Verum Organum

Piraeus (Attica)
Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Doom Metal, Epic Metal

Founded in December 1993, VERUM ORGANUM was a Piraeus-based quintet who developed a homegrown take on Epic Heavy Metal, but whose career – like so many Greek bands of their generation – was cut short far too soon. The earliest constitution of the group – originally operating as a quartet – included Stefanos Bios (vocals – CORRUPTION), Giannis (guitars), Alexis Masaoutis (bass) and Kostas Taleporos (drums). However, with the departure of original guitarist Giannis the band expanded into a dual-guitarist five-piece with the addition of Konstantinos Lazarakis (guitars) and Nikos Makrodimitris (guitars). It was with this lineup that VERUM ORGANUM entered Studio 5 (Athens) in January 1995 to record their first (and only) demo piece “Trimming of Land” (1995).

Stylewise, “Trimming of Land” touches on elements of Heavy-, Power-, Doom- and Epic Metal, but could perhaps most accurately – in the words of the band themselves – be described as “Atmospheric Heavy Metal”. Their ambitions are perhaps best exemplified by the demo’s center-piece track, “Overlord”, which was also the song chosen for inclusion on contemporary compilation tapes. Furthered by eye-catching fantasy artwork and a relatively strong production job, “Trimming of Land” sold quite a few copies and received positive response from the Greek underground press.

Allegedly, the band were set to enter the studio once more in September 1995 to track a second demo tape, but was far as we know this recording either didn’t take place or it was shelved for one reason or another. So, except for a handful of live shows and compilation appearances, no further material has been issued from the VERUM ORGANUM camp. Although we have not been able to verify this yet, the vocalist Stefanos Bios apparently recorded a Greek-language solo album in the early 2000s, entitled “...Φυλαχτό” (“talisman”) (2002).

Compilation appearances:
* Killers Vol. 3 [Cass, Comp, Numbered: Heavy – Rock Tapes, 1996]
* The Spirit of Metal Vol. 2 [Cass, Comp: Underground Tapes, ?]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Trimming of Land - Demo (Cassette) 1995 - Private (-)
(Studio 5 (Athens), January 1995)
Details: Regular cassette, coloured j-card.

Verum Organum (instrumental)
The Secret Gathering Prelude
Secret Gathering
Trimming on Isle Adored (instrumental)
Stefanos Bios (vocals)
Konstantinos Lazarakis (guitars)
Nikos Macrodimitris (guitars)
Alexis Masaoutis (bass)
Kostas Taleporos (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.

(Listen to this recording in full at Hellenic Steel's YouTube channel)