A small but quality label from Melbourne, Australia, formed by Greta Tate in the mid-80's and tied to an old record store with the same name. You can read a more detailed history on the M4M MySpace page.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
- Taipan s/t 7" EP 1981 On pre-MFM label Central Station Records & Tapes.
MFM 1 Black Jack Five Pieces O' Eight MLP 1985
MFM 2 Taramis Queen Of Theives LP 1987  
MFM 3 Taramis Stretch Of The Imagination CD 1991  
M4MLP0004 Virgin Soldiers Watching The World LP 1990  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Tom Korgüll, Greta Tate and Rob Preston.

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