We Came To Destroy

Sylvia Garza (git), Ruth Garza (bs, voc), Sandie Garza (dr)

format: 7" Side A:
  1. We Came To Destroy

Side B:

  1. Child Molester

year: 1985
country: USA
label: private
#: HL-100
insert: some copies shrink wrapped w/ promopic
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


...and so the final (?) piece of my "all-female-80's-Metal-vinyls"-puzzle fell into place! (see the MALIBU BARBI-review for more rants on this issue..)
I dunno if these girls really were sisters, if they did a "Ramones" or if it's just a case of good ol' southern inbreeding, but judging by the nifty promo-shot I received with the single I'd put my money on the 1st option. Having said that, one is tempted to dub HEATHER LEATHER the "THE SHAGGS of Metal!", but that would be unfair. True, they could barely play, Ruth weren't much of a singer and productionwise this 7" is a mess, but what they lack in perfection they more than make up for in charm and good looks. Is it just me who has a special place in my heart (or somewhere..) for voluptuous chicks in studded leather posing by tanks and palmtrees? Didn't think so.
"We came to destroy" makes a quaint impression with far too many breaks for the girls to handle, but the basic song is a good enough, heavy nwobhmic anthem. What a waste then to hurry into a recording studio after what must have been only a week or two of rehearsals.
Perhaps it's just my sick sense of humor, but the flipside "child molester" is a total riot. If you want pure, unadulterated shock-value, leave it to the Garzas to deliver: "Child Molester, c'mon and show me WOW! what you do. Child Molester, c'mon and show me WOW! what you mean...". Something along the lines of "feel my hellish chainsaw gutfuck you, scum! and may Satan himself impale you on his throbbing, fiery member for all eternity!" may have been more appropriate, but oh so boring and predictably PC. Oh, the music? Pretty straight forward, rockin' Metal/HR not quite as sloppy as the A-side.
The song "we came to destroy" was also featured on the HC/Crossover (!) compilation LP "Metal Moo Cow", in case anyone got the Completist Bug.

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