Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
BD 001Savage GraceMaster Of Disguise LP 1985Licensed from Important Records. Slightly different cover art from the original.

BD 002Manilla RoadOpen The Gates LP+12" 1985 
BD 003ExxplorerSymphonies Of Steel LP 1985Licensed from Metal Blade, though originally on a private label. Different cover art.

BD 004Liege LordFreedom's Rise LP 1985Licensed from Iron Works. Different cover art from the original.

BD 005Steel VengeanceCall Off The Dogs LP 1985 Review
BD 006Castle BlakBabes In Toyland LP 1985 Review
BD 007CJSSWorld Gone Mad LP 1985Licensed from Leviathan Records. Different cover art from the original.
BD 008Heir ApparentGraceful Inheritance LP/CD 1986Does a better early Queensrÿche than Crimson Glory themselves.

BD 009D.C. LacroixCrack Of Doom LP 1986 Review
BD 010Manilla RoadThe Deluge LP 1986 
HD 011KoogaAcross The Water LP 1986 
BD 012Savage GraceAfter The Fall From Grace LP 1986Licensed from Metal Blade. Slightly different cover art from the original.
BD 013CandlemassEpicus Doomicus Metallicus LP 1986 
BD 014Ded EngineHot Shot LP 1986No, of course it's nowhere near in the same league as the 2 albums above or the the one below, but Ded Engine treaded the tightrope of being great at being 100% unoriginal HM with utmost grace.

Licensed from Pentagram Records (as s/t).
BD 015Sacred BladeOf The Sun And Moon LP 1986 Review
BD 016CJSSPraise The Loud LP 1986Licensed from Leviathan Records. Different cover art from the original.
BD 017Steel VengeanceSecond Offence LP 1986 Review
BD 018Manilla RoadCrystal Logic LP 1983Licensed from Roadster Records.
BD 019AnthemTightrope LP 1986 
HD 020 Castle Blak Another Dark Carnival LP 1986 Review
HD 021The Cherry BombzComing Down Slow LP 1986 
HD 022Peer GüntBack Seat LP 1986 
BD 023MaceThe Evil In Good LP 1987 
BD 024Manilla RoadMystification LP 1987Licensed from Roadster Records.
BD 025ChastainThe 7th Of Never LP 1987Licensed from Shrapnel Records. Different cover art from the original.
HD 026SmackLive Desire LP 1987 
BD 027 Mayhem Burned Alive LP 1987 Mayhem (NY) proved that you can indeed make great "Punk-Metal" without degrading neither of the genres. This is def' not your typical US Crossover fare but a much more Euro-influenced sound with only a novelty-song or 3 to differ themselves from the likes of UK familiars like English Dogs or The Blood. They're the kind of band that almost get away with the "Ace Of Spades" cover-filler. Almost.
BD 028Steel VengeancePrisoner LP 1987 
BD 029David T. ChastainInstrumental Variations LP 1987Licensed from Leviathan Records.
HD 030Peer GüntGood Girls Don't... LP 1987 
HD 031James YoungOut On A Day Pass LP 1987 
HD 032April 16thSleepwalking LP 1987 
BD 033Manilla RoadLive Roadkill LP/CD 1987 
BD 034Sacred Childs/t LP 1987 
BD 035FlamesSummon The Dead LP 1987 Licensed from FM Records.
BD 036Lars Eric MattsonEternity LP/CD 1988 
BD 037Manilla RoadOut Of The Abyss LP/CD 1988Licensed from Leviathan Records.
BD 038DruidVampire Cult LP/CD 1988 Originally as a private pressing with different cover art.

HD 039Peer GüntFire Wire LP 1988 
BD 040Steel VengeanceNever Lettin' Go LP 1988 
BD 041Lars Eric MattsonNo Surrender LP/CD 1989 
BD 042St. Elmo's FirePowerdrive LP/CD 1990
HD 043Peer GüntYears On The Road LP 1990 
BD 044David T. ChastainRetrospect CD 1990 
BD 045Manilla RoadThe Courts Of Chaos LP/CD 1990 
BD 046DofkaToxic Wasteland LP/CD 1990It's rather unobtrusive as far as drum machines go, and nor does the guitar-hero antics of Jim Dofka manage to hide the fact that this is an excellent piece of neo-classical US Power Metal. Proves Black Dragon had a keen eye for the Epic, despite disguises & dire circumstances. That's one hell of an ugly sleeve tho'!

HD 047Peer GüntDon't Mess With The Countryboys LP 1990 
BD 048Steel VengeanceLive Among The Dead CD 1990 
BD 049David. T ChastainElegant Seduction CD 1991 
BD 050Lars Eric MattsonElectric Voodoo CD 1991 
BD 051Michael HarrisDefense Mechanizms CD 1992 
BD 052V/AMetal Without Mercy - Volume 1 CD 1992Featuring:
Savage Grace, Exxplorer, Liege Lord, Dark Angel, Manilla Road, Mace, Sacred Child, Hawaii, Mayhem (US), Mox Nix, D.C. Lacroix, Ruthless, World War III, Candlemass and Heir Apparent.
BD 053Manilla RoadThe Circus Maximus CD 1992 
BD 054 Chastain/Harris Counterpoint - Live, Wild & Truly Diminished CD 1992  
BD 055 St. Elmo's Fire Desperate Years CD 1992  
BD 056 Excruciating Pain Thou Shall Choose CD 1992  
HBDCD 597 V/A The Legend Of Dragon Noir CD 1997 Released through the Greek edition of Metal Hammer.

Candlemass, Exxplorer, Dark Angel, World War III, Manilla Road, Mox Nix, Heir Apparent, Hawaii, Savage Grace, Liege Lord, Mayhem, Sacred Child, D.C. Lacroix and Ruthless.
BD MH 002 Manilla Road Live By The Sword - The Very Best Of Manilla Road CD 1998 Released through the Greek edition of Metal Hammer, and not entirely legit I've heard.
BD MH 003 Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus CD 1998 Promo.
Released through the Greek edition of Metal Hammer, and not entirely legit I've heard.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow) and DaN Edman. Additions by Avenger.