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RSP PD 001
IRS 94221 0
Gypsy KyssWhen Passion Murdered Innocence LP/Pic-LP/CD 1990 The band supposedly so captivating it inspired someone in Germany to build an entire label around them sounds like a heavy aor-take on The Smiths. By that I really don't mean it's awful, but Metal it is not...

On black and blue marbled vinyl.
RSPLP 002 Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace LP/Pic-LP/CD 1990 I really enjoy some parts of this album, though sometimes I find they have and overly convoluted way of putting those parts together. Clearly a band that takes some effort getting into, and I'm not quite there yet. I do get where all the praise is coming from tho'
RSPLP 003 Platinum Iceman LP/CD 1990 I guess by 1990's standard you could label this 'dated'. I'm all for dated, but this streetsy Armored Saint-derivative leaves me numb.
RSPLP 004 Gypsy KyssSongs From A Swirling Ocean LP/CD 1991 Not Metal. Prog-aor.
IRS 942223 BattlefieldStill And Ever Again LP/CD 1991 Since I hold the excellent, genre-defining German Speed Metal of the debut mini in such high regard I really can't give this 180-turn towards prog-Metal an honest review. *Insert first half of my PW-rant above here*
IRS 942224 Hades Live: On Location LP/CD 1991 Live albums - can't kill 'em, can't stop buying 'em anyway coz you're a hopeless completist.
IRS 942225 Taramis Stretch Of The Imagination LP/CD 1991 Are the vocals sour or is he just twisting'n'turning the harmonies in a way that makes it sound so? Does it matter? Coming back to this album after a long absence I gotta say I do enjoy their PowerProg quite a bit more than I remembered doing years ago. Better run down in the cellar and see if it's still left untouched in the for-sale crates...
  IRS 942226 Dead Head The Feast Begins At Dawn LP/CD 1991 see Bad Taste Recordings
RSP 942227 Various Weird Thoughts - Volume I LP/CD 1991 Featuring:
Gypsy Kyss, Psychotic Waltz, False Witness, Hades, Platinum, Mystic Force, Taramis, Mike Dickes, Battlefield and Arcane.
IRS 972228 =Y= s/t MCD 1992 Not Metal. Sleeze.

(The continuation of Danish Glam Metal band Geisha, i.e. also featuring Yenz of Brats-fame. LP-version only on the Danish label Mega Records in 1991.)
RSP 942229 Gypsy Kyss Groovy Soup Pic-LP/CD 1992 Not Metal. Poppy rock w/ a prog-edge.
IRS 972.230 Mystic Force The Eternal Quest CD 1993 They're no match for the early works of Heir Apparent, Crimson Glory or Fates Warning, but it's a nice & proper tribute nonetheless.
IRS 972.231 =Y= Rawchild CD 1992 Not Metal. Post-sleeze of the typical early 90's variety..

Once again the LP-version was only available as a Danish pressing on Mega Records.
IRS 972.232 Michael Dickes Unevel Alley CD 1993 Acoustic ballad-pop from Gypsy Kyss-member.
  IRS 972.233 Dead Head Dream Deciever CD 1993 see Bad Taste Recordings
IRS 972.234 Mas Optica Choose To See More CD 1993 Awful modern/altern'ish/prog'ish hard rock w/ annoying vocals.
084-62152 Jackal Vague Visions CD 1993 As with the more famous Metal Church-release below, this was only available on vinyl in South Korea, here on the Jigu Records label.
084-62162 Battlefield Spirit Of Time CD 1993 Less erratic than before, this one sounds like a less exciting "Turn Back Trilobite" (Sacrilege).
084-62172 Metal Church Hanging In The Balance CD 1993 Also in digipak w/ 3 live bonus tracks. At the time, the only official vinyl version was the South Korean pressing on PolyGram/Blackheart Records.

084-62182 Sadist Above The Light CD 1994 Not too original prog-Death.

Licensed from Nosferatu Records (1993, also on LP)
084-62222 Riot Nightbreaker CD 1994 It's not only the cover of "Burn", the Blackmore-worship shines through on plenty places all through the record. A delightfully unhip 1994-release which - while no milestone in the band's discography - should please both FDU- as well as Thundersteel-fans.
084-62232 Vicious Rumors Word Of Mouth CD 1994 Not a complete 'modern disaster' but close.

Also as digipak.
084-62292 Jag Panzer Dissident Alliance CD 1994

Well, shit happens...

(A special edition in magenta tray with silver logo also exists)
084-62312 Jackal A Safe Look In Mirrors CD 1994  
084-62392 Mystic Force A Step Beyond CD 1995  
084-62402 Echo Park Pretty Lies CD 1995 Absolutely VILE, schmalzy pop garbage of interest to no-one except the musicians themselves.
34434 Mind Odyssey Schizophenia CD 1995 In a sense rather typical of the tiny branch of 90's Metal that wasn't a complete trendfollowing failure, i.e. sort of slick, melodic and occationally 'Power Metal'ish. In a word: Dull.
34435 Sadist Tribe CD 1996 The circus-organ keyboard-sound is hilarious! Stripping all the Metal from this one would make it quite interesting...
34499-428 Riot The Brethren Of The Long House 2CD 1996 A special edition that includes the "Live In Japan 1992" bonus CD
34500-422 Riot The Brethren Of The Long House CD 1996 Less Blackmore, more melodic, one of the weaker moments in their discography without being outright bad.
Singles & Promos
RSP S 001 Psychotic Waltz I Remember / Only A Dream 7" 1990  
RSP S 002 Gypsy Kyss Colors Can Stain 7" 1991  
RSP S 003 Gypsy Kyss Somewhere With Somebody Else 7" 1991  
IRS 930700 Gypsy Kyss Last One In The World Pic-12" / CDS 1992  
- Metal Church Gods Of Second Chance CDS 1993 promo
050-62303 Jag Panzer Jeffrey - Behind The Gate CDS 1994  
PRO 2/96 V/A Are You Ready? CD 1996 split-promo featuring:
Riot, Mind Odyssey and Sadist.
BTR LP 001 Tyrranicide God Save The Scene LP/CD 1990 Generic crossoverthrash that seems to have been fanzine darlings back in the day. Me I can't for the life of me understand what would make them stick out from the very hard competition of the time...

Licensed from Whirling Derwish Records.
BTR LP 002 Mystrez The Indictment LP/CD 1990 Competent technical Thrash, but even without the strange, annoying vocals I doubt I'd ever give this a 2nd listen since EVERY BLOODY SONG SOUND THE SAME.
IRS 942226 Dead Head The Feast Begins At Dawn LP/CD 1991 Well, I guess a poor man's SADUS is prefered to a poor man's MYSTREZ..
No, let's be nice. This is actually quite good deathrash and more than a little underapreciated.

A self-titled promo-tape of this album was produced the year before and credited to mother label Rising Sun, bearing a different cat# (IRS 942224).
IRS 972.233 Dead Head Dream Deciever CD 1993 More aggro-death'y, but I like the Repulsion-like guitarsound that's hiding somewhere far below the 'phat' production.
Compiled by DaN Edman.