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CORPSE 001 Tortoise Corpse World's Got A Problem LP/CD 1991 Sounds like a kitchen sink laptop-Thrash demo from 1999, I.e. like RAZOR's "Open Hostility", i.e. it ain't bad considering, i.e. good, filthy Speed/Heavy Metal with a touch of Poison Idea, thwarted by a drum machine.
CORPSE 002 Viogression Expound And Exhort LP/CD 1991 DM quite similar to Obituary, Tardy-clone on vox and all...
CORPSE 003 Dementia Recuperate From Reality LP/CD 1991 Tight, slick and well produced mid-pace Thrash for fans of tight, slick and well produced mid-pace Thrash only. Awful sleeve and dull says I.
CORPSE 004 Silent Scream From The Darkest Depths Of The Imagination LP/CD 1992 "SILENT SCREAM is the hyphen in Death-Thrash.."

DaN Edman
CORPSE 005 Darklin Reach Where Evil Dwells LP/CD 1992 Great band name, awsum sleeve and... Yes, in fact it really is the best release of the label. That doesn't really make it an underrated masterpiece and must-buy item as such, but it's a rarely successful, 'tallica-esque piece of Powerthrash riff-gluttony.

(6 months later, on a re-ish hype-sticker:
"...underrated masterpiece and must-buy.."
The Corroseum )
CORPSE 006 Viogression Passage CD 1995 More prog-Death & MorbidAngel-like this time around...
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