Mutacion Por Radiacion

Ramon R. Restrepo (voc), Carlos Mario Pérez (git), Cipriano (dr)

format: 12" Side A:
  1. Bruja Maltida

Side B:

  1. Mutacion Por Radiacion

year: 1988
country: Colombia
label: Sonolux
#: 01(9945)00006
insert: yes, w/ lyrics
edition: 600
rarity: 8/10

+insert art and lyrics


Despite being recorded and released after their cult debut 12", "Mutacion Por Radiacion" sound a lot older. Soundwise this is a pure demo/rehearsal recording and isn't nearly as brutal as "Sacrilegio", but musically it's the same sick and insane stuff we've learned to love on their previous effort. The doomy "Bruja Maltida" is a stomping, mutant troll of a song, really abrasive and anti-catchy.
Try playing old HELLHAMMER demos backwards and you might hear something similar. I fucking love it. And their unique brand of noisy, monotonous "soloing" is more relentless than ever at the end of this song. I had no idea you could actually do that to a guitar! Is it even legal? OK, so musical instruments are usually dead things, but PARABELLUM are pushing the limits here to what could be considered cruel even to inanimate matter like guitar strings, speakers, mikes etc.

The title track is a bit of a sidestep from their other stuff. It's pretty much a brutal oi/crust punk song, infused with some really cold, hateful Doom & Death Metal breaks. Great one as well, but on a PARABELLUM-scale it's rather straight-forward - a statement which then again means absolutely zilch out in the real world.

The insert states that this EP was recorded in late '87, but that the songs were written already back in '84. Aiming to be the most brutal band in the universe in an age where TWISTED SISTER were considered challenging - and succeeding with flying colors! - is always applauded by this reviewer, especially when the end result turn out so ingenious and original. Unfortunately this was the last release of the band, but some members kept the warmachine turning in other revered underground acts such as BLASFEMIA and MASACRE. I've heard a rumor that MPR was only released in 100 copies, but the source is unfortunately not the most trustworthy. Fact is that it does pop up every once in a while at distributors/traders of rare SoAm Metal and I've seen it once or twice on e-bay, but if you truly want a copy I suggest you don't let it out of your sight once you spot it, coz whatever the edition is, I can assure you it's not exactly getting more common with time.

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