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10001 Backwater Revelation LP 1984  
10002 English Dogs Forward Into Battle LP 1984 "Ordeal By Fire" is the greatest song that Brocas Helm never wrote and as often is the case, a 11/10 Epic Anthem like this tend to leave the rest of an otherwise decent album in the dust. A shame and a miracle all at once.
10003 Backwater Final Strike LP 1986 Review
10004 Angel Dust Into The Dark Past LP 1986 CD version released by Scratch Records.

10005 Exumer Possessed By Fire LP 1986 CD version released by Scratch Records.
10006 V/A US Speedcore Invasion LP 1986 Half the content of the Eastern Front - Live at Ruthie's Inn DLP, slimmed down for the European market.

Featuring: Legacy, Messiah, Ruffian, Blind Illusion, Heathen, Sacrilege, Anti Bomb, DRI, Stone, Death Angel and Sentinel Beast.
10007 Exumer Rising From The Sea LP/CD 1987  
10008 Angel Dust To Dust You Will Decay LP/CD 1988 Review
10009 Mandator Initial Velocity LP/CD 1988  
- Mandator I Will Be Your Last 12" EP 1988 Promo featuring 3 tracks from the "Initial Velocity" LP.
10010 Mandator Perfect Progeny LP/CD 1989  
10011 Dr. Death Preapocalyptic Visions CD 97  
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman and Avenger.