Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia)
Speed Metal, Thrash Metal

As one of Greece’s early Speed/Thrash bands, Thessaliniki’s BRAINSTORM were among the bands who got a spot on the pioneering “Greece Attacks” 2-LP compilation in the late-1980s. They also released at least two demos: one in 1989, entitled “The Time Has Come” and a second called “Violated Fortune” in 1990. Their second tape remains yet to be discovered, but “The Time has Come” is well worth searching out as BRAINSTORM’s brand of Punk-ish Speed/Thrash/Heavy Metal carries a lot of charm.

As far as influences go, the almight SLAYER needs to be mentioned, along with early (sloppy but intense) Speed Metal as well as crossover stuff like D.R.I. But there’s also a lot of pure Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal in the mix. The drum patterns and rhythm guitar come straight out of Thrash for most of the time (skank beats, palm-muted riffs, tremolo picking). On the other hand, the elongated song structures (such as the seven-minute mini-epic “Psychological Warfare”), lead guitar antics and choruses are more at home in the Heavy Metal realm. Add to this the youthful intensity, untidy production and raw performance of Punk and you’ve got a pretty good idea of where BRAINSTORM were meant to be heading (had they not dissappeared so soon).

Speaking of dissappearing, we must also mention the ensuing career of BRAINSTORM vocalist Vassilis Gountaroulis, who after the band’s split-up continued as the singer of the Thessaloniki-based Alternative Rock group Τα Ξύλινα Σπαθιά (“The Wooden Swords”) as well as pursuing a solo career in the early 2000s. According to various sources, Mr Gountaroulis did actually dissappear mysteriously for some time, only to emerge as a monk at one of the famous Mount Athos monasteries. We would need to confirm this though, so if you know anything about this unlikely story, please get in touch.

Compilation appearances:
* Greece Attacks [2LP, Comp, Gatefold: FM, 1989]
* Braindamage Vol. 1 [Cass, Comp, Numbered: Self-released, ?]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

The Time Has Come - Demo (Cassette) 1989 - Private (-)
(Papazoglou Studio (Thessaloniki), 5-7 May 1989)
Details: Coloured j-card.

Intro (Menuet)
Second Coming
Time for Revenge
Prisoner of Fate
Psychological Warfare
Illusions or Reality?
Dangerous World
Vassilis Gountaroulis (vocals)
Christos Sileos (guitars)
Margaritis Samaras (guitars)
Nikos Divinis (bass)
Angelos Assimakopoulos (drums)
Sami Amiri (keyboards)
Yet to be reviewed.

Violated Fortune - Demo (Cassette) 1990 - Private (-)
(Studio unknown)
Details: Cassette, black/white j-card.

Psychological Warfare
Destination Hell
Remains of Hope
Bloodstained Cross
Bloody Hopes in the Darkness
Violated Fortune
Ilias Tourikas (vocals)
Margaritis Samaras (guitars)
Loucas Cavacopoulos (bass)
Agelos Assimakopoulos (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.