13 compilations found in this cathegory.

Från Pop Till Ny Våg LP 1982

Heavy Metal LP 1982

Helgdagsrock Åt Far LP 1983

Högtryck LP 1982

Kommerciell Kultur LP 1983

Mixed Music For Lonely Nights.. LP 1983

Motala Vindar LP 1982

On The Rocks LP 1983

Pang I Bygget LP 1983

Rock Beast LP 1982

Rock Cocktail LP 1982

Rock n' Rock LP 1982

Rock On, Roll On LP 1983

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August 22 , 2015 Update!
CompComp #4!

To celebrate the 500th addition to the Compilopedia, here's the 4th volume in The Corroseum's Compilations Compilations!

...and don't miss out on the 3 previous now-legendary volumes:

The previously "unofficial" volume, as presented on the forum in 2013 has now been un-unofficialized thanx to the fact that all featured compilations are now added to the site.
All selections by Keir + sleeve design by bigfootkit.

The 2nd volume, published 2011-03-04

The 1st volume, published 2009-10-30

Cheers & creds to the following who have lent/ripped/scanned/co-reviewed records for this list:
Stefan Mattisson, Rob Preston, Patrik Carlson, AlaNightsblood, Joakim Westerlund, Mattias Rubarth, Kristian Knutsson.

...and some exta-special Hails! to Patrik of the awesome musikon.se website for invaluable help with the php-coding of the search function!