The Rules Have Been Disturbed

Peter Meijering (voc), Marcel Verdurmen (git / bs), Luit de Jong (git / bs), Claus van den Berg (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Power Of The Law
  2. Confused
  3. Tarantula
  4. Attila The Destructor

Side B:

  1. Full Speed To Hell
  2. Indenter
  3. One Night Stand
  4. Visit Of The Vikings
year: 1986
country: Holland
label: private
#: MP 86011
insert: no
edition: 500
rarity: 8/10


How many bands do you know who's debut record by far overshadowed their later releases? ...OK, you can stop counting now. One of them was definitely Dutch thrashers MANDATOR. Unfortunately for us all their superior first offering came in a very limited editon of 500 copies, "...or possibly less" according to well informed sources, and also under a different band name, which may confuse even further. I wonder why they changed their name? Maybe cause their music didn't quite live up to the weird & creepy MYSTO DYSTO or their eerie cover art. I don't know, it's still one of the best Metal band names I've ever heard. As MYSTO DYSTO the band made some really fine Thrash/Power Metal songs that soundwise were quite untypical for the European scene. While the German thrash cliqué tried their best to outdo themselves in speed and brutality - a noble cause in itself - these lads glanced across the atlantic and draw influences from yankie metallers like early MEGADETH, ANTHRAX (1st) and METALLICA's (r.i.p.) "Kill 'em All". At the same time they managed to stay away from the dreary "Bay Area" sound (that TESTAMENT/EXODUS chugga-chugga thing, you know what I mean) and kept their songs crisp and powerful. They still had a distinct European sound in the sense that they often crossed over into classic Heavy/Power Metal ("Confusion", "A Visit From The Vikings") and even even Hard Rock ("One Night Stand"). Their one superior song however was "Indenter" - 4 minutes of Speed Metal Perfection! One of those tracks where you just don't want to change anything. Ironically enough the only song which got re-recorded for their 2nd album was one of their weaker ones, "Attila the Destructor". Before their namechange they also released a demo called "No Aids In Hell" in '87. Somewhere around this time they ran out of good ideas and then MANDATOR happened. "The Rules..." isn't the most genious piece of vinyl in Speed Metal History, but they had some class for sure and if you should ever come across the album for a reasonable price I suggest you grab it.

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