Faded Shadows

Athens (Attica)
Heavy Metal
1993-1994 (as FADED SHADOWS), 1994-unknown (as THE SEASONS OF WITHER)

FADED SHADOWS was a relatively short-lived (if the dates available are correct) Heavy Metal band from Cholargos (Athens) who existed during 1993-1994 before transforming into the more well-known Gothic Metal act THE SEASONS OF WITHER. Before the name-change, FADED SHADOWS released a five-track demo tape entitled “Tired Generation” (1994), recorded at Names Studio. Since the lineup information for this recording is anything but clear-cut, we’ll have to leave it out of here for the time being to sort it all out.

In addition to the shift to THE SEASONS OF WITHER, it’s stated that some of the members of FADED SHADOWS went on to form another band called HELLDRIVER (not to be confused with HELLDIVER), who were at some point working on a demo entitled “Ebenizer” (date unknown). There also seems to be a connection to the excellent Athenian Heavy Metal act WINDSPOUT, but once again, we have to double-check if this information is correct.

More info on this band would be greatly appreciated.

Compilation appearances:

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Tired Generation - Demo (Cassette) 1994 - Private (-)
(Names Studio (Chalandri), 1993)
Details: Cassette, coloured j-card w/ lyrics.

Tired Generation
Stranger for Our God
Let Me Be
Release the Wind
I'm Leaving You
George Giannadakis (vocals, backing vocals)
Elias Papaharalambrous (guitars)
Fotis Fotopoulos (guitars)
Chris Karamanlis (bass, backing vocals)
Bill Theologitis (drums)
Tassos Vassiliades (keyboards, organ)
Yet to be reviewed.