Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia)
Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Created in 1999 by vocalist Chris “Angelvoice” Tsiaras (GALLOWS TREE) and mainman/guitarist Dimitris “Heretic” Manos (IDEAL PAIN), ADMONISHER begun life as a classic Heavy/Power Metal band influenced by the sounds of the 1980s and Classical music. Their first release came in the form of a promo (title unknown) recorded at Benzoil Studios (Thessaloniki) with Alex Giannakopoulos behind the drumkit and distributed exclusively to magazines/fanzines in 2000. Although we haven’t been able to acquire this promo yet, we can add that Metal Hammer Greece gave it a 7 out of 10 rating.

Four years down the road, ADMONISHER recorded their debut full-length album with a lineup consisting of Chris “Angelvoice” (vocals), Dimitris “Heretic” (guitars, bass) and a fellow named Lothar (drums). Distributed by the band members, “Face the Axe” (2004) included re-recordings of four of the promo tracks along with five new tracks which taken as a whole presented a highly diversified product. Although the gloriously over-the-top cover art – courtesy of fantasy artist Nektarios Chionis made it very clear that ADMONISHER loves Heavy/Power Metal, the song material is prone to branch out into more daring territories. Thus, along with 1980s-styled Heavy/Power Metal tracks like “Dragonlord” and “Face the Axe”, the band is eager to explore other styles and emotions – sometimes even within the same composition. Once again, Metal Hammer Greece gave it a high grading (8/10) and the afore-mentioned “Dragonlord” made it onto the first volume of the Hellenic Forces compilation series.

Following the release of “Face the Axe”, it appears as if the band entered a long period of inactivity, during which both Chris “Angelvoice” and Lothar left the ranks. However, around mid-2008 ADMONISHER was resurrected by Dimitris “Heretic”, presenting a new lineup including vocalist Mariana Jeckova (who’d previously worked with Bob Katsionis) and drummer Panos. With the aid of session bassist Vangelis and guest guitarist Jason Mercury (OUTLOUD), the band recorded their second album, entitled “One Love” (2010) and distributed on CD by the domestic Coolwave label. As to cover art clearly suggests, the band had made quite a stylistic leap since their previous outing, pursuing a much more modern-sounding and accessible sound, further augmented by the professionalism of the musicians involved.

At this point, “One Love” remains as the latest output from the band, but there have been no signs of the band actually splitting up. For those who wish to check the band out, the members of ADMONISHER has been kind enough to share their output on Youtube, along with some video clips. In addition to his work with ADMONISHER, Dimitris M. also has a project named IDEAL PAIN active since 2016.

Compilation appearances:
* Hellenic Forces Compilation Vol. 1 [CDr, Comp: Self-released (Hellenic Forces Fanzine), 2004]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Face the Axe - Album (CDr) 2004 - Private (-)
(Underground Studio (Thessaloniki))
Details: -

Bloody Shadow
Face the Axe
Beyond All Reason
Only Lies
Chris Angelvoice (vocals)
Heretic (guitars, bass)
Lothar (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.

One Love - Album (CD) 2010 - Coolwave Records (-)
(Fragile Studios (Athens), 2009)
Details: -

Alive in Black
Inner City
One Love
Don't Close Your Eyes (Ain't No Tears)
Never Gonna Lie for You
Secret Passage
Tame the Storm
Wild Side
Mariana Jeckova (vocals)
Heretic (guitars, keyboards)
Panos (drums)
Jason Mercury (session guitars)
Vangelis (session bass)
Yet to be reviewed.