Is there any mystery left in Olde Metal Hunting? A harsh question perhaps, but to the cynics and sceptics The Corroseum's answer will always be "Yes!" Plenty of features on this site will prove this point, often dealing with artifacts possibly even more obscure than those presented below. Yet strangely enough, the US and Canadian Metal 7"-scene is still one of the least explored niches in the domain of Old Metal Vinyl Collecting, at least in relation to its size and popularity. Hence forum member and long-time fan & collector of American 7"s, Kristian "Khnud" Knutsson has taken on this impossible feat of documentation, making this the 3rd and - surely in the long run - largest Singles-Special of The Corroseum to date...

A note on rarity Most of the releases reviewed herein are to be considered rare, usually released in either 500 or 1000 copies by small independent labels, or by the bands themselves. The rating is therefore an attempt at approximating how often an item shows up for sale.


= Rather common, a copy can most likely be found without too much effort

= Uncommon, still turns up a few times per year

= Rare, you'll most likely have to search a bit before you find one

= Very rare, expect to have to search several years before one turns up

= More or less impossible to find. The number of known copies can be counted with the fingers of one hand


Also, please note that rarity scores might change over time. A good example would be the Hazardous Waste 45, which was once believed to have been released in only 200 copies and was at that point a very expensive and desired item. Many years later another 300 copies were discovered in a warehouse and the item is, at the time this is written, reasonably easy to find at an affordable price.


A note on ratingReviews are subjective. What I think is great, someone else might think is crap. And the other way around. I strongly suggest using the reviews as a general guide and not as a definitive quality indicator.


= Bad. You probably don't need this unless you're a manic completist (like yours truly)

= Ok, but nothing spectacular

= Good, definitely worth checking out

= Great, buy or die!

= You need this more than oxygen...


Finally, I'd like to thank John Haupt, without him this project would never have been possible.

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Real Steel - Viking Queen / Excalibur

(private, 1988)
It's no wonder this is one of the most coveted of the US heavy metal singles. It's got a great looking picture sleeve, which along the the song titles, invoke images of barbarians conquering neighbouring tribes with fearsome efficiency. Still, it's somewhat of a disappointment. I mean, visually you want this to be the best thing ever, the new MANOWAR even! And it's not. Sure, the music is heavy enough, bordering on thrash on the b-side, but the vocals are much to similar to James Hetfield. And the songs aren't varied enough for this to be a complete METALLICA clone. Close, but no cigar! Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Red Machete - Pull The Rope / Ain't No Mercy

(Amken Records, 1986)
A heavy metal rarity that doesn't quite live up to its' reputation. Mainly because the vocalist sounds like an absolute lunatic, and I can't shake the idea of him performing while being restrained in a straitjacket. The songs are heavy enough, but the performance overall isn't exactly tight. At all. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Reflectors - Fun / Late At Night

(Glitch Records, 1983)
Punky hard rock, or hard rocking punk, depending on how you want to see it. At least on one side - the "Late At Night" one. There's just enough of that "wrong side of the track" attitude and just enough grittiness in the guitars and vocals to make it into this list. "Fun" is 50's era type rock'n'roll and thus utterly uninteresting for the average purveyor of heavy music. If both songs were as good as the b-side this single would be a lot of fun indeed! Now it will merely cause a quick raise of an eyebrow. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Rock Angel - Kick’in In The Black / I Won’t Cry No More

(Payola Records, 1986)
Old time rockers (and the odd CSI fan) will most likely instantly compare this band to THE WHO, with the intro on Kick’in bearing more than a few similarities to “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Obscure metal fans, however, will most likely hear the riff from “No Rest For The Wicked” by GRAVEN IMAGE. Regardless, it’s unlikely that either will be disappointed as the song is an absolutely superb example of obscure hard rock/metal goodness. Too bad you have to put up with the ever present crappy power ballad b-side. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Rockhouss - I Can't Wait / Prime Time

(Decibel Records, 1981)
Yet another female hard rock vocalist desperately trying to sound seductive. Sigh. While her crooning might have impressed a few hormone laden teenagers at the time, it just doesn't work on this grizzled reviewer. Musically, this is pretty bland generic hard rock too. Pass. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Royal Orleans - Husslin' In Hollywood / Valley Of The Shadows

(Bourbon Street Records, 1981)
Husslin' in Hollywood is 99% glam free "L.A. style" heavy metal. That remaining one percent comes from using the name Hollywood in the chorus. Unfortunately, the band aren't quite capable of delivering on the flip, as "Valley of the shadows" has a little too much LED ZEPPELIN in it. And skip that cowbell next time, please! Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 

Roze - All the Day / Whipping Junior Into Shape

(A Vain Production, 1981)
Weirdly produced. The singer sounds like he's in an empty assembly hall, preaching to a nonexistent crowd, while the instruments sound like they're recorded approximately two centimeters from your face. That being said, "Junior" kicks some serious, hard rockin' butt, and is a very good reason for you to get this single by any means possible. Rating: - Rarity: - Country: 
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