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Does this site really need and introduction? OK, for the occational clueless noob: The Metalpage was the oldest, largest and probably best website dedicated to olde Heavy Metal and HM collecting. It was created by Stefan Wille in 1999, with the support of Roman Greindl (Forgotten Steel mailorder) and Stefan Riermaier (Karthago Records), plus dozens of other contributors. Its massive review-archive has been an irreplaceable resource of information to fans and collectors of rare Steel through the years, and the Collector's Ring was the place to turn to if you wanted to get in contact with other other Metal traders and collectors worldwide. It also featured dozens of interviews and specials on old obscure and collectable Metal bands. In the late summer of 2018 went offline due to time-restraints and difficulties with keeping up with the new EU data protection laws, though the site stopped being updated a few years prior to this.
Some notes on this archived copy of the site:

- The Collector's Ring has NOT been archived, mainly because we're not sure if it complies with the GDPR-bullshit mentioned above, but also because it featured hundreds of plain-text email addresses and (probably outdated) personal information. It's still available for browsing at (link supplied in the achived index-page).

- The search-function of the reviews is currently offline for technical reasons, but it's still easily browseable through the regular Country-index. (Note that

most pre-2000 reviews has also been added to The Corroseum's review index, fully searchable)

- Easter egg.

Scandinavian Metal Forest


Garden Of Japanese Hard Rock And Heavy Metal

Starting out the same year as The Corroseum web site (2003), this true fan-site used to be one of my absolute faves from Japan. Made by the Japanese Scanda-Metal-fan Yasu Fujii under the "Last Witch Records"-umbrella, which also included a smaller Japanese Metal site called Garden Of Japanese Hard Rock And Heavy Metal.

NOTE that this archived version of the site features a bonus Translation-function in the upper right corner of each review-page. The outcome is often quite poetic...


A mirror/copy of my very first attempt at a Metal-oriented site, DaN'sUndergroundMetalSiteThing. Under the banner "Old-school html" I started making a very rudimentary trading/review-site that actually stayed online for almost a decade, but stopped being updated long before that. It's chock-full of errors, inconsistencies and embarrasments, but I've left it completely unedited for archeologic/scientific reasons.
Somewhere inside are a few links to this other SEVERELY off-topic music site I worked on for months but which for some reason never got launched. It's an even bigger mess of unfinished reviews and musical flummery, but I'm quite pleased with some of the writing so I thought it would be fun to upload it as well.


It seems The Corroseum isn't the only site with an interest to preserve Olde Internet Steels. Do check out the following well-preserved kült-pages:

Forgotten Steel Webzine

Texas Metal Underground

Want your old creations archived here? Have tips on old sites that deserves some necromancy? Or links to sites preserved in a similar manner?
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