. Musically, this obscure Canadian quintet is quite firmly rooted in AC/DC style hard rock more than anything else. The good news? This single still rawks, dude. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Damascus Band - Super Star / Oh Mama

(private, 1979)
An almost entirely uneventful release, both songs just sort of plod along without anyone ever raising an eyebrow. Other than that, this Louisiana outfit is a pretty decent example of late 70's US heavy-ish rock in the vein of LYNYRD SKYNYRD and the like. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Antix - Here's Looking At You!

(private, 1987)
Unfortunate ballad cheesiness on one side (look at the song titles, I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one it is), but the flip is pretty decent high energy metal which sounds a bit like DIAMOND HEAD albeit with a more simplistic song structure. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Bad Connection - Wasted Time / (You Can) Still Rock In The U.S.A.

(Bad Connection Records, 1985)
Average hard rock/metal act playing some form of rather down tuned music reminiscent of "Salem's Rise" by WITCH, plus throwing in some quite interesting vocals in the mix. And when I say "interesting" what I really mean is "not that good". It's all embedded in a thick "high school" atmosphere, and I can see these guys rockin' campus auditoriums on more than one occasion. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Royal Orleans - Husslin' In Hollywood / Valley Of The Shadows

(Bourbon Street Records, 1981)
Husslin' in Hollywood is 99% glam free "L.A. style" heavy metal. That remaining one percent comes from using the name Hollywood in the chorus. Unfortunately, the band aren't quite capable of delivering on the flip, as "Valley of the shadows" has a little too much LED ZEPPELIN in it. And skip that cowbell next time, please! Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

White Ash - Live With Rock 'N' Roll / The Spell

(Paragonn Records, 1983)
The a-side is really "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" somehow morphed into an obscure metal song (I want extra points for mentioning ELTON JOHN in a review on The Corroseum, goddamnit), and "The Spell" owes no small part to LEGEND. Yup, the "From The Fjords" guys! I bet you never expected this legendary epic band being mentioned in the same sentence as Mr. Flamboyant glasses! Weird mix? But it works. Oh yes it does. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Stormbringer - The Curse / Evil Mind

(private, 1984)
The singer sounds like a raspier DIO, or perhaps even more like TYRANT (UK). The music has a slightly doomy feel, thanks in part to keyboards that give atmosphere without being at all cheesy. Does this sound like a good combination? Yes it does, and this very hard to find release is a superb example of great Canadian steel you should not have to live without. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Whirlwind - King Of Kings / Down the Road

(Whirlwind Records, 1979)
Pummeling, twin guitar fronted, completely NON-cheesy, HEAVY Christian metal from Detroit. I don't think I've ever heard a vocalist more or less belt out lyrics about Jesus waiting around the corner in such unbridled fashion before, and this alone makes this release quite interesting. And the fact that the music is a mix of late 70's JUDAS PRIEST combined with the punky, charmingly unpolished rawness of NWOBHM makes this a match made in... well whatever afterlife you choose to believe in. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Black Onyx - Armageddon Skies / Miss Fire

(Bosa Records, 1987)
This is nothing short of a contradiction measured seven inches wide. Why? Because both entries on this slab of vinyl wrapped in a sleeve depicting the nuclear apocalypse are upbeat, cheerful, almost [i]happy[/i] heavy metal songs. It's almost as if the guys in the band are witnessing The End Of The Earth, and they're all enjoying the hell out of it. Well, I'm enjoying the hell out of it too, and so will you if you give this record a chance. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 
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