Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
HGM-269-11/6 Fortuner Two Sides Of The Metal LP 1986 Stylish but ultimately forgettable melodic Metal, especially if you have a tendency to forget Metal of the stylish and melodic brand.
E.M.S.-403-11/7 Unicorn The Legend Returns MLP 1987 Seldom did a German band sound so 'US'. Damn near perfect Steel stuck in the middle of early Heir Apparent and any Overlorde of your choice.

Transparent vinyl.
E.M.S. 447-11/8 Feline Melinda The Felines Await Your MLP 1988 The notorious back sleeve line-up pic and corny album title does absolutely zero justice to this little pearl of original Speed/Power Metal. Once again Italy delivers! The Corroseum recommends the bendy "Easy Blood" as your mix-tape sample of choice.
E.M.S. 479-11/9 Shanghai Yesterday's Tomorrow LP 1989 On abouts the third spin you'll get over the funny vocals (that's 'funny', not all-out sour or annoying mind you) and realize this is actually quite bril', catchy, fist-in-the-air Heavy Metal. Reminds me of Scandinavian acts like Alien Force, Ironcross or even Heavy Load on occation. Sort of.
H5358 Shot Gun Wedding Break Your Soul CD 1993 Not Metal. Mainstream Hard Rock.
Compiled by DaN Edman.