Fable Silence

Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia)
Hard Rock, Goth Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal

Operating in the outskirts of HSA’s main sphere of interest, FABLE SILENCE was a Thessaloniki-based Heavy Rock group who appears to have been mostly active around the turn of the millennium. The only known lineup of the band is the one included on their sole (?) demo CDr “…Silence Is the Word…” (2000), including guitarist Theofilos Papadopoulos (the only member known by his full name), along with Nikos A. (vocals), Nikos P. (bass) and Zisis (drums).

Stylewise, they seem to have been quite insistent on not being easily assigned any specific category, which means that the music goes all over the place both in terms of genre and song structuring. At the basis we find a mix of Heavy/Hard Rock riffs, Alternative Rock chordings, solemnly melancholic Goth Rock vocals and a minor dose of Metal heaviness. Although songs tend to be chorused-centered, they nonetheless move into unexpected places, taking swift turns whenever chance is given. This grants the music a certain progressive edge and definitely makes for a more interesting listen, even though the band could’ve needed to work more on fine-calibrating their songwriting. It would’ve been nice to hear from chording’s this band (if they ever did any further recordings).

Compilation appearances:

d i s c o g r a p h y :

...Silence Is the Word... - Demo (CDr) 2000 - Private (-)
(Riff Studios (Unknown), October-December 2000)
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Eyes of Sorrow
Smoke in Your Eyes
Fable Silence
Nikos A. (vocals)
Theofilos Papadopoulos (guitars)
Nikos P. (bass)
Zisis (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.