72 compilations found in this cathegory.

13K: Southern Valley Sounds 7inch EP 1983

93 QFM Hometown Album Project LP 1980

95YNF - The Pirate Album '83 LP 1983

96X Oklahoma Rocks LP 1981

97 Underground: The Beast From The East… Vol. 1 LP 1987

98 Rock Volume IV (Hometapes) LP 1986

99.5 KISS: Homegrown Album LP 1981

Apple Cellar Tapes LP 1982

Chicago Rocks - Volume One LP 1980

Cleveland's Heavy Metal: Etched in Steel LP 1984

Decent Exposure '85 LP 1985

Eastern Carolina's Best II LP 1983

FM 104: Toledo's Best Rock LP 1981

FM 104: Toledo's Best Rock 2 LP 1982

Fort Wayne Rocks Volume 1 LP 1985

High Plains Rock Vol. 1 CD 1989

Home Spun, Too LP 1979

KAZY: Rocky Mountain Riffs CD 1992

KAZY: Thunder On The Mountain LP 1980

KCAL/CANHC Homegrown Benefit Album LP 1980

KDKB Arizona Sounds Volume 2 LP 1978

KDKB Arizona Sounds Volume 5 LP 1981

KDKB Arizona Sounds Volume IV LP 1980

KDBK Arizona Sounds Volume Three LP 1979

The KGON Album LP 1980

The KGON Album 2: Homegrown LP 1982

KLOL Talent 'N' Texas LP 1981

KLOS 95 1/2: Rock to Riches LP 1983

KMEL's New Oasis LP 1983

KNAC: Pure Rock LP 1987

KNAC Presents: Son of Pure Rock LP 1988

The KOZZ 105 Homegrown Album LP 1982

KSHE Seeds Homegrown Rock N Roll LP 1980

KSHE 95 Seeds Vol. II LP 1981

KZAP Hometown Album LP 1982

Little Rock Rocks II LP 1988

N.J. Rock (WDHA) LP 1982

Offering: First National Rock of Anchorage LP 1982

PYX 106 Albany's Best Rock N Roll LP 1981

Q-FM-96 Hometown Album Project LP 1978

Q107 Homegrown Vol. 3 LP 1981

Rock 106 Presents Homegrown LP 1980

Rock To Riches: 94 Rock LP 1983

Rock To Riches: 98 Rock LP 1982

Shootin' For The Stars LP 1982

SLO Grown LP 1978

Southern New England's Best Rock From JB 105 LP 1981

Starview 92: Best Of The Bands 1987 LP 1988

Street Rock II LP 1984 LP 1984

Vinyl Ecstasy: The Second Q-FM-96 Hometown Album LP 1980

WAPP: New York Rocks 1983 LP 1983

WBAB: Homegrown '84 LP 1983

WBAB: Homegrown Album LP 1981

WBAB: Son Of Homegrown LP 1982

WCMF 96: Rochester's Homegrown Bands LP 1980

WCMF 96: Homegrown 2 LP 1981

WCMF 96: Homegrown 3 LP 1982

WCMF 96: Homegrown 4 LP 1983

WCMF 96.5: Homegrown 5 LP 1985

WCMF 96.5: Homegrown VI LP 1986

WEBN Album Project 4 LP 1979

WEBN Album Project Five LP 1980

WEBN Album Project Six LP 1981

WEBN Album Project 7 LP 1982

WFBQ 95 Karma Album Project II LP 1980

Winnipeg Homegrown Volume I LP 1981

WLLZ Motor City Rocks II LP 1983

WLLZ Motor City Rocks III LP 1984

WRNO FM 100: The Rock Album, Vol. II LP 1982

WZIR FM Rock To Riches LP 1982

The X L.P. - 97X LP 1981

Z96: Rock To Riches II LP 1983

For more V/A-obscurities, you might also want to have a look at the old article on Swedish Mixed Compilations.

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