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16 reviews found:

Belantara - Belantara LP 1987

Belantara - Infiniti LP 1990

Brainwash - Menanti Kepastian Mini-LP 1991

Crossfire - Fatamorgana LP 1989

Crossfire - Erosi LP 1990

Desire - -, +, ×, ÷ LP 1989

Dinamik - Revolusi Mental LP 1990

Handy Black - Tangan Hitam LP 1989

Junction - Petualang LP 1990

Lipanbara - Harimau LP 1991

LovingBorn - Kekalkan LP 1988

LovingBorn - Insaf LP 1988

Purnama - Purnama LP 1990

Saxo - Satu Perjuangan LP 1990

Teras - Teras LP 1990

Viking - Dalam Pelayaran LP 1989

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Heavy Metal Singles from the former Eastern Bloc

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