The Prophet

Nick Brent (voc), Steve Grainger (git), Graham Robertson (dr), Dave Robertson (bs)

format: LP Side A:
  1. The Dark
  2. Shadows Of The Past
  3. The Prophet

Side B:

  1. Yesterday's Children
  2. Drive Me Crazy
  3. Day Tripper
  4. The Child

year: 1985
country: UK
label: Rock Machine
#: MACH 1
insert: yes, w/ lyrics
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10


This one should be familiar to most dedicated fans of NWOBHM as well as Epic Metal (i.e. everyone). If not, gather around and I will tell ye a tale of the the most violet Metal album ever...

A quick peek in the NWOBHM-encyclopedia tells us how how the band started out as APOCALYPSE, released a 7" in 1982 (which is probably 10 times as rare as this LP), later changed their name to OMEGA, featured a track on Ebony's Metal Warriors-compilation LP in 83 and finally released this their only full-length effort in '85. "The Prophet" does indeed give the impression of a stable and mature band who'd taken their time to develop an original and atmospheric sound; a more prog-tinged, highbrow (British?) version of their broadsword-wielding, barbarian cousins overseas. All 3 tracks on the A-side move in the same slow, graceful tempo. I'd say 'doomy', but OMEGA's music is more solemn than dark & gloomy, even if the powerful "The Dark" has it's sneaky/creepy moments. Thankfully they never get all-out, bloody wimpy prog-rock and the sound of the powerchord is there in every song to save them from that evil cesspool of pretentiousness and self-abuse. All hail the powerchord! Side-B offers a much more varied array of metalia. The up-tempo "Yesterday's Children" is almost 'pure' MANOWARian Epic Power Metal and it's fucking brilliant, then suddenly out of the bl.. violet, comes a solid NWOBHM-rocker. "Drive Me Crazy" is as catchy and uplifting as it is unexpected. The BEATLES-cover "Day Tripper" is... a BEATLES-cover. Wow... That's fucked. "The Child" makes a return to the epic, atmospheric sound they're 'famous' for and it's just about the best song on the album. Another great ending to another great record.

Should not the original LP turn up on you Metal hunting trails, there's a vinyl and CD-reissue out on Akarma's offshoot-label Metal Legions. (No APOCALYPSE bonus stuff though, cheap cunts.) It's almost an essential, but at the risk of sounding critical for sake of being critical, OMEGA do tend to overemphasize feeling and structure over truly memorable riffs and harmonies. Even though it's an instantly likable album, it doesn't cling in your mind in the same merciless, fingers-to-the-bone manner as similars like Jersey-LEGEND or DARK QUARTERER. It still pisses all over every single Ebony record ever made though.

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