Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
FING LP 101 Axewitch The Lord Of Flies LP 1983  
FING LP 002 Jess Cox Third Step LP 1983 Not Metal. Blues Rock.

Licensed from Neat Records.
FING LP 003 The Barracudas Endeavour To Persevere LP 1984 Not Metal. Punk/Garage Rock.

Licensed from Closer Records.
FING LP 004 Wizz Crazy Games LP 1984 Review
FING LP 005 Santers Guitar Alley LP 1984 Licensed from Passport Records.
FING LP 006 Gotham City The Unknown LP 1984
FING LP 007 The Inmates True Live Stories LP 1984 Not Metal. Garage Rock.

Licensed from Lolita Records.
FING LP 008 Mercy s/t LP 1984  
FING LP 009 Lyres On Fyre LP 1984 Not Metal. Garage Rock.

Licensed from Ace Of Hearts Records.
FING LP 010 V/A The Great Metal Attack LP 1984 featuring:
Torch, Axewitch, Strike, Nemesis, Mercy, Wizz, Gotham City and Mindless Sinner.
FING LP 011 Axewitch Visions Of The Past LP 1984  
FING LP 012 Axewitch Hooked On High Heels LP 1985  
FING LP 013 Mercy Witchburner LP 1985
FING LP 014 Mindless Sinner Turn On The Power LP 1986
MLPs & EPs
ING MLP 001 Pretty Maids s/t MLP 1983 Also released on PAR, Bullet, and CBS records.
FING MLP 002 Mindless Sinner Master Of Evil MLP 1983  
FING MLP 003 Nemesis The Day Of Retribution MLP 1984 Pre-CANDLEMASS
FING M 404 Axewitch 3-track Maxi 12" EP 1984 The 3 first releases in the label's "FING M" maxi-single series were disco releases and thus excluded.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow) and DaN Edman. Additions by Rob Preston.