Today we’re going to have a chat with Chris Andreadakis of HERCULES, a band who’ve been remorselessly waving the flag of True Heavy Metal since its inception in the previous decade. With underground efforts such as 2019’s “Victory” album, this one-man operation has showed that it’s still possible to create original, energetic and honest music by going back to the classics of the genre (including MANOWAR, MANILLA ROAD and RUNNING WILD to reach for a few possible reference points).
Greetings Chris and thank you for investing your time in answering our questionnaire. What are you up to at the moment, musically speaking?
Have a great year. Thank you for the interest. I have finished the new album "Metal Pounding" with a full band(drummer+bassist). If there is any company interested they can contact me at bandhercules-AT-gmail-DOT-com
For those of us who haven’t followed your work since the earliest days (I myself discovered HERCULES by hearing the 2019 re-recording of your sophomore effort “Victory”), could you please provide a brief historical background of the band?
I started Hercules in late 2015, although I'm playing since late 90's and most of my material is written between 2004 and 2008.
Except for a few guest appearances in the studio, HERCULES appears to have pretty much remained a one-man endeavour in the past. Is this a deliberate creative choice you have made, or is it rather borne out of necessity (lack of suitable musicians or other hindrances)?
I would like to have a full band, but it seems most musicians don't like my true classic style otherwise they would ask me to join. I see most metalheads today are obsessed with clean power metal instead of 70's and 80's classic raw sound.
What do you percieve as the main strengths/virtues of HERCULES’ music? Besides the killer riffs and vocal melodies, I personally appreciate the visceral power and obvious love for Heavy Metal that permeates a recording like “Victory”. Also, are there anything specific areas which you think could to be further improved or developed?
Its the energy I love in Hercules, something that most bands lack today. They know how to play their organs but they lack the passion and madness that is plenty in 80's classic metal. I would like to have a studio production, but I doubt there are people who would invest in Hercules music. Most ask a lot of money from young bands. So I have to try to make better recordings and mixes by myself.
Would you like to name five albums (Metal or non-Metal) that have had a profound impact on you as a musician?
Manowar - Triumph of Steel
Manilla Road - Open the Gates
Axemaster - Blessing in the Skies
Exodus - Bonded by Blood
Rainbow - Rising
Of course there are many more as Tyrant - Too late to Pray, Thor - Only the Strong, Running Wild - Gates to Purgatory, Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse etc etc
Any recent releases from the Hellenic scene which has caught your attention in one way or another?
Validor - The Ten Thousand, although he hasn't provided the title of the new album
Black Sword Thunder Attack - March of the Damned
Stamos - Full Songs
Do you think there exists any specific attributes that a band must possess to be considered as True Heavy Metal?
Yes, they must scream and play endless solos. They shall not be afraid to hit wrong notes. And of course they should avoid compressing and washing their sound so much that it doesn't sound wild at all.
Once again, many thanks your participation Chris. Any last words you’d like to share with us?
Thank you. I wish strength to all who live this tragedy orchestrated by the dark elite and politicians. May people fight for their freedom and be victorious!
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