Athens (Attica)
Heavy Metal

ECLIPSE was an Athenian Heavy Metal band who formed in September 1995 and stayed active in various forms at least until the early 2000s. The earliest known lineup included Michalis Paleologos (guitars), Christos Derventzis (bass) and Vassilis Kokkos (keyboards – THUNDERING SILENCE), joined by session contributors Giorgos Rodopoulos (vocals – POWER CRUE, SHARPNESS, etc.) and Leonidas Toukas (drums – Έρεβος, Σκιές). These were the members participating on what would be ECLIPSE’s only official release, a two-track (+ intro) demo tape alternately referred to as “It’s Alive”, “Demo 96” or just “Eclipse” (1996) [ed. note: that’s what you get for not putting a title on your covers!]

One thing that strikes you when hearing ECLIPSE’s tape is that the two tracks are quite different in character. The epic opener “Silence” is a minor classic of the Greek underground, starting out with mood-setting keyboards before embarking on a steady march of galloping rhythm riffing and excellent vocals courtesy of the late G. Rodopoulos. Contrastingly, and in true 1980s fashion, “Fake Love” sees the band attempting the ballad format – a sincere attempt by all means, even though many would probably prefer if the band included another epic number.

“Demo ‘96” did grant ECLIPSE a bit of attention, earning them positive fanzine reviews, at least one compilation feature and even an interview on local radio. However, the band was bound for significant alterations in the lineup at this point (most probably caused by members heading off to do obligatory military service). The first major overhaul came in March 1997 when Michalis Paleologos left to be replaced by Takis Vougiouklakis (guitars) and a second guitar player named Petros Servos (guitars). Then the session players Giorgos R. and Leonidas T. got replaced by Nikos (vocals) and Fotis (drums). This lineup couldn’t have lasted very long though, as the first ECLIPSE show – on 19th September 1998 at At Last Club (Athens) – featured a very different one, with only band leader Christos Derventzis remaining as an original member: Nick (vocals), Antonis (guitars), Illias (guitars), Christos Derventzis (bass) and Stavros Bouras (drums). Among the tracks played in the band’s concert around this time was “Intro/Silence” and “Fake Love” taken from the previous demo, along with two new original tracks entitled “Dogs of War” and “Remember the Time” and a handful of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST covers. Then, after a second show at Woodstock Club, Nick left the vocalist position to George (which happens to be the brother of the band’s keyboard player Vassilis Kokkos).

As mentioned above, no further official releases by ECLIPSE are known to exists. We do believe the band kept existing in one form or another until the early 2000s, and they did produce at least one more studio recording with the track “Remember the Time”, allegedly recorded for a compilation release associated with Hangar Studios (Athens) (probably never released officially, but the ECLIPSE recording is available on Youtube at the time of writing).

Compilation appearances:
* Fire and Steel 1 [Cass, Comp: Warrior’s Lament Zine, 1996]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Demo '96 - Demo (Cassette) 1996 - Private (-)
(Studio Voices (Athens))
Details: Cassette, coloured j-card.

Fake Love
Michael Paleologos (guitars)
Chris Derventzis (bass)
Bill Kokkos (keyboards, piano)
George Rodopoulos (session vocals)
Leonidas Toggas (session drums)
Yet to be reviewed.