Hell And High Water

Peter Svale Andersen (voc), Henrik Rasmussen (git), Michael Østerfelt (bs), Michael Rasmussen (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. To You
  2. Get It Out
  3. Ripper
  4. Nervous
  5. Fly Away

Side B:

  1. Stranger
  2. Night Of Glory
  3. Hell And High Water
  4. Time Is Out

year: 1985
country: Denmark
label: Telaeg
#: 6 61 552
insert: no
edition: 500
rarity: 7/10


Don't ask me where I found this record. A rare strike of idiot luck I guess. It was released in 500 copies shortly after the small Telaeg label went bankrupt and it sold out in 2 months. Instead of making another pressing of their debut the band concentrated on their 2nd LP "Pain And Pleasure", which you may have seen on a few lists lately (I guess someone found a box again), but trust me, this one is way rarer. With "To You" they blast some classic "Killing Machine"-era J-Priestish riffing, sporting their flawless production, fine vocals and solid musicianship. With each following song they cement their rather plain kind of SAXON-minus-the-lame-pub-rock-parts/J PRIEST old-school Heavy Metal into your head that gets quite likeable after a few listenings. Then, suddenly without a warning, a truly rare occurance in 80's Metal: a ballad which doesn't suck dead poser cock! No kidding, "Fly Away" is a real gem. For once (?) the band in question has decided to write some good, moody music rather than a token slow song for the girls. Yeah, it's the best song on the album, reminding me of the fine craftmanship of those old RAINBOW/DIO classics like "Touch The Rainbow" etc. Side 2 kicks off with the great HEAVY LOAD-style "Stranger", and together with the very catchy chorus of the title song and closing HM-slugger "Time Is Out" this album will leave you with a smile on you face. That is, if you have absolutely no interest in originality or extravagances in you Metal food. ALIEN FORCE were a run-of-the-mill/middle-of-the-road/jump-on-the-bandwagon/only-a-tidbit-too-good-for-Mausoleum type of band, but they had the kind of generic but classy riffing and good vocals that at least Japanese Scanda-metal collectors will pay dearly in blood for, so happy hunting if it sounds like your thing...

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