Fade Sense

Pyrgos (Central Greece)
Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Formed as far back as 1988 (according to an interview made with the band – other sources claim the band was created in the early 1990s), FADE SENSE originated in Peloponnesian town of Pyrgos (Western Greece). Despite having formed so many years ago, the earliest known recorded material by the band dates to the late-1990s with the inclusion of one of their tracks on a compilation CD named “Chaos – Hard Core ‘N’ Punk” (1997). At this time, the band consisted of Dimitris Avramopoulos (vocals, guitars), Petros Grivas (guitars), Giorgos Vlachos (bass) and Sakis Vourtsis (drums). The included track, “Σκλάβοι Του Μίσους” (”Slaves of Hate”) presents an interesting sound which brings together influences from several Metal styles, complemented by a Punk attitude and with lyrics sung in Greek – a constant feature of the band which in addition to their composite style certainly marks them out in the Greek Metal underground.

The first “proper” release by FADE SENSE didn’t arrive until 2006 in the form of a full-length album entitled “Έλευσις”, recorded at Kinisis Studio II in Athens and released on CD by Side Two Records. By this time, half of the lineup had been shifted to include – in addition to previous members Dimitris A. and Petros G. – Apostolis Tasiopoulos (bass) and Alexandros Konstaninou (drums). Consisting of fourteen (!) tracks in total, “Έλευσις” gives full exposure to the bands fully developed sound, which – as mentioned above – draws on a plethora of Metal styles. If we were to take a stab at describing FADE SENSE musically, then try to imagine a Greek-language Metal band influenced by Metallica’s “Black Album”, Thrash and Melodic Death Metal, writing songs of dark atmosphere and with a subtle touch of Folk music in the melodies and riffs and with lyrics referring to works of Elena Blavatsky and Samuel Coleridge, among others! Sounds intriguing, right?

Despite boasting a unique sound, an ambitious concept and a well-packaged album, it appears as if FADE SENSE didn’t really manage to reach out to a wider audience – their CD is definitely not easy to find these days, even on the second-hand market. Since no further works have appeared since 2006, we will have to assume that the band split up at some point. On the other hand, it took them about twenty years to produce their first album, so all hope is not lost for the patient ones…

Compilation appearances:
* Chaos I – Hard Core ‘N’ Punk [CD, Comp: Live, 1997]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Έλευσις - Album (CD) 2006 - Side Two Records (ST-CD-507)
(Studio Fasma (Lamia))
Details: -

Κάποτε που ζούσαμε
Ο αφέντης του νου
Η μάγισσα
Δύναμη Η20
Αλεξάνδρεια (Φιλαληθείς)
Μητέρα Ιρλανδία
Άρπαξη τη μέρα
Άμμων Ρα
Νότια του Έρεβους
Το κάλεσμα του δάσους
Dimitris Avramopoulos (vocals, guitars)
Petros Grivas (guitars)
Apostolis Tasiopoulos (bass)
Alexandros Kostantinou (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.