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ES 4001 Steeler s/t LP 1984 Noticed how the pricetags of even the most common of the old better Metal albums has risen in the last couple of years? Luckily there's some exceptions and this classic can still be found for an even €10'er = no excuses.
ES 4002 Living Death Vengeance Of Hell - new remix LP 1985 Can German Speed Metal get any cooler than "My Victim"?

First released on Mausoleum Records, but later remixed (on public demand?) and issued on Earthshaker. Surprisingly enough, this remix does sound better than the original, but you miss out on the lyrics insert only available with the Mausoleum pressing.
ES 4003 Brainfever Capture The Night LP 1984 Review
ES 4004 Fact As A Matter Of... LP 1985  
ES 4005 Steeltower Night Of The Dog LP 1985  
ES 4006 Atlain Living In The Dark LP 1985  
ES 4007 Living Death Watch Out! MLP 1985  
ES 4008 Lion's Breed Damn The Night LP 1985  
ES 4009 Steeler Rulin' The Earth LP 1985  
ES 4010 Xxaron The Legacy LP 1985 Review
ES 4011 Mad Butcher Metal Lightning Attack LP 1985  
ES 4012 Living Death Metal Revolution LP 1985 Fact: The single most amazing opening scream ever on a Heavy Metal record was recorded in 1985, in the beginning of the song "Killing Machine" by German Speed Metal Gods LIVING DEATH.
ES 4013 X-mas Project Bangin' Round The X-mas Tree MLP 1985 4-song version. A full-length 8-song version appeared on Both Shark- and Aaarrg Records one year later.

ES 4014 Fact Without Warning LP 1985  
ES 4015 Atlain Guardians Of Eternity LP 1986  
ES 4016 Carrie Secrets LP 1986 When it's not completely buried in the mix, Steffi's warbling, new-wave'y voice brings a welcomed last touch of originality to Carrie's already brilliant, stand-up-straight Heavy Metal. Not a half-bad song on the whole album.
ES 4017 V/A Metallic Bunnys - Fast Collection MLP 1986 More info here.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman.