Norway Rocks


format: LP Side A:
  1. Jihad (victim of faith) - ANESTHESIA
  2. Stay A While (with me) - MANITOU
  3. Hard Times - SHELLSHOCK
  4. Stop Telling Me Lies - GET LOST
  5. Lucifiers[sic] Eye - THUNDERDOME

Side B:

  1. Prelude To Ruin - ANESTHESIA
  2. Flyin' Away - MANITOU
  3. You Got To Make It Right - SHELLSHOCK
  4. We Only Came Here To Rock - GET LOST
  5. Sudden Death - THUNDERDOME

year: 1988
country: Norway
label: Angel Records
#: ANGEL 0006
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10

I had the weirdest dream yesterday. I dreamt that all the bands featured on this compilation were announcing a reunion gig at this nightclub in my old home town. I started calling lots of people about this very important metallic event, raving about how fuckin' ace all the bands were and how you could read about them on my website. Then I realized I hadn't finished the review yet, stressed out and then things got blurry, (probably morphing into the usual sex, drugs & purple hippos themes..). What's my point with this little piece of "sharing"? It's that "Norway Rocks" leaves a bloody profound impression! This is hands down the best independent Metal compilation I've ever heard. And it's from Norway! Heck, that's like finding an 80's Black Metal release from Bangladesh and so it falls into that category of albums-that-should-not-be. With less than a handful of interesting Metal acts from this country you'd never expect to suddenly run into 5 of them, and certainly not all compiled on one album.

The most instant band featured are ANESTHESIA. Their early-HELLOWEEN-worshipping Power/Speed is on such a high level I cannot imagine anyone regularly visiting this site to put them down. There's some Xtra aggression and bile á la early FLOTSAM & JETSAM in there too, so if the term 'German Power Metal' makes you cringe, don't let the Norwegian edition pass you by 'coz both "Jihad (victim of faith)" and "Prelude To Ruin" are absolute classics, even if the former at times sound curiously similar to a certain old HELLOWEEN-piece (guess which one). 2nd 10/10-act would be THUNDERDOME. They sound even more West-European than ANESTHESIA, boosted by a healthy dose of GOTHAM CITY-class, proud Metal choruses that will make your head bang the rest of your body into a pulp.

2 outstanding, obscure and forgotten Metal acts deserving a full-length release many times more than any of their countrymen is where the story usually ends as far as compilations go. At best. 3 remaining bands usually means 1 pussyarsed aor-combo, 1 tired Testament-clone and 1 filthy sleaze-act with wet dreams of blowing Axl Rose in a murky Hollywood alley. Obviously this is not the way it's done in Norway. MANITOU, SHELLSHOCK and even the kiddies of GET LOST are all rock-solid Heavy Metal and could easily qualify as the Best Band of the Album on plenty of other half-assed comps. Special credits goes to SHELLSHOCK's energy-packed "Hard Times" and MANITOU's galloping, melancholic Power Metal scorcher "Flyin' Away".

If we were dealing with 5 private 7"s here you'd already know about them by now since they would be on everything & everyone's want lists, but because of people's general skepticism towards compilations this album has not yet reached the level of the impossibly rare nor a ridiculously high price (I've seen it go for peanuts on Norwegian auction sites). Better save the procrastination for tomorrow and search out a copy today or you'll weep later and the rest of us will point our fingers and laugh. "Ha ha! Silly crybaby procrastinating metalhead!"
Then you will piss your pants and we'll all feel awkward about it.

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