Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
HS-35044Barón Rojo Larga Vida Al Rock And Roll LP 1981Good, diverse proto-Metal that will probably never feel as important to anyone as to those who grew up with it. The proggish "Los Desertores Del Rock" is a feckin' anthem tho'...
HS 35.045 V/A Rockopilacion Vol. IV LP 1981 Not Metal. Hard Rock, prog, classic rock etc..


Mediterraneo, Marmelada, Moris, Bloque, Topo, La B.E.P.S., Asfalto, Leño, Mariscal Romero and Barón Rojo.
HS 35.046 Mezquita Califas Del Rock LP 1981 Not Metal. Hard/Progressive Rock.
HS 35.047 Mediterraneo Orgia LP 1981 Not Metal. Prog Rock.
HS 35.048 Bloque Música Para La Libertad LP 1981 Not Metal. Progressive Rock.
HS 35.049 Leño En Directo LP 1981 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
HS-35050/51 Asfalto Déjalo Así DLP 1981 Not Metal. Pop/classic rock.
HS 35.052 ObusPreparate LP 1981Picking on a Spanish hard rock album from '81 for being full of stuffy/bluesy 70's rock would be unfair. Even I must confess they pull off this genre rather nicely. There is however a quite remarkable side to this debut as well, like the killer "Pesadilla Nuclear" being damn close to Power Metal and crushing numbers like "Petrodolares" and "La Escalera" displaying a level of quality and heaviness the band never quite got back to.
HS-35.053Barón Rojo Volumen Brutal LP 1982 
HS-35.054 Leño Corre, Corre LP 1982 Not Metal. Hard/classic rock.
HS-35.055MediterraneoAlgo Nuevo LP 1982Not Metal. Rock.
HS-35.056PanzerAl Pie Del Cañón LP 1982Even in their most stuffy r'n'r moments Panzer have a unique ability to remain interesting and enjoyable, at least on this the best of the label's debut albums. The weird & wiggly keyboards and almost wavy drum play is surely part of the magic, but they do have their fair share of solid NWOHM moments to boost. Just don't expect them to sound much the like cover art, keep an open mind and you might enjoy it too..
HS-35.057 V/A Especial Heavy LP 1982 featuring:

Obús, Leño and Barón Rojo.
HS-35.058ObusPoderoso Como El Trueno LP 1982 
HS-35.059 Barón Rojo Volumen Brutal
[English version]
LP 1982  
HS-35.060Bloque Grandes Exitos LP 1983Not Metal. Prog.
HS-35.061?? LP 1983 
HS-35.062Barón Rojo Metalmorfosis LP+7" 1983Only the 20 000 first copies came w/ the bonus single.
HS-35.063 Ñu Fuego LP 1983  
HS-35.064 Panzer Sálvese Quién Pueda LP 1983  
HS-35.065 Express s/t LP 1983 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
HS-35.066 Sobredosis Caliente Como Un Volcan LP 1984  
ZL-601ObusEl Que Más LP 1984I wouldn't say Obus gets worse with every release, but they're not exactly gaining color. "El Que Más" is decent, riffy metalrock at best.
ZL-603 Viva Dealers Of The Night LP 1984 Licensed from Brain (1982).
ZN-405 Leño Una Manera De Vivir Rockanroll 3LP 1984 Not Metal. Hard/Prog Rock.

Box set including their 3 first LPs.
ZL-607 Verity Interrupted Journey LP 1984 Not Metal. aor.
ZL-608 V/A Especial Heavy LP 1984 featuring:

Barón Rojo, Obús, Panzer and Sobredosis.
ZL-609 Ñu Acorralado Por Ti LP 1984  
ZL-611 ? ? LP 198? Possibly/likely a Zafiro mother label release.
ZL-614 Santa Reencarnación LP 1984 Review
ZND-817 Barón Rojo Barón Al Rojo Vivo DLP 1984  
ZL-618 Cargo De Nuit Embarquement Immediat LP 1984 Not Metal. Classic/hard rock.
ZND-818 V/A Historia De Una Etiqueta 1975-1985 DLP 1985 Mostly hard/prog, some Metal.

Bloque, Asfalto, Tequila, Moris, Mermelada, Mariscal Romero, Leño, Ñu, Mezquita, Crack, Borne, Kaka De Luxe, Topo, Cucharada, Tapiman, Paracelso, La BEPS, Tarantula, Mediterraneo, Barón Rojo, Obus, Panzer, Sobredosis, Santa and Express.

Includes 90 page book about the label history + discography.
ZL-619 ? ? LP 198 Possibly/likely a Zafiro mother label release.
ZL-624 Panzer Toca Madera LP 1985  
ZL-626 Goliath s/t LP 1985 One of the more popular (and thus more pricey) Chapa releases and it does look quite epic, don't it? Well, it sorta kinda is at times but more in a Maidenly than a Manowarian fashion. While being one of the best albums on the label it doesn't reach the sky until the ripping "Reaccionar"/"Dios Del Rock"/"Te Encontraro"-trio.

ZL-631 Sobredosis Sangre Joven LP 1985  
ZL-633 Triton s/t LP 1985 Review
ZL-634 Santa No Hay Piedad Para Los Condenados LP 1985 Santa takes an exciting step from mediocre Heavy Metal to more melodic mediocre Heavy Metal.

ZL-635 Obus Pega Con Fuerza LP 1985 It might just be the evil deathskull on the sleeve talking, but I do think I sense a small upswing in both weight and quality compared to the 2 previous albums. So, in the upper regions of mid-league then.
ZL-641 Moris Señor Rock: ¡Presente! LP 1985 Not Metal. Rock'n'roll.
ZL-643 ? ? LP 198 Possibly/likely a Zafiro mother label release.
ZL-645 Barón Rojo En Un Lugar De La Marcha LP 1985  
ZL-658 Panzer Caballeros De Sangre LP 1986  
ZL-660 V/A Grandes Baladas Heavy LP 1986 featuring:

Barón Rojo, Asfalto, Bloque, Ñu, Obus, Panzer, Santa and Leño.
ZL-662 Santa Templario LP 1986 Review
ZL-663 Obus Dejarse La Piel LP 1986 *sigh* It's time for 'the melodic album'. Not every single song is completely awful though - several of them are just plain boring. "Jucio Final" is the exception, qualifying as 'quite good' thanx to a rather interesting riff in the bridge.
ZL-665 Barón Rojo En Directo - Siempre Estáis Allí LP 1986  
ZL-667 V/A Grandes Baladas Heavy Vol 2 LP 1986 featuring:

Obus, Santa, Barón Rojo, Ñu, Panzer, Leño, Asfalto and Express.
ZL-670 ? ? LP 198? Possibly/likely a Zafiro mother label release.
30512058 Obus En Directo 21-2-87 DLP 1987  
30312090 Barón Rojo Tierra De Nadie LP 1987  
33012160 V/A Rock'n'URSS LP 1987 Compilation of Russian HR/HM.

Cruise, August, Black Coffee and Autograph.
30312222 Barón Rojo ¡No Va Más! LP 1988  
30312446 Barón Rojo Obstinato LP 1989  
30512633 V/A Lo Mejor Del Heavy DLP 1990 Featuring:
Barón Rojo, Obus, Panzer, Sobredosis, Leño, Asfalto, Bloque, Ñu, Topo and Santa.
33012725 Mediterraneo Sus Exitos LP 1991 Not Metal. Pop/rock.
H-33.058 Barón Rojo Con Botas Sucias / Chica De La Ciudad 7" 1981  
H-33.059 Mezquita Asi Soy Yo / Mente De Mi Subconsciente 7" 1981 Not Metal. Latin rock.
H-33.060 Mediterraneo Orgia De Neptuno 7" 1981 Not Metal. Latin pop.
H-33.061 Leño Maneras De Vivir 7" 1981 Not Metal. Classic rock.
H-33.062 Asfalto Déjalo Asi 7" 1981 Not Metal. Rock.
H-33.063 Bloque Detenidos En La Materia 7" 1981 Not Metal. Prog/jazz rock.
H-33.064 Barón Rojo ¡Larga Vida Al Rock & Roll! 7" 1981  
H-33.065 Moris La Balsa 7"


Not Metal. Classic rock.

H-33.066 Obus Va A Estallar El Obús 7" 1981  
H-33.067 Mezquita Resaca Del Amanecer 7" 1981 Not Metal. Rock.
H-33.068 Asfalto Vendedor Furtivo 7" 1981 Not Metal. Rock.
H-33.069 Bloque Solo Sentimientos / Detenidos En La Materia 7" 1981 Not Metal. Ballad.
H-33.070 Barón Rojo Los Rockeros Van Al Infierno / Incomunicación 7" 1982  
H-33.071 Obus Solo Lo Hago En Mi Moto / Pesadilla Nuclear 7" 1981  
H-33.072 Leño ¡Que Tire La Toalla! / Sorprendente 7" 1982 Not Metal. Rock.
H-33.073 Mediterraneo Arrabal 7" 1982 Not Metal. Latin pop.
H-33.074 Panzer Panzer / Solitario 7" 1982  
H-33.075 Barón Rojo Resistiré 7" 1982  
H-33.076 Urano Gran Dragon 7" 1982 Perhaps Chapa's one true obscurity in the HR/HM field and it does look rather amazing, doesn't it? Side A is straight-forward Purple-worship, hammonds and all, while side B offers something more in tune with the dragon & warrior cover art, i.e. semi-epic proto-Metal/Heavy-prog. Apparently the only release made by this band.
H-33.077 Obus Dinero, Dinero 7" 1982  
H-33.078 Leño Corre, Corre 7" 1982 Not Metal. Rock.
H-33.079 Mediterraneo Echa Las Cortinas Al Sol 7" 1982 Not Metal. Pop.
H-33.080 Panzer Perro Viejo 7" 1982  
H-33.081 Obus Labios Asesinos 7" 1983  
H-33.082 ? ? 7" 198  
H-33.083 Barón Rojo Casi Me Mato 7" 1983  
H-33.084 Ñu Mas Duro Que Nunca 7" 1983  
RS-33.084 Barón Rojo Invulnerable / Herencia Letal 7" 1983 Bonus 7" that came w/ the first 20 000 copies of "Metalmorfosis".
P-97 Barón Rojo Herencia Letal 7" 1983 1-sided promo
H-33.085 Panzer Galones De Plastico 7" 1983  
H-33.086 Express Perseguidor Nocturno 7" 1983 Not Metal. Rock.
H-33.087 Barón Rojo El Malo 7" 1983  
H-33.088 Ñu La Bailarina 7" 1983  
H-33.089 Sobredosis Chico 7" 1983  
H-33.090 Panzer Junto A Ti 7" 1983  
OOX-640 Obus Vamos Muy Bien 7" 1984  
SP-45-11 Obus Autopista 12" 1984 1-sided promo
OOX-642 Viva Falling In Love 7" 1984  
OOX-651 Barón Rojo Campo De Concentración 7" 1984  
OOX-657 Verity Rescue Me 7" 1984 Not Metal. aor.
OOX-665 Ñu Más, Quiero Más 7" 1984  
OOX-674 Santa Mis Noches Tienen R'n'R 7" 1984 When did putting the lame token rock'n'roll song on a single ever do anything good for any band in Metal history, ever? Hopefully some buyers bothered to flip it over and enjoy the solid "Al Lado Del Diablo" speedfest.
OOX-695 Barón Rojo Concierto Para Ellos 7" 1984  
OOX-698 Obus El Que Mas 7" 1984  
OOX-699 Santa Héroe De Papel 7" 1984  
OOX-717 Panzer Toca Madera 7" 1984  
OOX-725 Goliath La Fuerza Del Rock 7" 1984 Classic scenario:
Album has one song with "Rock" in title. Song becomes single. Song turns out to be worst on album. Not so this time around! "La Fuerz.." is one of the hardrockier tunes on the album, sure, but still metallic, one of the better ones and has exactly the right amount of cocky catchiness to really warrant a single. How rare!
OOX-752 Sobredosis Dinero, Mujeres y Rock 7" 1985  
OOX-757 Triton A Tope De Amor Y Lujo 7" 1985  
OOX-759 Santa No Eres Suficiente 7" 1985  
OOX-762 Panzer Dios Del Rock 7" 1985  
OOX-765 Obus Te Visitara La Muerte 7" 1985 "Babysitter de la Muerte" (ha ha - you can't unhear it now!) is something so rare as the best and heaviest song of the album turned single. Stomping, pounding, crunch-crunch-crunch that'll stick in your head for hours.
OOX-772 Moris El Concierto De Rock 7" 1985 Not Metal. Rock'n'roll.
OOX-776 Sobredosis Sangre Joven 7" 1985  
OOX-788 Triton Sin Control 7" 1985  
OOX-789 Santa Sin Compasión 7" 1985  
OOX-790 Obus Evasión 7" 1985  
OOX-791 Goliath Reaccionar 7" 1985 Another well-chosen selection of single tracks from Goliath. With the flipside "Te Encontrare" you basically get the 2 best songs of the LP on one plate.

Wrongly labeled "OOX-775" on the back sleeve.
OOX-793 Moris El Ultimo Rock 7" 1985 Not Metal. Rock'n'roll.
OOX-808 Barón Rojo Breakthoven 7" 1985  
OOX-810 Barón Rojo Cuerdas De Acero 7" 1985  
OOX-825 Obus Líos En El Congreso 7" 1985  
OOX-844 Barón Rojo Hijos De Caín 7" 1986 On mother-label Zafiro.
OOX-858 Panzer No Hay Quien Nos Pare 7" 1985  
OOX-865 Santa Ven Hasta Mi 7" 1986  
OOX-875 Panzer Volveras, Desertor 7" 1986  
OOX-888 Obus Mentiroso 7" 1986  
OOX-900 Santa No Sabes Como Sufri 7" 1986  
OOX-913 Obus Complaciente O Cruel 7" 1986  
10112088 Obus Me Persigues 7" 1987  
10112089 Barón Rojo Pico de oro 7" 1987  
10112089 Barón Rojo Pico de oro 7" 1987 Promo-version.
20112118 Barón Rojo Tierra de Nadie 12" 1987  
P-154 Obus Crisis 7" 1987  
P-172 Cruise [Круиз] Distant Light 7" 1987 1-sided promo.

More info here.
P-181 Topo El Escorpion 7" 1988 Not Metal. Rock.
P-186 Barón Rojo Travesia Urbana 7" 1988  
P-193 Barón Rojo Trampa Y Carton 7" 1988  
P-226 Barón Rojo Get On Your Knees 7" 1989 Same track on both sides.
Compiled by Dan Edman.