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CONT-series (foreign EP reissues)
CONT 1 Behemoth Deathwings 7" 1983

Originally released on a private label one year earlier, with a slightly different cover.

Review + Review
CONT 2 ? ? ? 1983?  
CONT 3 Taipan s/t 12" EP 1983 Originally released as a 7" on a private label 2 years earlier, with a different cover.

CULP-series (foreign MLP & LP license pressings)
CULP 1 Pretty Maids s/t MLP 1983 Some copies came with iron-on t-shirt-motif. Also released on PAR, Fingerprint and CBS records (CBS version w/ different cover art).
CULP 2 EF Band Deep Cut LP 1983 Some copies came with iron-on t-shirt-motif. Also released on Ewita Records.
BULP-series (LPs & MLPs)
BULP 1 Silverwing Alive And Kicking MLP 1983  
BULP 2 Le Griffe Breaking Strain MLP 1984  
BULP 3 Black Rose Boys Will Be Boys LP 1984  
BULP 4 Crisis Armed To The Teeth MLP 1984 Review
BULP 5 Sam Thunder Manoeuvres Pic-LP 1984  
  BULP 6 Desolation Angels [no title] LP 1985 The insert to the Traitors Gate reissue on HRR tells us how this was supposed to be the DESOLATION ANGELS debut LP. It never even got close to a release before the label folded, but an interesting anecdote nevertheless...
BOLT/BOL-series (12"s & 7"s)
BOLT 1 Le Griffe Fast Bikes 12" EP 1983  
BOLT 2 Wrathchild Stackheel Strutt 12" EP 1983 Red vinyl
BOLT 3 ? ? ? 1983  
BOLT 4 Geddes Axe Escape From New York 12" EP 1983
BOLT 5 Wrathchild Do You Want My Love 12" EP 1983 Also as 7", pic-7" and 10".
BOLT 6 Black Rose We're Gonna Rock You 12" EP 1983  
BOLT 7 Le Griffe You're Killing Me 12" 1984 The "in-between" LeGriffe-product, best saved for last. Kinda redundant HR.
BOLT 8 Sam Thunder Don't Take Forever 12" EP 1984  
BOL 9 Black Rose Boys Will Be Boys 7" 1984  
BOLT 10 Chrome Molly You Said 12" EP 1984  
BOLT 11 Pauline Gillan's Northern Dancer One More Time 12" EP 1984 Pauline = Ian Gillan's sister.
BOLT 12 Traitors Gate Devil Takes The High Road 12" EP 1985 Review
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman and Thomas Bieri.